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Amc gme new short report crypto rally: bitcoin dogecoin – Matt Kohrs

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We are back for the afternoon session, two hours till the market closes and then, of course, we have the post market trading exciting things, as i was gone for that very very brief hour till ray came down bounced back up currently looking for support at 42.40. I do still have my entire tilray position. I have not sold it. Uh dogecoin is testing the support.

Hopefully this could hold on the bottom and oc ocgn is uh kind of coming down, not like it pretty much breaking even on it uh. As of right at this price level, i'm in at 1280 still have the full position on that. I would not sell on you guys when i am gone um, so i'm very much expecting the volatility in the overall market, whether that's the stock market futures uh, the crypto market, to pick up from now till close. But i think there's gon na be even more volatility from three to four pm eastern, so uh for over the next hour.

It should pick up a bit, but then i think it's going to pick up even more in what's also referred to as power hour um. So, let's get prepared for that! I just wanted you guys to know that i'm not selling anything. I'm still looking at this pattern, intel array of higher lows higher highs. I'm look liking this bounce off of 41.65.

Let's hope that ocgan can come back uh. We really really do need some follow through on dogecoin, but don't forget, ethereum is still above 1750. Bitcoin is a thousand dollars off of its all-time high. I am calling for ethereum to make its way up to 2k bitcoin to make its way up to 50k.

I don't think those will play out today, but i think that we will see that sooner rather than later. I would love love the opportunity to explain what's going on from a bit of a higher view, moon gang it's time. I share why one of my favorite long-term investments apple and then also one of my newer investments that i really really like bitcoin are both about to have a pretty bullish run. In my own opinion on the screen.

Now is apple's daily chart and before i get into a quick technical breakdown of what's going on, i want to explain why i think both apple and bitcoin are going to have a very, very bullish. Uh push in the future apple trades under aapl bitcoin is btc. Bitcoin's at 4700 apple is currently at 136.. Before we do some of the technicals.

Let me go over this article that i found apple can search another 25 by adding cryptocurrency services to its wallet. App according to rbc apple shares can jump higher if the tech giant steps into cryptocurrency market according to rbc. In a note to its clients, the analyst mitch steves lifted rbc's price target for the iphone maker to 171 from 154, implying a 25 increase from apple's close on friday. The target is the highest among wall street analysts right now, wed bush analyst dan ives.

He does have a 160 price target, but his bull case price target is 200. Steve's also maintains an outperform rating on the shares. Rbc sees more near-term opportunity in the company's wallet. App apple has expanded to the app over the years, making its four-way 4a into financial services with the apple card in 2019.

Wallet already contributes to apple's, increasingly robust services business, but an expansion into the crypto sector would make it even bigger boom. Opening the wallet app to purchase the sale of cryptocurrency could cement apple as a leader in the industry and bolster its services revenue guys we talked about it apple just or excuse me. Tesla just announced that it's buying 1.5 billion dollars worth of bitcoin. If more big players, such as apple step into the world, trust me crypto will continue to run.

So not only is this good for the entire crypto market, but i think it's a huge benefit also to apple if they start accepting this in their wallet app. Let's quickly go back to apple's daily chart once again apple trades under aapl. It's currently trading at 136, thus far in 2021, it's up 2.67, but don't forget that it's a massive company and we, if we see this, follow through on crypto, i think it could be very, very good for the stock. Personally, i think it's very, very realistic that at some point in 2021, apple not only gets above 150 but really sales past it.

For a quick recap for all of those of you who are new to any of my analysis related to apple. Let me give you a quick rundown of what's been going on these jail lines are price levels of support and resistance, as in areas that the stock has bounced off of and been rejected by. These balloon lines are just trend lines that the stock has been following and on the bottom here we have the rsi rsi, stands for relative strength index and happens to be one of my favorite technical indicators. Basically, it just maps bullish momentum against bearish momentum when it gets very high.

That's a lot of bullish momentum when it gets very low. That's a lot of bearish momentum. Back in august, late august, early september of 2020 apple ran up to a previous all-time high of 138, and this was on the excitement of the company's four for one stock split. Unfortunately, when that stock split actually went through, there was a pretty notable sell-off from 138.

All the way down to 103., since then, it's slowly been growing grinding, higher and higher. Following this blue trend line, uh leaning into its earnings announcement, which took place back on january 27th, which was the same day as apple, it's also the same day that all that wall street bets news like kind of broke um when their reddit was put into private. But anyway, heading into it, the earnings announcement was amazing. I hit a new all-time high of 145.

uh. The iphone 12 demand is through the roof. They had a revenue of 113 billion dollars. They beat all expectations.

Unfortunately, the stock did sell off. Weird things happen with that: uh, even beating expectations that doesn't directly mean that the stock will continue to run, but i really really like what i heard, which makes me so confident in apple's long-term um outcomes and i'm even more excited now. With this whole bitcoin thing, similar to what tesla's doing, i think it'll be very, very good if they accept bitcoin put bitcoin on their books, but for more of a technical perspective. After this rejection of 145, it sliced through these two trend lines eventually found support in the low 130s and since then uh it has been bouncing.

Obviously, right now it's run into the resistance of this trend line and also this resistance at 138, which was where that was rejected back in early september of 2020. So what i'm saying is, if apple can get above these two things of resistance. I think it's pretty much clear sailing all the way up to 130 145 and then past that i'm looking for 140 excuse me, 150. from this level to get back to that all-time high, we're looking at a gain of 6.37 and then to get up to 150.

That would be a gain of almost 10 percent. Once again, this is the daily time frame for those of you who are more interested in day trading and swing training. Let's check out the four hour chart um. This has a lot of good teaching opportunities.

So from late november it came up and it was really really battling it out at 124. Eventually, the bull camp did win, pushed it up to 129, and then they knocked it back down to 124, where this previous resistance turned into support. That happens. All of the time in the stock stock market, uh support turns into resistance resistance, turns into support.

That's why we're always doing this technical analysis, because we need to know the key price levels that all the stock participants are paying attention to. So after this was turned into support at 124, the stock rallied up to 129. It was rejected that was the previous high from back in september, from there it sold off, and then we got this wedge structure uh shown by this white line and the new support at 126, eventually heading into the earnings announcement. There was a breakout rally to the current all-time high and since then it was rejected on three separate occasions, knocked back down and found support and now we're slowly grinding upward.

So my thesis here is, i love this support. I will be looking to pick up more shares, as close as i can to the support in the low 130s and i'll be looking for a breakout of 139 and then a test of 145.. If and most likely, when the stock breaks out above 145, the chart hasn't developed in this region, we're gon na have to let price discovery play itself out. So we can get a better idea of the support and resistance that lies in this area.

But for more of a key psychological human perspective, i will be watching 150. I think there'll be some profit taking some shorts. Everything of that nature, but above that i think that the stock can really really sell. Uh in my public account, i have apple.

My cost base, this is 131 and then in my private account, i'm invested in apple and my cost basis is 117., so i'm very, very bullish on apple at the moment. I think it has a lot of great long-term perspectives. So with that being said now, let's switch over to bitcoin just to get a better idea of what's going on here, so this is bitcoin's four hour chart uh previously in early january it was rejected at 42 000. Since then it kind of traded sideways.

It was pretty much range bound between 30 and 40, but then on the announcement of what elon was doing with tesla, putting 1.5 billion on the books of tesla. It really skyrocketed it bounced off 38 000 shot pretty much directly up to 48 right now. This is the current all-time high. In fact, let me get a quick price label for that and since then you can see that the rsi was pretty high.

Remember: rsi, relative strength, index, bullish momentum against bearish momentum, lots of bullish momentum, a lot of traders, investors, uh swing traders, things of that nature, uh. They use this as reversion place and what i mean by that is when it gets very high. They look for it to come down cool off a bit so right here it shot up and it came down it's giving the chance the rsi a chance to cool off what i would love to see is it if it can re-test 44 give the rrsi a Chance to come down more into this neutral zone and then i would love a strong bounce off of that and then a rally directly to that main psychological level of 50 000. Overall right now, i am very, very bullish on apple and bitcoin and i'll become even more bullish if apple decides to accept cryptocurrency as payment for its wallet app, so make sure that both of these things are on your watch list.

I hope that helps some of you out moon gang, i'm very, very excited it. I just i wanted to cover that article uh apple bitcoin, looking very, very strong. I hope that helps someone out there previously before all these crazy things were going on with amc and gme. I talked about apple and tess, a lot laying out those price levels, uh always having to teach, but right now, um.

In that meantime, ocgn is showing weakness broke below the support. Dogecoin is uh, found support again for the second time at 675.. Let's see if this can hold um, not dogecoin. It's just trading sideways, not bullish or bearish.

It is neutral on the 15 minute chart ever since early this morning, 10 a.m. It's just been in this range we're either looking for a bearish breakdown, bullish break up till ray. You guys know that i still have that a new position until ray old position until ray um trading sideways, i'm i'm looking for a big push in one direction or the other between now and market closed. If i get a nice bullish, follow-through um, i don't know i might.

I have two calls. You guys know that i might take profits on one and let the other ride we'll see how that goes. Guys, don't forget today, at 4 p.m. We will get information on uh the short interest, but also more important than that is this short.

It's already technically outdated, it'll be the short interest numbers from early february. So it's not like the short interest at the moment so, like i do care about it, i'm assuming that the short interest will still be very, very high, but also keep in mind that it's all it's like already, theoretically outdated, the second that we read it all Right, let's take a quick look at gina's: this is from the discord i'm liking it it just it's not too late, but just be careful of this resistance at 2., like 10 cents higher um, it was support. It was resistance above that, and i think genus could really run it's worth the spot on. Your watches, just be mindful of the 2.30 area um and also know that you're pretty much risking uh two dollars so it depending on.

If you like that as a risk to reward setup, because if it gets above it clearly, genus can really run uh, it has the ability to get up to the high threes uh interesting play uh. Just so, you guys know i'm not in it and also a reminder for this entire stream, not a financial advisor, not a lawyer, not a tax expert. I just share my own opinions, entertainment, education. All right till rate is selling off, not the biggest fan of that hexo.

Another cannabis play uh all right, so the the moment to get into hexo was on the breakout of eight dollars, like we had resistance here. Support eight dollars was the moment. So it's a bit chasing now, uh, if you are in it watch 1080.. You have about another dollar, but there is clear resistance at 1080, so don't chase it if you're in it pay attention to 1080.

um. I wouldn't personally, i'm not gon na hop onto this. Now, just because the closest support is far away, it's a dollar 70 below. I don't like that risk reward, look at tons of bullish momentum, think of it as a pendulum.

When there's that much bullish momentum usually comes back to bearish momentum, very, very overextended in the overbought territory uh, i would have patience and let this chart develop. If i had to guess it's going to most likely find its support somewhere in this lower area below 980. Above eight dollars, so i would wait for that to happen. Uh be patient, let it play out cgc above fifty dollars, love it that's what i was calling for on cgc uh bullish.

I mean huge bullish, upswing um, just let it play out. Let the chart develop. Lots of tailwinds to the cannabis industry at this moment, fuel cell fcel love it um. 28.

Oh f, sell it so i'm in on it uh i've been in on it. I love it uh. Where is my fuel cell right here? I have 28 shares at 18. So i've been in it since late january, i'm up 58, so obviously i'm biased.

But let's take a look at that chart uh i mean at this point it had a bullish breakout above this like megaphone uh. When i say megaphone, i mean these two trend lines that are kind of separating makes a megaphone shape very, very bullish. You don't see the breakouts usually go that way: lots of momentum behind this one uh, i'm just gon na ride the trend. I wouldn't be surprised at some point if it breaks below this trend line or comes back down to at least test it, but for right now, i'm more than happy to ride the overall trend.

Okay, attila ray coming coming in saving me with that bounce okay. So i will yeah okay spend some time discussing screening positions for swings that you look to pick up tonight tomorrow, uh. I can definitely do that, but i can pretty much tell you. Uh tomorrow will be kind of close of a repeat to today i mean um.

The cannabis sector is hot, so i'll definitely be watching that crypto's hot uh, not too much different, um i'll spend more time after the market closes explaining my exact thought process, but what it was yesterday was. It was just what the talk was. It was just what everyone cared about: um they their charts, looked pretty nice like primed for a breakout, and that's ended up like how things ended up playing out so uh. It's gon na be a big repeat, but i just followed what people are interested in and then i look for the nice charts uh that i think i could capitalize on and that's all the the technical stuff that i discussed like throughout the day of hey.

I'm looking for this breakout, or even this right here, i'm looking for support if tilley broke below 41.65 - probably not the best setup, but thus far. It looks like it's going to bounce for the fourth time. So i'm looking for a nice breakout of this trendline and we just like completely rally for the final hour hour and a half of the day. Neo is looking nice um neo, already pushing 62.

neil had a great day, uh, i'm definitely bullish on neo fan of it. Let me go back to dogecoin. I don't like dogecoins at a nice. Let's see if this bounce can hold good bounce thoughts on adx-s adxs uh biotech penny stock, really no thoughts uh.

I there's better opportunity in the market, in my opinion, bitcoin coming back to 47k bitcoin what a strong day trying to get above 47 200.. Do you think uh? What do you think about a call for cgc it 5455 of depends like today was the big action today was the day to make the positions uh so like? If you already had it early today and you're riding it like remember, you don't have to let options like expire. You don't have to let them go in the money. You could just take a a percentage gain in the meantime um right now, it's a little bit.

Chasey but like, if there's weakness into the clothes, and you still think that the cannabis sector will be strong, you could buy it on any weakness today and then hope that either like tomorrow, the rest of the week the week after um. It all depends about your expiration overall, though i i personally like bullish, bets on cannabis right now. Um at that point, then, then you're just targeting support, you're targeting weakness, but don't chase bitcoin coming back tesla's, showing weakness all right, till ray's bouncing right at this price level that we've had marked out since, like actually before noon, the importance of technical analysis. Oh, you guys would not believe what i found out over my little tender break so there i was gearing up for this stream getting some attendees in my system, and i don't know for how many of you people are big fan of girl scout cookies, but those Peanut butter ones, the tagalongs - i just found out that the entire box is not a normal serving size which, like seems crazy to me and arguably maybe more important than what's going on in the entire financial system and stock market.

But i it blew me away. You're not supposed to eat an entire box at one sitting, and i don't know i don't know who i could take this up with. I don't know if i need to write an open letter to the girl scout community. If i can talk to the lead, bakers, the president, but something's going on there, that you are not expected to eat that entire box um blew my mind away if you could grab one stock for 10 or lower and sell it in the next few days.

What would you be looking at uh, i potentially athletic? It doesn't work that way. You can't like really time cap it like that uh and then, with the extra constraint of being below 10 um. It's just like you're, just throwing darts at a dartboard like pure luck. Chris palmer, what's going on buddy all right come on.

Let's bounce dogecoin bouncing liking it. We could actually get another little trendline in here on dogecoin, above that nice uh bitcoin. So around 47 gme amc, nothing coastin all day, boring, boring, boring, watching pain. Try cciv had a rough day, i'm still a long-term investor.

On it i mean it's at 31, we're we're just basically waiting to see if there's an announcement with uh, lucid motors dogecoin, making some moves. Let me know if you're in dogecoin, i want to know your positions guys. Let me know how much you guys have invested in dogecoin myself. I have a thousand dollars a thousand us dollars in dogecoin at uh 38..

I want to know how big you guys are playing dogecoin, small fun position or a medium-sized position massive, like relative to your own account. How heavy are you, betting on dogecoin uh, you like tilray, i mean you're, assuming i like apha. That is a true assumption. Right now, i'm a big fan of the entire cannabis sector.

Uh tilray, i'm i'm favoring more, just because i had that news break this morning and also uh someone uh was reporting that there's a potential for a short squeeze. The short interest is around like 50 60. Something like that, all right, so there's small bets on dogecoin, but then there's also some pretty sizable bets as well someone's in 40k. That's crazy! All right! That's amazing! All right! Well, hopefully it goes higher and higher we're looking for a breakout pretty soon.

What are your thoughts on xingo with their earnings coming up sean uh? Unfortunately, i haven't been following it uh that directly, so i can't really comment on it. Ocgn is oc. Oh look at that spike in amc. What's ocg at 13 woo back in the someone got smacked on amc late late afternoon, moves look at that volatility spike on amc um quickly smack, but it tried to go for that trendline breakout worthwhile to watch same as doge, almost all right guys.

I had some reports over break um of some people trying to sign up with block fi, not working for them. I just updated the link if you guys want up to 250 of bitcoin uh. If you want a new bitcoin bank, i just started with it. Last week they have interest payments loans, it's all bitcoin uh, that's where i've been buying more bitcoin and ethereum, i'm a long-term investor in those two.

If you guys want to check it out, uh the link. It's the first link in the description of this video for block fi, not sponsored by them just an affiliate um. I just started a week ago. A lot of people have been saying positive things.

That's what got me interested in it and now um. It seems to be playing out. Like people are fans, they seem to really like it, i'm just getting started, but if that's something that you're interested in a place where you can safely and securely get bitcoin and ethereum and then earn interest on it just sitting, there check it out. First, link block fi, zero cool, a thousand at uh, four, six, eight holding for that dollar i mean guys, i i know that's kind of the meme thing, but let me know if you think it's more of a joke or if you think doge can actually reach A dollar i want to know um if you're still bullish on doge and like you're, just in it for the fun leave uh an ape emoji, but if you think it could legitimately hit a dollar like i'm saying, like you're, actually waiting for a dollar to hit.

Let me know with a diamond i want to know i mean i would love for it to hit a dollar, but i also know then at that point it would have the same market cap as ethereum, and that seems a reach, but hey. This community is incredibly strong, so once again ape if you're just in it for the fun times diamond, if you're in it, for like actually holding out for a dollar tilray breaking down, not cool, not cool. I like that spike, though, that little pop in amc, interesting, ocg, oops, ocg and moving again: okay, i'm seeing diamonds. Okay, a couple apes! Do you buy doge um? I got actually mine through robin hood.

You can get it on kraken. You can also get it on binance. I believe uh auv. I i could check that out guys i'm seeing legitimate diamonds in here.

I don't know if you guys are like messing with me, but doge, actually just technical breakout down here um. It got above that trend line trading at seven one. Eight. There are people actually like most of you like a high high percentage uh.

There are some apes, but a high percentage of you truly are waiting for that dollar mark, that's nuts! I love it all right. I think i missed the super chat. Let me check that out. How do i buy doors? We talk about that.

The good chat. Thank you jeffrey. You want to know about auvi and fonzie. Soto became a space ape brother pound that chest love to see those diamond hands.

Welcome aboard absolutely love it uh. Let's take a auv man. F fuel cell energy is killing it today, auvi whoa, i mean big announcement. Don't chase this like there's nothing to really base it off of uh if you were in it earlier, the place to get in it was on this breakout of 12.50, don't chase now um big, i'm assuming a big fundamental announcement like shot it up, but uh.

Something has to be going on if you're, not in it, there's better opportunities in the market. If you are in it ride out the gains doge breaking out. All this talk about doge, we are sending it higher and higher tilray breaking down on me. Uh ocgn, going up a bit come on until ray make me proud.

King kong love it ird, and we talked about that. You all um, just really not my specialty irdm. I'm i'm not really playing that one doge coming come and come and come and pushing loving it people buying. I definitely agree that doge will have a big resistance at 10 cents, but man if it gets on the top side of that and people are just like uh.

If it causes a frenzy of buying, it could really really go all right till ray come on. We need the the volume has just been getting lower and lower all day. Where are we at 2 30? So exactly 90 minutes until the market closes james, doge, 10 billion valuation? In the news? That's incredible so, like obviously, we would have to pretty much um come close to more than 10xing that to get it up to a dollar but hey there. I mean the one thing that the wall street bets thing has like really shown us is the power in these movements.

What do you think do? Ddog reports tomorrow, like sound, sounds like doge, lol ddog. I uh elon, i'm sorry, but i don't know i haven't been following it. So it's hard for me to predict um what the earnings announcement will be. Are you holding doge at 10 ronnie? Yes, if it gets up to 10, i'm betting on a breakout then like i'm in at point, whatever three eight or something three, almost four cents at 10 cents.

Yeah i've been on that breakout. I mean i'm here not here for a long time, but i'm here for a fun time. Amc was named in a stock. What does that mean for us? I'm assuming that's one of the analysts uh like they must have like a typical grading system of a to f and a must be really good.

Uh. Don't really know, though who'd you hear that from watching till rehard, yeah uh man - i don't know why. Maybe i'm just being like overly optimistic, but i think tilray can still move into clothes here. The the doge is coming the doge, the dogs are about to be let out we're about to have a second breakout above this and then the party is fully back on uh.

Let's see guys we're seeing the breakout in real time, you guys better, be feeling good. I know there's a lot of doge investors. Can anyone confirm for me in the chat anyone interested in signing up for blockfy if the new link words, whether in the youtube tab discord, chat, someone that wants block fi that bank with bitcoin uh? Let me know if the new sign up is working. I want to make sure i got that all fixed and squared away tilray is coming up to now test 4165.

This previous support may be acting as resistance watch that this resistance down here in doge at 742 is still acting as resistance, let's hope for a breakout ocjan. All these ones are sitting at resistance right now. We're about to see some movements we're getting some quick updates in the discord chat that um. It is now official that amc is the largest, as in most popular holding on robinhood lots of people still in on amc.

I take this as a good thing, honestly uh. It shows that how many people out there have diamond hands. They are supportive of the space ape community. Okay, tony green waiting on block five verification.

Tony. I really really appreciate that if you go through with it, could you just dm me on twitter or something if you guys ever need to reach out to me at matt underscore course same thing on instagram uh? Definitely the instagram's brand new, i'm gon na work to be more active on that hang on just missed the super chat. How trustworthy legit do you feel anchor usd? Is they have doge trying to get out of rh thanks for all the knowledge and time jason? Honestly, i can't speak to the legitimacy of anker usd um right now. The main uh, i guess like crypto backer i've been like messing around with, is block fi um.

I just don't know about anchor and i don't want to steer you in the wrong way. Could you recommend any hardware wallets for crypto um? I can't i actually don't have my own wallet like all mine are selling like hot storage, um like a little bit of cold storage, but, like i haven't taken any offline, i know there's pretty solid youtube videos of people talking about like the best places to store It hang on someone just said something about block fund. I missed it shoot if you just had to come. Uh block fight is gucci gravy, tavin stoney um that that's good to know.

Wayne just became a space, save all right, till ray come on all right. So apparently something's going on with naked. Let me pull it up. Uh nakd nakd oh enter here.

Let me get up the volume, so the volume is still relatively low, uh huge spike. Now it's just consolidating. It needs to get above this like dollar 40 to 1.50 area, for the bulls to be happy, and it needs to break below like 94 to like 74, for the bears to be happy it it's just kind of trading sideways. On this four hour chart i mean you could take a stab on a break above 128, but there's resistance like not even 20 cents above uh be careful with naked uh.

I mean obviously i can't guarantee, which way it's going to go, but it's just not my play at this moment in time. Doge rejected for the second time here. But let's see if it holds okay, borgin uh, you just signed up for block fi and it went smooth okay, so it seems like people are now being able to sign up with that black file link. My apologies for before um, i'm just new to it.

I just got uh everything verified some money sent in um and also just depending on just so. You guys know, depending on how much you deposit you can get up to 250 dollars worth of bitcoin. I don't know the minimum off the top of my head, but there's a minimum where you get like 10, so not that bad uh and hey free, free uh bitcoin could could be a good trade in the future. All right, we really need till ray to act.

Its age and grow up amc back at 5, 45 gm he's still at 49. Those two meme stocks are having a rough day and dogecoin, i would say, is having better than ref day. We have this breakout. I just want to see follow through above seven.

Three. Nine right here, it's testing it. It's battling it out right now. Ocg is coming back down until race, coming back down, cgc uh, actually below 50, but it hit 50.

That's what i was calling for we're just looking for a pretty strong, close uh we're not even in power hour. Yet we have about 20 minutes of power hour. I will be discussing the si report when it comes out. I don't know if it comes out at 4 pm, eastern or 4 30..

Does anyone know the time that the short interest report comes out? Anyone in the discord actually charlie uh? No, i i put on the sweater because it's very very cold. I couldn't find another one had too many tendy sauce all over it everything's just dirty, i'm just waiting for my nasa jacket to come. It should be coming um at the end of february and then i'll be nice and warm charlie. I promise i'm not happy about this.

Either money in transit, uh super linville, great okay, it's good to see that people are coming through with uh. That sign up awesome. Do i recommend trading view? Yes, so uh! This is tradingview, hey man! What's your name uh vella, vellup uh, anyone who's interested this software right here is called tradingview. There's a link below it's just.

I think i called it trading software or something you can get a one month free trial. So you could try it out risk-free for 30 days and after that i think it's like 15 bucks a month 50 cents a day uh. If you enjoy it, if not just cancel the trial, no harm, no foul fidelity is calling margin on gme. Just so everyone knows.

Okay, it looks like the report's coming out at 4. 4. 30.. I just kind of uh forgot, which one that was yes, i will be covering the short report, but keep in mind that it's like kind of already out outdated data as soon as we get it, it's data from early feb.

It's not necessarily what we're at right. Now, if you guys could do me a huge favor just to um really appease this youtube algorithm, if you guys could all hit a like there's five thousand of you in here, if we could get up to two and a half thousand likes, that would be greatly Greatly appreciated, we have been getting absolutely destroyed with the algorithm this week, for whatever reason who knows, maybe i just need to make better content uh, but in the meantime, if you're having a fun time, if you're making money, if you love the space community, if you Like the moon, gang drop a like hit the subscribe button, what's your call? What's your call until right guys, i will show you my calls on tilray. I have two one for feb 19 at 40. The other one is for feb 26 at 32.

uh. The one i got today this morning is still up 100, the one i gave live in this stream. Well, i guess in the morning stream already up 100 you guys could have doubled up your money um. The other ones up, almost 400 percent - could have quadrupled up your money till ray big fan of it liking the chart liking.

The push of the industry seemed like easy money to me, and that was just my thesis and it came true. Sometimes it doesn't and those are the times you just have to cut your losses quickly. All right, we already have some of those greg bots going off again. You know you made it when people go out of their way to like spam, you with bots like real, makes you wonder what their life's about ignore the greg's guys they feed off of attention.

Most of them are just dumb bots, the subs are removing them. Hey all you, people are subscribing right now. I appreciate that. Oh actually, i think, um, i think we're closing in on 75k.

Someone just said that i think i'm at 74, something so be uh cool. If someone can just. Let me know if i'm fortunate enough to hit 75k in the stream. I would love to celebrate that milestone with all of you uh.

If someone could just. Let me know about that, we're just this um this community, these bots, are just insane sorry. I just went through and removed, like five of them, sorry for going silent there for a second um. This moon game community is amazing, justin opinion on sndl at this point liked and subscribed youtube's been blowing it um right now.

I really am like. I can't comment on like the day-to-day, like in um intraday trading on all of these, but as a whole, i do think that they're good holds so like if you're in sndl uh. If i were you, i would just hold it. I had a nice breakout uh today, i'm in until ray uh.

I like cgc, i like apha. I think these things are just going to track higher and higher. Just like i mean guys remember, i could be completely wrong. I'm just trying to read.

What's on the wall, there's a big push. There's excitement in the industry. Uh, there's like a big political push to like be supportive of it seems smart to me to be invested 74k, oh zach uh, so people are saying that my information on naked was wrong, that it wasn't showing it right. Let me pull it up on this chart.

Oh okay, yeah! No, it is looking better. I mean guys, keep in mind. The volume is still relatively low, like this volume spike's lower than like the couple days but um. It is looking good, it's still at 120, but there's still quite a bit of resistance.

Overhead doge got smacked at that resistance for the second time, but it still did have this nice breakout. So let's see how this goes: tilray downward trend ever since what was this? Uh 1 p.m. Pretty much uh iota. Let's take a look at iota.

Oh another um! Crypto, what's going on in this one, i mean this is just bearish divergence that i've talked about before this. The crypto went higher, the rsi didn't bearish divergence. This is commonly sign of like it needs to decline, or at least consolidate to give the rsi a chance to cool off. So, just let this play out and look for support if things get bad look for support to be found at 62 cents.

That's how i would play this one, but this is the first time i'm hearing about it. I don't really follow that crypto, i'm mainly following bitcoin ethereum and dogecoin right now, speaking of doge nice, it looks like it's going to come test 7386 again. What's amc doing amc 550, not much dme49 guys. Both of these stocks have not really moved today.

They're just trending sideways uh. I think people are probably waiting for the short report that will be coming out um today, doge is right here, doge. We were just waiting for this test. This test will happen.

We just need to see who wins the fight, the suits or the space apes um. How long should we hold cgc, i mean for me. I i think it's a pretty solid, like multi-month, potentially multi-year hold cgc is like one of the main cannabis plays right now. So if you think that the u.s government will continue to be supportive over, like the next two four, how many every years um, i think you could hold it for that long, like i think, if you have enough patience, i think one day 50 will actually be Cheap for the stock right now we're at it it's making new highs, but like as more and more states legalize it as the federal government legalizes it all.

These stocks will go high. It's just like a matter of like your patience. In the meantime, all right dogecoin still battling it out right here, till rate coming back uh, two different trend lines going on until rate it's battling at the one right now that started at uh was at 2 pm. So about 45 minutes ago we've had this channel.

Just so, you guys know okay teaching, moment of the day downward channels like this, when you see like two parallel lines coming downward, that's referred to as a bull flag. It's opposite of what you would think could be downward is called a bull flag, an upward channel. It's called a bear flag, so this downward channel is called a bull flag and that's just because they commonly break upwards. But what's tough about it? Is you just never know how long it's going to build out, so this channel could build for a while as in down down down, but eventually you're going to look for a breakout on top on, like this top trend line.

So right now we are in a bull flag. I'm expecting a breakout, it's just a question of when um i don't know. If it'll come now, it could come later when the stock's even lower uh. I just want to teach that technical thing that this, what you're, seeing from basically over the past 45 minutes until now is a bull flag, all right and speaking of breakouts.

Look what just happened. Um don't put that much emphasis on it. It's not really confirmed we're. Also, just on the one minute chart, but it's it's a trend line.

We haven't been able to get above in almost an hour. So it's something but let's see if it holds i'd like a nice volume, uh follow through on it and really blowing through 41.65 right here, ocgn coming back testing it out at 13 20.. So there's interest picking up, but i think more volume should be following through in about 10-ish minutes where power hour starts. Vsd matthew, if you happen to have any inside info inside your cardigan regarding a crypto app with no to low fees with many many coins to move my rh funds to that would be tremendous um, so it doesn't have many many coins.

But right now i am on the block five thing: um. You can check that out. Uh, it's the first link uh. I don't know what coins you specifically have uh.

You can see if they support those. I know they support the main ones. So it all just depends on like what your crypto investments are looking at at this moment, but you could also check out coinbase. You could check out gemini uh, the main ones i have right now are just in block phi.

As of now uh. I want to see how tilbray plays out you guys will know if i sell or hold, obviously i'm making that public same with ocgn uh. You guys are here as i'm doing it. What software is this? This is training view uh.

There is a link for this. In the description of the video, you could get a free month trial after that it's like 15 bucks a month, pltr, oh good question pltr is moving today. Pltr is having a great day data analytics company just ipo last year, um biggest customer is the us government. In my humble opinion, pltr is a great long-term hold another competitor to it is snow that one's like backed by warren buffett, another solid one, all right, any breaking news we need to go over.

Did you guys send me anything of interest uh? How do you get the other lines on the chart showing resistance trying to use trading view so on training view? Like all these lines, these trend lines and everything i just drew myself uh, i don't. If you i think it's all h. I just have the hotkey setup, so if you're on a mac uh all h, hey go. Let me try it here, yeah all eight uh, but you could also do it over here.

Uh, maybe one day, if you guys, are interested enough, there's like all this trade uh like uh all this stuff, you can draw, maybe i'll do a quick video on just like a crash course on how to use this. But really you just come to the second icon down, come over to horizontal line vertical line. Whatever you want parallel channels, you could do a ton of drawing stuff and you could write text. You can there's so much.

You could do toray. This is how i feel about tilray, except i don't want that red. I want it green bam. It has to come true now that i drew it.

My point is: is that there's a lot of stuff you can do amc still at 550, gme at 50, pretty much the same thing doge as of now rejected at seven three, four ocn struggling till ray struggling man. All three are struggling at resistance as we're heading into power hour. We have about eight minutes until that starts um, we'll see how that goes, all right. What is going on rejections across the board on these time frames that you're seeing um ooh till ray till ray making a move.

I mean obviously got above this trend line. We were talking about that being a bull flag. I could get rid of that for now. Really, i'm watching this area 4240 slash this white trend line.

This is what i want to see broken right here. I'm expecting resistance. I want to see artillery reacts to it, doge fighting it out. Maybe i should get more drawing.

This could be an arts and crafts session. Could i check out zoom sure zoom trades on the ticker zm video conferencing software on the daily chart had this pretty nice breakout, so for quite a while i mean i was in on zoom. It was following this downtrend breakout came down pretty much reaffirmed this resistance, which then turned into support, and since then it's been off to the races. I would look for the next stop to be pretty close.

To 490 i mean there is a gap fill up to 460., so first watch 460, which is this gap, fill market makers, love to fill these gaps to test the untested areas and then pass that if you can fill the gap and keeps running watch 490 and Of course, pretty close by you have that key psychological area of 500. overall uh this chart is telling me to be bullish on zoom moon gang all the way green lantern avya nvya. I mean it's at a new all-time high uh. So don't chase this be careful.

It might do a gap fill back down to 26 past that 25, 24 50. uh be careful, don't chase if you're in it. Congratulations ride the momentum, but this is not the time to hop into it at least not how i trade all right. Some questions.

Let's check out snap and neo: let's first do snap snap love this trend on snap uh looks to be pretty bullish, a nice so remember, these upward channels are called bear flags and that's because they break down, but the channel can build out for quite a while. So just be careful at every test of this bottom trend line, but for now it would be extremely bullish if it can break out out like above, but look at this. It has gone higher and higher and higher, but the rsi hasn't. This is a lot of divergence.

This is not the time to get into snap if you're in snap continue to ride it, but from a technical perspective uh, the momentum is shifting from bullish to bearish, so be careful with snap neo. Oh, this is great. I wish i got in on neo. I didn't have enough capital - i i was talking to you guys this morning about this balance, how you're risking 54., it's already trading at 62.50.

The next stop is 64.50. Paser is 67, then a new all-time high. I honestly honestly think it's just a matter of time before neo makes a new all-time high. I mean beautiful breakout.

If this trend line breakout can hold. I am bullish on neil i'm bullish on the ev sector looks good to me ocgn, making a move down here. If you're still in it till ray battling it out at 41.60, i don't know why this price level has become so important. It just has a big battle going on there, all right, all right, tilray.

Finally, moving in my favor, the market gods shine down upon us guys. I have this region in the red because it will be resistance. William steinbach recommendations for investing in kryptos, yes block five first link in the description: let's go, we got into that region of resistance. Let's see how it plays out dogecoin to two dollars.

I, like the enthusiasm guys, if you want to be a part of the moon gang today, is the day. Hopefully i can publicly celebrate with you hitting 75k subscribers. If you want to be a part, a quick reminder just hit the subscribe button turn on your notifications switch it to always guys. I am here day in and day out, uh.

This is what it's all about. Technical analysis, fundamental analysis, the breaking news, sharing ideas overall, just having a fun time. Some people love my girl scout cookie, jokes, other people hate them. I don't know what side of the fence you're on, but um.

You don't have to pay any extra for that extra entertainment. I just do that for free at my love for girl scout cookies. Thoughts on neo bullish, the doge gang the doge gang is very much part of the moon gang. It turns out guys if you're in uh alice, elise m.

Sorry, you sent su two super chat. It's my like. I, i must have missed them. Alice m um here, i'm paying attention for your name.

If i can catch it in time, ask me your questions again. Um trying to catch it, alice alice, where is where are ya all right. We're tilray's in this region of resistance dogecoin is getting knocked down. Oh we're tilray, making the move, making the power hour move ding, ding, ding power hour just started time to make cash.

Those checks on crypto and on cannabis, um gme, is actually making a move. Coming up to 51. amc is still stalling out at 5.50 they're having an awful horrible day, amc's down 10 percent jimmy's down 15. It just is what it is bad day.

Please look at sing. Okay will do uh, not missing at this time. Andrew just became an astronaut welcome aboard brother uh. Let's look at sing, it looks like tilray is moving, though sing uh.

This is an otc sub penny stock penny stock, seven cents uh. You would be chasing at this point. The closest support is down here at three cents. That is the point to get in.

That's what, like the risk reward setup is not here right now and overall guys. My biggest suggestion is to avoid these ones right now, it's sitting at this resistance that we saw back in november of 17. The next is, if it keeps going, is about a dollar, but trust me, there's better opportunities in the market till ray right now is in this resistance. Um dogecoin got rejected here.

I would love to see another test of this before the quote-unquote. Normal stock market closes. All right, uh silvergate capital s, i what are your thoughts? I have currently 300 investing at an average cost of 109.. Let's check that out guys.

Let me know if the an additional breakout comes, but i am expecting resistance right here. That's why it's in red red is bad um, oh testament. I hope you're just doing this to brian could drop like a stupid amount of money, congrats um! Let it ride ride this momentum out uh. Your closest support is at 130.

This gap fill right here. So watch that support and in terms of resistance, let it go higher and higher watch the key cycle: psychological level of 200. I have no clue what's going on with silvergate uh, but from a technical perspective the rsi is getting a bit over extended. I wouldn't be too worried about that.

Just watch. This gap fill down to 130. tilray rejection number one in that region. All right.

We're going for test number two test number: two: let's count it down team. The way we count down our rocket ships taking off this is test number two, let's see, let's see plug power is looking strong today. I 100 agree with you. Test 2.

Thus far is a failure. Oh bitcoin is on the move uh. Maybe i should throw bitcoin up here, bitcoin, making some moves back potentially to its all-time high. This is what i'm talking about so right here.

You see how bitcoin up up up rsi down down down and that led to this period of consolidation, this divergence. What i mean by the divergence, it's bearish divergent bitcoin, higher rsi, not higher, that's, not a good mismatch. It means that there's less bullish momentum here than there was here, and here this is a great technical tool to know i feel like hey. Maybe i shouldn't chase this top because it led to this sell-off consolidation.

It found support around 46 000. Now that the rsi is more so neutral, it has enough momentum or enough, like open range ahead, to not only come up and test 48 000, but to potentially run to what i'm calling for of the main key psychological level of 50 000 bitcoin hitting 50 000. Will cause so many people just to go bonkers? I think that we are heading for that very soon. Dogecoin coming back down lkco.

This is a request. Lkco lkco, um lkco. I mean right here. Double rejection and a dollar be careful, don't chase it.

People like it needs to break over a dollar for it to really do something past that it looks like the nest. Stop would be like 123. guys. You got to understand these like otc penny stock.

Things they're just not really where it's at i mean if you can make it work, congrats uh, maybe you could teach me a thing or two. I just think, there's better overall opportunity. I mean look at this till ray uh. It's just better! It's also moving today.

Um, i understand how attractive penny sucks can be because we're all looking for those percentage gains but like, like, i just think it's way way too risky. What are your thoughts on ethy, which holds ethereum uh miles? Thank you for that super chat. I am bullish on anything that holds ethereum. I have a long-term bullish outlook, guys break out on tilray pound those chests.

We are going to the moon, double breakout region of resistance, trendline blah blah blah, whatever resistance words, i can say as long as this holds. We are looking for a pretty spicy power hour. Get those tendies ready, vicod uh did i talk about the books guys if you're in the discord i'm gon na, spend you uh like send you a second list that'll come tonight, i'm gon na have like a special posting in the discord. Uh cipher workhorse is moving.

My thoughts on into the 40s um workhorse - i am bullish on, i think it'll go higher and higher, especially when, like i mean i can in no way guarantee this, but i think there's a good chance that workhorse wins the usps contract with the u.s federal government. I think it will get that contract, so i'm very excited on it. Okay, morgan. What are my thoughts on ecor? My apologies for missing your super chat.

Ecor um, i don't know it's kind of in no man's land. Obviously, there's resistance at three dollars. There's more resistance. At 330., your closest support is coming at 2 30..

The risk reward, at least in my mind, my ape smooth mind is just not there. You know where it is at it's right here at this upcoming uh 43. 40.. Let's watch out on tilray did i just hide? Oh, i did hide it.

My apologies, let's get more interactive with this. Drawing now that we're above it, let's see if it can turn into support and obviously support, should be green, no supports ever read that just doesn't make sense. Now it has to be support. I colored it green.

It's just rules of training whenever you color your rectangles is what's going to happen all right. Let's keep going atos five, seven check it out, uh all right. Let's check out atos one of your space, a brethren uh look for the gap fill to 3 30.

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