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AMC & GameStop ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ™Œ: This Trend Is Our Friend ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€
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What's going on moon gang, i hope you're having an awesome day. This video will be your weekend, wrap up for both amc and gme i'll, be going over the most up-to-date and recent short interest numbers for both of these meme stocks. I'll be talking a little bit about an interesting trend that i'm finding specific to amc and then, after all, that make sure you stick around until the end, because i'll be doing a technical breakdown of both amc and gamestop. So we have a better idea of where we've come and we're potentially going before.

We hop into that, though, as a friendly reminder, if you enjoy these type of updates or if you like, the live streams that happen from monday to friday, don't forget to join up with moon gang by hitting the subscribe button. Also, this training platform that you see in front of you is weeble. If you sign up, there is a link in the description of the video. You get this platform for free free training and when you sign up deposit a hundred dollars, you will receive two free stocks, all right, let's hop into it as of now just so everyone knows.

I am filming this on sunday april 25th, amc close out the week at 10, 19 and jimmy closed out the week at 1. 50.. We are about to head into the last and final trading week of april, so let's hop right into the short interest numbers in terms of amc, friday's action. We did see another increase of in the short interest.

Another positive change honestly this every day i feel like i'm living groundhog's day every single day. The short interest is higher and higher and higher in a way. I could very much argue that this is a good thing, because if we get that bullish follow-through in the price action that that means that there's more and more shorts that are going to have to jump ship, which means we'll see a mortal more volatile explosion upward. In the price action, so the borrow change was: let's just call it an increase in half a million which puts us somewhere between 154 and 155 million shares on loan uh.

The utilization remember utilization is the ratio of all the shares currently being lent, and then the ones that are actually officially um borrowed to go on loan. As of now, the entire pie is on loan 100. A question i've been getting recently is if the utilization is 100, how can the short interest possibly continue to increase? Well, that just means that more people who own shares of amc are lending them out, because remember right now, the cost of borrow is very, very high. So people are making a pretty penny renting out their shares of amc for people to put them on loan, potentially shorting them to the market.

So that's how um so base, even though we're seeing a hundred percent the the pie of the ones that are actually being lent going on loan. The pie is getting bigger and bigger each day, um and overall right now. The short interest is in the realm of 23.6. Once again, this is all for amc and the one thing i i need to stress in this video these shares on loan.

This is the absolute floor. Um a couple things to note here is ortex um. They get their data from prime brokers, not hedge funds. Prime brokers are the people who are facilitating the the lending and loaning between hedge funds, banks all that good stuff.

They have about an 85 percent coverage of the main prime brokers, of course, the biggest ones, so that doesn't mean that the number is already 15 percent bigger. But you this is just a floor. It could be a higher and, once again, this information is not covering shorts against etfs that have exposure to amc or gme, and it's also in no way counting naked shorts. The reason i'm doing this, i just try to give you verifiable, accurate data, and at least i can just guarantee this is the floor.

If anything, because of the things i just mentioned, these numbers would just be higher. Please remember that, every day as we're talking about this stuff, these numbers are the absolute absolute minimum which is good for us in terms of game stop on friday, the short interest actually dropped by 3.44. The current short interest on gamestop is 26.71. The borrow change dropped by about half a million which puts the shares on loan right around 15 million uh the utilization.

Remember, the ratio of the pie that's being lent and the ones that officially go on loan is around 57.56 percent. In terms of the shares on loan, like i said, are currently around 15 million. It's important to note that the shares for gamestop, the ones that you and i can trade, also known as the free float, is around 45 million and in terms of amc, that's around 400 million. Just so you know the numbers for both of those the overall.

Just so you know, the magnitude of both amc and gme are very. Very high. Matt is a short squeeze possible with numbers like this. Yes, and in fact, the way they're trending, especially amc, is just going higher and higher and higher.

So we're in that situation, where we're almost trapping enough of these shorts enough of these bears and like we're just apparently every single day, more and more are coming into this cage. So once we get that follow through once, like it's just gon na, be such a massive snowball effect domino effect like we just need that one domino to fall and these people are gon na have to pay a heavy heavy price. The other interesting trend that i want to bring up that i'm talking about with amc that i haven't brought up in a while is, i think, one of the driving factors in what we saw with gme amc is just how much it's talked about uh. Obviously this is a big social.

At this point i would argue almost cultural movement and one of the metrics i care about that, like i think, is going to be directly correlated to the success, is just how many people are talking about it. I think that's a very, very key data point and for quite a while, like i mean obviously at the start of february uh, both amc and gme were sky high. Since then we came down, then people were searching it once again when we saw that push to around the mid-14s and right now, usually i mean if we were to do technical analysis on this it would you could almost just say it's range bound, but more recently, There's been another uptick which just what all this is like, as you can see on the screen. This is in the united states past 90 days and it's youtube searches so as this continues to go up, that shows that there's more and more people interested.

So right now like once again like we're not at that sky-high peak that we saw previously, but once again it just seems like we're trending up, so i would. This is something i will be continuing to watch. I think it's a good thing for you to watch because uh it might tip a task. This data point like kind of tipping its hat of like yes, once again, people are reinvigorated in this fight, because right now, if you're watching this there's a very, very good chance that you are a hardcore diamond handed hodler and that's awesome like we're.

Staying in this fight, i think right now, one of the tipping points that we need, like a big. I guess missing piece to this puzzle, is kind of like those fair weather investors of like oh, they thought it was cool. It was interesting and now they've lost interest. It's that group, it's that that group on the defense that we need to bring back into this fight, so we have a better chance of winning it, and it looks like right now between the short interest.

What we're seeing in just the social trends uh looks pretty favorable for us, at least in my own opinion. Please remember, i'm not a financial advisor. All i do is share the evidence i find and put my own like opinion on it, but you got to do your own due diligence for anything that i say or really anything you're seeing across the entire internet all right. So with all that being said, let's do some technical breakdowns uh just so you know the overall market uh, looking very, very strong.

In fact, we did hit a new all-time high. It's not this 417-91 you're. Seeing on the screen uh to close out the week. S p 500 etf, that tracks 500 of the biggest companies in the us.

That's why it's used as a barometer for our stock market, a new all-time high of 418 25. The market is very, very strong, so outside of the world of amc and gme, your blue chip investments, your retirement accounts most likely looking pretty good right now, let's kick this off with amc, actually uh. Let me rewind this. I want to show you something i'm seeing on the daily time frame.

Um so right here, uh ignore the red for right now. Actually, let me get rid of that so for quite a while. I could argue that we have been in this trend. Just lower highs higher lows, consolidating it is very, very common in the stock market to go from periods of consolidation to expansion and vice versa.

So the fact that we're seeing lower highs, higher lows and a decrease in volume, that's classic consolidation, which ie leads into expansion. What's interesting is this potential phase of expansion might be starting very soon because from this high on january 27th to the next major relative high on march 18th, look at that looks like we are we're at least attempting to break out. So this is uh, something that i'm definitely interested in watching this upcoming week, the final week of april to see if we can break out and then from there the levels i'm interested in watching is um actually a whole different trend line. It looks like we might be getting a double technical breakout, so this same white trend line is not the one i just had.

This is on a smaller. This is the four hour chart. The previous one was the daily, so on two time frames we're pushing this level of just psychological resistance. Um trend lines, levels of support resistance.

The only reason they have value is because other people are watching it. The fact that i'm like oh it's bounced here before maybe it'll bounce again so i buy it all these lines are just really self-fulfilling prophecies. So anyway, i'm assuming myself included a lot of people will be watching this trend line, and if we get that breakout, i would then be watching this region of resistance. That's why i have it in red between 11 24 11 60 from there.

I think things get very, very interesting for amc. I will be watching 1250 and past that this recent relative high of 1450., in terms of taking a step back yes right now. Amc is at 10 16, but i think in these weekend updates it is useful to see like kind of where we've come for amc over the past week, green a gain of 8.9 over the past month, a gain of 12.64 and from the start of 2021. Until now, we are up 380.

The reason i'm bringing this to your attention is: don't let a small one, two three percent drop in like on a daily trading basis, like scare you in any way, don't let anybody like, oh amc, drop whatever percent today. Look how far we've come, it's very, very reasonable to have healthy pullbacks. That's just how the stock market works across every major time frame. Amc is clearly in the green, which means that those shorts - those bears clearly have to be in the red they are.

I would argue feeling some pain right now. We just need to kind of turn that pain meter up on them. Now, let's talk a little bit about gamestop. This is the four-hour chart for gamestop currently trading at 151.

Also, consolidating i mean really in all of march, lower highs, higher lows kind of the same general pattern that we're seeing in amc is what we're seeing in gme um gme, actually honestly consolidating a bit more the. I would argue that the closest support is around 132 past that i will be watching 113 and below that we have a key, a very important psychological level of a hundred dollars. On the top side, we have 175 followed by 185 and from there there is a noticeable region of resistance between 200 212 above that 212. I think we could see a push to the next psychological level above 250 and at 250, if gamestop gets above that um equivalent to what i was saying about amc where things get very exciting.

That's at about that 250 mark on gme, uh right now, gme trading at 151 and in terms of where we're going where we've come over the past week. It did drop 2.2 percent, but over the past month, it's up 25 and from the start of 2021. Until now we're up 702, those are massive disgusting, incredible gains. So once again, don't let a little two percent drop in one week take away from the fact that it's up an incredible amount in the past three months.

Four months so remember when in doubt, zoom out, look at where we have been to get a better idea of where we're potentially going and knock on wood with any of the fall through this week. I think i mean i get it a lot of us or it's just how much more disciplined patients can. We have and i'm sending this message to you that things are still looking favorable. Don't let anyone tell you that the squeeze it's not happening, it's not done.

It's still very, very possible, in fact, what we're seeing in like the verifiable data, i would argue strongly favors us, but once again, these are just my own opinions. I would love to get your thoughts on both amc and gme in a comment below don't forget if you enjoyed this video, if you think someone else can find some value in it, i really appreciate it if you could drop a like and leave a comment both Of those things help out with the algorithm, and if you want to join up with the moon gang, don't forget to hit that subscribe button. Um i'm going to catch you! Don't this week, don't forget! I will be live streaming monday to friday. If you want to be a part of that, make sure you have your notifications turned on, all you have to do is go over that bell, icon click on it and switch it to always from me, chair and duct shirt.

Best of luck in the markets. You.

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