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Apes, we are back, we are back if you got to watch it. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you feel i represented you well um. I had fun, i'm not gon na lie.

I was a bit nervous, but it was an absolute blast. Absolute blast, my everything's working again yeah, i'm i'm the battery's still being weird, but i have 55 right now uh. Hopefully this can get us for the next hour and a half i'll just run it until basically market close. Like i have.

I don't know some of my things turned off just to save on some of the battery issues, but let's see how this goes. Hang on four, more attempts all right. Let's keep this going, uh gamestop breaking out actually above 250, and then amc is also coming back with vengeance right now. Ah, that's insane um folks! I don't know, i don't know if it's settled.

I was just on fox business new! That's incredible! I i hope you enjoyed it like. I hope you think my words are properly articulating your thoughts. That's my biggest thing is. I want to be a fair, a fair commentator on our community um.

I really hope you i. I hope you think it helped you, because that's why i do this. I do this for all of us: apes, uh man, we're going we're going all right. Let's get all of this.

How are we doing this? We are live again. Where are we game? Stop looking? So good amc, looking so good. Look at this we're running for that pre-market, high all right we're live. I got that out there tweeted that out.

Definitely don't need this. Don't need this all right. We have about a half hour until power hour. But honestly, it looks like we're already in power hour.

Things are just ripping, things are just ripping we just made almost. What do we hit? The intraday high is now 33 33.53 just another day in the office, all right folks, folks, folks, folks, all right discord. I will be checking your stuff out through my phone just to help. Where are we at yeah great job? Our little boys growing up shout out to galactic finance, supporting you shout out uh.

Did you get my screenshot? Not yet i mean my dms and stuff i'll check them a little honestly. Well, it's not over today um. Let me actually text the next group we're keeping this we're keeping this going. We have another interview tonight, all right.

What are we doing? We just said 32.45. Thank you. Thank you, a lot of people. Ah man, your support gives me goosebumps.

I love this. I love this community. Why would you not like it's just we're learning we're having a good time and we're making money like what it's just man, everyone's different backgrounds? It's just like something like this to connect, so many different people from different races, religions, creeds across the board, something about this narrative is like on a very deep human level like vibrating in people and it's what i don't know we're all just so jacked up. I love it.

I love it. I love that i'm a part of i'm just a member of this, i'm right there with you side by side we're just in this together. It's awesome. The money is making money you're my hero, hey.

How can we see the interview? I think they'll be um. I think that they'll be like tweeting it out or something later, something like that, but uh all right back back to the businesses at hand. At the end of the day, it's worth it when this just keeps going higher and higher. That's i mean the accolades and the interviews and stuff it's just i'm hoping it can just help drum up interest in what is going on here.

That's what we're looking for good interview, matt, short and sweet. Let's get these ducks and tendy shout out to the hot cross, buns dorothy she's, a saint more like frederick, am i right uh we're already getting back to it, we're getting back to it. Okay, um and i did um. So i i just got approval that we can i'm allowed to announce the next one tonight.

I believe it's live, i'm pretty sure it's live. I will be on uh tim poole's podcast. It's a long form podcast we're going to be going into the depths of. What's going on with amc, what's going on with gme um, he kind of to my understanding became pretty big with the occupy wall street.

I'm super super interested to know his ideas on like the psychological overlap and what like similarities between the two, but at the end of the day, he's another large youtuber, just like andre to get the world out the word out there, like i tweeted over the weekend. More to come this is it like every day, um, i'm just not stopping i'm just going to tell as many people about our story as we can so tonight i will be on tim pools, shout out to tim pool, get excited for that um, pretty pretty confident. It's live. It's just more.

I mean, i know some people like them. I know some people, don't i to me the more people it doesn't matter. If someone's asking me to like explain, what's going on, i'm gon na, do it i'm gon na say yes um it just so happens that the ones i've already done. I've they're the first people to reach out to me the more people that reach out sign me up.

I have more duck shirts. I can cycle through all of them and i'm just going to be keep talking about the ape nation and the ape community um. So it doesn't stop this, isn't it this, isn't our high water mark. I will push this as hard and high as i possibly can it's just i can.

I can rest when it's over at the end of the day, you just have to understand what keeps this going is new money, whether you're already an existing ape, and you make another good trade and you have more money to dump in or it's completely new apes. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter who's, putting the money in you just want more apes. It's it's that simple. We need more and more buying the buying has to overwhelm the selling.

That's how you get the squeeze to happen. It's a simple game plan and it just requires money. It requires new money right. There interviews done we're moving matt, you honestly killed it from an og fan.

You made me so proud. Keep doing that! That's awesome, i'm happy! I can make you guys proud one day. You're, an eighth the next year. Sorry, don't forget us when you're big time i mean i don't know if you've recognized this from my fashion choices and how i speak about myself, but i'm not i'm not really a character that takes himself too seriously.

Now i'll give you 200 snapchat tomorrow. If you tell the ian that vanessa said to shut up also, you must be team vanessa for chicken city. When the amc moons, we need to use our attendees to crush all the mudric short position. Let's go hold a line.

Psl the interview and you crush it glad you represented so well diamond dials, page love, it he's already on fast nine. This is all me just leveraging enough to get into the next fast and furious movie. Normally, i'm completely against him pool. But in the context of this topic i think we'll be okay, don't see any way he can do damage to this one i mean i get that just understand.

This is not a um, it's not a political discussion. This is a stock market discussion and his input and knowledge about occupy wall street. You have to understand that that, like obviously my platform, if you listen to me, i do not do any formal political commentary. This is talking about the same thing.

It's like what i just said with making money with charles payne it we're going to just be talking more about the psychology of this movement and at the end of the day, if you like him or not, i i'm happy to be on his show. I need to make that clear because it spreads the word for us. That's all it is. Is you should want more apes? That's is it gets that simple right, right, red, let's f and go we're looking good we're, looking strong, let's get above 32-68 32-68 mudric.

I told you by the end of the day, they're gon na be embarrassed. They did it. Their embarrassment starts pretty much right above this line. This isn't this isn't technical resistance.

This is mudric embarrassment line right there right here, the embarrassment it's coming so soon, so so soon, all right! Now, it's just basically a fight against the battery. You guys know how it is. You guys know how it is all right. Are things loading over here? What, ah man you guys, we we just started this and you've already destroyed it, we're up to 2500 likes 16 000 already back in for the afternoon session.

I appreciate it. Thank you guys, so so much um, it's just gon na keep going up as we get closer and closer to power hour um. If you haven't already, if you want, if you want to expand that ape community hit, that, like button hit the subscribe button, that type of engagement tells youtube to promote this live stream to more and more people, we'll get more people in for power hour today. We're gon na try to end this.

On the most positive note we can possibly have. We have about 19 minutes until power hour starts and then three to four i mean we're already looking good, really from was this 2 2 15. Until now is this right when i, when did i start talking, i started talking right here. Didn't i, the mapos, the matte fox boost the ape community, the ape nation enthusiasm boop boost thanks oilfield.

Can we get some proper charting? I heard they added a magic emoji. Yeah we do need uh. Now i need i even uh hang on. Let me open up trading view over here.

We got ta get the madrick emoji, the madrik emoji, the old mudric. It's a very intricate, very, very intricate, complex charting technique. Most people haven't heard of this one, but wait. Are there clouds on this? Someone was saying: there's clouds clouds clouds clouds, the mudric.

I don't see clouds, there is a lightning bolt. Why would you have a lightning bolt without clouds is my question? Why would you have a lightning bolt without clouds? Okay? Actually, this could work. This could work here we go here. We go, got your nose, mudric all right.

I know a lot of you are saying hey. This looks a lot like the rich green field, but it's actually a bit more intricate than that. First, you should take notice that the nose is bigger because potentially a bigger clown, potentially a bigger clown, and then we i saw i needed one more thing: where did it go in here? Where did you go? Oh, where did you go? Oh oops didn't want that. Actually would this work uh? How do i move this to the back? I guess it kind of works.

It kind of works a little ronald mcdonald, vibe to it the old mudric uh. What else can we throw on madrix chart right here? What else could we give them? Is there a tie a duck? They have a basketball, but not the proper hair, i'm looking for. Maybe they need this because they're going to need it for their hedge fund by the time this is over, see if it still has life kind of works, just in case they need to resuscitate their hedge fund in a dire circumstance. There we go the old madrick, the old magic charting pattern.

It's basically when you do some illicit nefarious. Things potentially allegedly get out of your position in one day and then try to prompt a lot of fear, and then it just grinds up anyway and right around. Here is the point of severe embarrassment for them. It's all good, frederick, the old frederick, can't wait to see you on teamcast irl, a fan of both of you, i'm very excited for it.

I think it's going to be awesome. I think it'll be a great conversation. Frederick failed, can you explain the whole fudric thing and i hear margin calls i'm knee-deep in work and have my bluetooth hooked up and listened to you. I want to do mine in dd by the way awesome drama fox.

Thank you. So what happened was early this morning we got a report that they did an additional 8.5 million share offering at 27 and some change mudric bought it, which was about 230 million dollars. They did that yesterday and now there's reports that not only have they already sold but that they're telling that their clients that it's crazy, crazy overvalued they're spreading fud they clearly are um and when they did it, it was literally this minute right here write this down. Um 12 45 p.m.

Eastern june first is exactly exactly the moment that frederick really messed up and probably like. Not only did they turn an entire community against them, but they probably just like lost out on a lot more money that they could have had so write that down 12 45 eastern june 1st the day that frederick made like one of the dumbest decisions they ever Could have what is fud, fear, uncertainty and doubt - and it's just more like a psychology tactic, that some of these power people with power and influence spread when they're, basically trying to get you out like they're trying to make it seem that it's just not a good Trade or something like that they're trying to make you second guess your own trade, your own investment, uh, mudric, earned 200 million in january february on gme amc came back for more and tried to short secret the momentum this morning. He believes all that all retail is dead. Well, i mean, at the end of the day we're pushing up 23 like it's just it's crazy um.

I don't see how, according to bloomberg, mudric no longer holds any amc, shares and sold at a profit. The person said asking not to be identified discussing a private matter, i'd like to see a press release from magic or amc specifically. Regarding this, it is worthwhile to note that this is all alleged um. I need to say that they allegedly sold.

I mean what we saw in the stock price. It does seem to be actually true. I want to say that, but um i don't think they've come out, they did tell their clients, apparently that it is overvalued, though, so i don't know why you would hold on to a stock that you're also telling people it's overvalued. So um we'll see it um.

Here we go all right here. We go 30 to 20. We just hit now we're at 3208. Looking good, two we're looking strong right here.

The line this is when the this technical pattern is confirmed. 30 to 68. It's the official confirmation of the frederick charting pattern. It's just what it is.

This is one of the oldest and most useful charting patterns in the book. You could read about it anywhere. Matt just watched your interview, you came across brilliantly. Well done, you are a start.

Thank you, uh you're doing. What are you doing with your in the money calls on amc, expiring, 6'4? What would be the latest you would hold to thursday before expiration? I mean if i'm deep in the money, i'll just hold it and let it expire and they'll like sell it like at three or 359 or whatever, and then i'll just roll the money i'll either buy, shares or i'll buy more options like i'll. Just i'm just keeping this going remember it's new money that keeps its pushing new calls like you just need new stuff going on. It's not a game of like oh okay, like it.

Obviously, if you're holding that's good because you don't want to sell because that's selling pressure but um holding is more so neutral uh, it's new money pouring in that continues to push a stock upward. So i'm just trying to play my portfolio to like to the best of my ability to keep new stuff happening, new buying new bullishness, that's very key robber becoming an astronaut madrid down 16 falling, pretty sure. That's 40 million lost there, ken griffin, four percent owner of frederick. Is it possible that frederick pumped the price and the shares only to dump the shares at a higher price? That was a big volume.

I mean it seems like that's literally what they did um for. As much as were chastised of like being involved in a pump and dump, which i just don't agree with what fredrik just pulled off was like, i don't know how that wouldn't be defined as a pump and dump of like how they did it. And then they did it in a way to make the dump portion the second half very extreme um. They did it in a very public, specific manner, um, basically just well.

I don't know if they just think that they're so right and it's done it looks like they purposely tried to stop it um, whether that's for their own ego or something like ah haha. We like stopped it. We got out at the perfect price, but at the end of the day i think they're very wrong. Look how strong we are right now give it a couple minutes.

I think we can very realistically, like i mean look at this bullishness um. It's looking strong to me. The rsi has quite a bit of room to run. There's a lot of momentum, we're about to head into power hour we're already up 23 gme is up 13.

Things are looking good. I think they made a dumb decision to try to scare us, but should that really surprise you, like every single day, there's like a new form of like trying to get us out of our position. It just takes it's the same thing, just like a new little spin on it, and that was today's, like this is now par for the course like. I will remind you, but as things continue in this manner, just remember please, please remember, expect more and more fun, especially the higher we go.

There's going to be things negative things about social media, there's going to be bot accounts attacking me attacking trey, there's going to be just there's, always going to be bots, chills and negativity from mainstream, which is why i figured with that, like i can't contain the bots Or shills, but with this media thing that i'm trying to do this week, i can at least get our words out there. I can at least fight back in like one manner to not make it so one-sided in media um. So that's my goal with that. I figured you know, let me try to take one of these things out of the equation, but please please remember every single day, there's gon na be something new.

I don't know they're creative and it just comes out and it's something new that you don't expect. But every day, usually, you can easily poke holes in it um, but i think we're going to get more commentary on this frederick thing at the end of the week a spit. I would be very, very surprised if trey and adam aaron don't talk about it. In that interview, i would be very very surprised.

We both had that gl uh chart glitch right before this off yeah. That was pretty strange, uh six, four fifteen call 230 and six four. Should i sell by whole thoughts? Uh crystal i mean i need to be more careful, remember. I cannot give you any buy or sell recommendations.

If you think it's going to go higher, you can continue to play into it and i can explain some of the mechanics of like oh, like this is what this part of an option means but like if you're just asking me to buy and sell like. That's. That's thin ice for me. Folks, um! Don't take it offensively, it's just like right! Now, i'm not a certified financial advisor.

I can just tell you what i'm doing i don't want to get in like any legal trouble. Rich screen fields, twitter is set to private. Can't wait, um can't view unless, following yeah, he also blocked me. Matt we've hit over 1454 bearer for a bit now when we see besides new money, what data will cause the squeeze a squeak at the end of the day, a squeeze is simple: you get the price high enough that the shorts cover they have to cover their Position, there's not like a specific piece of data, it's like eventually, they hit the risk, tolerance and then they cover which causes it to go up causes another short to cover.

That's all it is like it all. At the end of the day, the fundamentals, the news and everything it all plays out in the stock chart. That's all that matters like right now. If there was a super negative piece of information about amc, but then the stock went up.

Who cares, but also vice versa? If there was a super positive piece and then the stock goes down well, that doesn't help as much, because at the end of the day, what we care about is the stock price at the like. At the end of the day, the fundamentals, the data, what matters is right here, it's the stock price, because that's how we make money, that's how pain is inflicted to the people shorting this. It's not like some special, like fundamental announcement yeah, like obviously good things like theoretically, should push it up or didn't help us, but sometimes you hear of an amazing earnings announcement and then a stock comes down anyway, just because it doesn't meet expectations. The stock market is all about exceeding expectations and missing on expectations.

Right now, i don't hold your breath for a specific announcement, a specific piece of news. What you do is like, throughout the day from day to day, all you have to do is watch the stock price. What is going on with the stock price? Please mention this about hedge funds that try to drive down, stop to bankrupt companies for their own gains. Yeah, i mean that's what they're trying to do they're trying to make - i don't know their quarter or their year by taking a business out of business they're, trying to run the company in the ground like another way to rephrase rich greenfield's like opinion about amc going To zero to one cent he wants, he thinks it should be bankrupt.

He thinks all the people go to the movies, all the people who work for that. He thinks all that should just go away. He doesn't want that. He thinks it's apparently a useless business and it's worth zero and anyone that enjoys the amc movie theater.

Anyone that works for it. You shouldn't go to movies. You shouldn't have that job. If you work there um none of it, you, you apparently just shouldn't because he thinks it's worth absolutely nothing um and then there's some of us like most of you watching right now like me, who think it's actually worth something and in fact we feel so confident In it that we're now playing a weird 4d chess game against the shorts and we're squeezing them right now that that's all we are at this, isn't necessarily a technical play.

This isn't necessarily a fundamental play. This is a short squeeze play, that's what it is and, in short squeezes things can easily go sky. High personally, like i just said on the interview, i would consider being i'm going to be a long-term investor in amc. I'm going to i'm telling you that right now, but that's not the particular narrative we're all commenting on at the moment.

The narrative we're commenting on is this short squeeze. I'm playing mac course, at the end of the day, drinking game with my buddies and we were getting hammered uh. If you want to really get messed up, don't forget to play the to be fair game as well. Totally understand was curious if there were better profits.

If i roll rather than hotel, if the prices go higher, which i believe they will um, if you think it's gon na, if you're in the money you're gon na, want to keep riding it like pretty much as far as you can, especially if you think like Today, we'll just like or the week will continue to like go upward as it goes farther and farther in the money you'll make more and more money crystal matt turn on lamp behind you isn't the lamp on behind me. Am i just blocking it yeah? No there's a lamp right there over there. You want that lamp also turned on. I liked the little bed lamp thing.

What do you think about amc, new uh? You don't think about amc knew this would happen with the shares. Why didn't amc just release themselves through other outlets? Slowly, i don't know i i. I can't comment on any of that because i don't know - and it sounds like we're going to get the answers to that question later this week. Um, i i just i don't know i'm not on the inside.

You guys want to power. Our big lamp is that our lucky i'll do what i can all right, we're doing the double lamp double lamp, double lamp bullishness, we're doing it we're doing it. Ah, double lamp: two lamps we've never seen this before lam slam, slam slam slams all right. 32 20.

come on. Let's do it perfect bounce for gme off of 250, perfect bounce come on come on, come on, come on all right. Any questions just see if you are in the discord uh, let me here i'm doing it for my phone, just because my computer is having a tough time. I think today.

I should also just order a new computer, but what questions do we all have hi mark? Oh hey mark matt, the hotel staff definitely thinks you're crazy yeah i mean um. When i went out to go, try to find a charger. They definitely had. Some weird looks they're like what uh? What are you doing in there? No, it's it's a cup full of whiskey.

Now this doesn't end for me here. I don't we're not sitting back after 22 gain and like some media tension. Like i mean as much as i joke about this, you got ta, lea live life, a quarter of a mile at a time you don't just stop an eighth of a mile. The way in like this is this is a race.

This is this fight is perfectly symbolic with the fast and furious franchise. You don't just stop. We just keep going. I got ta keep pushing this my psychology on.

What's going on right now of like the streaming and the interviews, it is the foot on the gas all the way down until something happens, to see what happens with the car. You know i'm just not stopping it's. Just that simple drew. Thank you for the super chat.

How many apes does it take to turn off a light um? Is that a bull flag on the 30-minute chart? Yes, uh more actually a bull pennant. Remember a pennant is the triangle: a flag is of downward channel, so we have uh higher lows and lower highs. We went from 32 63 to about 32 25 and then we went from 3170 up to 31.80. So this is more of a pennant, so this is classic consolidation.

Now remember. Expansion is always followed by consolidation, and it's just like a matter of like how long does that take to build out and then with expansion. That's the question of like how long or what direction will the expansion be in so we're looking right here, it's been rejected multiple times at 32 20.. We're looking for that breakout and then a test of this previous high at 32.68.

Remember 3268 is important. That's the embarrassment line for fuddrick. This is where, like they, then it's just especially if we close above it that just makes it a stupid play for them a very, very dumb play if they sold and that's what all the reports are saying is people who are close with the manor are saying That they did get out all right, but we we are in powwow power hour if you're new. Just so you know it's the final trading hour of the day, so we're about five minutes into that, and the reason it's called power hour is because people have to make decisions.

Whoa game, stop waking back up. Well, hello game! Stop hopefully, this little this little spike here comes over to amc. I see you gamestop. Let's keep going come on simultaneous selling in the two of them simultaneous selling in the two clockwork clockwork clockwork clockwork.

These shenanigans rockets don't have brakes gg, i'm getting the narrative out there. You killed it proud of you mattress, also so close to 200k subs. Let's go chat. Wait.

How many subs am i at 200k close to it no way 196. This is exploding. We are so close. Ah wow, that's that's just insane anymore.

How do i see the real time? Oh wait. How do i do this 200k? I mean i just find it all amazing, because when i started this my mind stopped at 100k. I i didn't think i had, i guess what it took. I i figured i was like.

Oh if i like work on it for years like and just like, maybe get lucky here and there with like a good good video or something like i. I i in no way picture this being my life uh, the the whirlwind that is my life from mid-february. Until now is just insanity, and i love it - i've been loving every second of it. I love all of you.

Your support is what keeps me going and that's why, like i want to push myself to do more and more, to show you how much i care about you guys. That's why that's why i'm flying all over! That's why i'm doing the interviews like i'm i'm doing my best to give back and fight for every single one of you because of how much you fight for me, whether it was you getting me back my youtube channel, whether it was um just your support on A daily basis, like you fight for me, i fight for you, you have my back. I have your back and that's what this is um. This would be.

I mean i could easily just do this whatever i could be. An investor sit in silence and like do my thing on my own and just day, trade but um, there's something addictive about this particular community and this particular cultural movement that um it's become a borderline, not even borderline, like a legitimate obsession for me, i'm just addicted To this community i work for broker dealer and i could see large institutional stepping in amc stock stay the course i'm up 16k. Thanks to you and your non-financial advice, i would have given up a long time ago. Also, my wife listened to your stream for the first time nilly i'm f dz.

I can't say that during the interview with chris payne mentions reddit, you can mention god to your dd on super stock. The house of cards part 123 uh. The interview is over francis and i get it um. I i emailed them of like explaining this is way better bigger than just reddit.

I i'm. I understand that the official like first time with especially gamestop it started in the world of reddit credit. They deserve that credit. Reddit did do it, but now the a ape nation has grown so much.

There's the gme reddit, there's the amc, uh reddit, there's the wall street bets elite, there's there's more reddits as well! But beyond that, there's a strong twitter community and beyond that, there's a strong youtube community. So i will give credit to reddit for starting this whole thing in late january: uh. Well, that's when it really exploded it kind of started with roaring kitty back in like 2019, when he started posting about gamestop, but now uh to just say it's exclusively in reddit, does reddit keep it alive and still talk about it. Yes, if you're in reddit you're helping keeping it alive, but it's become so big now and that's a good thing.

It's on twitter, it's on youtube, uh, there's facebook groups, it's it's huge now, which is very, very good. We're expanding our reach credit to reddit right, read it to reddit to credit credit to reddit, uh doge on coinbase on june 3rd and check twitter. That's awesome very good for doge uh. I've been in since 69, 420 subs and now you're on fox congrats pro.

What do you do if training got halted curious? What is your strategy will be? Not asking for financial advice? I mean you can't do anything. It's just halted like no one's allowed to buy it. So you just wait for the hall like. Usually, the hall is only five or ten minutes, uh to calm everyone down and then from there like just trading resumes uh during a halt like you literally just you, you can't buy, you can't sell.

No one can across the board. You just like wait. The first doctor to be seen on fox business, one today, congrats um, it probably is - i have the guinness book of world records for most duck shirts, worn on fox business. When people ask if it's too late, you should fast and furious them.

It doesn't matter. If you buy it a dollar or 32. winning is winning. I love that thoughts on the new fudger capital.

716 10 puts joshua love, it love it um. My brother just had a baby and his name is: is it kaizen or kaizen? I don't know how you'd pronounce that a sound, kaizen kaizen, it's probably kaizen, hey kaizen kazen kazen case i'm going with kaizen shout out to kaizen to my moon, brothers and sisters. Congratulations on becoming an uncle man. That's awesome! Rockets! Don't have brakes doesn't matter if you buy at a dollar or 31.34 winning is winning another beautiful day to be an eight up.

20. The party just doesn't stop. You know how much money you would make like if we just continue to go up 20 every day. That's just it's! You would make a lot a lot, a lot of money, a lot of money, um matt check your dm on twitter sent you a few shares on came from amc, metric, sale, interesting, awesome interview, james all right.

I will check that mudric stocksdown. 1692. That's good the dumb money dip! That's awesome! All right! Let's keep this going, we're bouncing back we're bouncing off the 3120 we're pushing 31.50 right. Now we have about 45 minutes left in the day, we're up just over 20 on amc.

Gm is up 12.4 trading at just below 250., come on 3160. Let's do it, get it up to 32. nah. Why 32? Let's just get it up to 40., you know or text.

I do not have or text open right now or text to my battery is barely hanging on okay. They borrowed 5 million against amc today, i'm starting to feel like a crazy person. I really am uh short interest on gme is almost 21. Amc is now just over 18 there.

It's exactly that of why i don't think it's that useful to have any price target at all, because you never know like whatever your price target is is like well at that point. What if we continue to go up, but at that point what if this short interest is double well, you might as well double up then, and that's just wherever you price it like it's just always changing it's always dynamic and remember that there's always new players. There's new money um, you can make a prediction for how it is in this like nanosecond in time, but every single day there are new players, there's new things going on you just don't know for me, it's this simple. If you hear anything about, oh, like matt, about this price target that price target, i don't talk about price targets, i don't have a price target.

I get out when the shorts cover. It's that simple mat cores gets out when the shorts cover, i'm not saying anything. Positive or negative about a price target, because i recognize there's no way to call for it at all. I do it when the shorts cover.

It is literally that simple, like think about it, whatever price target you have in your head, what, if there's still a massive amount of shorts and we get to that price level? Are you just going to cover then and like stop the squeeze like it's literally that so, if people are talking about like this blah blah blah like that's getting out here? No i'm not! That is not true. None of that is true. I will cover. I will get out of my position for the squeeze when the shorts cover.

It's that simple um. Do i understand this right? I have 10 contracts with the 19 strike. If i exercise will cost 19 000, but i will get 31 000. joey okay, so you have 10 contracts which represents a thousand shares, so you'll have to buy a thousand shares at 19.

So that's 19, 000, but i will get 31 000.. No, you don't get 31 000. You will get a thousand shares at a cost basis of 19.. So as soon as you're, given the position you're already in profit, you're going to be in the profit that is like equivalent to like how much your options are up right now want to share your wealth with me.

I cannot believe i made another 4k. You are the man matt ryder die with on amc and jamie love. You bro jp stone, that's awesome! You made how much today 4k another 4k in a day. That is disgusting, seriously.

Congratulations and you're, just rolling it bigger and better. If we believe in moons in the next few weeks after that, there's many gains uh the first of this house money if we believe it moons in the next few weeks, are there much better gains with furthest out of the money options and in the money? Oh yeah, the farther out of the money you play the higher the risk, the higher the reward, great interview, trademat 2024.. Okay, thank you for that super remote uh stocks up with larry, has joined stock up with larry has joined the fight. He just went live to quadruple his position.

That's pretty cool! I don't know if i know who stock up with larry is i'll have to check out that channel, but hey. If he's an eight he's an eight. If he's an eight he's an eight all right, we are currently trading at thirty one. Forty like i said that means we're up twenty percent up twenty percent.

That is huge for a stock. Don't let that gain escape you what's your profit so far, um! Well, my profits are just very volatile because, like most of it isn't realized um. Now my position in amc has now grown like my overall exposure of just like the money at play is over a hundred thousand yeah. I mean it's unrealized, but today my unrealized gains on the day is quite a bit.

It's like 47 000, but like it's just super volatile like i could check it in five minutes and it could be very different. It could be 80 or it could drop to 30 for all. I know um, but right now, i'm up just because amc is up so much like uh. The position i swung over the week is doing pretty good, but um yeah the overall exposure.

I don't know i'd have to do some math on it, but it's definitely over a hundred thousand. Now, between my shares and my options, which is just i mean folks for me, like that's, not money, i usually make in a trade like this - is like it's big for me like it's weird but um. I just view this as such a unique circumstance that i don't know if i'll ever get an opportunity like this back, so i'm just gon na keep pushing it time and time again, are you still buying yeah? I mean i bought more already today, like i just keep, i just keep rolling into it. I want to see how far this can go.

You know like silly. I would feel if i was like oh like knowing that as a trader, i want to take a massive like a majority of the move, so if it moves from dollar x to dollar y, your goal is to take the biggest chunk of that and right now, The way things are trending, i don't know if we're at the biggest chunk. It looks like we're at a small trunk, and this thing can really keep ripping as a trader, especially as a day trader as a swing trader. You want to take the meat of the move and right now i think we've just had crumbs of the move um so for me, because i think it can keep going, i'm going to keep holding i'm going to keep buying, and i just want more and more Of the meat of the move, where do you get your duck shirts? This is that shout out to sticky2k.

This was actually sent to me um. I forget the name of the brand, but this is my funeral shirt, because this i knew there was a funeral today. I just didn't know it's mudric's or i should say fudricks, but you know you got ta, be a little classy and wear black to a funeral. Hey matt! If i buy a put, not on amc of course, and it costs 10 - is that the most i can lose yeah whatever you pay for your premium, if you buy a call or buy put your biggest stick like what you could potentially lose.

Is that premium? No more, i guess mvis is ripping right now so congrats. If you're. In that i do, i don't have an mbi's position. Man should we use the momentum.

You have to spread the word of amc to other youtubers. Maybe others can talk about who might interview you or just even talk about you and amc. I mean that's what i've been kind of doing and there's um um, there's a couple other in the pipeline right now, but if, if anyone's listening - and if you have connections like this is this is my life for pr this week next week. Um, if you have that connection, if for some reason, if forbes is listening right now, if wall street journal is listening right now, if bbc is listening, if anyone, if any financial person wants an interview, because it's so one-sided right now, it's painfully one-sided.

I am happy to talk if you want me to drive somewhere. I've just been jetting around the country. If you just want to do a written thing, a podcast thing, whatever i'm your. If you have those connections, let him know that duck guy is willing to talk about it, i'm up 26k, and i want this for my wife's boyfriend to look at me.

The same way, trey looks at me: matt uh bought 600k at 25 on friday, just sold 200k worth to secure some profits. Let's get 35 plus dan huge huge position: 600 000 worth man, you people, i love these apes. You guys are it's crazy. It is crazy.

Absolutely phenomenal jackson becoming an astronaut. How can you tell if the shorts are being covered? You would know from right here. The shares on loan would all be returned. This would be like i don't know like a tenth of the value.

It would go down drastically if the shorts actually cover there would be a mass amount of return shares, but even that i need to clarify this is important, that that is a good metric. But it's not perfect, because shares on loan do not count for naked shorts. Um, that's what's inherently interesting about this naked short discussion is there's no way to really know, because inherently the fact that it is a naked short means that it's not properly reported really anywhere um, so we're hoping to get a little bit more information uh from the Share recount about what's going on, but they're like just by definition of what it is is we are. We have information to the legitimate shorts and i think it's important to notice that um, so for all the new apes to the community.

Why are a lot of people talking about very, very high price targets? They're talking about it, because there is a lot of assumptions and a lot of information that doesn't directly point to it, but it strongly hints to there being quite a few of like illegal illicit shorts that we don't have the exact numbers on. That is why, but, even if you didn't count that in the equation, the amount of legitimate shorts is very, very high. So if anything, you could look at the legitimate shorts and be like yeah we're going pretty high and then like, if you ballpark the basically the naked shorts, it's even higher, because at the end of the day, even though naked shorts aren't accounted for they're still losing Money like they still have a short position and depending on when they taking it, they still have to get out of it um, so they put extra supply into the market, which was in no way good, but they're still going to be down money. So it's one thing for us in my mind, to beat the shorts, but it's a completely different thing, and what i want to do personally is i'm trying to think of a better word decimate ravage whatever it is like of like just absolutely gut the naked shorts.

Like that's to me, um, that's important that, like specifically them um, because what they're doing is illegal and it should not happen, so i don't want them just to lose money. I want to absolutely decimate them so for all the new people in here, yes uh, we can give you like the legal track numbers but understand that it's actually higher. The question is just to what degree eviscer rate modric sold all shares in the first quarter. As per my may, 17th and 13th filing, as shown on fintel, just saw andre's video with you, love him for crypto love for the apes power couple.

Yeah um he andrei jic, he's the very very big uh youtube finance channel um. I did a video with him over the weekend. That's why i was out in vegas was to film that content check out his video. It's about amc, um! It's an awesome video.

I think the title of it is all in on amc. It's a really really like he's a great editor, a great filmer. He knows what he's doing so. Madrid capital bought shares at 27 and they were not overvalued, but at 34 they were overvalued.

Singing on 710 shares, average costs 11, 30 up 4k and 160. In the last two weeks, apes to the moon carrying ducks, can you please remind apes to vote no to ask for authorization? We don't even know if that's a proposal, muzzy um, i don't think, there's sense in talking like let's talk about the proposals in the next vote, when the proposals are out, is it true that the game stopped short interest was at 100 during the squeeze? If so, how can amc squeeze be as large with short interest of only 18? The gamestop short interest was actually higher than 100. It was 140 percent, but with that um remember that the game stops was stopped like there when people are referencing it going higher than gamestop it's just because we don't know the actual height. That gamestop was going to go to remember that they stopped the buying.

Of that stock so and inherently they also stopped the buying of amc so that little run-up not little. It was a good size run-up in late january, early february. That is not a true point of like the squeeze coming undone because they stopped the buying folks, there's there's. So that's why we can easily say that, like there's a mathematical chance of it exceeding it, because we don't know the height of where these things would have.

Actually gone to, but even with that being said to compare these apples to or like it's apples, oranges, it's not apples, apples, they're, different companies, they have a different short interest. They have a different utilization. They have a different amount of shares in existence. Um.

There is some overlap, i think, in the psychology of what's going on with these two stocks, but to look at the metrics. It's not a fair comparison. I like them, both i'm bullish on both. I have a position in both.

I have shares and call options on both amc and gme, but this idea of comparing the two - i just don't think it's. I think, it'll give you more of like a misunderstanding of the certs of the situation. The psychology is very similar, but the exact data and metrics they're they're different, and that needs to be appreciated. Bob puts on fuddrick, they can have the finger in the middle uh.

Mutual capital is the trading arm of citadel ken griffin. Is the manager of record with mundrake? I hope they, i hope, all realize this information. It's down. 16.

That's hilarious. Uh check twitter dm, for where the eight million shares came from same on twitter, jordan, rhodes, okay, we'll check that out from a pro public speaker. Please work on removing, at the end of the day, from your vote interview vocabulary, much love will do all right. I think i'm up to date got my moon.

Gang shirt on friday looks great word out saturday night and had some. Ladies at the bar asked me where i got my cool shirt. Real story pickle me timbers, that's awesome! Where'd! You get the cool shirt. Well, it all started with this guy in a duck shirt on youtube.

This is this: is nuts nuts nuts nuts all right? We are at 31 right now on amc up 19 gme is at 246 up 11 across the board. The eighth nation is winning today. There's no other way to describe it besides the fact that we are winning today right now, if we close at the value we're at right now and i get it - we still have 30 minutes left. If we close right here, massive massive win continue the momentum into tomorrow.

This is a good thing. Things are aligning very very well for us. Is the price action uh reflection of short ladder attacks? It's very well a possibility. Um, it's tough in this environment because that's like it's just selling is selling.

So you don't know if it's paper hands, you don't know if it's short ladder attack, you don't know if it's new shorts um, those are all possibilities. So, unless you're like in one of the institutions, that's trying to pull it off, we can provide theories and, like point out weird action, but you don't really know unless you're, like the one actually executing on it, because on the chart it looks. The same selling looks like selling buying looks like buying, so it's just like to explain exactly the type of selling it's tough to tell, but it very very well could be man love you in this community amc to the moon. By the way, you did some awesome on fox business thanks for everything been since femme.

I love that. Thank you so much uh back to the last question i asked so when you buy the 1900, do you keep the rest pass? You just get filled like your cost basis is at 1900. So when you fill it, the position you're already in that massive profit like you're you're, almost doubled up doubling up, would be at basically 40. You would be at 38, so it would show a huge percentage gain it would be equivalent to if you just bought and you got filled at 19..

So you could sell the shares right away and take that profit or you ride it out and as a stock. As it continues to go up, you get more and more money. The article came out today saying hedge funds lost x, millions is that a real story about the amount of covers of the current price or they pay per day? No, no! That's just how much they're down on the position currently and they are locking in some losses with the cost, to borrow, remember to to create a short to have a short that means you're borrowing shares and to borrow shares. You pay a fee per day, so not only are they down because the stock gapped up 18.45 percent, but on top of that they're paying an extra fee to borrow the shares too short to quote conan what is best in life to crush your enemies, see the Driven before you and hear the i mean of their women by drinking all right did i miss wait? Was madrid shorting amc? I thought they were.

Posturing as a friendly will not fud. I genuinely want to know no what happened with frederick mudrick yesterday. They had a deal where they got 8.5 million new shares at the average cost of 27, something and today they sold them all and basically stop this breakout right here. Amc was ripping, we were moving up and then frederick sold their 8.5 million shares, and on top of that, made public statements to their clients that amc is extremely overvalued and that caused a bit of capitulation.

They are publicly speaking out against it. They're, like basically saying we made our money hahaha, it's done and they're trying to drive it down now, just to, i guess, prove like whatever their point is but, like i said, i think that they are severely severely wrong. They tried to basically make money in like a classic hedge fund manager, and then i wouldn't be surprised if they then took a short to try to drive it down, because they were so confident that that was the top price. I would not be surprised if they sold their position and then took an additional short.

That is very much a possibility because they said, oh, it's oversold so like. I would not be surprised if they then shorted the stock, after locking in the profits from 27 to 33, roughly um, they made what about five dollars a share, let's say um, so i hope it keeps. I would not be surprised after locking in those gains if they then took a short to try to drive it down even more. I would not be surprised in the slightest say we close at 30.

What happens tomorrow? I mean if, if we close at 30 or text tweeted this out, if we close at 30 that like exactly 30 and we're trading at 31., just at 30, that means today alone the shorts are down 336 million and it means from monday last monday, until now, They're down 1.5 billion and that's at 30., obviously we're trading at 31.40 and it's looking strong right now, so it's it's actually bigger than that. I am understanding the current losses on the day and the past week, which, like that's, that's, amazingly good, um, that that's that's disgustingly good for us and that's not even taking into account all the fees that they're paying to borrow those shares. This is just taking into account how much they're down from the price action, 1.5 billion, and that's not even so far. That's in a week like this has been running for more than a week so that, if anything, the numbers i'm under, like i'm, stating i'm understanding the truth of the situation.

Like think about that, an understatement is to say that they're down 1.5 billion in aggregate that's insane, we are winning. We are clearly winning. I don't care what anyone else says. How could we be losing if they're down 1.5 billion and we're up like we are clearly obviously winning it? It doesn't even make sense to me to argue the counter narrative.

You should find a way to get on the joe rogan experience i mean if he offered it. I would if i had to i'd, walk down to texas wherever he is. I would accept that in a heartbeat i i mean, but i'm at the point, where i'd probably right now just to spread the word. It's just i'd do anything.

I any interview call me up we'll do it. You are the biggest hedge fund in the world. No, i'm just a fashion icon. I just trade, my own portfolio, i'm a fashion icon, that's it hey matt.

Can you explain the share recount and when it's going down yeah? So i talked about this in the video with andre and what it is is the share recount. It starts tomorrow tomorrow, there's a private company that will be doing an in-depth forensic look into all the ownership of amc. We will get some information this week, but i i'm emphasizing some because what adam aaron has said - and we knew this from trey's conversations with adam aaron and also trey's tweets like the follow-up on it.

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