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Amc, gme, doge – Matt Kohrs

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It's not over until it's over!!!
Let's talk about GameStop (GME), AMC (AMC), Dogecoin (DOGE), & More!
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Ding ding ding. We are live again for the friday afternoon session guys this is it we're about to put a pin in the week we're heading into super bowl weekend exciting stuff. There will be volatility in the market close two to three pm. We have some action.

Three to four p.m: even more action, more volatility, i'm very, very excited um for those of you who were waiting for this live stream. I did do a last minute update to the title i'll i'll address that more in the in a bit big stuff. Coming. Very very excited more than happy to be here with all of you bonkers space apes.

We have 120 minutes um very, very excited, big things, coming big, big, big, big things coming. I hope you guys are as excited as i am all right uh. What was this? We were looking at compound, what's doge doing uh once again, if there's any big uh news breaking anything like that, breaking news, something relevant. Please tag me in it at matt underscore course guys.

Do me a huge favor drop, a retweet on this. Let's get more people in here uh. This is just trying to get it as big as we possibly can. Um sort of retweet guys drop some likes uh if you're already in here and you're excited for the the market.

To close, let's see how this can all go. Uh drop a like it lets everyone know: uh the youtube metrics, let's algorithm know we need more people in here um. I think we're still seeing a nice uptrend in amc and gme uh. We need this to go higher and higher over the weekend.

Let's go ah very excited. What else is moving right about now? These kind of drifted down we've been seeing that in almost every day of this week, when we've been transitioning from uh that break from one to two uh, it has been kind of falling off, but um, hey it fights back in the market close. So we have almost two hours to fight fight this all the way back up we'll have the weekend. We can get relaxed, we let rested and we're gon na push it higher and higher guys get your water get your coffee.

Do your stretches? It's going to be a gnarly session, all right. Let's get some coffee out there, all the reminders, all right, all right, all right, um we're looking for support, clearly downtrends in amc, clearly, downtrends and gme. That's our right! We have diamond hands, we don't give up uh. We are looking for that volatility to kick back in um.

It's it's a dire situation right now. Things are not pretty not gon na lie, but hey. I didn't hear no bell the fight's still going on. We don't give up the fact that the fact that the market is saying or these wall streeters are saying that it's over.

It's telling me that it's not over, they wouldn't talk about it. If it's over volume is low on amc, digital engineer, i agree. We do need it to pick back up guys. I will fully address the title of this when more people are in here, uh, it's just picking up.

We just started we're only a couple minutes in uh, i'm thinking more closer to power hour. So i want the biggest group possible because i don't want to have to reiterate everything. I know there's some amazing space apes out there who listen to this entire thing and i it can obviously get tiresome to hear this same thing over and over. So i want big one big net massive announcement.

Obviously, you know what's going on with the title: let's just get more people in here uh doing a huge, huge favor send this out into the internet ether just hit that retweet button. Let's get it up to 100 200 250 um. If you guys have a twitter, it would be greatly appreciated. As you can tell, i am pretty pot committed to the current situation, all right, all right, let's go, they are picking back up.

Gme is picking up a bit uh. It just feels that positivity. This is good vibes. Only let's go, let's go, let's go guys, let's drop some likes.

Let's get this higher uh we're at 500. Now, let's push it to two and a half thousand um. If things turn around, i will be wearing this shirt all weekend, sleeping in it doing dishes in it showering it. I won't take it off.

This is from mr williams: hey matt bunch of contracts expired for head shorts question when they cover do they cover at the price during expiration or only current price um. So when you have contracts, that's not directly dealing with um, it's a derivative. So when you cover you're, not actually with the the contract, it's going to just expire worthless, it won't have a direct impact, uh impact on the stock price. When you close like a put or a call, it's a derivative it, it doesn't directly move the cost of the stock price.

I hope that answers your question. Congrats man well deserve gains and games. Thank you so much i am more than excited. Obviously, i will be uh more big announcements coming for you.

I just want more and more people in here we're crushing to uh cruising. I should say to a thousand likes guys: keep dropping them likes, don't forget to subscribe, oh very, very fun, guys we're super close to 69 420 subs. When we get there like, let's inch it up, i would love to take a screenshot um. Obviously that would be hilarious for everyone involved.

Let me know when we're close at 69 000.. Someone take it on yourself, lead that charge. When i hit 69k, someone alert me it'll be very quick to 420. I'm gon na keep reloading.

I want that screenshot. I think it could be hilarious, potentially one of my best achievements ever on social media. If we can do that as a group, let's stop it at 69. 420.

Um. If you want to see that picture, i will tweet that out. I think it's going to be hilarious, guys i'm so excited so someone. Please alert me at 69.

000. If i'm fortunate enough to hit that level, i want to screenshot it tweet that out into the ether, i think it'll be like. I said the best achievement um. Let's just keep going, i'm excited, we have market close exciting weekend, we're going to rest relax, we're gon na watch some football this weekend, if you're in the u.s, if you care about it, let's just keep going share this with a friend remember.

This is a space ape environment. If you have fellow space apes, bring them along uh. If you know a greg or a suit, leave them they're. Not really welcome.

Here, all right. Look at this game, stop's, already tracking back up uh we're looking forward to get above 66. At this point, just i'm looking at this high point also pretty close to these high this high uh. We, after all these halts in here this mess it just slowly was down trending.

You can see how bad the volume was getting smashed um. So we want the volume to pick up. We want the chart to pick up same with amc. Tilray is selling off uh.

You guys know earlier in the morning stream. I bought a call option, but it's dated for the end of february feeling good about that um. What's going on with cciv cciv hit a new all-time high, i've been calling out cciv time and time again, i'm personally invested in it. It's making me money if you happen to also be a cciv investor congrats.

I know you're up some money right now. New all-time highs, we're just it's just attendees for all um attendees attendees attendees for all that's what today is all about. Let's just keep going, keep the good times rolling. What's going on in the world of twitter, have you guys been throwing me a helping hand guys? Thank you so much for all those we to retweet, very, very kind of you.

I appreciate it, who is this? Someone made quarter milli on pen pen hit a new all-time high today. That is awesome. Pen is one of my favorite uh gaming gambling stocks um the wall street bets founder, sold his story to the hollywood producer. This was what kind of led to like a big fight um between all the mods, all the new mods uh.

They seem to be kind of upset with this situation. This is on the wall. Street journal reddits wall street bets founder, sells life story to movie producer rat pack, entertainment, an internet, uh blah blah blah movie version. I wanted to see if there's any mention of what's going on with the mods, i mean i doubt that they would bring that negativity to it.

If you want to know more about them, selling the rights uh just check out just google, this wall street journal - i just want to know if they were talking about the mods at all the infighting it does look like that fighting has calmed down a little bit. Um: okay, you guys should know that the scc is very much going after roaring uh kitty, also known as deep f in value. Um wait. So regulators are going after gme guy for a smart pick, but ignoring that bill.

Ackman went on cnbc last year and said hell is coming and then later it was reported. He made billions on a position that was short, high-yield bonds. Um seems crazy, the world's not fair. We are not fighting on an equal playing ground, the um.

This is just what snakes do all these snakes and suits. That's what they do. What is this a short squeeze for ants? We want more, of course, this is how the news feels right about now. All the news, hedge funds, but hey we have all those diamond hands, don't forget that they could tell us to do whatever they want.

But we have the diamond hands. What's going on over here, all right amc trying to find a bit of a base once and again uh for the now what the third day in a row they've been selling off fourth day in a row uh just oh quick, shout out to uh a financial Youtuber, who is exponentially bigger than me, but i love his content - um meet kevin, did do an interview with vlad the the ceo of robin hood. If you guys want to check that out, it was posted last night, uh interesting worthwhile to listen to what's a good price entry price for cciv. As of now i would say, you missed the boat a little bit uh just for my own style.

I like to pick up shares as close to support as possible um. The closest support right now is around 26 27. Don't chase this high, i mean you can, and i wish you best of luck, but for me my own style is. If i see a situation like this, i like to target support, there's support at 26..

I've been in it since um, i think, 22 or something i don't know. I showed you guys my portfolio earlier. I've been in it for a bit, i'm up a lot right now. I love it um, it's just an evs backplate lots of opportunity overall market, i'm not saying it's the only opportunity in the market, it's just one of the many and i will have diamond hands on it and ride it to the moon.

You guys know me, you don't lose till you sell these are diamond hands. I will get buried with my shares of gamestop and amc. If need be uh doom slayer. Is there colorblind mode over here? Um, i i don't know.

Maybe there is. I haven't uh really messed with that, but really the the red versus the green. It's just telling you what's getting hit the bit or the ass. The main thing is the size that's coming through, because if there's a buyer that means there's a seller, the difference in the color is just like who's getting hit the bit or the ass, but the main thing is the price and then the size that was exchanged.

Mr harris should i invest in cciv now considering the potential for the lucid motors merger super bowl head or wait. If, when lucid goes public um, i mean that's all up to you that it's kind of like a high risk high reward situation. If there is an awesome super bowl ad like it's going to go high, but then people are buying it up in anticipation of that, it could become one of those buy. The rumor sell the news type of the deal.

It's all up to you. I can't fairly comment on it uh. I know technical supports at 26., i'm in it way earlier. I don't like to buy highs.

That's just my own opinion. It's just what is your own risk profile? Basically all right guys if there's any mods. Listening to this, you got to kick some of the snakes out all right, just getting some things set up with nasa engineers. We have um some um things coming across the line, some news just trying to figure out what to talk about with this.

Obviously cc iv is ripping um love to see that we also see that um. These are still flatlining, but i think volume should be picking up from now to three and then even more from three to four uh. Let's just see how it goes, we got. We we put our money on the casino table and now we're just seeing it play out all right all right.

What is everyone watching guys post below the main stocks? You will be watching for power hour um, i'm just kind of curious. We could bring up some charts, see what's going on all right, i'm trying to get the vibe of what everyone's talking about in chat right now. So i know how to direct it all right, all right, all right is there any big news. Send it my way.

Um we could cover news for about like 45, more minutes see what's going on. No, i missed a super chat. Uh sdl predictions uh, very bullish personally on sndl. If it can clear uh a dollar 30.35 thoughts on ocg and we could cover that stephen green search, email gamestop on reddit, there is a small push to have the company call an emergency investor meeting, interesting.

Okay, we'll check that out steven uh email gamestop, that's on reddit in general. When should we be buying and selling it? How long do you hold a stock? In general, thanks been watching 24 7 to the moon, hey brother. That is all up to you. I appreciate the support.

Thank you for the super chat. Thank you for always turning in uh, but you have to guys understand that there are so many ways to trade. Some people invest for years and years. There's day traders swing traders.

I have different accounts for all those. Sometimes i like to day trades other times, i'm swing trading and sometimes in my retirement account. I just invest in socks. I want to hold for years it's all up to you.

It's whatever resonates best with your own personality, your own risk tolerance, your own financial goals, there's no one perfect great solution, it's just what you can make work, pl nhf for power. I appreciate that guys bring that up. I'm not going to do it just because that's like otc gray market, i think that's a danger like i. I just don't, have the expertise on it to really offer um like a lot of great information.

I i'm much more familiar with, like the nasdaq uh new york stock exchange, all those i don't like messing around with the otc market. Uh, let's bring up what was searched. So i don't think this is the investor email that you were talking about. If you can just tag me on uh, if you can tag me on the link, just uh just at matt, coors underscore course uh with that information uh, we can check it out.

Oh, this is some news. Senate vote clears path for biden's 1.9 trillion coveted relief plan. Uh, that's good news. Uh sounds like more money will be coming to the u.s populace.

The u.s senate passed a budget reconciliation resolution early friday that will allow congressional democrats to advance legislation for president biden's 1.9 trillion row in a package. The budget measures returns to the house on friday for final consideration and approval um by and praise the senate vote on friday, adding that the federal government has a chance to do something here, so why this is so big for the stock market is with any of This stimulus stuff, it really does push the overall market higher, so that is um well just on a human level. People obviously need money. We a lot of people are struggling, but then, in terms of the stock market, the more and more stimulus, the quantitative easing um.

All the just burr, printing, more and more money that is good news, so uh that that's good, there's no other way to put it for the stock market for humankind. Uav panda. I tried watching other streams, but they were so boring compared to you, love your energy. Hey i appreciate that guys uh.

This is me. I've noticed that my channel does way better. When i'm just the authentic me. I don't have to worry about going in to character or anything like that.

I've noticed that really uh people resonate. We almost has a have a weird sixth sense of, if someone's being authentic or not um. I i think in some of my previous youtube work. I was a little bit too stale boring uh, not really keeping um people's attention, but with this like i love to crack crappy jokes, i love to be a little bit entertaining and i love to teach you what i know about the stock market.

There's a the stock market is one of the best ways to uh advance your wealth to multiply your wealth and i feel like we're, never really properly taught about it. So i'm just here to offer what i know. There's people that we know way way more. I'm still on the earlier side of my own training career, but i'm more than happy to at least bring you up to my level of knowledge and this dip just made me nervous, not much, but another 15 shares bought uh diamond hand.

James welcome back uh. I haven't heard your opinion on travel stocks, i'm holding lt rpa since july, which is all good for months. What do you think so? I don't know much about lt rpa, that's another like otc gray market thing. Overall, i think travel stocks are a very, very easy um, a very, very easy way to make some money in 2021.

I think your classics like caribbean clues, marriott hilton, all those types of ones um, please avoid american airlines. I, if you look into the financial situation of american airlines, there are way way better uh airline socks. In my own opinion, i cannot give you financial advice, but if you're looking for a big airline check out southwest if you're looking for a smaller one check out, jetblue and alaskan all three of those uh, i personally prefer over american. But i think in 2021 travel stocks lodging those types are easy money um.

I think. As the world returns back to normal um it'll be easy, cipher x, discord, discord, discord is full, cannot sign. Up help help help discord is not um, i mean i could check it there. It will be shutting down today, but it is still live.

Let me just double check that, for you um double checking it cipher x. It's not it's still. There uh. I can see it, you can sign up guys if you want to be a part of the moon getting discord.

It's the first link below it's a sign up through patreon. It is not full um. I i don't. Maybe i'm missing something, i'm sorry cypher, but i can still see it on my head.

There's people still joining i'm getting um emails, guys. Please ignore the cell bots. It's just bots in here either they're sad, sad humans that are actually posting that over and over or it's just the bot that joined the chat and like it's just suits being sued. So whatever it is, you can just ignore it.

Um in here, it's no suits allowed no greg's allowed. We all know that we all know who the real people are all right, i'll pull up naked um, as this keeps going man i actually these numbers are oddly low, so make sure you're bringing your uh space. 8 friends but um when we get a couple more people in here, i will obviously address the title, but in the meantime we are still waiting for just things. To pick up.

It's 2 30. um one of the best ways you could help with the youtube algorithm guys just drop a like i i know i asked for that a lot, but it would be amazing we're at one three now, let's pop it up to two five um, it Just lets the algorithm know we want more and more people in here um. It means a lot to me. You are supporting your fellow space apes uh, just one way to play uh with the level of engagement dirk.

I will be addressing that. Don't you worry. Let's keep going guys um, let's see some of those uh diamond hands in the chat. Let's keep this going, i love those that gets my energy level going.

Hopefully it comes back and gets your energy level. Let's celebrate the stimulus being um, pretty much approved in the us 1.9 trillion to help out people um, i am getting uh patreon is working and people are signing up right here. I'm getting notifications, um good, good, good good. That should be good for the market.

More money flowing into the overall system. People need money, people need to pay bills, people need to buy products more money, the better. This is uh. We've been talking about uh apha until ray that's a great announcement.

I do think uh joshua you just joined. I see that you're having a problem. Let me see if i can answer that really really quickly for you jose uh good news check a message: hey jose. Can you uh just tag me in it? I can't bring up dms just tag me in it and we'll check it out.

Julie just became a space ape. Thank you so much. We do need more real estate. People on the moon welcome brittany, just joined happy happy to have you guys, you guys are loading up the rocket ship.

I love it um anything of importance that you guys want to be seen on stream. Just tag me at matt underscore coors. I cannot show private dms. There are some people who have just shared me non-public stuff.

I don't want to dox anyone like that. In the meantime, don't forget about gamestop and amc. They are trading kind of sideways uh naked, not doing much. What's going on with sndl same thing, we need sndl to hold one get above 1.30 um.

What else is going on with idex um? It made a high today looking good a little bit of a red day, but it came after a new all-time high. So just watch this throw it on your watch list. Hey man, i became a moon gang member yesterday put couldn't get the discord link to work. Now i can't find the link anymore.

My discord account is already connected to patreon. I also sent you a dm um. Okay, coco joshua uh, it should be like i had a a if you guys just follow that link. You just have to go through the settings uh on patreon and you could connect there again.

I will be on there tonight to help you guys. I promise i'm not leaving you guys astray. I will be there i'll get back to all of you. I individually.

If i have to help you guys get the discord working, i will do that. I will stay up for hours tonight. If need be, can you take a look at mgm, sell or holding long term bought at seven dollars? Thank you for the help mgm uh. Before i even look at it.

I think that these gaming casino stocks will do uh better, as the world continues you're in at seven, so you're already killing it just ride. The wave uh very much trend is your friend uh. It broke above this resistance at 32.. Let it go uh.

If i were you in at seven dollars, i would hold obviously that's my own opinion, not a finite financial advisor. That's just what i would do in the current situation. Amc could not hold seven dollars yesterday. It did.

It got knocked below that not not a good time with amc, not a good time with gme. We need that interest to pick up overall, okay, ocg, and i mean it's looking good. You guys know me, i don't chase these highs. I like to get in at levels of support.

The closest support is a buck 50 below it uh at three dollars and fifty cents we're going to the moon. The vibes are real, let's see uh, we have an hour and a half in about 30 minutes. The volume the volatility should start picking up. It is power hour on a friday.

People are jockeying for position over the weekend. Let's just keep going. If you guys can do me a huge huge favor, just drop a like there's um close to 9 000 of you in here, it'll help get more and more people in here just hit that, like button uh, let's get it up to 2500. It would be truly truly appreciated.

Um just gets more people in here. It's a basic youtube, algorithm engagement, thing, um, let's just go higher and higher brown just signed up for the discord love it gme owes me for all the stick. Drift xbox, one elite controllers. I purchased i've spent more in xbox controllers, then i'm down so diamond hands all the way.

Fg honey, badger, hey, we've all been there when we've broken a couple controllers and then gamestop gouges us on the price um. If you're down bigger on that, we can have a whole diamond hands through this situation. How do you begin looking for new stocks? One of the best things you could do is come here finnviz.com. You could always start by just looking at some of the biggest gainers.

The biggest losers on this list - this is all free information. Finnvis.Com, it's a great resource. I literally use it every day. It has this super cool map, a heat map of what's doing well, obviously, the communications.

Sorry there must be a suit in the chat just allergic to their anyway, so green across the market, technology's kind of mixed, but it's cool too. It's free, finvis.com check it out, i'm in no way affiliated with them. I wish i was sponsored by finvis. I really love the software, i use it all the time i wish they would sponsor me, don't forget about arkhamvest.

It is one of the best etfs you can have for like the eevee, like lots of cool stocks in there uh. We were talking about that in the earlier stream. Definitely check it out. Follow jordan, belfort on twitter and watch him appear on fox news today to give these people hope jose.

Okay, do we know what time jordan is going? Uh live okay, so he was wah. He was already live. You check this out if it loads that was the blockbuster movie. Of course, the wolf of wall street based on my next guest, the real wolf of wall street.

That would be jordan belford who joins us now. I want to talk reddit the trading frenzy we've been saying all throughout the show that the lesson here is the little guy lost and the little guy lost big you with me on this. I don't think it's over, yet it's not middle of the storm to over. Back to another, similar type of short volkswagen that got squeezed through the roof even higher than this, they had this.

You know big shot up, crashed back down, but then, if you look there's even a bigger move that comes after i'm, not saying that's going to happen. I'm saying is these: things have a way of you: they go back down the up. What's called the suckers rally, goes back up and then crashes again kind of more permanently. But again you know who really knows here again.

Stocks eventually seek their fundamental value, which in this case is far lower than it's at, but there's uh wall street back guys, they're they're, uh, they're, they're they're in for the long haul. So it's gon na be interesting all right. What's robin hood's future, i personally, i think it's very bleak. I think that the problem with robin hood is that number one they're gon na get sued by so many people all right team.

Fellow space apes. I know the volume is not the best on it. Basically, the wolf of wall street leonardo, dicaprio, jordan, belfort they're on our sides he's bringing up the previous volkswagen thing. There was a big dip before pop there's, no way that, like you, can't guarantee that that will happen, but we're just looking at a previous pattern in the world of stocks.

History doesn't repeat, but it commonly rhymes. Remember that write that down. It is not my saying i read it in some sort of book. History does not repeat, but it commonly rhymes.

That's just the situation. We're dealing with um, i'm sitting here, uh, i'm down you guys have seen my portfolio. I am down big on gamestop. I am down big on amc, but i'm holding i don't care, i have diamond hands, i will die with these shares.

I will let my call options go to zero. I'm not gon na miss the opportunity, i'm not even saying that the opportunity is likely. I just know i would never ever ever forgive myself if the opportunity, if it becomes real if it um, if these things do short squeeze and i miss it, i would never forgive myself. I can forgive myself for losing money on the situation.

I would rather take my shot and know i miss than not take a shot at all. That's my own opinion. This is not financial advice. This is just what matt coors is doing.

This is just what a fellow space ape is doing. You got to do what's best for you. This is just my own view on it and i think, there's a lot of great people on our side. Dave, porno, elon, musk, jordan, belfort chamath.

Whatever his last name is, i always forget how to say it. It is quite a last name, but my point is: is we're not in this alone look at this chat, you're surrounded by space apes? I i i can't tell you: if we're gon na win, i'm not even saying that it's likely, i just know i'm not giving up without a fight. I will go down swinging if i have to i'm holding the line. These are pure diamond hands.

This was funny. We did see this predicting it diamond hands. Simpsons can predict the literal future. All right.

We have a super chat, hey man, i deposited 9k last week in robin hood. I only got 5k this week. Will i get the rest thanks much love alex. I mean uh robin hood's having the problems.

I can't comment, maybe just maybe they give you a portion of it for instant deposit and they're waiting for the money to hit alex. I don't know the best thing is probably to reach out to robin hood. I'm obviously um like i, i don't work for that company or anything azim uh just became, would you become, became an astronaut welcome aboard more than happy to have fellow astronauts space cowboy spaceship. Whatever you want to be, there is room for you on this rocket ship.

Zeus, gaming uh wait just got back from a work call uh. Actually i haven't addressed the title yet zeus, gaming. Obviously i gave away the big announcement, but i want to um talk about it more, i'm just waiting for more people to uh kind of flow. In so i don't have to like keep repeating it um, it's a new journey for sure and zeus.

I know you're in here day in and day out, your support is incredible. I know there's a lot of people that are in here uh chamath, polyapotia gabriel. Thank you. I kind of slipped my mind.

It's a fun name. Thank you for that super chat, uh, alexandria, lee, i'm with you bro, i'm down 5k, and i don't care to the moon together. Bro love the stream i'm tuning in every day. While i work that's what i'm here for guys, i know a lot of you, whether you're active traders or, if you're, just uh like at work and you get bored of music a bit like you're, just listening some to some guy yelling at a camera in his Basement, that's what i'm here for um we're here for a fun time.

We're here to learn, learn a little bit we're here to form a community a family, i'm very very excited we're about to pass 10k concurrent viewers. Let's keep it going guys we're uh cruising to 2.5 000 likes, let's get up to three or four thousand, if you're watching it. If you're feeling good about the weekend, if you're just having a good time hit that like it'll help out the algorithm, don't forget to join the moon game by hitting the subscribe button, obviously it's completely free hit. It turn on your notifications.

If you want to stay up to date with me, please please someone take it upon themselves as we get close to 69 000 subscribers. Let me know i want a screenshot. 69. 420.

I need to tweet that out. This might be the peak of my life. If i can snag that picture and tweet it out to the rest of the world, i'm trying to do the highlight of like the way they said people peaked in high school, whatever college, my peak of my life will be if i can tweet out 69 420 Subscribers, that's what i'm going for. I know i'm asking for a lot, but i think as a community we can do it um, so nissi 315 just became an astronaut welcome aboard brian.

What is the announcement at three that i heard about? That was actually fake news. Brian uh, it was from 2019 uh. Don't worry about that uh! It was related to amc, but nothing is happening at three. The only announcement is more related to me personally and you could read it in the title of what's going on, but in terms of big announcements related to gamestop and amc.

I don't think that there is anything going on today, guys if you are a member and you have those special emojis, let's get those diamond hands going uh, that's one from one of the artists supporting this channel. We have amazing amazing artists who are down for this cause. Uh, let's give them, let's fire it up, that's from octo design, uh i've showed him on twitter before amazing, stuff german stock news. Gamestock will be a nightmare on february 9th by newsletter to read more bought.

Gamestop stock, instead of ape instead apestrong uh. Thank you for sending that in so what they're talking about is on february 9th uh, which is four days away. Uh. These big funds have to report their current short position.

They have to do that every so often. The next round is feb 9th, make sure you're paying attention to that. Also later in that week, um space virgin galactic ticker symbol spce will have the first human flight we're going to see either massive swing up or massive swing down in sp ce. I think that's on feb.

13. 14. Obviously, when it's happened, we will talk about it. Do you think that the hype wave created a red herring? I don't know uh education, it's all going to be.

I mean you, don't know it's going to be hindsight. It's 20 20 we'll find out more later. Um people made a lot of money. I mean gamestop did get pushed above 500.

It's just a question of: will there be another second wave and will be? Will there be an initial massive wave in amc? Say? Oh sin just became an astronaut welcome aboard happy to have you here. There is always more more room on the rocket ship for people with diamond hands. Mind throwing amc on the minute chart. Please yes, uh as we get in.

I do like to bring it back down in the time just so we can see the minute by minute happenings, as you can see. Overall, it's just been drifting downwards. Here we go, there's like a perfect um trend line that it has been following, and this is what we'll be watching for it to break. I mean kind of a rough drawing, but this is what we're watching.

Let me zoom in on that. I just wanted to get it up there kind of doing it on the fly. When i do my chart analysis on my own, i do really like to like pinpoint it just to have the perfect trend lines, but for the point of this uh, it's kind of like a rough estimate of where we need to get above. This is amc on the bottom gme on the top over here.

I've been using this more as a variable thing. Um for members who are asking for stuff p adams, davis just became an astronaut welcome aboard. Thank you very much eric. Can you look and give an opinion on idex believe it's going to be a great future investment yeah? I love talking about idx.

It was moving to, or yesterday moving more today hit a new high. It looks like it's taking a bit of a breather right now. Um, which is perfectly fine c, the next theoretical technical support will come at 477, which is this high, there's also more support around four dollars, i'm not in idx. I will be watching the four dollar level personally and benny b just became a space eight but diamond handed space ape.

I love it pound that chest for me guys. I can't play music elton john. Doesn't want me to do it, but if you can, you should put on some rocket man right now. We got to get those good vibes flown.

We just crossed 10 000 concurrent viewers, which is an amazing feat for a channel of this size. Remember guys, if you want to be part of the moon game, we are gutting for 69 420 subscribers. Today we are trying to make my social media highlight. If i can get that picture off to the rest of the world, i'm here on my own car accord, so thanks for the live chat and all the supporters rain.

Thank you for that um. You are guys you're surrounded by fellow space apes. You should feel good. This is a very, very inviting community.

It's a great family. I love it david shopping. I miss your super chat. I'm sorry! You guys have to understand that they come flying by i i'm trying to like practice, speed reading on the weekend.

If i miss anything, you guys have to know that i love reading each one um. I try to give everyone a shout out that i possibly can, if i miss it, it's my apologies. Stefan just signed up for the discord stoked to be here. I'm stoked to have you the rest of the moon gang team.

I want to give a shout out to the people who've been supporting me. Um kelsey has been turning all this into podcasting uh. If you guys want this more in a podcast format, uh kelsey has been working day in and day out in the background, app on spotify the links below in terms of more of the technical team. Specifically with the discord you got to give the shout out to don and sean, they have been amazing teammates.

This isn't a one person show i might be the face, but there is amazing, amazing people supporting me and if you happen to be in og, who followed this channel way way way before um, we were even talking about gme and amc before they were blowing up. Your og support is really what made me hear and then everyone who's new supporter is. What keeps me going. Your energy is what allows me to stream for eight hours a day.

Uh i mean before this like. I don't want to really announce it now, but even with my day job up until like now, i was planning in 20 hour days before my normal job. This job sleep was not a thing. The two things that were not an aspect of my life was sleep and selling, and now um, hopefully i'll be able to get a bit more sleep, but selling is still not an aspect of my life.

I just don't even know what it means. Could you take a look at envis thanks for the great streams all week, uh space apes to the moon, jacob? Yes, we can look at envis, we looked at it a bit earlier. Let's give an update, i mean this thing is mooning right now. If you're invested congrats, i want to be the first congratulate you, but please people um, don't chase, don't get, don't be the sucker who's chasing like a tricked into chasing a stock.

If you're in it great follow the trend, let it go. Uh take profits when you think it's necessary, but don't chase this wait to get in that support. The first support will be this previous resistance at 9.50, followed by 8.50. Don't chase this, the the risk reward.

Just, isn't there? It's not in your favor. Think of it of playing roulette at a casino when you play roulette, it's half red half black. You have that green one. Let's forget about the green one! For now, let's say it's: half red half black in situations like this think of it as your mind that there's more color like it's just not in your favor there's more than one color and you're forced to bet on the lesser one.

But if you wait for it to get support, imagine as if there's more black on the roulette wheel, then you can spin it and you're betting on black stack. The deck in your favor, guys, optimize your risk to reward lower your risk. Allow for a massive reward. Um put the stack the deck in your favor nick know, matt learned a lot from you great show, keep up the work good work.

Thank you so much. I appreciate the support. It really does mean a lot to me. I'm more than happy to share my knowledge.

I'm more than happy to like embarrass myself at my expense. Make you guys laugh! That's what we're here we're all here for a good time, good vibes! There's enough honestly, there's enough negative stuff in this world. I don't need to be another doomsday like negative person. I very much believe in positivity and keeping the fun times rolling.

If you want doomsday, you can turn on whatever media station you want. I hate that i think it brings everyone's mood down. It hurts everyone's emotional state once in a while. You just got to take a a breather, laugh, be surrounded, surround yourself by positive people.

Trust me it will make you feel exponentially better. I know we all don't have good days. Surprisingly, i am a space ape, but i'm not saying i have all the the best days i obviously have down days, but as soon as i hit that stream button - and i see this amazing support - it lifts my mood. I hope my energy lifts your mood.

That's what it's all about, let's just keep this going higher and higher gamestop is fighting back lucy in the sky, with diamonds just became a space ape, i hope, the sky with diamonds. I hope you also have diamond hands. I'm assuming you do welcome aboard uh. Speaking of sean, a fellow nasa engineer, he is currently crushing etsy up 70.

This is one of the calls he directly had in the moon gang discord. Sean is printing money for people shout out to sean amazing mod. Thank you dc, guys uh. If you guys could retweet this get this out there and don't forget important information, just tag me, we can bring it up live.

Can i bring up c l s, k, c, l, s, k, c, l, s, k, c, l s, k bullish. I can tell you from the chart already: i am bullish, went up got rejected the found support right, where it previously found support it's kind of building up it just had this nice breakout above the 30. This is a nice risk to reward setup risking five dollars. Potentially getting 12 13.

good setup, i don't know what the company does. I do like the chart. The chart is telling me bullish, um antonio stark, i'm assuming the son of iron man. We would love to have you aboard welcome aboard fellow astronaut, victor great live stream.

Thanks for bringing us this free content, what's your take on vbiv, it has great dd, but it's heavily shorted right now: okay, vbiv vbiv! Let's check it out! Thank you for that super chat. How high do you see zom going now and in the future? Um? I'm just not that expert on pharmaceuticals, so i can't like accurately uh predict like i just don't know how like getting drugs and stuff like approved blah blah blah like really comes across, but i will take a look at the chart for you vbiv right here. It is battling it out at four. It was previously rejected there pre support support.

Clearly, four dollars is an important level if it can get above four, it looks like it wants to track up to like really over five, so vbiv throw it on your watches. Look for a break above four dollars that will be the nice confirmation that you'll be looking for zom zom uh hit off two like just key psychological level: i'm not gon na chase this i mean it had this breakout at 150. That's nice, but be careful of this gap below. We now have a gap from 150 up to 163 and i know it's only a 13 cents gap, but you have to know that market makers love to fill these gaps.

They love to investigate the areas of untested supply and demand, be careful with zom if you're not already in it. If you're in it you're up big money, congratulations shine up those diamond hands for me, get them to sparkle. I want them. Glistening david shopping matt.

Can you take a look at syn? I sure. Can david um my apologies, my sincere apologies for missing a super chat. I never ever intend to do that. Um all right david.

This is for you buddy, okay. So what you're looking for is a break above a dollar. A dollar is a key psychological level. It's been rejected there twice uh.

It did try to get above it previously at 108. So between 1 and 108 there is resistance, but above that i don't see anything. Stopping it from getting to a dollar 70., so just be patient from a dollar to 1.008 um. It is bending up.

I like the pattern of higher lows, but keep in mind penny stocks. Low floats are not my specialty, but from a charting perspective, i'm calling for resistance just overhead between 1 and 108, above that this thing could really start sailing. I hope that helps david diamond hands glistening, that energy that support all right. What's going on with the stars of the show, gamestop amc, they're trading sideways not really doing much jacob just joined uh, the moon gang discord.

Awesome is aame done for no clue. Let's see, nothing's really ever done for in the stock market, um whoa getting crushed. This is what i was telling you guys earlier to not chase because weird things like this happen, i don't know what caused it to go up, but it's clearly getting crushed. It went from 16 down to six uh.

Did we ever figure out why weird stuff was happening with this um? I think it was hard to track down aami uh. It really got smacked i'd, be careful, jimmy short selling off this morning, chances of another i'm i managed to average down and holding um. I don't know if that was shorts or covering or we'll have to do, an update on the short interest like after the market closes. I'm assuming the shorts are still very high on gamestop and amc.

If my gut that's what's like telling me, i have no clue, though uh we can confirm that later after market close over the weekend for sure, obviously i will be doing a ton of research this weekend. I will be back on monday to be here with all of you, okay, so i'm getting from the discord that no one knows why aami pop might have been like some weird. I don't know weird action i'll look into that later dre, maybe maybe dr dre dre or maybe dr jay's son, just joined the discord. Thank you very much.

Uh we're gon na have a good time anthony kern. Thank you for that. Super chat. Olivia lim joining following up.

That is amazing. All right. We are seven minutes away from powwow. Uh can amc hit the hundreds in the if a massive short squeeze were to happen? It is uh possible angelo i'm new here and don't have as much invested as you, but i have in amc is a lot to me and i'm holding to infinity and beyond angelo we're all playing it differently.

Never you can. I've met people with massive accounts that are awful traders. I met people with little accounts that are amazing traders. It's all about their percentage gains their risk to reward management.

Never ever judge someone on the size of their account judge them under their track record. Look at their trades, don't ever feel bad about, like uh the size of your account. We all have our own financial situations, and i just hope that through the stock market, you're improving yours, it's all about it's all about the progress and heading upwards. It's not about a momentary snapshot about how big your account is in the moment.

It's can you grow it. Can you trend it upwards? Can you bring your portfolio to the moon? It doesn't matter where you start it matters where you're going. Thank you for that. Super chat, i hope you crush it brother calvin.

Did you seriously quit your job? Yes, i did. I will be talking. Let's talk about that at the start of power hour in about five six minutes um, i will address what is going on. What is the purpose of this title? I will be addressing that.

I hope you guys are excited. It means a lot for the moon gang guys, don't forget to subscribe. The thing i am most excited about is, of course, that big announcement, but to tell you, i am seriously most excited about of trying to take a snapshot of 69 420 subscribers. Please someone.

Let me know if i'm fortunate enough to get close to 69 000 during this stream. We uh, i will keep refreshing it and take the snapshot right when i need to so we got to run it up to there guys if you're seeing 69 400 just be a bit careful. We don't want to get too overzealous. I'm trying to peak my social media career - i don't know if i'll ever be able to top that moment, roger rabbit.

Thank you. What is the next step for shorts on amc? What do we need? We need more volume. We need more people to buy. It looks like there's something going on with a phillip morris lawsuit not too familiar with that diamond hands.

Randy bo, bandy, randy bobandy, oh god, great name diamond hands, and we also have a new space ape marvin. Thank you. Space, a brother get those diamond hands, shiny, shine them up for the weekend. I hope all of you have an amazing weekend get make sure your hands are as shiny as possible, because then people will come up and ask you um what why your hands are so shiny and then you can explain what this cause is all about all right.

I'm getting reports from all of you guys that we are getting uh close to 69k, so guys, if you want to be a part of this moon gang the big social experiment of, if we can do it um we got to get let's blow it up to 69, 2693 and then we'll try to slow it down and see. If i can get that picture, i hope it's not. I hope it doesn't happen when there's crazy action. Of course the charts do take uh like they're.

They are the priority of this stream mark. What's the benefit of the discord, can you sell me on at 30? Dollars seems like a lot um, so the benefits of it is, i mean you're, seeing how crazy this chat is. The uh discord is more of a finer tuned, smaller community, a lot of back and forth um. It's just more talking, uh like where it's just not so hectic people are bouncing ideas off of each other.

It's a smaller knit community family where we talk, share ideas, teach everyone sharing knowledge, it's a great back and forth. We give each other hey check out. This chart check out this news. It's just a smaller community of space apes that are trying to not only share their knowledge on the stock market, but just trying to learn more um.

I'm not saying that it's for everyone! I don't think that everyone should sign up. It's just like if you want to be part of a smaller community and either help other people, learn how to trade or become a better trader yourself. That's what it's for the sign ups are closing today. I don't want this to be big.

I don't want it to become unruly um. I think there's a lot of youtube financer like in the finance space who are if they go for the cash grab, they're just uh, i don't know like saying, sharing their portfolio, they never engage. I want it to be small, so i can truly engage the other people, the nasa engineers that work with me um. We are hands-on people, so we're trying to keep it small.

So that's why i'm closing it down it potentially will reopen in the future. I just can't guarantee ever win. It will end. After today, lawyers have added six hedge funds, nine brokers and 13 stocks to the robin hood class.

Action names like sil, citadel melvin, capital and maple lane are included, look up, uh prn newswire. Thank you for that um. That is good news to know gabriel. Oh also so uh someone reached out to me if you guys just search matt law, robin hood like there's another class action lawsuit.

I believe it's based out in florida, but just google, that if you want to be part of the robin hood class action, lawsuit, google, matt law, robin hood, you can sign up holy freaking jp, shout out to my brother, manny manny. You and your brother are space apes. I love it p, adam davis, app called voyager by crypto with it when all shut down voyager took all they are traded. Um.

All right, shout out p, adam davis, he's saying uh for crypto uh check out voyager uh. Mr jackson just joined the discord, that's awesome. Fenton just became an astronaut uh. I love this.

These astronauts guys this rocket ship. We might have to call up nasa, speaking of which nasa's shirt represent uh. If it ends up becoming my lucky shirt, i will never ever take it off. I will do whatever i needed if it, if the god above harambe calls on me to push these stocks higher uh.

If that's the good luck by wearing this jacket or my astronaut uh space jacket i'll, do it every day, it'll never come off. My body lily chain just became an astronaut super happy to have you all right. What is going on power hour? Just started ding ding ding, all right, here's! What we'll do? I will have the big announcement related to the title, huge things for the moon gang um. I mean.

Obviously you can kind of assume what's going on, but first, let's do this 69 420 thing uh. We need about 500, more guys if there's 10 000 people watching if you're not yet subscribed. But if you love the moon gang. If you love these shenanigans, if you love the stock market, if you love the community hit that subscribe button turn on your notifications.

When i breach um when i breach the like 69 200 300 - someone, let me know uh community effort going on right now. I want to take this picture. It's going to be funny giovanni ryan. Thank you for the super chat anthony.

Thank you for the super chat or no sorry, not the super anthony tetro just became a space ape. I can sense that your knuckles are glistening with the pure diamond, that you have explain.

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    I just saw a fantastic interview with one of the S3 research partners, Ihor Dusaniwsky, where he explains the short squeezes have NOT happened yet.

    I'm sorry if you covered this already. He says the only reason their newly released GME short interest % looks so low is because they used a different modeling method, which is actually a better modeling method.

    If he used the same method that put it at 140% initially, it would still be close to 60%. On his Twitter, he also goes over AMC.

    He said the GME increase was just due to hype and lots of long positions that lost steam. Also, after Melvin covered their shorts for a huge loss, people could borrow shares again so new shorts were placed.

    A combination of retail investors getting scared/ bored combined with a new bevy of shorts is driving the price down. There could of course be some manipulation going on, but aside from appearances, we can't totally prove that piece. If we focus on the parts we can control the squeeze can and will still happen.

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