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What's going on moon gang, let's talk about what in tarnation happened in the stock market today, of course i'll be giving you a quick portfolio update. I will be talking about really what's going on with gamestop amc, i have a couple comments on the overall market and then we'll be talking about some of my extra positions such as palantir tesla riot, all that good stuff, because it does look like some other things. Such as bitcoin are doing pretty well, but before we hop into all that, don't forget to join up with the moon gang by hitting the subscribe button. If you don't want to miss any of the monday to friday live streams or any of the technical or portfolio update, video such as this one make sure you're going over to the bell icon clicking on it and switching it to always also as a friendly.

My reminder, if you want two free stocks, make sure you're just checking out that link to weibo you'll get one free stock for signing up and another free stock forward, depositing 100, it's a win-win because really in the world of the stock market, you don't hear free That often all right, let's hop right into it, and it would be awesome today in this video, if i don't mix up amc and gamestop as much as i did in the last video. So let's see if i can really get that one under control. My apologies, if you saw that i was a bit confusing yesterday, just so many things to consider, but i think we're going to be good for this particular video alrighty. So before we hop into gamestop amc and all that stuff, let's quickly do a fast portfolio update.

So this account right now um intraday trading. It's down two thousand dollars, it's at two thousand, twelve thousand two hundred just so you know uh, i didn't these are all unrealized gains so before it was up a couple thousand. Now it's down a couple thousand really. The the big culprit of today is how much this dropped.

One thousand two hundred um overall, this amc call position, is still up three thousand three hundred um yesterday. It was just doing a lot better and because amc didn't have a stellar day uh this position's down a bit um. Just so you know, nine dollar call uh. It expires this friday.

I am looking to capture profits pretty soon and then roll it out. I need to sell this position because it does expire. I don't have the capital in this account to convert it to shares so basically uh on a nice pop in amc, i'm gon na sell it and then roll it out to next week. Rkt d.

Kng. Don't worry about these or small positions, but i still have my amc and gme shares uh. This is all for the robinhood account and then for the there's. Actually quite a bit of action in the weibull account today.

First of all, i had tesla calls uh if you've been paying attention to tesla, it's gone. Nowhere i'll check out that daily chart in just a bit, so i sold that that was about a four thousand dollar loss uh. Unfortunately, i had to lock that in i'm happy i did because it would have gotten really out of hand um till ray. I still have that v, i s v, i a c put.

I still have that and palantir calls. So i have a palantir called till recall v, i say v, i a c put um all of those i'm not doing much with them, because i have um til ray. I have till next friday, the 26th viac and palantir. I have till mid april.

So i'm really not doing whenever i sell them i'll, let you know, but not much is going on with them. Yesterday's video, i told you, one of my main goals today was to buy gamestop on a dip. I bought two calls strike price 250 expiration date of next friday. I was giving myself more time already up a thousand dollars on that um.

Obviously, i'm very much hoping that gme continues to rip, so this uh pays out even more money. Um, that's the main update on the two portfolios. You know me. I try to be as transparent as i can so quick portfolio update.

Those are all my positions. Not too much has really changed, not the best day in the market, but i think i got good positioning on both gamestop and amc that hopefully, when this squeeze does take place, we can get a capture really the meat of the move and make a decent amount Of money on it, so now before we get into the technicals of gamestop and amc, there is one important. I really need to thing. I need to note to you of what's going on in the overall stock market, oops, sorry uh! So today, the s p 500, which is an etf basically a basket of 500 of the biggest companies within the us, did hit an all-time high 397.83 for a bit now over the weekend, i was telling you a breakout of this red trend line.

We're going to see some bullish action. To be honest, this is more of a bullish follow-through than i ever really expected. As of now the main resistance, since this is uncharted territory, we have to let price discovery play itself out um. My next target is just that psychological level of 400, and just so you know, i am expecting big big volatility in the overall market tomorrow.

Um tomorrow is wednesday march 17th. I'm expecting big activity in the market because it's when is it's when the federal reserve will be reporting its minutes, so basically um this kind of sums it up why this week's fed meeting could be march madness for the markets when the economy with the economy, about To boom the fed's easy policies will be in the spotlight wednesday, when fed chairman. Jerome powell speaks to the press after the fed's two-day meeting, so the meeting started today march 16th. It will be concluding tomorrow and we'll get a wrap-up of what's going on uh.

The meeting starts at 2 p.m. Eastern tomorrow, don't be surprised if the market has a lot of volatility based on what the fed chairman jerome powell ends up, saying at 2 p.m. Eastern tomorrow, the fed will release new economic and interest rate forecasts which could show fed officials expect to raise rates by 2023. So, basically, here's how it's gon na go if they're talking about raising rates or raising them early, the market will go down if they're talking about not touching rates and kind of letting um, basically their whole big thing.

Is unemployment they're trying to get unemployment as low as possible so to battle that they could keep interest rates low, so basically listen to interest rates? If you hear anything about them rising them, the market will most likely go down if they're going to keep interest rates. Low the market will continue to rise higher. We could also listen to anything if they continue their basically their policy of unlimited quantitative easing if they continue to buy bonds. That will also be good for the economy.

Once again, this will produce volatility in the market tomorrow, wednesday march 17th, so uh, the talk will start at 2 p.m. Eastern, if you're interested it'll most likely be on either cnbc or just like c-span. Something like that. You should find it on like any of those main networks, so overall market new all-time high today acting pretty pretty strong but um.

It could either shoot up or drop down. Based on what uh the chairman says tomorrow, so make sure that's on your radars. Another thing you should know is on your radar is this friday is also known as quadruple witching. It happens four times a year.

Quadruple witching is basically when four types of contracts are going to expire. Um, quadruple witching in no way is associated with bullishness or bearishness, but it is associated with higher volatility, so both wednesday and friday, and most likely might as well just throw it in the middle in between there on thursday. I'm expecting the rest of this week to be pretty volatile, not only in the meme stocks of amc and gamestop, but definitely in the overall market. Some of your blue chip stocks such as apple microsoft, tesla, yada, yada yada.

All those expect big moves coming soon, um. So i just want to get that on your radar now, let's switch it up to our favorite meme stocks. Let's see if i don't mess these names up at all, let's kick it off alphabetically, let's start with amc before we get into that just so you know, as of here, let me do um a hard reload on that. I'm pretty sure i have the most recent data, but as of now as of one hour ago, there are 5.9 million short shares available relative to yesterday's video.

This is an increase, as in more people covered their position, but it wasn't that many keep in mind that so a couple million may have covered, but overall the the volume in a day is 278 million, so think about it. In a relative nature, it's kind of a drop in a bucket um of the the scheme of it all the whole scheme, so amc uh. Currently today it did drop seven point: two percent. It ended the day at 1302 uh the fact that it's right above a dollar amount, there weren't many options expiring today, um, so it wasn't like a big win than that.

More of like a psychological win that we ended right above the dollar. Overall, though, from a candlestick pattern, it was an inside day the high and the low of today was captured within yesterday's training bar. So uh, it's not the most common candlestick. Usually you don't see inside days.

Obviously they are possible, but really it just doesn't give you much information uh the bears weren't winning the bulls weren't winning. It was a neutral day. You could say that the bears won a little bit because it was down seven percent, but also keep in mind that over the past week and month, amc is up quite a bit. So in the big picture, the bulls are definitely still winning and today was more of like a neutral, meh kind of day um.

But we will be looking for some nice follow through tomorrow, especially because we still have those fundamental updates of really just la california. As a whole, starting to open up at a certain capacity, which will be good for the theaters it'll help their bottom line, so yesterday it shot up. In the morning we traded sideways all day. Today there was a sell-off and then we slowly grinded higher higher um.

The only technical pattern of today is this upward channel that is referred to as a bear flag. Bear flags, do commonly break downward um. There's no guarantee i'm looking for support to be found at the top of the gap region that i've been talking about so much at 12.91. Look for this trend line for this uh support to hold uh the thing about bear flags and both legs is.

You have no idea how they're gon na how much they're gon na build out so they do commonly break downwards. I mean no way say anything. That's going to happen, in fact, if we break upwards, that's exceptionally bullish, so i'm looking for that tomorrow, i'm going to be watching this channel and i'll also be watching 1291. On top of that, i'll be mainly watching 14, which is a key psychological level and then the high from uh yesterday at 14 49..

Those are the main price levels i'm watching tomorrow. As of now, the the situation we were dealt is a pretty neutral one. So it'll be interesting to see how things break tomorrow. Now, let's switch it up to gamestop ticker symbol gme.

Today it dropped a little bit less than amc. Five point: four: four percent, and after i was trading as i'm filming this, it's at two point: three, two percent um, it's it's at 208 dollars, i'm happy it was able to hold 200. I was really looking forward to hold this previous level of res uh support, which has now become resistance once again, at 212., um not much going on. Basically, we might have the the star of a formation of a giant cup and handle this would be your cup.

A handle would be forming if we can successfully make a new higher low uh that to me in my book would be confirmed once we close above 280. We would have the cup a handle in the world of technical analysis cup and handles are very, very bullish. Pattern once again, nothing in the world of technical analysis is ever perfect. Nothing's gon na ever have a hundred percent accuracy, but the statistics tell us that a cup and handle is a very bullish pattern.

So i'm looking for the formation of that and in terms of what we're seeing on the 30-minute chart yesterday was brutal. We had this wedge breakdown um. It kind of just capitulated. From there today, kind of a similar looking chart to amc uh it sold off right away and then it slowly grinded higher all day it bounced off of 220.

Now it's at 203 tomorrow i'll be mainly watching 212 past that 250 and for support i'm watching 185.. Also, i think i forgot to do this gamestops um short share. Availability holding consistent at 400, 000., keep in mind um. The short volume overall is 5 million the market volume.

The amount of shares traded today was 25 million um. So a couple hundred thousand people either starting a new short position or closing it still is small relative to the amount of shares that we're dealing with um. So that's: what's going on with our meme stops, amc gme gme did not have that inside day that we saw with amc. It was more of a handle day.

Uh a hammer day. Excuse me hammer uh. These are bullish because what it's psychologically telling you is, they try to push it down and then enough people bought it back up forming a hammer um if you're into the idea of candlestick patterns. Hammer patterns.

Are this hamel hammer candle is a bullish one. So i would love for some follow through to start and then we would see a better bush uh pattern with a cup and handle situation so right now um. I know gamestop did end the day down five percent, but i think it is setting up for an interesting day tomorrow, both gamestop and amc, especially because we're expecting some volatility starting around 2 p.m, and then volatility really for the remainder of the week. Because of quadruple witching, if you want to know more of the specifics about quadruple, witching, i'll link, a video below it's a quick three minute explanation, video really what's going on, but a high level view, there's four different types of contracts expiring, so people have to roll Over so there is increased volatility now on a daily perspective, uh perspective, let's run through some of these other major stocks, tesla not having the past day best day it dropped four percent.

It tried to break out now it's really struggling at seven hundred dollars. It was knocked down if it breaks below the low of march 10th, whatever this low is of 655 um i'll once again in the short term, switch to being bearish on tesla. Overall, though, i'm investing in tesla for the long run, i'm bullish on its long-term output. I'm just seeing if i could save some money in the short term uh with some options, but i'm looking for a breakdown of this march 10th low once again at 6, 55.

But today, over really the past five days. It's just been barcoding, not really going anywhere riot, not having as good of a day as i thought it would. I mean bitcoin's been strong over the weekend. It hit 62k right now, it's at 56k um, it's trying to hold on 57 if it breaks below this.

Previous support previous resistance, it's a gap region if it breaks below 57, it might be coming back down to 44., so be careful of that, but also the signs are pointing to a bounce. So, let's pay attention to riot in terms of palantir kind of similar to tesla. Honestly we had this technical breakout, but instead um better than tesla is the fact that palantir is now balancing off of the key psychological level and reach price level of support resistance. Um.

Basically, a lot of interactions, high volume, trade at 25. - let's look for a bouncer and see if palantir can continue its trip back up to 30. overall um. Yesterday i was also talking about the cannabis sector.

The cannabis sector was hit pretty hard today. Um tilray had a perfect rejection once again at 30, 60. So um, let's see if this leads to a further sell-off or if people want to buy it back up and once again test 3060.. The story's kind of the same with cgc um it went up, got rejected same with apha um.

Overall, my long-term thesis on cannabis, the entire sector, whether you're talking tilray, apj, cgc, ogi, sndl, all of them. I think that they will be training higher than they are right now months or years down. The road, especially as cannabis, becomes federally legal within the us, but in the short term, i'm seeing um it's kind of in no man's land. Right now, i'm seeing if there's any bullish follow through bears, follow through or if it's going to just trade sideways.

So make sure you're checking back tomorrow to see if there's any major updates on that overall uh expecting volatility in the market tomorrow. I will specifically, of course, i'll be watching gamestop and amc on top of that i'll be seeing if um the bears continue to win in tesla i'll, be watching what goes on with ryan and palantir. That's my major watch list tomorrow and, of course, all those cannabis talks just to see who's really winning the fight um. I would love to get your thoughts on today's inside day with amc and today's hammer uh candle with gme um, i'm looking for some nice bullish.

Follow through on both of those stocks tomorrow, but let me know uh what you think is going on in the meme socks and also the overall stock market with the fed talking tomorrow and quadruple witching on friday. I would love to get your thoughts in a comment below and on top of that, an interesting thing that came up during the live stream today, in your opinion, is the correct saying: take that with a grain of salt or a pinch of salt uh, it looked Like the chat was spit split 50. 50. On that i'm curious, which one you think is right.

I've always said a grain of salt like take that with a grain of salt, but uh people are saying i was definitely wrong and that it was a pinch of salt. I don't know what's right, so i might as well crowdsource this to all of you and get the right answer. Comment that below don't forget to join up with the moon gang by hitting the subscribe button. And if you want those two free socks make sure you're checking out that link to weeble one for signing up another for depositing a hundred dollars um until i catch you in the live stream tomorrow.

Remember best of luck in the markets. You.

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    Hey Matt, when I pointed out your mix up the other day it wasn't being done in a hateful way. I appreciate everything you do. And I pay close attention to every word you say "for the most part" anyways keep it up.

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    It is a grain of salt . I am old and an
    English teacher. We specifically teach idioms like that so students understand figurative language.

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    It's a grain of salt. A pinch of salt makes as much sense as saying "take that advice with a handful, bottle, or bucket of salt." Obviously you would want to use the smallest unit of measurement.

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    Funny how the 4 Hodlmen have all stopped putting 5 videos out a day when things are going to shit. Matt seemed very uncomfortable here, kind of struggling to find any positive words…
    For the record, I’ve been holding with the moon gang, but I’m afraid the huge problem is that everyone is tapped out of extra money to keep feeding the bullish volume, and it makes me fear that this possibly IS (unfortunately) a “dying cat”.
    I predict these next few days are going to be miserable.
    Andrew was really beating up on Uncle Bruce’s warnings, but now where is he?

    Hiding out, eating crow perhaps????

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