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Amc gamestop : the bullish buying we wanted what data can we trust? – Matt Kohrs

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Naked Shorts & Loaning Explained
What Data Can We Trust?
Let's kick this week off on a positive note!
Let's talk about GME, AMC, Tesla, Bitcoin & everything else going on in the Stock Market!
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What is going on, let's get the duck shirt on right away. Today we mean business. Tuesdays are business days for us here here in our moon colony. You know monday, wednesday, thursday friday, we mess around tuesdays, all business, all business, all business uh.

What is going on in the stock market? All right cool? I can talk to houston. How is my medium hold high shine, hair? Oh that's, looking good all right! So that's on point the most, obviously the most important aspect of the stream. Once again, i have pivoted to um medium hold high shine, hair product, that's where my life's at right now and that's what you do when you basically are the internet um you get opportunities like this to pivot pivot, your hairstyle, even though you're already in your mid-20s, All right, it's gon na be a good day. Come on come on, come on, come on, you got ta, have a big smile on your face.

Shall we, but not do we mean that much business? I could button up a little bit. Bring this from a pg-13. Show down to a pg by just getting a couple of these good morning good morning: muted, i'm not muted uh. No, i'm not people can hear me you're messing with me.

You guys know, i'm just too gullible all right. What all right team welcome back to the duck shirt spartacular episode, whatever 88, let's call it 88 today i don't even know what's the matter so all right! Let's do some of this. What's going on with my watch list, let's go down to five minutes. Five minutes.

Five minutes: five minutes all right, we'll do some uh position. Reviews we'll go over some of the amc, gme aka gamestop news, um yeah, let's hop right into it, oh uh, before the bell rings. I need to tell everyone about this wild dream i had uh. There were a lot of twists and turns turns within the dream.

It was crazy, um, it's actually so crazy. Like i know, obviously i make up quite a bit of stuff uh, i'm not i'm not the most sane person out there, but this one. As i tell you this entire this incredible journey, my brain went on. While i was sleeping um, i think your mind could be really blown by it anyway.

I just want a little bit of foreshadowing for before and i'll try to get that out before the bell rings today, but um. Let's go over all the important technical levels, um all that good stuff. So first, let's start off with data. Oh actually, hang on hang on even potentially more important.

So this this data platform ortex uh, which i believe to be the most accurate, up-to-date short interest for amc and gme the founders just emailed me. We can offer a 10 discount for all yearly subscribers uh they're working on setting up a special page, but if you set up sign up for the yearly thing and you email, support or text.com with the subject line, moon gang discount you'll get a 10 discount, which Is awesome very, very kind of them? I just email them like hey man. A lot of people seem to like your platform. Is there a way we can get a special moon gang discount um just do that and you can get 10 off the yearly uh program, but anyway um right now, trending upward over the past two days.

The short interest on amc has gone from 17.8 up to 18.9. The shares on loan went from 114 million to 122 million. That's for amc game stops has gone from 12.8 million to 12.7 million to 12 or 12.6 to 12.7, so the short interest has gone from 23.9 up to 24.2 um, so both increasing amc increasing more um. So those are the short interest numbers.

These are updated daily. Um in the future they're going to be working on some intraday stuff, but more so the important numbers are like that daily update before the market opens. I believe it updates at like 7 7 30.. It's definitively updated before the market opens each day.

Once again, those are the numbers uh we're dealing with with amc and gme. I think one thing that i think could be actually important here. We talk about a lot about how um, basically amc has 450 million shares outstanding, and the free float is closer to 400 million um. I don't hear too many people talking about the am or gme numbers um, so gme only has 16, basically 70 million out there, and i wrote this down.

I did this math the 65, where is it um, so 70 million outstanding shares the free float free float? Are the shares that you and i trade uh - that's closer to 45 million, so it's pretty much uh like a little less than a tenth of it. It's like a ninth of it of like the overall shares that we're dealing with gamestop compared to amc just want to throw that out there. Yesterday, some people uh had a little bit concerns about the amc, insider selling, um insiders. How do i get to it? There's a way to see the insiders.

Let me track this down. Really quick! Hang on! Oh, i know where it is i'll, find you um. So, oh here it is new york, stock exchange, slash amc, another pretty cool aspect of this uh. You could see the insider buying and selling, so this is the one people were talking about.

Yesterday, the chief marketing officer uh stephen, a um. He had he sold a hundred thousand shares roughly made one million dollars a little bit more left over. He still has 109 000 shares of amc um. I understand it it like.

Obviously you don't want insider selling. Sometimes it like it is a bit confusing. It's like well. Do you believe in your company? Do we believe in your company? I just want to point out that this 109 000 is very much on par with what the individual people own.

So these top two are investment companies uh, so the first one, ceo typically, your ceo - is always going to carry the most but below that 200. 000. 181. 173.

149. 111. 108.. So this guy basically went from being the number two to just in the middle of the pack in terms of like uh executive board member ownership.

He was right below the ceo um he came in at he was at 208 and then now he's just in the middle of the pack right here. There are still a fair amount of people below him and also just in terms of like the volume and stuff. I mean amc, it's nothing for amc to trade, 100 million on the day that he sold march 23rd. There was 85 million, something like that.

It was below 0.1 percent of the volume um. It just doesn't bother me. I think it was just another like headline like a click. Baity type thing i don't know, i'm just really not putting that much emphasis on it um.

I would be a little bit more concerned if there were a lot of people all selling at once, and that's just not the case of what we're seeing. There was one guy and we don't know anything about his situation. Uh it could have been planned. He could have needed the money he maybe just wanted to lower his risk, but he still is carrying more than like a million dollars, a million two of amc stock, all right uh.

So that's your update, uh. Basically, on that story, with amc gme, we went over the short interest for both of them over the past couple days, both have slightly been going up very, very high relative to any stock that is highly shorted, i.e. Your stocks, like i, don't know, tesla something like that amc gm is still very, very high um. Obviously we will be talking about them throughout the day.

If there's ever any, breaking news feel free to somehow send it to me. We could go over. It live on stream. I could give you my like near knee jerk reactions and if it's like um, a very important piece of news i'll then do my own due diligence on it and then post an update video.

If i feel like i got something wrong which uh i definitely do do and i just want to um, i guess convey the best information i possibly can. Okay, so um, let's go over some of these other things, uh hofv uh that was kind of a fun trade from yesterday. I still have that position oops. No one look at my password um, i'm in i have 250 shares at view order details um right here.

So i had 250 i bought at 5.59. I felt sold at 578, so that was like a 50 return, then about 250, more at 6, 17. right now we're trading at 607. So i'm slightly down on it but um! I don't know it hit seven market right when pre-market started yesterday.

Um, i'm excited about this. This is just like a little nft play, i'm personally not in it for like the long run, i'm just in it for like this momentary excitement, uh. So we'll see how that's going um, so that's hofv, just straight up 250 shares at 6, 16. 617, i'm also in au.

This was a tiblio call play um. I just like the technical, breakout um, it's not the highest volume one. I just like how it finally got out of this trend line, so this is what i'm watching on it uh. Those were for mid when do these expire yeah april 16th.

So here they are oops. Let me scroll down, so everyone can see this um right here. We're rocking the um april 16th. We also have k toss, which is uh, looks in looking pretty good in pre-market, actually uh, so ktos closed the day out at 27.40.

It's already up to 29, so this one as soon as the market opens these ones uh they're break. Even now they should be in a decent profit. I have tesla, puts tesla sold off a bit. It closed out the day at 6 11, where tesla closed out 611 right now, straightening at 603.

At one point it did break below 600, i'm if it holds 600. I'm probably going to get out for maybe break, even maybe a small loss if it breaks below 600. I should be in good shape, i'll, be watching that those expire april 9th so not this week, but next week. Oh, don't forget this week is a short in trading week.

The market is not open on friday, it's good friday. It's a market holiday, it's a four day trading week, um just so. Everyone knows that, and those are the main i still have a gopro uh short how's gopro, looking gopro, it's just really not traded, just like barcoding a couple cents back and forth um. So i don't know i'll probably get out of that at some point right now.

I'm roughly breaking even uh, so that's what we're going on! Oh, let's talk about the overall market overall market, better uh! Well, this is the futures market yeah, let's not get into futures today, all right, all right uh! So this high right here, 398 of the s p 500 etf, that tracks 500 of the biggest companies in the us hit its all-time high on march 17th. Yesterday it was pretty close to it. It hit 396.. Our all-time high is 398 overall market very, very strong.

Later we could talk about why there's such a strong disconnection between our economy and the stock market, usually they're correlated today, some or recently really from march of 2020. Until now, there's been a big disconnection uh and that relates to the fed and our tax scheme and a bunch of other stuff, but right now the bulls are in the driver's seat uh. So let's watch how it reacts to 398 and the psychological level at 400.. All right and that's kind of the the layout of how we're going to start so it's 9.

12 right now. Let me go through some of these questions. Hey matt move, so i can say good morning to chair pirates, um go ahead and button up the shirt because we all know if, when gme rocket you'll be running around the stream shirtless, like a super fan, of course, i will i'm not going to be able To keep it together, jimmy weekly rsi, looking good thoughts. Oh this is a good question.

All right, gme um, let's use the daily, because most of us are more on this time frame, um. So right now it's neutral. It's at the rsi on the bottom. Here stands for relative strength index.

It's a very, very common technical indicator has values of 0 to 100, and all it does is map out bullish momentum against bearish momentum. If you want to know how it's calculated and the specifics, i have a video like a three five minute: video three, two: five minutes, something like that in this. In my catalog, you could just look up macquarie's rsi um and you could get the math behind it. But anyway, it just maps out momentum when it gets very high.

That's a lot of bullish momentum. I mean look at this when it hit 43, the we were coming in at 98.. You almost like, never ever see really numbers above, like 85, that's crazy, um, but anyway um when it gets very low. That's a lot of bearish momentum.

People like it for reversion plays when it gets high. They look for it to sell off when it gets when it gets low. People look forward to bounce. Remember it's never ever going to be perfect, but my point is: is that right now we're super neutral? The bears aren't winning the bulls, aren't winning um.

If we look at the 30 minute same thing before, when we were testing this 218 220 area, rsi was pretty high. Since then, we've come off and the rsi is now like neutral, which means we have room to run in either way. How does that look for amc, uh, pretty much the same thing. Amc is flat on the 30 minute and on the daily uh also flat, so this stock it has the uh.

I guess the range right now. The capability um to kind of go either way, which could be good or bad. Obviously, we're all here to see these things go sky high public service announcement. Everyone hit that like button, enjoy thanks, death's api.

I appreciate that um, oh yeah uh. I guess it would be awesome if, like before going into this, we have enough people if we could just get up to 2.5 k likes. I would appreciate that it just helps with the youtube algorithm. That's always kind of a nice psychological goal.

Is it two and a half thousand likes don't forget to that subscribe button uh before the stream gets started, because at 9 30, obviously things go a bit haywire. I try to remember it, but most of the time i forget but um, i would appreciate it space apes if you could just help me out a little bit uh. That type of support dropping a like hitting the subscribe button is really the main support. I ask for all right: molly fool is forging shares in sus, that's uh, that's funny jamie um! I was blown away.

It was in my update video yesterday that motley fool like somehow wrote a positive, somewhat positive story about amc uh. Maybe i could find that what time is it yeah? We have time. Uh. 9.

15.. Motley fool, tmc kong wait! This is seven days ago. It was this guy that wrote it right here, um kind of blew my mind uh. It was basically just talking about how oh i even have the important points.

The stock plummeted. 26 in a week. That's all the country's largest exhibitor hit an important milestone with 99 of its theaters. Now open things should start to look markedly better starting this week because of godzilla vs kong.

It hit the us theaters later this week. It was a global juggernaut abroad. Over the past weekend, drumming up 122 million dollars in box office receipts, including 70.3 million in china, and it very much outpaced wonder woman 1984., so um, like obviously one movie, is not going to completely turn around in stock. But it's more of just positive sentiment.

Bullish sentiment and really it seems, like motley fool - has been in this, like whatever cycle of just like completely crapping on uh, amc and gamestop. So like i was very much surprised to see them write anything positive about it and they even wrote something positive about chewie, which obviously, through ryan cohen, has connections now to uh gamestop. So interesting article for sure, can you go over credit spreads on tiblio uh? We'll do that for sure we'll be talking about tibio grow, a mustache and not shave until gme moves moons. I was thinking that we, maybe, as a group fast forward to november, we could do some sort of like charity, drive event uh with like a no shave november uh for anyone that wants to participate.

I think that could be fun to just see how like ugly, i can really get looking. How has your purse store been affected by the suez canal? Uh, the the canal, man, just like all these pirates, it's been tough. Thank you for asking, but uh yeah the family's purse. Business uh it hit, but we'll come back stronger than ever we're really just building up because the supply is going down and the demand's there artificially we're pumping up the demand.

So i'm feeling good about it. Love the stream in need snow to pop today, pirates how's snow, doing uh for those of you who don't know snow is kind of similar to palantir uh. This is a warm buffet back like data analytics data storage, company, fun fact, i'm in um this in the mid 300s. So i'm down like a hundred dollars per share, i bought it in here.

I thought this was some good weakness to buy, but i'm also planning to be in it for multiple years. I do like snow as a long term hold, so i'm i don't know kind of out of sight out of mind until it starts bouncing back morning. Fellow ducklings i've been watching cscw bargain price. It may run good for a quick scalp.

This is another um nft play right, yeah um right now, though, it's looking a bit weak, though so be careful, lisa uh! You do have a bit of support around 1.30. You have more support at a dollar, that's the main support. So if you're, all right with that risk reward um, but i mean nfts, we saw them run for a couple days there and now they're, not looking the most amazing t-cat's down at 31.. Um.

J finn is at 7.75 dolphin is at 13, like they all had like a pretty notable downtrend. Yesterday, um the one that was like really perking up was hall of fame and um. I don't know. Obviously whatever announcement people were talking about yesterday, didn't really come through.

The best, unfortunately, we went from seven down to 560. now we're trading at six, so it still has considerable range and i will obviously be watching it throughout the day, but the nft sector right now isn't getting like the most amazing push. Can you talk about a good exit strategy that doesn't hurt the cause? I have amc and would sell it if it was at 100? Is that bad um i mean if it goes up to 100. I don't think you're gon na be the only person selling it jason um.

A lot of people will be up considerable money at that point um and for you obviously uh we're in this together, but at a hundred dollars at gme at 500. A thousand for those even like going way way higher, which is possible for sure um at a certain point. You're gon na have a lot of people who are like hey. This is like pretty serious money and i have bills to pay um so, like you also have to consider your own, like financial health, your own, like bill situation, um, i mean that's going to be quite a bit of money for amc.

I mean a lot of people are in amc between eight and twelve dollars. So, like that's a a thousand percent return, that's incredible! Hey matt! A lot of hype on amrs would love your opinion. Jason stewart you'll know when i exit i'm definitely not going to be hiding any of my information. You guys know when i get in you guys know.

When i get out. I pretty much just show everything to you: amrs a pretty strong uptrend, but it looks like you could see. It's been going up and now it's getting a little bit more volatile. It might that's a sign, it might need to take a breather.

I think an interesting opportunity to get in could be around 16 even better opportunity around 1330. I don't know what they do: um basic materials, chemicals, uh commodity, chemical, industrial, biotech, company yeah. So that doesn't tell me too awful much in terms of its chart, though a huge uptrend. It might just be taking a breather soon.

I would watch somewhere between uh 15ish 13ish, something like that just like in this region, maybe a solid dip buying. If you enjoy it all right, what is shout out to the moon gang discord? Oh speaking, that, if you want to be part of the moon gang discord, there is a link in uh. This description of this video tiblio dropped. Some cool changes on the long call long put section last night.

Yes, i'm very excited to talk about those today, trade from the long call long put screener new screener layout with new data atm strike, bullish, bearish yeah very, very excited to go over uh tiblio. Our options picker service - they just dropped some very impressive. I didn't want to talk about it. I i yesterday said they would be coming out with updates throughout the week i just didn't want to, like.

I don't know let the cat out of the bag or anything but uh very excited to go over some of their new stuff. Thank you. V for um posting that uh street insider gamestop names, ex-amazon, elliott, wilk to growth officer all right. Let's check out this article.

Hang on, let's see if we can find this all right. So this just came out three hours ago, gamestop names x, amazon, exec, elliott, wilke, chief growth officer, the cgo uh gamestop today announced that it has appointed elliott wilke to the role of chief growth officer. Mr wilkes start date is april. 5Th.

Um brings nearly two decades of branding consumer goods and e-commerce experience to gamestop. He joins from amazon, where he spent the past seven years, holding a variety of senior roles across segments such as amazon, blah blah blah blah. He being he started at procter gamble uh at gamestop. He will oversee growth strategies and marketing, with a focus on increasing customer loyalty and growing to reach the power up, rewards and game informer.

It will also work with the leaders on initiatives that include expanding the company's use of customer insights and metrics to optimize channel marketing. Also, they got andrea wolfe uh vice president of brand development and tom peterson um, so they're hiring uh, andrea wolfe is starting the 29th, and so is tom peterson merchandising brand development. So there's obviously big shake-ups going on at gamestop. We knew it um, they hired other people from google amazon jenna.

I believe owens was her name or is her name um gamestop, making big pushes to like change the fundamental direction of the company. Uh does get me pretty excited about like the future direction of gamestop. Is motley fool? A writer? Can anyone write a story? Is there an editor, uh flack, i'm really not sure didn't happen. Matt h announcement didn't happen.

Last night it was supposed to be today 8 a.m. Maybe i'm looking. I didn't see anything, that's what i was confused about a lot of people who were talking about this hall of fame thing. Um ooh, hang on uh, the lord finn.

We have a keith j king is a greg. Let's get, let's find, let's do some greg hunting. I will find you gregory we're greg hunting before the market opens. Where are you dude keith j dude, you suck anymore? I might suck but you're no longer in this chat, so we just spilled some blood, i'm feeling good.

This is a quick little sacrifice to really get the market going today. Um, that's a good sign for us. I believe whoa who's, spamming, uh, all right another one, all right! I guess all the greg's are uh canon well you're gone. If i just see you blatantly spamming, of course, i'm gon na get you as well.

So that's two so just in case the market gods wanted more than one um. We now have two heads already rolling and hang on. Let me let me play the sound for everyone. Let me figure: where is it here? It is come on play play play.

That was very quiet. I don't know why hang on all right, so we got that um feeling good feeling, good gamestop right now. 186. Amc.

1037 uh we'll watch au in this throughout the day hang on. Maybe we could do a bit of tesla. Let's switch down to the one minute for market open. We have about two and a half minutes left one minute, one minute, one minute uh.

Actually, these can stay five on the bottom. All right, can you give us smith ab plug power? I don't know what that means all right, but we're feeling good. We already. I mean how will the market not shoot up really today, just like fear like it's almost impossible, we we've already sacrificed two people.

Where are we at markets about to open we're close uh? If don't forget we're trying to hit that goal of two and a half thousand likes before market opened, so if a thousand of you beautiful space apes could help me out, obviously it just helps with the youtube algorithm. That's the whole point of leaving a comment subscribe. While subscribing, then you know all my new pieces of content, but between dropping a comment and um dropping a like both of those things just tell the youtube algorithm, hey more people should be in here we're having a good time and, of course, we're having a good Time we're always having a good time um. I would appreciate it hang on: let's get these charts going, i can almost feel it today.

The fact that we've sacrificed two greg's today might be another tesla profit day. I don't want to get too ahead of myself. We're knocking on wood but uh tesla's, showing a bit of weakness. I have four tesla puts it.

It might be a game-changing day. My tesla training career there we go, you guys are the best 2000 likes. You guys are phenomenal. Thank you.

Thank you hang on. Let me get some coffee before the market opens team. Where are we 30 seconds 30 seconds refueling? One? Third of my diet: hot coffee, cold, coffee. I also just want everyone to know that my diet doesn't add up to 100.

Ever sometimes it's chex mix um. Sometimes it's protein bars other times. It's just fried chicken all right, gamestop. Looking a bit perky this morning, i like it all right, ding, ding, ding folks, the casino is open.

We're going we're going we're going to the wizard of oz ooh. I forgot to tell everyone about my dream i'll: do that when it's a little bit more quiet, crazy dream, though here we go uh, so tesla's going the wrong way right out of the gate, but gamestop looking. Okay, amc amc, 1040, gamestop 186, but we're not even done with the first minute yet we're just trying to get things situated, trying to figure out what kind of day we're going to have. If i need to sacrifice a couple more greg's, i will happily do so.

Sometimes i do it just because i like how it makes me feel all right uh. I know i'm a little bit behind on these super chats i'll. Do it uh? Actually, i think the charts are good, maybe i'll hop into those right now. Okay, all right! Let's get back to some of these super chats and any discord questions.

Will you be jumping to arc x today and in the future xxx? Yes, i will not necessarily today uh kind of similar to just like an ipo thing. I want to see like just how everyone's reacting to it out of the gate, but i do like it: matt have abc calls 10.5 expiration april 1st 11, 11, 5 for april 16th, all consistently down 20 to 30 percent. What's your opinion now, looking for financial advice, i mean dj, it's just how strong do you feel in amc if you're feeling good about it, you could definitely hold it, especially the ones expiring, the 16th, just because they have more time. So if you're feeling confident in amc and like the overall like movement, that's going on hold it because it can make you a serious amount of money, um the ones for april 1st, though uh that's more of like a lot of randomness involved, because you only have Uh today, tomorrow and thursday, and the weight like theta decay is really going to start hurting you pretty soon.

Did you hear about the ghost reduction intrinsic gamma in amc? Aka greg keep up the great work. I like that, the ghost reduction extrinsic gamma adam p. I love that, should there be a fun for new shoes due to the greg's yeah, whenever i completely one of these days when i make a gazillion dollars off of tesla i'll buy everyone a new pair of shoes, because i know i've been getting greg blood all Over your good ones, right now, hofv announced at 752 on twitter, yahoo, finance barons, nfl, etc. Sports betting is the debut today.

Nft is a longer term project, okay, so sports betting. I still like sports betting, i'm all with that. So how is it reacting to the market open uh? I like sports betting. I like the craze of nft, hit 632 pre-market or not pre-market the first minute of the market coming down right now, 5.95.

So, let's watch hof a little bit tesla gap down a very strange gap down for tesla how's, my tesla position. Looking. How am i down money on tesla? This thing is vomiting. Oh, i bought it too far.

Out of the money come on all right. Gamestop 185. Amc 1024 details on your tesla put uh sure sacrifice them like an indiana jones in the temple of dune lee hayek. So here are the details of my tesla put.

So i have four puts that expire april 9. So not this week. Next week strike price 500. They cost me 730.

Each the position as a whole was three thousand dollars. As of now i'm down thirteen percent, i'm down four hundred bucks uh, i kind of wish i bought the 550s instead opinion on some 48 viacom calls for next week. Uh. I think viacom right now is in a very weird position because, like it's so sold off, so you'd think that there'd be a strong reversion play, but i mean this stock has been decimated.

I mean i guess it'll hold held yesterday, so i could see the 48s or 50s. I think that's reasonable. You might want to give yourself more than uh next week, though, just because, like you really never know, what's gon na happen, i mean that viacom has been absolutely murdered. Was that the sword i heard chopping ahead? Yes, hustle cscw how's that one doing today, cscw um amc, 1022, gme 185 cscw looking strong today was there an announcement or something uh cscw i mean i'd look forward to come back around, but let's watch it anti-sellout.

Thank you for that. Super chat, no message attached. I appreciate it uh matt opinion on the discovery reversal. I mean it's gon na be pretty much the same.

Um with viacom like they've, been pretty much tracking together. Gamestop looks like he's trying to fight back right now, pushing 187 nice consolidation lower highs, higher lows, trying to make its decision. Um amc might be turning back around. Let's look forward to get above basically, 10.

27. 10. 30.. Here's the level 2 on amc on the right side of your screen.

Why can't i add to this cscw showing a lot of strength. Game stop pushing 190. Let's see it test. Remember 185 is good support.

I mean it bounced off of 184 classic level. Um we've been talking about that, so many like literally once a stream. I talk about 185 and how important it is uh. So i like that, we're above it uh.

Let's see that test of 200 looks like it's coming pretty soon, gamestop just broke up to 192.. Big wall sellers at what is this? 1? 93? 50? That's where the walls at right now on uh game, stop about yeah yep, exactly there uh, they just moved it back. The wall is now at 195 yeah exactly 195. Now they just pushed it back a little bit so big test coming up pretty soon front running that psychological level, at whatever it is 200 to 212..

Here we go, let's go uh. The walls now gone, uh disappeared, they pulled it. Oh, this is kind of cool. All right, i will show you guys that in a second here we go gamestop moving amc coming out too coming out of the gate.

Look at that this is awesome. Let's see if there's some follow through the volume is also picking up on uh gamestop. Look at this um so of course the first minute is typically huge: half a million. We just had a nice of 200 000.

So, let's see if this trend continues, we want the volatility and the volume to continue to go higher higher and higher cscw getting hit. Let's go back to hofv, i don't know why it does that. I really want this to turn around all right. Where's, gamestop struggling there's now a wall at 196., so the wall keeps like popping up disappearing.

Tells me that it's not a legitimate wall. I mean. Obviously they could choose to leave it there, but um i'm not seeing like any um confidence in it. I guess is the best way to put it here.

We go come on come on come on yep uh. We were just discussing the story about how gamestop has some new power players on their board. The chief chief growth officer seemed pretty cool um. I i think that nice we're at 200.

Let's go 200 200 uh. The resistance is from 200 to 212.. 212 is a gap region that we saw from early february past 212, we're watching 230 past 230, 250 above 250 um. Obviously every dollar we go higher, it's more and more exciting, but above 250 gamestop can get wild.

Um amc can obviously as well but we're i'm still looking for amc to break above 11, which is very much in the cards today. I think amc can get wild above 1290 hofv selling off uh gamestop is already up 10 percent. Today, amc is back to break even woohoo all right here we go um we're about what is this 60 likes away from 2.5k to get today, show your support for your fellow space apes for your gamestop, for your amc shares support them all drop a like. Let's get more people in here.

This is exciting. Like look at this volume, we're just going higher and higher something weird is going on with gamestop right now, i'm very excited i actually kind of almost want to get um some more exposure to it. I do have quite a bit of gme um uh amc calls i kind of want more gme calls. Let's look at the options chain wow.

These are so expensive, very, very expensive, very expensive. All right, i'm going to be watching this one. I just want to have that order. Queued up um, we know 200 is resistance, i'm not saying it has to break whoa tessa.

What's going on with tesla. That just was a big sell. Hang on markets markets being weird today, uh, i want to see gamestop come back up, we know 200 to 212 is resistance, i'm just getting an order queued up uh if it looks like we're about to break through i'm not chasing it right at the top of Resistance how's the market, looking market selling. That's why come on gamestop show us what you're made of remove widget here's the game stops level.

Two still a wall like we just know, there's a battle at 200., but if it looks like the bulls are about to win, i myself am gon na buy another call, so even with tesla going down um. I think this is a good lesson on choosing the right strike price, something i obviously didn't do with tesla. So, even though it's gone down three percent today, my puts from yesterday are still down four percent, i'm down 120. Obviously, if it trends downward i'll, be fine.

Uh and i'll be back in profit, but with this i'm sure a lot of people with puts are like super super into profit. Now i just got that bad entry all right, but back to the business at hand, oops sorry. This was for gme right i'll, make sure i'm on the right one. Where was that i'll? Let you know if i get filled so i'm trying to get another call on gamestop, let's see how it plays out amc strong, bending back around.

Let's look for that breakout! Pretty strong pattern market looks, weak, tesla looks weak, remove, widget, okay, i got filled on gamestop. I have one call 225 for not for april 16th, so let's roll the die on that one. I'm still not break even on tesla blows my mind. There's tesla down four percent on.

It still looks like i kind of need it in the 580s to even be break even at this point, but it's all right we'll make all that money back with gamestop. Here we go. Look at amc. Strength are my amc.

Okay, gopro forever blowing my mind here are my amc: calls uh 1250s for mid april, so down a considerable amount, but as long as amc gets moving, i think will be good. Katos how's that looking uh not the best, not the worst, just kind of a weird in-between day a you uh coming back, okay, so it gapped down, but now people are already buying it back up. That's why we give ourselves enough time when we buy uh, where do i see tall going, i mean tall could go either way. It's already shown a lot of weakness like a lot of weakness.

Uh, it could continue going. I don't think tall is a trade. I really don't um it's just it. We know.

Usually i would want to buy it as a reversion play, but there's so many people still betting against it that i just feel like it's. It's just not the trade right now, in my opinion, libby. Thank you for that super chat. Mr boo lay here good morning.

My g question: why can't i buy options, but i have buying power. I've already done options before um so buying power. That's not the exact number you! Sometimes your brokerage doesn't let you use your full buying power, because it's just a margin thing uh, sometimes, depending on your brokerage, you can only use like what money is yours and not any margin, money uh and that's usually what your buying power includes. Let's go.

Let's go joseph patton: are you being a greg dude? Why are you saying bye jamie when you're hang on you're sending super chats talking about gme? Why are you being so pessimistic about it, i'm afraid to ask you? I don't get it yeah he's acting super sus, but before he's been super bullish on gm, so i don't get what he's doing we'll give him one chance to explain himself and if it's not up to the community standards joseph we're gon na have to give you The old boot uh, what software am i using? This is weibull uh. If you sign up you get this platform for free, you get um one free stock for signing up a second one. If you're in no rush, you could also hang on doesn't matter. This is trading view, so this is what i usually use for charting it has fun emojis and then weeble.

I just use it because a lot of other people use it and i figured i could be helpful to describe kind of what's going on with some of it. Gamestop 189 amc, 1040. meaning buy to the moon not buy as in bad. Okay, that's a fair um! I, like that saying, hedgies are trying to drive us out.

No worry abes, i'm buying more right. This! Second, that's what i thought. That's why i didn't kick it because i i've seen his name so many times. I thought it was a misinterpretation on my point.

I'm happy that um, i'm really happy. I already guillotined two greg's, so i wasn't as bloodthirsty um joseph i mean i've seen a lot of his super chats coming in he's pretty into gamestop. So i thought it was a misinterpretation. It was sometimes we're going to do it.

Sometimes it's worthwhile to ask questions like that. Joseph is a space ape with us. It's all good. It's all good, hey team, i'm almost almost almost break even on tesla here um hang on.

I need to add another widget below this, so you guys can see my positions better. It's like the bottom of my screen, though i don't like that. But anyway, i think you could see this top right there, i'm finally in profit on tesla, but let's see how it plays out today, gopro coming down to my target soon uh, i want to see gopro at whatever. This is 1080.

I guess, and it's at 1094 right now, gopro selling off this one will be a little bit easier to see everything. Okay, love for hov to finally come back: gamestop 188 uh, amc 1030 for everyone, who's just listening all do my best to continue to call out the numbers all right. Finally, i'm up finally gopro trading in the way of the good guys. All right, let me go back to this all right bought a put last week in the money, and i want to sell weibo, is showing me that the 600 powering beater is needed to sell.

What am i missing, alex yeah um. Sometimes it's a little bit confusing. Like that, that means that you're trying to just sell one, not sell the one that you own, because you can just straight up, sell a put, sell a call and that's like another way, to open a position. So it sounds like you're accidentally trying to open a position and not close the one.

You currently have go to the one that you have and there should be like a closed position. Option grease up the guillotine matthew. What's going on good morning, thoughts on buying kdp puts dividends expected to come tomorrow and rsi looks high on the daily think it will need to cool down soon. All right kdp puts this.

Is that keurig um, dr pepper one right, yeah, weirdest combo of companies? Rsi is super high um, i think, puts are a good play, but i think tiblio has been saying that there's a lot of calls coming through uh. Does anyone remember using tiblio what the if it was calls or puts? I don't think it's updated. Yet. No, it's not all right, just new things coming in all right.

Let me know if you remember what was going on with this keurig, dr pepper company. I think it was calls and that's why i didn't trade it because i didn't want to like chase it higher and higher um, but i would prefer to play, puts on it, but that disconnection is kind of why i didn't trade it. I was confused. Why so? Many calls were coming across on the market when i thought it looked like.

It was time to take a breather, yeah, christy davis. You can reach her on telegram. Well, christy! You can reach her in your greg greg grave. The greg graveyard welcome a new person christy goodbye uh.

Why do we get a gme spike in the morning and it always gets eaten by 10 o'clock? Uh jayden, that's just what people are doing. That's just like they're, for whatever reason it's it comes down to as simple as as much as the market can be extremely complex. Sometimes it's as simple as just buying pushes it up selling pushes it down. People were buying this up and now they're selling it off.

It's sometimes it's that simple. Obviously you have to consider abstracted shares. We all know that, but as of now um, no big signs of abstracted shares at this moment, but that's the tough thing about abstracted shares is like they're hard to locate they're hard to notice. Gamestop 187 amc.

10. 22. The low of the day on amc right now is 10 17.. So let's get a bounce off of that.

Gamestop is 184. We don't need this gopro thing anymore. Kdp was a call play on tibio, i'm in it and getting burned right now have till 416. yeah katie kdp is like a little it's a weird play to me.

I don't want to chase it because i feel like going long on. It is like hopping onto the bandwagon a bit too late, but i don't want to short it because there's so many people still hopping onto the bandwagon and because of those like two contradictory reasons. I just think it's a no trade uh. How do you feel about tme? What's tme doing, i feel like we got burned on tme and i hate it how's it looking.

Is it finally about td tme might just be having a reasonable reversion play back um. I still don't want to trade it, because i knew people got calls. Then it got like completely obliterated um. It went from 32 to 16.

I don't know i it it doesn't just makes it doesn't make much sense to me and if it doesn't make sense, it's just a no trade put on genus um. It's a bit chasy, but i think there's a reasonable argument that if genus breaks below 180 it could be coming down to 150. um. It looks like double top rejection at three dollars right here: top top failure, and now the bears are in control.

But i don't know, i'm not the biggest fan of doing calls or puts on uh like penny stocks. Tme was part of a force liquidation. Well, i don't really know how that will play out then for the stock. So many ghost shares being extracted here to help out my fellow space apes look into tencent, music and discovery.

Thank you chair. So we just looked into tme might be a good dip buy, but i i don't know for me it might be a little bit of like a revenge trade because i lost, like i don't know, 400 or 700 on it or something when we had those calls For its earnings, good earnings and then it just got like crumbled, uh discovery. I've been pretty much playing that through, like the viacom like they look, almost the same, my options were crashing. Then my house was destroyed by a tornado on thursday.

This has been quite a week: afn, that's horrific, i'm so sorry, that's brutal um man. I i hope everything works out. I'm sorry to hear that uh man, i'm sending some good vibes your way, paypal, crypto news, good time to dive. In quack i mean uh, paypal or crypto.

I actually have positions in both, so i like them, both uh longer term, plays tme, was uh part of that fire sale is why it dropped so, but then why? Wouldn't it already be bouncing back like if people saw it as like that amazing of an opportunity? Why wouldn't we be back, at least in this region of the high 20s um a little disconnection that i don't really like highly on 416 calls 11 strike thoughts highly on uh. I wouldn't do it just because, like there's no sign of it bouncing it's just getting its teeth, kicked in um, usually i'd be all for a reversion play, but as of now, it's not even showing any signs of bouncing, and it pains me to say that i'm In highly on, i have an investment in highly on in, like the high 20s, like i want hylion to come around, but let's just be a little bit realistic like this, isn't the best situation it broke below this low at 11.. It's now at 10. um.

Maybe if it comes back up above 11, you could play it up to like 14 or something but right now the bear cam's in the driver's seat. Can you look at a retweet? I just tagged you on yeah sure uh. Just so, you know amc uh, just above 10, it hit a new intraday low at 1004.. Here's the level two there's a buying wall at 960.

For some weird reason, there's also a different one at 1001, or i should say at 10., two buying walls on amc should be good. For us, gme went from 184 to 202 back to 184. Now it's at 187, hopefully we're getting this bounce, hey, matt, any tiblio picks that had potential not yet. Usually i like to wait till like 10 30 because it runs on the current market data.

The market just opened so uh, let's uh, let's give it a little bit of room to collect the data. It needs hey matt. Can you please reach out to trey and tell him to check his instagram fred's electric? I sent him a link uh something for his eye that helped me a lot, i'm just trying to help the guy thanks man uh yeah here. Let me screenshot that just so.

I remember to send this to him um. Actually, you know what, before i forget at all i'll, just text it to him right now: don't wan na forget it yeah uh, so i believe trey didn't even post a video yesterday uh he he's been um just trying to get his eye. His eye issue like under control, flares up on him, so he's not going anywhere. It's no like weird conspiracy, theory or anything he's just trying to make sure his eyes in um a good situation, but yeah i've been talking to him a little bit he's just trying to get he's resting he's on the mend he'll be good all right, so i Sent him that uh fred, just so you know, paypal, accepting bitcoin, huge news, uh and so is visa actually like bitcoin, is continually in a cycle of just seemingly every couple weeks.

Some major positive awesome news for the company: real double. Okay. Let me check out this notification. Hang on what one was it thanks, matt it's from real double, but is this what you do yeah? Okay? So what is this? What am i looking at date, march 15th, one share of gme reward 398 cost free.

What am i looking at? How can this be? Is that the question i don't really get what's going on here? I'll have to come back to this, to figure it out. I don't want to burn too much time, especially now that the market's alive um amc jimmy jimmy bouncing a little bit less. Pushing 188 amc bouncing a bit more 1016 uh the market, s p 500, still looking a bit weak in my honest opinion, but let's see we all know that these things can change on a dime tesla hanging out at 5.94. Apparently, i need it below 590 to be in profit.

For today the price says it's 5k yeah. I saw that notional value thing, but it look also looks like it's a awarded stock, so maybe that's just a bit different, but um it robin hood itself isn't going to be controlling like robin hood is a brokerage um. Obviously it can impact the stock of the price of his stock by not letting people buy or sell, but that's it's the marketplace that controls the price. Uh robinhood is a service weeble's, a service td, ameritrade etore, all of them all they're doing is just showing you.

The price they're they're, not the one who controls the price, uh they're, all a brokerage you're talking about whether like it's an otc or a an exchange, and even if one of those is weird um, they there's just massive arbitrage opportunities. So if the new york stock exchange and nasdaq have gamestop listed at say, right now, 199 and then citadel securities um market uh their otc market, let's say that they're trying to sell it at a higher value like 200 or lower value at 150. Right now the amount of high frequency traders they would arbitrage that within nanoseconds milliseconds um. The computer systems are so advanced that if there's like a portion of a penny, uh discrepancy between any exchange or any of these other venues, uh dark pools or other otcs man.

These high frequency traders, they don't mess around like within nanoseconds, they arbitrage the opportunity. So if anything uh, my gut instinct, is that that's just like really poor ui ux but like in the end robin hood weeble. They themselves don't control it. They can influence it.

This, like, like we saw with gamestop of stopping anyone from buying it yeah, that's a way to influence it, but to directly change the price. That's just not how it works. Joseph brown, why are you spamming that uh gme 188 uh tesla moving against me coming back up? Unfortunately, 5.99 uh, not the biggest range, though come on. Let's get some movement how's hofv doing hofv coming back all right! Let's go over to this one, a little bit more fun with the emojis today, i'm feeling i'm feeling uh an emoji day, especially because i understand the watch list better.

All right, we'll put tesla on the bottom right here we got the three minute all right. What emojis do we need gamestop? Obviously, we need the cat, that's gon na help us out and then for amc. We need the. Let's think i guess we'll start with the rocket we'll see how this goes.

Where is the rocket in such a rocket? Where are you i know the cat's right here? Where is the rocket awkward audio filler cause? I don't see the emoji where in the world's the emoji, i can't see it at all. Oh all, right, if you know where the rocket is, can you just comment it? My eyes are not finding it today: why? Wouldn't they put it by their other aircrafts? You know it's like what kind of sorting is this? Possibly all right. Does anyone see where the rocket is i'm losing my mind? I just want the rocket left side top left corner. Do they move it? Oh, okay, yeah.

That's a reason, good call, so i don't actually know where it is. I just use it so often it's in my reasons thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks. I appreciate it all right and then we're gon na have to break out the big ol, the big old magnet on tesla. Just to help some of my foots stuck shirt on emoji's in use.

It's going to be a day. It's going to be a day and a half team all right, and then we just have hofv uh. Let's throw g pro up on the list. I would love for that to go down to like 10 bucks, but we care about g pro throw this up here.

We care about atos or that up there we care about atos all right. Let's care about a you all right. I think these are some good watches, hoof, ho fv, actually trades on the nasdaq surprising. I thought it was on the otc markets um all right.

I think we're we're good to rock. I guess we have till ray there just in case we're curious all right. Gamestop, 187 amc 1013.. We might need a new emoji um, more impactful.

Emoji amc is not looking the best on the intraday how's tcat. Looking some people are talking about tea cat - oh, i could add t-cat to the list too. New york stock exchange 35.. I like t-cap way better about 39 39, is serious resistance for tcat all right.

There we go uh hofe coming back. Unfortunately, so is tesla. For me, i mean, if you have tesla calls i'm sure you're ecstatic right now, but bounce off of. Ah it didn't even tag 590..

That's crazy! All right! Where are we at oops? Sorry, i'm behind? What's going on any of these discord, questions qs yeah really not doing much. The fractal shares melvin used. My free gnw came through on weeble this morning. Ironically, it's the only thing on my list.

That is green. What are your preferred? Technical indicators to identify gap fills on the chart, troy it's really not even a technical indicator. I like to just use the daily chart, um to see where it got down and gapped up and like i'm just looking for that gap to get filled. So not really an indicator just like kind of reviewing charts and looking for holes in the chart.

Uh tme announced a one billion dollar buyback yesterday.

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