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Amc executive sold a large amount of stock explained amc gamestop short interest update – Matt Kohrs

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AMC Executive Sold A "LARGE" Amount of Stock (Explained)
AMC & GameStop Short Interest Updates
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What's going on moonging, i'm sure you're wondering what's all this hubbub about a amc, executive selling, a whole bunch of stock? Well, in this video i'll be going over all the details that you need to know and i'll do my best to explain the significance of the sale also i'll be going over. Some very important data points for both amc and gamestop and make sure you stick around until the end, because i'll be doing a relatively brief technical breakdown of both amc and gme. So we know what price levels to watch when the stock market reopens tomorrow. Just so you know before i get into that today, i'm filming this after the market is closed.

On monday march 29th and as of now amc is trading at 10.35 cents and gamestop is trading at 182. Also, second reminder don't forget that the stock market is closed. This friday, for good friday, it's market holiday all right, let's hop right into it. Oh i actually forgot about this uh pinch me.

I must be dreaming because motley fool finally wrote a somewhat positive article related to amc three stunks that could be ready to pop this week. Honestly, i didn't believe it when people on the live stream chat were talking about it because it seems like both amc and gamestop have had a barrage of negative articles from gamestop, but they finally wrote something nice, it's kind of funny. The first one is chewy uh. Just that connection through chewie and gamestop anyway, this one.

I want to talk about amc, so amc entertainment. The stock plummeted 26 in a week that saw the country's largest exhibitor hit an important milestone within 99 of its theaters now open, but hang on things should start to get markedly better. Starting this weekend, godzilla versus kong space apes hits the theaters later this week. It was a global juggernaut abroad over the past weekend, drumming up 122 million dollars in box office receipts relative to 70.3 million in china relative to other movies, such as wonder, woman 1984.

It did super well, so this is just a nice little positive development. I wanted to throw that in that right now, godzilla versus kong, uh space apes are doing pretty pretty well now, even though this is positive, i do want to go into potentially a it at least scared a fair amount of people. This was posted on barons. Amc executive sells large amounts of stock big headlines.

So obviously you know the tone going into it. They're trying to be bearish, but let's get into the details, is it bearish? Is it bullish? Let's figure out in the data the selling was led by stephen colonero executive price president executive president and chief marketing officer, who sold a hundred thousand amc shares on march 23rd for 1.1 million at 10 52.. He now owns 109 000 shares according to a form he filed with the sec. So, to be fair, this article, like this headline, pretty click-baity but in the end they just kind of ran through some data points, and i figured we might as well just um double check them.

So whenever there's an executive or a board member or something like this selling, there is actually an scc report. I can make sure to link this below and all those data points were right on right. Here march 23rd sold uh a hundred thousand at an average price of ten dollars, uh and 52 cents. Just a little bit over that.

If you read the green here, it was in multiple sales. That's the guy's name, so yeah a million dollars to the average person does sound big. But let's go over a couple facts. First of all, when they say large, i i'm confused on why they say that so, first of all, let's look at in terms of amc.

If we fast forward to the 23rd, there was about 88 million shares traded, so 100 000 by 88 million - that's pretty much less than 0.1 percent, so they definitely don't mean a large, considerable sale in that term. Um. Okay, so let's see, maybe if they mean large and another one well right here and you can see uh once again, this is ortex. This is now the data provider that i'm using pretty cool, there's a link below anyway, okay, so we have that hundred thousand right here traded.

We know that he has 109 000.. Well, if we know it's not big in terms of volume, maybe it's big in terms of everyone. Well, here's the current ownership. We have basically investment company investment management, okay, so the first actual person is.

The ceo makes sense that adam aaron does have the most. So he has 1.26 million below that we have executive vice president executive vice president. Well, they have 202 000. They have 181 000.

They have 173 149 and right here, a couple down. So basically six people down right, one: two, three: four: five: six! Well, here's the guy and that's after the sale and then below him there's an entire list of people that still own leicester, so in terms of the company, they can't mean a big sale or actually what was it was the exact term. I want to get this right, saul's large amount, so it's not large amount in terms of volume. We just saw that it's below 0.1 percent um granted this uh.

Whatever his title is now chief marketing officer stephen uh. Granted there are six people above them, but there's way more than six below them, so they don't mean large in terms of within the company. So the only thing i can really gather is that this person sold just a little under 50 percent of their share locked in a million dollars. But it's just big in the terms of we think a million sounds like a lot of money and it is a lot of money, but to me just classic clickbait title: they know a lot of people are interested in amc.

They know, with um kind of a negative connotation title like that people are going to read it, but in terms it's not big in terms of volume. It's not big in terms of the overall company in terms of individual ownership, like board members all that stuff. It's just big in the fact that a million sounds like a lot and they're trying to get a bunch of clicks to me. That's all it is uh.

I wouldn't worry about it at all. In fact, i think it's actually bigger news. How well godzilla versus kong is doing, but that's just my own opinion. Okay, so that's what's going on with those two, i guess news story updates the other thing i want to go over right now, so amc as of today, the most recent updates from ortex i'm going to get into a basically a practice of continually daily, giving you Guys an updated short interest and on loan um.

So right now the estimated short interest of the free float for amc uh. The short interest is 17.8 percent and there's 114.5 million shares on loan. Once again, that doesn't mean that they're all shorted but there's a very, very high correlation and in terms of your game, stop numbers. We are currently sitting at an estimated short interest of the free float at 24 and on loan.

There is about 12.6 million. Once again doesn't mean that they're all short but there's a very strong correlation, so both of these numbers still sky high relative to stocks that have a high short interest, so they're they're still high. That's the end of it. The data is selling saying that the values are still high before i get into that technical breakdown, though one thing i wanted to point out about amc that i personally just thought was interesting so right here what i have on the screen - and i know there's a Lot going on, but i have ctb, which stands for cost to borrow whenever you're borrowing from someone to take a short position.

You pay a fee and whenever you hear a number, that's if you were to swing it for an entire year. So if you hear a cost to borrow of 10 you're paying a 10 fee, if you had it for the entire year, so if you only have it for one week well, you just divide the one week by the one year. So i was checking this out to see what people were paying when it first squeezed um back in late january, early february and at first i was looking at average, and then i was thinking about a conversation i had with the co-founder of ortex. So then i looked at min and max as in on that exact day, it wasn't like we were all paying the same fee.

Some hedges got higher fees, some hedges got lower fees and i was pretty curious about the difference. So if we look at this little run from wednesday january 27th, all the way up to thursday february 4th every single day for that entire range, one hedge fund was getting a very, very friendly rental rate of 0.35, all right well, what's 0.35 relative to what some Of the maximum people were paying well uh to start off, they paid the maximum. On that exact same day, someone paid a 75 fee, someone paid an 86 fee, a 32 fee, and my favorite is the sky high value of 259 cost. To borrow once again, that's an interest so right here on wednesday february 3rd um, someone dirt cheap fee of 0.35, someone paid a sky-high fee of 259 and then, if you look at the average, that means it's weighted more like um.

It wasn't a 50 50.. It wasn't like 50 got that the other 50., the average is very high. So that's telling you that a couple select few people um and i i don't have the data to say why someone got such a cheap fee. But if i had to theorize now and once again we're getting into the point of away from data, in just my opinion, it seems like there's some friendly hedgies out there that might be like hey man, i'm about to go, get under or get pushed under.

I'm about to have a bad payday wash my hand all washers. Do me this favor i'll? Do you a favor down the road once again to clarify i'm, not a financial advisor? This is just my own opinion, but this is the data someone had to pay sky high 260 percent, someone paid a dirt cheap 0.35 and they did that for days in a row and now i'm just a little bit curious of. Why was someone being so nice to another hedge fund, just a little bit of food for thought? Take that data, for whatever you want it to mean all right, so we went over the articles, all the short interest and uh the on loan for amc and jimmy now. Finally, let's do a quick breakdown of amc and gme.

Just so, we know the important technical levels. First, i wanted to go over the s. P, 500 etf, uh, basically think of it as a basket of 500 of the biggest companies in the u.s. Basically, it's a barometer for the overall stock market.

The all-time high like ever not just recently but ever, has been 398 as in, like hey, you might be looking around and think that the economy is a bit weird. Well, i have news for you recently: the stock market hit a new all-time high. Obviously, that's a big disconnection from reality, but anyway uh the s. P 500 right now is at 396, so less than one percent away from an all-time high.

The market right now very, very green. The bulls are in control. It does seem as if, like your blue chip stock investments, if you have those anything outside of amc and gme, should be ideally doing relatively well at this moment in time. The bulls are in control.

I just wanted to get that uh in there. So now, let's talk a little bit about amc all right. This is amc's daily chart, it's kind of like halfway in this region. It shot up from 550, all the way to 1450 and now we're trading at 10 40..

So, halfway in there - and i guess, to really better understand um, this is amc's 30 minute chart for a while. It was following this downtrend and broke out, and now it's just consolidating um. Usually consolidation like this does favor the bull camp um. I say usually because there's always counter examples to each rule, but, as you can see in the relative strength index also known as the rsi, basically just an indicator that maps out bush against bearish momentum perfectly neutral right now the bears aren't winning the bulls, aren't winning.

But i do like how, for multiple times uh the stock has caught itself at ten dollars. So tomorrow, honestly, i thought we were going to hit it today, but tomorrow i will be looking for a breakout of 11.. I can't guarantee anything. That's what i'm personally watching for basically we're playing this range from 10 to 11.

I'm excited to see how that happens tomorrow and in terms of gamestop gamestop very similar. I mean we all know that these charts look pretty similar at this point. Um, a lot of wall street, a lot of retail traders are trading like treating and trading these stocks, as if they have a similar thing and that's why they end up looking the same well anyway, there's also been a similar uh downtrend in gamestop a little bit More severe, but we got that breakout same thing right now: uh gamestop all day battled it out at this very important price level of 185. Why is it important? Well, that's just because it's been important in the past.

It's bounced off of it. It's been rejected by it. Important price levels in the past tend to stay important in the future and right now, 185 on gamestop, ticker symbol. Gme is still very, very important um.

So i'm looking for it to overtake that there's a region of resistance from two to two twelve. I would love to see that break out tomorrow in terms of support, the closest support is around 158. So that's what i have for in store for you today. Just so, you know, on the overall day, amc gained one percent overall on the day, gamestop gained 0.17, so both were slightly green, which is a win for us.

Not only is it a win because they're green, but remember every day we're not going down. That means that everyone who's shorting, it are paying a fee to swing the position overnight. So every day we don't go down if we're going up or sideways. I would strongly argue that that's actually a win for us, so overall uh interesting start to the week.

Very very excited to see how this all plays out tomorrow and if you want to check it out on the live stream, talk about some of these things in real time. I'd be more than happy to see you there. We live stream monday to friday. Don't forget to join up with the moon game by hitting the subscribe button, if you don't want to miss any of the uh content or uh.

The content notifications for videos such as this one or the live streams make sure you're going over the bell icon clicking on it and switching it to always. And finally, if you want two free stocks, make sure you're checking out this link to weeble. This is the weeble trading platform. Here you get one for signing up and another one for depositing a hundred dollars and also the way i'm getting all this short interest information, all the insider buying and selling, and all this the cost to borrow stuff all the stuff that i've been doing.

This research on it's all through ortex, so if you want a seven day, free trial is a link in the description below same with weeble, and until i catch you next time best of luck in the stock market. You.

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