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I'm surprised, i'm not in a boy band as well uh. Well, i didn't make any money, so i didn't eat lunch, but i did heat up water and put this mint tea in it um. So i am now a shell for the big mint tea industry out there. Tea is actually a massive industry.

I mean besides water, it's the most consumed drink out there. We all know that all right, sorry, you get connected to houston. What's going on houston hold on total hotel, not a financial recliner! That's hilarious! All right, tesla thoughts, i think tesla's. Looking good.

I would love a break at 665.. Um mara. I don't know what mars doing i'm down 10 bucks on discovery, worst trade ever all right. Well, i need my t t to cool off a little bit uh.

What is it it's? 1. 45. 143 eastern. So what does that mean for us? As a group you know like? Where does that leave us as a team, a big team? If you will, i miss you so much big, shamrock and big team says matt is the show chair.

Chair is just so powerful. Look at this triple top 197. It's gon na happen. It's gon na be a good close chair is god, chair makes amc and jamie go burr.

I agree, i agree, i agree, do you think viacom will make a comeback? The chart has been up and down uh. I think one day i don't think any time like soon has been getting destroyed. I think there might be like a realistic, like reversion play like a small bounce, but to come back to those highs. I think it has quite a bit to do.

Hofv support and resistance. H-O-F-V um close to support is probably just five bucks, but it's not looking. The best lower highs looks like a bit heavy and that's sad for me to say, because i'm in it um yeah. I guess 495 is the closest support, we're watching right now on it yeah def, yeah, five 495 somewhere in that region.

So hopefully it catches itself, but i mean it's also proven itself to have just like. I guess insane range like. I feel that we could wake up one of these days and it could just be way higher. What is this crap? I was expecting matched strats me too.

Every day i wake up dreaming about match strats, and here we are no match strats. Alright, let's go back to the cool, gen z, people who tie their sweatshirt things so much style, yeah my style style plus ten. Oh, you can't even see it, but i tied my thingies in uh the bunny ear thing like one bunny ear, the other bunny here you wrap them around fun fact about me. The first place i ever successfully tied my shoes by myself was the kmart and i was like mom i just tied my shoes like i was in the shopping cart.

I was a wee little lad and i i tied my shoes successfully for the first time with no help from anyone, and i told my mom and she didn't care. She was like. Okay, like we need to go, buy this stuff. Yeah high school was hard check.

Nrz on tibio 156 calls normal is 7k. Are you gen z? No, i'm technically millennial, i'm 26, almost 27.. Where is nrz? Are you able to remember that i don't know just a pivotal, pivotal point in my life that was it uh? I know all you fancy shoe tires all out there you're all like i make a loop and, like you had to have a big brain to do it the whole like it runs around the tree and then it comes out through the hole or whatever. I was.

Never one of those people, i am highly biased to the two bunny ear technique, where you have like the two bunny ears and you cross it and you pull that all you fancy people with like. Oh, i have one loop. I run it around and then i pull that out. That was like way too far over my head.

This is getting real personal. How does your favorite streamer tie their shoes, nrz um nrz, a lot of people, betting on this breakout uh, not in love with it, though i i just feel like it's a bit chasy and i've already chased enough today, but you might make a lot of money. I don't know it's not my favorite chart setup whoa. How high has this thing been before? What happened here? What happened here, the loop swoop and pull yeah? Never did that um.

I just feel i don't know. I feel like it's chasey to get into nrz. What is this a real estate investment? So a reit? They own a lot of things potentially like malls and that stuff, i don't know, um it. It's it just feels chase.

It doesn't feel right. You know just something about it. Something about it seems off in your gut. Can you check the tesla chart again? Oh, this is why it's messed up, because usually this is on the right, my bad tesla.

Hopefully it holds 661. mara coming back amc 1019. It did just hit 1034, though gme 195.. It did just hit 197.

eaststone. I don't i i don't know if i just had like an ugly face like that, but i i'm not i'm i'm as sober as a bird. I think i just look like one of those people. You know i feel, like i get typecasted as that type of stuff.

Imagine how it makes me feel, i'm just trying to see the matrix, i'm trying to see the stock market and the just doesn't feel like the best play. All right. Where are we at? Where are we at matt? I'm back? I was pissed that you missed 15 of my texts yesterday, asking about plug power. I went to watch andrew, but he's just not cutting it.

Miss chair, dimitri buddy, i'm sorry, you know, relationships are gon na have their up and down, and i think a key for us is just positive, constructive conversation and that's what we're doing right now. You're sharing your emotions with me, i'm letting you know that! I'm sorry! I feel like we all don't say that enough. I'm sorry for the way you felt - and i will do my best to fix it as for plug power. Solid bounce play off of 30..

Look for that breakout at 40., but i know you have some calls on it. I think you're you're, looking good look for this downtrend to break and um. So not only are you making money, i think we made quantifiable leaps forward in our relationship. Think about it.

This way, if you can't tell some random, live streamer, how you're feeling? How are you ever going to tell people in your actual relationships like physical relationships, how you're feeling like in person relationships? I should say this is good. This is good for all of us. This is how people communicate back and forth. Nothing matters does matt care about anything.

Does he take anything seriously legitimately things my parents have been yelling at me for years. You got ta, take this more seriously. Why? But why mom uh gamestop, looking good 196 mara, looking good tesla, not making me feel the best at the moment, uh i'm down 12 bucks. Nine bucks on discovery never going to financially recover from this one uh, whatever whatever dude uh.

Where are we at oh uh team, if you could just drop a like for me if you dropped a like before i appreciate we just need to redo it, to get people back in here for the afternoon. There's 4 000 of you cool cats watching um. So i think that means we could get up to 5 000. um.

I do expect one in four of you to remake new youtube accounts right now and hit a like button. I think it's pretty it's pretty reasonable that you guys would do it. I don't get. Why live streamers, do that like? Why do we pick a little percentage of like oh there's, 10 000 of you watching? Can i get 2 000 likes like? Why do we do that like? Why don't we shoot higher there's 10 000 of you watching? I want 25 000 likes.

I want all of you to make two and a half accounts. I feel like people just don't shoot high enough with their goals. 4. 000 watching cool.

I want 10 000 likes. That's what i want. I want. 10.

000 likes 25. 000. Subscribers and i want tessa to go to the moon right now. He did get serious.

He started youtube channel with the chair. That's all we heard middle school high school college or like, if you don't take this seriously, how are you ever going to succeed joke's on them? I feature a chair on my streams and it works. Matt wants it all. You get nothing.

Ah, everyone so tense. These days, you know, come on, i don't know where you live in the world, but in my hemisphere summer's starting the sun's coming out we're getting over seasonal depression, the world's opening back up bars and restaurants are open. My people are talking to me again because they see have some little level of success and, like so all my friends are coming back into my life and they're. Like, oh just super sorry like, we didn't talk to you because we forgot, but like you're cool now, so let's talk about youtube like life's turning around team.

Can we test the chair theory again? Ah now, i'm down 12 bucks on discovery. Austin, isn't that kind of cool, though, that i even knew that some people, some of my viewers, are in a different hemisphere when their winter is about to start or whatever, crazy stuff how the globe works. You know globe facts, glow facts with matt uh. I was about to bust into a whole nother skit, but i think you guys wouldn't react too kindly to that one all right.

Well that all started because of you dimitri. So i'm happy we're we're friends again we're pals we're partners, partners in crime. Can you explain your tesla put uh, i don't have a tesla put. I have tesla calls that are currently up.

I don't know if you can you see this. I have tesla calls right here. I'm up 16.9 percent. Three calls strike price 657.5, expiration date of april 9th, which is not this friday, but next friday um am i the richest person alive? Maybe i don't know, that's that's for forbes to decide.

Am i am i the best trader in the world. I don't know. That's up to you, i'm getting really strong ryan from the office. Great uh vibes from this guy.

I've heard that a couple times that i remind people from ryan from the office recently on chat, i get uh steve or whatever from blue's clues. That's always a popular one: uh i'm not the biggest fan of uh g-eazy, that's cool because he's cool because he's a rapper he's also very tall he's way taller than i am he's like six four six, five um i get the younger franco brother dave, dave, franco. I get that one um. Recently people have been talking about pedro, pascal, the guy from wonder woman 1984, the like kind of villain character in that one he's also in kingsman he's in that kingsman movie mac.

Ah, mac miller, i mean i like his music, but i don't know if i look like mac miller, the baby and of course well of course, number one is the baby. Oh, my god move the time and sales tab. I don't know where you all right. I guess no one wants to see time and sales today i'll move it it's gone.

Are you happy, mr? No? I don't want to see well, but that didn't actually even help at all. I need to put stuff below this, so i can scroll all right here. Here's what we're going to do uh! I need to do it in reverse order, so i need to do time and sales positions then level two remove remove, remove all right, so the one that we care, apparently least about, is time and sales all right, so that one goes first, then we need my Orders and positions, then we need to do where? Is it this and then key statistics? Look at that perfect nailed it. I nailed that one look at that.

I think you guys could all see that now perfect. Oh, that's a beautiful, that's a beaut right there. I don't know why i'm saying that so much today, this feels right, pee, wee, herman, just click and hold the black bar to move no way. Does that work? Ah denzel? Why did you tell me that oops now i lost it again.

Look at me hard to believe i was a computer person before this huh. That's crazy! Are you the kind of people who have parents who are like pretty tech savvy and like they get it or are you more so of the people who, like you like, have to explain to your parents that there's like multiple passwords for their logins throughout the internet? I was like the other day i was explaining to my mom, so my mom thinks that if once you have a password in the world of the internet, that that password should just be applied to everything, if you're logging into your netflix your email, your trading account. She thinks that, like once, you have a internet password, it's good for everything. Obviously, that's not how this world works, but that's the type of parent technology i deal with matt should grow a beard, i kind of think, maybe in november.

I could do like a charity thing with like a no shave november like if anyone wants to do it but uh, and then it would be fine, because we could see how like ugly, i get over a month option two wait. There are multiple passwords see. I remember the one day um. It was like a good hour-long discussion and or argument, and my mom would have like bet my life on the fact that without her, knowing verizon changed her password, she like to this day does not think that she changed it or anything.

She like swears that there was some sort of data breach. They went into her account exclusively in the world of all verizon accounts and changed her password to mess with her and to this day she believes that uh all right. Where are we at now? I'm down 16 months on discovery, never gon na get never gon na financially uh too much tiger king quotes. What a great show did you guys see that nicholas cage is gon na play the tiger king in some new like show or movie or series, or something what a perfect casting? Whoever is that casting director absolutely nailed that all right? Where are we at i'm? Behind my password is chair: oh austin, i love this tractor duck and tractor contractor perfect.

You guys have relationships. I just watch matt and bet on out of the money options. Change my name. Okay.

Thank you. Editor. You remind me that i need to dive into my password doctrine and get it organized come on man. You say you're, a sandler family.

You don't no loop swoop and pull. Is that what it's from troy? I completely forgot? It definitely is a sandler dhap, chpt crushin. It crushin it: where are we at gamestop update 194 amc, 1022 tesla, nothing 660 mara! Coming back, can you let me know in chat if you made a bad trade and followed me in tomorrow, and now somehow are lucky and made money all right? Where are we at? Where are we at team? We got ta, we got ta, really buckle down and talk business now mars, just ripping that's what i like to see just feel like this is um. Let's just do everything with movie quotes today, um if you've watched miracle the ice hockey movie.

I feel like this is just us in that movie, but it's just never ending it's not like the length of one hockey match. It's been like this for weeks. All right, i'm very behind on super chat. So let's do these, i'm very behind i'm sorry, you look like max payne.

Aren't there multiple max paynes, i'm so warm coincidence about five, more amc, love. It 11. 50. Amc strike april 16th thoughts.

I think you'll make a lot of money if this rips she and me about to go love it dan. Can you look at no a huge cell wall at 398? I was thinking about selling. Until i saw the wall any ideas. What is causing the wall? I mean joe uh.

A wall is literally just people actively putting in orders to sell there. That's like what these buying and selling walls are you're, seeing where people are trying to buy you're, seeing where people are trying to sell. Are we like best friends, dimitri? You can't have fire without a little bit of friction. You know i uh, i feel like that's the main concept of how i run these channels.

You can't have fire without friction. You look like chair. You look like that. Guy from mad strats, that was the peak of this channel back in the match strats day, i was giving out good training algorithms that voice, though that voice was the best.

What's going on moon gang, what's going on moon gang, let's talk about amc and gme game. Stop hey max been watching your channel for 12 years, thanks for everything you do for the quilting company community. I really like your humor. I need new shoes.

What's your thoughts on cs? Have some 10 puts april 16th 30 dollars this year? Love it lance cs is getting its teeth kicked in today. I think that's a good play, snowball effect, small happiness bumps along the way up, maintains attainable goal and can quickly gain momentum. Andrew love, it oh my lord, it just clicked if they do a doc about this, they got ta get justin long to play. You i mean i feel like the only person who could really capture me is bradley cooper.

You know or keanu reeves. I feel like they're the people, the two well-established actors who understand my emotional depth. You know me from swings of manic to more manic short percentage fee, uh, the short fee percentage on scac. Please! Yes, yes, yes, just because you were so nice about it, the cost to borrow is 2.5 cents.

The short interest is 3.7 percent, and the utilization is 19. These numbers are telling me that scac is not being that heavily shorted at all. Holding 20 v. I ac 50 calls for april 30th.

You like pirates um. I do actually like it, but i think you might have some pain in the meantime um. I would be very concerned if it breaks below 40 uh in terms of risk, but people might step in like it's time for reversion, but if it goes below this low it could just keep vomiting. So just watch that well i lose my money on an option.

Call if i carry it over tomorrow, it expires tomorrow. No, not technically, they don't expire. Well, technically, they don't expire until the market closes. But if you're on robin hood, they typically close your position at 3 p.m.

An hour before the market closes, i saw an image of a duck on my toast this morning, peter that has to be a good sign: hey matt you're. My first super chat ever been listening since first week of the stream up a thousand percent on clf pre tiblio, you crack me up stay awesome robert. You stay awesome wanderer, shout out to your mom. You give a shout out to my mom.

Yes, shout out to your mom best source to find runners. I want to short pull backs and profit on fomo any suggestions. Um, you can see some of the top runners of the day and track them. Uh, like even on finviz, well or text, is good or text is a paid service.

Once again, if you want a free week, trial use the link in the description, and then you can email, email them and get a 10 discount past that. But if you just want to see like wild wild runners, just go to finviz and just check out this list, i mean it's just like these are some of the big runners of the day. Here are some of the super weak ones of the day dc th is just falling off a cliff like i don't know, and this is free so check out finviz. Can you put hyv on the screen? What's the next support bounce thanks, bro good vibes, all right, hofv uh, i mean it's the psychological level at five, but overall the daily charts not looking the best.

It definitely needs a pretty successful. Bounce off of five resistance is at 580.. Look at gamestop. Look at that just like the mona lisa just pure art.

Oh, i need to sneeze, don't steez you're professional hold it in all right. I think i'm good! Oh! Hang on! Do i need to sneeze again no matt you're, a professional baron, hey matt, enjoying the stream south park? What are your thoughts on nrz nrz? Like i know it's the tiblio play. I just feel like it's a bit chasey like, i think, we're just hopping onto the party a bit too late, so i kind of don't like it because of that i mean the risk reward's, not bad. You could just risk 11.

Basically, it's an okay play. I would say it's an okay to good play. I don't know i just i'm not really in the mood to trade it my thoughts on ride. I think that that hindenburg article on ride really did some damage to it and it's not bouncing back thus far.

Oh one day, it'll come, but it's not showing any signs of bouncing right. Now robert cunningham became an astronaut shout out to robert, not financial advice. What's your price target on au, i think it's 23. yeah, 23.

uh and it's looking okay right now, but i'm looking for this jump up to 23. good time to buy yvr, no you're just chasing the hype, definitely not a good time to buy um. It's one thing: if it shows strength again tomorrow, but this volume it shot up kind of a failure. I wouldn't be hopping on to yvr now matt.

I just bought 2088 any thoughts on cardano. I want to get. I don't own cardano, but i uh. I want to get cardano if matt grew a beard for no shave november pirate.

Ah this pirate thing cameron, wherever you are out there in this universe. I really need you to know. I appreciate you, someone in chat just said amc trading sideways, but high volume is good for us. Is there any truth to that or amc or any stock um? Let me think well, first of all, it doesn't have high volume, it has very low volume, but even if it or i could double check that, i want to spread false information.

Um, the volume thus far is 22 million, and the average volume of the past 10 days is 84 million. Amc has very low volume right now. Um, you need more volume, typically for like more volatility um, but i i i wouldn't say, volume itself is inherently good or bad like i just care about how that volume is being traded. Is it being trading at higher levels? Lower levels, i care, like the price that people are agreeing to trade at right now, they're agreeing to trade at 10 24..

I want the next one to be 10. 25. 10. 30.

10. 40. 10. 50..

I want it to start to climb up. Volume itself is just the amount of trades i care where the trades are at. I want people to buy it, uh buy it and sell it at a continually higher and higher level. We had 38 million yesterday yeah that, like amc, is just very low vol like those times before.

Actually we could check it out right here, so yesterday it traded 39 million the day before that 37. The day before that 84, the day before that 131 million 81 million - but just so you know when it squeezed all the way back here he traded 1.2 billion like it, it trades a lot. So if you want these like massive gap, ups and short squeezes and everything like that, you're gon na see big volume in it, but that's more of a product of like the crazy price level. People fomo shorts, being squeezed gamma help like um the delta hedging, like even right here on this excitement.

Back on february 25th, we traded half a million um and right now we're trading not even a tenth of that no less than 1.2. So it's just not much. Volume volume is actually very low relative to like what we saw before when these things were cruising root is taken off. There we go there, we go root, how's it going little guy wait.

Do i not have root anymore? There? We go. Okay yeah, i have root 15 strike expiration of april 16th. The thing that's actually hurting me, the most right now is actually gamestop, unfortunately, sometimes the ones you love the most hurt you thoughts on g-nog, i mean i like gambling uh. I, like, i believe, g-nog is like online gambling right or what type of gambling is it technically.

I like it, uh, not necessarily as a like quick day, trade or anything, but i would be into buying it and swinging it for a couple months. I am root. I am root nice bounce from 12 up to 1325., i'm down 20 bucks. This lunch is getting expensive, potentially athletic.

This is hilarious. Can we find cameron and gift him into the discord? I would do. I would be willing to do that cameron. Mr pirate guy, you need, i just need to find you.

I need to know more about your life uh, let's go tesla, let's rip root is ribbon. Look at this little look at this guy gamestop, really struggling at 197., hold sneeze bad pirates root. Thanks for bringing that to my attention, i'm still down 29, but it's okay, good guys! Always wind extend this line. It's triggering your ocd! Sorry about that.

I could extend this one as well. Well, this one's really not that important anymore for this more of right in here, that's the sich who said that what cartoon was that kim possible? What's the sich as i get a copyright infringement from whoever owns kim possible, her naked mole rat? What else is going on? What else is going on love for root to hit 14. how's root? Looking on the daily on the daily uh? So a couple rough days for root - oh this bad boy needs to get back up. Oh i'm, looking for a gap fell up to 15.80.

That's what i'm looking for on route now, it's coming back to me. Breakout of 1540 gap fill up to 15. Whatever this low is 15 76 great year great great year, fine year, we are root, so we have a long way to go for that one. What's disk b doing, why is it not making me money? It was ron's naked mo rufus was ron, stoppables, unstoppables kim possibles.

You think those two ever got married. I bet so call me a romantic, but i'm always looking for a nice positive ending is j y nt a marinara stock. Can you pull it up sure just because you're so so, dang, nice, brief, okay, j-y-n-t, the joint corp develops, owns, operates and supports and manages chiropractic clinics through direct ownership management arrangements, franchising and the sale of regional developer uh. I don't think so seems like it's in the world of chiropractors.

I don't think it's in the marinara industry. Uh-Oh 1576 epidemic causes millions of deaths in the territory of new spain oops. If i sell stock in my 401k well, i get taxed 401k taxes. No clues people, i'm not a cpa, i'm not a lawyer, i'm not a financial advisor, i'm none of that.

I'm just let's just be honest, we're each other's best. Friends! That's all it is i'm just a really really good friend i didn't know cairo. There was such thing as a chiropractic franchise. It sounds cool, can't confirm.

I get adjusted there from sitting so long. I need to go to a chiropractor, my skeleton at this point. You know that picture of like that skeleton at bombay, uh or pompeii or wherever that vault volcano exploded, and then they found like the body. That's how my body feels like it's all messed up there like just laying there that's how it feels after sitting pirates pirates uh, i don't like gme options due to the greeks, theta's so high.

Why is that uh? It's because the implied volatility, the iv is sky. High thanks guy on the 401k tips, i think gift tips. I said i don't know what i'm talking about pompeii yeah, that one that's the guy i'm talking about. I should do yoga.

I used to go to like work out and like do the stair, stepper and stuff quite a bit before the world went upside down, and now i just don't do anything, i'm just like not only letting my body deteriorate but also my mind, i'm like it's just A double whammy i'm like well, if i'm gon na, let one go i might as well. Let both go. Your ignorance of history and geography is breathtaking. Paul.

I'm an american um, we're all ignorant of history and geography. If you're in america, languages bilingual. Never it's a joke for anyone who needs clarification on that. That's a joke! Oh! This is cool, more fun.

Facts. Pompeii was a trading town for mediterranean cultures the streets. Had. I can't read that, but it's funny man look at tesla run.

Look at maura run. This is just this. Is dr money team. There's like a history major in here who, like knows all geography, angry angered angered.

What is this v? Take a look at ggb tiblio call. Is this what you'd call the fourth bounce of support of the day? Uh? Let's check out g g b ggb, it is kind of looking good. Actually i mean the risk is far away, but well hang on the risk is far away, but so or not that far away. This stock has like no range.

It's taken it like 84 years to go from 415 to 527 and it's high is 547. um. I don't know this one, you, you probably want more range, so you could make and or lose more money. Thoughts on rail, considering amtrak uh president stands on infra rail.

Interesting whoa, v, good call this one's ripping uh looks good. I mean it's trying to break out right now. I feel a little late to the party on it, but this is a good one. Nice place to get in would have been like right here around.

Like 572., pretty much a dollar away, but um interesting good call v, they didn't teach us geography or history in school, but we did have tractor day. That's pretty much my high school well, i just have issues honestly like they um. The way it's like all done is, like you, basically just get your grade for like cramming and memorizing it so you're, storing it to your short-term memory, and no one has long-term memory of it, because, like of the way the american school system works, um, it's just Like it's just who's good at memorizing, facts uh, i was pretty decent at it but, like i don't remember any of it now, obviously uh. So who cares if i did like it's just silly they're, not like storing anything into your long-term memory? Besides the fact that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, the mitochondria green tractor day on schooling for the win, i am root.

We need an educational system, overhaul science facts with matt uh. Let me think of some science facts. If someone must need a subject. Science, very, very broad, science facts did you know that this is more of a history fact that marie antoinette never said the cake thing like that's almost uh? What's that called like the mandela effect when we all like as a society, assume one thing, but it's actually just like factually wrong that she never said that.

I remember learning that from my history teacher he's like yep, we've all been taught a lie. We all think it was her. Those are actually her opponents. It's almost the way social media works.

Today. If someone says something about someone they're like oh yeah, they said it. It was like really bad, and that was her like cake thing um, but yeah. She didn't actually say it: the ama, labeled, chiropractic and unscientific hall in 1966, so yeah before you guys go hating on marie antoinette.

She might have been a bad person, but she didn't say the cake thing. So all right now, everyone's just saying it's not the mandela effect. I thought the mandela effect was like we all like, as a group, think one thing and like the example is always the guy from monopoly of how we always picture that guy from monopoly with like the glass eye, not the glass eye, the lens thing. What am i thinking of what's that word, but anyway, he's actually has nothing on his face.

I'm just trying to share some facts and i took that personally fun fact: monocle yeah, that word yeah, the bernstein bears is the mandela effect like we all think it's spelled e, i n, and it's actually a i n and anyone that says a. I n you're like well, you spelled it wrong, it's like well, no, it's! Actually the mandela effect. How is the cake thing? Not a mandela effect. All right.

Look at all you, whiz, kids, knowing the word monocle ooh. Obviously you went to a better school than i did. Mr richie rich is here everyone knowing what monocles are monocle mandela effect are like freaky. Quantum effects is that real synthetic eyepiece i like mine, better mine, sounded more fun.

It's just historical inaccuracy. The monopoly man got margin called well, amc is kind of breaking out, so that's really cool. Let's go higher mara, i'm up a butt load on mara, like uh. For all you, science, people, a metric butt load is the amount of money i'm up on mara.

Is this what it feels like to be bill gates? I could just buy whatever i want now. The bike lesson from bernstein bears there's a lot of greg's in here. No there's just a lot of people who think marie antoinette ate cake and it's okay. They just were never informed about the truth.

Imagine that you die and how many ever years later, everyone still thinks you had some badass quote about a cake and just like we're all just spreading false information. I want to play monopoly tonight, so i um at one point: it must have been over like christmas break, actually finished a game of monopoly, it's and it okay. It was children's star wars monopoly, but i still finished it and even with that, it took a while. So just you should know that what was that other fun fact? I shared oh, how i tie my shoes, definitely bunny ears and i have finished a full game of children's star wars monopoly and i won as well two fun facts about matt.

Today luke. I am your father. Is the mandela effect? No, i am your father wait. You're, saying luke, i am your father is not a real quote.

Oh, what's that other one from sherlock um elementary, my dear watson, apparently that's not in the books like ever at all. I just found out a butt load is an actual form of measurement, 130 gallons, that's kind of nuts up 50 on my table of colors for the day, thanks matt chris, you are most welcome. That's what we do it for we're here for the facts and we're here for tibial money. I just want mara to hit 50..

Were you a kid when you started and finished at 26? Oh yeah? No! I played it at this age. It was just like children's monopoly, oh wow, so the star wars thing is a big lie too wait. Are you guys gon na tell me that al gore didn't make the internet? I don't know if i believe you're definitely messing with me. Then i know i'm gullible, but i'm not going to fall for that one.

I know when you guys are fibbing me. I know a good fibster when i hear one not me, i'm only here for the geography lessons really. Why is this geography teacher? Why does he have a stock screen up? That's weird: that's nifty, he's a fun guy, i'd be an awful teacher. Uh al gore definitely made the internet.

Matt core is need confirmation, andrew mo money, is not an actual data scientist i don't know he might be. I thought i thought he was i'm pretty sure he is al gore created mac course well, yeah, because i am the internet so by the transitive property of creation. Al gore creates the internet. Mac is the internet.

Al gore created mac course, great geometry, class, bye, matt course uh. So it may surprise all of you to find out um l randall is super chat broke. I don't think so. Oh actually, there's an oh wait.

Am i far behind. I don't think so. We looked at j and y and t it was the chiropractor hey, matt a little off talking topic, but i'm new to crypto. If i buy on coinbase and transfer it to a wallet, is it still a crew interest on coinbase? No, it doesn't dc, i'm pretty sure it doesn't, because that you get interest by them being able to loan it out.

So they want to loan it out and they get money. And then you get a cut of that. So if it's in a wallet they can't loan it out. I still remember the forbidden podcast one to three secret files: uh yeah.

Let's not talk about those first, three podcasts uh we're trying to scrub those from the internet, uh gme. What in tarnation are you doing? Don't do it, don't do it don't do it don't do it? No! No! No, not cool dude, not cool man. Why did tesla get a triple rejection at 666. that can't be good, triple rejection and 666? Is anyone else seeing this all right? Well, this one kind of sucks, so let's try.

This trendline can't believe that tesla dude uh spy took a hit, hey matt justin from work. Is there any tasty tiblio long calls? Someone just said: super chat is broke. Is that true, chief c and l randall both said that super chat is broke? How could it be broke? What's going on? Well that sucks whatever it happens, i just thought of a really funny joke about that, but it would just start youtuber drama. Why are you shorting tesla? I'm not.

I am long tesla i have tesla calls and i'm up 20 on them. Super chat is very broke whatever. If it's broke, who cares ain't no tang? It means that we don't have to pay for our relationship anymore. We could just talk all normal there's a literal greg in here aren't going.

I don't know that sounds like a youtube problem, they're just so tired of it they're like youtubers they're, like we don't want matt to have money. Do you really think i need more money? Do you see how freaking rich i am on mara and tesla? I i'm i lit it goes me bill gates, jeff, bezos, elon, musk. That's the order of the world's richest people. You think i need super chats what uh, whatever eric uh, if you guys want the super chat, fixture you're gon na, have to call al gore.

It's not me, not my problem. Look it d! Knob just got it. He said, testing testing you guys are messing with them first channel ever. This is a massive psychology move on my part, i called up youtube.

I was like guys. I need you to disable super chats for just 10 minutes to build up the demand, so i can get more money and go from the number one rich person to the number zero rich person. This is i'm just. This is a master class in psychology.

Like i heard he was a coder, i'm sure he disabled his own super chats, it's all a big conspiracy. This is the super chat scandal. I knew we were getting close. It's almost three.

It's almost power hour. I was like man. Is there gon na be a scandal today i was worried, it wouldn't come through and then we finally got it. There's our camp pirates.

I blame it on pirates, pirates uh, whatever team, nothing matters, i'm just stoked, i'm very honestly. Alright, i think we should all. I think this is actually a nice thing to do. I really do.

I think we should all share a gratitude like what is one thing that you're happy about today: um, obviously we're just killing time until the power hour starts and volatility picks up. I am very grateful that um, what should i do today, there's so many, i'm very happy that it's like it's getting warmer, where i live the world's opening back up the summer. I don't know just something of that that that big old sun on your face just makes you feel better that warmth, i'm happy about that super chat ever happened. It was a mandela effect.

Eric i mean i see another super chat coming through it's working guys. I don't know it must have just been a momentary mess up thankful for doggos. I'm thankful for chair and duck shirt thankful for viacom going the wrong way drinking beer at 245. James! You, okay, brother, excuse me, oh james, that was funny.

I'm thankful for drinking beer at 2 p.m. Ah james, you, cracked me up. Oh you, cracked me up. It's just good vibes, we're just having a good time.

You know, i think, other people, i think the most tense moments in this chat are when 10 000 of you are yelling at me to take tesla profits and then just like out of spite, i don't cuz like. I don't want people to tell me what to do. I feel like those are the most tense moments other than that. It's just it's a good good place to be.

Definitely not the roanoke. I have allergies. Oh, i think i have to get an allergy shot. Today is today wednesday: it is wednesday, well i'm out of mint tea, so i can't chill the mint tea industry anymore: hey it's uh, trey trades, george, w on tesla kind of a little i mean i don't know what time frame isn't that more of like it Comes down to the same one, and then rips like this is just a nice uptrend.

This is gon na roll like tesla's about to break necks and cash checks. You guys think i'm intolerable and egotistical and narcissistic. Now, being this rich, you just wait until tesla breaks out it's going we're going up a level if there. If there's someone in chat right now and you're like like, i can't really stand matt he's on the edge.

I don't know why i haven't turned off this video, yet, like he's just super annoying, i don't think i like him he's like kind of a jerk um like as a psa as a fyi as a whatever your cool acronym. You want to call it um when tesla breaks out it's going to get worse, so you might as well just pull the rip cord on you watching this channel now, because it's it's not going to get better. That's for sure greg m is a reverse. Craig emma's! Reverse george w: what does that mean margot? Oh man, moral running too matt.

You have issues uh, i don't know we just got ta fill the time with something i feel like. Some of you would get like really bored like you would be stoked if you ran into me in real life. Thinking, i'd, be this character and then you'd get all like just bummed that i'm like just a super normal person. It's a show people matthew song.

Well, that's a great name, love that name matthew. I'm grateful that this channel isn't dedicated to reading reddit, post and smashing the like button. Yeah, that's tomorrow's episode! I'm i'm just naturally against anything that cuts back up my time to air out my own emotional issues and make jokes, and if i'm reading reddit, obviously that's more like serious stuff. So i can't like crack jokes and make fun of people.

So it's not because i dislike reddit it's just because of like my own need for attention. If that makes sense, if we read reddit, the attention is taken away from me. Andrew momoni found dd on meatball's dog tag. Fun fact: greg's have something shorter than amc here.

We go. This is where it's about to get lively. People buckle your socks in because we're about to go to the stratosphere with some profits right there. I call.

I call this. The last day of march march 31st, wednesday march 31st, we'll go back down in the history as a day of fat, stacks monocle the monocle gate, some of these comments. Ah, if i read all these comments, i'm gon na get demonetized in seconds all right. Where are we going, i'm grateful super chat broke, so many could be chill for a while, as in i'm not september sunday, can you do a video on options uh for dummies to explain why the tesla like with tesla and other popular yeah, uh pebb pebbleton head On i don't know what your name is: um yeah so check out the playlist on this channel trading options and it's like a good intro playlist.

It's about. I don't know a half hour 45 minutes of your life. Clf on tiblio does 19 call 430 sound reasonable um. It does gosh, but it's also a little bit chasey um, so it's clf has been on tablio now for, like probably a week so probably should have gone in a bit earlier um.

It's definitely crushing it though, like i guess, if you're chasing it now, you could still definitely make money. It's just like you're increasing your risk by chasing it there we go mara. Let's do your thing. Look at this mara moving tesla moving one day.

Can you go over the macor's origin story like how i was just like created in a capsule of pure high quality, entertainment and stock trading yeah. We could do that. Super chat isn't working. I'm not gon na fall for that again, fool me once shame on me.

Fool me twice. Shame on you! What's the deal with tibio, what's the deal with titlio all right, uh, it's 2 54! So uh we could do something for about six minutes. Then we should watch the market for power. Tiblio option picker t-i-b-l-i-o, it's 25 a month.

If you use the link in the description of this video, you get a 10 discount, that's something like 22 bucks uh. I don't know i'm not a mathematician. What it does is it scans the market for abnormal options trading and the algorithm also looks for fundamental news, because on any given day, there is always abnormal options trading. So what this thing does? Is it curates a list for fundamental drivers and abnormal options? Market thing, uh interest long calls is strong, bullish options, trading activity and then this is the stocks and like then it gives you the open interest and all that stuff.

Just because this is strong bullish options, activity that doesn't mean you have to buy the option. It's saying here's a list of things you're worthwhile to look into, and even if you don't want to buy the option, maybe you're like oh, i just want the stock instead, because i like how it looks. That's good, but not everything on here is going to be a winner. It's a curated list of things to look into look at the chart.

Do your own due diligence, make sure you like it so anyway, long call means you're. Buying calls long puts means. You're buying puts remember, puts are strong bearish activity uh, both long calls and long puts you're picking, tibio's suggestion is that you look at the money options expiring 30 days from now closest to 30 days. If you have your own style and you want to tweak that a bit feel free, but that's just their own suggestion, long calls long puts bullish, bets bearish, bets, remember long means buying you're, buying calls, you're buying, puts short credit, spreads and short naked puts short means.

Selling so you're selling a credit spread you're selling a naked put um this. The short credit spreads is where tibio's, bread and butter is at it's very, very cool um. You can come to it. It's updating throughout the day.

This is as 256. pop is cool percent of profitability max return so right here we can look at the max return 24. So if you want to take a bet that has a 75 chance of hitting and returning 24, which are very, very good odds, you could sell an apple 115 put and buy the 114, so you can. This happens for calls or puts uh.

You pick pick the right thing, call or put pick the right expiration date and then sell the first number by the second number, so you would sell the 115. You would buy the 114.. This bet means that you think by whatever this is january march april. May you think by may 7th you're betting, that apple will be above 115.

if you're selling a put credit spread, you're betting, it on being above these numbers. Well, if you're selling a call credit spread, you're betting that it'll be below it on the day of expiration, that's how you interpret it. That's a quick overview. I'm fully aware.

I need to make a more like in-depth video of everything going on, but in all honesty, i'm kind of waiting for them to um, they're, rolling out updates for the long calls and long puts so. At this point, i might as well wait for the newest version of the software, and then they also have a cool earnings play basically they're telling you the percentage of bullish, bets neutral, bets, bearish bets the price and the expected movement that doesn't mean up or down It means like it could go that way in the range: it's not bullish or bearish. It's saying: hey we're expecting potentially a 5.77 move because of the earnings announcement uh. So that's pretty cool.

So that's your quick overview, my teachable moment. So i hope i can now go back to making jokes uh gme 193 amc, 1022 tesla just hit 668. mara hit 520 and it's traded or 50 dollars and 20 cents, and now it's trading at just below 50, i'm up close to 3k on the day in These two and i locked in 1k early today on a different tesla trade hang on one. Second, youtube hang on one second team.

Excuse me for a moment all right, we're good. What are we doing? Mara, let's see if it can hold above 50. tesla looking pretty strong here we go mm-hmm, i'm seeing your messages about super chats being broke, whatever no biggie team i'll just work on my monologues, a bit more, don't sweat the small stuff. It's not worth the anxiety, it is power power, our power, our power hour boosted.

Where are you where's? The gift master ellie's v saves us with it power hour power our power hour, lu, hello. Look at tesla go 670. Someone really really early this morning in chat specifically called out 670 they're like tesla, ends the day at 670., so either that person is like a future teller or is a future teller. Those are the two options: a or b um mara back over 50 love.

It uh gme, 192.60 amc 1022. All right, let's go. I am looking uh. My personal first target on tesla, as of now, which i would love to see today is hang on.

I do have a target 685-ish, like roughly, i haven't marked out here: yeah uh support, support, support, support support so somewhere in, like the mid 680s um, i'm going to capture some of my profits, my goal hole. Let's go so basically 15 more dollars. I feel like that's not even asking for that much everyone's going on about the super chat thing guys. I can't fix it.

It's down. It's okay, we're all gon na live, it's not a big deal. I feel like you guys care way more about it than i do. It was chair chairs trying to take me down um.

Do you guys get the ad like when i played the ad a couple minutes ago? Did that come through or is it like just like all monetization is non-existent? Microsoft won a 21 billion contract with the army. That seems important. Is it new? I'm definitely going to watch king kong this weekend, just out of support. Let's go tesla, let's go amc, amc's bouncing off the trend line looks pretty good.

This is why technical analysis is just so useful. Just some silly little trend line that was such a good dip buy opportunity. Granted. It was only like a couple cents.

It's not like you would have like had some amazing trade, but like this is a good example of like why just drawing basic lines of the trends and the only reason they're important is because other people are looking at them. It's not like the stock market's like oh, we have this trend line that trendline it's because there's enough people like you like me who are like. Oh, i see this trend line, i'm going to try to buy here and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy um and that's the same thing with any like price level of support and resistance. They only have importance and value literally because we give them importance and value.

That's exactly what's going on no lunch money, whatever, where is i'm down 16 bucks on that discovery b? Imagine how i feel never going to recover from this. My lunch play out the window. Mvis is ripping good, i'm in nvis. What's it doing everyone's going on about mvis, look at that look at that.

Okay, i have mvis i'm in at, i don't know p l on it, though, is i'm down 20 bucks, one percent - oh there's my average 14.83! That's what i'm in at i have 75 shares at 14.83. So that's exciting, see some days. You can't get super chats, so they just start running mvis to help you the good guys always win here. We go back in the money, good guys, always win.

That could be a cool shirt, good guys always win. Obviously, i would have also good gals always win two options. Look at what is there news on it? Let's check it out nvis my detective hat, going on. What's going on with mvis nvis micro vision, go go! Go news news news today: 12 52, all right that wasn't recent.

That was too recent uh nvis any news, any news um well! This is the news just so you know 100 free float so about 156. Thou million shares sorry million um kind of decently. Shorted 18 utilization is 82, pretty similar to amc honestly, similar numbers um. Let's check out the trend on loan short interest.

We don't need this. I don't need that um. It is trending upward um. We have the makings of a squeeze.

I don't know if it'll actually squeeze nvis is cruising. I think i'm always moving. Where are we at, but that's pretty cool, that's fun. Uh, oh, is mara going the wrong way.

I wish i could put three on the bottom, but you can't do that. I want two on the top and three on the bottom, but i guess they don't have those capabilities. Mbis is in microsoft, hulu lens elementary, my dear watson government contract, all right so mbis is ripping how's my position. Looking 34 bucks, 36 bucks making up my money on discovery b.

You can manually do it. How do you manually do it? Is there like a add chart button or something? How do you do it compare? No, i don't want that indicators. How do you do it? You can add another and resize them yeah. How do you add another? How do you like say you want another one, hello, right: click left click.

Do i drag it dragging worked before eth going full ape ethereum's running how's bitcoin, looking uh bitcoin, pushing 60k again yeah. That makes sense, add in resize. Well, how do you add? I don't see like an add button. Widgets widgets, widgets, widget, widgets widget settings done no didn't want that settings.

No widget widgets top right, compare detach window all right. Well, this is getting to the point of embarrassment that i will just figure it out later. It's okay! How do you highlight all right? Let's just go for this: let's see what happens. Okay.

Can i delete this one then or like i actually want to delete this top one and then resize. You can't drag team, whatever we're going back to the original, no biggie i'll figure it out later guys, it's okay, i'll figure, it out later add to list and just right click right, hit the gava looking icon and build your own screen.

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