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Moon, what is going on good morning, good morning, good morning or afternoon or evening wherever you are wherever you are hello, hello, hello. I hope you are having a phenomenal day. Thus far. Folks, ah, hey hey, hey, hey, hey all right, all right all right! Ah, let's get it off, let's get after it today, today, wednesday july 28th, actually a decent amount of things to talk about today, uh just to kind of get everyone set for the day.

Uh first thing related to amc. Don't forget that it is the final day to vote. The date of record was june, 2nd. Basically, if you own stock on june 2nd, you will be able to vote for the shareholder meeting that is coming up tomorrow.

Let me hop into this right here. It is the stockholder meeting july 29th. You can vote today um. Unfortunately, this doesn't necessarily pertain to every single owner of june, 2nd if you're overseas, depending where you are where you aren't, you might have a tough time.

Many many brokerages uh ended up sending out emails of like oh, you can vote in the email. A couple of the other ones decided to call people and get the vote through that. So it does depend on your brokerage of how they're going to collect your vote of how they originally reached out to you. So just be on the lookout for that.

But today's the final day to vote and just understand that, if you're overseas uh, you might have more issues you might not even be allowed to. There are some problems with that specific to the vote. Originally for this particular meeting there was going to be five proposals to vote on, but please understand. As of july 6, they remove proposal number one.

We will no longer be voting on the authority to issue 25 million shares which could potentially lead to delusion. No one's voting on that. It's not happening. They we're not going to give anyone the authority to do additional delusion uh, because it's just not going to be voted on.

They scrapped this as of july 6th, so we're basically just voting on board of directors. The appointment of a new public accounting, firm, uh compensation for named executives and then basically to adjourn the meeting so you're only voting on these bottom four. Just so. Everyone knows today's the final day to vote, but you had to own shares on june 2nd another thing, uh and i'll quickly go over this and maybe in the afternoon session i'll explain what it means, but i'll just give you the quick rundown right now related to Gme, it was announced last night that it's going to be put into the s p 400.

This is um. Let me think of the best way to explain it. So the s p 500 is for large cap stocks uh as in cap as in their market cap. As in the company's overall value, it's 500 of the biggest companies in the us and that's the one we check out when we're looking at the barometer of the overall market, a lot of the times you're going to hear about the russell 2000.

So maybe the best way for me to actually explain it is: let's start off with the russell 3000: that's the top 3 000 companies and the bottom 2000 is the russell 2000. The top 1000 is the russell 1000 and the s p. 500 is kind of within that, but in between those two like and the bottom part of the russell 1000, but still above the russell 2000 is the s p. 400.

So that's 400 mid cap socks. So it goes large cap, mid cap, small cap and, like there's different ones, that track all these blah blah blah. But just so you know s p 400. This one, i believe.

Let me just double check. I believe it's tracked by m y d. Oop, don't want to do that. I believe it is tracked by myd mdy, maybe mdy right here, mdy mid cap, so not myd, mdy! Sorry, i misspoke, but this is it um to be completely frank and honest with you.

This is not one. I personally like have much experience with. I don't really. I mainly watch the s: p, 500, the russell 2000 and the nasdaq 100, and sometimes the dow, but this one's tracked by mdy just for anyone, who's curious and it was announced last night that gamestop got put into the s p.

400.. Speaking of the s p. 500, those big cap stocks - i was just talking about uh. Let's go back to this tracked by spy.

It looks like we're having a gap up this morning, good good chance that this relates to three very good earnings: announcements, apple, microsoft and alphabet. Aka, google aka the people who own youtube all had their earnings last night and like just here's a little bit of taste april april apple, demolishes earnings expectations, but stock falls after iphone chip supply warning um. So these chips - there is definitely a lack of supply in these ships for apparently iphones. We see it in computers, laptops myself when i try to get a new pc, they're, all the gpus, the graphics, uh processing chip semiconductors, such as think of the company's nvidia amd intel.

Those uh huge lack of supply, high high demand, but overall uh apple, reported strong fiscal third quarter, earnings, tuesdays demolishing wall, street's expectations and that's. What's going on with apple microsoft, microsoft posts, big earnings b and gives optimistic revenue forecast right there. They also raise their guidance uh, which is pretty awesome and then for google. Google advertising revenue rises 69 from last year.

Uh. It was up three percent in post-market trading after the announcements youtube. I thought this was a little interesting youtube. Revenue came in over 7 billion up 83 from last year, drawing close to netflix's quarterly revenue, which was 7.34 billion, 83 rise in youtube revenue.

That is huge. That is gigantic. So, overall, though applebee microsoft b, google beep that probably explains why the overall market's going up. I mean apple loan is what 2.5 trillion dollars, maybe even a little bit north of that biggest company in the world right now, when they beat on earnings, that's going to be good for the overall market and more specific is qqq.

This uh is the nasdaq 100 before when i was talking about all these individual indices, the s p 500 s p, 400, the russell 2000 blah blah blah all those the nasdaq 100 is another one. This is 100 of the biggest companies, but it has more of a technology focus. So that's where your tech companies are going to be in so people track the nasdaq 100 one of the etfs that track, that is the qqq it'll also be referred to as the qs. But i just wanted to point out why it's gapping up a dollar and a half: it's because major tech companies all beat on their earnings um for some other earnings.

I know shopify is reporting this morning and then boeing also reported this morning uh. So you can look into that. If those are companies you have been particularly tracking lately. Let me see what else is going on.

Oh in terms of crypto us senator elizabeth warren says digital currency and central bank digital currency may be an answer to help unbanked into the financial system. Uh kind of strange for her to say this previously she's said negative things about crypto, so this is kind of uh. I don't know uh it's interesting. She seems a little bit flippant on it, but anyway, crypto is still continuing.

Its trip upward bitcoin coming off of 34 000 at 40, 000 hit 41 pretty much on this um ethereum. Coming from 2000 up to 2 300., we still have cardano chugging upwards doge, holding still above 20 cents. So i just wanted to keep you guys all apprised of that, because i know some people in here still paying attention to crypto uh and the other thing. This was boeing's.

They beat on their revenue, but they also mentioned that they expect to deliver fewer than half of the 787s in inventory, so a little bit of a mixed bag there going on with boeing, which trades under the ticker ba throughout the day, we can obviously check on Apple, microsoft and google just to see what's going on and how the market really reacts to its overall um, i guess the earnings and what they are or aren't saying. I do want to point out, though, this guy walter bloomberg delta. One has some good information here. Uh, just a lot of market updates, if you just kind of want to get that as they're coming in live all right, so don't forget to vote if you owned um amc as of june, 2nd.

That was the date of record amc, currently training at 37.44 gme. Currently, trading at 177.: let's do a quick vortex update, borrow change. 52 000 borrowed against amc. As of now that's pretty much flat short interest.

Uh. Officially, above 15 utilization 89.83 shares on loan 87.87 million short interest 15. The one thing i want to point out here: people on twitter noticed: how can the short interest go up and the shares on loan go up, but the utilization drop uh. This is a little bit of a mathematical trick, but please remember what utilization is utilization is simply the amount of shares on loan divided by the total loanable shares both are dynamic.

They can change throughout the day intraday. All that good stuff x, divided by y shares on loan, divided by the total amount of loanable shares. How could this drop but shares on loan go up well, if x, divided by y, and that number goes up if the result that ratio goes up and x, the top number goes up. That means that y has to increase by an even larger magnitude relative to x for that to drop.

So what this is telling me is just that overall pool of people who are willing to lend shares is increasing and it's increasing greater than the amount of shares that actually went on loan, and this is a good reminder for all of you. If you don't want your shares of amc, gme or any of your shares lent out at all, depending on your brokerage reach out to see if you can turn it off, i know some of these like. If you have robin hood gold, you can on weeble, you can do it in your settings, these other ones. It depends on your brokerage if they do or don't allow you to do it.

But if you do not want your shares lent out check your settings. Call your brokerage see if it's possible something along those lines uh, but something worthwhile to look into myself. I have my share lending turned off uh, it's a personal decision and it's everyone's personal decision, but i just want to give you a reminder of that. If you don't want your shares lent out make sure you have share lending turned off and the methodology of how you do it can be different based on what your actual brokerage is all right.

Here we go: amc. 37. Oh sorry, someone else actually had this question. The average duration of shares on loan here, let me go, let's look at some of these data trends so right now, it's actually increasing the average age of shares being out on loan is right now, 39 days.

At one point we were as high as 57 58 days. We came all the way down to 31. This is when we saw some some a small amount of shorts cover a small amount, and we also saw new shorts entering the game in mid to later june. That's why it dropped from 58 down to 31, but since then we are tracking back upwards.

At one point, we were at 42 we're now around 39 days. That's for amc in terms of gme. Let's check these out. We are currently around 28 days coming off of a high of 47 days, so overall the like, if you don't, have that much like time to listen to me today, amc gme, the shorts have not covered, there's still considerable short interest, betting against both amc and gme.

It costs nothing for us to hold it costs nothing at all for us to hold. You hold your shares, you're, not paying a fee or anything like that. Really time is on our side, because if you have shares on loan, even if you're, not short, you can take shares out on loan and not short, you're, still paying a cost to borrow fee. So, every single day this drags on it costs them more and more money, especially obviously, if the stock's not real, if it's going sideways or up that really really hurts them.

So, if you're betting against the stock, not only do you need it to drop, but you need to to drop relatively quickly because they're, paying a fee every single day to be betting against the stock. And that's the borrow fee of what's going on obviously day over day. That starts to add up, even with these considerable positions, i mean you can just do a rough estimate, but it it adds up day over day. So quick reminder, amc and jimmy the shorts have not covered both of them in the most conservative floor estimate possible.

Like that's what this is the most conservative floor estimate this is ortex is not saying. This is what the short interest is. It's saying: hey based on 85 percent of transactional volume from legal, legitimate trading and shares and shorting and borrowing amc is at 15 and gme is at 13.84. We are missing 15 of the legal legitimate picture and we are missing 100 of the illegal illegitimate picture.

Aka naked shorting and all these other shenanigans that they pull. So when i'm saying that's, this is exactly what i mean when ortex it's better than nothing, but please understand that it's the conservative floor value if anything, the short interest, the shares on loan. All these numbers for amc and gme are higher they're not going to be calibrated lower when you get the rest of the picture. If anything, this is just the floor value so we're using it because it gives us a baseline.

It gives us the trends to follow, but if you're looking for pure magnitude, it's safe to say that you can kind of notch it up, it's just the golden question is how much can you really turn the dial up on it and that's one of the inherent Issues of what's going on in our system is these naked shorts. These positions going on they're, not reported by definition, they're, not reported, so we don't have that data source. So unless you are the prime broker allowing it to happen, and you somehow share that information or if you're the market maker - and you know how many shares you've sold and you're now covering up with like deep in the money, calls to make. It seem like you're net neutral.

You have to almost be inside of these companies to know like the true position of what's going on beyond that. Unless you have that insider knowledge, i mean honestly, your guess is as good as mine, but the clear takeaway here is the shorts have not covered. These numbers are the floor, estimate value and even with those, even with the most conservative floor estimate value. That's still quite a bit of money, betting against.

What's going on in amc and jimmy quite a bit all right what kind of questions we have we have how much time about 15 minutes a little less than 15 minutes and uh. Let me get to some of these to do morning morning. Apes have a great day uh. Good morning, eight nation i got suspended from youtube last night, but i'm back with my new name.

I ain't, leaving jw, what's going on youtube will only go up. The google movies and tv app recently merged with youtube, keep the content up. I need my daily listen to at work. Shout out matt robin hood said: if you're using margin, they can loan out your shares without your approval, and you cannot turn that off until your margin is paid danny.

Thank you for that. Update is average days on loan weighted for the number of shares loaned, or is it just strictly about when the borrowed the shares, thanks for everything to my understand it is weighted um. So if you loaned out a hundred ten days ago and then like one yesterday, obviously the weight would be further back. So that means that the newer shorts are getting out, thus raising the average day on loan, because the old ones are still in there.

Uh. No, not necessarily uh, it could be there's various mathematical things that could explain it. That is one possible explanation, but it also could be the older shorts getting out and then the newer shorts still holding like that would also mathematically explain the situation. Travis good question.

Matt. Thank you for fighting the good fight every day. The amc fight is insane and we apes must diamond hand this stock to the moon, shout out scott jw becoming an astronaut any thoughts on dark pool restrictions for amc um. I i thought i made this very, very clear.

Yesterday, um, i am in no way a fan of, and i i just so you know uh 00790 krieg um. This isn't necessarily what's going on, like i'm, not bashing. On your uh comment here um. I me matt coors duck guy agile, chris hemsworth, lt gray, whatever you want to call me, i do not think it is good that a majority of trading, a rather high majority of trading, happens in what is a dark pool, which is inherently a less regulated environment.

If more and more trading is done in a less and less regulated environment to me, that adds up to a situation where more and more shenanigans could be happening. Overall, i do understand why dark pools were created in the first place. I understand the fact that, like these big institutions, the big players want to be able to make trades that um are not having an unwarranted impact on a stock uh by just showing their size they're, keeping their cards close to their heart and they're close to their Chest and it allows for more of a competitive environment. I get how dark pools are initially pitched in the concept of them um.

The issue with it is that that pitch of how dark pools are like hey. This is what we're supposed to be using them, for it seems to not be actually how they're being used and what i mean by that is. If you look at dark pools and the block sizes and the the kind of the pattern of that trading, it is very much not these large block sizes of how they're, initially pitched of hang on, i get it. They increase liquidity, they increase various things.

The overall market efficiency, the issue is, is that we're seeing immense amounts of little trades so to me personally - and this is where it kind of deviates from what we factually know to a bit of theory to me, that is screaming the fact that high frequency training, These very very s: fancy schmancy, hft algos, are running absolutely rampant, they're, making a little bit of money off of like a huge amount of trading volume. It's not these big block players at etfs pension funds trying to get a massive fill or trying to get out of a massive position. It does not seem to be that. That's not what the data suggests.

The data suggests that high frequency trading is running absolutely rampant. In a less regulated environment and when i say running rampant, i don't mean that figuratively. I mean that literally because i mean off exchange off exchange, not on the these lit exchanges such as the nasdaq, the new york stock exchange. It's common for us to push 70 80 percent of amc, gme trading volume in dark pools, um, which i i just don't see how it could be good, that only 20 of trading is in a highly regulated environment, while the leftover 80 percent is in, by definition, A less regulated environment.

So to me, i i don't know, i guess the the opportunity is one or the other of either you suspend them, you get rid of them or you create them to be a little bit more regulated such they as they are in other countries uh, but i Mean to me just on the surface level like such an incredible amount of volume done in an environment that, like we just don't like the name dark pools like we don't have the optics into seems a bit weird to me. So with all that being said, like the reason i dislike them is kind of um, some people dislike them. For the same reason, i do other people argue no, it's like a competitive environment, they should be fine and then other people also dislike them. The same way i do, but for a different reasoning so, like you, have the whole gambit of what people's opinions are and aren't on them.

That's my opinion. It just seems silly to have so much volume in a less regulated environment. I would like them to just be either suspended or get them to a regulation where people can have more trust in the market system at large that something crazy isn't going on there. That could be detrimental to the stock market.

Uh based on the chart. Do you think sprt will rip at open or sell off, not financial advice? I know it's a pump and dump do i at specifically at open car. I mean that would be a pure guess. On my point, i don't really know.

What's going on with them sprt i mean it's a huge gap up uh uh. I i don't know if it's gon na hold. I don't know the news. I don't know why it's gapping up uh to me.

That's just it's a roll of the roulette wheel to play that one carl uh. Whatever you decide to do. I wish you the best of luck, but that's uh. That's definitely not my play like that's just uh.

I guess a guess of sorts. People are saying it's not a pump and dumb i mean i, i don't really know much about it. If i'm being honest uh, i could tell you what the short interest is on it. Uh s, p rt.

Let me pull this up over here. Sprt pays on the nasdaq uh. I short interest of 64 65, so it has a high short interest but, like i said, i don't know what the news is. I don't know why it's gapping up, so i definitely don't know if it's going to hold that gap up, but i do want to get the q's hang on qqq, nazak, 100 and all right.

We have that uh aapl msft. Let's get this up on the watch list. Look at this microsoft, crazy, crazy action and then we also have google alphabet got ta. Call it alphabet these days.

Let's get this on the watch list. Perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect. We are ready for open folks. Let's see how this all goes, all right, all right, amc for my audio listeners, currently at 37.27 and gme at 178.

um, let's see how what the market open brings us uh if you've been watching me for any amount of time. You know that i really really like to wait. Those first 15 minutes, sometimes 20 minutes 30 minutes after market opens just there's too much volatility too much crazy swings and i don't like getting whips on. Sometimes that does add up to you missing good trade, a good position, but for me anecdotally time over time, it is net beneficial for me to sit on my own hands for the first 15 minutes and just see how things are really shaking out um, especially on Days like monday, when we have like the weekend news and all that stuff um, i know today is wednesday, i'm just stating in general like if i, if there were particular days of the week, that i care even more about the rule, it's definitely going to be A monday all right, bitcoin, just below 40 000 dogecoin holding on to 20 cents, ethereum 2 300, google up 1.5 microsoft up 1, and then we have apple that is actually currently down.

I guess their that chip issue is being priced in. People are not happy with that chip issue, but it did still technically beat um their earnings. All right is this phone all charged. Let's get ready for the day we have about five minutes.

What would it take for them to suspend dark pool? Amc um? My assumption is that there would have to be some sort of, i guess, evidence or secondary evidence that suggests something illicit is going on, like someone would have to produce evidence of manipulation or something like that, like hardcore evidence that the sec could actually try a case On and then from there they would, i guess, be able to suspend it. But that's just my guess. I mean, i don't know the legalities on what would or wouldn't happen relating to suspending a dark pool, but just my overall guess is that would come back down to like some sort of hardcore proof or secondary proof. That's enough for them to like look into it.

Further, does the citadel there's the does the china etf golden dragon have high short squeeze potential? Could you take a look um? I don't know what the etf ticker is. Let me look it up. It's pretty rare for etfs themselves to have what is this one investico? What is the etf uh, but in general, it's kind of a rare rarity to have a large short interest against an etf, because usually etfs by nature are so diverse because it's a basket of stocks. So generally, if you're trying to target the weakest one, you just short the actual stock that you're trying to short and not an entire etf unless you're against a sector at large, such as esports or something like that um.

I know some people bet against industries at large and that's what you could do with an etf, but generally you never see a sizeable one. Generally, i'm sure there are exceptions, i'm trying to get the is it pgj. I think it's pgj. Let me look it up for you right before the market opens pgj pgj no according to ortex.

It has no considerable short interest. I mean it has some, but nothing like amc or gme uh pal speaking. So today is day two of the fed meeting. So i'm sure there'll be some sort of recap, generally that happens in the afternoon, if averaged 39.5 days for amcu, that would put the bag short position around 59 approximately 40 days ago, meaning they're ahead on these positions.

It would mean that some are and some aren't that doesn't mean when they all got in obviously you're averaging it so there's some loans or some shares that went on loan yesterday and some that went on probably weeks or potentially even multiple months ago. Right now we know some shorts are in a profitable position and other others are underwater. We're gon na see a lot of them. Go underwater, like a high majority of current shorts, go underwater when the stock tracks, above that key psychological level at 50.

That would be very, very bad for a high majority of shorts. Remember it's just when you're averaging you're averaging some are months old. Some are days old, maybe a day owed not being negative but uh still buying and holding, but how low could amc really fall if it fell 20? Wouldn't hedges pounce on that low price cover this shorts and drive the price back up? That's um! It depends the functionality in which they all decide to do that when they decide to do it the price they decide to do it uh there are, i guess, various things to consider. It's not like.

There's gon na be one general perfect solution: hey ding, ding ding. Folks, the casino is open all right. Let's see how this all settles out. All right amc looks like it's already, trying to push 38 37.60, all right all right all right.

The casino is open. Ding, ding, ding, ding ding. You folks know how it is. You folks know how it is: gme 174, we know 175ish is support.

Amc 3750. come on. Amc looks hungry for that 38. Let's see how this ends up playing out all right, all right, all right.

All right amc come on wait. What is uh. Let's do a quick peek at the overall market uh i wan na it we've over the past two weeks. We've really seen that iwm has been tracking with amc a little bit of a deviation thus far this morning, but remember those first 15 minutes.

We've we've seen it time and again, where it's just it's kind of a wild opening, so calm cool collected, let's sit back, let's see, what's actually playing out, let's see where we can base or something like that um. I really don't like to make any major decisions on just like the first couple minutes, uh too much whip sawing involved in the bottom right. We have the q's. Remember: that's the nasdaq 100, the etf that tracks that all right, gme bouncing off of 174, all the way up to 176 13 right now and then amc trying to make its mind up on the day kind of mid-range right now, 37 40ish iwm pushing all right.

Let's zoom in here, let me do this all right. We are here amc right now, 36.88 rsi, somewhat neutral, just below neutral, uh, what's apple, doing apple down 2.5. Remember they are missing on those chips. I guess that is not being received, the best all right.

What else do we have going on? Cues tech looked good this morning now getting hit gme trying to make up it's mine, 150 000 shares on gme, thus far, and then amc 36.90 right, we're just waiting for opening and then we'll check out any of the news. Anything along those lines all right. What else do we have here? What other questions do we have today? Matt? Can you explain a reverse split and why it would happen pros and cons? Uh pickle me to immerse this name ridiculous. I love it so first.

Well, let's talk about a split and a reverse split. The main thing you need to know about it is: it doesn't really fundamentally change anything about a company in terms of its market cap. It does not it's not like a shared illusion where you have completely new shares, um that are being sold, that, like might or might hurt, uh the market cap of a company splits. Don't do that! Imagine having a five dollar bill and turning it into five.

One dollar bills: you have more bills, and in this case, when you do a split, you have more shares, but you still have the same total amount of money and, in this scenario, the same market cap. So if a stock is trading at 100 - and you do a two for one split - you now have double the amount of shares, but they're trading at half the price. Fundamentally, it doesn't change anything, but it could have psychological implications. People perceive it that it's cheaper, even though it's really not because the company still has the same overall value so that could get a bit problematic.

Well, not problematic. It means you can see swings in the company, even though it doesn't necessarily relate to something changing in the market cap of that company. A reverse split would be the exact opposite. You would have five one dollar bills and turn it into a five dollar bill.

So a lot less shares, but now they're more expensive, so that almost could have the other psychological implication of people now perceive it to be more valuable and more expensive of a company. Previously, before the era of fractional share trading, you saw more of that psychological implication of people either buying or selling, because they just thought it was more or less valuable. But now i mean i was reading some study a while ago at this point that, with the rise of fractional share trading, you're really not seeing many moves, because people now can just be like. Well, i don't really want to buy a full share.

I'll just buy x amount of dollars, so if they do that, it doesn't really matter because it 200 is going to be 200 for us um. So not really pros and cons with the pros and cons. There are pros and cons, but they're, more psychological than anything else. In 2020, apple and tesla both announced the stock split, and what we saw was from the announcement up until the split the stock actually ran and then right after the split they dropped, and we actually saw a similar thing recently with nvidia uh people psychologically get excited.

They buy it up and but really it's not you're, not improving the company or it's not a negative or positive for the company's actual market cap. That's going to stay the same, it's just the amount of shares and then the price moves proportionately inversely in the opposite direction. If you double the shares, the stock gets cut in half. If you cut the amount of shares in half.

That means that the stock is going to double in price uh matt. Can they cover their short positions in a dark pool? Yes, would that prevent a squeeze? No, you cannot hide how much 97 million worth of shares covering in a dark pool. That would have a dramatic impact in the price of the stock, even if it's covered on a dark pool. So, yes, you can cover on a dark bull, but that would still impact price action.

Matpot, 60 call for august 20. What's your opinion? Not financial advice. 60. Call for august i mean if we get this base for me.

If i were you, i would be specifically watching for the breakout of 42 and then 50.. If we're, even in the realm of touching 50, i mean, if i were, you, i'd, have a big smile on my face. Amc and iwm diverged pretty wildly at open first 30 minute jinders, or what do you think? I trust your answer more than others love you matt, remember, correlation, isn't necessarily like a minute to minute tracking um. Not exactly that, i would say more of on a larger time frame over a couple hours couple days.

I would care about that, but market opening, there's just so many announcements going on right now, especially with earnings like it's what's referred to as earnings season, you're gon na have some big ones, so that could produce some volatility right at open. Another reason why i think it's worthwhile to just sit be calm. Those first couple minutes and just see how things are truly shaking out. Have you looked at into dtcc 9031 filed yesterday? No, i was looking more into the 0-1-0 that a lot of people have been talking about.

Um 0-1-0 was like kind of the hot topic, and some people were trying to connect it to a controlled squeeze. I personally do not think it has anything to do with a controlled squeeze and, in fact um i think trey, you guys all know who trey is. He posted a really good video explaining what it is and what it isn't on his video last night. I believe he called it fire extinguisher.

So if you want to know what that role is, the rule is zero one zero and why it doesn't really relate to controlling a squeeze. I would highly recommend checking out that video matt if there were shorts that didn't cover with gme at 480. Why would we expect them to cover any time before that, but tyler? I guess um. Where are you getting that there's shorts that didn't cover the average age? Is way less than what that's six months ago um, it might be true, i'm just like wondering uh, where you're getting that, because i myself have not come across any source that says the shorts didn't cover.

We saw a dramatic drop in the short interest right after that, if we pull up uh here actually on gme sorry, the short interest yeah right here, the short interest as of january 18th was 14th excuse. Me was 131 percent. After all this craziness, it actually ended up coming all the way down to 12 and right now we're higher at 13.8. But in this time period of january and february we saw millions and millions and millions of shares being covered and shares on loan being returned.

Like millions and millions and millions man nasdaq is not holding nasdaq uh, so this is the apple microsoft. Google they're major players within the nasdaq 100 getting systematically walked down this morning, amc 3666 and then jimmy 171 right now, so the russell 2000 looking okay, but the queue is getting hit and i'm assuming the spy is also getting hit spy also getting hit. So a lot of red across the market. Today, volatility is up, obviously, but we are seeing red in the market.

Gme lots of red lots of red apple down 2.7. To me, that's a surprising reaction. I mean the earnings they beat, but i guess people are very concerned about this chip thing which to be fair, makes sense. I mean, if you're, having a chip shortage.

How can you then sell product uh dingaling? Thank you. We did this what's going on with tilray this morning, uh no clue! I know that the marijuana industry has not had the best oh wow up, 19 percent something's, going on with till ray it's running from 14 up to 15.25 uh. So, if you're, if you've been in that for a while congratulations, i was also up uh. It looks like the what other ones do we have sndl.

It looks like the marijuana industry at large is up today interesting uh. It's people are saying that they had a profitable quarter, they had their earnings uh. Obviously that's boating well, just for at large. The marijuana industry.

Mj is an etf that tracks the marijuana industry and that's up four percent uh, so obviously uh that's, what's referred to as a sympathy play when you have one good earnings, people think that's going to be, then indicative of other companies within the industry uh that similar Related industry and obviously people are buying up mj now did that papa, so ray running, aren't short's in the money right now, based on average days, uh some are, and some aren't just because it's average that doesn't mean all of them, similar to the other situation. When, on average, they were underwater, that never means all of them are underwater uh people have said sales are being put into blocks and sent to dark pools to read the price. What's your take on this, and can we ask dave lauer about it? Um my take on it is like: are they i guess doing block trades? Yes, but you could do that on dark pools or even not dark pools if you wanted to um, but specifically, i think you're asking of like is that having an, i guess, a greater magnitude impact on the stock price than a lid exchange. That's something i could definitely ask lauer about.

Take a look at the ticker mog you when you can. Let me know your thoughts. I saw some good stuff on it. Can you confirm - and let me know if i'm way off, m-o-g-u mogu uh, i'm not seeing.

I would not touch this if i had to trade it. I would bet against it, but a weird pump yesterday and it's already selling off it's down 12. It doesn't look like it's gon na catch itself. This is uh, in my opinion, a not good looking chart.

I wouldn't trade it if i had to. I would bet against it, but that's just my own opinion. Um robert. I wish you luck, but i haven't, it seems really weird to me.

It seems like it pumped yesterday high volume. The volume is now not existent. I would not touch this one matt. If you ever go to prison just know, half of us will be crowd sourcing, your legal fees, while the other half attempts to break you out.

What's going on mikey uh, what effect will fomc meeting have on spy in the market overall uh great question zach it depends on what they decide to say and do with inflation and really we're looking for their commentary on if they're going to keep running with this Fact they keep saying that inflation is transitory, which is just a really fancy way of saying that it's temporary and to not worry about it. That's been their going commentary thus far. So if they say that and they're saying hey, you know like we're still going to keep interest rates. Low, look for the stock to go like the overall market to continue upward, especially if they're going to keep buying bonds.

But if all of a sudden, they start changing their tune on it and being like hang on this inflation thing might be worse than we thought we're going to raise interest rates and we're going to stop buying bonds. I would then look for the market to take a healthy dip. Would it make sense for some of the first hedge funds to cover while price is lower, uh, the first ones it depends? It depends on if they think it's going to go lower their their whole idea is exactly opposite of ours. We are looking to get out at the highest value possible they're looking to cover their shorts at the lowest value possible if they think that this is the lowest value.

Well then, they're going to cover, but if they think it's going to go even lower, well they're going to hold their position then and remember the methodology and the trading, i guess, plan or goal is going to be different. It's not like all hedge funds have the exact same short plan and thesis for the current scenario. Uh certain ones have higher risk tolerance, other ones have lower risk tolerance, they've hedged in different ways. Some of them might not be hedged at all.

Other ones could be long and short simultaneously, some might have it short and then they're hedging with call options. Some of them could be short and then they're selling premium like there are various ways to hedge, and that doesn't mean that they're all hedging in the same way, then uh calendar days or trading days trading days. Daniel bb is making some moves this morning, cheap options, but also careful because i feel it may be used as a distraction. Some odd things with certain people in amc pumping this now not isn't adding up to me.

Oh uh, i haven't heard much about bb. Is it having a strong day, yeah up 5.8 percent um? I would be closely watching 1090 11 see if it can actually break above that and then from there. It sets up 11.90, so 1090, then 1190, if you're in bb, i have no bb position myself. Uh.

Thank you for all. You do sprt, so sprt does have a considerable short interest, but it gapped up and it's selling off when it does this. This throws off every red flag in my head when a stock gaps up and then the market isn't accepting the new price and it starts to get sold off. I hate that it's one thing if this can turn green, but if it's staying red i would be more paying attention to a gap, fill back down to seven so like a whole dollar from here, which would be an additional 12.5 percent drop um.

Not not a fan of when it does this a gap up, and then you see red that that means something's, not adding up, and people aren't happy with the new. The new price, luis uh prior to the chip shorted soxl was on fire. Do you think it's a good time to get into semiconductors now, while they're down, you could also watch smh? This is an etf that tracks the semiconductor industry. If you ask me, it's just doing a whole bunch of chop just a whole bunch of sideways chop.

I, like the semiconductor nitry, but the chart has just been boring. It's just not really going anywhere um, so you either have to be patient and buy it off support a low value or if you want to be aggressive, you could buy it on a breakout. But it's just not really going anywhere. You asked about soxl looks very similar to smh overall just a whole bunch of sideways chop.

So not to me, that's a tough trade because you're just trading trop, then uh. I wouldn't you were saying that it's low. I wouldn't argue it's low, i would say it's in the middle of its range, all right, uh amc, currently at 3650 gme at 168.. All right.

What other questions we have joey face: hey man, we we got to get some good karma going iwm pushing is, are the cues still selling all right, all right, all right, bouncing back. People are now buying the dip in the queues, and i would assume also the s p 500 come on. We got to get some enthusiasm going, so this is actually the first day in a while that there's been a clear intraday. Divergence between iwm amc, um, probably more related to a political thing, if i had to guess, but anyway, in amc and jimmy rsi severely severely.

Oversold right now severely oversold here folks, let's stand up, let's stand up for these stocks severely. Oversold, actually oversold to the point might be a good opportunity. What do we have rocking today? Hmm, all right already already alrighty can sub 1 socks with no options be shorted. Yes, i mean it depends on.

If your broker can loan you shares, if something can be shorted, it's just you need to find shares. To short, it doesn't necessarily relate to no options does not relate to no options, all right, amc trying to get this bounce. It's currently at 36.60 gme also trying to bounce it's at 169.. The qs coming right back might just be a classic v thing.

What's up, what else do we have come on? Amc, uh, iwm, just not really oh apple's coming back. Is microsoft coming back microsoft flat on the day, and then we have virgin galactic up three percent sp ce all right 36.50: let's do a quick or text check so for gamestop, uh, short inches to 13.9 percent. They borrow 90 000 against it, not big. They borrowed 715 000 against amc already today the short interest continuing to track upwards.

Let me point this out to you: um, definitely on its way up, remember this jump up and then the jump down had more so to do with vortex recalibrating, its estimations of. What's going on, but overall the general theme has been a trend upward in the short interest ever since, basically mid to early june mid to early june. All right what other questions do we have? We don't need this. I was looking at that golden dragon thing.

Uh pgj honestly never traded that first day, i'm actually hearing about it, got an ads termination email on my chu stocks. It said: it'll pay you back to buy the stock. Did they get back paying dividends as well? If um, is it paying dividends? Well, not if it's going to be taken off, it's not like you'll continue to get the dividends into the future, not if they're taking it off the market uh. Can you look at nlst in discovery versus google in court uh? We could definitely take a look at the chart, but if it's in court that's going to be a binary event of if it does or doesn't win, oh this is the tough one it ran up and now it's consolidating um look for which way it breaks this Wedge, this is more of a bullish, pendant like if it breaks upward or breaks downward.

I would want to either see it make a newer high, a new relative, high or newer relative low and then that's how i base it. But right now it's in no man's land that one would definitely need a bit of patience on that play. Come on amc coming back. Have you seen the viral video of elon screaming daddy doge? I have not.

I have not personally, but if you're in it, i wish you the best of luck. I don't really see how the newer, i guess, like meme coins, i don't see how they'll take over from doge, i feel, like doge, has already filled that space pretty well. Like. First mover advantage um, it's tough to for me to see how like and - and i use this term lightly like but a joke coin.

I don't know how any of those ones would beat out doge like kind of the original og1. Hey mr danger: thanks for all you do every day for us about 200 shares yesterday in small blocks, you think that was a good move. Let's look at the bigger picture, i think i could give a better explanation here: uh you're, basically looking for it to hold this support between 33 50 and 30. Now, let's just call it 35 you're looking for to hold here and get some follow through on a higher low.

You want this new low to stay above it because that means potentially an overall trend reversal in amc. Ever since what i don't know, let's call it roughly june 21st. The trend has been down and then sideways. We want this sideways to then turn upward.

So we want the new low what we saw on july 23rd. We want that to be an official higher low relative to july 19th. We want the change of trend. Mr danger, adf nvidia will be the big winner in the chip shortage uh scotty in terms of the chip shortage.

Um i'd like to believe you just because i love nvidia. I have a lot of nvidia and i plan on holding in video for quite a while. So i hope you're right on that, but overall, i'm still a fan of amd, i'm still a fan of intel. I just think in video is clearly the gold standard from a technology standpoint that everyone else is trying to chase behind matt.

I bought a call on sndl learning options. Low risk play for me. It expires on august. 6Th call was for 80 cents.

If you look at sndl, it's ripping, do i hold sell, not financial advice, you would hold it as long as you think it's going to continue upwards if you think its run is over. That's when you would want to capture profits. So that's i mean i don't know when the run will be over. So that's when it comes up to you and your more of your chart, reading, abilities or just whatever your trading plan is if it can get above 89 cents.

I think that would be very watch 89 cents and watch 96, but you do have resistance: 89, 96, a dollar and then 106 107.. Those are the major levels i would personally watch if i were in s and dl, but as of now, i have no sndl position, but when you get into it uh - and i want to stress the importance of this - you - what you have to have a trading Plan man um, don't create a position and then say: oh what's my trading plan now like when you got into it at what point you have to know when you would or wouldn't get out so that's up to you. That's your training plan make sure it's well defined. Can we get a hodo yodel, happy birthday to tito? That's been converting all of his family into apes, even the young ones, moon, gang love, tati and derek matt.

How will we know when there are no legal shares to borrow to short, and they can only do naked shorts? One of the easiest ways to know maybe not like completely stop, but when it's much more difficult is when utilization is at 100. As of now for the legal shares that are easy to find, there's about 10 million more to go um about well 9.8 million more to go because utilization is only at 90, and it remember this is the percentage of the pool that's out on loan. But right now with 90 percent and we're at 97 million some quick math. That means we have about 10 million more to go.

If someone wanted to rent those out on loan, i think i've been sucking my own echo tamer. I need my reality check. I'm down bad uh, please look at mmat inside amc is not a dead cat, m-m-a-t uh mmat. It really looked like a quick pump and then a dump, and now it's not really doing anything um.

This is coming back to what i was just saying and be like. You have to have a plan. No matter when you got in you need to know what your risk tolerance is at, what level would you be like you know what i just got this play wrong. That's how i would have personally looked at mmat, we saw the volume spike.

It sells off the volume dies off. I don't know what's going on with this one, but it looks like it's doing a whole bunch of nothing now. So it's probably just like eating up your capital. That doesn't mean it can't like it might run.

I just have not really been following it, but i can tell you i don't like its chart. Maybe in the money iwm calls could generate income for amc cannon fodder thoughts. Definitely not financial advice in the money calls um. You would that's a very conservative way to play it if you think it'll continue upward if you're looking more for a income generating thing, you'd want to probably sell premium um, it depends on like what your specific goal is.

I am not the biggest fan of playing in the money calls or puts i would either rather play out of the money, calls or puts, or maybe at the money but in the money uh. But that's just that's me. It's uh, i guess my trading style, i'm a little bit more risky. If i want to do a conservative play i'd rather just sell premium error message on e-trade when trying to sell.

At close, we did not find enough available contracts for this security in your account. What is this uh keith? It sounds like you might already have a pending order. Uh, you might want to check that make sure you have no orders, because the order might be filling up some of that space and that's why it thinks you don't have enough. Uh edu looking like a good gap, fill play edu.

It depends on how it reacts to three dollars. Basically, because this will be resistance, could be a good gap-fill play. Um i'd be hesitant. I'd keep my risk really really tight.

Just because you i mean it's all. It's been doing is down trending, so you're trying to fight against the trend, and sometimes that's a good play - a good reversion play, but i would um if you're in it you have to. I wouldn't let myself risk more than this dollar 94. point.

If it breaks below that, i would cut my loss and be like hey. At least i tried um. If you are in it, i would pay attention to three dollars and see how it reacts there. But please please mind your risk.

Please please, please uh the q's. The nasdaq 100 bouncing back very, very quickly, uh apple, also making a comeback: microsoft, green and then where's alphabet, google, also green okay. So the big texts that reported after the market closed yesterday bouncing back gme continuing to sell off 165 amc at 36.22 uh keith yeah. If you have no open orders you, it might be a way that, like you're executing it on their platform, i know it could get a bit confusing.

Um i've used e-trade myself, yeah, maybe ask them um. I i'm assuming it's gon na, be a simple fix, though, for you, which is obviously good, all right. Where are we at today uh? What does this mean all right, we're looking for this to bend right back around in terms of amc, we are seeing some official official official bullish divergence in the rsi uh for those of you who are new. Let me explain what that means.

So on the right. We have gme, that's not having the best day, but let's take a look at amc. The stock has gone lower, but the rsi is slowly going higher. That's a mismatch, rsi maps out momentum.

This tells us that there's less bearish momentum i.e more bullish momentum recently than there was at the previous low, even though the stock's gone lower. This is referred to as bullish divergence and it's commonly followed by some sideways training or even a reversion. So i'm thinking a lot of day traders and swing traders who have been paying attention to the volatility in amc might be looking at this be like hang on, someone is starting to buy less people are starting to sell. Let's see what's going on so we're looking for this bounce back and then really a breakout of 36.9.

Let's just call it 37. iwm being weird q's coming back, very strong, hey mac, bb is not distraction, but a lot of your viewers would like to watch.

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