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Amc gamestop : apes vs snakes special – Matt Kohrs

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AMC & GameStop 💎🙌: Apes vs Snakes Special
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23 thoughts on “Amc gamestop : apes vs snakes special”
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  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jill W says:

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  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Burg says:

    The Four Horseman of AMC: Matt, Trey, Gabe and Roensch Capital. These guys are the real deal.
    All of these guys really know their shit and actually hold AMC . Keep up the great work guys

    Mo Money=Fake Money.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Piano Sonata says:

    You just gotta love people hating on other apes for selling, calling them paper hands. Yet, with Wanda, who sold millions of shares, they rationalize. Seriously. You guys deserve to be duped for not having an outcry against Wanda. They sold us off three times. First in January, then in March, and now in May, when we had the perfect storm again!! And people are not angry!?!?!? Wanda is on the board of AMC.

    When I heard those news, I immediately sold. My average was $6.34. Yeah, go ahead, call me paper hands, shills, fuds, w/e. But your hypocrisy is astonishing, when one can't say anything about Wanda, yet you try to reprehend other apes for taking a profit.

    The apes have two weaknesses. They're not open to criticism and they rationalize. I hope that the ones that are in red numbers make it out with green numbers. I really hope that you win something. But if you keep holding and others are making profits, then don't be angry a few months from now. You have to see that while you're holding and holding, many are selling at your expense. Many, the day traders, are coming in to ride the train and leave when the price is $14-16 dollars, making good profits. Sorry apes, but, again, if you're not making profits for not being more clever, then this is entirely your fault.

    And if you're quoting that reddit theory, key word being "theory", about AMC gathering info with SEC to sue the shorters for manipulating the price. My goodness, why are you rationalizing these things? Wake up!!!

    By August, we're going to see what Vanguard and Blackrock did with their shares. For one, I think that Blackrock has been lending them to Citadel, as they were known to help the short against Tesla in 2018. But then again, both, Vanguard and Blackrock probably sold their shares.

    Now, if you have 3 super big whales, Vanguard, Blackrock and Wanda, selling their shares. This means they didn't believe in the squeeze. I sold when I heard about Wanda. But I also thing other people sold. Now, if you haven't sold and you're still winning, then more power to you. You do what you want. But if the floor is truly $100K or $500K, then what does it matter if you have 10 shares or 100, you will still be a millionaire, right?

    Those who are in red, don't worry the price will again rise, as I think the apes will continue to hold. You are the new apes, the ones in red numbers. The ones that bought at $13-15. So you will hold, the price will rise again, people will ride the train, then you will leave. Honestly, I didn't see it before, because I didn't know better.

    Call me whatever you want. But if you're mad at me for selling, then rationalize that I need to feed my family. Just like you rationalize that Wanda just "had to do it". Get out of here, hypocrites!!!

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    My advice. Hodl.

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