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Good morning, good morning, space apes, there is so much to talk about. I'm excited, i'm excited. It feels like a holiday there's so much breaking news. It's going to be an amazing day, an amazing week.

I am beyond excited to talk about what is going on right now, i'm feeling very, very good. I think there's going to be a lot of money making opportunities. Let's go. I hope everyone had an amazing weekend.

This is going to be an exciting day an exciting week. I hope that you guys have your diamond hands glistening, because you're going to need them throughout the week. We will be talking about so much. Of course, we're going to be giving you updates on amc gme.

We need to talk about tesla today. Tesla is always a massive mover and it was consolidating for a bit, but now i think it's back into the news cycle. It has amazing updates with bitcoin we'll be talking about dogecoin. We have other big players moving this week.

We're going to be talking about what is going on with uh some of the big earnings announcements, there's just so much going on. We have a lot of news to cover before the morning. Bell goes off in about 29 minutes, so let's jump right right into it. As always as we're doing this guys, if i'm missing anything, if i'm missing any breaking news, if there's something we need to talk about it post it in the chat, we're doing this as a team and hey, let's just start today off on the right note: let's See in the comments everyone get those apes going, get the diamond hands going.

We have an awesome awesome day, um, i'm planning on doing some live trades with you, it's going to be such a fun morning. I can already already feel it. So, of course, we will be talking about the classic amc, gme, um and they're, going to be our focus as soon as the bell goes off, including tesla, so quickly, uh. Before i get into all that, let's go over some of the news that just came out like i am assuming this is like breaking to a lot of us um.

We need to talk about it and guys, i'm not going to ditch you. We will be cycling back to amc gme, but we got to go over this because i think it has a massive impact on the entire crypto space. It was just announced this morning that tesla is buying 1.5 billion dollars in bitcoin, and it also plans to accept it as a payment tesla announced in an sec filing monday this morning that about 1.5 billion dollars worth of bitcoin, the company said it would also start Accepting bitcoin as payment method for its products, ceo elon musk, has been credited for rising the prices of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, through his messages on twitter. Of course, we'll look into it.

It was hilarious over the weekend. I'm sure you guys didn't miss any of that. Tesla announced monday that it has about 1.5 billion worth of bitcoin in a filing with the sec, the company said it bought the bitcoin for more flexibility to further diversify and maximize returns on our cash tesla's also said it will start accepting payments in bitcoin in exchange For its products that would make tesla the first major automaker to accept to do so. This is crazy guys.

This is massive. Tessa is now one of the biggest companies in the us, it's the biggest automaker in the entire world. It's not just a major one. It's the biggest one, the fact that their ceo and the leadership team is such a strong proponent of this of cryptocurrency in general.

Obviously this is specific to bitcoin, but it's just uh rising tides brings up all ships. This is amazing for bitcoin we're gon na see a positive push. A bullish push in almost all the main cryptos tesla's move into bitcoin represents an investment of a significant percentage of its cash in the investment. The company has more than 19 billion in cash and cash equivalents on the hand of at the end of 2020 um so to buy 1.5, that's a very strong percentage and thus far what we've been seeing, not only in tesla stock and in bitcoin itself, but they're Going up the people love it.

This is great great news, um actually, instead of just taking my word for it. Let's take a look at the charts tesla for those of you who don't know trade under the ticker tsla or it closed out last week, uh on friday, at 852 um, thus far in 2021, it's already up 21 this year, that's crazy! The s p 500. The quote unquote overall market year over year, on average, it goes up about seven to eight percent. Tesla in just one month into the year is already up 21.

It is a monster, don't forget that uh in early january we had this run up to 884. It kind of traded sideways, then it was rejected at 900, where it came back down sub 800. I think people kind of got distracted with all the gme amc news uh, but since then it kind of un like overshot the support but quickly found it again. Uh.

We saw this in the deep dip with the rsi since there it's still kind of range bound, but, as i said, it ended the day at 8, 52. right now, it's at 8.70 i'm very much looking forward to push 885 and 900 today i would love to See some bullish follow through past 900. There is a fibonacci resistance around 950 and then, of course, we have that major psychological level of 1000 do not sleep on tesla. This is definitely fundamental news that can push it um, very notably in one direction or the other, throw it on your watch list today, um, i will actively be watching 85 900.

If there's some opportunity, i see to buy a call option to ride this bullish momentum. I definitively will, and i hope that i can do that in a stream with you guys today. This is great news. People like it it's already up in pre-market, let's see how this one plays out and, of course, the other half of this story is bitcoin.

This is bitcoin's daily chart. Um. Previously, it shot up to 42. 000 came back down, found support not only at this trend line, but at the previous support of 30 000.

Since then, it's been coming up at first, i was looking for the classic cup and handle pattern that i'm always talking to you guys about um. But on this news we have a fundamental development. Bitcoin uh has been not only growing in popularity, but now that it's being accepted by true like fortune 100 companies uh, the credibility is going through the roof. This is seen as much much more viable of an actual currency.

The bullish momentum is clearly there, i'm looking for it to hold this previous resistance. I want it to turn into support if we can hold there and more and more if this story permeates throughout the trading community um up here we're waiting for price discovery to play itself out. Obviously, there's no technical resistance yet because we're at a new all-time high, but i have this 50 000 mark once again, uh, it's just another psychological level. I wouldn't be surprised if we're hitting this sooner rather than later, very very exciting news.

This is breaking news as more and more develops with bitcoin and tesla. I will be here throughout the day we'll cover that news i'll make sure to keep all of you guys, updated i'll. Let you know about any of my tesla trades uh, but these are exciting. Exciting times - and a lot of this obviously relates to um kind of the fun stuff - that's going on with uh dogecoin, but before we hop into dogecoin's chart, let's just go over.

Some of this, like the funny stuff, is for the dogecoin, like elon, had hilarious hilarious, tweets, who lit the doge out uh. The rainforest like just so funny like elon, truly, is a master of the internet um but strong, strong com, proponent of uh, cryptos um. But the one thing i want to explain to you of, like i know we're talking about all these cryptos back and forth, like a lot of different things, um. So, to really better understand like what's going on, like people have been messaging me over the weekend of like what's the difference between all of these and like does dogecoin, is it just a mean one? Does it really have a possibility of uh continuing to go up? First of all, i think it would be hilarious if dogecoin actually hit a dollar.

That's the big uh push right now, especially on social media. I think that's a hashtag doge to a dollar um. So the one thing that i want to talk about here - uh and this might get a little technical, but it's very important for you to know. So i think the long-term future of ones like bitcoin and ethereum are much stronger uh than dogecoin uh dogecoin.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't make money on it like right now, i'm in at 0.038, so i'm gon na do like a swing trade, i'm looking to make some good money um, but in terms of its very long-term prospects, you have to understand that dogecoin uh is What's considered to be in an inflationary, uh currency, as in there's always more and more uh dogecoin like there's no limit set the way it is with bitcoin and ethereum bitcoin, there's only going to be about 21 million in existence, so that helps like it's considered to Be a deflationary currency ethereum that gets a little bit more technical and i know there's crypto experts out there, but for the ease of this conversation, let's say that there's only going to be 112 million, you guys can look that up, but basically the way they function. Bitcoin and ethereum they're deflationary um, while dogecoin is inflationary, so the economic um, i guess outlook on them are very different. So just know that, like if you are looking for long-term investments, in my own opinion, i would choose to be in bitcoin or ethereum in the long term over dogecoin right now, i'm in all three, i think all three are going to go up. I just i'm trying to be transparent and explain some of those uh specifics to you um, but interesting things going on with that right now, obviously uh we had some of these lines marked out um.

I was posting this stuff on the weekend on my twitter right now. Let's just see how it reacts to the current all-time high. I think we are going to see movement in crypto as a whole, today um very, very fun times um, and i know that there's other ones like xrp things like that uh cool things going on. I think i miss another okay yeah.

We will be talking about uh, those amc, okay, so that's what's going on with tessa and crypto, we will be watching them throughout the day so um before we really really dive into amc and jimmy guys screenshot this um for all those more of interested in beyond Amc and gme, you guys, should know um. We are at the tail end of earnings season for those of you who aren't familiar with that terminology. Basically, it's a several week period that happens four times a year and it's just when a lot of big companies are reporting how they did in the previous financial quarter. So because of all these announcements, there is an abnormal amount of volatility in the market.

The couple ones that i want to bring to your attention are this wednesday. Before the market opens gm, i'm assuming we're going to hear more about their um work in the world of electric vehicles. That'll be a big one. The main one i'm personally going to be watching is thursday.

After close, we have disney disney we're looking to hear more about. What's going on with the parks, reopening and obviously they've been crushing it with their streaming services and then uh the other one? That's of no is wednesday. After close, we have uber. So if you guys want to screenshot this, this is an excellent twitter account to follow earnings whispers a lot of great stuff going on there.

If you want to screenshot this so uh, if you see any of your favorites, they will be reporting. What's going on in the previous financial quarter and setting up what they're doing in the future financial quarter in today's afternoon stream, i will be bringing uh more of the specifics to your attention, of which ones we could be following. I'm expecting some big uh moves and news out of disney, so i'll be talking about that later on for sure, um someone was just asking about uh this thing i retweeted uh trays trades. So a lot of you guys were sending me his information.

I hadn't heard of him previously. I watched some of his videos. He has great stuff um, i'm new to being a fan, but i'm definitely a fan of him. He seems like a really cool guy, a straight shooter um.

I i think his whole uh, like brand stuff, is gorilla, it's funny how like it overlaps but um. I want to talk about so right here. Uh, almost 14 000 20 calls for amc for february 12th. So what does that mean? That means that there's a lot a lot, a lot of money being bet that by february 12th, which is this friday, that amc will be over twenty dollars and, of course, uh.

They could sell that as early like um, whenever you're in a options trade, you don't have to wait till expiration. So basically to sum this up on a high level, someone put a lot of money on a big bullish movement at some point this week on amc. Obviously, just because you're betting, big money doesn't mean that you're going to be right but uh. It is pretty interesting, to say the least, that someone is very confident in amc doing something.

So i just wanted to bring that up uh and if you see any other information that you guys want to go over, live make sure just to send it to my notifications. We could talk about it on the stream more than happy to um. So i wanted to bring that up and now, let's go to, i know a lot of you interested uh. How much time do we have about 15 minutes? So we got to make this count, so this is amc's uh.

I just did a quick technical breakdown and i want to explain what's going on with amc, this is amc's four hour chart and just so you know um, oh did i oh. I should thank you for that typo. I just got too excited: i'm switching the title right now: uh tesla, okay switch it. Thank you guys.

Okay, just switch that over anyway. Um so of course, we'll be watching tesla bitcoin dogecoin throughout the day, but here's what's going on with amc right now from a technical perspective, we have to talk about amc from the news, technical and fundamentals, but here's what's going on. Let's kick it off with the technicals uh, of course it shot up late january. Since then it's been coming down.

I have these main two trend lines today, i'm very much looking for a break of this lower trend line and i think that it really can because um we're at an incredible level of support until really we break below these supports at six fifty six four dollars. I'm not losing hope, i mean we saw those charts with volkswagen, it not only shot up, then it came back down to the original level and then there was a massive squeeze. So in terms of this wall street bets short squeeze, i'm not losing hope. I'm not saying that it's likely, but personally i'm keeping my money invested in it just in case it plays out and then even if it doesn't fundamentally, i think that amc still has a good shot like i think, once the world returns to quote-unquote normal the shares That i have like i'm not saying it'll go to that parabolic short squeeze level, but just in terms of fundamentally where it's going when the world's back to normal, i don't think it really in a longer term view should have an issue getting back to 20 25.

Once again, that's my own opinion. Nothing in this is gon na, be financial advice, legal advice, tax advice, i'm just letting you know my own opinions and how i'm playing this situation. I have amc calls for next week and the week after and i own shares um. I really like the current risk to reward setup.

We have all this support between 450 6 650. The rsi is taking a breather for those of you who don't know about rsi it's one of my favorite technical indicators. It should essentially be available to you on pretty much um like any charting platform out there, uh and basically just maps bullish momentum against bearish momentum up. Here's a lot of bullish momentum down.

Here's a lot of bearish momentum, a lot of traders, investors uh, look at it in terms of uh reversion plays so when it gets to a lot of bullish momentum. They look for a sell-off and then, when it gets below this, when there's a lot of bearish momentum, they look for a balance or pop. As you can see, it's pretty much been trading sideways. Lately, markets love to go from periods of expansion to consolidation and that's what we've been seeing expansion consolidation, so we will see another big period of expansion, but the golden question is: what direction will that be right now? I personally have my money bet that that expansion will be upward.

I, like the support, i'm looking for a break out of this trend line, followed by a break out of this trend line. We just need to wait and see if volume flows in if it stays in the news cycle, we're just going to need to see how some of this chart develops. If you guys have been watching any of this, you know that things really are not different with gamestop very, very similar chart um it had its own squeeze a little bit earlier, but, as you can see, it went up. Expansion came down we're now consolidating we're in all this area of support resistance, so there will be some serious battling going on um.

I like this support, though, between 50 60 right now we're trading at 70.. The next resistance is relatively close by at 95 and 114. Above 114, the party for gamestop is very much back on so um. Technically, this is the situation we're dealing with i'll, be watching these first two levels of resistance, followed by these two levels of support.

I'm expecting gamestop and amc's chart to look very very incredibly similar in terms of the wall street beds short squeeze the gamestop amc um. I would argue that it's not likely but still possible, and if you want my own opinion on which one's better a long-term hold, i do like amc more. I think it's more promising as a business. Um, obviously, there's been talks about amc, either partnering with like being acquired by uh, who amazon netflix things of that deal.

I don't think any of that will be announced soon. I know people are just kind of talking about it, rumors, as that particular storyline develops. Of course i'll be here reporting on it, but in the meantime, from a technical perspective, this is what i'll be watching. The first supports coming at 61..

First, resistance is coming at 95 above 114 115 um. I think gamestop is back on uh. So, let's see how this plays out today, um all right. Do we have anything going on here is doge still moving.

Yes, doge! I need to set an alert for this because i think there's a good chance uh we could be seeing a new all-time high. Just so funny that this meme currency is taking off um other than that uh. How much time do we have left? Okay, we have 10 minutes okay, so of course the main watch will be here, amc on the top gme on the bottom and then i have tesla. I think tesla's gon na have some incredible moves today, um there are some quick ones that i think are just worth a spot on your watch list, so this is pound here pound here bouncing off of this support at 31.33.

Moving back uh, it looks like it's gunning for this to test this resistance just below 40. Today, uh palantir is a data analytics company recently ipo'd. I think it's gon na have some really nice moves this week. The other one uh well gambling the sector as a whole, but i am looking at it for very soon for draftkings to make a uh to keep pushing higher and higher.

I believe the resistance coming up is at 66 right now, it's trading at 64.. This is online sports betting. One lots of opportunity here, uh just worth a spot on your watch list. Let me switch this back to tesla for the market open.

We could do a five minute on it all right. Okay, super chat good morning brother. Can you please check naked uh yeah? We could check on a couple other things as we have these 10 minutes to go before the market. Open.

Oh naked is looking pretty nice so for naked, if you're in it watch that 125 to 130 area there's resistance there from friday and thursday over that um. That's basically the first battle that the bulls need to be like victorious at and then after there um. This one has a long way to get back to where it was trading at that high um. So, basically, it's gon na fight right away, uh, where it's at like it's.

It's battling it at resistance right now, past that we have 150 and then from there two dollars so um sev. Thank you for that. Super chat be mindful of those levels all right. Uh liam you're, watching from australia only started following stonks with the whole gme situation and you've taught me so much.

Thank you. I hope it all pays off guys. Yes, i will be here for the gme amc. That's what i'm here to teach about, but remember, post, that news story there's many other stocks that are going to be moving like right now.

I think tesla and palantir are going to be great money, making opportunities this week. Um, there's always more and more ways to make money so um, and that's what we're going to be here to talking about. Thank you for that super chat. All right missed another one.

Uh. Do you think someone who just starting out needs paid charting software also diamond hands? No, i don't uh, you could start with this one. This is um thinkorswim. It comes from td ameritrade, i'm not sure what country you're in but um this one's free.

There is free charting software out there, especially when you like deposit money into accounts like they'll, give you their own software. This one uh is called trading view. If you use my link below you can get it free for a month and then pass that it's like 15 a month uh, you don't have to pay anything to start and there's also just like cheap options. I did not discuss tonics.

I actually don't even know what tonics it is. It looks like it's a otc gray market - one i don't know, what's what is it tonics, oops all right, tesla? Definitely one of my main watches for the day, of course, we'll see how amc amc um. Last week we saw that the massive battle uh between buyers and sellers was right at seven dollars. That would be a key level this morning, uh.

If we can get right above it and then allow the volume like flows through it turns it into a technical level of support. I think we'll be looking good on the day, but seven dollars is definitely my first interest um right now. Gamestop is a little bit more in no man's land um between support and resistance. That is so i'll be watching um.

I think the closest one down is in the low 60s. The resistance is like 85 to 95 and, of course, 100. So, let's just see which way gamestop breaks off of the bat. I know this is mostly short-term uh fiverr fvrr nick is actually like one of my favorite ones, long term right now, fiverr uh, this uh.

I actually really really like it as a long term play as in holding it for all of 2021 and longer fvrr. It's a just watch, obviously, 285 from there. We could get a really nice like bullish, follow through with technical breakout but um. I think that they're going to do exceedingly well.

I've been researching fiverr in my own, like long-term investment portfolio, i own it i'm looking to buy more. I do like it same with a appian appn another one, looking for a follow through same with lemonade, which is an insurance company looking to buy more if this support is found at 140.. Some of these um - i know we're talking about like short-term stuff right now, but there are really good long-term plays going on in the market at the moment, so uh make sure you're paying attention to those actually, let's switch to the tesla one, also to the one Minute, let's go, we have about six minutes um, i hope we're set. I set you guys up right for the day.

I want you to know what we're watching it'll be exciting joshua. Is it too late to buy into bitcoin and catch the current spike? I mean for me um. My personal thesis is always to be way way more interested in investing at support. So right now it's at a new high.

Like i don't like chasing highs, i would like to see like eventually it will get rejected at a certain price level. I would like to see where the new support in this region is built, and then i would target that and that's just a really good way to optimize your own risk to reward um. That's just my own style, if you're more of like, if you just love it and you want to buy and hold it um timing, the market can be very, very difficult. So sometimes my own issue is like when i'm waiting for it to come back to support it just keeps pushing higher and higher and then overall i just like miss the opportunity, but then there's other times where i don't jump in and like i miss top ticking It and it comes down to support, and i save myself money - it's definitely double edged sword, um, if you like bitcoin in the long term like if you're gon na hold it for years and years and years, it really doesn't matter when you get in now, because Years down the road you're, either gon na be very, very or very wrong.

So if you save yourself a couple thousand dollars, it won't matter much now, but if you're looking to day trade, it swing trade, it look for levels of support, all right. Four minutes. Let's get ready, i see a couple people talking about zom. Let me check that really quick uh, just keep in mind like these therapeutic ones are not my play.

Uh between uh, the resistance will come at 250, so watch how it reacts to that today. I know cc iv was moving moving last week. I want to say mooning uh. Definitely up.

Look i think it oh was that workhorse that made a new high, both of basically ev stocks, are doing very, very well right. Now your workhorse, your cciv uh neo, was at support last week, looking for a swift bounce off of that and a retraction higher tesla's, obviously doing great today, the ev sector. Uh has a lot a lot of opportunity this week. In my humble opinion, i'll make this a bit bigger till ray tilray uh good call on that.

Last week i did buy um some tilray just because there's been a big political push in the u.s, that's very supportive of the cannabis sector. So i bought a call option on that um just to see if it goes anywhere lots of political and social support right now for the cannabis sector, so those ones should be doing very, very well. The other eevee ones i'm interested in are plug fuel cell there's. Just so many names in the ev going right now, all right we have about what is this two minutes until market open guys? Let me know in a comment what um, which ones are the main ones you'll be watching today, uh out of my own curiosity, matt.

Okay, so i see that my numbers are like pretty low: did you guys have a tough time finding this stream, like my numbers, are way way lower than normal? I don't know if the news cycle is just dying out and people aren't interested or is something going on that you guys had a tough time finding it. Let me know how you got into this jamie. Okay, so still a lot of interest in the gme um. So let me quickly switch this.

I'm just switching up the title to see if we can help a little bit out with youtube uh yeah, so people are finding. I don't know it sounds like a lot of issues. I don't know: what's going on hey, sometimes that's what it is you can't always be. I don't know why i fell out of youtube's good graces, but whatever it happens hard to find, i switched up the name a bit just to see like.

Maybe if we could re-trigger the algorithm but hey it is what it is yeah i mean people all right: the market just opened ding ding, ding right off the bat tesla actually got hit surprising. I was expecting something a little bit better. Let's see if it turns into a buying opportunity, if i i'm already in on amc and gme, if i see a nice opportunity with tesla, i may be buying a call option just to see what happens. Nice volume spike in amc, amc's on the top jammies on the bottom left and then tesla's on the bottom right.

Okay, like but yeah i mean people are saying that they had their notifications on and they still weren't notified. I mean, obviously i must have done something to upset youtube, but whatever we're here, we're gon na have a good time the people who went out of their way to find it let's just go. It would be a massive help if you guys could just drop a like that'll help fight with the algorithm just a bit um all right, tesla's moving already. I kind of i really want to hop on a tesla uh call option.

I think that there could be a nice follow-through. Let me see what i can do uh. Let me bring it up. Tesla, looking for a quick day trade to see how this all plays out trade trade options uh.

Let's look for feb 12.. All right trying to make a tesla oops amc right now out of the gates, not good a lot of people hitting the bid same with gme guys. These charts will look the same as long as the same wall. Street shenanigans are going on all right.

I don't know if i got filled on tesla. If i did, i would love to show it to you. Okay, i did so here is my tesla uh position i just made. Where is it right here? Uh, like i said, going for a quick day, trade uh awful fill on it 1350.

I'm looking at the 900 strike i, since it is meant to be day trade. I just played the closest expiration, which is this friday um, i'm just looking for a really really nice follow through. Let's see how it goes right now, i'm already down five percent, but hey options are super volatile. Let's see how it plays out, i just hoping for a nice follow through on this bitcoin news.

All right, maybe amc, jamie, are making a nice base here, hold the line. Alright, what is going on hey? I know not. Everyone cares about tesla, but it's just another opportunity. There are many people in the chat who do care about it, so um filthy, lunatic, yeah, no uh.

We talked about that uh. I am no longer like. I took all the uh robin hood subscription, like signups out of my thing, i'm just waiting for all the money to transfer into new accounts um. If you guys want uh weeble, there are sign ups below for that uh all right.

Let's see, maybe people are just getting spooked out at the open. Can i zoom in one more here trying to make this as big as possible all right? Let's look for that. Tesla follow-through. Let's look for follow-through in all three.

All three took a hit right off. The start but looks like buyers are stepping in uh we're only five minutes in guys these are all glistening diamond hands. I love it. Of course.

Let me know if there's breaking news that we need to go over might be um find a good opportunity. Let's keep going thank you for those all the likes on this, like obviously whatever's going on with uh youtube today. They are not too happy with me. So all that i appreciate that.

Oh, don't! Okay uh! I should mention a lot of people were asking me over. The weekend, so i briefly shut down the discord on friday. Like i said it would, and then people were asking me to reopen it. I don't i need to keep it pretty much close.

So today will be the final day. People over the weekend were saying: hey man, i missed it uh. This is it. I have to shut it down just for a bit or i don't know how long i just want to make an awesome community so uh.

If you're interested in the moon gang discord, the i have to shut it down today, i said it was going to on friday, too many people reach out to me. This is your last 24 hour period. If you want to be a part of it um, i it'll most likely reopen down the road, but i can't promise anything. All i know is that uh, the signups for the moon gang discord will be ending today, at least momentarily all right.

We're going higher and higher diamond ants didn't feel a thing uh. These are not dead, amc, gme, not dead, still opportunity. We are, oh all, we're turning red a little bit. What's jason.

Thank you very, very kind. I appreciate your support and just so you know jason on all this information apple neo tesla. We will be circling back to it, uh, obviously right now uh. There is a reason to be interested once again in tesla.

I think some exciting moves are coming. We're just gon na follow the big moves. What everyone's interested in and hope uh we can just teach something, have fun along the way, all right, tessa, all kind of trading sideways. At the moment we just need some big volume blocks to go.

In i mean, i don't know, is everyone just still hung over from their super bowl? Experience is bitcoin still pushing uh what a nice flag situation? This is all because of the tesla announcement for those of you who are just joining tesla announced that they would be buying 1.5 billion in bitcoin uh, amazing stuff i just bought, and just so you guys know. I bought the two call options. 900 strike price expiration. This friday, my average is 13.50.

I did chase it a little bit um, but let's see how it goes all right, man, not the best opening for amc and gme. Let me know if there's uh any breaking news on these. They are obviously being hampered pushed down. Today, people are looking at it as a fire sale um.

For me, i think oh till rate is moving. Let's check that out till ray once again a cannabis play kind of like the leading cannabis play. I think till ray above like 27. Here a good chance of it retesting its all-time high, i'm looking for it to get above, like 27 30 to 27.50, and i think there could be some really nice follow through in it is doge still moving.

It's just so funny. It is look at this. It's gearing back up right here, watch it at this high of 0.084 and then from there 0.088. So we are coming up on a resistance pretty quickly.

All right, tesla is fighting back amc selling off gme looking to try to really really hold 66. apha. That's another um good one um that is uh the one that till ray is looking to acquire or did acquire and we're just like waiting for it. Um cannabis, industry, strong uh for cannabis, etfs uh.

The main one i know about is the ticker symbol, mj uh. Just so, you guys know: etf stands for exchange traded fun and it can best be thought of like a basket of stock. So if you don't want to pick an individual one, you could buy this basket and get exposure to everything in the basket. So right now, if you look up the etf mj uh, which obviously is hilarious, you're going to see uh quite a few companies that it's tracking all right is pltr moving.

We were talking about that briefly. It is guys i told you to watch that in the pre-market um nice gap up just watch how it reacts to right above 40 that is, resistance past there good chance of it testing the current all-time high at 45. uh. So just watch this very uh about has about 50 cents so from there uh could get pretty interesting pound here.

Awesome play man, i'm so curious. I mean uh just in terms as like we're letting this develop. I mean i'm seeing now. It takes a little bit for the numbers to load on my back end in terms of youtube, but i mean, if you guys were here last week, these numbers are getting like were crushed compared to whatever was going on last week.

I don't know if people are hungover, i don't know if people have now lost interest in gme amc, um, crazy stuff, though like we're at like a third of our numbers, but hey, that's all right. There's always next stream is workhorse moving again, workhorse is down today. 30 but workhorse has been on a run uh again a couple comments about blackberry from some members: blackberry, okay, interesting, let's see if it can hold right here at 14 and then come back around and test good call. Good luck with blackberry.

I am personally not in blackberry, just so you know ooh, i'm getting notifications. That nndm is on the move. If you guys know about nano dimension, 3d, printing company lots of money, no debt, most likely going to be acquiring some private businesses on the move again, ticker symbol, nndm interesting moves, guys check it out, i'm in it at down at like the eight dollars i've been In it, since early january, uh worthwhile to check out uh, i think it could. It looks like it.

One of these days wants to pop up to 20, throw an nndm on your list. Man gme falling, losing that support all right. I see a couple of you guys are fall getting into the moon gang discord once again guys. The discord i have to uh today is monday, feb 8th it.

It won't be open after today for some bit uh we're just trying to get uh really to know each other and form an awesome, fun family, community uh - i just don't - want to blow it up and make it as big as possible. That's not my goal with it um. So if you're interested in that today is your last chance for quite a while and if that's not and obviously it's not for everyone, but if you just want to stay up to date, don't forget to hit that subscribe button and turn on your notifications. A lot of people today are reporting that they had a huge, huge issue finding this video um - i don't know what's going on, but um that does help hit the red subscribe button to join the youtube channel and then just turn on your notifications.

It's free uh and you won't. You shouldn't theoretically miss anything, but it seems like a lot of people didn't get a notification about today's um. I don't know what's going on with that, all right, everything's kind of muted is anything. Are we do? We see some big movers this morning, all right stock volume.

What's up over 15, all right, let's scan, let's see, what's going on all right, let's see any of these big names. Um finger swim has cool scanning. I just want to see if i recognize any of these big movers, because the ones we have up okay, so ctrm was a big one that we were all talking about last week, uh it's up 18 today, which is obviously very very nice. Am i missing any others um all right? Let's take a quick look at ctrm ctrm, so i mean if you're in ctrm congrats, it looks like it has.

A pretty nice day found a base pretty close to its open uh. If you're in it watch how it reacts to 90 cents, it was pre like kind of early rejected at a dollar um. A lot of these penny stocks have an issue at a dollar, not that surprising huge resistance uh, but if you're in it, i wish you the best of luck. I am personally not in ctrm is doge moving again.

I see people talking about doge. It is all right here i was telling you guys, watch this resistance. It got over it well right now it's trying to hold it, but i have an alert set. It looks like it's gunning for a new all-time high uh, that's hilarious, this meme crypto uh.

I mean that just so you guys know i am in it um. Let me go down to it. I am here's my doge position, i'm in at 0.0385. I bought a thousand dollars worth right now, i'm up 119.

It was just more of like a fun play. Uh, but it's paying off and then also uh, i'm in ethereum on this account um up 28 on aetherium uh, big fan of them. Oh looks like nick just joined the discord. Welcome super happy to have you there talenteer uh.

Overall, the markets are not like, you could even see it uh in the big indices, like everything's kind of flat right now um. If the stocks that you're in are flat, i mean workhorse - is taking a hit. That's not good! I am a long term workhorse investor. I do think, there's a very, very good chance of them getting the uh government contract with the usps um, but overall, pretty muted, hey, maybe that's why the numbers are low.

Just like the market's not uh, exciting people. Oh i'm getting comments that trading 212 is down. Um is amc done? No, i wouldn't say that amc is done uh, because, even if i have to i will hold my own shares in the long term. Um if need be uh.

I would prefer to hold my amc shares in the long term relative to gamestop. I just i like amc more as a business, but both of them have a bit to go before. I would like throw in the town say that they're done, but don't forget guys. I have those diamond hands, it's just how i look at it.

I may be holding on too long, but it's just how i view this situation guys. Let me know what country you're from i just see someone saying that they're from the uk that's awesome. Sean just joined the moon gang discord. That is awesome popping in last.

Second, yeah workhorse is down right now. I don't know if there was an announcement, but overall it's still very much up on the year. It's looking nice uh, don't let your a momentary drawdown like shake you out: okay, boss d from the discord ocg and flying uh. Ocgn, let's check that out: ocgn, oh whoa, holy cow.

It is having a crazy good day, a massive gap up on the daily chart. Um hey! If, if you have a high risk, tolerance and you're hopping in now, like i wish you the best of luck like it really isn't my style just because, like you're close to support is like pretty far away, but man that is the closest support, would actually come. Like just below 10, that is crazy, victor just joined the discord. Welcome victor uh.

I appreciate it michael welcome man tesla's not playing out for me, but hey. Let's see how the follow through goes: we're going. Usa, germany, india, spain, germany, us denmark, romania, you get space apes are all over that has to make you feel so so cool uh, so many space apes all right. Let me quickly show you one cool thing um, so today's thumbnail artist is backstage.

Do you see? I should be following him: hang on profile, backstage designs: um is the huge galaxy brain size brain that made today's um thumbnail. It's an awesome, thumbnail the design it like it's so so cool uh sarah here at backstage, made it. She deserves a shout out. If you want to check out more of their work, i uh linked uh, the name and like how to get ahold of them in the description of this video backstage.

Thank you so so much amazing artists. I love it. If you guys are an artist out there and you're into this, the space ape moon gang all this work uh feel free to send it my way, i'm more than happy to plug all of your socials uh. I've been getting a lot of dms and stuff and emails.

You guys are so incredibly talented. I love giving you shout outs, uh apes, helping apes. I think it's so cool what you guys can do uh. It really really is impressive man.

The countries are still going. Turkey, thailand, you guys, are all all over it's so so cool your stream doesn't show up in my subscriptions. I don't know. What's going on, um did ocg already get uh did ocg and get halted because it's already just like running so much ocgn, wow yeah hall, wow, that's so cool! Are you guys in on ocg and let me know uh if anyone's actually in on it going to the moon, nicaragua, new zealand, england, i'm getting restricted guys.

I know i mean there's not much. I can do i mean i could sit here and complain about it, but that wouldn't make it better. Edwin just joined the moon. Gang discord that is awesome, uh workhorse, is still falling today, guys i mean i could sit here and complain uh whatever, like youtube's, not being supportive of me today.

I don't know it just wouldn't be fun just to watch someone like complaining this whole time. So i'm gon na do what i can and we'll come back in the afternoon stream, and hopefully things are better by then uh. One of the best things you could do is like. Obviously, if youtube is not liking, me uh, if you guys just want to come here, this is the stream.

If you just want to get it out to your own network, just by hitting that retweet button, it would be uh greatly appreciated, but there's not much. I can do about it at this moment. I don't. I wish i ran youtube.

I just um, don't uh gamestop is coming back. I like that. It looks like it's finding. Draftkings is dropping like crazy.

Is that 62 30? Right now i mean i viewed draftkings as a long-term winner in my own opinion, so i like dip buying on it uh we're getting a bit more volume in amc. It's perking up. I like that. Let's see what happens at 640 650.

uh. Once again. These stocks look how crazy similar they are amc to gme wild stuff ocgn, thus far, one of the big winners of the day, all right, we got some greg's in uh the chat so mod. If you're listening kick the greg's out, we can't deal with them.

This is a no greg, no suit area good morning diamond hands still going strong, whatever i lose on amc so far has been made up with doge for your money. I love that and you have extra money left over for the beer. Let's keep going guys. These are turning around um.

We saw that last week where all these were hit um in like right in that first hour of training right now we're only a half hour in, but this is a very, very similar pattern. Uh sx seal. Thank you for sending that i'll check it out all right. Okay, tk white, been in ocgn for a while uh vaccine on brink of fda approval.

Can you give a shout out to archie and the rest of my work crew at sikorsky aircraft? That is awesome. Well, shout out to you and your crew a huge congrats on you being in ocgn. Obviously you are killing it right now. Uh hope you have diamond hands, ride it higher and higher.

Best of luck. Brother here is your shout out to archie and the rest of the crew. I hope you guys are all diamond handed space apes up there. That is phenomenal.

Austin welcome back i'm in frsx and nxtd. Pretty heavy long calls check them out all right. What are those f, r s x, f, r s x and nxtd nxtd? Let's pull those up. Uh hang on.

Let's just see what goes on really quick with ocgn the halt. Just let up it did hit a new high just below 14. Let's see if there's another follow through right away. Um halts are interesting because a lot of people have a like settings on their chart across the market that they get notifications when a halt happens so right after halt, there's generally like big spikes in interest, because it's on people's radars of like hey, we got ta, See what's going on so um? Is it already halted again already? It took like 90 seconds for this thing to get halted, maybe not even a second halt of the day tom just joined the patreon.

Welcome happy to have you there um guys, don't forget. Amc is perking back up a bit. I would uh right here. We have the previous support and resistance at 6 50.

there will be a fight here. Uh should be exciting if amc can get on the north side of 650.. I can't believe ocgn got halted again in the meantime: f r s x. What is this one autonomous holdings? Oh looking good today for sure i mean you're in it, so congrats uh just obviously pay attention to the reaction between, like 11 to 11 25 there's resistance.

Above that you're looking great uh, the chart is telling me bullish. I don't know much fundamentally about this company, but i like how it's like curving back around should be exciting congrats. I think you're going to make a decent amount of money on it and the other one is nxtd. So this is more of a penny stock situation uh, so it gapped up there's a whole bunch of resistance here between 1.75 and 2.

So be careful here. A lot of supplies sitting overhead, but the gap up is pretty cool. Thus far today, there hasn't been follow through on the uh gap up, but really the overall market's having kind of a weird day. So it might be that.

But who knows? But it looks like the fr. Sx is looking very, very nice. Let's switch back to this looks like tesla's finally, catching a bid for those of you who are just joining. Tesla uh announced that they're buying a lot a lot of bitcoin.

I eat grits for breakfast, except their paper hands. I gather all their hands and make a paper mache greg out of their hands and then eat paper crack andrew. I love it. Love.

Thank you. So much for being in here day in day out, the support is phenomenal. I don't know what's going on but, like my numbers are actually getting worse, like uh youtube is destroying me today. Um just got your no live stream notification, so it seems, like things are.

I don't know what's going on, but hey um, sometimes that's what goes on when you are a space ape like us, you're gon na have to fight with some people. Today's fight is not only with amc and gme, but we're also fighting the internet uh. It happens. It's okay, we'll be back.

We never give up. I have diamond hands on the entire situation. I never fold uh you just got ta keep doubling down and that's what i'm doing: acb moving boss d you're calling out acb. What is this? Oh uh, another yeah, yeah? Okay, acb, i have heard of him another cannabis play strong.

I mean i think overall, what's tilray at right now is tilray having a good day. Oh they're, not on my list on the side. Sorry, they definitely should be i'm into ray um tilray 20 ooh till ray's moving cannabis is having a great day uh. That is awesome.

Maybe i should throw till ray up here. We are watching that til ray look at this uh another cannabis play. I think i misspoke before uh the acquisition goes, the other way. I think i was misspeaking uh, but here it looks like it wants to see what's going on at this all-time high, so let's see how it reacts.

It has about 50 cents to go uh fingers crossed for a breakout tilbray once again cannabis play diamond hands on tilray uh. I just so you guys know i'm in on this call. What is my average average cost? 250, almost breaking even on it, but if there's a nice breakout today i mean i have a decent amount of time. I have till the end of february.

Would love a pop-up on this ace of diamonds, loving the content for the past week, matt diamond handing gme and enjoying some nice gains in tdc check it out. I will thank you, god. I hate the algorithm, keep up the good work thanks, matthew k, great name. I appreciate that uh thoughts on amd amd uh here, let me go back to that chart.

Obviously a weekday earlier. I was talking about how uh i like it as a long-term hold relative to gamestop. So i have no issue diamond handing my shares of amc. My biggest issue with amc is next week.

I have a call option and the weeks after that, i have a call option. You can't really a hardcore diamond hand uh that call options when they just expire and become nothing, but i can diamond hand. All of my shares of amc have a couple hundred at the moment: um, let's throw till ray back up here, tilray movin! If you guys are a fan of the cannabis sector, you got ta love, what's going on until ray gamestop and amc are definitely struggling at the moment. Why is amc holding at hostage larry, i'm not too sure all right and this uh tdc envision tdc? Let me write, i don't want to miss any of these super chats.

Writing them down. Envis tdc, let's all right! Perkin up, it looks like maybe they're finding uh support once again, where they bounced earlier around 9 45. So, let's see i'll see how that plays out. I want to bring up envis someone mentioned that envis looking nice down here in the lower right uh.

We were talking about this last week, a huge breakout, massive bullish momentum, if you're in it just lit your winners ride if you're not uh, if i'm personally, not in it, so i'm not going to chase. I like to pick up as close to support as i can. The closest support is actually sub ten dollars, so this isn't a play for me, but if you're in it microvision is destroying it today, uh huge congrats and the other one was tdc interesting chart for tdc. What's going on here, uh massive gap up looks for an inside day uh.

I would just say: watch these like watch the gap region 35 34 in here uh or the high like it's a weird inside day. You got to see which way it's going to break, but it's still up big, i mean. Obviously there was some sort of fundamental announcement that brought it up. So that's awesome, uh.

I believe that you're in it. So i want to congratulate you on being up. We are holding on amc, gme, we're just looking for him to catch a bid, all right till ray uh. Once again, looking very very nice, it looks like it wants to test its all-time high today of like 28 80ish.

So, let's see what happens there, let's keep going um don't forget. So today is feb 8. There will most likely be big movements in both amc and gme tomorrow. That's when a lot of this short stuff is going to be reported, so just for you guys to know that uh, we'll we'll get more information about.


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