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Amc gamestop: the rippining wall street’s worst nightmare – Matt Kohrs

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AMC & GameStop: The Rippining 🚀🚀🚀
Wall Street's Worst Nightmare
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What is going on moon game? I am so incredibly excited to bring you this particular dumb money update for today, tuesday august 24th, because the ape nation absolutely crushed it today. Look at it. Amc currently trading at 44, 43 gained over 20 percent today jimmy currently. Turning at 207 gained over 27.5 today, the ape nation is alive and well i don't care what mainstream media and all those little keyboard warriors say.

The play is done, it's dead. The short interest is dried up, no one's buying it. What are you talking about? Both of these stocks had incredible technical breakouts. I've been calling it for a week now the momentum is shifting.

It's going from a bearish trend to a bullish, apis trend and today we're seeing the start of something that could lead to a disgusting nasty rip higher and in this video, of course, i'll be going over the technicals. The short interest, the ortex numbers and what's going on in the options chain, but i really want to dive into the core of mechanically what we have to remember going on that could send both of these stocks to the stratosphere. So first, let's take a look at amc here uh we have some very important things to discuss. First of all, clearly we had this technical breakout so yesterday for a while, i've been talking about hang on we're hitting this line.

Look at this. We just see all these lines kind of coming through. Yesterday we closed above it. I said that was major.

Today we had that nice 20 gain on amc, so number one we have technicals, but why are these technicals important? First of all, it gets it on people's radars. People have been watching amc and jamie for a while you're going to see something similar in gme very very shortly, but it gets it on people's radar. So, like okay, it got this technical breakout. We saw a very nice follow-through today, but with it you have to remember what's going on it's, the inherent axiom of the stock market is supply and demand when demand is outweighing current supply.

When the buyer, the buying aggression, outweighs the selling aggression price goes up. That's new equilibrium and vice versa. If the supply outweighs the demand, the price drops: it's, how aggressive are the buyers? How aggressive are the sellers? So when you have technical developments like this, that makes the the buyers the bulls, the apes more aggressive, because they have technical reason to do so. They're like i'll, i could buy this breakout.

We could risk whatever. This is whether you're a day trader swing trader. This is the thoughts going through so many people's heads. Right now i was like hey the risk reward's pretty optimal.

I see the kind of craziness that amc have done previously. I'm willing to take a shot right here so with that we're all talking about the inherent axiom of buying it's supply and demand buying aggression, selling aggression. So with that, let's talk about the types of buying aggression before we get into the technicals. First of all, many of us are in this particular play and i'm referring to amc and jimmy for what is referred to as a short squeeze now, if this is one of the first times you're hearing about this, i want this to be a little bit more Introductory maybe a nice reminder for the rest of you.

When you create a position, you can create it as a buyer or you can create it as a seller. Most trading in the market you're creating a position as a buyer. You buy that x. You hope it goes up to y.

You profit that difference, but you can create a position as a seller and you hope it drops from x down to z and you profit that difference. Obviously, if you start as a buyer to close it, you have to be a seller, and if you start it as a seller, then when it drops, then you have to close it as it being a buyer they're perfectly inverse of each other. But in the second scenario, the first scenario is referred to as going long. The second scenario is referred to as going short you create it by selling.

But how can you sell something you don't own? Well, that's when it comes into this whole thing about short interest and shorting. Well, you have to borrow shares from an original owner, sell them to the market when you're done with it, you buy it back and you return it to the original owner. That's so important, and that's exactly why we talk about the shares on loan, because all these shorts are loaning it from someone, and this is where we get to the interesting situation of. If all of these shorts are wrong and the stock starts to go up as we're seeing in amc and gme well they're going to be underwater because remember they want it to go down.

But if the stock's going up they're going to start to panic and for them to close the position they have to buy and when you buy that's more buying pressure - and you get this cycle, this very vicious cycle of it going up - they cover more shorts, get Scared they cover and when i say, cover they're buying, buying buying that's what covering a short means. It means that they're actually buying so overall, that's where you get that violent move upwards. It's all the shorts covering that's referred to as a short squeeze, so right here with amc. Just so you know today they borrowed 1.89 million against it with a net return of 1.46.

So the short interest is estimated to be at 1776 america utilization 90.6, but really right here. The key is the shares on loan. 106 million shares that, theoretically, could be short that represents potentially theoretically a massive amount of buying. If, as the stock goes up, all these people start to panic, they have to buy to get out of a losing position before it gets worse, and then that drives it up more and more and more.

The second one that i want to talk about before we get into the technicals here is what's referred to as a gamma squeeze, and this relates to what's going on in the options market. So, basically, anyone can buy and sell premium a lot of premium as in calls and puts are sold by market makers and a lot of the times with these calls right here when they're out of the money, as in the current trading price of amc, is below The strike price that's refers to out of the money. Four calls. Well, as you have a ton of these out of the money calls going to in the money the people who sold.

Those calls could theoretically have to hedge on their net position. So basically gamma squeeze kind of, like short squeeze, where it really relates to some entity having to do a lot of buying. But gamma, squeezing is people who sold a bunch of premiums specifically out of the money, calls they're gon na have to hedge as in buying shares, so they don't get blown out of the position for selling too much premium that they shouldn't have sold. So this is where it gets interesting and you start to notice that some of these earlier today the amc 40s were not in the money they started out out of the money and 24 000 remember: options represent actually 100 shares.

This is 2.5 million shares that might have had to be hedged for, and you see it 45. So we're gon na see what another 700 000 there and you could check out these option chains right here. 1.5. So that's 15, 000! So about almost 16 000.

So that's 1.6 million this particular friday. It is a weekly, so you want to come down to september 17th. This is referred to as a monthly. That's what the w is for is the weeklies.

The rest of these without a w are referred to as monthlies, but you're seeing a lot more action in this option chain. So let's go back to the 40s. That's 3.7 million shares there 1.5 million at the 45s, 1.5 million at the 50s 1.7 million at the 60s. All these major increments, 1.5 million at the 90s, as we go up as they go from out of the money into the money as in the price, is trading above.

These strike prices that could relate to a lot of people who sold the premium having to hedge, which means them inherently buying shares. So that's number two first one is a short squeeze tons of buying, as in the shorts getting out of their position. Gamma squeeze. That's number two: that's a lot of the people selling premium having to buy shares to hedge their overall position.

Once again, just a lot of buying and number three is kind of. What we saw right here is around noon today. On both of these, we started a pickup, but, as you see, it got more and more volatile and to me that could potentially be indicative of some fomo buying people fear of missing out. They don't want to miss out on the party they've heard about amc.

They've heard about jimmy, they see some technical breakouts, they get excited, they want a piece of the pie, so they buy and yeah it's a little bit. Chasey, i'm not the biggest fan of chasing. I would recommend getting closer to support on weakness, but hey that's just my own methodology. Not everyone has to follow it overall, it's just another strong form of buying, and just so you know so.

That's foma buying the third type of buying, but all these interplay with each other. You see some fomo buying that might have to cause some market makers to hedge on some options, and maybe that gets a little bit closer to a short squeeze. They all interplay and they the if you were to boil these all down a short squeeze of gamma squeeze and fomo buying they're, all representative of an immense amount of buying they interplay, but really the end of the equation. These three types of buying added up is just an explosion upward so with this yeah you're going to hear short squeeze a lot which is shorts, covering you're, going to hear gamma squeeze, which is a bunch of market makers covering the premium that they should have been Selling and then the final thing is the foma buying people like me, and you that don't want to miss out.

They think it could be fun. They want to see how much higher this could go, so they buy and inherently push it higher. They all play into each other and really it all relates to amc and jimi going to the absolute stratosphere. So i did go over these ortex numbers on amc and i just want to let you know on gme, because the numbers are still pretty considerable right here.

Utilization 38 shares on loan. Seven million gme relative to amc is a lower float stock, as in there's less shares that could be traded. So that's why the shares on loan is a lot less, but the short interest is still kind of high at 11. So those are where the short numbers are at right now, let's take a look at the options chain for gme.

So once again, for this week on gme you're not going to see the craziest numbers we see some coming in but remember, gme is a more expensive stock and all these do represent a hundred shares each. So i'm kind of watching 250 - and i do have an interesting story to point out of the 300 pluses, but once again, you're gon na see much more open interest. Aka live contracts at the monthlies, so these are the ones that got interesting. Three.

Three thousand three hundred at the two hundreds, and then we see another three thousand four hundred at two. Fifty we see one thousand at two, eighty, two thousand six hundred at the 300s. My point is: is these monthlies um there's a lot more action going on there and as this insanity and momentum continues for both amc and gme? I very very much do believe that the options chain for both of these will become more bloated. But overall i wanted to go over those types of buying, because that's what really we're seeing right now do.

I think that this was a short squeeze in either of these. No, of course, i think some shorts. I think some of the more recent week shorts did cover, but if anything, that's a small minority. I think this is a little bit of each a little bit of a short squeeze a little bit of a gamma squeeze and a little bit of foam on buying, and it's honestly pales into comparison to what i think could happen for both of these.

But in terms of technicals for amc, we had a breakout and a follow-through. I can explain it better on this chart. This is the four-hour chart, so i've been calling out 38 for a while. Now we finally got above that and, if i'm being honest, i thought it was going to stall out somewhere just below 42, and that was going to be another battle.

But today we exploded above it we ended up top ticking above 48 and then we closed out. The day just below 45, but what i'm looking for is a little bit resistance at 45, but i'm still sticking to this breaking above closing above on decent volume of 46 for amc. I personally believe is very very similar to when we did that at 14.50. For amc back and late may, which we all know what that led to in early june, so i'm still sticking to that thesis closing above 46 good volume.

I think that will be something that's going to trigger a lot of people who have been paying attention to it: algorithms, a lot of people going along and then the next step after that is 50, and if this ends up happening whenever you're watching this, maybe the Next day, i would be watching that region from 50 to 52, but 50 is such a key psychological level that i think a lot of people might be trying to sell out if they're day, traders or something like that. Like. Oh, that's a nice level. Let me lock it in there, but of that above that i think that's when a lot of the current shorts, maybe the 106 million legal, legitimate ones, don't even get me started on the naked shorting, but when those get going above 50, i think a lot of The current shorts are gon na get very, very scared and when they get scared and they cover their position - remember short squeeze that's what explodes it even higher.

So my watch for tomorrow is amc above 46 and then past that i will watch the high from today. Uh in the low 48s, but really going to be watching 50 and above that i'll be paying attention to 52., but we're in a weird scenario with where i don't think. As it runs it's going to slow down and tire out. I think, as this runs it's going to be kind of inverse of your psychology of i think it'll start running more and more and more and get even more volatile and more violent in terms of gme.

We actually had a very similar breakout on a different wedge, but we broke above this. I was calling out 188. Then i was calling out 200 and finally, it took a breather at the next one of more of 212. We were watching today, so i'm looking for gme to get above 212 and after that i want to see it recapture 225 and from there we're actually talking about some of these numbers from early june.

Once again, i guess 240 would be the next setup. So right now, amc and jamie both are so showing an incredible amount of strength and for about the past week week and a half we've been building up momentum and i just want to see this momentum continue, and i want to see how crazy both of these Stocks can actually get. I don't know about you, but i feel like a kid on christmas eve i'm so excited to get up in the morning and see what it's going to open up at in the pre-market training. Because previously, when we've seen this, we have seen notable gap ups, am i saying that this has happened? No, i'm not a financial advisor, i'm not a fortune teller.

I don't know what's going to happen, but i mean the excitement. It's palpable. It's in the air. The amc and jimi ape nation community is 100 reinvigorated and i'm so so excited to see the follow through on both of these, i would love to get your thoughts on amc and gme in a comment below.

If you have any questions about short squeezes, gamma squeezes fomo buying. Please, please let me know, and if you want to message me if you want to talk about it in one of the live streams, let me know more than happy to talk about it, but other than that, i'm so excited. Thank you for all the support and, let's see how this goes and for me and share best of luck in the markets. You.

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