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Amc gamestop update : expect big moves soon new portfolio positions – Matt Kohrs

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What's going on tractor gang, let's talk about stonks, i'm talking about gamestop, i'm talking about amc, i'm talking about tesla, i'm talking about the fact that i probably need more friends, uh man, if you were part of the live stream today, you know is a pretty weird Day, i'm not really talking about specifically in the stock market, even though it was a bit weird. I'm talking more so about just emotionally must have been a weird weekend for all of us, so in this video i'll be talking about. What's going on with our favorite meme stocks i'll be giving you a portfolio update and i'll be giving a quick technical breakdown of what price levels, i think we should really be watching for tomorrow? Don't forget that tomorrow is kind of a big day for gamestop, because tomorrow, after the market closes, is gamestop's earnings announcement. So we'll get a better idea of what's really going on with the company um before i get into all that, though, don't forget to join up with the moon gang by hitting the subscribe button.

If you don't want to miss any of the update videos like this or any of the monday to friday live streams, all you have to do is hit the subscribe. Button go over that bell: icon click on it and switch it to always, and also as a friendly reminder. If you want two free stocks check out that link to weeble you'll get one for signing up and then another for depositing a hundred dollars. Alrighty.

Let's get to it: pitter patter, let's get at her! Well uh, let's start with the portfolio update, so i do have a few new positions. So tme, i'm playing the earnings announcement. Tme is about to have their earnings call um, i'm playing the 35 strike, call expiration. Uh is april 16th, so i'm giving myself enough time thus far in post-market trading.

It is trading upward, uh, wild reaction. We went from 3190 down to 2870 and now it's slowly grinding upward. So hopefully that's a positive sign. I still have those sia br puts.

I have the jme calls they're costing me a lot of money. I have the viac calls they're costing me a lot of money, but something interesting just happened with viac. I am playing the what is it the 100 um hundred dollar puts for april 16th. No, no! The 90 puts for april 16, sorry, but um v.

I ac. I do want to point out. There was just a new piece of news that i think will benefit me. As you can see, viac is dropping uh.

It went below 97 for a second. What the news is on vi ac is right here i retweeted it. Viac announces offerings of class b common stock and mandatory convertible preferred um. So that's good uh whenever there's offerings like that, depending on the price, uh, typically you're, going to see driving down.

So that's. What's going on with viac in the weibo account, the only other new thing is, i bought more amc calls in the robinhood account um i bought uh. The strike price is 12.50. Expiration is mid april.

I bought 10 of those at 210, a piece as of now they're break, even i'm just hoping for. Basically, i'm still betting on that squeeze. I will diamond hand it as much as i have to um with amc and gamestop, but i will continue to put my money where my mouth is with those two stocks. So that's pretty much the portfolio update.

Those are all the new positions. What i see going on the big news is basically just more amc. So now, let's talk about what's going on in the overall market, i do want to talk about tesla selling off at the end of the day. But let's do that at the end feel free to fast forward if you're, just here for tesla.

So let's talk about the s p 500, an etf that tracks the overall market. We bounced off of this very, very important trend line in the blue here. On top of that, you could also see we had a nice bounce off of pretty much the 50-day moving average that was in at 386 and as of friday, we bounced off at 387, thus far we're going pretty nice um re retracing back upward to this all-time High at 398, pretty nice - i am looking for this breakout of the previous all-time high of 394., above that i think all of our stocks should be in the green, but let's watch for that tomorrow. If there's a tough rejection, let's see, then how it reacts to this blue trend line and then the 50-day simple, moving average above that we're watching 398 and then pass out.

We have the all-time high of 400. Now, let's quickly switch gears to our favorite meme stocks. Let's just do it alphabetically the way we always do. Amc uh, not the best day.

It closed today, down 10 10.34. Just so you know that does put it on ssr for tomorrow, if you're new to the channel - and you don't know what ssr is, it's short sale restriction, basically, if based on the previous day's, close to intraday training, if it ever drops 10, it's put on ssr For the remainder of that day and for the entire day, the next day, so basically all it does is it makes it more difficult to short this time, i'm saying more difficult because it's not impossible. It's referred to as the uptick rule. So, basically, you can only take a short position tomorrow.

If the stock is trading up, it has to be a green bar to take a short position um throughout the reddit space in youtube space. I think people are making the ssr being on it a lot more than it's really than it really is like. I would much much prefer that we just don't drop 10 instead of being on ssr. I think there's a big misconception that if you're on ssr a new short position can't be taken at all, that's actually um false.

You can take a short position. It just has to be on the uptake. So really, to sum this up, amc is on ssr for tomorrow. I don't think it's like the the savings grace that we're all looking for to be.

I think what the savings grace is is the fact that we had a very nice double bounce. So not only did it bounce off of this technical support at 1180, but it bounced off of this trend line. So hopefully this is the bounce we need, and then it just continues higher to build out this bare flag um. If there is a breakdown of this bear flag, i'll make sure to update you in uh the next technical update video.

But as of now, we are looking for 1180 to hold and to retrace back upwards um here. This will be way way easier to see on the 30-minute chart um right here on gamestop uh. We do have a region of resistance from 1290 to 13. So if there's a nice bullish follow-through tomorrow, the way we saw in the second half of today that's my first target tomorrow between 1290 and 13 and past that not only is it a key psychological level because it's a nice round amount, but it's also previous technical Resistance is at fourteen dollars.

I would love to exceed fourteen dollars tomorrow, but i'm going to set my goal pretty simply. I would love to see us first exceed the 12 90 to 13 resistance uh. We are coming off a pretty so oversold amc. So i think tomorrow will favor the bull cam and just so you know before we switch over to gamestop um.

This is the most recent um as or close to market close updated two minutes ago. Uh. The short sales available is just a million. That's relatively low and the short borrow free 1.535 we've seen much higher.

The thing i thought it was interesting to point out is uh heading into friday. This short volume ratio. Basically, the ratio of short shares versus the overall shares traded. It's really really been going down, as in uh there's been less new short positions, so let's just see how that trends like the number alone of 7.98, especially if you're, trusting fintel at all, is pretty low, but i care a lot more about how that's trending.

So, let's pay attention to that throughout the week all right now, let's switch over to gamestop, which i'm as of now predicting will have a pretty volatile day, both tomorrow on march 23rd and then the next day march 24th. Why am i saying that? Well, tomorrow, after the market closes, uh gamestop will be having its earnings call. So not only will we know how it did in its last fiscal quarter, but how it did in 2020 as a whole. I think most of us agree at this current uh stock price of 194 dollars exactly where gamestop is it's trading way above its fair fundamental value.

Um you're gon na hear that a lot i 100 agree based on its like income statements, its financials, its balance sheet 195 is high, and that's because we're in the middle of this social movement against wall street and what's going on in the middle of a potential. Second short, squeeze, maybe heading into a third short squeeze. Of course, we're trading above our fundamental value and my point in bringing that up is, if you hear whether we beat or don't beat on the earnings per share or the expected revenue for the quarter or for the year of 2020. I just really don't care uh we're, i already fully admit we're trading again above the fundamental value, so whether we beat on those numbers or not.

Of course i would like to beat that would be nice. It would be nice to hear that hey console sales were amazing over the holiday season. It would be nice to hear that we didn't have to shut down as many fiscal locate physical locations as we had to, but overall it doesn't matter um. I think the main thing that could be a driver coming out of the earnings call is any hints or straight up comments about potential acquisitions.

I would love for gamestop to get into the world of eve sports, and i'm talking about gmbl. I'm talking about slg. Both are potential acquisition targets. I have no clue what they're going to say about them or, if they're going to talk about them at all, but i really think um ryan cohen, who is now he was involved with gamestop in 2020.

He joined the board in uh. The start of 2021 in january of 2021 um he's very much on our side. He wants to sort squeeze to happen. He wants wall street to pay um.

So the fact that he's on our side, it would be awesome if he had something up his sleeve and if he had an amazing announcement for us that could cause a cool gap up. I don't know if it's going to happen, i would put the likelihood of some amazing bombshell announcement to be pretty low, but you never know, what's going on every day, waking up to the stock market in this short squeeze storyline. This short sweet stock saga is a whole new day. You never know what's going to happen.

Um the trading day over the past five days for gamestop has been insanely boring, but i'm hoping that things change very soon starting tomorrow because of the earnings announcement. Just so you know it does it is after the market closes, so i think's going to happen is leading up to the market close. I think people will be jockeying for position and then i think there'll be a massive gap up or gap down depending on how the call goes on wednesday uh before training. So, let's see how that all plays out, but overall for the action we saw in the market over the past five days, gamestop has done nothing.

It's found very. Very nice support at 184 bounce bounds, bounce bounce um. So that's pretty good. Let's see if gamestop can hold that uh and then i have this region in light blue, just to show that it's been range bound, it really hasn't been going anywhere.

In fact, the volume has been pitiful. The average volume over the past 10 days has been 28 million, which has been trending downward, and on top of that, today's volume was 9.6, so gamestop trading on the ticker gme it's at 195, not doing much. I think people are waiting for this earnings call uh. I am considering live streaming, the entire earnings call when market closes tomorrow, so if you're interested in that make sure you're checking back to the channel and let's just quickly check in on its numbers short share is available.

It is down now to a hundred thousand uh. The borrow fee very low point: five percent um - and this opposite of amc - is actually trending upward. The overall trend we've gone from 20, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26, so based on the overall volume traded per day. A higher percentage of that is short volume.

So it's interesting to note this trend that we are increasing higher and higher um, just something worthwhile to know i like to see the trend. I don't really care about the magnitude of the number more so the trend, but i'm hoping some fireworks. Finally kick off tomorrow. For gamestop, if not hopefully wednesday, and to wrap all this up, quick comment on what's going on with tesla tesla gapped up today and then it followed through and then around midday.

I guess it didn't get the memo that people were buying it starting around 3 p.m. There was a pretty hardcore, sell-off, um, it almost hit 700 and then today it closed out the day at 670, in post-market trading, it's at 668. um lots of selling. I tried to see what was going on and maybe, as i'm filming this, the news will be more obvious as you're watching this, but i can't see if anything, i'm seeing positive things.

Um tesla stock is screaming by now. If kathy woods arc, invest is right. Tesla stock will rise 350 percent in 2025. That is obviously referring to uh kathy woods.

Arkhamvest uh tesla is about to launch its in-house insurance program in more states. I'm just not seeing anything. This was a day ago, so it's kind of old drone footage of tesla making unprotected left turn is seriously terrifying. Uh i mean obviously that's a little bit click-baity.

I just don't see anything, that's obviously bad so uh if as you're watching this, if the news is more obvious, feel free to comment it below i'm curious about why tesla got hit so hard, i mean, i know the overall. The nasdaq 100 did sell off in the second half of the day, but it was kind of bad for tesla. It might be gunning for a gap fill to this high, which is at 6 57. So you could watch that for a nice technical bounce, which also aligns with this previous technical bounce area at 6 59.

So it might be a good opportunity to buy tesla, but other than that these are the technical levels. I will be watching 686. 659. In terms of resistance, hoping it can catch itself at 6 59 and if you can't, if it really sells off tomorrow, i'll be watching 614 as the first support.

So let's how that see how that plays out? But overall, a couple things going on today. Um amc was hit, it had a pretty solid recovery. I would like to know your thoughts on that. I would like to know your thoughts on gamestop, which should have more volatility tomorrow because of the earnings announcement and, finally, let me know what you think is going on with tesla.

It was pretty weird action to close the day out, but overall, let me know your thoughts in a comment below don't forget to join up with the official tractor gang by hitting the subscribe button. If you don't want to miss any of the new pieces of content, specifically the monday to friday live streams, all you have to do is go to the bell: icon click on it and switch it to always and uh. Don't forget tractor gang from me doctor and everyone else that is supportive of this channel best of luck in the market. I will catch you tomorrow.


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