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Amc ape talk with trey’s trades – Matt Kohrs

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Three two one: hello, hello: what is going on moon gang? What is going on space apes? Today we have a very, very special guest, the leader of the gorilla gang, the proud owner of a subway cup, give it up for trey trades. We are so happy that there it is there. It is. Oh man, how are you doing today? Trey, you know i uh.

I had a beautiful, beautiful sandwich just uh this afternoon about two o'clock. I got myself a foot, long italian herbs and cheese on steak. A steak and cheese is good and slapped. It definitely went down, i'm usually a pepperoni meatball kind of guy, but change it up.

Yeah, i'm chilling man. How are you doing i'm doing? Well, i'm super happy. We can make this uh work. I mean like.

I know like i'm sure you have to be in the same boat of just like monday to friday. It's so much amc and then it's like more dd on the weekend, like it's just like a non-stop thing, and things like this is kind of cool of this opportunity of, like, i think, there's just questions of like really kind of like who you are as a Person - and i thought this would be a cool like just um, more of a relaxed just afternoon interview just so people can like learn about who you are as a person and really like what led you to like, where we are at this moment in time. So, if that, like, i think a good starting point is just like: can you take us through of like how you even got into investing trading options all this like? What was the start? Man? Well i'll, tell you what it wasn't my duck shirt. Unfortunately, i didn't have uh.

I didn't have a really cool doctor to get things going now, i'm just playing so my journey to investing was actually pretty goofy. It was uh. I had no plans of getting into the market in the least bit uh. I was pretty good at algebra as a kid, so good with numbers good with math.

I liked uh, i like trends and data that never bothered me, but i just never really thought about it. I was actually my goal was to qualify for the trials in the marathon, so i used to run competitively about 120 miles a week and uh about july of 2020. I i had some heart issues pop up, so i was out on a run uh just going for a jog. I think it was like, like a 10 mile recovery day or something like that, nice and slow, and i got like two miles in and just just like face planted right on the ground and uh yeah man.

It was nuts and i woke up - and i was in uh in the er, and they told me that i had scar tissue from ladder infarctions, which i think are heart attacks, and you know over the process of like seven eight months they uh they ran some Tests and stuff they found out what it was, and you know during that period of time they told me to stop running so, essentially, that's what led me to the market so that, along with you, know some some financial hardships which i won't get into. That's not that interesting um! You know i decided just to get into investing to try and you know do something, because i'm a guy that has to do stuff. I can't just uh piss around on my xbox or playstation and play call of duty all the time. I love playing call of duty, but uh, you know it's.

You got to do stuff, you know just to feel fulfilled on a day-to-day basis, so i started dabbling with with investing and swing trading. That's kind of what interested me uh. It doesn't take a huge time. Commitment, i would say like half hour to an hour every day, just to research, stuff and figure out the nice setups and get into it, and i watched this guy named rainer tail on youtube.

You heard of him yes yeah, yeah yeah, so raider tail. I sat down for like a month straight and just watched his his videos for like two hours a day, just studied that stuff and uh and figured everything out and and then by you know, november. I just started getting my feet: wet started, making some some investments and swing trading and of course we got into the market in a really good time, so the cohen was was pretty good back then i i, from november to december i turned three grand into about Eight then i started the channel and i turned that eight into about forty five thousand and we got into afc at that point so uh i got into amc as a swing, trade and dude. I don't know what you got on amc.

You have to tell me, but we got it at four dollars and i was like man gamestop's already run up. This much amc looks freaking juicy right now. The numbers on this are disgusting, like let's just rock this thing for a swing trade, and then you know three days later after 25 bucks and all that crazy shenanigans went on with robin hood halting trading and people losing millions and millions of dollars in liquidity. Because of all these halts and people freaking out on the supply and demand and uh, i was just pissed off.

I was like man, this is whack, so i just started covering every day and that's where we are now man crazy. Before we get like. Obviously, there's a lot of people watching this right now to talk about amc specifically, but i'm really like that three to eight eight to 45, like obviously those are not only impressive numbers for a seasoned trader, but especially for a newer trader. Do you remember, like maybe one or two that was like a big game like a stock that you were watching at that time, yeah man, so the biggest trades that we made? Probably on the channel.

There was probably three that were really home runs. We got into jag x, uh when that was about 35 to 40 cents and we rolled that sucker up to about 350. So that was a really gnarly run. We got a bngo and that was about a buck and sold out at six or seven.

So that was good and ctrm was another really big one, so we got into that at like 30 cents and sold that at a buck 70.. So all those were like the huge home runs that really transformed my portfolio and others um. But those are rare opportunities. Man, it's not very often, you get.

You know 500 to 800 run-ups in you know a couple months. You know man. So what was it like like at that time? Where um? Not only was your portfolio like absolutely on fire, but, like your social media, had to be like exploding between your twitter and your youtube. Growth like what was like a daily basis like what was that like for you.

So i started my channel in december of 2020 december 16th and it took me three weeks to get my first hundred subs and then it took me one week to get to a thousand, so the growth was was insane after, like just just one, video took off A little bit and it got everything moving and it was like every single trade that was successful. You start bringing another crowd, you know what i mean like um. I remember we hit inuv a nuvo and made some stupid money on that, like timed, it perfectly uh doubled up in one day and got out and made some good profits, and i remember when i put out that video saying like we hit another home, run uh. I went up and like doubled up from a thousand to two thousand in like a couple days, which is just mind-blowing to me and uh it was it was.

I was not ready for it, i'm gon na be honest. I was not ready for the growth it was like. I was talking about this in my discord with all you know, all the people in the community, i'm like man, this this thing blew up so much faster than i was ready for, like we finally kind of have it under wraps now, where it's nice and organized And there's some some good uh good stuff in there, and but man it was. It was quick.

I mean you could probably relate to this too, when, when your channel started blowing up but like my twitter, dms instagram, all that sort of stuff, it's like it's tough to keep up with. I'm sure you know man, i'm even hearing a couple rumors about your only fans, but we don't have to talk about that right now, we'll save that for the next interview yeah, we got that going. We got that going. We actually swing that around.

So now. It's just lamp: you guys can't see lamp right now, but this is lamp. Lamp is a beautiful specimen. We started up and only fans for lamp.

If you want to want to check that out, it'll, be the description box down below that's awesome. So all right, obviously you're making some cool trades you're, bringing people in like markets hot and then really the end of january early february. I would argue - and i know we're not - that far removed from it, but wall street trading, like that was the start of like just a huge, huge pivot, and this is kind of where amc got going for you so like what was like. Do you remember the first day you paid attention to amc yeah? It was uh three days before that crazy run-up.

So i remember i was on the discord talking with the guy. His name is ben rico and we were like looking at some different stocks. That kind of caught my interest, because at the time the stock market - you probably remember this - was just going absolutely wonk. It was just like crazy, like all the stupid stocks, the meme stocks, all the stuff that, like, fundamentally speaking, doesn't make sense to run up.

We're exploding, but all your blue chips, all your all, your small caps that that have been growing for months and months just started tanking. We were like okay. So if, if we're not making money right now in our in our our regular plays our regular swing trades, we got to kind of adjust our game plan, at least for the short term. So we're like amc stock looks like this is going to be one of those potential.

Next meme stocks really starts moving, so we got into it with you know, kind of a smaller investment. I think i started off with uh, maybe like four or five thousand dollars or something like that got into it and ran up just a stupid amount over three days, and i you probably don't even know this, maybe you do, but you do you remember when, like Fidelity and other brokerage accounts were like liquidating people's shares in the meme stocks. Yeah i mean in my experience i was just getting like a lot of messages of people saying like i didn't sell like what's going on yeah, i was seeing that quite a bit, so that happened to me man, it was. It was crazy.

Like i remember, i was live streaming and it happened at the exact same time like i remember, tweeting it and everybody was like. I got liquidated at 11 24 a.m and it was uh the day after i think the 27th, so they sold a bunch of people. At least fidelity did at the bottom dip of uh the the regular market hours. So i think it was like six, fifty or seven dollars or something i got closed out of my position.

It took like a like a stupid loss because i kept adding my position as it kept going up right, like you start lighting that, as the momentum is going and at the end of the day, i think it took like a twenty thousand dollar loss in amc. Um after they liquidated my account, that was like the day when i was like nah man, this ain't it this made it like. I had to keep talking about it and just kind of bring to the light some of the really crazy stuff that happens in it. People would say, like you got a margin call.

You were over leveraged blah blah blah like i was on. A one-to-one margin account. So that was like my money. You know yeah, it's just absolutely mind-blowing that happened.

It happened. Other people too, like i remember, reading hundreds of tweets, but people are like dude. I just got closed out of my position like what's happening. You know so like it was just that moment to me of like this kind of malpractice, that's taken place over decades and decades within wall street and the big institutions and all this sort of stuff and the brokerage firms, like they all kind of work together to Make money for the rich you know so, like i'm sure it's the same reasons you're in this, like you, think, there's money to be made here.

You think that it's the cause we're talking about, and that's that's just why i stuck around instead of swing trading and taking my losses, gotcha so um, i'm curious at that point, were you like? Obviously you were in amc and you saw that were you at all involved in gamestop like did you ride that or were you just like watching it for the fireworks? I was watching it man, i'm gon na, be honest with you. I was a little scared. I was like no oh come on man, this thing's up from like i saw it, go from 20 bucks to 40 and then 40 to like 150. I was like that's it that's game over there's no way and the next day went up to like 300.

The day after that i went to like 500, but i was i was like oh come on. That's why i got an afc because it seems like way less risky. You know like pretty decent short interest numbers. There's some momentum the day before it hit four bucks.

It was at two, so i ran up a pretty good amount. I was like this looks like i get some traction, you know, so that's that's why i never uh touched gamestop. Then i kind of like amc, theaters man, i love movies. I mean i can't even imagine um the first time i consciously remember a short squeeze.

I think it was actually a couple years into trading. You like right away, you're, probably just like what is this like, like just to see that, like um, a good portion of the way in and then like everything else like i mean, obviously, amc followed like what um the fact that you got your toes, wet and Jumped in like right around like all these, like black swan events that were back to back, i like can't even imagine like i just seen like just the craziest like wild west of like economics ever oh yeah man, it was crazy. You know i when i, when i came into the market, this was my game plan. It was to be the expert at a very, very small niche, like so just just to really be able to nail like a good technical setup like i had a set of rules that i'd always follow and just master swing trading.

That was my thing and then amc comes and like all this mass explosion of stuff hits and i'm like there's so much to learn. You know what i mean like like. It was just uh. I think it was the best and the worst time to get into investing.

It was the worst because a lot of people lost a lot of money, but it was the best because the information you can learn from everything over the last three or four months is invaluable. You know i mean, i wouldn't say, maybe invaluable like if you lost like a million dollars. Maybe that's not worth it, but, like you get my point, you know like it's an opportunity to learn a lot about the way that the economy works. The gears of the stock market and uh - i i definitely am very you - know grateful for that.

I'm sure other people are too that have been a part of this. This community, yours and mine man, the afc, the mc apes - definitely agree. So then, um kind of take us through that time period in early february, where amc went up to 20 and then came back down, i believe to like five, maybe six like right in there and then that run back up to 14.50. That, like the kind of you we had from like 20 to 1450., what was going on like what are the main things you pulled away from that experience, so i think i was one of the very few youtubers that was still bullish on afc when it was Five bucks, were you still, you were still talking about it.

Were you bullet journal? Were you nervous, or were you thinking i'll get into what i think after that so uh? For me, when i was talking about it, amc and gme um, like i honestly, had never been through one. So, like i remember, we were all citing the volkswagen chart right and i was like okay, it came down and, to be honest, like i was surprised about the length of time, but then yeah like two straight weeks: yeah. It was so long, but the thing that kept me interested in like to like i'm, not an expert on the how volkswagen played out, but what i thought was weird was how this short interest, like wasn't, changing that much and like so like i don't know like. I thought i was almost being like overly optimistic, but i was like well, they didn't all cover like what's going on, like they didn't cover and the stock's not going down.

So i remember actively thinking i'm like all right like and i didn't want to be too optimistic, but i always had it up on the watch list and then like that kind of led us into like. I don't know early march whenever that was where it was like a hump back and then back up to 1450. um, but i think at that moment in time like, if i'm remembering right, i think you were definitely more of like no like. You definitely saw something like hey like we got.

Ta stay pay attention to this one specifically yeah. That was my thought process. Man, you know i maybe i was too over optimistic. Maybe i was just like maybe on a looty train or something, but i just didn't feel like it was a dead cat.

Man like that was my catchphrase. That's where it came from, like it dropped from 25 bucks down to five. Everyone was like this is a dead cat. I was like nah man, it's not a dead cat, this ain't, it i'm telling you because, like you just said the short interest numbers, they went down a little bit, but they continuously kept climbing and what i was really hyper focused on was this: it bounced back And forth between this channel for two straight weeks, it would hit five bucks, it would bounce up to 650 and then it would come back down to five.

Then it would bounce to 650. It was this consolidation period, and one of the very few lessons that i've learned from chris saying we won't get into that uh is, is that consolidation is getting ready for the next leg up, and i found that to be true almost every single time in any Trading scenario right so i saw a consolidate for two straight weeks. Had this triple top set up at a 6.50 resistance line, and i saw the short interest. Numbers are continuously slowly starting to go up, and i just thought to myself like there's way too many people paying attention to this right now, like it's, it's still all over reddit boards, it's still all over stock twits and people wouldn't be.

You know railing on other people that this is a dead cat. This is a stupid investment if they weren't paying attention to it. Does that make sense like the more haters you have? I think the more - and this isn't just me, like the afc community, right, the more people against you, the more you really know you're on to something is what i've always thought, so the short interest numbers really caught my eye. I really truly believe that amc was like a straight up value play at five dollars like worst case scenario.

What i was saying at the time is you buy us right now and a year from now you should be looking at a three or four x on your money. You know, so i just thought. No, no lose scenario had a five dollar price on on amc. So i just kept you know kept talking, i mean the numbers on ortex, look beautiful, the the setup looked fantastic.

I mean it held that five dollar resistance after it finally bottomed out for two weeks, and then we had that that rip up the 14. Like you were talking about yeah uh, i mean i was that kind of the way i thought about. It was early february, mid february, we came down and like from a technical perspective, there was like a gap to be filled and when it didn't like, i guess, really fall from there and then i just saw the sub communities actually building like whether it was on Reddit or things like that, and actually that's right, we need to talk about um. That was the point where i'm like this isn't like as rare as squeezes are.

That was the moment on that backup when it broke above 650. That was like this has gone from a stock to like an actual social cultural movement like for me. That was the moment where i'm like the fact, like, usually with a squeeze it squeezes, comes down like we all had our fun, but this one where i saw all the communities growing. Like i mean it was your social media, my social media, fellow creators, social media.

I was like hang on, like it was crazy and, like honestly, when i look at amc and jimmy now, it's like it's weird for me because i try to apply some of my knowledge of stocks. But then i remember it's like it's a social battle. That's being fought on the stock market and, like i know that sounds weird, but it really is like i mean as much as we look the short interest and all that stuff. It's so unpredictable because, like it's, a social, cultural fight between many things like i like to always say the 991 us versus them, that type of thing, it's the classic story of david and goliath, and it just happens to be playing out in the stock.

The stock market, which was like i know when we were looking at volkswagen stuff like that, was a pattern, but i'm like also. This is like new, like what we're seeing right now is like a very good stock right, yeah. It's it's crazy, um. So before i want to like talk about, actually we might as well do that now, but we need to come back to the 1450 to now.

But what do you take? I mean i'm sure you see it on weeble of at first, the reddit community was very strong with roaring kitty and gme, and then it led into bb nook amc like there's that cost like there's a whole list of them. What do you take now that i mean i, i don't i'm not in those community like i'm, not a mod or an admin or anything but like you, have to see the top 20 and like amc's, not on the list or at all, and then i'll talk To people about it and they're like no like we're not allowed to talk about amc specifically on wall street, that's like why do you think, like i don't know, what's your takeaway on all that it's a very fascinating situation where you've got two different cultures with the Same goal, but two completely different approaches, so i've always felt like this. I mean you're, an amc and gamestop guy, i'm an amc guy, there's some other people that cover both some only cover one. But i've always said, and i feel like everybody in the mc community said amc and gamestop.

If one of those wins we both win, you know so it's this idea within the afc community that like if, if amc starts, moving first gamestop is going to be the little brother and follow up. You know, and vice versa, if gamestop runs amc, do the same thing for whatever reason or another. It feels like the gamestop community is like, if you're, not in gamestop, you're wrong, like if you're in amc you're going to lose your cash like there's. No better investment than gamestop amc is just a distraction, and i don't know if i really understand that logic, because if you look at just purely the numbers, no speculation whatsoever right.

The the advantage to me. The only advantage with gamestop is that it's got a lower float, so there's less opportunity for paper hands right, like more. More people can ride the train up, but the short interest on amc is like literally on par with gamestop. Right now, like i think, on the verge of surpassing it at the very least like just numbers alone, not including puts not including etfs, not including naked shorts, like it's, just like a freaking, solid squeeze potential stock.

Like i, i saw this list and it was like. I think number 58 out of every single stock in the market for squeeze potential and i think honestly, that's even off but um for whatever reason or another. It just feels like the the gamestop community doesn't want amc to squeeze like, like i've seen a two man like i go on those reddit boards and i've seen like amc, stock posts go up and they just get taken down immediately. It doesn't make any sense at all because, like can you imagine, if all of a sudden you could get, you know, amc on wall street bets where there's millions of sub like reddit users, and you can talk about the numbers and the research and the dd that People have done, and you should get you know some people in form, so they can make investment decisions.

You know like i feel, like nobody loses there like. What's what is there to lose? I don't know if i understand it, what do you think yeah i mean? I don't know if, like uh, i i don't get it illogical. Maybe hurtful is not the right word, but in the end, the embodiment of this fight for me is like we're trying to actively push like point out weird things that wall street's doing immoral illegal, like the list, goes on all those synonyms and like it's weird to Me that people are like borderline hell-bent on like yeah. We want to prove that message, but we want to prove it with stock x or stock yeah right.

It's just like we're trying to prove and do the same thing so like i mean like. I think if one squeezes, the other will squeeze that's my own belief. I mean guys neither of us implemented yeah, it's just like yeah, it's my opinion on it, but, like i don't know, i just don't like that argument because, like i think we're all, both communities are trying to prove the exact same point in my mind and the Fact that, like they're, saying well you're trying to prove that same point but incorrectly, somehow i get lost as well with that. If no hurt man come on, it's together, strong, i'm telling you that's what this whole movement's about to me.

You know and honestly i feel like the the people within either the amc or the gamestop community. I think it happens on both sides, but i definitely think it happens more with gamestop that are saying like if you're not an x stock, you're wrong, like you're. Getting the you, don't get the point of this right, it's about the community, it's about the the little guy taking a win over the big guy. You know because i truly believe we've got like gripped like they're they're, freaking nards in our hands man and like it's just a matter of time.

Until obviously it's just an opinion, but like numbers are numbers you know, men live women live, but but numbers don't lie. That's what it comes out to, and i just don't see the scenario where we can't you know give it to the man as like everybody wants to do like i, in my discord you, let me know what happens in your community, but like there's people that were Actually involved in like the 2008 financial crisis that are like this could literally be game. Changing, like i had my life stolen from me, like people lost their freaking houses, people, people filed for bankruptcy like just on the verge of the goddang streets. You know - and this is like their opportunity to take what was theirs.

You know that's what it's about for me. It's like this opportunity to really do something. That means something to the actual 99. Like the little guy yeah i mean um.

I i think, that's a good way to capture like the ethos of like this social movement. What's going on and like, i think the reason it hasn't, i think in my mind it was a perfect storm. A lot of us were directly involved in 2008 2009. We had a parent uncle like that like for me, i was a little too young.

I wasn't in the market, but i remember that um that thanksgiving - i was just talking with my parents, we're at family friends it's at thanksgiving and they're just talking about like how much money everyone lost, and it was obviously like a very somber mood and then the Fallout of it is just the fact that, like i think, maybe one low-level banker in the entire thing was arrested a couple slaps on the wrist and so fast forward that now, like almost a decade later more than a decade later, everyone's stuck in their home. We all now have the technology to trade ourselves and, like we're so interconnected that people, if there's enough people agreeing on one movement, it can very really it caught fire. That's what happened. There was a person there's a huge play of psychology uh and it's crazy, and i like no matter what anyone tells me - and i know you agree with this - i don't think it's over um, like i think we're still in the middle of it.

It's a patient's play, it's a disciplined play and like we're to me in the middle of the fight. Still i've got kind of two thoughts on it. I think this is decades and decades of malpractice that's taken place within the stock market for a very long time. That's culminated to this movement of pure anger.

I think it's just people being angry because, like what i think about a small cap stocks that just get obliterated into bankruptcy and all the retail investors that lose money because of it all that liquidity transferred to the one percent right like people, people are pissed about That sort of stuff uh and then furthermore, you know from there it's it's like we mentioned earlier, like just just people that this actually affects their lives. You know like it's just frustrating man like i i i remember uh nah, i'm not gon na get into it. Go ahead anyway, back to you back to you, yeah um! Well, let's get to the chart, but i think the one thing that is also worthwhile to know is like so you have all that very um, serious psychological baggage of what's going on and to me the cherry on top is the fact that, like it's also wrapped In like a weird um thing of humor, like it's the in group, it's the lows like, like the amount of memes tweets like melvin, losing like it's just like you, have very serious, like life, all three things, and then you like wrap it in some humor and, Like that's just like a huge like that's why it took off like wildfire in terms of psychology, because it had like every aspect of a good story that people want to be involved in and that's why we're we are where we are now. But i guess, speaking of the charts and everything, so, let's fast forward to mid-march, we hit 14.50 very exciting.

We're like, oh, my god, is this rip again, unfortunately stopped about halfway up since then we came down and, in my opinion, i'd like to get your thoughts on this. It came down consolidating and now it looks like we're starting to bend once again. Man, you hit a spot on the spot on the nail. That's that's exactly what i thought so i actually made a video and i called it.

The amc chart trend that nobody is talking about, and it reminds me a lot of what happened during that two-week consolidation period, where we bounced three times between five dollars and six fifty. So you have that triple top set up from five to six fifty, and if you look at the chart now, it's not the exact same. But it's like technical analysis is an art, not an exact science right. You've got the same sort of triple top setup in the making.

You've got this it'll drop down to 950 or nine dollars, and then it bounces up to 10 50 11. And it's done that twice now and i see this third top starting to form and i think it's either a going to break this this first time or be reject and then try again and you're. Gon na have the exact same setup as you had back in february. Of course, i'm not a financial advisor.

This is just a guy who likes to look at trends, but it feels very freaking eerily similar for sure yeah um trends and data. We're gon na hop into that with the short interest numbers uh and just so everyone knows. Trey asked me to do some lines on this chart before just so, we could discuss a bit more um, so just so you know those trend lines. You asked me about they're on the screen now trey.

If you want to talk to, though about them perfect, there's a little bit of a lag on on youtube live, but i will look at this so uh. Let me see basically just so like everyone listening uh, the trend line is the connection of the high on january 27th, when we hit 2036 to the next relative high on march 18th, when we hit about uh 1454, i believe yeah yeah, okay, okay, so those are The daily candles yeah there we go now. I can see it so so, essentially what i it's just a stupid youtube lag thing: man, it's you. You probably know exactly what i'm talking about yeah but anyways.

So you've got the the beast any level of resistance right. You've got those three touch points, that's exactly what i look forward to to find any respected level of support or resistance, and you have the beginning of the first candle that could potentially break this months-long descending resistance line or essentially break this pennant formation on on this Channel right - and that is a huge, huge, huge momentum shift that could potentially happen. So, with a hard break over that, i always consider a hard break a if it's a daily candle chart, one daily candle. That opens and closes above that that level of resistance or support, and if we have that one daily candle that opens and closes above that resistance line, i think you're looking at the potential for the beginning of the nasty move, at least in terms of technical setup.

Now i think the thing that we're missing right now, which is starting to actually trend in the right direction. You let me know what you think, but that's the volume right. So i think, back in january january 27th you saw 1.2 billion in total volume and at the time i think there was about 150 million shares outstanding, which means that those had to have circulated eight times over to have 1.2 billion of volume which led to that Insane run-up that we had that day now, you've got 450 million shares right. So that means the second time around.

If it's, you know a similar setup, you should be looking at. You know i'd say somewhere between five and eight times that float it potentially in terms of overall volume flow. If you take into consideration naked shorts covering uh, you know etfs, i don't know. I think i genuinely think that there's, probably more shares being traded than should exist, but that's a whole different conversation, but we just don't have the volume yet so that volume if it starts following through you, get trending in the right direction.

I think you're looking at the beginning of the next hard move, and if you look at the trend like the trend in volume right uh back before january 27th, you had. I think it was like a seven to ten day period where that volume slowly ramped up from like 50 million to 100 million to like 150, and you had a couple of three or four hundred million days and that 1.2 billion day. And that's when things really started hammering away, so i think we're starting to trend in that right direction. If you know what i mean yeah i mean i think, with that.

My own little input is, is the the volume and the price action is kind of like what came first, the chicken or the egg like it goes up high because the volume so people are like. Well, we need volume, then the price or the price of the volume. It's like it kind of works simultaneously like you need that volume to get the abnormal one, especially with like, what's called quote, unquote extra baggage. All those extra shares i'm ex like we definitely need more considerable volume and that'll play like, in my opinion, the same into the price action.

So that's the technical setup of like really what's been going on pretty much this entire calendar year and on my screen now. I'm just showing them all the ortex um. While this is loading, i will read that out um. So basically the estimated short interest right now on amc is around 23.6 and uh.

There are 450 million shares in existence for amc, 400 million. Are the free float? The shares at uni trade and out of that the current numbers are roughly around 154 155 million and uh just so. The audience knows trey and i have talked about this. Vortex um has about 85 coverage of prime brokers.

So there is this the main point bringing this up. This is the absolute floor. There is a very, very solid grounded like technical argument, fundamental argument that the numbers would actually be higher but uh right now, um for the good of the community, we're presenting the information that we have right now. It's at least 154 million shares out of the 400..

So anyway, uh as you can see on the screen now, let me make this a little bit better. Ever since thursday march 18th. Until now, it has been a non-stop runaway train in terms of the estimated short interest and the shares that are on loan. So, if how how do you interpret that data man, it's disgusting, it's so nasty, there's nothing like i wake up at three in the morning every single day and uh, i pull up vortex and and just kind of look at what the numbers are looking like and Every single day i just like start laughing when i start reading the short interest numbers, because it's absolute insanity, like i'm, trying to think about this from a logical perspective.

So, as an investor, if i was the shortest stock right, it makes the most fundamental sense to try to short a stock in which you're not fighting the grain right. It's going down, people are trying to sell it. It's a company that's legitimately facing bankruptcy and with every passing week and every passing month, amc's long thesis continues to grow stronger and stronger, which is like this idea of the longer they play this game, the more they're fighting the grain against an actual sound investment. You know, but despite that, they keep doubling down on their short positions like it's absolutely absurd.

The utilization is maxed out. It's been maxed out. I think for like four days straight now, something like that. The shares on loan is at record highs.

I mean you have to take into consideration also that there are more shares outstanding. So obviously that plays in the equation, but i think the free float on loan percentage is absurdly high. I think that's, i don't remember exactly. I think it's at least close or a little bit higher than it was back in january, but uh the numbers are stupid and they just keep going up like half a percent of a percent every single freaking day, so it's obviously being shorted yeah.

I mean relative to what we saw back on on january 27th. That's when amc broke above 20. That was it's like most recent relative high at that moment in time. The short interest was around 15 and 83.6 million shares, and that was when we hit 20., and now you could pretty much double that up.

The short interest is 23.52 154 million shares on loan and, like that's also like you could double that up and that's like a proportionate rate, but like also keep in mind folks like this is gon na be exponential. It's not linear that the same proportionate amount of shorts will cover because, like they're get it's going to get out of control, so you actually see like a higher proportion and as trey was alluding to we're, not counting shorts in etfs uh. That, like have exposure to amc - and this is in no way including um naked shorts. So this is like one data point and if you start to add in all those other data points, the argument of how violent this squeeze could get is it's even stronger? I think the squeeze is going to be absolutely disgusting and i think it's for more than one reason, so i think the numbers look better, but i think there's also other factors coming into play like these new dtcc filings right.

So i think that the sec and a lot of other regulation uh, you know, corporations the big entities right they're, paying attention to this, and they recognize that people were pissed off like there's. Obviously, something stupidly wrong with the way that uh that whole situation was handled with robin hood, cutting out buying other brokerages doing the same. Some people getting liquidated with one-to-one margin, accounts uh, there's just a lot of. I think malpractice essentially and they're waking up to it.

They're, like okay, this time around, i don't think we're gon na be able to get away with this. So i think if you had it - and you could probably you know, give me your input as well, but if you hadn't halted by with brokerages like robin hood weeble did it for, i think, like a couple of hours, some other broker just did it um? You probably would have seen this. You know, amc gamestop run up continue for as long as apes wanted to keep freaking buying and holding you know, but when all you can do is let people sell it's a whole different ball game. So i'd be really surprised to see if they do that again, maybe they will who knows, but i i really pray to god.

Robin hood doesn't do that. That would absolutely be the nail in the coffin for bankruptcy but uh. I i just think it's not gon na get. I don't think it's gon na get shut down.

I think that they're way better off paying their billions or trillions of dollars in liquidity when this thing squeezes and not completely destroying the trust in the stock market. The u.s stock market, because if they do that i'll tell you what me as myself, i'm gon na tell my kids and my grandkids that the stock market is probably not gon na play like go. Buy yourself a bond or go go get into real estate because the stock market absolutely screwed millions of people, and i don't think they want to do that because that affects everybody. You know yeah.

I mean, of course, there's always that risk that um you're trading brokerage like it can stop. You like that can happen again, but i do believe that it's a different type of game this time around, because, ideally from that from round one, they now have more collateral. They should have more liquidity to cover it so, like i don't think it's the exact same risk and like that first one i mean, i think you you're really onto something there like it was going, it was running and then it was basically like the game was Stopped at halftime, we actually don't know how that one would have played out because, like people just stopped like so many people, i know you experienced it. I know i experienced it, everyone was still trying to buy and they just couldn't so like right.

There you just like blew the momentum out of the water like it was just done like they killed the momentum, and that was it, and one of the biggest things in a short squeeze is the psychological momentum. All that fomo, like people like i don't know just like they don't want to miss out so they're buying, then the shorts are getting scared and it just snowballs higher and higher and higher and right there, because of like the stock market system and the dtcc requiring Extra collateral from robinhood weeble honestly, the list goes on, they all just said. No so like there's no like i mean what it could have showed it, but we just don't know how that actually would have played out if they allowed us if they allowed the stock market to work. The way we were all told it should work, but apparently, and that's why they're trying to make these new rules.

I suppose that's my that's my take too man. I think it's it's just trying to save some face for basically the u.s stock market and all the entities that make everything happen. You know, because if they don't at least address it, you're gon na lose some trust from people. You know and people put liquidity in the market and you know, obviously, the majority of liquidity in the stock market comes from institutions, the really really rich people, the insiders yada yadda, but that doesn't make up the whole pie.

You know, essentially, if it was just all the one percenters that were putting money in the market. They'd just be trading liquid liquidity with each other right. So it's in their best interest for us to put money in so they can hypothetically, keep making more money and i don't think they want to do that. I don't think they want to do that.

I think they'd much rather pay us our attendees and let the stock market continue to run in the way that they put. You know like it uh i don't think they're going to get to, but you know, obviously that's just my opinion either way. I think it's a much different ballgame like you're, saying man, i think it's, i think it's there's going to be more regulations, there's going to be more collateral liquidity within brokerage firms, so you shouldn't have this halting of buying because they can't afford. You know to make the securities you know work out um.

I am really really bullish on amc, as you are, i think there's way too many things going on. I think there's way too many apes out there doing. Dd and research like this is: let's have a conversation about this in a sec. The bear argument right is the stock only goes down and the shorts have covered.

That's like been the two big things that i've seen across the board and then the bull argument. You've got hundreds of thousands or millions of people who have done extensive research and dd on hundreds of different assets and facets that come into the equation right. I just cannot believe that the bear argument is stronger than the bull one. Do you want to tell me that hundreds of thousands and millions of people are wrong, like maybe it's just confirmation bias, but like i've, read some really intelligent stuff man like people way smarter than me, throwing together some god tiered, like research, and i just i just Can't buy it, i can't buy.

This is done yeah, so i think well, originally the well. The same with gamestop was just that these stocks were like fundamentally overvalued like i feel like. That was like the common thing just like movie. Theaters are closed, like of course like they don't have profit, it deserves to be this low, and that was always the thing that, like i felt like i was hearing all the time is just fundamentally overvalued, and then that gets into the weird argument of like well.

What has value we give it value? What what are you willing to buy right now, if i want to buy that five and someone else buys it at six and the next person buys it at seven? Well, it's trading at seven like it's! It's the stock market participants who give it value it's not based on income or revenue or earnings per share, or anything like that. It's like what is the market willing to pay? It's just the going rate, and it's literally nothing else than that. So with that i was like well if you're saying it's fundamentally overvalued, i believe that's the argument between, like the old school way of like wall street investing and like this new age thing, especially in this social battle of amc of, like you know what like we're. Just talking about this yeah, that's funny yeah, like it'll, just go.

It's like well, no, like, i think it's worth more, because i think it's worth more and that's the beauty of it. If you think it's worth more great, you buy it. You hope it goes up and like there's, no one stopping and then like i mean it was a comedy show with all these like interviews of people getting mad at like the retail, like traders and stuff they're like well. Why are they doing this? It's like because we can yeah like right, whether it's right or wrong.

We have the like legal and like really moral right in the u.s to do what we want with our money. If i want to buy amc at 20, 25 50, a share - i can no one like - should be able to stop me from that with um. I think you're on to something man go ahead, go ahead, i'll, just finish up yeah, so i i think with that that fundamental, but more recently we're actually seeing some analysts come out and be like well hang on, like there's actually like the most recent one. I was really shocked.

It was like 13 or 13. 50. was like so they're like hang on like, and so now it's like the one thing that we were fighting against uh they're. Actually some people agree that fundamentally it should be higher.

So i feel like the last thing we're like legitimately fighting right now is more of hedge funds, want it to go down because they want to make money like the way. I guess we want it to go up but, like i feel like that's the bull bear argument. It's just like they're. The final shot they have on the bear argument is like no, we just like want it to go down because we've got billions of dollars on it going down you.

You mentioned this old school versus new school sort of investing. You know philosophy and i think that's really interesting, because the the old school way of investing was you analyze, previous quarter and annual. You know income statements, the the fundamentals of the company, how strong they have performed, and you didn't really care so much about how they could perform. You know and that's i think, where the really large divide is now where there's this new school age of investing.

That's coming forward of you know, p to e ratios, i wouldn't say they're dead, but you've seen the transition, i'm sure where companies, hypothetically speaking, are exponentially overvalued like tesla, but you know three. Four five: six years down the line tesla could be producing the numbers that it's trading at right now, so people are investing in the idea of growth, the idea of innovation, the idea of you know what could this be worth down the road and i think that's Where afc comes into the equation right so obviously amc. You know, as it sits right now a year ago, you know six months ago, wasn't generating any revenue right. They were, they were, they were really cheap.

That makes sense they pulled back and people are investing in it now, obviously for the squeeze. But if you're, just looking at a fundamental perspective right a year down the road, i would imagine that amc is going to produce some record numbers because of the amount of sentimental value the how the box office movies are coming out and how they're already performing like Mortal kombat demon, slayer, uh, freaking kong, vs godzilla have all smashed like they've, been absolutely outrageous, so like you're looking at the idea of what can the revenue and the growth be six months, one year, five years down the road and you're looking at the new school Performance so like this idea that amc is only worth five ten dollars like i, i just don't see it cause, i think, a year down the road at the very least they're 25. You know so it's like that old school versus new school man. I feel like there's a lot of hedge funds out there that are old school and they're like nah man, they're saying it, you get you a bunch of silly chickens.

You stupid money, apes! You got to get out of this. It's only going down. Trust me. Trust me: i've got a degree.

I i do this stuff for a living, but i'm not buying it at it, not at me, and it's just like every day that goes. I think that the fundamental argument like even if we played the game they wanted it. They wanted us to play, i think it becomes weaker and weaker. So originally it's just like oh yeah theaters are shut down, and not only are they thought down shut down, but the main argument is that they wouldn't be coming back um and with that, especially with like streaming and stuff and then godzilla versus kong completely changed it.

Like they thought, the hbo max like the streaming of movies, simultaneously they're like who's gon na go again and like okay, that's a reasonable, like that's a reasonable theory, but then the data is perfectly opposite. Like godzilla versus kong destroyed it it's early numbers because the weekend isn't over yet for mortal kombat but uh. The early numbers are very, very strong so like that argument is just now it's like. Obviously, it's not a fully accurate argument like at a minimum and most likely it's just not an accurate argument like at all period totally man.

I mean this is something that i pulled from the adam interview that i'll never forget. He said uh. You know 30. 40 years ago, when the vcr first came out, they said that was gon na put movie theaters out of business, and then it was dvd and then it was blu-ray and now they're saying that it's going to be streaming services, and i bet you a decade down The road it's going to be something else and then another decade down there is going to be something else, that's going to keep happening, but you can't replace the value of a movie theater.

You know like there's. I had my first freaking kiss in a movie theater. I love going out there and spending a hundred dollars on popcorn milk, duds and diet. Coke man, like it's an experience, you're going out there to freaking, be with your people and enjoy the surround, sound and sit back in that that nice chair, i mean unless you're streaming in a in a goddamn uh like a luxury, kickback recliner and you've got a 100 inch tv in your room with surround sound imacs.

You know like that. That costs a lot of money i'd much rather pay my 10 bucks for a movie ticket and just enjoy the night out. You know, and i don't think that's ever going to be replaceable yeah. I mean i remember back in 2018 2019.

Whenever it was, i had the amc pass. So at that time i still have hulu and at that, even with that, like with the hbo packs, i was still going to like a movie a week on top of that. You're buying popcorn, like whatever like, but my point is, is like even with all those streaming options.

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