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Amc gamestop : buy the dip?! rd #2 – Matt Kohrs

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Well team: i just had the worst issues with youtube. I was about to go, get lunch and now game stops ripping so uh. I don't hang on. I got ta sit this one out.

Obviously, uh see how this goes. I'm so hungry, though chair is fine. Chair, like is already working, i just was fighting with youtube. It wouldn't.

Let me like restart the stream. I think i'm good now uh. Can you guys hear me and everything i see? I hope so or i'm just talking to myself like a crazy person, whatever hey um, what's going on, what's going on, did you guys get the notification and everything is mad, applying more old spice off camera? No, i just had the worst time with restarting it. Amc trend line we're coming back up, gme is ripping what's going on team, welcome, back, welcome back, what's going on in the stock market, gamestop ripping amc, ripping tesla falling market falling.

Ah, thank you for being back okay. I i don't know. I don't want to miss this rip, but i'm so insanely hungry um, no notification. Why are people not getting notifications hard to find you? Why hey don't do this to me? Youtube um! Well, we'll fight it in a second.

I just need to uh. I need to be michael lista. Thank you for joining the patreon. That's awesome, okay! Stop leaving me chair! Where are you all right? Here's the situation, i'm gon na go for like five ten minutes.

I need to go. Get some food. You can hang out with chair um, i'm not turning this stream off now i was just fighting the demonetization when i get back. Let's run those likes up to get people back in here, but uh should be pretty explosive.

Pretty soon, hang out with chair chair's gon na push the market to like unheard of levels, so don't be surprised if it goes super well for you all right. Let me do this. Oh get this stretch. Guys gon na be a long afternoon got ta stretch that out, gme is ripping.

Let's go, gme 173 amc pushing 1090, the s, p 500, bouncing off the bottom end of that channel. Like a jerk. We i button it all the way up today to show that mean business like all the way up seriously, i feel like i need to stretch more, oh welcome to matt's stretching live stream. Very, very look at that firewall on gamestop in the lower right hand corner.

It's probably cut off from you huge buying wall on gamestop. That's good! That's good can be a long afternoon. Ladies and gents. We're going to crush it, we're gon na crush them all right.

I got my tea got my mint tea. I ate some butter chicken. Additionally, for lunch like yesterday for everyone who cares, where are we at sitting like this, can't be good? Oh we're ripping look at this go team amc! I don't even need this anymore, we're about to make a new intraday high amc above 11 game stop pushing 177. Remember: resistance at 185 or amc.

It's now: 11. 23.. It's like the the top end of like kind of this. U shape this intraday high 11 is more important, we're hoping it holds 11 and goes to support.

No matt go away. Um 3k watching matt 8k watching andrew, don't worry, give it about. I don't know 15 20 minutes i'll pass them. Don't you worry there, uh, speaking of which hey 4 000 of you in here, don't forget to drop a like team, help help these stocks go higher and higher drop a like drop a like for chair we're almost at a thousand.

Can we get to 2 000 use space apes? It does help get people back in here after restarting a stream. I just don't know how the demonetization is going to work for that. First, one, not cool, not cool, not cool, not cool, not cool, not cool. Let's draw some trend lines: let's connect some dots um, as of now amc was rejected at 11, i'm assuming there's a big cellar water, not as big.

No, not that big, honestly interesting, aren't you hungry. I just ate just eight stop restarting the stream um ty. It's more of um, it's an issue with just how the youtube algorithm and that stuff works, especially for me uh to be able to clip that the interview i had earlier like. I don't want to download a seven-hour like video to just clip that part out.

That would take me like way too long to get it out tonight. I came for chair. I wonder how many of you in here this comfort, chair, andrew's dope, but at the end of the day, cher and duck shirt uh. How does one eat cold coffee? Pour it straight down your gullet? Oh wait.

Hang on i'm gon na kick one sober delic! Kid hang on one! Second, i haven't. I have a noise for you to listen to before i uh annihilate you. Here we go it's going to play on the. Why does it there we go? Oh wait! You guys couldn't hear it.

Sorry! Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, here we go here, we go i'll play it again. Beautiful bye, bye, love, it love. It gets me excited now. These stocks are really gon na move.

Oh there we go. Oh joan got him did i accidentally kick a random person. That would be embarrassing. Someone's like.

Why did i just get kicked? I think i might have accidentally kicked the wrong person. Prepare the guillotine off with the greg's head gets this exciting. What a great thank you jeremy for sending that chair, chair chair, i like chair better too. If i had to pick between me and chair, of course, i'm picking chair there, we go there.

We go boom. Thanks for the 1000 likes, let's go, let's run this right up to 2000. Let's get people back in here, let's get back in here for the fun. I don't like it when any other live.

Streamer has more viewers than me, i'm egotistical. I need the most top dog from top chair top greg. Let's do this thing, tesla might be breaking down. President is speaking soon, mr bulay, mr boulay.

Are you having any issues getting into uh the discord through patreon there? If you connect it, you could uh chat with us in there. Oh wow, i'm sorry, i didn't see any of these um super chats. 500 more likes for chair really changed my life uh. Let's go we're crushing in on 2000., we're gon na dominate youtube today, susan at youtube, she's, not gon na know what hit her.

This is our day chair. What is your financial advice for gme vizio is live lower than expectations. How long do you feel it's good to wait before making a buy decision? Matt i, like legitimately um. I wait like honestly a couple weeks before trading in ipo.

Just leave for 10 minutes eric's, just like matt. We don't want you. We really just want chair here. I forgot i had you on in the background when you showed up, you made the noise and scared the leaving crap out of me.

We're gon na dominate the server. We're literally going to overtake youtube live streaming like just i'm going to compete with just the biggest live streamers uh as a big troll joke everyone who just takes it so seriously, like all even news like when they're just live streaming like legitimate news. No, it's gon na be all ducks all chairs all the time we're just gon na absolutely it's not gon na be youtube anymore. It's gon na be where that guy in the duck shirt talks like we're to redo the url big things who are the biggest youtubers like i'm talking we're going to dwarf like pewdiepie's numbers uh, who are some of those i think like justin bieber, has some records.

We are going to become the internet. That's our goal. What's your goal, oh matt, do you want subscribers views? No, i like. I want people to think that i am the entity of the internet like a living embodiment of the internet.

That's my goal! That's my social media goal. I sound like such a jerk uh. Wait. You ate something other than coffee and protein bars must be spending those tesla.

These profits off tesla. You know it andrew wait. You ate something all right. I bought 10 call options for amcd up 100 sell five of them at once.

Is that five day trades considered one trade josh. That's just one, mr beast: that's a good one! Yeah we're just gon na dominate it all and we'll call it chair, tube justin knows: what's good uh it'll be chair, tube and like what i want them to do is like let's say i don't know. Whenever al gore made the inner internet back in the day, um like i want to find someone who's been in a coma since then, and then they'll wake up and they'll be like the doctor's gon na be like all right, like you were just in a coma For three decades, like we have some crazy things to show you, we al gore invented this new thing called the internet, and this person will be like well what's the internet. I want me to be the first person that they're going to show this guy in the coma and be like this.

Is the internet and like what does this guy do hey matt? What is cher's only fans matt, i had you on mute. Maintenance came back to check the fire suppression system. I looked over and looked like you were violating chair. Please explain.

Oh i was stretching. I just feel. Like i sit too much, i need to stretch more up a hundred thirty percent on a nine dollar call april. First for amc, crushing it sean wright mike lista, becoming a space state.

What's going on mike, hey matt needed a reason to throw you a daily ten dollars couldn't come up with anything. All i got is: can you unbutton all the top button and throw us a vodos locus forever essay that sounds uh potentially? What is the? What's it? Oh cultural appropriation. This is just the right way to wear it. Should i it's just a fully butt induction.

We mean business. This is serious. This is how the hedge funds know. I mean business, it's one thing like if i unbutton the top one, that's just a casual guy, i'm the fun guy at the barbecue.

You know like oh, the guy, that's playing badminton had, like. Maybe one too many beers um, that's this guy! You know, like oh awesome, he's a cool greg. You know, i'm the cool barbecue greg this. This is the serious greg.

This is like, oh man, that guy that guy means business great ironing. John! Thank you. Oh, where are we at? Where are we at phillip? Actually, i'm getting used to my amc calls expiring worthless for some reason i can't buy. I can't i keep buying them.

I think i'm addicted to losing money to robin hood. We've all been there. Phillip, hello, everyone on a call option. Can i sell the option on on the expiration date or do i have to sell it before you could do either mbk? You could sell it before uh if you're in the money, you could actually even exercise it before you could sell it on the expiration date.

You could exercise it on the expiration date. You could do whatever you want. Matt had a two martini lunch. It's how i keep my um showbiz figure, all liquid diet for this dude.

No, i really did have butter chicken, it was awesome. Could essendo s and dl be another squeeze potential uh. I don't think so. Alan! I really don't.

I think if something's gon na squeeze it's on the screen, it's gme amc. I wouldn't um, be banking on something like snl sndl, squeezing, oh, where are we at? Where are we at we're cruising we're almost at 6k? Ah man, you guys are the best. We bounce back so easy you're, like hey matt, needed a break, he's already back people trying to steal my viewers. That's insane! There's only one duck guy i um and just to 100 clarify this.

I am in legitimately no way speaking about ralph, i've talked to ralph. We are buddies, i'm 100 supportive of ralph um, his thumbnails. I i i mean i told him that they're fine, i i want him to keep using them, i'm all good, i'm good buddies with ralph, but last night people were sending me there's other and i'm not ever gon na punch down these people are like a little Bit smaller than me right now, like legitimately stealing my jokes and stuff, and i was about to put them on blast and then i just didn't because, like i don't know, i don't want to be involved in like youtube drama, and i know youtube drama is good. For views that blah blah blah, but as a as a team, i just want you to know that, like i see people copying me, it frustrates me, but i'm not gon na.

I don't know you're, never in you're, never coming out of drama. Looking better no one's like oh man, they really handled like that internet fight super well, so i don't really want to engage in it but, like obviously it does frustrate me, but in the end, good guys always win, and i know me not getting involved in drama And like putting people on blast in the short term, those people might grow and do something just because, like they're stealing my absolutely hilarious jokes. But in the long run, don't forget the good guys when just do the right thing. Sometimes it's worthwhile to take the high road and they also don't have a chair so like i just don't know how they'll ever beat me, but yeah no like so many people were messing with me like doesn't make you mad.

Of course it makes me mad, like i don't know, i feel, like i just put so much effort into this. I put hours on but hours into it, but it's whatever good guys, always win ralph, i actually legitimately um like i. I didn't realize that ralph had the whole outfit like he. I thought he just had the jacket and he had the whole outfit uh he's.

Has it on his twitter. It's so cool like i'm actually jealous. I don't have an ass outfit like ralph has taken the um the spacing to the next level and i'm all for it. It's so funny a full space outfit i'm jealous ralph ralph uh, castandia costanza, something like that he's just he's like us.

He's he's on the the ape train. He wants these things to squeeze. He does he's pretty good at technical analysis like very realistically uh. Very i mean i should say very honestly, he's pretty solid at technical analysis.

Um i've been talking to him a bit he's a cool dude. I just love this face outfit um. Do you own the copyright to the doctor? That's one thing i would never put for like if there was another finance youtuber that started talking about a duck shirt. I would go full ape, there's no way i would be able to like cast in that's such a hard, lasting, come on space coast, castaneda stan edda, standard and nida, and i should probably call him and ask him how to say it at this point.

He's just ralph what other live: streamer stock guy. Do we know who's, not he's ralph he's the other one. Where was i going with all this? Oh, no, that's one thing i would never uh ever ever. Forgive if someone started wearing a duck, shirt, jeffrey neighbors.

He knows what matt invented the internet. I am the internet there's just like a slew of what is this? A slew of duck. Shirt live streamers or now you guys are giving me the phonetic spellings, but very different, like very, very different from each other he's just ralph. You know he owns that name.

I don't know another ralph in my life, so he's the ralph. I just arrived. Explain to me: what's going on with amc uh it's having a good day. Uh amc is up 18.

Looking pretty solid. Gme is up 39 38 18 18. Both are having a good day. Um.

Apparently, the president is speaking right now. Al gore invented the internet. Obviously he did everyone knows that it's your internet buddy, i just live in it uh all right. I, like that dakota, the dakotas uniting dakotas fun fact are like one of the strongest vi, uh tribes against greg's, like i feel like back in the day when we had cavemen and cave women, the original predator against greggs were actually dakotas.

There was a big epic battle. Obviously, dakota's win tell your mom your girlfriend and your girlfriend's boyfriend that you have a great sense of humor positive vibes amc, so my mom my girlfriend and my girlfriend's boyfriend, none of them like will ferrell so like how good can their humor actually be. You need a duck call to open the show. I definitely do jeffrey or maybe just a real duck.

Just i write it off as a business expense, but like the irs is questioning on me. They're, like you, put your job down as a youtube live stream and you try to write off a duck farm. You can't do that and be like no, it's, like legitimately a business expense that would be a fun irs meeting. Maybe i believe many and me just here: while you monitor stocks is inconvenient also when you restart due to less viewers, you appear lower on youtube, search and 7k viewers.

Now, please reconsider yeah i mean there were um. I guess multiple things of why i had to restart today and like in the end. You guys are back in here like whatever, if i have 5k 10k 15k 25k, whatever we're having a good time team we're gon na crush it, it's easy, uh, cosmic avocado, quick question: i dm'd you on twitter. Let me check that out: uh tesla, looking a bit weak amc at 1060 gme at 167., um andrew moore, andrew moore money, just read: the sec is having a closed door meeting at 2 30 addressing the bunch a bunch of issues check it out.

If you can, how could i check it out if it's a closed-door meeting, that's like just uh? How do you do that? It's not that closed door. If we know what's going on just for being you never punch down, imitation is the highest form of flattery. Go mat i just want to start like seriously punching up like start beef with someone. That's like legitimately, never heard of me like just pick out the top five creators.

I guess like who pewdiepie mr beast, justin bieber and try to start beef with them, but always tell them. I'm the baby. Like start some weird feud and see if i could get some headlines going, excuse me um. I think it's a good way to blow this channel up like, but how would i do it like i'm gon na? Do it in such an insane way that, like doesn't like something that they've never said like why justin bieber is wrong about amc like just no comments that he's ever ever made and just like generate it as if, like i'm making the drama and like have response Videos as if they've responded to me, like my response to justin bieber and like just keep it going, but make it all one-sided and then we'll get big enough.

That it'll actually start drama. That's my goal: why justin bieber works at citadel uh? Why, mr beast is actually shorting game, stuff, uh, alex m? Thank you for becoming an astronaut. I appreciate it. How do you check the greeks on weeble uh? I think it's somewhere in the options chain.

Isn't it does it tell you somewhere it's somewhere in here? I know i've seen them before. Does it say in here? No does it tell you in the options shape why pewdiepie can't trade options uh it's okay, if you're not laughing. I am i do this for my own entertainment folks, alright matt, i'm not laughing. I didn't find that last one funny i really like justin bieber and there's no way he would short amc, i'm a huge belieber well too bad.

I'm gon na start that rumor that justin bieber is shorting amc! That's what i really need to do. That's the big brain move, don't start any drama, just start insane rumors and be the person who they interview about it. Like where'd, you get. This information like wall street journal is like contacting me.

They're, like we heard that justin bieber is shorting gamestop and amc like what do you think about that? We need more friends, team who's, justin bieber, oh we're going off the rails start like insane stuff, dude love your no drama stance and keeping the chat, light and breezy thoughts on sklz. Obviously i was a little late to reading that one you're like oh man. I wish he wouldn't start drama uh s, kelly, zells sklz. Maybe a dip buy like closer to 17..

It looks like it has a bit more downside, but this is so overextended like in the bear strength way that i think it would be reverting soon. I would try to get like i said as close to 17 as 16 uh really 17, maybe 1750. Something like that game stops. Waking up.

172 amc is waking up 10.70. What is this a beeper? Can you give a breakdown on too simple they're going public soon? Uh, frankly, unfortunately, i just i don't know anything about them. I don't even know who that is so i'd have to look into it. My apologies! Well, i'm really about her get in on the vod train mat.

Another tivoli would pick all right i'll check that out. I want to say thank you because of you. I bought my first options. That's awesome, grumpy i got ta tell this story was totaling 120 shares of gme and got margin called.

I had to go liquid and now i'm pissed congrat congrats to your apes. Today, though, i'm sorry see, wolf margin call can be a pain, a big pain, thoughts on getting skills. Now to hold long term. I mean it's a decent reversion play now for sure.

Al gore made the internet to expand chairs career. Will ferrell got nothing on your jokes? I read somewhere today that there's a big shake up on the gme board. Um interesting. I didn't read that doug, but i um i read that um justin bieber has a massive short position on meme stocks.

I don't know huge, though i heard he's like really really again against it. Justin bieber, oh rome became space ape also in the discord shout out to orem, buy a pet dog can have it on stream. If you're going to pursue this career, you need a pet duck, definitely asap! You have to get video game donkey to take over youtube. I don't know who that is, but sounds fun.

Justin bieber may be a shape-shifter. Just be cautious. Matt i'll make a drama video. Today slandering you, so you can start a beef with me completely unprompted, nudge nudge, see.

This is what happens when you guys tell me to unbutton the top button. It's just no longer the serious mat. You guys wanted the loosey goosey mat, and here we are starting rumors about international pop stars. Sean does justin bieber have 2015 vision.

Yo i heard uh keanu reeves works at citadel. I don't know about you. Guys did matt change the title of the stream. Should i change the title to justin bieber shorted amc, i'm sure? Oh, that would be funny just waiting for gme to hit 200 a share high hopes, uh very possible today.

Definitely in the cards, justin, justin, bieber, hates duck shirts and chair kylie jenner is not happy about gme's new redesign she's a greg says matt kors this just in justin bieber's, the baby son we're starting rumors here gang. I feel stupid for not buying more amc on the dip nah. You never know how it's going to go a crime fighting beaver. Would you recommend buying btc on the dip yeah? I do think it's a good chance of it.

Um dipping below 50k, though you're clambred does it become harder to sell your shares in a squeeze uh. Not really. No vip calls for two months out cidm for day trade vip calls for two months out. What are we talking about? That's so cryptic v-i-p-o.

I thought you were being why oh, i'm thinking about the president thing all right, we're talking about the stock vip, my mind's all over. Sorry! Sorry, sorry, sorry, i know what you're talking about now, um! No! No! No! I want to know why it fell off. This is like very obviously something that had happened for it to go from 46 to 35 um. It might not recover.

I don't know, i would want it looking to do your dd on why this sold off just give me a little insight into cardano. What's going on with cardano cardano cardano matt joining up with the discord what's going on man, i appreciate that. That's that's so kind of you, pardon double bottom, double top look for the breakout of a dollar 20 and then a retest of 148. These charts are going all over the place.

Remember hashtag, no greggs elizabeth, what's going on just became a space ape. I appreciate that elizabeth. If chair had a superpower, what would they be? What do you mean if chair had a superpower john? What are you talking about? If breaking news, justin bieber has a tiny little, almost unnoticeable shrimp allergy. What are your thoughts on square? I have a few, but want more.

What price should i look for thanks, matt square square square payment processing, uh somewhere between 195 and 200, should be a decent bounce. If it breaks below that 170, i would say i'm in square, so that's why i already have it marked out. I like square. I think it has a lot of potential you take that back.

Keanu is my dude. I actually love keanu um, the things you hear about him like just in like real life. He seems like one of the most amazing people, but that's why i need to start drama with him, so i get into his world and then i can interview him and be like what are the finances like as like one of the most likable people on this Planet, that's my trick needy it's just the foot in the door strategy, i'm gon na get into his life by making him very mad and i'm like nah, it's a joke. I love you keanu.

I just saw that movie uh he's who is it uh? What's that movie, it's about a chef like some famous celebrity chef and he's like the boyfriend in it he's like the chef's boyfriend uh, this lady chef, a celebrity chef and he's absolutely hilarious in it is just great uh potus talking about a crisis of s. P! 500 biden's doing a press conference. I believe they're talking about infrastructure plans for three to four million. That's not drama you're, just a starter.

We have the entire human knowledge at the tip of our fingers. We use it to look at pictures of cats and get into arguments with strangers. Actually, my daily political newscast is live now and if you haven't watched it this week, oh can't peel myself all right. Thank you orang who is justin, beaver who's, the beaver he's well.

Both of them keanu and justin, and that jenner person uh all insanely rich, like stupidly, don't get yourself into a defamation suit. Just imagine how that would look like in the court room like when i'm there against. Obviously, representing myself, i'm there with chair and duck shirt against justin bieber wouldn't be there. He would just be like send his lawyers and they're like so.

You were on stream, saying that justin bieber shorted amc yeah. You can't really mess with keanu. He would totally john wick you no questions asked honestly. If i don't stream tomorrow.

It's probably because john wick took me out, like hey guys, where's matt. We thought he was okay, i'm never to be seen again. If i mysteriously disappear, it was keanu team uh. He has the capability to do it, charlie.

That was her sister that was kardashian, not jenner. She now has a successful makeup brand. What are your thoughts on nly? I still don't know why crayola won't sponsor me, i'm such so on brand for them nly, pretty weird. It looks like it wanted to break down and then people bought it back up these hammer candles are typically bullish, uh.

So that's interesting, but i mean i guess you could use the support as 460, but overall it has like not much range, so you're not going to make much money but you're. Also, i guess like not going to lose much money. This stock just doesn't have much range. We need to start a i'm going to disappear for a day and then we just like need to get that trending, like keanu, killed matt.

We have to do keanu gate. That's our next big scandal. We need to have a celebrity level scandal. That's i think, the next one we need to target.

We had far gate. We had glass gate, there was another attractor gate that was one in there. I think the next level for us as a group is very much a celebrity based like scandal, so i'm open to suggestions. If any of you guys have like inside lanes of how we could start a scandal with some sort of celebrity, i think we're ready for it.

Matt coors dating mother teresa, just like something wild, oh wow, chat's going wild. Is it going wild because of politics team? That's not fun, you should be brainstorming scandals we could get into as a group all right. Where are we at new title legally permissible, live amc and gamestop danny devito short? That's a good one! All right we're looking at what is this one b, boc 44.5 calls. May 7th or a dollar are a dollar legit.

What boc uh? I would just avoid the stock. I honestly wouldn't trade it at all. It's a copper company, a penny stock, copper company seems crazy. I wouldn't do it lindsay lohan now dating matt, korres, successful stock trader and yacht collector duck enthusiast, uh matt, looking to get into run.

What's a good entry point, thank you, gme moon! All right. We are looking at r-u-n good entry point somewhere between 49 and 47. Good dip buy probably just how it's looking probably closer to 47, though what would your mom girlfriend and what would your mom, girlfriend and girlfriend's boyfriend say about? You said about uh keanu. They wouldn't like it they'd be like that was just a joke that really didn't hit.

I got connor sewer does chair identify as male or female neither identifies as a chair. If keanu takes you i'll hire liam neeson to find you check, elon musk's, twitter elongate, why? The pope is shorting gme uh all right. What are we looking at elon musk's, i like to save all the good jokes for like coming back to stream, just for like it's a nice bonus for everyone who sticks with me in the stream switch like all these people who go to other streams or just Go back to their normal lives because they've had enough of me in a day. This is like my payment to you like.

Well, we'll save some of the really funny stuff for you guys who come back to hang out with me. What, if there's ever a scandal about me, please call it elongate. Is this guy, like legitimately copying me that seems super sus elon? Now the nsa listening in on us elon he's like hey, that's pretty funny, i'm gon na use that as mine everyone's just taking my jokes these days. It's not fair! It's not fair thoughts on a y t.

U a y t! U a y t! U looks pretty weak and it's a biopharma and it's never uptrended in its life. I would avoid. It looks like garbage if you want to try to dip, buy it at seven and maybe ride it back up. But, like i mean its overall trend is like down.

Elon's watching you, you know if he spent more time going. Interstellar he'd probably be at mars. Now, instead of stealing my jokes time to start drama with elon tibliopic arvo looks sketch to me thoughts. I don't know what play their.

What way they're playing it! Oh yeah! No, i wouldn't do it brand new, no trade. For me, no, no, no, no, no, no thoughts on academy aso, i believe, is the ticker. I did a little research and it looks like another frequently shorted stock, but i'm new to this aso was actually on tiblio. As a call play this academy sports thing, people were betting on it.

I would i'm i'm leaning bullish on this one kelsey um, especially this nice bounce off of 23 uh. The rsi has now cooled off a bit i kind of like asl. It's not the best risk to reward play but, like i just feel like i'm hearing so many good things about it, tibia show rlx as bullish earnings play thoughts. I mean my thoughts are that earnings plays are always uh.

Always just luck, crap shoot. I also just like it's so i don't know it's just been getting destroyed, i don't know it might come back up just because it's been beaten down, so bad like a reversion play or it could just keep going down. I don't know if you do play just give yourself enough time like at least a full month. Matt says not advice just remember duck and cover gme 160 amc 1050.

This is elon, please stop buying tesla. Is that why elon is? Has it out for me because, like once in a while by puts that's that's a low blow, elon come on dude i mean i buy, calls too it's not like i'm exclusively shorting tesla elon just another day fighting with elon musk one of these days, a good Guy will win would any. I don't want to go off on a tangent here. Actually i do, but um would any of us actually be surprised if, like somehow, we get definitive proofs that elon's like an alien or a cyborg, or just like something, that's not human.

I think we would all be like. Oh that's a crazy like article and then we'd be like it also kind of makes sense. I don't know, i think the public i mean during the rona and everything when the world was blowing up. They basically said ufos are real and no one cared because of like what was going on in the world.

So i think if they just dropped, that on us, that, like oh elon's, half robot he's like a cyborg we'd be like yeah duh. I just i feel, like the public, wouldn't care that much a r v l was part of the spack or they changed their tick or something. Oh, okay, thank you. Avril lavigne has a massive portfolio.

It's only got amc and jamie and pass it on swipe, left or right on weeble options to see the greeks also rk tweeted. If you missed it, uh all right. Let's check that out. Thank you v uh.

So if you want to see the option greeks on weeble, you just like once you're on the option, just swipe, left or right - and you can see all the greek values. What was this one? The game yeah this guy, totally human, completely normal, just 100 percent human? Being all right back to stocks back at it again back at it again daniel the the guys who made that the like the back at it again with those converses or the chucks or whatever you want to call them. They actually got free converse sneakers. For the rest of their life like that was like, i guess, a marketing deal with them, it was crazy.

I wish i got free chucks for the rest of my life. Did you get demonetized because the guy uh f-bomb yeah, i mean you, get way less money when you're dropping f-bombs like that uh? Sometimes they take all of it just like they don't want to run ads on it. The producers of cable shows do exactly that copying. Each other, how many copycats can i do my first option soon mike lista, i hope you crush it amc cup and handle uh, not really.

I think it needs to bend back around closer to like, like on the bigger time frame, like the mid-14s, really man who thinks he's. The baby starts feud with hedge fund manager regarding taking too much profit on tesla. We should start our own, like news media, like prank company, whether it's like online news or just like hard prints just so we can print these headlines ourselves, like kind of like an onion but just more based about like the stuff we care about, like that. That's a perfect title: man who thinks debate man who thinks he's the baby starts food feud with hedge fund manager regarding taking too much profit on tesla.

I like it. The world is our oyster team thoughts on selling to open uwmc. If it doesn't go the money, i keep 35 premiums because i end up owing uwmc, pretty good price uh proctopus, that's a pretty big brain move. I really do like that.

I average down on amc from 21 to 11 and gme calls 4-1 from 41 to 12.5. I'm in amc and jimmy either go to the moon or with the loads of money or lost at all. It's just money. I can work and make money to the moon, hope it squeezed by 4-1.

I would love, i want the squeeze. I wake up every day, saying yep. I want the squeeze today like it's just taking forever i'm impatient. We got ta move on to the next thing.

Hey you wan na scandal, matt kors's youtube channel is funded by vlad tenon greg greg, shot jfk annie. It should be greg, shot jfk, elongate elongate. It's a conspiracy to stretch this tesla stock nonsense out. Man we're going off the rails today would not be surprised if elon was a cyborg he's working on the neural link.

Shit's creek is amazing. I love that show. It was so well done, it's cool to know that they're like a dad and a son in real life as well. I think it's honestly one of the best tv shows i've been listening all day per usual, and this one is great every day.

Here is better love. You greg, i'm still drake upset about tractor on insta. All right, we'll get some tractor picks there. The white vans back at it again, daniel, damn daniel, oh wow, the chat's super.

Far behind you guys must be going bonkers with it. Look at that team we're at 2200 likes. I memorized that entire script about drama elon musk all that stuff. That was a perfectly memorized script.

I practically just memorized a movie and i can't get a like on it. I'll come back with better stuff, and now i just thought of another scandal. If we just do, i want to get in front of a judge and they're like no like he keeps saying he's a sponsor, we're sponsoring him and he's not like i'm saying super positive things about a company and now a word from today's sponsors. Crayol colored pencils one day crayola, who owns crayola crayola.

Let's look this up. Let's reach out to him who owns crayola hallmark, hallmark, owns crayola in 1984, crayola became a wholly owned subsidiary of hallmark cars and has since played a significant role in hallmark's personal development strategies. Did we all know that omar hallmark team? You know what stock i'm buying wait. This is hallmark financial services.

This is the wrong hallmark all right. We need to track down if this stock about us regularly.com. This could be me. Instead, they picked these four fun.

Looking kids, no one was gon na buy colored pencils because of that they're gon na look at me and be like that's a business professional. I need color pen they're missing an entire market crayola. This is insane. They literally are looking at little humans who have no money like it.

It makes no sense to me. I'm gon na get mad. They like they're, like oh, we're, going to target people that have absolutely no money. That's where all of our like advertising is going to go.

This kid has no money. This lady has no money. This lady has no money. This kid has no money.

None of these four people have money. Why would you advertise to them? You got ta advertise to people like us. Obviously we have disposable income if we're burning it on the stock market. So why not target us with like a four or five dollar pack of cool colored pencils? This is, if that's insane, i need to call them.

Do they have an email? They could contact us crayola officers who's this guy, we're going to get to the bottom of this. We're gon na find this rich, of course, he's rich. He owns crayola. That was a bad joke.

Is he on twitter? Is mr, mr moneybags? Here on twitter there he is, i wonder if this is the same guy for some reason, i don't think that uh, this rich is the ceo of crayola all right back to business. This is a serious show. Where are we at in super chats all right? Wait? What is this crayola is owned by hallmark cards since hallmark is a privately owned company stock in both crayola and hallmark is privately held and unavailable for purchase. I just feel i feel like they're taking the business in the wrong spot like they're they just they don't see the big vision of what it's worth start a crayola fund that we can donate to give apes and kids crayons.

That would actually be cool. If i did, we could do like um a school supply like charity drive or something that would be on brand, like all they get all these poor. Kids. Kids like we want pencils and all we give them is colored pencils like.

Can we just have normal pencils? Ah all right? Well, they just don't want us to invest in the best stocks out there. That's why crayola is private. I wish we had a way to um reach out to mr rich, the ceo um, if only we could imagine if i like somehow got this channel big enough, that we could actually interview the ceo of crayola uh. That's that's how you know when you made it and that's why i know i can still run the internet because i don't think anyone's really interviewed him on youtube, yet so, like the opportunity to still be the best youtubers out there, um no one's really secured the Spot all right: where are we at hey, matt and chair, wondering who's the robin in the superhero duo and also matt? Are you starting to get noticed in public in the duck shirt? No, i mean i uh, i don't get noticed.

I don't know it'd be that'd, be cool, it's probably one of those things, that's like cool at first and then you um probably get tired of it like super super fast, but no i'm excited for the first person to see me in public, i'm. I think i'm gon na take more pictures with them than they are of me just so. I can remember the moment: ask him to make flavored grants best guess on bottom strong resistance, tammy tme is looking horrific. That was a very bad play like tme.

Just got its teeth. Kicked it's still going all right, i'm just gon na cut this i mean how much am i down. I have to be down like 99, i'm down 94, so i'll save myself, 6. I'm just going to get.

Who cares? I just don't even want to see it anymore; it only cost me 300. I didn't like play it big because, like it was already at a new high, but this is this is so abnormal like? Let's throw up the keltner channel you'll, see how weird this is like. It was a above a two standard, moviation up and then it swung more than four back down, because now we're minus two standard deviations more than that on the south side. That's just crazy! Wow! Sorry, i'm behind on these super chats.

Let me give working on the title and thumbnail any suggestions: matt coors and farkate melvin matt course why matt chorus is real. Quack uh, i don't know we probably shouldn't start any drama, no youtube drama, i think. As a team, we should all just try to get one celeb a celebrity to notice us. When i was a boy in bulgaria, we had no bananas uh.

What is this stock d-i-o-m-i? What is the stock d-i-a-o-m-i? What is this? I don't know which one to look at see why cf both are on the otc markets. Look at that. I picked the wrong one. Just my luck, uh! No, they both look pretty bad.

Someone recognized me on one of your live streams blew my mind, so people watching my live stream are getting more recognition than i am they're like hey. I saw you in there matt i used to oh wait. I used to work for crayola's ad agency in new york city, not sure, if they're still a client, but i could see luke. You need to look into that for us.

I feel like. I could really turn the business around. Just the top sponsored affiliate. Crail has ever had do you think it will get to 2 30 cidm the idmc idm out of the intraday.

I need this tea tea break. He break everyone, get your mint tea, uh, 2. 30 yeah. Definitely it's possible.

I mean that's just like you're. Basically asking will it come back up? That's good resistance. I think it's possible. I mean i can't guarantee anything, but it does look like it could come back up.

Hallmark is privately owned company, so they're not tradable to the public. Just our luck. You know a company that we could really get behind. We all agree with the mission and it's a private company.

If that doesn't tell you something's, messed up with wall street. What will what will, when you answer the phone curtis crematorium? You kill me grim as an engineer from work living. You know he has a project in your area. Please never take your add men's pure gold.

I mean i don't have meds, i don't have add men's adhd. I don't even think i was ever tested they're just like no, like we don't know, he's just weird he's just porky team. It's a show. If you what was that sorry, sorry technical difficulties, um, i mean.

Obviously i'm not like this. All the time like. If i would be intolerable to be around if this was me a hundred percent of the time, it's the show folks, this is showbiz. I keep saying that uh and people who are new to the channel.

They don't get that i'm obviously everything i say sarcastic no, but i mean after this my life after turning off the stream. Is i'm just so tired and beat because i'm just like burning through endless energy here, it's just a show, i'm just i'm just i'm just a weird guy, it's a character, maybe he's the ceo, and that is the problem, get to the junior rec hockey guy running This bad boy, the lgme, is ripping when it rips i'm doing the dishes. Okay, we could do that rajib. We could totally do that.

Biac puts expired tomorrow, it's bleeding, so i don't want to get rid of them now, but i will get less closer to the expiration swing it right now. You might want to just like the chance of it. Having like a third extra major red day in a row, is so low, you might just want to take your profits. If i was like this all the time, i think my like girlfriend friends family, they would have murdered me.

You can't be around this all the time. This is for me to get help you get through your work day. Just so you don't have to listen to your jerk of a boss. Go on about something nonsensical.

You can listen to me. Go on about something nonsensical control, chaos, med, strats! Oh the early days of this channel were so funny hey. This is matt from matt stratz we're here to talk about a covered call or something i don't know. Mr donald j hall, ceo email d hall, hallmark.com, definitely going to email them check linkedin for crayola execs to reach out it's going to happen.

Hey matt got 22 put for tme expiration mid april first option. Is it possible to get too far in the money that would be hard to sell? Thank you. No, i mean in the money like you're gon na kind of you're you'll be good mark that could go off into a deep conversation about options, but the end result is that you'll be fine, hey. This is matt from matt strats.

Does your mug say grandpa yeah, penn, state grandpa that'd be crazy. If i bought a penn state grandma one start drama with dog dynasty, that's a good idea. I can legitimately just call them like fake duck enthusiasts. Ah, i could totally start beef with duck dynasty, but you just stole my whole thing.

You don't know anything about ducks. You don't know squad about ducks. I was playing into the show. Guess it no translate nah.

I appreciate it. Jeremy you're, the one who gave us that audio the awesome audio duck bucks is the president still speaking you're at penn state right now. I used to be at penn state. Oh all, right! Let's, let's do um.

Okay, we still have 40 minutes till power hour. Um uh, first of all, don't forget to subscribe, drop a like. The engagement helps, get more people in here. We're at 2 500 likes.

There's 8 000 of you in here we could easily get to 5 000 and while you guys are destroying the like button and the subscribe button, it's story time as if this whole thing isn't already just story time, but i have a funny story from penn state. So uh in my last semester at the school i studied computer science. I was a coder uh. You know just those awesome, jock types, those people who code all day, really socially skilled, um, no social, inabilities or anything like that.

Just like a really like awesome, coder uh, you know people just on like motorcycles and stuff like that kind of cool. That was me so anyway, i was in college. In my last semester, i only had a class uh, i met. My one class was on tuesdays and thursdays at like 1 to 2 30..

So that was it. I was busy, so a completely different side story. I was trading a lot of binary options. That's how i that's just what i did with my time: don't do binary options, it's like more of a casino than just like the normal stock market, but anyway, so i had this one class and tuesdays and thursdays and every single day i wore.

I just didn't change like i mean you're, a senior if you're an engineer, your life sucks anyway, and now i have only one class, so i was just out like partnering like having a good time. I was like enjoying my actual college experience so anyway, uh, because of that i just like wasn't doing much with my life that was like productive, besides, like gambling on the binary options market. But anyway, all i would wear are sinooks, which is like kind of like a sandal. It's like a close show bow shoe tan, sandal and in penn state.

Obviously it gets cold. You shouldn't be wearing that in the winter um and then i wore a pair of these like gray khakis, and then i had this sweater that i found in my dad's closet from like the 70s, like this old sweater, and i would just wear that every day And in my entire college career as well, everyone that goes to college, especially if you're an engineer, it's stressful, like you're, just like always a certain level of like extreme stress um, and this is the first time i wasn't stressed. I was just like having a great time and for whatever reason i wore that every day and about like halfway through the semester, my one class, the teacher asked me to stay behind and he was like he's like matt like. I need to talk to you and i'm like all right like what's this gon na go like i knew i didn't like i was.

How can you mess up one class like it wasn't like a school really related thing so anyway, this teacher, very nice gentleman asked me to stay behind and he's like he's like matt. I know computer science can be like very stressful and it can be very difficult and i've noticed that you've never changed your outfit. I want to make sure that you're, okay and i just started losing it because out of all the semesters, no teacher ever asked me if i was okay, they never ask anyone if they're, okay and then the one semester that i'm having like the absolute time of My life and i'm just being lazy and not really like changing my outfit ever the teacher that got so concerned that, like he stayed, which is super nice, like i'm, not making fun of him, but just the situation that you get into when you're in engineering. It's just like hell and that guy he was so concerned uh what a time, what a time to be alive and then i was an engineer and, as you can tell now, i've thrown that degree out the window and never use it.

My drama i look down and there's my drama. What's going on with the mod, i don't think, there's mod drama. What's going on, yep crayola is a client of my former ad agency, luke luke martin. You got ta reach out to me dm me on twitter.

We got ta talk about that college college college college uh. You were mr robot yeah, but i was like a really cool. Mr robot, like, oh, my god, that's the coolest coolest coder ever said said no girl. Ever.

Oh, my god, he's a coder, uh jack jack jack jack jack jack bye. What a greg becoming a space ape shout out to jose. Can you please take a look at the ticker? I z e, a their earnings are tuesday, easy uh. I mean it's going kind of nowhere.

It's just like range mount, not much movement. So it's just a flip of a quarter flip of a coin. If you don't believe in quarters, um amc is consolidating for some some sort of move. Has anyone seen that um now that we're talking about college, have you guys seen the uh the college like that thing on netflix the college like admission scandal thing, i'm like three quarters of the way through it matt your youtube channel got shorted earlier today it happens.

It happens, but anyway the college admission college is now just baloney. They should just tell every little kid that they should be a youtube star. Don't worry about degrees, be a youtuber kid review toys and get millions of dollars dan landry becoming an astronaut shout out to dan. Thank you got 10 puts on ford tiblio pick.

What's for doing tom tom mothy, that's not my name, my name's tom, just normal tom. Not tom mothy, the joke tom okay um, i like it, i would try to play it down to 11 50. uh. I hope you bought a month out.

Dude was a scheme machine wrote my first line of code 37 years ago. That's awesome, randy! I did that. It's called an english major uh if you can't make fun of your own degree. What can you do? You know you know, folks, ah, don't take life so seriously, guys not like any of us get out of it alive.

Let's have some fun comedian, tim dillon. Does his uh little trailer vote like like comedy trailer thing for uh like a bitcoin movie, he like it was a farce uh. It's so funny, though, check that out. If you haven't seen it if space duck is spammed, i personally won't chop you.

I don't know. What's going on with cosmic avatar avocado, but you guys, if you're a member uh, make sure, let's, let's see those space ducks? If you remember, let's see those in the emoji, we are it's a lot less fun when our like team is now not as good as it used to be, but hopefully we bounce back. I don't know i'm not the biggest football person in the world, so in the end i'm not going to lose sleep over it matt you would be for that. Gme could gme call tomorrow kale, i'm not going to take kick you because i can see that you're lashing out, but this is also why i tell people not to copy me you'll be stoked.

If i make you money and then you'll be mad at me. If you lose money, this is why you shouldn't copy me kale, i know you're hurting. We could talk about it partner. There we go, there's that space duck has to put a smile on your face.

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