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Amc gamestop : massive short interest price prediction targets – Matt Kohrs

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AMC & GameStop 💎🙌: MASSIVE SHORT INTEREST || Price Prediction & Targets 🚀🚀🚀
What Went Wrong Today?
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What's going on moon gang, i hope that you're having a good one, this video will be a quick stock market, wrap up for both amc and gamestop. For today, thursday april 22nd, in this video i'll be going over what happened in both of the stocks i'll be giving you the most up-to-date and recent short interest numbers for both amc and gme and then at the end i'll be doing a very quick technical breakdown. Before we get into that just so, you know the public moon gang portfolio does have a new position. I bought some las vegas sans calls with a strike price of 60 and an expiration date of may 21st.

So that's a full month play, but it did come across on our tibia picker, which is our options picker service, linked in the description below um. But i liked what i was seeing in the chart to me. It makes sense that the world is returning to the new normal, so i think these companies that have physical gambling locations such as las vegas sands, should do pretty well. So that's why i bought some call options on it.

As of now lvs is trading at 58. I'm looking to see how it reacts to the resistance at 62 fall by 64.. All right in terms of amc. It closed out the day at 9.99.

I know it doesn't feel like it, but it was actually green on the day. Amc ended up gaining 2.15 any day. We're trending upward is obviously putting more and more pressure on the hedge funds, betting against it um. It was weird uh.

The pre-market was absolutely awesome. The opening was awesome at one point were as high as 10.65 and most of the day, we are heading out uh heading around 10 44, but in the second half of the day, basically, because of announcements related to an increase in capital gains tax, which i will Make a standalone video for that hit the market hit, amc it hit gme. It hit a lot of stack stocks, so we closed out the day at 9.99 in terms of gme not the best day, it was kind of selling off all day and then that selling really sped up with that capital capital gains tax announcement, the increase in taxes From there at one point, we closed out the day at 151.117 we were down 4.63, so we basically ended up dropping from 159 to as low as 146 and right now, it's trading at 151.. I personally was very very excited about amc and then, with the increase in um tax announcement, it just threw a wrench in the plan, but that's just for one day.

Clearly, there's something pretty bullish going on with amc right now, so i'm very very excited to see how this ends up tomorrow. Other than that, though, there was an interesting change in things related to amc, specifically, so ever since really thursday march 18th, the short interest and the shares on loan have gone higher and higher and higher, and today was actually the first day that the short interest slightly Dropped, it was pretty much unchanged dropped by 0.02 percent. It is worthwhile to know like this. Is, i guess.

The first day we haven't seen an increase, but it is pretty much neutral. The net change of shares on loan was a decrease of 30 000, which, in terms of amc, is absolutely nothing because right now the shares on loan is still 153 million utilization started off today, around 100, i'm assuming we're at 100 or the very high 99. We'll know when the market updates tomorrow morning and other than that, the current estimated short interest of the free float is 23.43. Once again, that's all for amc in terms of gamestop.

We actually saw a drop in that as well a drop of 0.4. The net change was a return of 61 000 shares which puts the shares on loan just under it's right. Above 15 million remember, the free float for amc is 400 million. The free float for gamestop is 15 million.

Utilization is around 55 percent and the estimated short interest is currently 27.72, so um we haven't seen this in a while uh. As of now. Both of these both meme stocks, amc and gme did have a slight slight slight baby decrease in the short interest, but the magnitude of the short interest numbers is still sky high. So i'm excited to see how things play out tomorrow because it is friday.

So a lot of options are expiring, so i'm hoping that there's an uptick in volatility and knock on wood, i'm hoping that the volatility does favor us in the bull camp, our space, a diamond handed hodlers. Obviously i'm hoping that these things really trend upward and man. I was just so excited with amc today. The price action we were seeing was absolutely phenomenal, at least for the first half of the day, so i'm hoping that we can get a continuation of that tomorrow and i'm in all honesty, i'm hoping that it continues throughout the entire day.

So now with that being said, let's look at some of the technical levels. You can actually better see this here i mean over the all day, wednesday and for the first half of the day today, amc has been on a tear. I mean it's gone from 970. All the way up to 10.65, i was in yesterday's update video.

I did point out the resistance at 1050, also aligning with this trend line um, i thought man i i was really hoping. We were gon na break it, but we didn't so now at least. Hopefully, we have the chance to build a support at a newer higher level. So when we start to run again, we will have more momentum and more range to run.

Remember previously, in yesterday's update video, i was saying 9.75 to 10. 10 is resistance now that we're on the top side of it coming back down, i'm hoping that this entire region can act as support, as you can see down here in the rsi stands for relative strength index is probably one of the most common technical indicators in The market, it just maps out bullish against bearish momentum very high, is pretty bullish. Very low is pretty bearish, in other words, when it gets this high, it's commonly considered to be overbought. So i am okay with taking a breather.

I wish it hit 11 and then took a breather, but anyway, like we can't split hairs now um. So i'm hoping that now that the rsi has had a chance to cool off, i'm hoping tomorrow quickly get above uh. 10. 10.

I want to break through 10 10 50. from there we have 11, which is just a key psychological level. I think things get specifically interesting for amc if it can break above 1185. I think that's the part honestly when i think we're gon na see.

Quite a few of the hedge funds throwing in the towel calling in their loss, which could potentially trigger short squeezes and gamma squeeze vice versa, back and forth on the downside, i am looking for amc to hold 10.75 and from there i would say the next major Support that we've seen is around nine dollars once again. That's all for amc in terms of gme. Let's switch this up a bit a little bit of a different chart. Um we actually are today we bounce off of an oversold um rsi reading.

So i'm i'm hoping that this can hold at that key level of 150. in terms of resistance, i'm expecting a little bit of a hiccup in the region between 160 168 from there. I will very very closely be watching 185 if you've been watching any of these update videos. You know how important 185 is for gamestop, in terms of where i said things get really interesting for amc above 1185 in terms of gamestop, i would say that's above 250, but uh to get there.

Obviously we have to go above 185 and we also know that there is a region of resistance between 200 and 212. in terms of the downside, we're looking for 150 to hold other than that there's an area of consolidation around 140, but i'm very much looking for 134 to hold so that's my the price levels of interest tomorrow, when we have a big day of of options expiring, so hopefully there's more volatility. Like i said, i obviously want that to favor us upward volatility. I would like way way better than uh.

Just some severe sell-off, we can get that quite a few options are expiring. If you look at the current open interest, so i hope that there's some interesting jockeying for position really just anything better than this sideways grind. There is an argument, yes, that even on sideway grind day that does favor us, because remember anyone, who's, betting, against amc and or gme does have to pay like just a rental fee on those shares. So really, if we go sideways or up that is good for us, but just in terms of us keeping the interest in this story um, it is way way easier, like i know, there's hardcore diamond handers out there, but it's way easier to keep people interested like Kind of these fair weather investors and traders, if there's some cool, exciting fundamental developments and technical elements, specifically with breaking out above resistance.

So that's what's going on with both amc and jimmy. I would love to get your thoughts on both of these tomorrow, specifically as we're heading into a friday. What do you think is going on? Do you think that the hedge funds are like at their breaking point of like where it's gon na happen? Let me know um, i i think there's fatigue on both sides of this battle and i'm just curious of your thoughts. Um also uh might as well speak a little bit about.

What's going on with dogecoin dogecoin had an interesting day, a nice nice rally up to 31 cents, especially given that the market was selling off, but since then there's been a bit of a sell-off down to 27 cents. If you are yourself in dogecoin, i think it is worthwhile just for me to quickly point out. Uh one region of support is around 26 cents. Then we have 25 cents at that point of 25 cents.

I am assuming the rsi would be considerably oversold. So i think that would be a good dip buy opportunity, at least in my book. Please remember, i'm not a financial advisor. It's definitely good for you to do your own research kind of figure out what's going on, because at the end of the day it is your own money, but without all that being said, let me know your thoughts on amc and jimmy in a comment below and Um, if you enjoyed this video, it would be much appreciated if you could drop a like leave a comment.

It just helps me out the youtube algorithm and if you haven't already don't forget to join up with the moon game by hitting the subscribe button, don't forget. I will be doing a live stream: 9 a.m bright and early tomorrow. I hope i see you there until then from me and chair and duck shirt best of luck in the markets. You.

24 thoughts on “Amc gamestop : massive short interest price prediction targets”
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    When will GME squeeze? I am now doubting that it will happen and I am so at loss with average price at @ 225 for GME. Can't average because no more cash. I might sell half of my bag because I am so at loss

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Byron Bayhylle,Jnr says:

    The reason people watch you, they want to see you fail…especially the Greg's. Matt won't fail💖

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  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Soccerboss792 says:

    Although I was upset with gme, I took it as a few paper hands and manipulation but a lot of people moving gme money to amc which is AMAZING. WE NEED TO PUT OUR MONEY TOGETHER TO GET ONE TO SQUEEZE. they can’t all squeeze at once. AMC first, then gme. I’m holding both either way tho

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jays22b says:

    im holding da door till amc gme squeeze, I will not invest like a normal person until the hedges have paid for this. I lost 25% overnite months ago been on the otherside of the fence. Now im holding the fence up waiting for my ape mates to get ready to charge the hedges. we let them get away with this and the stockmarket is a joke then………

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kent McCroskey says:

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  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars fkubiggness says:

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  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Isabel Blanco says:

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    Nice, I don't care about the technicals tho. AMC and GME are beyond being able to consistently predict it based on TA.

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars We Heart says:

    A question for Matt or for anyone with knowledge on this concerning my AMC calls I have open and possibly exercising a call. I have heard if AMC squeezes and say the price goes crazy ($1,000 or more and I heard the squeeze could last for 2-3 days) that it might be hard to "Sell To Close" some calls for how much they are actually worth (not sure if there is a term for this?). So I was thinking, if the price goes to a thousand bucks or so, I could just sell 1 share of AMC (I'm sitting on 500 or so) and I could use that money to exercise a call option (100 shares at $10 strike) and I would be all good and would be getting full value. My question is, say it's 11am on a Tuesday and I sell the share, get my thousand dollars, then exercise the AMC $10 call, how long is it before I see those 100 shares show up in my account? Will this work? It sounds like a legit strategy to me if I exercise the call and get my shares pretty quickly. Any ideas, tips, tricks, etc….? Obviously this question applies to any stock in a squeeze lol

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars JLS says:

    I have a $40 call option for AMC expiring September 17th. If the stock squeezes before then would it be better to sell the option or exercise it and hold the shares? Every video I see on YouTube says almost never exercise an option unless the dividend is higher than something or another. So this stock squeezes before September should I sell it or exercise it?

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars hailiebird says:

    I've learned a lot from your videos and live streams! Wanted to say that no matter what is happening in the charts you provide great content! Thanks!! 🙂

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dabz says:

    all these amc / gme youtubers are a broken record at this point. wake up, its not happening, they will burn the system down before it does

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