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Amc gamestop: let’s rip higher dumb money ep 3 – Matt Kohrs

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AMC & GameStop: Let's Rip Higher ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€
Dumb Money Ep. 3
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Dang, what is going on welcome to dumb money episode? Three folks episode. Three. I don't think it's really episode three. I just decided to recently start keeping count.

So it's probably episode, like i don't know, gazillion but uh. Let's just call it episode three for now and whatever whatever uh so as you can see. First, first jarring experience of the day. You know i switched up amc and gme on the charts.

I know a lot of us are going to have issues, but if i'm going to be honest for the past couple months now the fact that they were inverted kind of bothered me because i just wanted it to follow like more of an alphabetic pattern like i Wanted amc than gme - and i know a lot of you - are gon na get mad about this, but let's, let's just give it a try. Let's see how it works. Let's see what happens if we switch things up, uh we're just trying to get we're trying to get a new reaction out of the stock. So, let's not - let's not get too mad about that, but i, like i said i just i want to see how it works.

You know you know no harm, no foul. Let's give it. Let's give it. The old college, try all right so amc.

Currently, at 42 gme, currently at 189.62, it looks like it's um. It looks like we're. Gon na have some some insanity, some volatility, some high volume. Some price swings, i'm excited it's gon na be a roller coaster of a day.

I am very, very, very excited um. It's going to be we're going to get some action today. It's going to be some big big swings, i'm very very excited we're going to go over and do the technical breakdown we're going to look at the ortex and beyond that folks. Folks, folks, folks, we have look it uh, whoa, whoa, whoa people are saying that we're buffering again, but i think we're all good.

I think we're all good correct me if i'm wrong, but i think we're i think, we're alive. Um youtube was already mad about it. Just being frozen they're like nah man like we can't have you switch it um, let's see how it goes today i mean this one's actually a whole new computer, so that i i don't know, i don't know folks, but i do know we have an official attendees Sponsor so, if you remember a couple weeks ago, i was going on about how, like maybe i shouldn't be eating like one protein bar per day as like my diet, and then i was going on ranting and raving about how i don't know any food delivery service. Well, folks, the ape nation like it took it so far that butcher box ended up reaching out to me and they would love to be the official sponsor of loading up the rocket ship's freezer and fridge on our trip to the moon.

So i'll cover that in just a bit, but if you're already on butcher box - and you want a discount and all that stuff, it's pinned to the top of chat. But once the market gets ripping today and we have some like attendees to really talk about. In the midday action i'll do that whole spiel and everything, but overall today's stream brought to you by butcherbox the official attendee sponsor of ape nation, absolute hilarity. I cannot believe it like honestly when they emailed me and they're talking about ape nation, and they heard our rants like it was.

It was so so comical they are like, like legitimately excited about this uh it was. You should have heard our conversations back and forth. It was just making me crack a smile um, so all right, that's going to be for a bit later. I just want to hop into everything going on right now, so ortex to start today off no borrows yet thus far.

The short interest for amc to start off the day is 14.63. The shares on loan 94.5 million util utilization 87.27, what's kind of interesting yesterday for the update, it was actually a net return, but by the time everything updated this morning, utilization shares on loan and the short interest actually all increased, even though, at the end of the Day like when the numbers weren't finished processing, we had a net decrease, so something happened like when they were finally computing. All the numbers that the numbers actually spiked in terms of amt's short interest shares on loan utilization, gamestop short interest 14.38 shares on loan, 7.77 million and utilization actually tracking upwards, almost 40 percent. So that's how we're starting off the day with these vortex numbers.

Very quick commentary on the overall market. I am personally looking forward to continue up uh. My first target would be 435 for the s p. 500.

I am looking for an upward continuation in the overall stock market in terms of amc. So i was talking about this with the true trading group last night. Basically, the fact that we broke above 40 to 42 closed above it on decent volume has me as giddy as a school girl. Honestly, it was a huge technical breakout.

I am looking for this region of previous resistance to now act as support right now we're trading at 41.97. I want this to stay above that 40 to 42 range bounce right off of it, and then the first test is 46. 46, a little bit north of that, and then, after that we have 50 to 52, with 50 being a huge psychological level. I truly believe that yesterday i mean we gained 25.

Do i think it's reasonable that a small minuscule amount of shorts covered yeah? I think it's, the newer shorts that got over cocky didn't really like they're like oh okay, we see some weakness. They're gon na try to run it down, so i think some of the baby new shorts that didn't really know how to cover what was going on they're like all right and they like they just kind of got quickly blown out of their position like you know What we're done with it? So i think small amount, but we still know that we have what roughly 94 95 million shares that are still out on loan. So i'm not thinking it's a big number whatsoever. I think yeah, of course, some probably covered, but there was also some new shorts, so for all i know they could have canceled each other out perfectly.

I think the stronger shorts who got in at a higher level are going to start to get into serious panic mode above 50 to 52 um. I don't know if that's coming specifically today, but that's what i'm looking for over today, the next few trading days, whenever it does happen, i'm looking for that official breakout above 50 to 52, and i think that's when the velocity volatility and overall volume is really going To start to pick up, because my thesis is that's when some of these shorts from basically june 14th to july 6, these when any shorts that got in here, i think that's when these guys are gon na start to feel some pressure on them. And then it's more of like who's gon na start k first, because, as soon as we see one domino fall, i think my theory is that we're gon na start to see a whole series of dominoes fall so overall we're looking to hold 40 42 looking for A breakout of 46 and then our reach target is above 50 to 52. And that's what i'm watching in today and, of course, as things start to change like we're, going to come back and look at these in terms of gamestop kind of similar of the fact that it bounced off of 165.

That is previous support. We're looking for this breakout, we broke out of this 188 so similar to that 50 to 52 region. Gme has a region between 200 and 210 200 key psychological level akin to the 50 level on amc and if we break above this 210, the next stop. After that would be roughly 225 and from there we have about 240 245.

So, overall, both of these stocks had an amazing day. Yesterday, gme gained over 10 amc gained just below 25, both of our moon stocks doing exceedingly well, obviously not a dead cat. Obviously, the shorts have not covered. Obviously the eight nation is still strong, still fighting and with that you just never know where some of this momentum could potentially lead.

So, for that reason alone, i'm very very excited, because if there's one thing i've learned about this is that when eight nation gets some momentum going day after day, it can end up being very, very dangerous to the shorts. So super super excited, i'm just. I think we're gon na get some good action today very excited to see how it all ends up playing out. We have this we're ready to go with our magnets, we're ready to go with our rocket ships, we'll get that up there.

We went over ortex, obviously, as some of these options come in, hang on all right, we're good with this. The unusual options, any big news on the day - um, oh so adam, aaron um, he tweeted this out. I retweeted this just so. You know a little bit of an update right here as ceo and president of amc for five and a half years, i'm flattered that last night.

The amc board of directors elected me to serve now as chairman of the board, also as well as ceo and president. I will do my best to act with honor and distinction these roles, so adam aaron, ceo president and now also chairman, we're in three different crowns there for amc. Just so you know that's what's going on with adam aaron, that's probably some of the news for this morning. Just checking in on that any other news.

General court made statement. That's all about him being the chairman all right, all right, so nothing i mean all the other news was last night, so i think we're looking pretty pretty good team, pretty pretty good all right, so we have about 20 minutes to go. Obviously, let me know if there are any questions. Comments concerns right, all right, i'm on weeble, and how do i get to your screen you're watching, and could you explain how the indicator works on the bottom? I'm only.

How do i get to the screen you're watching? So for me um there should be a grid option where you could do just a grid on the bottom. We have the rsi. So if you click on indicators, this kind of uh square that has like an arrow in it indicators to i use rsi, you could find it under all indicators. Rsi is the relative strength index.

It's one of the most common indicators. It's referred to as a momentum indicator in oscillator and what it is it's tracking bullish against bearish momentum. It has values of 0 to 100 above 70 is considered to be a lot of bullish. Momentum, aka overbought below 30, is considered to be a lot of bearish momentum, aka oversold.

A lot of people like to use it for reversions, for instance, look at gme this morning. It really spiked up. We actually hit 80, so clearly overbought kind of a similar situation with amc hit 80 clearly overbought and from there it's taking a breather. So, basically, a lot a lot of people out there day traders swing traders, investors, whatever time frame you're looking at, and you can apply this right now.

I'm on the 15 minute chart it'll readjust for the five minute chart like it depends what time frame you're. Actually, looking at, but basically when it gets very high, think of it. Someone yesterday brought up the analogy: it's like a rubber band when it gets stretched out. One way, look for it just to come back to a little bit.

It's referred to as, like a mean reversion type thing: it's reversion so think of it as a rubber band, getting stretched out too far in one direction, and you could expect some consolidation or even a snap back to normality. If you want to know a little bit about the math and how rsi is calculated, i do have a standalone video on this channel. So if you just search mat cores rsi, you can find out the math behind it and also some like basic basic training strategies related to it. Please explain how short covers is that predetermined amount they have to buy back in it? No it's up to them.

The way so, when you buy a stock, you create the position by buying, and then you get out of the position by selling. That's referred to as going long to create a short position. You start by selling the stock and you get out of it by buying back um it's up to them of when they want to buy. To back.

Of course, there's some, like, i guess, nuances to that they can um well, anyone could get margin called if you're short or long so marginal calls affect everyone um with shorts. You have to have that cost to borrow fee uh. So, if you're not paying that, that could be an issue like you have to pay that borrow fee. So, whenever you're short, you're borrowing the stock from someone who initially owns it, that's how you can sell it to begin with and from there there's also some nuances about being forced buy-ins from prime brokers and that's a different thing.

But um explain how shorts cover shorts cover by buying you buy to close the position. Jimmy macd type 2 significant, buy signal from ortex whoa whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa whoa. All right trading signals today is july 21st, as of today, macd type 2 buy signal. Um recommended holding days 10 days, so this is not guaranteeing a 93 94 return.

This is saying that on average every time this signal, based on the current set of data, has come up if the average return, if you took every single one of these turns trades. Sorry, if you took every single one of these trades, the average return would be a 93.6 gain. That's crazy, so big buy signal on gme coming from ortex and the recommended holding is about 10 days. So, let's see how that goes off.

Let's, obviously, we all want it to do very, very well, and it let me just see if there's any for amc all right. This was from july 9th um. So none right now for amc, but uh. Apparently, a strong buy signal on gme um based on a macd crossover, and actually we were looking at the macd yesterday on amc and today, if it's another solid green day, there will be a a crossover on amc itself on the macd indicator.

That's another oscillating, one uh similar, not the exact same similar to rsi, but different flavors. I guess but they're both oscillating indicators, very, very popular, both the rsi, both macd worthwhile. To know about i use both. I like them, both they're, not the exact same thing.

They can be used in different scenarios, but um overall, for those of you who know about the macd another strong green day on amc will probably get very close. If not have an official macd crossover in a bullish manner too many changes man the break. Now the switch hey we're just we're changing. We got to keep everyone on their toes folks.

Let's get some bareback action thanks for the follow. What's going on, tommy's touch, hey man. Can you look at sin world, the uk's most shorted stock? I think it could be potential short squeeze or catalyst for amc amc to the moon. So remember you can't just go around searching for highly shorted stocks and think they're going to squeeze.

In fact, that's actually like against what we see historically amc and jamie. The way that this is being handled, it's so rare this is this has not happened before you should not be trading by just buying stocks that are highly shorted. Most of the time highly shorted stocks do end up falling because some, like a good amount of time, they're being shorted for a legitimate reason. Amc and jimmy are different, they're highly shorted, but what's different about them and what makes them so special is they have such a massive community support behind them, so you're bringing up sin world it might do.

Well, honestly, i don't know i haven't looked into it, but just anecdotally what i'm seeing across social media. I don't really see people talking about it and that's. What's so special about amc and jimi is just the massive community support raid shadow legend sponsorship. Uh - probably i don't know i not i don't know i haven't talked to him.

I don't know how it would necessarily like fit in like i want him to be a little bit humorous with it, and that's why i was just happy to take on attendees sponsor all right. Can you put ccv on the screen merger this week? It's not a merger. It's a ticker change like they've, already been partnered up with lucid motors. It's a ticker change.

We could check out cciv during the day, though, how the hell am i going to spend all this money? How are you helping me make that's duck? Suspenders matt: when is the unboxing? Also let people know periodically, you have switched amc and jimmy say, don't think amc is mooning. Heart attacks, i'm just trying to keep everyone on their toes folks and i kind of like it alphabetically uh. I don't even know originally how amc ended up on the right, but if i'm being completely honest since day one it kind of bothered me like i very much like it's just going alphabetically it makes in my brain. It makes more sense - and i know there's going to be people angry about it, but hey that just means we're more like we're, prompting more vigilant watchers.

I think this will be good and part of it is people get mad at me uh for not having amc up here and i always end up clicking on the right one. Then the left one so i think just habitually i'll - be able to just like properly leave amc up more cat. We only want matt's hats, new channel idea. Oh and the next unboxing will be this upcoming weekend matt.

I started basically dream job as a groundskeeper for school, but i miss keeping up with you daily thanks so much for holding the front line. Hey congratulations on the new job and that's why we do the update videos at the end of the day. Just so you can get a quick 10 minute recap of what was going on and then what to look for the next day. I understand that not everyone can hang out with me for like the whole streams but congrats on the dream job man matt.

Can i give my ape dad a shout out shout out to mike from texas moon gang, oh brother, shout out to mike and his daughter congratulations of family of space apes? Could you go over the ortex short interest for gme uh yep, quick, recap, short interest. 14.54 percent. Remember this is not um. This is 85 of transactional volume.

I know some people are referring to it as exchange reported data. That is actually incorrect. The only exchange reported thing here are these things that are like always behind at best like eight days behind two weeks behind this is the exchange, reported short interest and even that's a misnomer, but these top numbers and the live updates. This is not reported from exchanges.

It's not reported from hedge funds. I don't know where people are getting this concept, that hedge funds are reporting. These numbers um that that's just not the truth. It's reported from prime brokers, it's not re! It's just not reported from hedge funds uh, but matt thanks.

My wife is pissed, i just woke her up screaming amc was at 191. She got up screaming. Then we saw you switch the screen good morning us what's going on irish. I like it already.

I'm keeping people on their toes get keeping blood pressure is high, help them burn some calories. Not only is this a a stock commentary channel, but it's a fitness channel, we're helping burn calories, so we can eat more than attendees. Let's get defund the sec trending. I don't want that to happen whatsoever.

If we defund the sec, then we have no regulatory body. Looking at us part of the reason why the sec can't make much headway is because they're already to my understanding, severely underfunded. If anything, we would want them to have more people, more agents, more people looking into things. If we defund them, then we go to the wild west and, like the little bit of i guess, regulation that's enforced upon hedge funds, market makers, brokers.

We don't want that to disappear. That's like that's stepping backwards. How dare you change places like that matt? How dare you you will never get married with those lack of organizational skills, just uh good news to kick off the day after having four dollars just found, i'm having my first boy now for the best of me. What's going on donnie, congratulations! Expanding the family! Uh! Congratulations that must be so exciting.

Your first boy, i mean, i think, he's gon na have a tough run with four older sisters, but hey, maybe it'll make him an even better man. You know, you know, you know. Oh man, today's gon na be exciting right now. Uh audio listeners, amc 4240, gme pushing 190.

10d town 10d town 10d town time. Someone needs to make a tendy song a tendee town song. One of the panels behind me is loose which one which one i don't know, which one they're i mean. I have some panels by me that are loose, but i don't think you guys can see those all right all right.

All right. We are looking hot we're. Looking hot the rocket's hot ignition is hot uh matt's duck suspenders matt 60 of the folks hospitalized in england. For the rhona variant are 100 vaccinated, so 6 out of 10 have full vaccination uh.

That doesn't seem good, but i don't i'm, i'm gon na assume, that's accurate. I don't know why someone would just say that i assume it's accurate. I, but i don't know, i haven't read that myself, i just hope the world and governments and that get it under control, because i don't think society would psychologically handle well like taking that step back. I think we're all pretty tired and don't want to be locked in our apartments and houses once again um.

So i don't know if it's accurate or not. I just folks wash your hands, you know just keep your hands washed, let's be a little bit more reasonable, but let's also knock on wood that this is all going to blow over very quickly, thoughts on spy today on the spy, the spy, the spy, the spy, The spy, the spy, the spy, the spy feeling feeling bullish remember yesterday was turn around tuesday a bad monday, especially with the drop over one percent commonly leads to a strong tuesday. Hence it's called turn around tuesday and that's exactly what we saw and if i had to throw out my own just guess right now, i think we're going to see a continuation. I really really do five minute five minute, five minute, five minute.

What time? Oh wait! Let's go to the one minute all right: we're we're geared up we're ready for action um. I do think we're gon na see a continuation, but, as always, i like. I really really like to wait. Those first 15 minutes just to see how, because like pre-market volume, is just so light compared to even the first minute the first three minutes, the first five minutes.

I want to know what the actual money for the day is doing. I don't really base much on pre-market or post-market action. Sometimes it could have psychological implications. Are people excited? Are they not excited what's going on, but in general the entire extended hours training is typically wiped out within the first couple minutes in terms of the dollar volume.

The volume straight up um, so, let's just see i mean not ever like i'm not saying that's a golden rule that everyone should follow is just one of my personal rules. I like to wait to 9 45. Sometimes i wait even longer. 10.

10. 30.. I just want to see how things are shaking out and that's to create a position. I have a different opinion, a different methodology for closing positions, sometimes like there's a huge gap up and you just want to lock those gains in as like quickly after 9 30.

As you can different story, i'm talking about creating a position and i absolutely hate creating an options position within the first 15 minutes. Remember high volatility increases the value of calls or puts so if you're buying them you're paying extra money. Sometimes that can hurt you to wait, because if the stock keeps ripping okay, you missed it, but what i've just seen historically for my own trades is given enough trades. It is net beneficial for your p.

L to just be calm, wait. Those first 15 minutes. 20 minutes 30 minutes and just see how things actually shake out. I ab making a any form of an options position in the first 15 minutes.

I even hate it with stocks, but sometimes i do it, especially if there's like a special circumstance, but with options. I try as hard as i can to not create a new position in the first 15 minutes of normal trading uh thanks for covering uv xy, a few weeks back made 2k this week on calls and puts put it into amc, shout out to jason, hey right. There making money multiple ways you are have chosen to throw it right back into amc. That's what we need.

We just need more people, i guess being we the way. A stock moves is the current buying and the current selling um people are under the misconception. I see on some of these um some community, supportive of amc and gme - think that holding is enough for a squeeze. It is not a stock moves by the new buying and the new selling simply holding it doesn't really do much um.

Obviously it's better than selling. It's exponentially better than selling, but a stock goes up with the new buying pressure if it overwhelms the current selling pressure and the stock goes down. If the new selling pressure overwhelms the current buying pressure. So the name of the game to keep up this momentum is either existing apes need to buy more or we need new apes to come into the community to buy the stock.

It's all about the new buying and the new selling the current buying and the current selling. It's not necessarily when you bought your stock at that moment in time it did assist the community and, like i said, holding is obviously better than selling, but you're holding a loan does not influence the stock. It can mathematically come into play during the squeeze, because, if everyone's still holding during the squeeze well, that is like kind of putting a bottleneck on the supply. So then it's harder if no one's selling, that means that the shorts can't really buy from anyone.

So there is some mathematical stuff to talk about in that situation, but we'll talk about that when the time is like necessary and when it's more realistic. But for now when we're not in the squeeze scenario, just know that we need new buyers. Does weibo charts not work pre and post market uh yeah, it does right here. This is pre-market.

This is pre-market. Is the high pre-market volume yesterday? Is this high pre-market volume um it's higher relative to the past couple days, but not as high as we saw in late may early june, so thus far, it depends on like the relative nature of high and low. What are you comparing it to if you're, comparing it to april yeah except exceptionally high if you're, comparing it to late, may early june, uh, not the highest, so i would say it's somewhere in the middle avocado, pineapple pizza, avocado candles, amc, ding, ding ding. The casino is open folks.

Here we go all right, let's see what we have in store for the community today, let's get going, let's get rock and amc out of the gates, as expected, volatile opening 41.45 all the way up to 42.50. It's just we're swinging high volatility, good reason to not create an options position because it means you're overpaying on your premium. Oh brother, oh brother, oh brother, all right, let's see what kind of momentum we can string together, gme. What are you doing all right? Amc currently just below 42 gme at 187, the volume uh 6 million on amc.

I thought it would be a bit higher, but still good volume and then not even 100 thousand. Yet on gme, remember a region of support 40 to 42. Uh would very much like for it to recapture 42 in a very aggressive bullish manner. All right come on come on, come on, come on, you can do it, you can do it.

How is iwm looking is iwm getting sold, i'm trying to figure out not, but we're only three minutes in this is what i'm saying is you got ta like i, i don't have maybe the exact statistics, but i'm telling you anecdotally, there's just so much volatility in Whip sawing right at open people are like waiting for, especially for these types of stocks that, like calm cool collected, that's the way to be. That is definitely the way to be calm. Cool collected rsi, please point out. I want to point out: please take note that currently uh based on the one minute chart things are oversold, as in look for buyers to step in as just a technical dip buy, because why not? Why not? Why not? Why not all right? What do we have going on today? All right amc trying to get right back over 42.

You got ta like it. You got ta like it come on baby come on baby. Let's see what we can put together, we're getting some momentum. You can feel the tides turning churning churning like butter.

The ocean is churning like butter. You can feel the tides turning with a t, not a c whoa volatility, picking up we're getting a little bit snappy folks, a little bit snappy um. I see a lot of people talking about amc on the right uh, i'm not gon na. Do it we're giving it a try, we're trying to confuse the hedge funds um as much as you can't be so against change.

Folks, you can't. We got ta if they're playing psychology games on us. We need to play psychology games on them, we're turning we're changing up. I need everyone on their toes.

We need to put hedge funds on their toes, thus far, folks give it a try, but for now i i feel strongly that we got to switch some of this up. I know it's a lot of you are finding it uncomfortable and that's. Okay. Life is all about change.

It's okay! No one! Ever no one ever became a skillful sailor in calm seas. We need a little bit of a storm. We need some waves. We need some volatility, i'm just trying to put a little bit of spice into your life.

Folks, it's okay! It's okay, we're gon na! Be fine. What i my master plan is to do this for like a week and then, if i switch it back everyone's gon na freak out again so uh, it's painful, it's painful! It's! Okay! It's okay! We will be a okay team, a okay. What are we doing today? We got some green. We got some green in the portfolio, some green, green, green, green, green, some green, green, green, green, green.

Let's keep this rocking. Let's keep this rockin brother next, all right. Let's rock it: let's rocket this thing higher, i'm seeing some momentum, i'm seeing some tendees it has to folks it's it's. What was it yesterday was turn around tuesday.

That was more of like a just a market commonality, but today it's just wacky wednesday. It's wacky wednesday. The charts are messed up our portfolios. Finally, instead of trending red are trending green everything's going nuts.

This is this is what it's like. This is the excitement, green, green, green, green, green, we're pushing amc, new intraday high and it's on the run 4360 hot hot hot hot hot. These stocks amc back to the green on the day up one percent gme up um. Oh, it's it's at the red green movement right here right around 191., we're cooking, we're cooking rsi is heating up, but i'm honestly thinking it can keep pressing just so you know first stop! I want to see what was the high yesterday, the high of yesterday 44 39 and then 44.97, so that's kind of what we're watching right here.

44.39. Let me mark this all out for for all you ducklings 44.39. This was the high from yesterday, and then we also have just below 45. This was the pre-market high.

Something like that. What was it was it 97, yeah 44.97. First, two targets: folks, first, two targets right there and then after that pretty much just above 46. and then from 46 we're cruising.

We get gets very interesting upon a breakout above 46., it's very, very interesting and then for gme, it's kind of 200x210, 200 key psychologic level akin to amc's battle at 50. key psychological levels, key resistance levels um. So this is what we're watching on amc: hey! It's! Okay, i mean rsi is hot, look for maybe to consolidate and rip from there, but the internals are getting a bit hot honestly. I think the momentum could carry it a bit more, but um we're also on the one minute candle.

So it's gon na be a bit snappy gon na be a bit snappy. Do you think there's a chance of a gamma squeeze this week. Um, as of now like today could change, but i was looking at the option chain and there's just not the highest volume right now. The open interest isn't that huge.

But honestly, as things move, i'm expecting more people to fill it out, so it could change. But as of this very second, not really like, of course, you could see like more of a miniature one, there's just not that many options being bought for this week but, like i said, we're only what 10 minutes into the day that could change in the next 10 minutes stand up for your stand up for the stock and your posture mat. I do need to stand up. If i'm being honest, if i feel like a little bit rigid that silly run i did when i went into full coach coors mode to train for the olympics, folks, i'm getting old.

I know i look like a young whippersnapper to many of you out there, but in fact i'm old i have um. I have the maturity of a 14 year old. My birth certificate says i'm 27, but my body feels i'm like 48. uh.

I just my neck hurts like i ran, and then i slept on it wrong and now for two days i am taking. If there's a doctor in chat, you would be internally upset with how many a leave i've taken recently in the past. Like 36 hours of my life, i have taken a pharmaceutically concerning amount of aleve. Just so i can like turn my head like this actually hurts um.

So that's what's going on there. If i look a little bit rigid it's just because i'm old folks, i'm old uh, please switch charts. It hurts having amc on the left um. I understand where you're coming from.

I get the empathy i'm just trying to keep people on their toes. We got to switch things up, we don't want to get into a routine because that's what these hedgies are expecting. Folks, we got as much i'm keeping you on your toes, so we're keeping them on their toes. It's it's going be a okay it'll, be okay.

Put amc on the right messing up your mojo, my mojo, i mean we're we're ripping right now, folks, it's the ripping it's wacky wednesday, ripping. If anything, i would argue. This is a good luck thing, not medical or financial advice, time for the magnets. All right we'll get those up harry parrott.

What's going on, i know. Last week everybody was uh, it's gon na be okay, and yesterday we're like please, sir, can i what's going on cliff's photography could rose bushes, be used to hedge against tulip futures post squeeze. That is one interesting thing. I've read about it.

I've personally not used roses myself to hedge against tulips, but it is a strong and common hedging technique. I highly recommend people look into it. Uh, we tripled the volume from three minutes in yesterday as a mostly audio listener. I support your change.

Yeah. All the audio listeners are like wait. What what's going on with the charts? Wait? Mobile viewers have a hard time seeing on the left, be a you to full day to be an ap wait. Is that true cause wait that isn't good? I don't want my uh, like mobile viewers, wait if you're on mobile shouldn't.

You just see like i guess, the normal screen, just like smaller like why is it getting clipped matt l becoming a space ape eric um? I don't know why you just said the message just says reported. I don't know what was reported. A lot of people saying not true and then other people saying yes um eric can you let me know why you just said reported matt here to tell you to fix your posture. So all of you guys are already i'm just gon na stand up.

We're standing up we're standing up we're standing up we're making some attendees 10 d time, 10 d, time, 10 d, 10 d, 10 d, time, 10 d, time, 10 d time. Oh, that's really! Zoomed in on my face! Folks, that's a little bit of too much of too much matte. You know i mean me being narcissistic and egotistical and uh borderline attention. Maniac even admits that that's a little bit too close to my face tendy time, tendee time, tendee, tendy, tendy time, dandy, we're moving we're grooving, we're making some money money money.

I totally need to get one of those voice, changing things um without a doubt. It's so obvious that i need to get one of those voice. Changing things here. We go.

Amc broke yesterday's high claps indoor, claps, golf claps. Folks, let's be respectful, but do you smell that? That's if you really, if you have more advanced olaf factory you can. I can i can almost smell the salt of an iceberg. Melting.

Well, you know, do you guys smell that out there a little bit a little bit more salt in the air, maybe maybe an iceberg or two or melting? I don't know i don't know, maybe my nose is off, but that's what i'm picking up very gentle, my new whiffs of oh and now i hear it is that do i hear the cracking of an iceberg, an iceberg turning in to to water? I don't know. Maybe maybe i'm the one who's going crazy that that just might be on me, oh geez, we're gon na have fun today. We're gon na have fun. That's mostly audio listener, all right, so 44.97 pre-market high gme.

It's just cruising we're trying to cruise up the highway. 90S 200 um um, i mean i could mark it out, but we're not going to see it for a little bit. First major test, also 195, is kind of important i'll mark that out as well. We're cruising we're cruising on mobile.

The live chat scrolls on the left side and covers the chart on mobile. They can toggle the live chat off though it smells like potential in here it smells. I like that, smells like potential. Alright we're about to break the pre-market high folks, folks, folks, we're moving the titanic just smoked it all right we're about to go 45.

It's gon na get hot in here at 46. Folks, it is gon na get all sorts of hot hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot tamale. Oh, how could you not smile at these gains? Folks, it's a gains train! Oh that actually hurt hurt my neck, oh that from my neck folks, physically i'm falling apart, but financially it feels so good. If this is the sacrifice, i have to make my just general torso mobility for this stock to rip.

I will do that day in and day out day in and day out, all right, amc clipping, 45 gme clipping 193. All right next, stop rsi is hot, just be prepared for that. The rsi, it's hot, it's hot! It's hot! It's hot! It's one! Hot tamale! Let's just see, let's give it a break, let's let it breathe, and then i want to see another. I want to see this test of 46..

Thanks for all you do, matt been listening and huddling for exactly a month. Keep keeping discipline here to the moon from panama. We got some panama, hey folks, um we're sorry just said, we're all variants. Let me know what country you're from uh.

Let me know the country. Let me know, let me know, let me know. Oh wise man once said: george w good vibes only. I see bananas and corollas in my foreseeable future.

What do you see? Matt i see tendy town, i see the pearly gates of tendy town uh rich greenfield got a job at dollar tree, because everything is a dollar amc, new intraday high fee feeling good feeling good. I just feel i just feel like it's ripping folks. I call it how i see it and i'm seeing a ripping in that's just my own, my own non-financial advice. Oh did i freeze again, i hope not, i hope, not all right all right.

We need to bring a little bit more professionalism to the stream. Hang on one second, all right: it's on it's on like donkey kong today, folks, it's on like donkey kong! No way is this kid real! No way, you know what let's bring it to the next level. We haven't done this in a minute. We haven't done a the og duck shirt.

The og duck shirt with the donkey kong. They can't stop us, they can't stop us like. Is he really resorting to these crazy antics with a donkey kong hat and a duck shirt? Oh brother, oh brother, folks, life is short we're here for a fun time. We're not here for a long time, all right now the donkey kong rip.

What will they think of next? Someone just said whatever? Yes, folks, i get it, i'm immature, i'm immature and i'm a rich ape, i'm a future rich ape with amc and gme we're moving we're moving we're moving we're moving all right all right. Let's keep this going, someone just said: iwm broke. Yes, it did iwm moving. There is uh, i hope i don't have battery issues today.

Why does my battery suck power adapter will be charged by 5 30 pm that doesn't i want it to be charged now? It says charge to full. Now i feel, like i shouldn't hit that i don't know what that would do. Good thing, i'm prepared 46. Let's go folks, let's go! Let's go, let's go tendy's time.

Ah, it's beautiful! It's a beautiful, beautiful sight! All right! Now it's getting interesting! This could realistically set up a test of 50.. Oh the hedge funds are in trouble. The shorts are in trouble. All right, hang on a hot.

Second, let's see what i is iwm pushing. Yes, it is. This is good for us s, p 500 also pushing folks. It's green across the board today.

Your portfolios are green, green, green, green, green. I don't know what you are or aren't in, but very good chance that you're seeing a lot of green a lot of green. Oh look at all everything everything's just pushing all right. Let's get rid of this for now there we go there, we go so for all the new apes.

What's going on uh top left, we have amc top right. We have gme two squeeze candidates on the bottom left. We have the russell 2000, which is tracked by iwm. Amc is a part of the russell 2000.

Hence why we're kind of seeing them move in a similar correlated manner in the bottom right, we have the s p 500, which is 500 of the biggest stocks in the like really in the u.s in the world. So this is an indication of the overall stock market. It's good to see that every like just you money is flowing back into the market which, to me is saying a lot of people are shrugging off concern about this whole delta variant thing: that's what that's how i would interpret it! I'm no doctor, don't take any medical finance. Don't take advice from me.

I'm a dude who wears an oversized duck shirt. I have a donkey kong hat on, but overall, that's how i would personally interpret it. You can interpret it. How you want.

I might be right. I might be wrong, i might be somewhere in the middle, i don't know, but that's just what how i would kind of like explain the action of what we're seeing right now. People are like you know what i think inflation's bad, but all these people in fancy suits are telling me that it's transitory. Yes, deep in my gut.

I think it's a lie, but hey, let's see if the stock market keeps running and then i think they're saying a pretty similar thing about this delta variant and honestly, i hope they're right, i hope, the delta variant we don't have to worry about. I hope we don't have to worry about inflation and right now, people are acting and pricing it in as if we don't have to worry about that stuff all right. What else do we have happening here? What happened 35 days ago in the market? You think that t-35 ftd has anything to do with going on now i do not. I am not necessarily the most.

I think there's some validity to this t35 thing, but i think people are severely overstating it shout out to the parabolic rdd that actually became true um. So it was really remember. It's multiple things. We had good technical support.

Yes, we had the parabolic arc. We had the george w and it was just oversold so there were multiple technical things coming together. It wasn't just the parabolic arc, but i'm highlighting this, and i want to showcase, because when you have multiple things that makes it even stronger the fact that some people are looking at a reversion place. Some people are looking at a parabolic arc.

Some people are looking at george w, you have different camps of people who are all buying and it ended up leading to what we're seeing right now. The question the golden question is: is how much momentum does it have? How far could this truly carry us? That's a very important question right now and something to consider that's what we're looking for, i'm in no way saying we're going to value x, i'm here on the roller coaster, with all of you. That is amazing, dude! Theoretically, if i had roughly 8.5 million shares in my company named rhymed with frederick, should i have sold at 30.? What's going on ben shout out to all the pairs rick ross um, so solio um, it might have just been an accident. Remember uh! There's like it's going absolutely crazy, absolutely crazy! All right shout out parabolic arc dominican republic in the house, matt.

If this is 50, can you please do a tarzan? I mean we'll be doing that on the way up. The apes have built an unsinkable ship. The hedges have no chance against the apes, no matter how many icebergs they can produce or steal big respects from the dominican republic. You're, making a lot of people money got love it matt amc, not related uh, but get yourself some bio freeze on your neck.

It's a miracle worker, the roll on kind gosh, i'm such a mom super chatting to you about this mom of three amc to the moon molly. I appreciate that i'll have to get some tonight very honestly. Robert moore, becoming a space ape sold cover call at 47 for january 2023. Will it be exercise? No, no, no um.

The exercise like it's not going to be exercise now, like you, have all the way up until the expiration date june 3rd. You were doing stand-up comedy and it ripped, i feel, like you're, already standing so it's time for some jokes, i mean i feel like they're. Just like kind of happen organically, like i never really planned much. I know this might come as a surprise to many of you like looking at me right now, because i get it.

You come on here and you're like man. That just looks like a guy who has things put together like i get it. I just exude that, like this is a guy who's on the ball like just a big planner, he probably has multiple calendars, a guy that never misses an appointment. I get it.

I i know i look like that, but if i'm lit a little bit secret about mateo's life, no, i i'm actually more of like a winger guy kind of like a shoot. First, ask quick ask questions. Second, like i get it, and i know that could be jarring to some of you, but no like a lot of this, a lot of my life, i just it's just a full rip. It's a full send and let's just see how it ends.

I like this guy, i support your attire. Remember when 32 is cheap. I'm from ireland love your channel you're a true gentleman shout out, barry barney becoming an astronaut, hey matt. You missed my super chat.

Yesterday, no biggie still love you man and can't wait for us to get to the moon shout out to devin what you're smelling is the tears of the naysayers and hedgies very happy with just the two charts up. Thank you. Well now we're to four, because i i it is useful to see what iwm and spy are doing um. This can have provide headwinds or tailwinds to the stocks that we are watching.

Um amc, the rsi was overextended 46.46. We broke above that. That is resistance. That's okay! We're coming down we're looking for it to bounce off of support and we're looking for the rsi to take a breather honestly, i think that could be happening with iwm and spy pretty soon, because they've been also ripping out of the gate.

The stock market is not a thing where you can just see green bar green bar green bar yeah. It has to take breathers at certain levels. Just for um. You can't really have moves that are that far out of like statistical normality.

Uh. If i sell my stock for profit but leave it in robinhood or put it into another stock, will it have to pay capital gains, or only once it's in the bank tony um? In my experience, it's all on your net gains at the end of the year. So it doesn't matter if it's in your bank account or brokerage account, but it's your locked in gains that i've had to pay taxes on myself. It's your realized gains and it's not like per stock.

It's per that account, but talk to a cpa about that. Please matt: you changed your chart position. This is why youtube said: you're, harmful and dangerous. You guys know it.

What happens when you double cross an ape? They go bananas, jay wong! What's going on matt, the mayor is all over my ass about you: blowing up half a city block you're a wild card, but your dad was the best cop. I ever met the spanish prime minister pedro sanchez. It's visiting financial institutions across the usa for um to expand spanish investments. He chose to pick blackrock as the hedge fund to visit.

Well, that's probably has to relate to the fact that blackrock is the world's biggest hedge fund. Back in my day, you could get amc for six dollars. Shoot first, ask questions later haven't heard of oh brother. I second that with biofreeze this stuff's amazing, i also get rid of an itch for mosquito bites.

Uh next soreness could be due to your setup. You're. Always looking at your second monitor, maybe switch it up so you're, looking at the other side to balance it out. I tweaked my neck like this last year, can you explain the ftds from last month, uh yeah? There was just millions of failure to delivers.

We don't know what type there is, there's a strong assumption that a majority of them are naked shorts, but once again, that's a it's an assumption. We don't know what type of ftds they actually were and, depending on the type of ftd, they get resolved in a different manner. Look at this resistance, turning resistance resistance from yesterday. Turning into support we're looking at this bounce right here at 45 and we're looking for it to rip through 46., it looks like iwm is just going to keep going folks.

What is it is the question? Will it break 222 uh amc? Looking the rsi cooled off, we're bouncing off of support. Let's see a re-test of 46-46-46 hot hot hot things are looking hot, not financial advice, but swaps, an amc could be apish, so no chart or no chat you're from philly. Keep it the way you have it. Otherwise you'll kill today's juju philly juju.

I think people about the chart enough, it might make sense to turn chat off. Oh so it's like a chat based thing on mobile if you're having an issue, i guess at that point it's more of like the realistic thing of maybe it's just bringing down. Whoa chat, um gme make it starting its run back watch 195.. It's at 193.10 amc is at 45, we're looking for a test and breakout of obviously 46..

I think they're using borrowed chairs to cover ftds. That's borrowed chairs are used for shorting. You wouldn't use borrowed chairs to cover ftds. I don't know like mechanically how that would be pulled off all right.

What do we have to do all right? All right? We are back to the ripping everything just took a little bit of a breather amc, gme iwm, the s p 500. These three amc gme back to ripping uh iwm as well looks like spy's lagging a little bit behind. Let's see how this goes, but we're definitely looking for a strong continuation, look for amc to break 46 gme to break 195 and iwm to break 222 and we're in party mode honestly. This is very itchy, so we're going to switch over to the duck the duck.

The duck the duck the duck band duck on duck action duck on duck. Amc boom goes the dynamite. Folks, folks folks remember: today's attendees are brought to you by butcher box. It's a meat delivery service.

Ah, what time it all right at 10, 30 i'll just do that full pitch. But anyway, if you want it's, just a meat delivery service. It's awesome. I actually ate some some of it last night and it was super super good.

So if you want to try that out right now, they do have a deal but i'll do that full spiel in a bit, but we do have an official attendees sponsor today very exciting and it's hilarious, how it came about. They were just like listening to me. Rant and they thought it was hilarity and they wanted to be part of the ape nation movement all right, so amc double topped double tapped. 46.50.

We got this run a base iwm doing a little bit funky action here, a little bit of funky action. Is it going to break 222? That's what we're looking we're, looking for, just a break and a run gme trying to break 195 hit 195.50 and it's kind of dancing around right there. The thing that's being a bit weird is the s p. 500.

Right now, a bit weird, but i care in terms of amc, i care much more about the movement of iwm and like how they are or aren't correlated. But overall, the prime thing to see is just green across the board. You want to see people pouring money into equities into etfs, just across the board. We want money pouring back in.

We want to see unbridled, unadulterated, buying, buying, buying buying just buying galore. We want euphoric buying. How will the media backtrack their flood from last week? Uh? I assume they won't they're just going to be like oh, like they'll, probably just hope people forget about it, and i mean folks mark my words today today. Tomorrow.

Look for just overtly bullish comments from everyone. Like jordan, belfort, kramer, cnbc, everyone across the board. Look, i'm! I'm telling you it's gon na happen like clockwork, look for them to all of a sudden and just be bullish. I haven't seen anything yet, but i bet mainstream media being like amc, squeezing again like it's gon na it's gon na be hilarious.

Uh, hey matt!.

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