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We are back for the afternoon. I got some food in my system. I got some coffee in my system. We got ta crush it now, we've about two hours until the market closes and then, of course, after that we have some post market training cool things to go over, i'm expecting things uh to be a little bit quiet.

Obviously, as we were gone, there was a bit of a sell-off and since then it's been trading sideways, both the gme amc, it's it can't lie to you guys. It's looking rough out there. No one said that this fight would be easy. Um myself cannot cannot tell you what to do with your own chairs, but i can tell you that these hands are made out of diamond.

I am holding, i don't care what happens? I will take these shares to my grave if i have to i'll pass them down to my kids i'll pass them down to my grandkids, as we are traveling through space, wherever my family goes, they will hold on to these shares as long as need be. I can promise you that all right, um not much, is going on. They sold off they're trading sideways um, as i was reading over everything you guys were sending me on our little break. You guys sent me some awesome things.

I do want to go over. One news article that i thought you guys would find interesting if you have any questions at all or questions comments, concerns reach out to me. If you have any breaking news that would be beneficial for the group as a whole. Make sure you're checking this out, send it to me, you could tag me notify me dm me would do whatever you have to send it to at matt coors guys.

Also, do me a favor. Let's get some fellow space apes in here. If you guys could like and retweet this get this out using multiple forms of social media is a big big benefit to expand this to fellow space apes as we're doing that um. Obviously, your support is greatly appreciated.

Um is what's elon up to uh beef, hard stogecoin, what's dogecoin doing right now, coming back, we were talking about this trendline all all morning battling it out here i was telling you about this resistance. Thus far, it's been rejected here, but uh. If we can get over it, um potentially clear sailing up to 0.054. Obviously elon is now a um.

Whatever he's using his twi uh his twitter to um, i wouldn't say pump it up, but obviously he's very excited about dogecoin. I think it's hilarious. You guys know that i'm in on dogecoin, let me know in a comment what cryptos you're in i'm personally in dogecoin, bitcoin and ethereum, the three right here on this side of your screen, i'm in on all of those i haven't been shy about letting you guys Know that, let me know what you're in with that in the meantime, um don't forget uh. If you can just pop this off a little bit, get it to some extra people um i did in this afternoon stream.

We are going to talk a little bit more about the issues going on with wall street bets, the fight between um, the mo the old mods new mons uh. Some of this stuff is getting confirmed. Uh wall street bets similar to gme amc, is not having a good day um, but before we go into all of that, this is the article i wanted to show you guys it can be found on cnn business. If you want to check it out yourself, give it a quick google search um, it came out today, just updated, and it's kind of relates to citadel uh those people.

In the background who a lot of people were assuming um kind of pressured robin hood. To do things that really hurt retail and man the citadel. It appears that they're doing some things that are very much not in people's favors um. Let me let's go over this.

Article. High-Speed trading, firm link to robinhood is going to war with the sec. Let me explain why this is a big deal. Citadel securities is under the microscope over its relationship with robin hood, but the high frequency trading firm is not laying low for those of you uh, who don't know uh high frequency training, also known as an hft.

It's these people who take advantage of the specific mechanics of how the stock market works, and they do many many micro trades. So if they see a giant order coming in um for whatever stock, whatever option, they slightly front run it and they play for portions of a penny. But they do it in a huge amount of the time and the reason why things like um, robin hood and weeble are free. It's because that they're selling your order flow to places like these high frequency traders.

That's why it's free, because they're making money off that they're making money off of loaning out your shares, so other people can short it. So that's what a high frequency trader does they really uh? They increase the liquidity in a market but they're not holding they're holding for nanoseconds um anyway. So that's high frequency trading on the same day that senator elizabeth warren demanded answers on robin hood's ties to citadel securities and its affiliated hedge fund. The chicago base firm, officially launched a legal war tuesday as in two days ago, against the sec, so citadel uh keep this in mind different than robin hood, but strong connections.

A lot of people assume that citadel was going to help robin hood go public. This quarter in previously unreported court documents citadel securities asked accord to overturn the sec's bipartisan approval of a trading method launched by iex group, the exchange made famous by michael lewis's book flash boys great great book. If you want to learn more about high frequency training, i would highly recommend it. It's an easy read great book.

Um iex is an exchange that came up to help battle against high frequency trading um. So anyway, there was bipartisan support for this type of order and um they're, trying to say citadel is trying to say, like they're, trying to overturn it, but really known as a d limit order. This is very, very protective to retail traders. If anything, it's just stymies high frequency training.

Let me go into this a bit known as a d limit. Iex says that the order type is designed to help protect investors from predatory training strategies. Aka these high frequency traders short for discretionary limit. Iex says d limit acts like a regular limit order, except when the exchange's algorithms predict a price is about to change.

A limit is in order to buy or sell a stock at a determined price or better, so basically iex the big galaxy brain people that work at this exchange are working to protect. Uh me and you other retail orders, and this delimit thing is a normal limit order, but they're trying to get in front of the way their fancy robots are battling it out with the fancy robots of these high frequency traders. So the point is: is that citadel? Who uh may or may not be heavily involved in the grimy things that robin hood just did they're trying to now fight the f sec and fight with iex? Another group that was attempting to product protect us? Okay, however, citadel securities is arguing that d-limit does the opposite of protecting investors. In 77 pages of court documents filed tuesday citadel securities accused the sec of having ignored evidence that retail investors would be harmed by the delimit order.

The firm cited its own analyst that found more than half of its trading activity on iex was on behalf of retail investors, not for its own profit. Man, i mean you guys got to do your own due diligence on this, but i am calling myself you never fight with the sec. Citadel is not fighting to protect retail traders. They are fighting to protect their own bottom line.

Um trust me my brain's a little bit too smooth. I have an eight brain. Maybe i can't understand everything, but i'm just doing the classic litmus test citadel is not out there fighting for retail traders. I might not fully understand the specifics.

I've been talking to some people who are well versed in this matter of delimit orders into the best of my understanding uh. In my humble opinion, iex, the exchange was trying to protect retail traders. Citadel is trying to pull another fast one to benefit and line their own pocket citadel securities. A major source of revenue for robinhood filed its intention to sue in october, and this week's brief follows through on the threat.

The market maker and high-speed trading firm is owned by billionaire craig griffin, blah blah blah predator there's more great information in this. I just wanted to bring it to your attention. You can find it on cnn business. Read it for yourself, i'm not making this up read about the d limit order read about what iex is trying to do for us and read about what citadel is trying to do in my opinion, against us um.

I just thought it was interesting to bring up because citadel is very much tied and assumed to have some weird connection of what's going on with robin hood as in when they blocked us all last week. So check that out interesting article. All right, doge is coming back. Uh trading, sideways trading, sideways gamestop is having a rough rough day, um.

Actually what i can do uh, instead of you guys searching that yourself. I will tweet this out just so you can see it if you guys want that. It's now on my twitter check that out worth a read worth a share: idex coming back. These are still training, sideways they're, getting pummeled today, no, if ands or buts, about it, they're getting rocked.

Let's go this uh. The chat and live stream are already uh popping off love to see it matt you sound super pessimistic about. Jimmy's prospects is given the volumes hey nuclear uh. Reading that i'm just trying to like i'm long, you guys know i have diamond hands, i'm trying to be realistic about this situation.

If the short squeeze were to happen, we need more volume. We need more buyers, uh, that's just the fact of the matter um. I i can give a fair, unbiased opinion of the current situation and also let you know about my own positions. They are two different things.

Um, obviously they've been like. It's is no secret, that they've been beaten down both amc and gamestop. They are crashing right now. They're getting nailed but um, i also have diamond hands.

I'm letting you know that i'm holding my own position but as this chart continues to develop we're going over the technicals we're going over the fundamentals, any breaking news um. I also am feeling less optimistic, knowing that there are currently issues going on at wall street bets, getting lots and lots of reports about infighting between the old mods and new mods. I don't think that's a good thing it it's bad. I guess no other way to put it.

I don't think anything's confirmed. I am not in the wall street bets mod community but um from what we're hearing on the outside um. It seems it seems bad uh if we lose that support of that 8.5 million person community. If it somehow gets like shut down or anything like that um, it could be problematic uh.

We would need a new community to somehow uh come up in big support. I mean the this moon game community that we have going right now, it's great, we all have diamond hands, uh, there's a couple greg's in the chat, but we're also small. Like i mean it takes a lot, a lot of money to do all that all right. What else is going guys don't forget to um on twitter? You can just in my notifications.

You can send me whatever ever. You need to all right what else is going on uh? Were there any big updates? All right, you guys, are sending me some interesting things on twitter right now. As long as jamie and amc are almost identical, i refuse to believe in organic price action. Aka manipulation.

They do look incredibly similar. We've been talking about that. A lot jeffrey can't holding cause low volume correct me. If i am wrong, if we are holding a substantial amount, it can get down to 10 cents, then we set a price.

I mean holding, doesn't change the volume. Uh volume is exclusively the amount of shares exchanging hand as in people agreeing to uh, buy, sell at a certain price. So if you're, just holding the volume will be low uh, we were looking for a spike in the volume um, because more money was expected to be coming out of uh robinhood and go into these other accounts, guys, i'm seeing about the title uh more. Have i'm more than willing to change the title? Someone? Let me know what the title should be.

You guys can't say change the title you got to. Let me know a better solution for the title. I titled it exactly what's going on, what do you want? The title to be stop just saying title change. Let me know a better one, all right, let me think of something all right chill out space apes.

I know we get riled up. I changed the title check it out. Will the crack tomorrow do? Will this crack tomorrow, due to the end of ssr uh, i mean as of now, we are already cracking through the technical levels of support. Let's actually pull that up on a bigger chart.

Here's where we at uh 30 minutes all right on the screen. Now we have gme 30 minute on trading view, all right. We can get rid of this. I have the 30 minute oops hang on.

I missed the super chat. I will come back to that. We have the patience of a saint. What's your thoughts on ford and gm for a long-term investment, so for years, ford and gm have been going down, but with a recent announcement of um their like step into the world of eevee, i like that.

I think that they are as a company turning things around, so there are some things i need to bring to your attention on this 30-minute chart of gamestop. So right now, as you can see, the price level that we're sitting at is actually previous support from way back on january 25th. Uh, let me mark that, for you it's right at 6113, so we're slightly below that. But the more important thing i need to bring to your attention comes down here in the rsi um john peters are identical, charts, good or bad sign uh, it's just more of uh.

People are calling it out as like manipulation. The fact that two unrelated companies are doing the exact same thing - lots of wall, street retail and algorithms all treating them the same way edward. Thank you for that. Super chat, very kind, um, okay, so, what's going on, this is a teaching moment.

First, big teaching moment of the stream okay. So here's what we have gme, topped out in uh intraday trading at 482. The lighter color is pre and post market training. Just so you know, um, we tried to hold this line yesterday at 114.

We couldn't that was two days ago, my bad yesterday. It was rejected there that support turned into resistance. Since then, we have been selling off and right now, the stock is at the same support level that we found back in january. So that's where are in terms of the price levels, but i need to bring uh potentially a positive thing to your attention of.

What's going on in the rsi, so on the bottom here we have the rsi stands for relative strength. Index is one of my favorite technical indicators. It has values of 0 to 100 and all it does is measure bullish momentum against bearish momentum when it's very high. That's a lot of bullish momentum when it's very low.

That's a lot of bearish momentum, a lot of investors, traders and day traders swing traders whatever you want to call them. They use this in terms of reversion as when it gets very high. They look to take profits or take a short position and when it gets very low, they look to buy in and go for a bounce. So, basically, when it's very low like this, a lot of people are looking to get in at a nice discount and, what's better, is when you're using the rsi.

You have these things called bullish and bearish divergence right now. What you see on the screen is referred to as bullish divergence. Let me better explain what i mean by that. So from two days ago, to now, gme has clearly gone down.

The stock was at 74 at its low right now we're trading at 59. But what's weird about this, is the stock has gone lower, but the rsi has it right now the rsi is sitting at a value around, let's say like 29, but when it originally hit this low two days ago, the rsi got as low as 22.. So this is the divergent part. The stock has gone lower, but the rsi hasn't.

When you have a setup like this, it is referred to as bullish divergence, and it means that there's more bullish momentum here than there was here and a lot of people are looking at this as an opportunity for it to pop. Obviously, no technical indicator will ever ever ever be perfect, but it's one of my favorite setups and i think it could be a decent setup for uh the remainder of today friday, monday um. I just wanted to bring this to your attention in the rsi feel free to double check it, google, what is rsi bullish divergence, but i am pretty sure that's what we have going on right now, give it a look. Um just wanted to bring all that to your attention.

We also have amc in a very similar situation. Look at what we have going on the low two days ago. Um it's similar, but this one isn't technically bullish divergence because the stock hasn't made a new low. So uh the rsi looks very very similar, but the stock hasn't breached this six dollar level.

So that's why i started off with gme. I didn't want to confuse you, so it's a similar chart, but this one theoretically does not have that same bullish, divergent setup. I just wanted to bring all this to your attention, um, and also just so. You know this 650 six dollar is key key support.

We very much need um amc to hold it um. Just so you guys know moving forward if you end up missing these streams. In the coming days, obviously, if you're on the stream, i will very much bring it to your attention key levels that the bull cam, all of you, fellow space apes, very much need to hold hector. What do you think about isr stock? It dipped about 153? Is that a good buy? What are your thoughts on holding amc long term so uh? Thank you very much hector.

I don't i'm not familiar with isr, so i can't give you really a breakdown on israel. Amc i'm in it. I will hold my shares on amc until i die if necessary, i'm either going to the moon with them or i'm dying. Those are the two options.

That's how this will play out. Let me know if there is any uh confusion on bullish, bearish divergence. I hope that helps out uh beck blackhawk on twitter he's robbing all of your 1010 robbing all my content, uh, not a good look interesting. Is he really robbing people's contents? Definitely not a good look.

Let me look him up really quick uh. Where is he look up on twitter? Let me see if i can find him finding them off screen, really quick, just to make sure this isn't some sort of sick joke um. I i it's not coming up, i'm not seeing it. It doesn't look like that's a person jimmy travis, i don't know if there's a typo or something, but it's not coming up on my end, hey matt! This is from nicholas.

Do you think there's still hope for a squeeze on amc? Yes, i do um. We didn't hear nobel, that's all i can say about that. I have diamond hands. Of course.

Whenever this short interest is this high um, it is possible. I'm not saying it's likely guys, i'm not even saying that. Like luck is not on our side, the odds are not on our side, but that doesn't mean we can't throw a hail mary play. Um.

You guys need to be aware of the current risk in the market. It is considerable, especially with gme and amc. I still have hope i have my diamond hands, i'm just trying to be realistic, um, i'm not saying that a squeeze is likely, i'm just here to ride it out. If there is one vandersnoot play, can you explain that if the stock goes up one dollar, it makes it easier for wall street bets to buy all shares and if we hold, we will inevitably be rich in the future.

Can you explain that if this stock goes up one dollar, it makes it easier for wsb to buy all shares if we hold, i'm not quite sure what you mean with that? I just know it's obviously positive for these uh each cent that it goes up. It puts more pressure on the short positions. Looks like oh idx is still moving guys in the chat. Let me know if you're in ide x um it's making a move right about now it's coming up to that resistance at 5 13..

If you can get above it and it might have a pretty explosive, close um 735, i mean amc's way off of where it needs to be. I want to see it above ten dollars um the other day i was like begging for it to be about 15. 16., i feel like we just keep lowering the limit on it. Uh just the highers, the better they are getting pummeled.

There's no other way to explain it. There is blood in the water retail people just need to step in that's the bottom line february. 9Th we'll find out, then, if it's us or melvi who's, getting f next updated short interest report. Thank you don, so guys mark your calendar for feb 9 that will find out the short interest report specific to melvin capital.

The people bailed out after they got caught with their pants down anything of importance to send me, don't forget at matt korres we can go over. It live on stream check out this article. It's an interesting read for sure for amc. The ssr is in fact, for tomorrow: do you think that will help the stock price going up? How do you think it will end this week, um right now? The ssr does not seem to be protecting us.

That much i mean obviously uh justin s aacg to the moon, congrats brother um. Right now, the ssr both of these gamestop and amc are under and, as you can see on the day, amc is down 18.5 game. Stop is down 36 um. I i don't know.

If i'm doing the best way to articulate or best to articulate the current risk, but things are looking rough right now, guys um, i know we're all holding on for a miracle play and i'm just letting you know i have diamond hands i'm holding, but i'm also Being very realistic of like the percentage chance of this working out for us is as of now pretty low, especially with the current issues going on with wall street bets. We need a strong community of retail traders behind it and um things are looking rough at the moment. Um. I don't want you guys, i'm being realistic about this situation, just because i'm uh long - and i have hope - doesn't mean that uh, i'm overlooking the current risk involved the money i have invested.

I am willing to lose, i'm not a financial advisor. You got to do. Whatever's best for your own financial health um, but for me i'm holding that's all i can tell you about. I can't tell you about anyone else.

I just know that this needs to get picked up in the media and stay on people's like the front of their mind. Jake. Can you please explain in as much deep depth as possible how the squeeze will happen when i guess i'm lost with the vol and price and shorts having to cover okay? Yes, so for everyone, who's new to the stream and needs a very, very quick crash course. On what a short squeeze is so most of the time when you're interested in a stock you buy, hopefully you're buying it at a lower price selling it at a higher one.

So that's the process you buy, the stock goes up and you sell. So a short is exactly opposite. First, you sell the stock, it drops, you buy it back at a cheaper price and you profit that drop difference. So what a short squeeze is um.

Let me remind a bit when you buy a stock um. Your theoretical risk is only if the stock goes to zero, if you buy amc at this very moment in time, you're risking seven dollars and 28 cents per share. But if you were to short it right now, theoretically, your risk is infinite because there's no saying how high it can go. So this is where short short squeezes come in.

If the stock continues to go up and you're short you're going to be down money, so you might get scared and you cut your losses by buying back into the market. Remember shorting's! Opposite! First, you sell! Then you buy. So if you're in a big loss or really whenever just to close the position you have to buy well, if i'm short i buy and the stock goes up a little bit well, maybe i hit your own risk level, so it causes you to buy. So we have this pattern, a snowball effect of so many people covering their shorts aka, buying back into the market that the um stock just shoots up and what a short squeeze is is when there's so many people shorting it that the velocity of that upward move Gets out of hand uh, we saw that earlier last week with gamestop.

We saw that with volkswagen 2008. If you just google short squeeze examples, you'll see the insane spikes that they can have and basically what it is it's just so many people shorting it. But then the stock goes the opposite way as in they're losing money, so they have to cover their position. Um and then it just gets out of hand.

So that's a quick crash course of what's going on with the short squeeze and the reason people have interest in a short squeeze relative to amc and jimmy is because right now the short interest aka. The amount of people who are shorting it that that's a lot like a huge percentage of the total outstanding shares and that's a prerequisite that you need for a short squeeze. But beyond that, you all obviously uh just people shorting the stock. That's only one small piece to the puzzle: there are other aspects such as like the stock has to go up too to sh like right now, there's so many people shorting it and the stock's going down, as in they're, making a lot of money like they're, not Scared right now the stock has to go up with a lot of people.

Shorting uh. Those are the two main things you need and that's when you get a short squeeze um wall street bets test, there was a coup for all the great mods and we are still waiting for the short interest data for the finra report on feb 9. uh. So guys, i'm seeing positive things about wall street bets test, which is a new reddit page, adam p, you have great content and advice, keep up the great work and i will meet you on the moon with idex.

It's time to cut your losses for amc, especially if wall street bets is beefing. Yeah we're gon na have to let that storyline go. I myself, i miss the idx move, it's already up big. I don't trace ones that are up this big.

So i'm going to be lurking for lurking around a predator for the next big move, but whatever it is, you can trust that i will have diamond hands when i get into that position. Let's keep this going all right. What is going on in this reddit? I haven't so the things that are getting posted that are negative about this reddit appear to be kind of uh. I guess disappearing pretty quickly, um, obviously not the most positive thing.

Uh sam! Thank you last one. I promise love all you diamond crusted knuckle busters matt, any piece free. Thank you, you're killing it thanks for keeping our rocket ship, follow salty underscore abstract, daily drop. All feb sam here is an artist very cool worthwhile to check out the once again uh the you can find them through social media at salty underscore abstract.

Sam awesome love you being on these streams. Great positivity alexander swing played swing, play drop, let them spin, then buy back and smash them hey. You never know how it's going to play out very, very interesting. That's why i'm personally holding you never know what the future holds in terms of the stock market.

Um right now we're popping uh we've been seeing this in the afternoons. The energy from this room seems to be carrying it higher and higher right here, classic cup and pan cup and handle pattern. I know i talk about this uh technical pattern day in and day out, but it is such an incredibly strong one. Here's the cup cup cup cup lid, is exactly at 735 on both it comes down, makes a new higher low relative to the bottom of the cup.

That's referred to as the handle, and then this pattern is a bullish one and it um breaks through at 7. 35 on the third test: that's what we're looking for! No pattern will ever ever be perfect, but it is a bullish one. Usually it leads to a nice bullish upswing more often than it doesn't. Someone is requesting a.

What is that one? What is the request for aacg francis aacg aacg uh? Something got announced positive, i mean it went from a buck 50 up to 11. uh i mean for me. I don't chase it like look. How blown out the rsi is a big, fundamental announcement, and that doesn't mean it can't keep going.

I just i haven't been tracking it um, i i hope you're up money. I just don't know too much about what's going on with this one. My apologies: let's check in on um bitcoin swinging around ethereum, still at 17 or 1650, i'm looking for 17.50, when i was talking about the bearish diversions before in rsi. This is uh that setup.

So look it pushed up here. The bullish momentum was way higher than now, so don't be surprised if, just in the short term, there is a small pullback in ethereum, don't be surprised if that happens, um and then we already know about doge once again re-testing this trendline. This one comes from dean. 2900, everyone needs to stay calm and buy on dips.

The short attention span of the media is an issue, but only if people get paper hands, not financial advisor uh. True, we you can't have paper hands in situations like this um. It just becomes a bad bad domino, um, snowball effect, whatever you want to call it, but one paper hands leads to two paper: hands leads to four leads to 8 leads to 16.. It gets out of control.

It is a very, very negative effect guys. What was i just saying about this cup and handle cup handle break we're just waiting for the break um, i'm calling them out live moving and grooving. As i see it in terms of gamestop cup, i don't even know if a handle is going to be formed. Let's see how it reacts to 61.5 previous point of technical resistance that we saw just before 2 pm, ed idex, guys if this one's still moving, i'm not ignoring it.

It's just like continuing its path up to the moon. It's about to hit this high of 524.. Let's see how it reacts to it, i would love for there to be a massive follow through messi lopez. Do you watch ned gares beck black hawk? You look very similar.

I think someone else mentioned them. I thought you were on a different account. No, i don't. I haven't heard of this ned uh blackhawk guy um.

The other person was saying that they were stealing my content, no clue uh. This is the main content on youtube um. I have no idea what's going on with that guys sound the alarm. Brian uh just became a space ape welcome aboard brother happy to have you here, there's always room for another space ape.

You can never have too many space apes, i'm holding gme in korea, and i just wonder when the short squeeze come next week, if not next month. Uh. Thank you for that. Super chat.

There's no way to definitively know when it will come. I'm not gon na sit here and lie to you guys and be like it'll, be next week, it'll be tomorrow. No one knows that uh. Unless you could tell the future.

There is no no way to know that um look at this gme uh technical, breakout above 6150 - that is awesome, uh amc, also following through on this cup and handle. Do you think ethereum is a good long-term hold? If i buy now um, i would suggest waiting to buy at support, but i'm planning on holding mine in terms of bitcoin and ethereum for the long term, uh matt still buying amc. The pricing looks very different for not dipping under seven. I think that it's very strong for what we will see on friday through next week.

The next week is going to shake out a lot of paper hands. I was able to name 57 shares at 7, 16 happy about it. Uh i mean you got a really really good price. There wozen, i'm probably saying that name wrong.

My apologies um in the intraday. I really do like this cup and handle we're seeing play out right in front of our eyes um, but with this uh we just need that public sentiment to get back on the side of amc and jimmy right now, jamie just got slammed with some sales um Right off of 62., this might lead up to that cup and handle for gme seems to be lagging a little bit behind amc today. But let's see how it plays out so many suit puppets in here. Nagging wonder why dylan that's because they know the fight's not over if the fight was actually over, they would have stopped ryan cohen.

Just followed roaring kenny on twitter could be stepping in to help no clue, maybe i'm not really sure. Obviously, people use social media specifically twitter in a pretty weird way, cannot really comment on that bill. What are your thoughts? I'm mtp, uh mtp mtp lit? I will give you my thoughts on mtp mtp biotech. I am not an expert in the world of pharmaceuticals.

Just don't know about it right now. It is sitting perfectly at previous resistance. We saw rejections here at three separate levels. If the bull camp can push it above it, it looks like it could clear four, but uh you just need to follow through at the current level.

The rsi is kind of blown out. This isn't my play. I don't really like biotech stocks. I don't like penny stocks um.

I would wait if you're very, very interested in it. Just so you know the closest support is very close to 250, so you are risking quite a bit uh. Someone is asking about sndl sndl, still big battle in 130 to 135. It needs to get above that has the short squeeze on gme already happened, so there's definitely been a squeeze at some point, but people are continually signing the volkswagen squeeze of 2008 and how there's two big main phases to it.

That's what the um wall street bets community is looking for is a big second squeeze uh and we're sitting here to stream. It live to see if it happens, we're covering the news, the fundamentals um we're seeing how it all plays out guys if you could do me a huge favor right now. If you appreciate this content, if you're having a good time, can you hit the like button? Uh, if we could get it up to two and a half thousand, let's youtube know that we want more people in here. All that engagement really makes the algorithm happy and don't forget to subscribe to the channel turn on your notifications.

So you don't miss anything um. All you got ta do is hit that subscribe button, moon gang we're going higher and higher i'm gunning for 75k subs. As quickly as i can look at hemp. I know the cannabis industry has been doing pretty well today, especially with some of the political announcements.

This one's selling off it's another penny stock right now. It's at that support. This is why uh people are dip buying at this level. Rsi is very low.

If you want to take a shot um, you would be risking about 9 10 cents a share. This is your closest technical support and then the closest resistance is up here at 67.. Risk reward is pretty um solid, but i don't know much about what they do fundamentally as a company. So i can't comment too much uh, but i'm not in it personally idex.

If you're in idex, let me know cause, you are looking very, very good right now: uh mclean nabbed 30 shares of amc at 7 22.. That is awesome, you're up right now, let's see how things play out for the rest of the day exciting. I hope you get it. It is very much struggling at the like 7 30 to 7 40 area um.

Let's hope that this fellow space apes step in sooner rather than later, let's get some coffee in our systems. Cameron ledford, is amc over i'm down 22k advice. Um, no one can tell you if it's over it's not. I can tell you that i'm holding, i can tell you that the short interest on amc is still very high.

We have the makings of a short squeeze, but the way things have been playing out. I wouldn't say it's overwhelmingly likely just to be honest, but also i am holding my own chairs uh just in case it does happen. Dana c you just became an astronaut welcome aboard dana. What do you think about h-i-t-i? I can look that up.

Don't know what it is off the top of my head from ruben. Thank you for that super chat. Uh. Can you give me a shout out? Matt big fan from france.

Uh s mail, my pippy s, mail uh shout out! Thank you. I appreciate it guys from france. Let me know what countries you're in i love to do this, every stream to just show the other people in the stream where how the fact that there's space apes, everyone guys comment below the country you're in right. Now we have space apes all throughout the world and it will be very soon that we're throughout the entire freaking galaxy we're starting with the moon and then we're going even higher we're at the tippity top of the mountain and we're only halfway there.

That is very much from dr disrespect. I'm a very a huge fan of his content. I love that saying um, i'm gon na reuse it for us space apes, but just so you know uh. That is a doctor.

Disrespect saying he's an amazing creator. I admire him at a high high degree uh someone did ask about, i believe it was hiti. Bullish. Uh looks like it's new.

It's a penny stock if it can get above, 60 cents potentially run to 69, but not my style be careful, because if it falls, the risk reward is currently not in your favor. The closest technical support comes at 44.. I believe there are better plays out in the market, but you got to do what you got to do justin. What do you think about pl nhf? Planet.

13. I think it could go 10 by the end of the year and maybe be a big blue chip in a few years from now um i i haven't heard of that p-line at hf. The fact that it has five. It tells me it's on the otc market.

I really don't like messing around with otc stocks, just because there's a lot of shenanigans going on in that market um some of those can disappear overnight. I've lost a lot of money. I know of a lot of people who have like uh it's just not your safest one like i prefer to find either blue chip stocks. I think could make nice nice moves right now or uh medium stocks that maybe in a couple years, could become uh solid, blue chip stocks, but just so you know uh the chance of an oct otc uh stock, something on the gray market.

Turning into a blue chip is very, very low um. I think there is just better opportunities: it's not worth the risk of your money. These things got knocked down, but they are fighting back. Uh gme took a sizable hit right here.

Idea is gunning for a new intraday high. The current one is 524, as you can see on the screen, but i think better times are coming. What's going on with doge, i see you guys talking about it. It's still hanging out at this trend line um.

It's going to be make or break. We still have this pattern of lower highs, higher lows, consolidation, it it kind of needs to get above this, obviously key psychological level at five cents. I would love for it to pop above that jonathan. Thank you for that.

Super chat come on idex. Let me know um if you're in idex. I want to know how much you're up it's probably a lot. Let's go.

Let's go guys guys huge favor, please, let's get this up to two and a half thousand likes all. I need are 700 of you brave space apes to hit that like button and if you haven't already don't forget to subscribe, if you're new to the channel and you like the moon gaming, if you like the community, if you like, talking about stocks and like making Money you got to hit that subscribe. Button opinion on palantir, big fan, um, potentially a little overpriced at the moment, but i think it is a long-term winner. They are in the field of data analytics their biggest customer is the us government um.

I think almost 60 65 percent of the revenue comes from the us government. Obviously the very deep pocketed u.s government. I think palantir is here to stay for a while uh ssl someone is asking about ssl ssl. If you're in ssl, you said you bought it a while ago um at this point, i don't see why i wouldn't at least come back up to 1650, this previous support, which will most likely act as resistance um, weird chart.

I don't know: what's going on with it, it's a chemical company um, i don't know much. It looks uh from a charting perspective. I would say that bullish momentum is on your side and i would wait to see how it reacts to this previous support, which may now function as resistance um. My gut instinct on this chart, though, is a bullish.

One thank you for hitting that, like hundred more to go to 2.5, don't forget to subscribe, we have hour and 12 minutes until the market closes for the day. I think volatility will very much pick up in power hour. Conor o'sullivan, r, p gamestops, that's um, not the best attitude we run on positive vibes in here. This rocket ship is full of positive vibes and coffee workhorse group how's workhorse doing workhorse is moving.

Workhorse is another great mover. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I was talking about it earlier in the stream in uh. This is an ev stock that is killing it.

I'm personally invested uh. They just made a new all-time high. This is a leftover technical analysis from my like earlier videos. Let me get rid of some of these lines.

I was talking about how they were clearly in a bullish, pennant um and it looks like they broke out from it. Bullish, pendant stock goes up forms a triangle: it's called a bullish pendant because they commonly break upwards. It got above 40. um sky's the limit now very, very bullish.

I think, there's a good chance of workhorse winning the usps contract. How will be the squeeze be 50, 60, 100. 150. Burnock no way to know no way to even guarantee that there will be a squeeze, we're just holding diamond hands in case there is a squeeze, but you can't predict a specific level.

That's just not how the market or short squeezes work uh. Let me know if you're in workhorse uh, if you guys, are big eevee fans out there. Let me know your favorite ev stock idex is pushing. I want to have it up when it hits it.

Jonathan raya's thoughts on hol got an m14 hashtag moonging. I love that support um hol. Let me just pull it up real quick here. Um i mean it looks good.

It's battling it at the support of 18. That is a technical level of support, but obviously the resistance is pretty close at 20. idex, all right, ju, quick reminder: this is thinkorswim, it's from td ameritrade. You can get it on a mac or on a pc, and then this chart is a training view.

There's a link for that in the description below staffing, sorry about com, uh uh, i was when i was using the word shenanigans yeah. Thank you for that clarification. It just means like some funky stuff going on. In the background, i shouldn't probably use weird words like that when they're such a diverse audience, my apologies right here idx - is about to make a new intraday high.

It is pushing watch 524, i'm very excited workhorse, throw i'm telling you people throw workhorse on your watch list, make a whole eevee watch list. Watch fuel cell workhorse, tesla neo blink charging, all of them highly on all potential to have massive massive gains in 2021 and over the next couple years check aav. What do you think that will keep doing eric in ohio i bought into airline stocks last year? Do i sell now or hold up 350 uh, safe, ael, ual and ccl um, so basically eric it looks like you are primed for, like a as the economy returns to normal uh. Ccl is the cruise lines.

Um safe, i believe, is uh. The name is escaping me. I know what it is uh is that um airline uh the cheap airline that no that was saved. Sorry, i'm i'm confusing.

It was safe, aal, be careful okay. This is, if you guys want to play uh, rona bounce back stocks and you're like looking at the airline industry. Please please be careful with american airlines ticker symbol, aal. They are the worst airline stock.

In my own opinion, they are the worst airline stock coming into the calendar year 2020. Before all hell broke loose, they were already having a tough time. They were very, very leveraged. They were a bad business coming into it uh.

Whenever you're looking for an industry of like hey, i, like airlines, buy the best ones if you're looking for a large airline, i would personally recommend looking into southwest, followed by delta and united. In my own mind, those are pretty much tied for smaller companies check out jetblue and alaskan american airlines had a tough time before the world broke down, um lots and lots of debt. They were highly leveraged, not a good one. Um, i'm not saying that they're not gon na the stock's, not gon na go up.

I just say i'm saying that you have much less risk in the other airlines. Obviously these are my own opinions, not financial advice. Hey man, big fan, bro i've been i've, seen something worth looking at. How do i send you a screenshot? I took someone bought 149k worth that was 1 million uh tristan.

Thank you. I just tagged me on twitter and we can look at it as a group. If you guys need to send me anything during the stream that you want, the group to look at all you got to do is tag at matt coors. We can look at it, live on stream.

Tyler. Do you think amc schwartz covered their shares last week already? Why would they wait until the last second um? I don't think that they covered we're getting reports that the short interest is still pretty high. I don't think they covered uh. There is such a large short position out there that when you cover your buying back in, we would most likely see a momentary spike in the stock's price.

If all the shorts covered tony jerome hold and watch be silent, farts uh propaganda everywhere there does seem to be quite a bit of propaganda. Hey amc is popping back uh. Just so, you guys know where's a good place to find financial news in order to be better formed about songs. Are there other places than twitter? Yes, um? I am no way affiliated with this website, but i love them.

Go to guys write this down. This is an amazing tool: they're a free service. Obviously, there is a paid edition where you can get more information, but um finviz is an excellent thing like even right here you can see the big gainers of the day, the big um losers of the day and then what's really cool about. It is like let's go to a search like apple.

This is information, is all for free. You get all these great metrics. You get the analyst upgrades down raids, you get all the news, uh. Obviously, there's always a lot of apple news.

You can get the most up-to-date news articles on the bottom here, pretty pretty cool you can see when the insiders are buying and selling lots of great great information for free. All you have to do is go to once again, i'm not affiliated with them, but i can tell you that i use this website on a daily basis. When i'm doing my own research uh speared in lot, airlines is also good to invest as they will have. Flights authorized to several new airports in the u.s announced yesterday so similar to american airlines coming into the world collapsing.

Uh spirit was very much leveraged. Their financials weren't good, but i don't dislike them as much as american airlines. I, like spirit way more just because of their budget friendly options when the world does open back up. I think a lot of people will be taking advantage of it so to clarify.

Personally, my least favorite airline to ever play is american airlines. I will not buy it unless something dramatically. Changes with the business amc could push 15 to 20 over the summer as lockdowns ends and theaters open again also is turning off lending. Won't that drop price point.

Do call puts affect the price of the stock. Does it count as volume no um, so the options market moon eyes is a different market. You can actually see the volume of puts and options. It doesn't uh get counted here in this option or like in this volume.

I should say it's its own market um. I don't know about the turning off thing. I i don't think that lending would drop the price point uh. This one is from terrik.

They are selling among themselves, so people will panic and sell and drive the price lower market manipulation they still have to cover their positions, hold um. That's what people have been talking about with a short ladder attack. I have no way to confirm or deny if a short ladder attacks going on, but i do know from studying it um they're way more. A short ladder attack is way more capable in a low volume scenario and, for example, right now um.

I don't know if that's playing off it might be. I like, i said i can't confirm or deny i just know a lot of people on wall street want amc and gme to go down. Um idx is still looking very strong, cody just joined and need to learn everything welcome aboard brother. I miss another one.

Tony i have 4.3 shares average 140 each still holding the line congrats. I wish you the best of luck. People's champ 38 is the ssr tomorrow, going to greatly impact what is happening uh. In my humble opinion, no, the stock is already falling off.

Obviously, the ssr did not protect us that much in the moment, uh amc is down. 19 gme is down uh 36 jesus um. I'm saying that i'm just giving you guys facts, but you should also know with my own position i am holding, i have diamond hands, i'm not selling guys. I stream my positions to you every day when i'm streaming you'll definitively know when i sell um.

What i decide to do with my own positions is uh very different than the the straight facts, i'm giving you with the technical fundamentals and story development. Any idea on why npa just popped off this comes from rj mess in the moon gang discord. Npa, i don't know, what's going on with npa, let's pull them up. Really quick.

If you guys are whoa, mpa, is moving good call, something's going on with mpa uh. If anyone knows the breaking news on mpa, let me know that's amazing. Mark wagner, i don't. I know you don't like otc, but what's your opinion on crlbf they're making a bunch of right moves in the u.s i got in early jan 2021.

C-R-L-B-F. Let's check that out: c-r-l-b-f c-r-l-c-r-l-b-f! I just want to see if there's any news. Okay, so it's another cannabis play um interesting! I i think uh, the the sector as a whole will do well this year. To sum that up, i mean as a stock.

If i was in the cannabis sector, i would buy more of the uh quote: unquote, well-known ones such as uh tilray. Oh, this one is looking nice, though i mean it's coming down to this battle right here, uh if it can get over like this 1430. Whatever this high is, what is that high is 14.38, it could keep ripping uh, but just watch for resistance like right, where it's at now um but congratulations. It sounds like you already got you're already up quite a bit.

I love to hear when you guys are killing it can uh. I check sndl sure i know that's a popular one right now. What's this other one, thank you for that. Super chat.

Uh you've missed my past two super chats. Could you please look at rap, which is rap technologies? Chandler sorry did not uh mean it like the chat. Just moves million miles an hour. Let me look at sndl first and then i will look at rap sndl, clear, clear resistance at a dollar thirty rejected here rejected here rejected here rejected here it needs to get above 130.

each day. The range is getting smaller and smaller, as you can see we're continually putting in higher lows. So it's going to come down to basically a breakdown of this upward trend line or it's going to break above 1 30.. We will find out very soon we're going to get the answer.

This wedge will keep filling out pay attention to this wedge with sndl all right, and then this one um is rap. I believe we spoke about this one earlier. I want to go to the daily. So rap, i know james from canada, big fan um.

I like how it got above this resistance in the mid 60s, it looks like it's off to the races, pay close close attention to how it reacts to six or 770 wants that be careful, though the rsi is starting to look a bit blown out, but the Fact that it could get over the 650, where it was rejected multiple times before, uh does lean, does make me lean slightly bullish on wrap best of luck with that, what's going on with these guys, are they falling off a map again falling off the map? Again, uh someone, let me know if mpa uh is able like just keeps running, that's awesome! Idx! I want to bring that back up. I do feel confident in idx. What's going on over here. My apologies, man, amc is getting crushed right about now.

So is gme dwph, what's going on with gwph whoa huge gap up? Obviously there has to be a pharmaceutical, so either they pass a trial, fda approval, something big happened. They closed two days ago, 145 and now they're trading at 240.

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    Zom and idex are both solid investments. Just an opinion.. definitely worth checking out!

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