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Amc gamestop: record high short interest new executive – Matt Kohrs

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Well, hello, there i don't know, what's going on feels like a bit of a weird day, so, what's going on in the stock market, am i alive yeah? I think i'm whatever all right um, so i was getting some lunch, which was pita chips and hummus uh. There was some new news, um that was associated with this spike in gamestop right here, oh gosh. Well, that was a good one, um so anyway, related to gamestop, as you can tell from the title of this one game, stop hang on. Let me uh bring this over for us.

There is some gamestop update, though this is ever going to work. Gamestop initiates, search for new ceo source says it would be the biggest shake-up at gamestop since ryan cohen, the co-founder and former chief executive of online pet food store chewie joined the board. Games.Board is working with an executive headhunter on the ceo search. The source says.

Ah, news um, so that's what was going on with that spike uh in the meantime that i was gone, oh, i did find out something funny. Well, it's not that it's a little funny um that in no way relates to gamestop or amc so before when we were all about hey like remember his name, dakota like that whole saga. So it's been long enough that i try to get dakota bowman back in here, uh, basically unbanned him, and i was like. Oh that's interesting, like in youtube.

If you go to your studio, uh like basically as a creator, you can see all the people. You hide from your comments on your like quote-unquote normal videos, but i was like oh that's, weird. The people i've banned through um like this live stream chat. I didn't see any of those names, so i reached out to creator support.

I was like how do you unban someone uh from a live stream chat and then they're like all right, we're gon na like research, this for you for five minutes and then they came back and they told me that there's no way to unban all these people. So everyone that i've booted from live stream chat is like, apparently like just legitimately permanently banned and there's nothing you can do about it. So i'm not sure if we should do any more of those friendly sacrifices um, because the whole dakota thing is like actually like he's just gone so like dakota, bowman uh, please, if you're listening right now, the biggest suggestion i have for you is to definitely just Make a dakota bowman number two account like. I like it blew my mind that they're, like oh yeah, no, we don't have that built so like once you're gone, you're just gone uh, oh well, no more self-sacrifices! Unless you're prepared to make a secondary account.

Here we go oh hilarious. Well, what is this any other suggestions? Uh get that retweeted? Well so dakota or if anyone knows dakota, i feel like dakotas, probably just have like a big overall dakota meeting. So if never asks rico, we can't get rid of rico. Yeah bandit's second account yolo.

You just gave you a dislike. Your news are fake man. I don't know if i like the tone of that. It feels so much more dramatic.

Now, knowing that once i ban you like you're gone so this guy's saying he just gave me a dislike, because my news is fake, my news - i go out of my way to prove my news isn't fake, so i just kicked you and you're permanently banned forever. Now it feels so much more um, interesting knowing that they're permanently banned like i'd like it dakota i miss you. I missed you dakota um, it's kind of crazy, like you would think that as a like a service that, like the second they built it, they would actively think of like okay like what, if they accidentally banned, someone like how could i like unban them, but apparently You just can't so now when we say his name was dakota like he. That was it, like i he's gone.

Team may want to go over to trey's to get your apes back his stream doubled. When you went to lunch, oh i mean, but the same thing happens the other way like when he stops like i just get all of his like. I don't know it's just like a unlucky timing thing, whatever it's just how it is rather be here than have trey yeah mate rather much creamer um. I think i have an option to time out.

I just honestly thought there was a way to like unban people. There was like one accidental ban and then dakota was like a self-sacrifice, and i just thought i'd be able to get those two back all the other ones. I don't care like they can just be gone for all. Like i don't know, dakota asked to be unbanned in andrew mo money.

Few minutes ago. Um can brockton oval. Can you like somehow go to andrew's, chat and just say um like i guess he has to make a new account like it sounds crazy? Doesn't it that sounds wild? Oh it wasn't the dislike. It was the tone exactly matthew gets it.

You made the top five list for people to interview for the documentary, um well, custom yeah makes sense. We we represent a decent portion of this um. This community, like so, i feel like it's more of a vote for like our specific subset of the community, but i mean also like i've, been talking to um the apes together, strong doc unsubbing. That was wrong in fascism, um, i'm questioning! If you know what fascism is, but also i'm questioning, if you know what sarcasm is as well, so maybe do quick, google search of those two andrew said he'd.

Let the mods try to do it andrew's, not losing any sleep over it. I missed dakota so much. How far out did you buy those call options which ones the code is just put in the andrew mo money chat news that microsoft is buying new ones? Is it wise to buy new ones? No um uh, that's more of like it's good to do it beforehand. Hey man on your discord! Is there much stock, talk dds or is it more like the youtube content? No, it's very different um harris um! That's the people in there there are in the discord.

There's two like subsections to ask me questions when i'm live, but then there's just like people talking about socks. Um, i don't know, there's a whole thing going on um crypto options, there's dd investments, a channel specific to gamestop amc, um, it's a lot more controlled and i guess like feasible than the youtube chat without even the lie. That's my screen and tradition up on the first row and you're on the second without even the live, show huh interesting. I wonder why that is, i don't know youtube.

Just does its own thing some days, thoughts on sos dropping it's dropping hard, that's not good! Oh, it is below five. I don't like that. I'll have to keep a watch on it huh. Can you give a quick look at atnf? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, at um looks like it's selling off a bit.

I mean, if you don't, have a position in it. I wouldn't chase it. You could, i mean, there's a decent argument for 1150, but that's still like a 60 cent plus drop that you would need today. Um definitely don't chase.

I mean, i say: could bounce off of 12. I don't know i i don't know if i would want to definitely just don't chase it. It's like one thing. If you want to day trade it and swing trade, and that's what's hard like when people ask about certain stocks.

Well, we all have different methodologies. Like some people are day traders. Other people are swing, traders, some people purely invest. Some people are short.

Some people are long so like in it like. Yes, there is a way to make a decent amount, a decent amount of money on atnf, but, like my commentary on it is more for like how i trade so like. I wouldn't want to chase it, but like this might be a perfect setup for your own training style. It feels like a really weird day in the market, almost like it's still the weekend like this just feels like a weird practice dry run of like what's going on, btc doge yeah, i don't know, feels like a weird day.

I'm spending a decent amount of time. I'm trying to figure out like what i want to talk about in today's wrap-up video. Definitely wan na incorporate like more crypto stuff i mean tesla didn't have the biggest news, but i mean i guess it's weird because the day that i want to talk about all this stuff, there is interesting news about gamestop and amc gamestop, mainly looking for that new Ceo amc at like record levels of shares being loaned out. Actually we should probably double check on that yeah i mean amc's.

This is so sky high like is before. Like i mean you saw it before i reloaded it. It was up to two point something now. It's up to 3.4, like the short interest, is just going higher and higher today and that's been like the overall trend with amc for like quite a while now um just so high, very very high uh atnf uh, you could try bounce off the 12.

I prefer 1150, but once again that's my own style got ta find a style that works for you. What else is moving today? How's apple apple, 131, apple, how's, nvidia doing after its announcement. Oh, it hit 600. wow good for nvidia congrats.

If you're in nvidia fellow apes motley has broken their fud record, there is three articles on amc so far, just total all right. We have to look into that. Um, hey jackie, be careful with the hiding. Now that we know it's like a permanent thing.

If you're gon na do it greg, put them more of like time them out um and then don't i'll i'll take care of the actual like permanent banning. I thought there was a way to unban people um, so jackie daytona make sure you're just timing them out. For whatever it is like 300 seconds or something for them to cool off, if there needs to be like a legitimate uh ban, let me take care of that, i'm just so surprised. You would think that, like google youtube thinks of a way of like oh hang on, maybe there's um a way.

Actually let me just time this person out now, whatever just said put user in time. Actually, so i can't even do the time thing. That's weird, i feel like we have a different amount of options between the two of us or really me and the mods. It's interesting, almost two.

So then we're gon na be able to mess around from two to three and then we'll have power hour. You should post that in discord for all the mods okay, we'll do okay, let's look into these motley fool things all right. How would i play draftkings right now, dk ng, dkng um. I would wait for 50 to try to invest um yeah.

I would wait for 50 or you i mean it is looking a bit bearish, so you could probably short it for a dollar or two. But for me it's more of like set and alert as the closer to the 50. Better agtc. Is that a good entry point, let's check out agtc yeah i mean i would.

I could agree with that. I would just risk 3.82. So i like that risk reward, but i mean obviously just like honor your risk, because you don't want it like it to get out of hand if the bears have more strength than expected. Dakota dakota is that the same dakota before did you make a new account? Dakota's back well the real dakota.

Please stand up. Oh i love it. Um! Oh dakota! We miss you so much. Why haven't you explained record short interest? Who cares about whatever beer you have with dakota? Well, i've never had a beer with dakota but um.

I i did explain it. It's right here, look at shares on loan 131 or 131.5 million, and it actually increased today by an additional 4.5 million um, which is just sky high. This is out of the free float. This is just sky high, like the amount of total shares on loan, which a high percentage will be short, is super super high.

The highest it's been dakota is his name. Superheroes do exist, uh, dakota! That's why the market's been so boring. Today we needed dakota back in chat. Is the market going to bounce all right? A s xc got put on friday morning? My 120 is 320, now sold, half letting the half ride.

Listen to you every day, thanks for teaching and entertaining josh pointman, you played that perfectly congrats uh gme institutional ownership is 130 percent. How is that possible uh? I don't think it is. It can't be uh. I guess like send me your your data source or whatever and i'll look into it, but uh you, you can't it can't be 130 percent.

Actually i think ortex has some institutional ownership stuff. Let's see what ortex has for us insiders. That's not institutional. Alpha trading signal short interest: gme peers, yield valuation momentum, ice, cube files, lawsuit against stock trading company robinhood, thank god, ace ice cube is doing that institutional ownership.

Where would this be commodities? Analysts? Insiders? Let's look what this says i mean the bottom line is: is that they don't own 130, see what's been going on over the past six months. What are all these things? Are these all the individual owners uh director, 10 owner 10 owner rob owen executive? Vice president, the last person to sell was back in february everyone's waiting, it out to see how it plays huh yeah i mean, i guess if you have any info like a specific link or something about the institutional or yeah institutional ownership, i'll look into it. Wait having beers with madden dakota is an option dfv for ceo dakota for ceo tell chair hi. I definitely will hey matt fintel says 130 institutional ownership on gma.

Well, fintel has been wrong many times before, but let's look this up all right. Where are you seeing uh institutional ownership, ownership, institutional owners, institutional owners, 499 right here, so you guys are reading this 130 percent huh example: 3d. Slash g, institutional share. Institutional shares is 91 million when right here we know that there's only 70 million shares.

So what could they possibly mean by that these institutions hold a total of 90 million shares? Melvin capital is an owner: okay, okay, okay, okay! This is how it would work. I think i put it put this together. Okay, so this is how you could go above 100 and it's the same thing that why the short interest can go above 100. So what it is, it's that same the share recycling.

So if hedge fund a has 10 shares and they loan it out to hedge fund b and then they short those shares technically, these are both owners. But then, since hedge fund b shorted it that went to the market, someone else bought it and then they could do it. So it's just like a never-ending cycle of like technically you. They all each owe like it's just like a big line of basically promises to each other, even though it's that same set of shares over and over and over again, and that's why you get to 130.

So basically, the ownership of it like. Let's just use these names. Okay, so blackrock owns a lot, so they own it. They loan it out to someone else um and to get the short interest like, let's just say it's fidelity and if fidelity or like, let's just say, melvin capital, melvin capital shorts it so they own the promise or like.

I guess they owe a promise to blackrock of like yeah. We have to give these back. We know that in the meantime, we're gon na sell it to the market, so vanguard buys it um, then because they buy it. They can then rent theirs out to someone else, and let's just say that this company wants to then short it.

So basically, you can take like a block of shares. Theoretically, i'm not saying this is definitively what's going on. I was just using these names as an example, but you can continually keep recycling that block of shares into the market, because when you take a short position, you're like literally selling it to the market, so someone has to buy it and then that new owner can Then choose to like loan those out those exact same shares out again to someone else who wants to short it and then, when they short, it they're selling it to someone else and that's the scenario in which your institutional shares wicked up to 130 percent. And it's the exact same reasoning, um of why previously in gamestop, we saw a short interest above whatever like 130 140.

It's just that recycling of the shares that same block of shares, buying selling just time and time and time again and that's how like they just get so out of hand matt. How did you vote on the amc um? I voted no to number one that, by definition, if the stock isn't worth it is a ponzi scheme. Um not like i get what you're saying but like technically, when you own it, you can do what you want with it, including like you're, just tracking the ownership of like a block of shares, um like eventually, you have to like be good for it like if It ever gets called back like your brokerage can, like. I guess, margin call you at any moment: uh just bought more gme bought at 300 bought at 40..

What's the worst kick can happen, i lose my housewife and kids scac. One dollar call 521 and 250 call 521 via aac, 855 call 416, not biac um. I don't mess around with scac. I just don't really like those like the penny, start gray market stuff, um v, i a c a like the a one.

I don't know how b i a c a v, i c a d. I a c a. Is this one? How different is it like? That looks pretty bearish to me? It looks like it's about to collapse again. Both of these do i don't know if i would buy calls on any of those war codes.

Can they lend out my shares uh most likely? Yes, unless, like if you're on weeble, you do have the option to turn uh stock lending off, but um just keep in mind that, like a lot of these, big positions are really with like these bigger hedge funds and stuff so like. If we block off a couple hundred or thousand of amc and jamie that we had it's not really like stopping someone like blackrock who owns millions of shares and they're in it for the long haul from them like renting out their shares. If they want to. What's going on with mara man, why is mars so weak isn't bitcoin still holding yeah is that 60k i mean dogecoin's still above seven cents, ethereum's above 2100.

I'm actually very surprised in mars actions today. The only thing really good out of today is that we got dakota back dakota. You are very much the highlight of this day i like to borrow stocks to short from someone. Did you sell sos? No, what's that, what's sos at five, it's at five bucks what's happening to toray.

I don't know what is happening to toray, just hanging out at 17 getting demolished. Unfortunately, there is support at whatever this low is from january 25th. The low is 15 60, so that, like the high 15s mid 15s, are like support. Actually this region - i just don't - these things have been getting so just demolished lately and nvidia off again.

Video yeah 615 is uh. Man in video was the play of the day. If we, if anyone picked up like calls or something on it, uh with that announcement, it's just look at that wow. I have two shares on this account two obviously woulda coulda shoulda.

Have you seen the neuralink monkey yeah? I saw that over the weekend, um the elon musk knurling thing, mr bouley. Where is rico at rico? Do you think rico might be dakota? Do you think it could be one in the same person, everyone buy engine coin? What's so special about engine coin engine? Let's do a little crypto knowledge stuff engine coin. What's what makes this one different next generation nfts for everyone, products that make it easy for individuals, businesses and brands to use non-fungible tokens of the future. Why engine today it powers more than two built? Oh, so it's on, like it's, the backbone of nfts engine is infused with nfts.

Through a process called minting. This process can be reversed. Every nft can be melted back into a coin. Engine coin has real light value, meaning that all nfts created with it have real life value too.

These nft exists exist on the blockchain, which makes them powerful. For example, your entire gaming inventory can be in your phone featuring a sword. You can use it in multiple games, which you can easily sell to anyone at any time. Interesting.

We believe virtual worlds of tomorrow will evolve into interconnected digital reality. More than simulations, these new realms will empower us to create real world value while having fun. So it's very much to my understanding just from that little read-through tied to nfts, but i didn't quite get like the melting thing. Let's read that one oops sorry: what were they talking about? The process can be reversed.

Every nft can be melted back into a into a coin. I don't really get this part of it infused. So if someone with a bigger brain than me can explain that that would be awesome. Let's explore the marketplace.

So it's like a gaming one though so the nft is like digital like well. I mean they're straight up art, but then it looks like also pieces within a game. It's a cool concept. I like it.

I need to dive more into it um, but it does sound pretty interesting. Look at nvidia! Just can't! Stop won't stop! So, what's so special about safe moon, it's going to be huge, alright, what's good about safe moon, why does it not tell me where's the explanation? How to buy a safe moon contract? What is this? No, i don't want to see their github. Oh i mean i don't like this, if, like they're, just not explaining it right away like i like the engine coin way more because it like they explained it. This is just telling you how to buy it.

Why would it tell me how to buy it without telling me what it is seriously they have merch for sale, but they don't explain what it is for their own exchange, all right, commun, dev, burn uh. Every trade contributes towards automatically generating liquidity stock, pancake swap uh. I don't know, i don't know it's not explaining it. I don't like that.

So as of now until i learn more about safe moon, it's going to be no from me dog omi, all right. What's all right, i guess we're just going into oops mini research session until three all right, so let's go what's going on with omi, oh my coin, what's special about this one um, do they not have their own website? No, that's! Actually a person all right. So this is definitely not what i want so so far. The only one that's like their website has impressed.

Me has been engine coin. I like how built out it was i've already looked at cardano's, though so i know this is a good one, so it's actually crypto.com they're talking about this in the discord products, the world's fastest growing crypto, app bitcoin, ethereum, binance coin, all right! What's going on on their nfts view, the drop i just want to get into like a bidding war with someone for an nft. Well from that little research session, i feel like engine coin won it look at finra for gme institutional internship. They have it at 192.

Um, most of the time what we see about finra, it's like already old data, because generally the reports are released like a week or two after the information is valid. The explanation is in the white paper. It i mean it could be. I mean i bet it is that's like what a white paper is for, but like then, why not just make a better website the issue i feel like with all this right now is there's so many like even in chat, i see all of you coming across With like just so many different of like oh, i heard of this coin, i, like this coin, like i feel like imagine if we were talking about more than gamestop and amc like imagine like back when this all started everyone's talking about like noke bb cost, like It was just too many and i feel like in a certain sense, like that's almost happening with crypto right now.

It's just like everyone has their own like separate, favorite, five cryptos and talking about like dividing, i don't know, i feel like that's like a little bit: problematic harmony, vet. I mean everyone right now in chat is like pitching their own crypto. Like does. No one else.

Think that that's like a bit weird, what are your positions as of today, keep up the hard work as well? Absolutely love the live streams. Hey. I appreciate that um, the main new ones, i would say, are a tesla call for the 16th. An s p.

500. Call for the 14th and penn puts for the 23rd are the current ones yeah. It's really spread thinner, that's what i'm saying and, like i don't know, i think it's on me to like learn about it because, like i want to be able to have a more fruitful discussion with any of these like major ones, obviously um and i'll look more Into all these, like harmony, safe moon, like all of them like, i think it's worthwhile to read about and know what's going on, um, but it's just so so many and what's like better about it, uh is that everyone is like 100 positive that the one that They're in is like going to be the one that blows up like which i think is the best part. It's like no, no, like those are all fine, but the one i'm in is like obviously going to explode.

I'm like is it, though, is it maybe bitcoin, ethereum yeah, i mean, i think, a starting point. The easiest starting point i honestly feel is just bitcoin and ethereum. They have like first mover advantage, they're the most well known and granted. Maybe they don't have the night best percentage gain relative to other ones by the end of this year, but, like i think they also come with like less inherent risk.

You say that about crypto but you're in amc say what about crypto i mean for these squeeze stocks. We are very, very much focused on amc and gme. It's like relatively easy to track like two like it's just two and that's almost like in a certain way. Why i pay attention to bitcoin and ethereum? It's just two of them.

It's easy! Don't talk about things. You have no knowledge. You damage a lot of people or redox like please explain what, if i said that's inaccurate. All i said is that there's a lot of cryptos someone's salty salty, do you think gme is going to 4269 for 420? I think that would be hilarious litecoin.

I mean we've heard of that space pirates dakota everything's better, when you're in chat miss my super chat. Can you look at fbio fda approval aftermarket today, um sure, let's check it out, fbi, oh i mean for fda approve, i mean i feel like it's almost priced in as if the approval is there and that's why it's been running all month. Um, remember: it's always buy the room. Rumor sell the news type of a deal.

Crypto traders get their feelings, hurt super easy. I mean yeah like. If i don't know, you can't be like that in this, like i don't know, if someone's like, i don't like that like coin, and then you get all like bent out of shape about it. Like i mean it tells me that you're not that, like confident in your own investment, if someone's like own little, like one minute, talk about how there's so many cryptos like upset, you tells me that you're not that confident at all, like no matter what someone tells Me about bitcoin or ethereum, i'm gon na be good with the money i have invested in it.

So if i'm just like - oh hey this website's weird, i'm not sure i like this like random, like sub penny crypto that was created two days ago and is like based on, like i don't know, like a dead leaf that someone found outside like some of them, Are just as random as could be penn? I was right doing right so up five percent waiting for that breakout on riot sos how's that one doing um it's at least holding on to five uh apple buh. What's going on with gopro, what is going on with gopro looks like it's getting hit. I don't see any news on it, though. Bruh you're advising people to buy amc and g mean they're losing thousands of dollars everybody's making money off crypto right now.

If you have half a brain, you're, just hating, i'm just gon na kick you because you're wrong. When i've never told anyone to buy amc or gme. In fact, i most of the time remind everyone, i'm not a financial advisor, and i can't tell people what to do and i haven't said anything negative about crypto, i'm in crypto ethan you're just salty. Today, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Tibio pirates people, people, it's okay. I think we just need a big breather. Just we all need to calm down a bit just calm down. Everyone stay calm, bye, bye, bye, how's sndl.

Doing hopefully, can we take a dollar apha, oh getting hit till ray. Oh, what is going on with these stocks? These stonks, i thought stonks only only went up. Nndm 730, don't like that as man, i just don't get how so many things are going down. Well, i do get it, it's just not fun.

So many stocks are going down and just ml mlco another one going down, and yet the market's green, oh well. No, it's actually technically not it's. At 4 11., it's slightly red on the day. Crazy, crazy bear market is real.

How could you say the bear market's real when the stock market made a new all-time high? Today people's i mean i get that i'm dramatic, but man, i think some of you are very dramatic matt. The stream delay is back to 30 seconds. It started to work better. Last week i mean i'm not the one who sets the delay.

I don't think i am at least i've never changed the delay setting uh gme searching for new ceos source, reuters, pickle, financial yeah. We were talking about that uh. That's it right when it was announced that was this spike right here around like 1 30., this spike in volume, the screen bar that was the association with the new ceo search, the s p 500 made a new high, not the market. The s p 500.

Is the market it's the main, indicy that the market is tracked by they're one in the same? What's your view on where nvidia could end today? Well so si if we look at this daily, the all-time high is basically just under 6 15. um. So i'd like to see a test of that, if it tests it, it could break out and run or it could just get rejected at it. It looks like it was under it by like a dollar, a dollar and a half something like that, but i don't think it's out of the cars for nvidia to test 615 today.

Do you think it's natural shorting, or mostly natural selling, or mostly shorting um? Well, gamestop, i would say, is mostly natural selling because we're already on ssr um amc's, i would say it's almost a mixture of the two, because we are seeing the short interest on amc spike and also i'm sure, that's scaring some people. So i would, i would say, amc is a mixture of the two and in terms of gamestop i would say this is like legitimate selling and not shorting. Well, shorting is selling it's just like our people get closing a position or opening the position. That's the only difference um but yeah i mean i there's not too many new shorts entering on gamestop right now.

So this is the closure of long positions and, i would say, amc's a combo of the two hang on uh check out: sheldon evans, jrny coin brew and digital asset news. They are like the mac course for crypto, interesting uh. That sounds pretty cool. I'll look into those just bomb, a 423 nine dollar amc call: do you think amc can crack nine or maybe even eleven? I mean it.

Definitely has the capability too. What are your thoughts on the gamestop dip and also for the 420 share, recount good or bad for us um? I think it'll be neutral for us, but if it's not neutral, it'll be good um. Just because, like people out there that are naked shorting, it uh will get. Finally, like we'll know, it'll be very obvious.

Please ask charity verdicts doge to 10 cents. Mj chair definitely does yes predict that msft thoughts, how's microsoft doing this is uh just so. Everyone knows microsoft if you are like now new to trading and you're interested in it, but you want stocks that you don't really have to check on. Microsoft is a good place to be it's like a titan of a technology company.

It has a pretty solid dividend. I mean i slowly but surely buy it. I think my average right now is around 190 um, but i just like it because it's like nice, reliable growth, it's not going to be like the fastest growing one, but you get a nice dividend payment every quarter that you own it like microsoft is where it's At and right now it's crushing it, it's really crushing it um, just it keeps going higher and higher. I think microsoft's, a very good long-term investment check out elongate, crypto amazing team and cause over eight hundred thousand donated to charity.

In only two weeks, they are partnering with elon musk's brother dylan, like i i don't mean this offensively or anything but like when this first kind of um got big. People were saying that elon gate is like a scam. Is that true or like not like? Obviously, i don't know i'm just like legitimately asking uh pedro for a credit spread. I just wait for expiration cscw.

It's up. Eight percent intraday injured what happened just another this i know this is another nft play uh. How are the other ones doing? Dlpn, dlpn down? Nine percent tcat down eleven percent chaffin down okay, so i wonder why cscw is so strong. I don't see any obvious news on it.

How likely is it that the low volume in gme and amc is holding um, so you have to um, i mean there's. So many shares that are actively traded in amc and jimmy that we just don't have control of like. I think that's important to note, because, like a lot of these institutions like they're, not like diamond handed like hodlers like the way we are, and they have access to millions and millions of shares. So, even if they were to trade like a portion of it, like you're gon na get movement in the stocks, so with us um, i don't know if we really own.

You have to remember that, like even if there's a million that are like, if we all somehow own so much of it and the only like out of the 450 million of amc, if we own 449 right um, obviously that's a massive massive percentage. That's over 99! That extra million it can still be traded so many times per day like just back and forth, like a portion of it up down like it can definitely happen and move these like the only way to like, i don't know like, i think, there's this concept of, Like we own a lot like it shouldn't be moving, it's not really because like if we're, if you just own it and you're, not doing anything, you're, not really influencing it. Obviously, if you buy more you're pushing it up, if you sell your position, you're pushing it down, but if you're just owning it to own it, like that's, not stopping hedge fund, whatever xyz from like buying or selling a lot like they you can. Just you can move a million shares of amc out of the 450 million in total around, like that same block of a million and really really move the price like.

Theoretically, that is like definitely possible. I'm not saying that's! What's going on, i'm just saying, like mathematically, that argument does exist like a lot of there's like some of these. What is it um like assumptions that, like us, space, apes, own 88 or whatever it is of the free float like in the end to me? That's personally not a useful data point, because that left over 12 that could actively be traded, upward or downward all day, and we could see massive massive swings, even if we're not touching it. Even by like holding strong on that 88, you better have bank.

If you want to try to move a price in any which way yeah i mean it takes a these stocks are big, like amc especially has a massive float like it takes serious, serious money and coordination to move. It um, like even some things like short ladder, attacks, definitely possible like theoretically. There is an argument for a short ladder attack, but you have to understand to be successful at it. You have to have a lot of money, a lot of money uh, i'm not saying it definitively, does happen.

I'm not saying it definitely doesn't happen because i know like they are possible, and i know that there are hedge funds out there with the money to pull it off. But like it's not as simple as like people, just like randomly like say it is like it takes a decent amount of money and a decent amount of like pretty technical coordination to like be successful at it. Oh shirt, click, baby, um click, baiting doge, but how is it click baiting? When we just talk about it, do you think doge is going to keep going um yeah. So from a technical perspective, we were talking about it a little bit earlier.

I think it's on its way back up um, to test this region of like the high eight cent area and then from there on a breakout of the higher eight cents. I would look for uh 10 cents, just a nice psychological level um. I know the doge army is very very into this concept of doge 2 dollar. It just comes down to it of like.

Can it get there well yeah like if people are willing to buy it for a dollar, it's really all up to the market, and that's like whether it's a stock, a cryptocurrency, a piece of paint like it's, it's worth what people are willing to pay for it? That's it that's all it comes down to so. If people uh get very, very excited about doge and the excitement continues yeah, it could totally go up. I don't know if it is that's like part of the game. That's why we're doing this and we're watching it day in and day out, um same thing with bitcoin before when people were talking about it's just like it's, what people are willing to pay for it? That's all this game is for everything: forex cryptocurrency stocks, um futures.

It's just like what is the the mass at large the market willing to pay for something honestly, it's like not much of a different from, like whatever like a van gogh, might be worth millions of dollars, and then i just draw like some scribbles on a piece Of paper, no one's gon na be willing to pay anything for it, but if someone does like all of a sudden matt kors, is this massive artist? Just because, like the market decides it's that, like we're the ones setting up the market, it's just like? Are you on the side of the majority or the minority? What did i want to bring up here? Oh the s, p. 500.. Ah t-y-r-l. What is t-y-r-l? Did you mean t-r-yl or t-l-r-y? Was that a typo? I think i assume you made till ray, which is still getting hammered today.

Is there like? Were there some uh, it's being talked about on wall street bets? Was there any like big piece of negative news against cannabis? I just don't get why it's all getting hit. So so bad can you show wait? What is that? What is the short interest? Um? It's been slowly grinding up all day, uh right now. Amc short interest is 20.42, but the more like, i guess, important thing is right here. The shares on loan um, which is really like, theoretically, the max amount of shares that could be short it hang on.

Let me go to this: is a 131 million crazy, remember, 131 million like um, it kind of means nothing without the fact. You have to know that the 131 million on loan out of the 400 million free float and that's for amc, apha weren't great um yeah. So i think they what they either beat on revenue and missed on profits, or vice versa, like one of those but like to get dragged down this much i mean: are they really trying to argue that what people are using cannabis less? That seems like a crazy. Like i just don't get how it's like this dramatic of a sell-off, have i seen penn today why? What's going on with penn, i'm short ped? Oh it broke below a hundred interesting yeah, i'm just looking to take my profits on pen at this low of 96.77.

So, basically, 97.: what is this maybe 98, a little bit more up. 17 exactly covid had closed dispensaries, but then why was it just the last quarter that was so bad like? Wouldn't we have seen that trend in them for so long all right, kyle's, very excited about cscw. Is it running again yeah? It is. This is a i believe, another nft play, but it just got its biggest volume spike.

Let me know in chat, if you're in it final breath, thank god he stopped calling it marinara. I mean i have to call it that sometimes just because of uh. I don't want to get completely like booted from like hidden or whatever, whatever words you're saying like. If you swear and stuff on youtube, like it's gon na, not promote you as much like, obviously they still want like a family friendly show.

I mean i'm not well, it is now kind of funny, but i definitely wasn't originally calling it marinara for, like my own enjoyment, tea break remember afternoon. Tea now stay hydrated all right! Cscw up 22 came off 122.. Now it's trading at 152.. How about how about you say, mj! Well, that's confusing, because mj is actually like an etf, so i don't want people to get like confused with like if i'm talking about the sector as a whole or that specific etf man, you guys, are all all up.

My butt about that today, it's just marinara. It's a joke: people why's everyone taking life so seriously. What happened this weekend? What's going on? You guys need to talk to me. It's okay.

We can talk. Spy calls pen puts let's go ghost load. Can we get an afternoon tibio update, sure indubitably all right, the number this is put by the way strong bearish activity. Oops is what uh they are betting against carvana and they are oh t-i-g-r and t-i-g-r up fintech holding ltd t-i-g-r.

Let's check that out, t-i-g-r uh! I don't know how much i like that one. What was the second one tsem we looked at this before and i did like it and i still like it, especially if it can get above 30, 31., but remember their suggestion is at the money call options expiring, closest to 30 days from now. Don't play it out for like a week like you're, just putting extra pressure on yourself um. So that's what's going on here, carvana cvna they're! Basically, looking for this to come back down, i could see this coming back down to 240..

I think that's somewhat realistic. Nice reward and then just risk this high of 281. uh some put plays on carvana for a month out playing it at like 267-ish. Maybe if you're feeling a little bit crazy 260, i could see that one panning out matt how many push-ups are you doing daily? I saw that i saw that on twitter that trey was saying whatever he did.

I think he said he does a hundred, so i'm just going to say 101 just to be one push-up better to open, although somewhere, all right what's going on, is tessa coming back. It feels like the good guys aren't winning today uh thoughts on plug and joan ooh wait hang on. What's going on with the s p right now i don't like this. What time is it it's almost power hour, the market's selling, all right, i'm gon na get out insufficient underlying state.

I just want to close this insuffic, oh because i have an order, my bad sorry, i had an order sitting there. That's why sometimes, when it says insufficient um it's, because what are these trading at one on 107. 105.? It's because you already have an order sitting there. This looks like it's falling.

That's the s p 500 by the way uh. So what we were checking out, someone just asked about plug plug, looks like it's coming down. I do like it, but i'd like it better in the lower 20s. What was the other one joan i haven't heard of this one? Is this joanne fabric um? Well, whatever it is, i think it's too new for me to really be involved with it.

Not enough chart um, look at t-i-r-x. Why did it drop this low worth it to invest in it? I mean something had happened. What was the news? Is this uh nope? That's not good, i don't know what's going on and because of that i wouldn't be the one trying to catch a falling knife. I think that's it might work out for you but like if you do it enough times, you're gon na get punished.

I would probably just avoid it: the risk is too great. Trey is talking about having a push-up contest. Now with you on his channel. We should do that like some sort of um, whatever i don't know, i'm sure we can make something funny happen with it, but is he doing like a hundred straight? If someone's like listening to both our streams, i'm curious, i in no way could do a hundred straight.

I thought he just did like a hundred a day like like four sets of 25, or something like that, so i just figured. I would do like 26. 25. 25.

25, but if he's doing a hundred straight yeah no way am i winning that, but maybe we could do um, like some sort of i don't know just like fun competition, something something to get me to do something active uh, tesler tesler. We need you to run how's. Mario, look all right. Tech gets wrecked tomorrow.

If cpi shows month over month, inflation which it will suits will rotate into financials and industrials. I think there's some value to that about tiblio. If they're supposed to be a month out, does that mean if they are no longer on that list, tibio no longer thinks it's a good play, um kind of, but not exactly it's a little bit more intricate than that um. It's just falling out of favor! Of that, like the current it like, because the algorithm is continually running it, it does it's not like tiblio updates once a day.

It's updating continuously all day um, so like at that moment, maybe like whatever percentage jump they're looking for in the open interest like isn't what they're at so maybe it's slightly behind, but that doesn't mean necessarily it's like no longer a good play. I guess to answer your question: matt vs, trey rap battle. Didn't you use the bench? 300? No, never literally, never ever um in my life, the most i've ever benched - and this was like a one. Rep max was like 255 and i think at the time i weighed like 180, which is like i don't know, there's a lot of you listening right now that you're like oh, i could.

I could rep out 255., like in the world of people who, like lift and weightlifting, and everything like 255. It's good like i was happy about it, but there's people there's people when i was this was like in college when i was at my strongest there's people in my high school benching, like 3 15, like the linebackers on the football team like it, i don't know. I was happy, but it's like not impressive, 300 hot pockets. I was i mean i played soccer my whole life, so i was like a lot better at leg exercises.

I could definitely like squat and dead, lift more proportionally than i could ever like. Benching, like just even at my weight like i stood out better with leg exercises, matt and trey yo mama fight. Ask yourself: could trey really beat the baby in a rat battle? 255 is good at 180, but is it really that good when, like i was doing it for years and years like i said, like there were 17 18 year olds um in my high school, like just the football players that were benching like an ungodly amount, and I remember in high school i thought i was gon na like kill myself with 135, with just like 245s on each side. Matt, don't forget, you were gon na look at plug and got sidetracked plug.

I think it's coming down to the low 20s. That's when i would get into plug like 22, 23 25. ducks don't do push-ups. We do squats for a bit there.

I was getting really into the stair-stepper just to like. I don't know if you've never done a stair stepper before you might not get it, but there's something fun about a stair stepper where, if like a stranger, gets on the one by you, you just want to do it for longer and go faster, like just an Unknown competition about stair steppers and i'm um - i really i i miss those days ever since, like gyms and everything got shut down power hour power power hour power hour, we need nfts what happened to sos. I don't know what did happen to sos. Oh, i don't like it below five.

That's for sure all right, let's cut it 250 loss close order peppa. Let's do this mara, not looking the best. What other questions do we have did? Dtcc rule 005 disappear, uh, good question. Let's check it out.

Let me look i'd be kind of wild if it did 80204. Oh uh yeah. I guess i don't know if i was using this website, though of how i found them before um. Does anyone else out? There know about the 80? What was it 8 or not? 805.005 there's so many dang rules now um so 802.00402.

I guess i guess zero. Five is no longer there. It's pretty weird ryan malone. I hope i'm saying that right.

Welcome aboard. Thank you for becoming an astronaut. That's awesome. Could the dip be related to tax day april 15th? Maybe a lot of people had a huge tax bill, uh didn't it get pushed.

I thought the tax day got pushed by like a month or two this year, because i don't know, i guess they could. Just do that they removed 05 on these keys. Do you know why they removed it got my tea. I love it.

Hank dispensaries all stayed open same as liquor stores. Also don't call it that word. That's the government name for it. Okay, another source check out jeff's creations, editor um.

Overall, i'm still going to be bullish on draftkings. I think draftkings is a good long-term investment. All right, i'm going to check out this. The short hunter see what's coming on going on with uh this ownership thoughts on the announcement of dividends going to shareholders on of skt, usually when there's a dividend announcement, that's pretty bullish for a stock, lucy dinner and applebee's prv uh.

I think we checked this one out right, p or me: oh, that was earlier today, how's it doing um so flat. It's been flat all day uh. This is the one where i was like. I think it's a realistic gap, though i just don't like the risk, like your risk.

Reward ratio is not really in your favor. Now that my muscles have all atrophied, i can start fresh yeah, the the key um, the key to any lifting. Is you want to start fresh? You want to let all your muscles disappear. Yeah may 17th.

So it sounds like taxes all got pushed by a month. Um, oh good point: if you guys could uh just a quick reminder, it would be awesome if you could drop a like and hit that subscribe. Button join up with the channel if you're new to it um and then don't forget to hit the like. We have enough people in here.

We could easily sail up to 2 000. That would be awesome. I would appreciate it get more. People in here have more fun talk about taxes, and if or if i didn't um, i guess what is this smash? I'm not that good at super smash like i feel like.

I didn't get into it that much just because my roommates in college were always so much better. So then i just got discouraged from playing it, so i would lose. I mean i would do it for the sake of competition, but i would probably try to practice for like a couple weeks beforehand. We will question if i get a notice about a dividend.

Where does it go? I think just into your like uh balance like if your dividend payments like a buck, it would just go into your cash mara. 30 minute chart all right what i mean so this was the gap fell, so it closed at 49 and then it opened up at 52. So there was that gap back down to 49, which looks like it just got filled in the last half hour bar is the gamma squeeze over uh. Generally, you have a short squeeze first before a gamma squeeze on ramen hood.

It asked me if i wanted to put it into the stock or in the bounce. Okay, that makes sense, so it either lets you buy more of that stock or it's just like i don't know. I think that's the drip thing uh drip the trip. That's like big on m1 finance vi ac now, training under 40 is viac.

I mean under 40. This thing could keep falling. Oh so close, this is looking. Where would it go next? I think the next stop - maybe 37, maybe as low as 34..

Viac is looking a bit unhealthy is what he said. Do i really want that? Hmm i put for the 23rd. Yes all right, let's see what happens with viac. Oh wait.

Hang on. I don't know. If i'm gon na get filled all right there, we got it. Phil just looking for a breakdown, no idea, if it will, i just know if we look at the daily chart right here, you can see that it's looking a bit heavy wrong way.

My bad looks like it's looking a bit heavy it bounced. It tried and like this might just this might be that dead cat. If people want an example of like what an actual dead cat is, that could be viacom. My next stop to watch would be the low 37s if it breaks below that.

I would then watch 34., so basically, 37, followed by 34, is what i'm watching on viacom. I am now betting against it. Um it just is really really struggling. I calm getting annihilated uh, but for remember you need to understand at least ten percent people watching only want you to mention.

Excuse me because they have a ton of money and then they're a huge awesome way. You do it again so to get out of the hole very well could uh be the point like yeah i mean hank. I get that a lot of people are just in this for their own gain. Thank you for the call out on viacom discord, uh, lucy and youtube land youtube land for sure, hey, i'm back in the green.

Somehow on um tesla! That's that's rare! I don't see that too often. Matt green on tesla is. Is everything okay buh?.

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