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Dumb Money Ep. 17
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Hello, hello, hello, happy friday, happy friday morning afternoon evening, night, wherever you are, i hope, you're having a good friday tgif folks, man excited to be here another day in the nasa control center. Another day in, i guess the dumb money spectacular whatever we want to call it. It's another good one, good vibes. Only today good morning good morning who do we have already chair moon, gang mikey becoming an astronaut shout out shout out folks.

Amc should be what uh good morning, justin daniel adam lux, all right: chat's loading in now market, kyle, bob robert hans, houston, mustafa out, what's going on adam! Thank you for that super remote good vibes. Only today, folks, it's friday, we're gon na have a bit more fun. We're gon na do what we want to do, because it's friday, let's, let's just enjoy it, a little bit we're heading into the weekend. Hopefully, we see some incredibly green charts today, except for this little guy down here, um, not feeling the best about hood still thinking this is gon na be coming down, but the rest of them we're looking for a lot of green across the board.

All right. Let's get this set, let's hop right into it, let's kind of, if you have questions, obviously feel free to post them, but let me uh do what i need to do and set us up for the day all right, five things you need to know before the Stock market opens on friday, stocks open, lower, but july is still tracking for gains. So we've talked about the seasonality of july ever after the independence day holiday early july july, 4th from there seasonally you track up for the remainder of the month and that's pretty much. What we've seen uh for july now that this is kind of the last day of july, we're putting it in the books, fed's favorite inflation gauge slightly below estimates, uh.

Actually, some surprising information coming out about this of it underestimated they actually thought there'd be a bit more. So that's a bit of a good news mix stock reactions from dow companies earnings. So we know a lot of reports going on like huge companies and the one that was actually kind of um surprising to a lot of people right here: amazon posts, another 100 billion uh quarter, but still misses. And let me show you this.

Last night, after the earnings announcement, huge drop three thousand six hundred down to right now, three thousand three hundred fifty so that dropped two hundred and fifty dollars it's down, seven percent in pre-market a huge huge drop like this was i mean people were talking about on Twitter, like what's going on, they miss on earnings, and to me i mean i get that they missed, but not this bad. I like this was, in my opinion, an overreaction. I'm i'm interested in seeing how people are going to end up. I guess reacting to it.

Are they going to buy this dip and be like hey? It's still amazon. We know they're not going anywhere or is the drop enough that it's going to prompt some fear um but worthwhile to probably pay attention to amazon today, because it just like kind of noteworthy and then the last thing, uh the cdc about new data and masked crap. But um so that's kind of your quick rundown related to amc. So yesterday we were talking a little bit about this scarlett johansson's who's disney over black widow streaming release according to variety, a lot of her contract for black widow, the bonuses and the kickbacks like were how it performed theatrically, and it was to the tune of.

I guess she's suing them for 50 million, so we were talking about that well, disney, not laying down disney blast scarlett johansson over black widow, streaming, lawsuit disney fired back after or against scarlet. On thursday, after the marvel actress filed a lawsuit against the studio for releasing black widow on disney plus. So for those of you who haven't, heard the story at all, it's just because black widow went theatrical and disney plus simultaneously, and she was saying hey. That's against my contract.

It was supposed to only be theatrical uh scarlet claims. She had been guaranteed an exclusive theatrical release on film as much of her salary was tied to its box office performance disney said: there's no merit to this filing this lawsuit uh. So a little bit of drama going on there um someone yesterday said this entire stream. With this mac course duck kid is becoming tabloid um, and that was wrong, but i kind of like it now.

I almost want to get into just like the hot gossip hot, celebrity gossip, it's like picture tmz, but a little sprinkle of stalks and a little sprinkle of high fashion. I feel like that might be a good overall pivot for this brand and this channel so tablets yeah, let's get into them, but i'm joking. I am joking. This is just obviously because it's related to movie theaters movies.

We don't know how this will play out with streaming. If this is a hit to streaming, that's obviously going to be better for theaters and clearly that will have an impact on amc fundamentally as a business, so i just want to run through all that. Give you an update as as of now they're, just kind of arguing back and forth um. It's not like.

We have any legal commentary on it. Quite yet. Uh, additionally, on amc a little bit of good news this morning uh, so we woke up and jump across the board. The short interest up to 15.36 shares on loan now above 100 million utilization above 90.

It's at 91.63 short interest shares on loan utilization across the board, all increased um right here. I think this is what i titled this stream. The shorts have not covered, and in fact there - and this is just the conservative floor estimate i like need to drive that into people's heads - that this is not the number. This is the conservative floor estimate shares on loan huge estimated current short interest, absolutely massive, crazy, crazy stuff going on and it's just getting bigger and bigger.

I have the trend here: uh wild blows my mind and really, if we take a look at the daily chart, let me pull this up for you right here with this much money, betting against it uh granted, i get it we're not squeezing right now. It's not like yesterday or the day before we had the actual squeeze but they're, throwing so much money at the stock and they are not beating it down right now. The bears the bulls, the bulls plus the apes, everyone's equally powered everyone's equally strength, and that's why the stock's not moving the buyer. Pressuring pressure is equaling out with the selling pressure.

Hence the stock is going sideways uh. So the fact that they're throwing that much money into it and they're really not getting it to plummet, i mean, if i like, on their side. If i was sitting behind their computer screen, i would be a bit worried because they're throwing everything at it, including the kitchen sink, and it's really just not falling uh, pretty crazy stuff. This morning, they've already loaned out another third of a million against it blows my mind, but let's see how today plays out, but i just want to short interest shares on loan utilization all increasing.

Obviously this is ortex. If you want to use it, there is a free week trial in the description of the video under the link to ortex for gamestop uh, pretty noteworthy they've borrowed 600, 000 and remember gamestop is a smaller float. Company has less shares in existence than amc. So the fact that it's doubled up means even more but they've borrowed over half a million against a short interest coming up very close to 15 um huge jump actually as of this morning 13.86, but with this borrow it jumped up to 14.89 shares on loan over 8 million utilization 40 in terms of its chart very very much wanted to hold on to 160 165 right in this region.

It is a previous low. We want it to kind of be a double bounce off of that and not necessarily break through, because if it does, the next catch might be 145, maybe even 136. So what we're looking for is for this to hold and kind of more of a the double bottom george w scenario on gme. So that's your quick rundown amc jimmy! We have this up and ready to go we'll throw on some, like, i guess, magnets, we'll throw on some rockets.

Whatever you guys want, we can do the old, rich green field. The world is our oyster. We can throw on whatever charting we possibly want to put up there uh. So that's your quick rundown overall market.

What's going on with amazon, we know we have robin hood robin hood ipo yesterday at 38., it's currently trading at 33.80. My assumption on robinhood today is that we'll continue to sell off um people across the board institutions, wall, street and retail many people across the board. I guess what excluding kramer don't like the stock kramer seems to be all about it. He talks about how like much of a disrupter and pioneer vlad tenef is the boy from bulgaria and at a certain point i get it uh.

He did bring many people into the market. That would never be part of the market, and this is what i was saying on the interview on fox last night of like i give him respect for that, but the way he was able to do it is problematic, because that group that he brought in is Evolving and they're learning, specifically they're learning about payment for order flow and they're, also learning as traders investors, whatever they want to call themselves that order execution is truly important and robinhood anecdotally. I don't have the stats behind me. I would assume across all major brokerages, has probably the worst order execution, the worst execution quality, whatever you want to call it uh.

I mean right here. This is from chairman gary gensler himself when he was talking to the house committee of financial services in may, robin hood explicitly offered to accept less price improvement for its customers in exchange for receiving higher kickbacks and that's in reference to payment for order flow. This is a double whammy because in general, if you're a company - and you treat your customers like - usually that's - not a good business model moving forward, but on top of it i'm rece, i'm saying it's a double whammy, because it's literally the antithesis, it's the opposite of The ethos of the mythological story of robin hood rob from the rich give to the poor help out, and this is the opposite, like literally what they're doing is like no, no, no. We are not going to help out our customers.

We want more money and they're. Just getting kickbacks, so it's basically a robin hood that is like selling off the villagers, information and then lining its own pockets. So that's why i say it's a double whammy because it goes against the company's own ethos. Yes, yes, i'm fully aware that many many brokerages do payment for order flow, but i don't know if they have that same cultural story behind it of being robinhood and like kind of doing the opposite of what they said, they were trying to do um another thing: Uh i what's their tagline democratizing finance um.

If you look into their filings and their prospectus, i believe it's at the point where, with the ipo, the company has retained, i think 16 equity, but somehow the wage structure. They actually still have 60 percent of the vote. So 16 versus 60, this was said in another interview. How is that democratizing finance when they're like? No? No, no, even though you guys are investing in our company and ideally looking for it to go upward, that's not democratizing finance.

When 16 internal ownership is still 60 of the vote, that's not listening to your shareholders. That's not you! Actually caring about what your shareholders want. You to do not want you to do um, interesting, stuff, very, very interesting stuff, and for me i have no robin hood position. If i were forced to have a robin hood position, i would bet against it.

But as of now, as i'm saying this, i have no hood position um, i would, i think, there's money to be made if you want to go against it, but um. Obviously, please do your own due diligence, i'm not a financial advisor. More importantly than that, i'm not a fortune teller, anything you do in the stock market. Nothing is ever ever ever guaranteed.

If someone tells you something has to happen, they're they're selling you something like nothing is ever ever ever guaranteed in the stock market. Much like in life in the stock market, everything comes with risk, so no matter what you do, if you're a day trader a swing trader, an investor. I beg you to have some sort of plan. What is your reward target and what is your risk? Tolerance weigh out the risk rate weigh out the reward.

That's what the stock market's all about. It's about you taking reasonable, whatever you perceive to be reasonable for your own financial situation, your own financial health, taking reasonable bets weighing out the risk and reward and seeing if it's something that you want to truly engage in and that's true for any stock any option. Any crypto, any whatever you have to weigh out the risk reward. I beg you to have some sort of trading plan, don't just wildly guess and like cross your fingers and hope for the best.

That is not a trading plan. All right, let's see this morning, mitch, looks like a rainy day in the hood shout out. Clubfoot billy uh opinion on circle k deploying bitcoin aims across the us and canada on bullish, af on circle, k, long term circle k. I have not heard of circle k.

Uh clubfoot billy. What is that here? Let me if i google, this circle. Okay, it's an international chain of convenience shores owned by a canadian multinational okay. So it's a huge chain of convenience stores.

I guess i just haven't. Oh there's, actually one close to me in philly, interesting uh, haven't heard of it so you're saying that they are now accepting crypto interesting well as we as more and more established companies such as apple visa, mastercard tesla, like all start to accept crypto. Obviously, that's going to be good for the crypto sector and then crypto itself at large is in an interesting situation in which, when people speak out against it, it kind of emboldens the audience of like okay, don't tell us what to do. We want to detach from to me i just don't see at large.

Of course, some crypto coins will do well, other ones will fail, but at large i don't to me in my opinion, crypto is here and it's here to stay. I just don't see how it fails at this point, throwing an ex-note into the good luck for amc pool today and become an astronaut they always said. The revolution will not be televised nope. It will be streamed on macquarie's channel lfg apes shout out to mikey.

You views are diminishing. Thank you, the american dude. I i appreciate that. Am i the only one thinking this mac wars launches his own ethical trading, app.

You know how to code. People are looking to jump from robin hood. Do this i mean uh. I would definitely have to get a team there's a lot of like not only technical hurdles, but also a lot of i guess legal issues.

I mean it's something that maybe one day we will do it um, but right now, to my understanding, at least in the us, it seems like the two popular ones that do not engage in payment for order flow is citadel, uh or not. Sorry not engaging in trades with citadel, mainly from payment for order flow, is fidelity. Fidelity, free trading uh. If you are not intentionally routing your orders on fidelity, most of them are still going to citadel.

So i believe you have to use active trader pro and then you can route it intentionally away from citadel and then the other one that i'm hearing more about is public public. I reached out to them directly like the team at public just to confirm. I was like: do you in any form or manner get payment for order flow kickback, and they said absolutely not. That was from publix team i reached out to the company um they another thing that i guess they do, though, that like can concern some people.

Is they lend out your shares, and actually you can turn that off? There is a way you can reach out to the team, their customer service. It's even an automated process to turn out your turn off your own share lending. So if you're looking for two uh, you could look into those and um with them. Maybe i don't know i'll reach out to them and see if they're like we could get some sort of like extra stock sign up so i'll try to talk to them.

Additionally, this weekend, but if you're looking to avoid payment for order flow in the u.s um, i'm pretty sure fidelity in public, it seems that they do not engage in payment for order flow, and i know on fidelity. You don't have to loan out your shares there. In fact, it's the other way around. You have to go out of your way to sign up for the stock loaning program in canada.

I believe more and more people are talking about well, simple and in terms of my european viewers i would need a little bit of help from you to know which ones in europe are not doing payment for order flow bill and ted met. Rufus at circle k, rib uh, a friend, told me robin hood, sold their amc shares on them um so with that very well could be true, but you'd have to get more of the information like. Were they getting margin called like? It depends um, legally, a broker. Can't just sell it randomly, you have to somehow break some form of their rules or risk tolerance such as like being margin called or something morning.

Matt morning apes have the best weekend shout out kinky kong. Let's start a gofundme and get you a team. My man, i love you matt beavis, uh beavis, shout out shout out man. That is something i mean i do have.

I guess enough of the coding connections. Obviously, i would have to build out the whole legal aspect of it, but i'm sure, just with the viewership someone out there would have the right connections to all the legal things that have to go through um. But i don't think it's a training brokerage. But i know i don't think you can trade through it, but i know dave lauer uh, the guy, who is like actively speaking out against payment for order, flows and dark pools and all that stuff.

Uh he's working on something that is along the lines of like getting the information to the retail trader. That, like usually, is only allowed on wall street, which i think is incredibly cool, because that's one of our biggest issues is just our lack of high quality of data. Have you seen the dd about routing puts to offshore accounts like in brazil? I saw a little bit about that holly and i it's very interesting. I can't sit here uh.

I need to fact check some aspects of it uh to see it um, but it seemed intriguing. I can't sit here and be like oh that's actually spot on and it's great because some parts of the dd i was like, ah hang on, like it just i want to dive into it this weekend before i like, say it's across the board good across the Board bad or maybe there's like some good, some bad, but i just with it right now, i'm just gon na uh. I just need to dive more into it and then so i could do have a little bit of time to do my own dd on that dd uh matt. If you create your own firm, you have no shortage of name ideas.

Space monkey, capital, quack, attack, fun 10 out of 10, would invest. Have you heard anything about major lenders getting margin called today at 4? 30, or am i misunderstanding? What i heard uh this week before august 1st um, i believe, isn't it the end of a t35 cycle um, i i this is another thing where expectations are just getting set too high, do not go into it. Thinking that there's going to be some sort of margin calls and also 4 30, at least, if we're talking about east coast time um, usually the margin calls are midday like 12 or 2, not after the market closes, especially on a friday, unless it's like the end Of month, balancing thing um with it overall, though, like my general comment, is don't have some sort of expectations that there's going to be a massive amount of margin calls today it could be, but like i would not be playing today and making trades based on that Assumption um people talking about interactive brokers, i believe they have their own commercial saying that they don't do payment for order flow um. I someone correct me if i'm wrong, i mean i have an interactive broker's account and i know they let you route, but i i mean i'm pretty sure they have a commercial right now, like that's actively live, saying they don't use payment for order flow.

I have sparkling water as well, but bubbly brand blackberry is my go-to have a fantastic weekend and don't skip leg day chris. Not only do i skip leg day, but i i skip all days. I skip like up like upper body days arm days back days. Leg days, i skip all days, um very, very consistent, that's one of the biggest things you guys are going to know when you get into the world of fitness like myself, it's all about consistency, no matter what you do, do it as consistently as possible.

For me, i consistently miss everything not only for working out but life in general. It's all about just showing up and doing it and consistency, discipline, consistency and, following through on your schedule, your ritual for me. I consistently miss every single exercise, every single workout. That is that's what you need to do.

That's how you make progress. Folks, trading fitness relationship life, it's all about being consistent, whatever you do do it day in and day out good morning, just had a conversation with my wife about ducks had to tell her to relax advice from matt coors, not good advice, not getting booty tonight. Pirates shout out gorilla, champ champ. Ah, it's gon na be a fun friday, folks uh.

What all right we're about five minutes out a little bit over five minutes until the market opens. But uh is this true that if you own synthetic shares or your shares were bought with margin, we ain't getting paid. That is not true. That is complete, fud um.

If you have a real share or synthetic share, honestly, you don't have to worry about it, because you still own the share. You still have legal ownership of amc. It's not like they'll just be like taken away from you and they're like. Oh sorry.

That is something you do not have to worry about. Interactive brokers. Don't do that on the pro version and you can choose what exchange you want shout out, i'm just the cleaner uh if you coordinated the creation of the ape trading app. That addresses our concerns with other brokerages me and everyone.

I know and all the apes will be jumping ship, the ape app um. Okay. I will how about this. I will make some calls and talk to some people to see kind of what's involved in this, because i mean it's a large undertaking.

It is a very, very large undertaking. Matt, did you see the ak filing that says? 265 million votes were cast. That seems like a high number that shouldn't that be closer to 4 million. 265 million votes were cast because remember that's representative of the shares, like you, you have more of a vote with like the more shares you have um, it's not like one vote per person.

It's like one vote for, like the shares that you are an owner of um, there's a big difference between owning one share and owning a hundred thousand shares. You have like more equity, so you have more say uh. I always tell my wife. You got ta skip the gym quite a few times to get a body like mine, shout out fists of fist, o frost all right, amc 3745, as we're heading into market open for today, friday july 30th.

We're closing out the week we're closing out the month. I'm curious to see how amazon reacts. Oh bad gap down this morning, bad gap down this morning, all right, let's see how this is actually all going to go today, let's get ready, let's get ready friday, friday, friday, friday, friday friday, all right. What other questions do we have folks? You can name the platform.

Congo sign me up, uh, chris, all right. Let's um still, i know some people are seeing the spike in ramen and i just i don't see how this ends well for him uh. I think it's still gon na get beaten down. I mean not not only the fact does it have like legal government issues going on with it and the fact that a lot of the public hates it, but just historically over the past couple months, ipos have not been doing well, it's just in every sense of The saying it is running into very serious headwinds, uh very serious headwinds, obviously that's my opinion, but i feel like it's also just backed by what we see actually going on right now, all right, let's get to the one minute on everything, get some popcorn ready.

I'm thinking a red day on robin hood and hopefully a green day on everything else morning, chair morning, match win by puts on hood. I don't think the the market's even built out on robin hood. I mostly have all my shares in robin hood. Do you think robin hood will try to do something when the squeeze happens? Should i be worried about my shares um, i i can't say they're not going to.

I would like to think that they're not that corrupt and messed up uh, because previously they just stopped the buying of shares. They never stopped the selling of shares. So i think you're going to be safe, but i mean i can't guarantee that if you're worried about it, you might want to switch to like more of a legitimate established brokerage payment for where to flow is illegal in the uk, so lands in and free trade Are good also check out charles river labs quietly eating up pharma and big growth? Shout out i like the platform congo, all right. We are less than a minute out folks, let's get ready, let's get ready friday friday friday.

I feel, like my voice, is as nasally as rebecca black's like it could work like. If there was one song that i might be able to execute on well myself, it would probably be friday um. I do hang on uh. I should ask this after the market opens.

I think we're all gon na get a little distracted right here just to see. What's actually going on, let's do this thing all right, let's get up to level two. We are ready to rock all right. The casino folks get ready, get ready, get ready, i'm ready, i'm ready, i'm ready, i'm ready, i'm ready, ready, ready, ready.

Let's do this, the casino is open. Welcome, welcome! Welcome! Let's do this thing all right, all right! Let's do some auto, auto, auto, auto all right low volume, thus far across the board, amazon, continuing its decline, amazon, amazon, amazon, all right, robin hood hit 35. Let's see how that plays out jimmy at 165, 60 amc, looking good 38 uh, just a dollar at a time on amazon or not on amazon, well sure on amazon, but also on amc. Let's see 38, let's see 39, let's see 40.

right all right, all right! All right come on come on um, so, overall still, especially if you're a newer viewer uh, i very very much like waiting those first 15 minutes of the day 20 minutes of the day, uh, just to see how things are like kind of really shaking themselves out. Um, there's a lot of whipsaw a lot of just high volatility right at market open, so for it i like to see, if we're developing any sort of trend, if we're bouncing off of any support, getting rejected at any important resistance. I like to be calm. Cool collected, oh, i attempt to do that all the time, but especially right at market open, just to just to see how things are really playing themselves out.

All right, amazon, ooh, all right, uh looks like hood is starting to get hit. Does robinhood have built out options yet or is it still too early? Yeah? No options can thus far be played on robinhood a hood hood, no built out options quite yet, but amc looking good its current intraday high is 38.35, but it looks like it's about to make a new one. So, even though amazon selling, even though robin hood selling amc still moving upward still on the prowl, a true a true lt gray, all right one other questions: hey king kong, matt from the daily time frame 61-729, are they're similar from the daily daily time frame. Wait: ken um are there time frame of oh 6, 1 and 7 29.

Sorry, i misread that uh. Let me check that out for you, so i think you're talking about this 6-1 and then you said 29. I mean they're, both doge like they're, not the exact same. I guess they happen in the picture differently like this was running up and then it took a break and then it ran this one we didn't have to see is similar so like.

If you look at the individual day, they're similar yeah but they're, not in the same overall environment, what's your favorite cheesy 80s movies mine is over the top. I recommend watching if you have haven't over the top, i have not seen over the top. It shows buffering uh. Did it freeze on you guys lag.

My obs still says it's up and good um hang on like a switch uh just do a quick refresh. It looks. I saw a bit of a loading, but my obs did not drop. So if everyone just wants to hit control r uh, that might be better, i mostly have all my shares all right.

We did that illegal uh, buh uh. Why is this happening um? It might just be a refresh thing: team um, i don't know if it's a cheesy movie, but a very nostalgic movie that i watch countless times. I believe it's in the 80s. It's either that or the early 90s was goonies.

I my sister, and i we watched that movie on vhs so many times um. I love the goonies, the goonies. If you have not seen the goonies, that's that's your homework for the weekend. Um.

It's such a good movie man. It almost makes me want to watch it for this weekend. Goonies never say die, love the goonies goonies never die. I feel like that.

We could just use the mantra of goonies in our ape nation. All right amc, looking good making that run to 90 or 39 right now. It's at 38.70 gme is at 165 64. robin hood bouncing off of its low from yesterday, like i said, i think robin hood keeps selling off.

In my humble humble opinion, amazon is it gon na come back? Are people gon na get this amazon dip the dip on amazon, all right amc? What you doing? 38 48. hood still not looking good team, not looking good on robin hood. All right! Amc strong, strong, strong, not update, what's its volume at 3.69 low volume day, but still the chart is very strong, all right and then amc is still looking good looks like it 39. I kind of like this 39 region just because, if we go over to this two hour chart, you can kind of see that we're still battling this wedge.

And what is this 40 we're just trying like this is kind of the final day of this wedge. That we've been in on the two hour four hour time frame, looks like we are continuing one two, three four. This is its fifth bounce. Let's see if it's the final bounce that gets us to actually build up some momentum and run from there would love to close above 40 25, especially on considerable volume.

Today i would count that, as a very nice win, come on um gme, taking a little bit of a hit 160 370 for my audio listeners, amc holding up in the mid-38s amazon, making its decision of what it actually wants to do today and then hood feels Feels like it's holding on by the skin of its teeth. Honestly, i mean this was the low from yesterday 33 30.. I think if it cracks this, it might people who bought in and got a bit too eager with the ipo. It might prompt a little bit of capitulation or something along those lines that uh scare some people out scare some people out.

What do we have going on amazon, what you doing, uh how's tesla doing today, 6.72 so great day. Yesterday, it's down now five bucks, but i mean not the craziest reversion. I mean it didn't do in insanely well yesterday, and then we have the hood coming down: okay, amc, previous resistance: let's see if this holds at 38 ish 38 ish justin. Okay, i'll check that out later matt can a short short the sock, buy it back and then use the same short to shorten it again.

I guess theoretically that would be possible, but that would just be a huge net neutral position for that person because, if you short in the buy and then short and then buy you're continually undoing your own pressure, like you're selling pressure. And then you have buying pressure and then selling it's just net neutral and probably like a waste of money. Honestly, what is going on with amazon all right hood bouncing off of that low? Hey you guys, let's literally put a robin to hood commercial right before the stream started playing and they didn't. Even let me skip it.

You can watch the goonies if you want, but first you got ta, do the truffle shuffle the truffle, shuffle classic classic classic classic. All right is amazon going to make this move jimmy uh down 1.16 on the day at 163. Amc looks like it just based off of perfectly 38.. Hey you guys.

We need that to happen today, uh on amc, which is booby traps. Please address the fud from the shareholder meeting. Yesterday, people don't seem to understand these shareholder meetings um, i guess what fun. The only thing i see is something about like they thought there was some sort of like secret count, um, which i didn't see anything that really verified that whatsoever.

If that's the fudge you're talking about uh, some people are asking for ortex happy to oblige all right. Amc they've borrowed 761 000 against it. A net of 27 000 short interest of 15.36 percent gamestop they've borrowed a net of 620 with a short interest of 14.91. All right hood looks like it's so close to uh cracking down all right all right.

All right uh is, it is my stream health weird today. So this is one of the most frustrating things is. I am invested in apple in my long-term account and it's made me money, but with the newest computer, i've gotten from apple. It has like the worst wi-fi connection issues like my older crappy, one like at least could hold on to internet, and it wouldn't just like kick me off feeling the goonies lots of old folks going after these crazy, dumb kids, but then look at who had the Bag of jewels at the end man, this is like just a blast from the past um.

I think i might watch that movie this weekend. I haven't seen in so long uh. If it's blurry, i guess just give it a quick refresh. That might be the best thing.

Let's stand up folks, let's, let's work on those six packs. Why not hang on i'm having some of my own issues now all right, yeah, let's do it here we go. Do the truffle shuffle all right all right, all right amc basing at 38, i like it. Let's see it get above 38 30ish 38.25 amazon watching how it reacts to 3350, watching how it reacts looks like people are obviously buying up the dip on it.

What is this um breaking news? Finra is investigating robin hood for insider trading. Literally, it's he investigating whether any employee trading in these securities may have occurred in advance of the amounts of trading restrictions. Oh wow, oh robin hood. I guess you could call it a bit of a dumpster fire that, if found guilty, that's a very, very serious crime like insider trading to the brokerage like if finra can like prove that and show that they did it wow bradley the older brother in the goonies.

Also played thanos in the marvel movies. Really, that's crazy! I did. I was not aware of that. You got ta watch the movie this weekend, i'm literally wearing a goonie shirt right now.

That's what i sent on twitter, weird! Oh justin, that's hilarious! Uh! Why are all youtubers stepping away from talking about amc? It's all over facebook? What do you mean all um? I have not heard of any youtuber stepping away from talking about amc. I heard that i mean i talked to trey and i guess i knew that was coming for a while. He said he's doing all of his amc and he wants to add on other content, to talk about market structure. I believe repos some options, but i haven't heard of anyone stepping away from talking about amc um.

I i don't know where people are getting that uh trey i mean i have uh. I haven't not seen clay bros comments on it. Uh. To be honest, i don't care about lou's comments.

I don't care about tom zulo's comments. I mean the people who are stepping away are the people who like what bandwagoned at the end and like now they're trying to talk about. I guess something else. The only one i can talk about really fairly, because the only one who i actually like watch their stuff would be trey, and i watched trey's, video uh trey did not say he's stopping talking about amc.

He said he's gon na add, on other things, to continue to teach people um and whatever they do. They want. Oh man. This is just another thing to like spur up the drama in this community folks i mean they could do what they want.

I mean honestly uh, okay, let me put it this way. Um do i watch lose content. I do not, but i also respect him as a human being that he could talk about whatever he wants to talk about um. I i don't think anyone um should be like.

Oh lou, you have to talk it's his channel, let lou run it the way he wants he's gon na for his audience and his viewers and his loyal supporters, i'm assuming he is doing what he thinks is best for him and that's his decision and honestly. I i do wish him the best of luck like uh, just because our views don't always align on something that doesn't mean that, like i like content creation, um, it takes a lot of effort and it's just different. It's like it's a whole different beast and, like i get obviously many many uh jobs and professions and everything out there are difficult. But for whatever reason, i still assume that what he's doing and what anyone's doing i'm not the biggest fan of tom.

But i still think that these people are doing what they think is best for their audience, like i don't think, there's some like malicious conspiratorial thing of like oh, like what's going on behind the scenes yadia, i don't think that type of a thing is like actually Happening it's just it's their channels, um, if you like their content, watch it enjoy it, make your life better. If you don't like it and if you have an issue with them, if you have an issue with me, you just don't watch it. It's really that simple of a thing when you're talking about social media and content consume what makes you happy consume. What makes your life better um if you find that you're wasting time, if you find that it's like actively like making you angry and pissing you off, for example, if you watch me and you're like man, i am like a huge fan of toads, but i hate That this guy is shilling for the frog industry, i'm sorry but frog.

The frog industry pays me a lot of money, so i'm gon na keep shilling for it and if that upsets you go find someone who promotes the toad industry, it's all good. It's all good people can do what they want to do. Um there there is not a lack of content creators. You should be able to find someone who makes you happy who teaches you something who makes you laugh and that's cool and honestly, all these guys, just because i don't consume their content like i still wish them the best of luck.

I want them to be successful. Uh another forgotten 80s gem with a re-watch is real genius. Val kilmer in peak form huge crush on michelle uh to this day. What's up, mikey glad that you guys are talking about market concept, still impacts, amc, considering becoming a day trader with a percentage of amc, profits post squeeze brian? I wish you the best of luck.

One of the first tweets was about this is our time down here and the little theater in my neighborhood is playing goonies. It's a sign, never say die. What's going on good kong um, the blurry thing is frustrating. I have to change your stream settings gear icon quality to 1080p manually instead of auto and it's fine goonies l watch it.

When it came out. I'm old, uh tweet by volume, princess amzn, took a big dump, dark pools sold first. Does it mean during the mother of all short squeezes they can control sowing preventing us from selling it until after it hits the fan and more robinhood type event, uh? No, i think, that's still like a little bit more of a fud scenario like you're gon na be able to get in and out um. I have many many many issues with the current state of market making for the u.s wall street uh.

I guess whatever we're going to call it entity, but the one thing that our market makers do well is provide insane amounts of liquidity. Like i said, let me just make this very very clear. I have a host of issues with the current state of market makers. The duopoly of citadel securities and virtue for the u.s financial system, but the one thing they do well, that is a benefit, is provide insane amounts of liquidity.

And why that's? A good thing is because, in incredibly volatile insane environments, you will still be able to get in and out of positions um. That is one thing that, like it is a benefit, is they're good at providing liquidity and liquidity is how easy you can get in and out of the stock position, especially a sizable position. So that's going to be a benefit, especially when we're like living in the actual moment of the mother of all short squeezes. You want that higher liquidity to get in and out.

I don't like you, but i love your fashion channel uh, but you were supposed to have potential um what happened with the shareholder meeting uh. I believe the result of it, the vice whatever someone of investor relations, had a response, email that the all the results of it are coming out in an official sec filing within like today or next week. Uh since you're talking frogs, i recommend the movie hell from frogtown cult classic for sure, weird science for sure it's a missile gary, but i still love you chunk some gangster flicks right there make it a great day: apes, hey matt. Can you explain how the amc daily chart looking so far? Thus far in the day, not much, i mean slightly green, which is good but uh.

It's going to get more interesting above the 40 area, amc currently making a run to a new intraday high at 3r. Well, the intraday high is 38.70 and it's trading at 38.50 uh looks like it's gearing up and then get even more interesting. So first thing we're watching right here. Intraday basis would love to see this close above that 40, i think was it the 40 25 41 area, especially on some nice volume.

That would be awesome. That would be awesome, uh robin hood down one percent, but it's kind of making a run back to 35. how's the iwm doing iwm. Oh iwms, the small cap, the russell 2000, which amc is a part of having a pretty decent day, gme bouncing off of 162 up to 164.

amzn got above 3350. Interesting, interesting, interesting, 3. 385 is what i would. What would i watch that this is what i would watch on amzn all right amc made a new intraday hi ding ding, ding 38.88, all right, let's get into it, let's get into our our our full form kind of going like full dragon ball z.

Here our final form of duck trading duck trading all right. There we go iwm showing a bit of strength, gme holding out at 164.. We kind of really want this to stay above 165, just on a support technical area howard. The duck obviously come on bought more amc.

Shout out, brambles, hey matt. Can you please all right? We did that toothpick 93., hey matt. Can you go over something for all of us, there's some confusion that needs to be clarified. Can you explain how there can be large red candles that has a volume of say, 150k and then right next to it is a short candle with 600k um yeah, so you think about it.

This way of that means, if you have a bigger candle, but it was lower volume, but you had a bigger range. That means that at that point in time there was some sort of, i guess weakness. So if we're talking about a red candle, that means a small amount of people sold, but there was no one buying. So at that point the supply was outweighing the demand and you got a bigger push, but then there's other times where it doesn't move at all.

On big volume and that's possible - and that means that the supply and the demand was like very close, so you didn't get much actual price movement think about it and what it means of supply and demand. If you have no demand and like a little bit more supply, i mean that's just going to push the price down, but if they're equally strength equally powerful, you can have a ton of volume and it doesn't move at all, because it's just like the bulls and Bears are like viciously fighting it out, but they're not getting much movement because they're equally powered uh cup and waiting on the handle shout out chris. I see exactly what you're seeing let's see, how it kind of pans out, i'm just watching a little bit of amc and iwm a little bit catty corner here, they're looking similar today, uh, not perfect, but similar similar enough cowbells. We need more cowbells.

Let's see what is going on here, all right amazon doing its thing: oh gme, trying to get back up to 165. trying to get back up all right, amc uh! So currently, just for my audio listeners, amc's current intraday high is 38.88 and we're trading at 38.50. Uh, just kind of deciding what it wants to do seems to be tracking a little bit with iwm um gme, not really, but it did bounce off of 162 up to 160 450 and then amazon. The only really reason we had up is because i saw people talking about it on twitter last night.

They missed on their earnings, huge gap down uh, but it looks like people are buying the dip, in fact um it bounced off of 3307 and it's pushing 3362. I suppose uh for those of you who are interested in it um. I'm watching 68 then followed by kind of 85-87 amazon amazon, the bo burnham jeff bezos song uh. I think i'm somehow stuck on that particular sound within uh tick, tock, the the bezos song like what how's it go.

Ceo entrepreneur born 1964, something like that. Um the bezos one, absolute hilarity, absolute hilarity uh. Can you explain v in layman's terms, so v wap is volume weighted average price so basically on the intraday basis, whereas a lot of people are going to end up using it volume weighted. So it's the amount of shares everyone has bought at the associated price, divided by the total volume, and basically it just tells you where those the people on that intraday basis, if you're above it, that means the average person the average holder is in profit on the Day and if you're below it, that means that the average person is down on the day um.

Just for those current traders, the amc shareholder results, sec filing is up on amc investor relations already, but it's as mundane as you'd expect it to be yeah. I mean when we knew we weren't voting on the potential of the authorization for 25 million shares like it's good to vote, but none of those were like crazy proposals coming in on the one minute chart, yep we're looking at this cup and kind of a handle Like i guess, if we go into a smaller time frame, here's here's your cup and handle uh so we're seeing how it reacts roughly to 38.80, i'm just cutting this region in half and seeing if we can get some momentum past that or text for amc. Please can do can too remember. If you want or text there's a free week, trial um, you could uh uh a jump in shares, return that just happened interesting so that remember it's either shares that were never short, being returned now or shares that were short covered.

Two days ago and now being returned um, it's one of two things or most likely a combination but short interest. 15.34 percent uh. Can you explain levels of resistance within a stock price? Why do they exist? What's the reason, how do they vary, etc? So they only exist because of us there's actually nothing important about those price levels. Besides the fact that people look at them and they're like oh hey, the stock got rejected there before.

I wonder if it's going to get rejected there again and enough people if there's enough people who see it they're, like oh i'll, just sell at that value. I want to lock in my profits if enough people do that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Much of the stock market is self-fulfilling prophecy. If everyone thinks that a stock's going to go up - and everyone buys it's going to run up if everyone that thinks that a stock's going to go down and enough people sell it's actually going to go down, the stock market is so so much about self-fulfilling prophecy.

Uh someone asked: can we get the gme um or text? Yes? Yes, yes, yes, um borrow change of 538 000. 14.77. Jackie amc. What's going on, let's see how this goes: amc it we're getting a nice cup.

Here's the handle very bullish, uh technical pattern. Let's see how it ends up playing out, but uh, i'm feeling good. I think the big test is still this region of 40 to 42.. If you've listened to any of my dumb money shows for the past two weeks, it's really come down to this resistance.

At 40 to 42 - and it's just very, very important someone's asking about amd - is it still running. Ooh amd is cooking cooking cooking if you're in it, i'm sure it makes you feel some sort of way. I have some amd, i believe in my retirement account. I don't actively trade, it i'm just a fan of the semiconductor industry, so i own intel amd and nvidia um, but amd obviously making some money.

It's been range bound for so comically long. I'm happy that it's broken out. I mean look at this range from basically a hundred down to 72. It's been in that ever since for a year for july, all the way up into july and now we're finally breaking out of this sideways training uh.

So if you've been battling it out with amd, you deserve a congratulations, because it that's been a long fought battle. So i hope the attendees you're getting now are worth it and if you're a person who maybe didn't even know, that amd was a long fought battle and you just got into it a couple days ago and you're making money. Well, even more! Congratulations you deserve it. You deserve it, you deserve it, hey matt.

Can you offer insight into x e xpr shorts on ortex e x, p, r? Yes, let me look up this expr express um. I know this was another one that ran in terms of a short squeeze sympathy play uh. I'm not the biggest fan of it, but i can definitely tell you the short interest. It is six percent uh, so i don't really think it has short squeeze potential and it definitely has less short squeeze potential than amc and jimmy for various reasons.

The shorts aren't there, it doesn't really have community support if you're in expr. You should be in it because you like the company, i would not be in it because you think it's going to squeeze. In my humble opinion, look at that look at this resistance hit. It was off by 19 cents um, i get it, i'm sure some of you saw this and you're like man if this kid's calling out resistance and he's off by 19 cents on a 3 368 stock.

That's just not good enough, and i get it. You are. If that makes you want to unsubscribe, let me put it this way me being off by 19 cents makes me want to unsubscribe from me like. I would.

If i were you i'd, be pissed, i would be fuming. I would. I don't know i would lash out. I would emotionally lash out on probably some form of social media and be like this.

Kid is garbage. He doesn't know anything about technical analysis. He doesn't know anything about resistance. It's just not acceptable.

You deserve more and, if i'm being honest with you, i don't know. If i can give you more um, i feel like i'm already working at a capacity that is just like with my like puny brain size. It's just, i don't even know how i got here, so i can't even lie to you and say give me time. I will be better.

Let me learn. Let me practice folks. No, it's not gon na happen. I'm not gon na learn, i'm not gon na get better.

This is it um the way people peak in high school i've peaked on social media. This is it: i'm not gon na learn more i've peaked as a trader. I've peaked as an investor. I've peaked as a dumb money commentator.

It is all down here, physically i'm on the other side of 25. So that's going downhill, and now just i would say mentally, like my intellect my skill set, my speaking ability everything's going down um. If you want to make money, i would say, puts on the macor's brand that that's probably one of the most sure-fire bets you could possibly do at this moment in time. Somehow call up goldman sachs call up jpmorgan.

Tell him whatever you need to but be like christian bale when he made all that money back in 2008 and demand credit swaps on the mat course brand. They might say who's, matt coors and then you just say: cut the. We know that you're watching him. Every single day we want to buy credit default swaps on the mat cores brand.

If that's how you gon na make your money uh, hey, matt, where's the unsubscribe button, not youtube advice right. There should be that big red button they make it easy to find. Fortunately, so amc looking a little bit, froggy bounced off of 38 40 ran up to 39. We know 39, really it's become 39 to 42, but, more importantly, 40 to 42.

We're looking at that level. Uh for the breakout, oh or, sprt support um 65.26. Considerable short interest - definitely considerable short interest. I don't think you guys can hear it, but my computer um, it sounds like it's having a a hernia of sorts like it just sounds like it's not doing well uh i have potentially a good secondary bet.

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