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Amc earnings recap, robinhood acquisition ape nation technicals – Matt Kohrs

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AMC Earnings Recap, Robinhood Acquisition & Ape Nation Technicals
AMC Earnings: https://youtu.be/q3X_JP7Px5w
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What's going on moon gang welcome to the day after earnings and welcome back to another dumb money update for today, tuesday august 10th? Now we do have quite a bit to go over. So let's hop right into it. Amc closed out the day at 31.75 and gme closed up today, at 159.05, before we get into what's going on with amc and jimmy, let's do a quick market recap just in general, overall, the s p 500, which is an index tracking 500 of the biggest companies In the us did hit a new all-time high today, so it is safe to say that the stock market at large hit a new all-time high in terms of crypto. It is very much waking up bitcoin, looking good at 45.6 000 ethereum, looking good at 3100.

Doge is holding out at 26 cents and, on the other hand, cardano it is absolutely ripping right now it is at a dollar 68.. So that's kind of a quick breakdown of the market at large. I just want to let you know market looking good crypto. Looking pretty strong so now, let's hop into what's happening with amc.

So yesterday, monday august 9th, when the market closed, amc, webcast, its earnings call - and there was a lot of interesting information on if you want to listen to that call it's on this channel. I just have it's me: adam aaron. The amc calls the q2, that's the title of it, but um. If you want to listen to it in its entirety, that's where you could check it out here.

I can't i kind of want to let you know what wall street's saying about it. What analysts are saying about it and go over the key takeaways that at least i got um just so you kind of know the numbers of what's going on so basically after the earnings announcement earning some credit from several skeptical wall street analysts, at least in the Short term right there i mean in the words of adam aaron, they, basically they crushed it. The company reported a loss of 71 cents per share for the second quarter, which was 20 cents better than expectations and a revenue of 445 million. When there was expectations of 382 million, so to sum this up, they had a narrower than expected loss in terms of earnings per share and they beat the revenue by about 60 million dollars.

Other than that, let me go through some of the other important numbers that aren't necessarily in this um another important thing for this quarter. They once again have record liquidity. Last fiscal quarter. They had record liquidity around 1 billion.

This time they doubled it up they're at 2 billion uh in around 1.8 in cash and then another 200 million. In revolving credit, looking strong, we went over the earnings per share the revenue. Yes, it was still a loss, and today, when he was doing his interview with charles payne on making money, they were saying that they're optimistic to be once again profitable by the fourth quarter of this calendar year. Overall ticket revenue over the past two quarters and then the start of q3 trending up and so is capacity.

That's true for both the us and also what we're seeing here in europe moving on. Yes, amc does have debt a little bit of it is due in 2023, but most of it is due in 2026.. So right now the death's not the best, but they are laddering it in a way where hey they have. They have over four years to take care of their balance sheet and they're kind of pushing it off in a very intelligent fiscal responsible manner, so um it they do have debt.

I'm not trying to shy away from that. I'm just trying to explain that not much of his it's due and none of it's due really in the short term. Attendance q1 to q2 q2 just ended. We increased by 3x, impressive, obviously relative to 2019.

The numbers are down, but even those are trending upward in terms of cash burn. In q1 they were burning 120 million dollars a month, they've lowered that by over 30 percent, now we're looking around 85 million. So that's trending in the right way. They announced that they closed 74 week theaters over the past 18 months and then adam aaron was going on about kind of 10 big announcements, and i want to go through the ones that i think really directly impact us.

We know about the two theaters that they bought from arc like pacific um, the grove and americana. They were the second and fifth best performing theaters in 2018, so those are awesome. Acquisitions, beyond that, they're, potentially in talks to acquire eight more theaters and then in 2022 they're, looking to finish 12 new builds so right. There that's over 20 new theaters that will be under amc's flagship and obviously expand.

Their market share, they're. Looking to continue with the success of their sports partnerships, we know that they showed the two ufc fights so we're looking for them to expand that, and they said the attendance was great and they want to expend it they're. Also doing the concert movies chance, the rapper and also halsey will be in august of this year. They did announce also by the end of this year, that they'll not only be accepting apple pay, google pay, but on top of that they're looking into crypto and they said that they will be accepting bitcoin for not only ticket sales but also concession sales.

By the end of this year and then other than that uh, a lot of the commentary was more so on. I guess what's going on with the streaming wars and its impact on amc being a theatrical release, entertainment uh, i guess company really for lack of a better word, and he said that actually, as of now, this is the best working relationship they've had with universal they've, Been having a lot of discussion back and forth, so that makes me optimistic and what's even better is they've been on the phone with warner brothers and starting in 2022. There you've actually agreed to a deal with any water brothers productions that there's going to be a 45 theatrical day, release window where it's only in the theaters and then after that it then could go to streaming. So between warner, brothers, universal and amc.

The partnerships are looking pretty good and across the board i mean like they just they beat on top and bottom lines and the future guidance looking very, very good, and actually here i just want to kind of wrap this part of it up with some of the Comments from an analyst relative to our estimates, amc reported more average open screens higher global attendance and higher per caps across the board. Pent-Up demand is markets coupled with aggressive marketing to its patron drove moviegoers to its screens. So even there some people who were kind of maybe neutral or bearish on amc a little bit of switching up their tune. Now i do want to clarify that in my personal opinion - maybe not for you, but for me i still don't think amc is a fundamental play for me.

It's more of a short squeeze play. I find that there's value in the chance of a short squeeze, and that's why i'm in it. So you might be asking well matt if it's not a fundamental play. Why are we going over something? That's inherently fundamental? Well, it's really good to understand the person you're playing against many people, or many of these hedge funds, who are shorting.

Amc are doing it for fundamental reasons. So when we see updates such as this one, it weakens their thesis. So, for me it's as simple as i want to know, what's going on in the mind of the person we're playing against, because i think the more we understand the very complex chess match that we're currently in the better of the odds of our success. So, that's why i'm bringing all this to your attention right now, moving on a little bit an interesting announcement today, robin hood is making its first acquisition since its ipo and what that is, it's acquiring, say: technologies for 140 million dollars, apparently in cash, it's unclear when The deal is expected to close, so you might be, like hang on, say technologies.

I heard about it. That's the exact company right here that we use to vote to get kind of a better indication of really what's going on with the shares. How many are counterfeit? How many are real shout out to timothy b once again um? This is the company robin hood just announced that they're buying it? Now i do find this suspicious um. I don't think that they saw how we use it and the next day they're, like oh we're gon na buy it deals like this.

Do take a time i mean like it was 140 million dollars. They just didn't decide that overnight. I'm sure that this deal has been in progress, but even by beyond that, i find that suspicious for two reasons. First of all, why announce it today feels like a very weird day when i would probably argue this was the biggest uptick in usage of say, technologies, because the ape nation community, and what the day after we all use it.

Then they announce it. So i find the t timing a bit like suspicious, but more than that i find it suspicious of just. We know that this company works by basically verifying shares and all that and then i just question what type of information is robinhood going to get. Now.

I don't know i wasn't part of the deal i haven't read like an extensive amount. I mean, i don't know if all that information is truly public, but my main suspicion is with robin hood acquiring, say, technologies, i'm very curious of the data that will be. There is a public information, non-public information, so that's the main thing i find to be suspicious going on really with this in terms of ortex. Today there was, i mean a lot of people are asking.

How did amc go red? I mean right here. They borrowed 3 million against it. There was a net borrow of almost a million. It was 827 000 short interest 16, so tomorrow, utilization shares on loan short interest, expecting them to all go up from the current morning update.

So when i tweet this out in the morning, i am fully expecting all three of these to go higher in terms of its daily chart right here we had that nice gap up and for whatever reason, uh i mean uh. Obviously, we could put our theories out there, but just for me, as i make these, i try to ground things in evidence of what i can obviously have my own theories. I do think, obviously, that this price action was pretty weird, but for now just in terms of a technical breakdown, i'm still watching this support around 32 and then we also know how support all the way up to 30.. So i'm watching the region between 30 and 32..

If you look at any of the time frames between two hour and below you're gon na see that amc is severely oversold. So i'm just looking for a nice technical bounce up and i want it to break above 33.50 from there, the next test 36 and then, obviously from there i've been talking about 40 to 42 for quite a while in terms of gme. There was a net return of 700 000 shares today, which drops the short interest to 11.21. Now.

This is still a pretty high short interest. It's definitely at least double the average short interest that you see for a common stock, so uh, even though it's dropping, i still want to point out that it's still considerable short interest. Utilization 46 shares on loan 7.3 million and then the short interest today obviously dropped after that return in terms of gme's chart. Looking a little bit different before, we saw a lot more similarities with amc and jamie a little bit of a deviation.

Today, i'm looking forward to hold 158 break above 164 and then test and break above the key psychological and also previous support level which might now act as resistance at 175. So, overall, that's what i have for you today, your quick breakdown of amc, gme, a lot about amc earnings to, like i mean adam aaron, said it himself. Two words crushed it. That's what you need to know about amc, earnings, uh, the price action i mean.

I don't want to get really deep into the world of theory, but right now, um i've expressed my thoughts that i do think supply is being illegally manipulated in the sense that it's being bloated. I strongly believe that there is a numerous amount of counterfeit, fictitious fake shares, whatever you want to call them and my evidence, for that is what we saw in the say: technologies uh. I guess questions and the responses to it. It's just when you extrapolate out in even the most conservative bimodal mathematical distribution, it's as simple as the fact that the numbers don't add up.

It's truly that simple, so overall - and we also saw some weird stuff with robin hood - say: technologies as more information comes out from that deal. I'll, obviously be happy to share it with you, but it just it makes me. I mean i've been very open about this, but it makes me dislike robin hood even more so overall, that's what i have for you, i'd love to get your thoughts and a comment below. If you want to help me about that algorithm, you know all the good stuff to do other than that from me and chair best of luck in the market and i'll catch you tomorrow, you.

25 thoughts on “Amc earnings recap, robinhood acquisition ape nation technicals”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars BIGREDBULLDOG401 says:

    Price action= 10% day traders 90% hf manipulation and thatโ€™s being conservative

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Charlotte Patey says:

    I have 2 GME shares and 20 AMC shares – this means if/when the price skyrockets, I won't become a millionaire like some of you guys but it also means the price going up or down has zero effect on me.

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    "Forget about AMC Theaters. Jim Cramer's Livingroom Theatre brings the best movie experience of the summer."
    -Five upcoming finance news articles this week

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    I know the chances of you responding are very low but do you think the saweetie meal will affect the McDonaldโ€™s stock?

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Zambada says:

    So given the fact it has been like 7 months of fuckery, 7 months of massive DD leaks, uncovering of illegal practices, obvious manipulations, FTD, darkpools, new rules etc etc…HF's has still NOT covered. So what will it take for them to cover their short positions? So what, a total market crash is what's left?

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Wullie Orrick says:

    Look at the T&C's, SAY get access to all of your trade information.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars JOSHMAX1MUS says:

    People day trading AMC/GME are only interested in money now. Do you not want a fair market?

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ethan Ruiz says:

    i see this going two different ways. Either the SEC actually does something about this down the line and short squeeze happens, or i become a permanent stock holder of AMC. Either way it sounds like a good investment, and I'm looking forward to future growth and development in the upcoming months.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Veronica says:

    Hey did you contact The Ape Father via email in regards to your participation in the AMC peaceful protest at Wall Street??

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bandit says:

    I wonโ€™t leave ever. I will hold for 10 years if I have to. Or to a penny. Idc

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Cbiscuit says:

    with say.. i changed my pw first then changed it again after and enabled 2 factor, also you can login and delete your account. im not too worried though im ok with them seeing how much gme/amc i have. bullish af

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars AdamN says:

    record levels of liquidity is pretty meaningless when the record levels of debt far outweigh it relative to 2019

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Metalloid62 says:

    Robinhood acquiring Say Tech must be funded by Citadel and will use it to their advantage to implement their dirty rotten deeds.๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ’Ž

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Black AsPitch says:

    LOL the ad before this video was for "how to learn to short stocks" they advertising for the shills in the comments now there's so many LOLOLOLOLOL

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tom Nickisher says:

    Maybe they knew we would get a better feel of share count and they needed to stop it by buying

    Maybe they bought say because they need to stop an accurate share count. They told say donโ€™t report all the shares you see in each account. Nothing surprises me. They our one step ahead of us, but the truth will come out one day as long as we hold. I think the inflation we experiencing will be there down fall. That when the market will correct and there will be margin calls. Be patient

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Marcus Moore says:

    Adam Aaron needs to make a go fund me for us to pay off the debt; if 4 million apes donate $1250 each that is 5 billion dollars. Id give $2000 for my part. They say in business you have to spend money to make money…. if the debt is gone; then whats the shorts got left to bank on? I know not everyone can afford that much but some can donate more or less…. somebody let him know. Im in. Fuck it. Why not. We own the company after all; lets pay off the debt too.

  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Enrico Sanchez says:

    Didn't AA, who has ties to Citadel, encourage all of us to certify our shares on the SAY website? Then, suddenly SAY is acquired by another Citadel ally, Robbin' Hoods. So, suddenly they have the information, including passwords, of all the amc shareholders who were conned into registering with SAY. Thanks, Adam Aaron! I tried to buy some more shares on Fidelity today, and got a message, "This feature is temporarily unavailable, check back later". This never happened to me before, but it sounds like one of Robbin' Hoods' cheap tactics, and possibly malware.

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ChillP says:

    Too much talk for too long. Get out and protest….Wall Street and Congress to do something

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kendra V says:

    Companies have debt … Bank of America has 168 Billion in DEBT stock price $41.00+. Fundamentals are what is important to an individual person. I'm buying more AMC.

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jess Dinsmore says:

    Hey Matt. Remember the talk about the parabolic arc on AMC. Did Cardano just enter stage 3?

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    Gensler the sec director worked for Goldman sachs
    Inggs from the dtcc works for citadel.
    That pretty much covers it

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars the apes says:

    That's why i didn't vote. And now the chairman selling his stocks he betray us.

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Hawt Sauce says:

    there's something no one is talking bout …. their STRATEGY.. and I think they going to hold till next years DILUTION hoping we will sell then.

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