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Amc gamestop: apes hodl on dumb money ep 21 – Matt Kohrs

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Dumb Money Ep. 21
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Mum, hello, hello, hello, happy tuesday, tuesday august 3rd, or about 30 minutes from market open folks, you see it too harmful too dangerous, too harmful, too dangerous. That's how we're rocking it on this show today, ah good morning, good morning, good morning. Ah, a couple things: let's dive into it, get everyone uh set up for the day, hang on once. I don't really need these, yet i'm sure nasa's not even awake yet hold on hotel hotel hotel.

We hotel on as the title of today's stream, depicts all right. Let's hop into all the good stuff, first of all, yesterday night, i think it was around 6 pm eastern. I posted the video the interview with dave lauer, all about dark pools, all about payment for order flow. We talked a little bit about naked shorting market makers.

In general, if you have any questions about dark pools and payment for order flow and what is or isn't going on, i highly recommend checking out that interview dave lauer once again, if you happen to be listening right now, thank you so much uh his his knowledge Is absolutely incredible: the fact that he took more than an hour out of his day to really dive into it and just help this community, like the guy, is doing it for free, like it's truly out of the kindness of his heart uh. So once again, if you have any questions on payment for order flow dark pools, i recommend checking it out. The interview is about an hour long, so if i don't know if you're driving or on like um the train or commuting or on a run, something like that, maybe that's a good time to check it out. Listen to it on the extra channel, the the new channel, that's pinned to the top of chat right now.

We're gon na clip. Some of the main questions of like does payment for order flow. Make naked, shorting easier. Does dark pools make naked shorting easier things like that, like very specific questions that were asked a lot they're on that channel? That's right above my head.

If you haven't seen that channel yet check it out subscribe, like blah blah blah all that good stuff, we also use that channel as more of a chat room for the midday session when i'm not here, rambling on about weird stuff. So, basically, that in between from like 11 15 to 145, like roughly that in between, when i'm not sitting right here, um live on this channel. We use that channel for some low-fi music. In the background, if you want to chat with people, see what's going on with amc and jimmy uh, that kind of seems to be where we're rocking, with that um at least the direction of it now and really it's just meant as a backup.

But overall, here, let's hop into some of these things right now, amc is kind of flat uh compared to where it closed. Yesterday, it's training at 35 11 gm's at 1, 57 11 uh. We will be doing some tibio stuff today. Let me just reload this just to see if there's vortex, login all right here we go okay, so the short interest right now.

Why is this not? Let me copy this over amc. Amc all right, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, amc! Short interest is 15. Nothing borrowed against it thus far. Today.

Overall, the shares on loan 98 million utilization is 90, so still pretty pretty considerably high. Gamestop short interest is 15.18, so right now, usually for a bit there, we saw gamestop at first for quite a while or like over the count of the year. Gme was higher and then recently it's been lower. Now, they're, roughly equal areas on loan on gme hopped up to 9 million and utilization is 43, so that's kind of your or tech start for the day.

Obviously, we will be tracking this throughout the day, especially like i don't know, 15 20 30 minutes into the day, uh, that's where we tend to see kind of some of the biggest borrowers, some of the biggest returns, so we'll be cycling back to that. In terms of crypto crypto did pop up, and now it seems to be selling off a little bit. I guess, as i'm saying this cardano is bouncing ethereum's bouncing a bit, but overall we saw the spike in crypto a little bit of rejuvenation in the excitement for crypto at large, and it seems to be calming down a little bit. I mean for me.

I don't actively trade crypto uh. It's a long term play i'm talking a decade plus either will be, in my opinion, i'll either be very right or very wrong. I do have all the ones on the screen right now: bitcoin ethereum, cardano doge, i'm in all of them, i'm in even some more uh algorithm um. Someone talked me into buying some hex, but in general i just want to make it very clear.

As of now - and i really don't have any plans to be changing this - i'm in no way actively trading crypto, i just buy it on dips and years down the road. I hope i'm going to be very, very right in terms of the overall market. Yesterday was a very interesting strange day in the s p 500, a strange monday to kick off the week. The month uh we had some.

This was a new all-time high on friday. I believe it was on friday yeah, so the 29th uh actually thursday a new all-time high and then friday was a weird day and then yesterday we gapped up and then sold off. I'm sure a lot of it had to do with just we've been seeing a series of earnings reports. Last week we had big ones um this week again.

Yesterday uh i mean today actually alibaba's reporting under armour's reporting marriott discovery, philip 66. That's a huge company. Obviously sunoco we have lyft and uber reporting. Lyft is after the market closes today, uber is after the market closes uh.

Tomorrow, then we have cvs some good year. So, and this is just like a little, i mean dropbox. We all know what that is, the main one: i've been paying attention to and there's a ton is alibaba b-a-b-a, activision uh. I think they're actually going through some issues right now, um, like almost like social issues within the company, so they, i wonder if they're gon na, have any commentary on that.

We also know that there's going to be an increase in competition from amazon gaming um interesting to pay attention to beyond me, always interesting to hear what they're saying in terms of how that's going canopy growth for everyone in the marinara industry. So we do have an interesting, and this is by far not it um there. The list goes on and on and on um, but shout out to bazinga for posting this binzinga. This is the same thing that we're using here.

If you want a free trial, it's in the link in the description completely free check it out see what products you do or don't like um gm's reporting. So, overall, i think we're seeing some weird action in the market at large, just because of the amount of reports and obviously people are concerned about the new d variant. Is the world gon na lock down? Is it not gon na lock down? This is in no way my commentary, i'm not a scientist, don't come to me for all this, like information on what that is or isn't doing, i'm here to highlight what it could or might not do to the overall market. So we do last week we kind of saw - maybe that was two weeks ago when there was a red monday.

We do have the concept of a turnaround tuesday, but this was only really. It was only barely read because we did have the gap up. So that's not the exact scenario for a tutoring around tuesday and i'm not saying that today won't be a turnaround tuesday. I'm just saying like statistically what i know the odds on is not necessarily this information, because usually it's just when you open up you're kind of at the same value yourself.

This was a gap up in this off, so uh kind of a weird mixed bag. But who knows, it might just end up being a normal turnaround, tuesday, because this is what i'm talking about we gapped up and then the close was below the open and on an intraday basis. It dropped point six percent and even then you're just you're generally. Looking for a drop of over one percent for a turnaround tuesday, but we are gapping up in pre-market, we're still in this range this on july 29th, that was an all-time high for the market.

So we are very much in striking distance of making a brand new high for the overall s. P, 500 amc ever since july 22nd just been grinding sideways. We do have support between this low of 34.69 and then also 33.50. That's the region of support.

We're kind of watching right now in pre-market trading, it looks like we are at 35 11. in terms of gme. We are at the bottom of this support and we are looking forward to hold. It looks like it's gapping down below that.

If it does, my next watch is 150 and below that 145, just from a technical basis um. Obviously it can pull a u-turn when really, whenever the buyer step in but from technicals, i'm just looking at some of the areas it bounced in before we do have a lot of chop in this april. Early may segment, so i'm hoping that that serves as some overall support that we could use um buff stuff 24 7, not expecting much today, just gon na listen, i mean it is a weird tuesday and we're still in august overall, it's very important to know that The stock market and obviously an individual stock can deviate from the seasonal pattern, but the overall stock market in the month of august commonly statistically, is just some sideways chop. Obviously, amc can deviate from that.

Gme can deviate from it, but just going into it for the stock market in its entirety. I'm just kind of expecting some sideways chop. So for me, the way i would use that information is to not be so aggressive in buying any call options buying any put options, i'm just not looking at um. I guess massive movement across the board.

I think it'll be kind of sideways, so more of like hey you're, just holding your stocks, okay, you're good to go with that. And then, if you really are an options player, maybe just selling some premium selling some calls selling some puts. If you don't think, there's going to be any major movement and obviously that does change from stock to stock to stock, but in general that's kind of like the basis i would work with and then i would create trading plans off of that um. But remember it can change like.

Obviously trends are there and they can get booked um. It's not that we're necessarily like sticking with each trend, but that would be my basis and i would look for really good theories or price action or fundamental developments to kind of change. That overall plan um specific to amc, do not forget that next monday, this upcoming monday august 9th, we do have the earnings announcement uh this time it's a little bit different. They are allowing people to submit questions which i think was pretty cool here.

Let me show you this: it loads, okay, adam aaron um. So this was his announcement. The earnings call is coming on august, 9th and also right here. If you come to his twitter, i believe i also retweeted it.

You can post your questions here, really smart questions. Thus far kind of cool um, i was just looking at what are these um? I was just looking at some of the highest vote ones. Do you have any plans to offer a dividend again? I would like to know the answer to that. Personally, i like this one as well: does amc currently have any ongoing investigations that may involve the sec uh, so good questions? If you have a question that you're not really seeing being asked - obviously drop it in here, you can drop it in and if it gets enough up votes, i'm sure the leadership team at amc will see it.

But i think this is really really cool for them. To do it this way to me it's just another instance of the leadership team at amc, listening to the majority of their investors, which is us it's the apes uh. So i think this is a cool way to kind of see what they are aren't saying um and for me, on this side of it, it's kind of cool to see specifically what the community is actually interested in right now i thought the dividing question would be High, but i mean it's almost doubling any other question: drive-in theaters uh, how is amc preparing for the possible large-scale covid surge could potentially shut down theaters again. These are all very, very good intellectual questions that are going to directly impact the stock.

So, even if you don't want to submit one, i recommend just checking out what people are asking it's, it's good to understand who your fellow investors, the apes fighting in the trenches truly are. So i think that's interesting check that out when the market gets going today. We're going to go over some tibia stuff, like i said, i'm expecting some chop, which is a prime time to sell some credit spreads, make some extra money when things aren't moving really that much. So i'm excited to go over that and lay out some of my own plans on what i might or might not do: uh cool stuff, cool stuff across the board, amc and jimmy i'm not seeing i'm seeing low volume.

Thus far i mean amc 255, 000 gme. 5000 on these ones, uh there is potential right now that it might be more of a sideways, boring grind day. We're not seeing much volume mid week. No big announcements, it is august, so i'm not saying anything really good, not saying anything, really bad, i'm just saying it might be a classic boring day.

So it might be one of those days where we're learning about other things, whether it's crypto, whether it's options, whether it's futures uh, we might be looking at some other stocks to see if there's other money making opportunity but across the board, uh. What we're seeing right now is just a little bit of some boring action. I mean 5 000, and i know this is just thus far until the market opens in about 15 minutes gme, i mean that's pitifully low. I know this is just the volume from weeble.

As of now and then at 9 30, they load in all of the pre-market data, but i mean low low and then amc a quarter million like we're just seeing low volume right now and that's okay, low volume, it's just more of neutral. It's not good. It's not bad for right now. It's just! We got to see how all the things actually shake out all right.

Let me get to your questions. Maybe you have dangerously positive energy and youtube can't match the vibe good morning. Matt. Let's get this bread shout out matt your glasses are reflecting your camera light um yeah i mean, isn't that i don't know what that's just physics.

I i can't change that one ashley hey march uh. Can you check the puts on iwm i've seen on reddit that there's 500 million inputs on the russell stopping iwm from running in turning holding amc down, also largest shareholder of iwm, is citadel um yeah, so they i people i i was looking at that um. Let me think about the best way to word. This iwm is the russell 2000.

It is a way people who are betting against it. That to me, sounds more of like a covid rona bet of if they shut the world down. Of course, small cap businesses are going to be absolutely demolished. There's a lot of many a lot.

A lot of money, betting against iwm to the tune of way more than amc alone is worth remember. It's called the russell 2000 because there's actually over, but let's just call it 2000, but there's over 2 000 different companies in that index. You do not short a etf that has one divided by 2 000 exposure to the company. There's if you're trying to drag amc down through an etf, there are a handful of like etfs that are way way better than iwm, or is there a sizeable bet against it in terms of magnitude? Yes, does that mean that iwm alone has a high short interest? No because there's a lot of shares out there, the size of the bet against iwm is considerable.

It's actually very considerable, like it's a lot of money, but i would not draw that to be oh they're, specifically betting against amc, because it just doesn't make sense. You could easily find etfs that have more exposure to amc if you bring down iwm, and this isn't exactly right. But for the point of this conversation, it's close enough. If you bring it down to one percent, the net impact on amc would be one two thousandth of that remember with an etf whatever that etf drops, you then have to look at the proportionate exposure to the stock within it to understand that potential impact.

So to me, the way i would interpret the iwm bearish bets is more of their betting against the economy in case there's another shutdown um the fact that, like people are trying to draw anything that happens in the overall market to amc and gme right now, and I i just don't know it's just not realistic. I mean people are looking at one trillion dollar in repo, reverse repos and they're. Saying that's because of amc and gme i mean amc. We have to be a little realistic at sometimes in the sense that the market cap is 17.6 billion dollars.

There's no way they would somehow do a one trillion dollar repo, reverse repo for a company - that's worth 17 billion. At a certain point you have to realize when, like at the scale of money, some of these happenings truly are a drop in the bucket. This iwm thing i think people are just gearing up it's a hedge in case the government shuts down the us or the world shuts down the world economy again. But if you're looking for what etfs, they would short to intentionally attack.

Amc. Look for the etfs that have the most exposure to amc, because that's the most bang for your buck right now to short iwm it exclusively for the concept of bringing down amc. It would have a 1 in 2 000 impact of what you actually successfully bring iwm down by matt thought on the fact that the vote share count on the questions are statistically revealed. The share count.

The votes that share count on the questions may statistically reveal the share account um. No, i don't think we can draw that conclusion at all um, because even people who didn't the share count came on june 2nd, but right now i mean i could just share this or anyone could share it and, depending on how it goes on social media, you Can have a ton of votes and people can vote multiple times on different things. Um mathematically, i don't think that's a very dangerous correlation to draw but papa the wolverine matt. Why have you stopped posting jimmy or text in the morning matt? Why is a very uh? Oh wait hang on.

I think this just jumped. This was a good question. Where did it go? Oh uh, jackie? You don't have to block jesse from posting that this is fine matt. Why have you stopped posting, gme or text in the morning matt? Why have you stopped posting, gme or text in the morning? Um? It's because specifically the gme community was more um.

I guess just crazy of calling ortex a com like a lie and being bought off by citadel and um. For a point there. The numbers were pretty discouraging and i just didn't know what it was really doing for the gme community, because every time i posted it, the response of it was like ortex is paid off by citadel, and i was like okay well, if you're not finding value in It i'm just not going to tweet it out. I will but i still go over it like i'm, not shy of showing the community what the numbers are um here whenever anyone asks i'm more than willing to give it to you, so i'm not hiding it in any way.

Uh matt! You can only vote if you connect your broker and it automatically adds your share count. You cannot spoof it. Only shareholders can vote yeah, but the issue is mathematically. It's not advantageous when you can vote on which one you like um, you could vote on the very specific one you like, or you could upvote every single question um.

So mathematically it. You can't draw that correlation when you can vote multiple times on the questions you particularly like, and even if it gives you the share count, this has nothing to do with share count. Uh to my understanding, this is oh wait. Is this shares, as in social media shares or the all the upvotes like? If you upvote it, and then your shares added in um? I i at first just thought this was, but that would be a lot of like social media shares.

I just tied this share to this share, but i see what you're saying that this might be: whoever votes it's kind of the the weight of their shares behind it. That's kind of interesting, but still people, i believe, can vote on multiple things. So that would not be the most useful because if i can vote like my own shares would add to all the ones i upvote and then you don't know when people are upvoting. Multiple things most shares most votes, most recent most votes.

So this one is really ripping right. Now: uh 12 000 votes hold 12 million stocks over a million votes, hold 12 million stocks. Yes, that would be true, but if you're, you can't just add up the entire total, it's not like you could go down and add up all these individually. The shares the shares the shares, because i think people can vote.

They can upvote multiple things. So they're not exclusive votes, uh. Those are your verified shares. You cannot vote more than once and your vote is counted.

Then your shares that are verified are tallied up. So you wait. Someone clarify um this. You can only upvote one question: you're not allowed to upvote multiple questions.

Everyone's voting, timothy's question i mean it is a good question. There are many good questions um, but so some people, i just need to clarify that just use the top question. No, i'm definitely getting the point. Just one question.

Okay, if you can only vote one question yeah, then i guess: if they are exclusive, you can run through uh. Some people on twitter last night were saying you could upvote multiple um. I have not myself upvoted one. Yet so i do appreciate that you guys are sharing this.

You can upvote as many questions see right here. Someone just said you can upload as many questions as you want um. If you can only upvote one, then you could go through and tally this up. That is very fair, but if you can upvote multiple that is problematic, uh good vibes, you can upvote once on each question yeah.

So the fact that you can upvote multiple kind of means that you can't add these numbers up, because you don't know if people are using multiple votes or not um. But i like, where your head's at it doesn't matter how many you upvote. If 100 people vote times the question, it shows 10k stocks. That's an average of 1000 per vote in that question yeah.

But if you're you're looking for the total magnitude of how many shares the retail, the eight nation owns, which would involve adding up the individual questions just to look at one myopically of just this one, okay, 14.9 million shares - i mean that's so relatively small when we Know that it has an outstanding share count of over 500 million um, so the way you would want to use this is, if you could, you would add up all the ones to see the total ownership of retail, but the fact that people can vote on multiple Upvotes means that you can't really do that um cartoon pilot, but i i was right so uh, yes, but you can only vote for one response each. So if you look at the top, oh wait, it was retracted. Okay, let me explain what i'm trying to say a little bit more clearly before the market opens. Let's say that i own a million shares if i upvote this, this would go up by a million.

This would go up by a million. This would go up by a million, but that doesn't actually, i still only own the 1 million shares, so it wouldn't mean that the total retail count is actually three million. When i still only own the one million, you can look at one individually, but the fact that you can upvote different ones with your same share count that would incorrectly bloat the total number. The total aggregate number of the shares you would only tally the highest voted question yeah.

You could look at that. So if everyone votes on this, like if everyone i see what you're saying we could get the number, if everyone out there votes on this one, that's what i'm saying is you can use one of these, like you, can get valuable data from an individual questions, not Multiple questions, so, if every single ape out there voted on this, we could actually get usable data. Once again, you can get usable data from an individual question, just not multiple questions put together. I feel like we're talking about the same thing, but we're coming at it from two different angles.

If every single ape out there voted yes, we could get information if everyone voted on timothy b. This question right here that would be usable data. It gives you an average per holder uh. I don't think that's what people are going for uh.

Stefan, that's what reddit is pushing vote on timothy b's question, so we get a good sample size of a verified share. Count yeah! That's i mean folks. If you rewind the live stream, i was saying you can get data from one individual question. If you look at it myopically and just not multiple questions together, um, i think the uh, if you just rewind this live stream, i said that at the exact start, uh jack, what's going on just pay attention a little more shout out jack.

It gives you an average of 1 200 shares per voter in general. We know 4 million shares, so you're saying we could get the average size yeah i mean the sample size is considerable. That's a lot of votes um, so you could see how many shares the average person has, but i don't know if it's really average in the sense that the people who are gon na go out of their way to vote and look at this are probably more Hardcore apes than like your average person, you can't say that all four million people are like this devoted to the cause um. But with that i am behind the concept that everyone should vote, because we could use that on an individual one.

So if everyone, i guess logs in attaches what they need to uh, you can get some sort of valuable average, but the higher the number the better it would be more accurate, the more people that vote, obviously, all right, let's get ready, the casino is about to Open um, so, according to the top question, the average shareholder is 1 250 shares um. That is the average for that, but also think about who that sample size is the people who already voted on it within the first day are probably very very hardcore supporters and there's a statistical chance that they own more. So, as that number goes up, i would expect the average to drop slightly, but it also then becomes more statistically significant, so i'm all for that if people feel comfortable connecting their brokerage, i am all for that. Uh someone just said.

I have two accounts. I only voted with one. The casino is open, folks, all right, all right all right. Let's do this amc out of the gate at 35, jimmy out of the gate at 155.55.

Uh from my experience, it won't let you link your shares from weeble on the say site: oh well, that kind of messes things up, because there's a lot of people who previously purchased shares on weeble and really on robinhood, and they just haven't transferred them out and They started and they started buying on a new brokerage um. Can anyone else confirm that that weibull can't connect um, i'm just curious about that? There are a few steps for weeble: do it through apex apex clearing, not weeble, okay um? So if people are having issues with that, a lot of people are just just so anyone out there listening. It sounds like a lot of people are saying you can connect it through. We, we or not weeble, but you can through apex, okay, cool.

Thank you. I appreciate everyone sharing that apex clearing needed for weeble traders. Okay, sweet sounds like there's a couple steps, but if you want to do it through, it still sounds like it's possible. It's just the amount of shares per individual per question.

Not all added up people are trying to average out the average individual shares then multiply it by the four million yeah. So i get a little nervous about multiplying it by the 4 million because think about the subset of the people who are going out of their way to figure out the apex thing and actually vote um. They might be a little bit more of hardcore apes. But it's still probably going to be within the realm.

Like i wouldn't imagine, a massive drop off data is skewed. We can't rely on it. Hunter is pushing it um yeah, so i would be it is statistically significant, but i'm a little bit questioning of the sample size of the people who are actually voting and putting in their information. So i think, is, as the total number of votes goes higher and higher and higher.

I think it's more reasonable to actually multiply it by that four million number um. I think it's more reasonable. The higher the number goes morning morty morning, apes, i'm working on a project for you today. Matt can't tell you what, though, it's a surprise that probably came off as creepy from you, kinky kong, never turner, what's going on! Is it too early for all this above mustard excrement, more ducks more frogs, more rockets thumbs on chests rhythmically shout out mikey.

So, according to the top question, the average voter owns 1 250 shares um yeah, i mean actually at this point i could double check. It looks like it actually recently jumped up, let's just double check, what is it 4.9 and 12.1 4.9 divided by 12.1 yeah about 1231 shares right now, which is considerable, very obviously considerable, um very high. I mean because the last time we heard of it and someone corrected me if i'm wrong in early june, the average person was in at what like 125 shares or 120 shares something like that. Um interesting, very interesting, that's way higher! That's obviously 10x! That's huge! That's a huge jump.

I mean that's saying that on average 1 000. That's a lot of shares. I mean that's saying that the average person has what like a 35 40 000 investment into amc. That's a tough thing to multiply out by 4 million because don't forget we're coming off one of the most financially difficult years, for so many people, not only in the u.s but across the globe, to think that from the world opening back up.

Let's just call it roughly march from march until now, maybe i mean it's obviously possible, but i mean that's: that's an investment for to multiply it out by 4 million, but um wow. If true, that is - and it is true thus far - i just want to see more votes, i would love to see the vote go higher and higher and higher um. It's interesting. I, like whoever thought of that the first person to get that average size.

That's very very creative and then the fact that it's verified by this website for the amount of shares - that's very creative. I like it, i like it. I like it. I like it.

You can also argue that there's probably more than 4.2 million retail holders now yeah um. We know that was from early june. I would statistically two things what i see like, even in just how the ape nation is growing. I believe that we own more than 80 percent of the float which we knew from early june, and i believe that, there's more than the four point, whatever million individual retail holders, i think both of those numbers are uh higher.

Now a bad analogy as we might get in the realm of the right state, but not the right county as much as the right city, some brokers aren't allowing the connection not just weeble no hype manage expectations. This isn't a silver magic bullet yeah. It's the same thing as always um. I think it's cool for me like i just that's how i do my trades is data so like i find it particularly interesting, but, like you said sean, it's not going to be a magic bullet um.

I i can almost see it a couple days from now, maybe even today, what you're gon na see is someone's gon na multiply the numbers out and be like this is the proof of x amount of naked shares, and you can't really draw that connection, especially just For things like this of when you have some brokers that aren't connecting um, i don't know ken technically can like a hedge fund log in and also vote and then somehow bloat the numbers um like i don't know if blackrock is allowed to or not allowed to Vote on this, and do you know how much that would skew it if one person came in and like got the vote of 30 million shares um. So overall i mean it comes to the most basic aspect of what's going on at amc and gme, whether up or down on a daily basis up or down what are we at down 2.8 right now up or down 2.8 percent that doesn't change the fact that There's many many shorts, we know and right there the ape community is diamond handing it um. So i don't know if, like someone really diving into this vote, is going to be like. Will that chain? Will that change your opinion really um? I wouldn't once again, there isn't, in my mind a silver bullet, a magic bullet in this scenario um, it's good information to know and i'm not against us getting that information by any means, but us having it or not having it.

It's not going to change me and what i'm doing like. I still have my shares like what the number does or doesn't come out. That's not going to like somehow, if it's good or bad, like, especially if it's bad, it's not like. Oh okay, all of a sudden i'm gon na sell.

Now i like to know the information, but it's not gon na change. My trade. It's not gon na change, my thesis on amc, it's just i'm still huddling um! This is from gorilla, champ, champ, uh matt. I have a renewed faith in the naked short theory and believe that there is at least a billion shares out there dropping another 5k on the dip moon gang um.

So it's hard for me to really comment on the size of it. But do i believe that there are naked shorts? Well, of course, and that's just not just like a gut feeling of mine look at the ftds that we saw in june alone. Why was there such a notable spike in ftds, so i feel like i'm even basing that theory in fact and data, and but with that being said, it's really tough for me to say the size because don't forget those are the ftds that were actually reported to Us um remember our conversations with wes christian. There are certain ways in which an ftd can be created, but then it's not actually, i guess seen by the dtcc and marked as an actual ftd, because remember some brian brokers were caught for marking short positions as long positions.

So if they were marked as a long position, it's not going to come up as a naked short and if it's not coming up as a naked short, it's not going to be registered as an ftd. So the numbers we have - and i say this - and it's really important because you have to know your data but the best way to view it is literally as a conservative floor value. Anything beyond that when sometimes when people throw out numbers there, especially some of these other creators, i don't think that they necessarily understand rehypothecation. Remember the ownership is a hundred percent.

Let's just use amc as an example right now and for the ease of math. Let's say that there are 500 million shares just for the ease of math. I know that, there's more at minimum at any given time the that means that there's 500 million shares that are owned um. The question is is like when we see the number going above, that can that happen in a legal, legitimate scenario, and yes, it can, and that is what rehypothecation is, is when people own shares loan shares out and then that new person short shares to a new Owner, so that's how you bloat your ownership above 100, so for the ease of math.

Let's say that there's 500 million shares and out of that 100 million shares are loaned out and shorted. That means that out of a system that has 500 million shares, 600 million are ownership, which means that you have 120 ownership. I know that's like really crude, just basic math, but i'm trying to explain the system in which even legal, legitimate shorting pushes ownership above 100 and then it gets even more out of hand when you start talking about illegal naked shorting that it does the same thing. But even more and more and more and honestly, in the latter case, i could argue that it has a greater negative impact because you don't know how how out of hand those naked shorts got.

You don't know how much they were borrowed and then loaned and then borrowed and then loaned um. It can just go more and more and more uh cup and handle thus far. I guess on the one minute, but a little early to call. I mean we're only nine minutes into the day or 11 minutes into the day um.

I would want to see a little bit more of the price action. Uh ryan hamilton. You just said you signed up for the poll, but weeble is not listed um. Some people uh just anecdotally.

What i'm seeing right here is that you have to sign up through apex clearing. I believe what site is the vote on uh? If you go to adam aaron's twitter, page uh, he has the link, but it is app.saytechnologies.com amc2021-q2 right up here. Actually here i'll put it in the chat for everyone. All right, uh just dropped it into the chat.

If you want to see that link, what's the volume, uh very low 6.5 million and then gme is 421 000. uh kind of expected, because we saw that the pre-market volume was very low like abnormally low. So it's not that surprising that today's volume is also low. Uh, you need anti-reflective lens on your glasses, but without it you look like a spaceship that just landed on the moon.

Coming from the shuttle, i just need it yeah i mean i guess i could look for the anti-reflective ones, but i just feel like looking at um. Well, if i look down like enough of this like downward angle, i think it's all good um. I just think that the staring at this computer screen is definitely not good for my eyes for so many hours. Okay, amc for my audio listeners, currently trading at 3410 and then gme is trading at 152..

Let's do a quick, vortex check, um very strange, but it's saying that there's nothing returned or nothing borrowed yet on the day same with gme, so thus far no changes on the day. All right, so we know the rsi on both of these is oversold already very low. All right, let's check in on the hood. The hood is actually now above its ipo price.

Wow still would not still would not touch it. Uh tesla was running yesterday and then some people were asking about virgin galactic virgin galactic down 3.77 percent and then tesla tesla is more of the cup and handle right now uh interested to see how this plays off. If it can get above, i believe yesterday, tesla hit 7 26. Is that right, 726.

Okay, 727 um! Let's get rid of this 727 interested to see how tessa actually plays out virgin galactic, not looking the best right. Now s p c e. This one is um for anyone, who's been paying attention to it. I am definitely uh, leaning bearish on it, and i like the company.

I want it to be successful, but right now, they're still basically messing around with an additional shared dilution and if you've been following the jimmy amc saga, anything about a shared illusion. It's really just not good um, so i'm gon na be bearish on it until they figure out what they're actually doing or not doing with the dilution. Why is amc dropping because people, the buyers and sellers are agreeing upon a lower and lower price, but any move like this, whether up or down when it's on such a low volume day? To me that says less conviction. I don't really put much weight on low volume days, robinhood to weeble completed today my average drop to four dollars.

Why just a little curious yeah? So i saw that there's confusion about like when you transfer remember it does not matter at all. Think of it. This way, and i see a lot of confusion and i think it's important to go over. Let's use you buying a house as an example.

If you bought a house for a hundred thousand dollars, the money comes out of your account, the hundred thousand and you own, that asset later, if zillow or redfin, or someone says that you bought it for 50, 000 or 75, 000 or 150, 000 or 200 000. Does it matter to you like, because you still own the house, and you know you only spent a hundred thousand dollars so all of a sudden if zillow says or redvin says you bought it for two hundred thousand, that doesn't mean you actually spent two hundred thousand And i think you could use the exact same scenario when you're transferring stocks. If you buy a share of amc and let's say it's at 30, 30 came out of your account and that's what you spent and you transfer it and then the new brokerage says no. Your average is actually 40 or your average is actually 20.

like. It doesn't matter to you financially to you. It doesn't matter because you know you already only spent the 30 and when you sell it whatever you sell it at you get that money back um. So it doesn't when you are transferring brokerages and they might mess up your average cost.

Honestly, it has no impact on you whatsoever. They do usually give you an option where you can edit it just so you can, if you're, trying to put in your right your correct average basis, so you can properly track how much percentage you're up or down or the money you're up or down, but it Actually has no bearing on your the your own financial situation, bet def, some bullish divergence on amc on the one minute shout out diamond dallas, page uh, but won't it matter for taxes later. No, because it'll see that your net gain. It still knows your net gain or your net loss like it saw when you bought it in the price you bought it at the them, showing you your average cost.

That's just like a ui ux thing, they're just trying to be nice and be like hey. This is like, where you got into it, and then that gets weird when you transfer it, but there is actual it's referred to. I believe, as the blue sheets there's actually a ledger of when you truly got in and when you truly get out um the other than that, that's just your brokerage with their own ui ux problems. If they're not updating it right from a transfer.

What do you think about cloudflare long term? I like it, i'm a fan of cyber security. When can we buy puts on hood uh? It depends when they build out the overall hang on. Some people are asking for iwm. Looking the exact same, the exact same um, when can you buy, puts on hood uh? It depends when the market makers build out the options market for it.

One of these days, they'll start randomly offering it to us and then at that point you'll be able to trade. It we're just kind of waiting - and this is typical - with a new ipo - that it's not f, really available to you right at first, just because they're getting various things figured out and built all right, so tesla, weird uh, 722 down to 713 up to 722 and Now it looks like it's almost heading back down to 713. weird weird, weird, just sold all of my bitcoin and bought the amc dip timothy. I hope it works out exceedingly well for you, weibull apex, clearing.com person, icon in the upper right, create user id enter account.

Number on weeble the a characters finish up the username and password use that account cheeto shane. I appreciate that. So let me reiterate this for those of you who are trying to vote and you own, your shares on weibull you'll have to go through apex clearing. So go to apexclearing.com click on the person icon in the upper right, create a user id enter your account number from weeble.

The eight characters finish up your username and password and then use that to connect to the system to do the actual vote. Uh. I appreciate you sharing that cheeto. If this squeeze starts in between brokerage transfers, are you screwed uh? It all depends on how long the transfer actually takes you're screwed in the sense if it hits a level that you're attempting to sell, but if you're in between the actual transfer.

Well, of course you can't sell, then you have to wait for the transfer. To conclude, i went to see my congressman 4618 impress him about why he voted. No everyone press, the reps. Thanks for the breakdown videos huge help miles away, i'm very curious.

What was your congressman's reasoning for voting against it on 4618? The short sale transparency, i'm actually very interested in knowing what the reasoning was all right. Uh, bullish, divergence on amc clx is down 20 uh. That sounds like it has to be some sort of a like fundamental update for it to take such a hit uh. Can you explain bullish and bearish divergence like i'm seven years old? Yes, i can so basically bullish and bearish divergence.

The stock has gone lower, but the rsi has gone higher uh. Basically, we've gone from 33 86 to 3360, so we dropped by 20 cents, but in that same time period the rsi has actually gone higher from 20 up to 30.. So that's divergence. Usually they move together.

So when you see the stock go lower, but the rsi is going higher, that's referred to as bullish divergence and if the stock goes higher, but the rsi goes lower. That's referred to as bearish divergence. So it's just basically a mismatch between the price trend and the rsi trend and there's there is other forms of divergence. Just so everyone knows, but that's probably one of the most common ones - that people talk about all right, gme trying to hold on to that psychological level at 150, it's at 151 right now, amc is at 33.50, which is a key technical support.

So, let's see if it can hold there, iwm uh, it's actually everything across the board is at support. Right now i don't know tesla's supports and resistance off the top of my head. I think 715 is important uh if i'm recalling properly from yesterday, but let's see if iwm can actually bounce here or not. Let's see if amc can bounce uh things are being sold this morning sold off this morning.

Why is cash app not showing share count anymore? Scott, unfortunately, i have no clue um. I i have never used cash app. All right is it going to hold hold hold, hold all right. Amc, the low of the day is 33.45.

We know we have support at 33.50 just from previous daily action. Let me get this um. He stated on two questions me. Another name didn't know said it was attached to a different bill, but it did not sure which one i'll have to get back to then press if it was a separate one or two.

It was attached to a different bill. Well, that was the thing that it was in block like they voted on 18 and 19 and some other one together um. You can see that in the press release that it was like a block vote, blah blah blah. Where was this press release house financial committee yeah, it was attached to how do i get this here, i'll bring it up for you really quick.

How do i see the press releases latest news? It is true that there was three things attached, but what's funny is the other things that were attached to that are other, arguably, very good things unless this bill would limit the use of family office exemption for registration of an investment advisor with the sec, with 750 Million under hazards that were buried from subject to financial orders of contact constituting fraud, manipulation yeah, so that congress person's retort to you that that vote was attached to other ones. I mean i could show it to you. It's these three four, six, one eight which we talked about: that's the short sale, transparency and market fairness act 4619. This this is about the market makers, front, running their clients and being held legally culpable, the ceo and the person who violated it and off the top of my head.

I don't know 4620. This bill would limit the use of family office exemption from registration as an investment advisor with the sec to offices with 750 million or less in assets under management to prevent persons who are barred or subject to final orders of conduct um. So i don't know which one of these three that that person you're represented and have an issue with, but the first two, if it blows my mind like uh, i don't know i. I can't really speak to this one, because i haven't looked into it.

Four. Six twenty um, but for them to act like it's attached to all these other things, i mean four six, one, eight and four six, one: nine, the fact that people are voting for them to not pass it on in committee. It would blow my mind like that. Blows my mind: hey dude, just finished your recent interview.

Awesome learned a lot appreciate it thanks for that hold on hey. I appreciate that. I i had a great time doing the interview. It's such a wealth of knowledge, uh to speak with dave lauer.

So very very happy about that. I'm happy about how it turned out um. I know some of the answers in it were not what necessarily everyone wanted, but the stock market isn't here to confirm anyone's bias. It is very important for us to know what is like.

Actually going on and what's actually not going on, so if you want to learn about dark pools, if you want to learn about payment for order flow from a legitimate expert opposed to just social media posts, i would recommend checking that out, i'm not going to lie. I thought it was absolutely hilarious that there was people on the youtube uh it premiered last night and dave. I was talking and i'm reading the comments, and then there was faceless accounts like called random things like football forever, like just random, faceless, weird named accounts and they're like this guy doesn't know what he's talking about referring to a person who is a literal expert and That's what i just um: what's that called the dun kruger effect when there's people out there who have like almost no knowledge and they think they're an expert uh. It was so funny.

I forget what they count. It's something like that it was. Maybe there was a team in there, but it's something like football forever. This guy has no idea what he's talking about i'm like all right man like come on now come on now, hey matt.

What's our beta, it depends on what time frame you're looking at if you're, looking at a larger time frame, it's going to be a positive beta if you're looking at a shorter time frame it's going to depending on how short it is, it could be a negative Beta beta, which is its core, a stock's correlation to the overall, i guess market, the s p 500. It does change based on time frame that you're looking at. Is this a classic dutch tulip uh? It depends on how it actually reacts to the 3450 area. All right we're looking to see what iwm is going to actually do football forever.

Yeah is it is it, though, would you recommend, tries of uh wait, patrick i'm not sure what you're asking, unfortunately, hey hey matt? Have you shared that say, link in instructions on twitter? If not, would you please uh crack that out? Oh, how did your totally real girlfriend girls trip go with all the guys that were there she's actually still on it she's at uh, a beach somewhere with her friends? Still i recognize how bad it all sounds. I do i do i do uh. Yes, i will tweet this out uh, so people can vote. Let me find the link adam aaron.

Let me get this link all right. Let me tweet this out. There uh don't forget to vote. If you want your voice, heard amc, don't forget to vote.

If you want your voice heard, i just threw this out there on the interwebs uh right here. Uh, don't forget to vote. If you want your voice forward, just put it out there, just uh. If just so everyone knows, i'm matt underscore coors uh, i see more and more fake accounts, i'm just mad underscore course: twitter, twitch and instagram matt underscore coors, not double underscore the oh.

The o is not a zero, it's not llc, it's not official, i'm literally just matt underscore cores twitter, twitch and instagram. All right iwm seems to have no. I cl no clue what it actually wants to do here today, all right amc, kind of flat right now. Gme flat makes sense, i mean the volume is low.

Gme is traded. 875 000. It's trading at 152.. Amc has traded 13.6 million and it's at 34.

um in terms of ortex. Let's see, if there's actually an update that we could go over. Nothing borrowed nothing returned. Does that seem right? Usually you would see some something uh so not much to report from there as of now not much to report as of now uh.

Just so everyone knows i am long on tesla, so i would love for this to explode to 750 775 uh, the sooner the better, if possible, but not really that big of a position just some a fun little play, and i was looking for a nice continuation Off of yesterday, so i was pretty excited around 9 45 when i thought we were going to set up for the classic dutch tulip but um. I guess not not not so far we're hanging out at 7 12 on tsla. How is the s p? 500 doing? Stalin: s p 500 selling off this morning, 4, 36. right now, it's trading just below 437, with 436 30 being the low.

I mean stocks in general, like at large things in the stock market. Here's the russell 2000 on the left. Here's the s! P, 500. On the right and they're, just both down like they're just dragging stocks with it dragging their brethren down with it, maybe you already asked, but anyone know if weeble will list for the vote, not in search fyi for others.

Chase took a few tries but eventually worked. Uh yeah, you have to go through apex, clearing uh, it sounds like you have to go to apex's website and then create your account and link your weeble account with it, and you can vote through that. Uh pickle me timbers.

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