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Amc gme short report market reaction crypto rally: doge army to $1 – Matt Kohrs

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Space Apes + Doge Army,
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Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, wherever you are, i hope you are having a phenomenal day, because it looks like it's going to be an amazing day in the stock market. I'm very excited. I have my nasa shirt on. I am ready to go uh.

We have a lot a lot of things to talk about. The amc. Jimmy short interest report came out, we'll be going over that we're going to be looking at their graphs, um tilray, the cannabis sector as a whole, specifically tilray. The plays that i've been personally taking uh on the live stream over the past two days are really really paying off we'll be looking at tilray.

Very excited for that and of course we have dogecoin bitcoin ethereum crypto is hot lots and lots of things to go over um no sense in uh beating around it. Let's hop right into it, and yesterday we were expecting to hear these numbers around 6 p.m. End up getting reported very, very late, but the short interest on amc is 15.7 um. I am seeing kind of different numbers across the internet right now i am uh personally trusting in finra it's 15.7, but keep in mind right now.

Uh this is february 10th. This was reported on february 9th, but the information is from early february, so it's already outdated. I would bet any amount of money that the short interest we're seeing right now on amc and jimmy, is very different than these reporting numbers. Just keep that in mind also, i want to clarify uh.

When i was reading over some of the chat yesterday, there seems to be a little bit of confusion between short interest and short interest ratio. So let me quickly clarify that short interest is the percentage of outstanding uh flow free float, whatever you want to call it the outstanding shares, but the percentage that people are actually shorting uh and then short interest ratio, which is also known as days to cover, is Kind of an assumption of it takes how many shares are being shorted and then it's looking at the average volume traded per day. I think it's over the past three months and it's a rough assumption of how long it would take for all the shorts to cover their position if they decided to so, if you see a short interest ratio of like two point something 2.3, it's a rough assumption That it would take 2.3 training days for all the shorts to cover that doesn't mean they have to or anything, but there is a difference between short interest and short interest ratio. Short interest ratio um.

I was originally taught it as days to cover uh just a little bit of terminology, so anyway, uh amc, it's being reported as 15.7. No way it is way higher right now. I would bet any amount of money on it in terms of gme uh 78. That might be roughly true to where we are now.

I just want to get that information out there, but remember it is already old. The number was reported yesterday, but it is rep, even though it was reported yesterday. The information is from early february, so we'll see how this plays out. These are good numbers to know about, but i'm a little hesitant in really putting too much weight on it.

I would rather see how the price action plays out in the market, speaking of which, let's go over some bigger time frame charts. This is amc. This is the 30 minute chart um. What i wanted to point out is we've been following this trend line.

We haven't broken above it, but now the it's going to be the make or break it point today, uh right now we're trading at five dollars and 68 cents in pre-market. The first thing i'm looking for is the test of six dollars. I want to see if the space apes can win this or i want to see if the suits are going to reject it there so watch six dollars. That is very important.

It was support two days ago, uh on monday and it finally broke down. I want to see the test there past that we have 650 and uh. Things could get pretty bullish from that point, but keep in mind if we have a breakdown of five dollars. That is very, very bearish.

So the first things i'm watching are just those dollar values five dollars. I want to see if the bulls can hold that and six dollars. I want to see if the bears can hold that uh. So it's five and six, let's see how that plays out the other one is of course gamestop ticker symbol, gme.

So the thing i wanted to point out here, obviously we know about the first phase of this short squeeze right now, it's at the support we have. This trend line around 50 yesterday came under it, but then, by the close, it retook it. So i'm very very much looking for the space apes, your fellow space apes, to hold 49 50 51.. I don't want to see it much lower than this if it goes lower uh, i think that's just opening, potentially up a drop say back down to 40 dollars and then past there thinks you're really really ugly.

As a quick, quick reminder for all of you, beautiful people, i am in on amc gme, i have shares on both. I have amc calls right now. That position is losing me a lot a lot a lot of money. Fortunately, though um we have been lucky enough to hop on this cannabis industry rocket upward, and two days ago i bought my first tilray options.

Uh yesterday i bought some more i've been live streaming that obviously post market pre-market. It is just absolutely ripping. Yesterday, you guys were asking me if tillray could hit 50. I felt very confident about that.

During the day my call on cgc canopy growth company was 50. It hit that i believe it's also a big pre-market. 52. It hit 55.

um. My big watch for today, of course, we will be watching amc and gme to see how it reacts to those levels of support and resistance, but i'm very much expecting um some excitement until raid. That's the one i'm in, but i'm expecting excitement in the entire cannabis industry. So if you guys are posting any questions about cannabis, like my inherent knee-jerk reaction is to be bullish on it.

Um of course, i'll be showing you my portfolio. If i make any trades throughout the day, you guys will know i do it live, i'm not trying to hide anything um. So some of my biggest watches today, of course, amc gme. We are going to be watching tilray, the cannabis industry as a whole and then beyond that um.

When i was doing some chart reviews last night, i think that uh, neo and io the eevee, plays in an interesting spot same with plug pl ug and also actually alibaba, that's kind of the chinese e-commerce goliath. I think it's being forgotten about, but it's coming up on an interesting point, so we will be checking uh those positions every once in a while and for those of you who've been staying up to date with me, ocgn, i'm still in on it. I haven't sold that position uh. I just want to see what it goes like once again, guys i'm not a biotech pharma expert at all.

I just like the chart. Since then, it's been selling off a bit, i'm hoping that it can find support between 11 30 and 1060.. I want to bounce here. If not, i will have to cut it as a loss uh.

Just so you guys know, but i'll keep you updated on it. I'm not making any trades without like making it very publicized um beyond that, though, we do need to talk a little bit about what's going on in crypto, so the situation with doge hasn't changed guys. I put the resistance, the support it's been following it. It's just trading sideways.

We either need a breakdown or breakout. This is what we're watching in doge aetherium sold off a little bit in the overnight session, but it is coming back to tess uh 1770. After that, i am looking for 1825 very similar to bitcoin bouncing off of 45 000 coming back um. It didn't really have a successful second attempt of 48 000, but mark my words sooner rather than later.

I'm looking for bitcoin to hit 50k and i'm looking for ethereum to clear that 1825 area and most likely make a track up to 2k. I am a long-term investor in ethereum bitcoin i own both uh and i'm currently riding the uh dogewave. I am a member of the doge army. That's what today's thumbnail is all about.

I'm very excited um. I can't guarantee if it'll hit a dollar share, but hey i'm here for the fun to see if we can get it that high very, very excited on that. Um, all right, so that's what's going on with this. Oh, i almost forgot some huge, huge new news for crypto guys.

This is massive right here. The financial guru of them all lindsay lohan bitcoin to the moon. I don't know what other type of finance person you want to get their opinion on it, but when lindsay lohan tells you something about a cryptocurrency, it makes me feel way better. I want to be on the side of lindsay lohan.

We all know that she knows the limit does not exist. I feel extremely extremely confident in bitcoin and crypto as soon as this news disseminates throughout the world um the bitcoin might go too hot. We all might have too much money. That's my biggest concern is, i don't know if i have a bank big enough for it.

I don't know what's going on, but i think my life might be forever changed. Seeing how high bitcoin goes so be careful for that um worthwhile financial advice. Of course, i'm not a financial advisor, i don't know if lindsay lohan is, but she is spitting straight facts for all of us all right and of course, throughout the day, if you have any information to send my way at mad underscore course same thing on instagram, The instagram is brand new uh, just so you guys know so if, if there's breaking news and we need to go over it, uh that's one of the best things we could do for the live stream, all right so uh. I like this bitcoin's coming back up.

It would be nice if you could get back up to this 47k area. Uh tracking, up to some resistance, though right at 46.80, is like the main one, i'm watching all right, good man till ray uh. Let me know in chat of course, so i have amc. Gamestop on the bottom, i want to see how they open uh.

Once again, i am in ocg and still um, but till ray is the money maker of the day. I think cannabis. Industry uh, i mean it's. It's hitting a new high.

My here i'll show you my positions until ray. First one, forty dollar call uh strike price of feb 19.. So i still have time as of now before we have this massive run-up, i'm up 116. I think it's gon na run even more.

My other one is a 32 call for feb 26. A lot of time on that that's up 400 percent, be before today's run-up um just making back some of those current losses on gme amc. I really shouldn't call them losses because i haven't sold yet, but some i'm making up some of that current drawdown um. Let me know if there's breaking news, that we need to go over at this moment in time.

Very, very excited for the market open today. Make sure you're putting some of those cannabis plays on your watch list, i'm expecting some nice nice volatility. I mean look, it's gon na be an awesome day. Uh, don't sleep on neo! I need to move neo up.

I think that's gon na have a great day. Uh cciv, i know people were talking about that. We're waiting to hear if they somehow get a uh like close. The deal with lucid motors plug is on my watch list for a continuation in its breakout and don't forget about baba.

All right. Ccib fell off a little bit in after hours. Cgc is looking good neo neo the fact that it got above 60 61. I really really like its daily chart right now.

Actually, let me see if i could bring that up for all of you before the market opens this charting software, that i'm using is um. It's called trading view. There is a link below if you use that affiliate link you'll get the first month for free uh. After that, it's like 15 bucks a month.

So here's what i've been watching in neo uh. I really like how it found support where it was previous resistance in the 54 to 55 area, then from there we got above this resistance at 61, a break above this trend line if it can hold above this trend line very, very bullish, uh. If the opportunity presents itself, i will be looking for to pick up. Some shares maybe buy some call options.

I'm really really liking. This breakout. I just want a little confirmation - maybe a nice spike in volume that it can hold and from there i think neo is off to the races once again uh same with plug i'm looking for plug to get above basically 70.40. Something like that.

I just want to break out right above um. I don't know why my hotkeys are not working right now. Huh hang on. Let me see if i can fix this, i'm having an issue with my hotkeys interesting sorry, my apologies, but anyway plug above 70 dollars.

70. 50 cents, i think it could really go a big fan of the ev sector right now. The esports sector uh the cannabis sector, throw those on your watch list. I think they have a quite a bit of potential all right.

We are here on neo. Let me switch over to tilray till rate at 60 guys. We need a special special alert for tilray um. I know there's a lot of interest in amc.

Gme, i'm not going to forget about those but um. You also got to go where the money making opportunities are and right now till ray is in pure beast mode. Marshawn, lynch beast mode, that's all we're dealing with with tilray. Oh, that is a great call.

I almost forgot guys. What's better about, tilray is um. It has a high short interest, so not only is it in a sector, that's being benefited by the us government at the moment, um, but the short interest is actually higher the things that the most up-to-date things i'm reading it's more than 20. So we're now dealing with a sector, that's getting support from the u.s government.

They just had to deal with the uk to bring medical marijuana there and the short interest is high um. I can't guarantee any special short squeeze or anything, but a storm is brewing for till right. The people who have been shorting it i'm expecting a nice nice pop um, maybe i'll, take some profits, maybe i'll take all of my profits and then just roll it into a complete lotto play on tilray. That would be a perfect way to make up some of my losses on amc.

Gme very excited all right. Sorry, i i know i missed some of these super chats damon. Please look into mrgf huge news. This am um regarding a graphite mine.

That's a otc stock! Really i can't offer too much information on that check out. Marketbeat.Com, more institutions bought amc, gme and amc. Yesterday i was seeing that dominic's. Thank you for returning love to see you in here brother.

I know you're in here day in and day out, i saw a little bit. I didn't know. People were buying up jimmy, but i saw that people were uh, getting more amc, which does make me more confident in my uh long-term thesis on amc. I have 1k.

I want to grow today. If it was you, what do you think may grow today that i can bet on um in me, like i don't know if you're like looking for a um like a higher risk to reward play or slow growth, um high risk to high reward at this point, Uh, like you'd, probably want to be in the options market. If you want a slow and steady grinder, like i said i personally, like neo setup, i like plug setup, i like baba's um, i think, all of those as long as they can get over this next level of technical resistance. They could uh have a pretty solid day week month, um guys uh from my fellow doge army.

Oh, i almost completely forgot. If you are a member of this youtube, i uploaded a new doge emoji. Please show that off guys if you're a youtube member. If you hit join, if you're an astronaut or space ape, you will have access to it.

Uh please show off that duoj emoji uh it cracks me up every time. I see it, but doge trading sideways. We either want to break down break out kind of the same with ethereum kind of the same with bitcoin uh. We're waiting for some big moves in that i think, as the market goes um too late for a till right entry.

Uh. Thank you for that. Super chat, so, in my opinion i don't like chasing this - is at a new all-time high. It's been up up big over the past three days.

I would wait for a level of support. I was fortunate enough to get in um before this really took off uh. If you're looking for an intraday thing, maybe some support can be found at 53, maybe 51 to 50, but guys you got to respect your risk to reward and if you're chasing, that means that you're blowing out your own risk um, you might get lucky there. We go, we get.

Oh, i love this new emoji. I hope you guys like it. It was cracking me up when i was uh uploading that, but guys remember, don't chase respect your risk reward. Know your level of support that you're playing off of know the resistance that you're heading to make sure the risk reward is in your own, like suitable with your own trading style.

I have 5 000 shares of dogecoin. Do you think i should sell it and put more into bloom energy, which has been on the rise thanks for the content ravensnation. Thank you so much for that super chat. Um.

I don't know much about bloom energy, unfortunately um. I also, in my opinion, i think doge has a nice wave right now. I don't think is really a long-term thing, but i'm in doge at the moment just to ride the wave. That's how i kind of view it as long as more celebrities are talking about it.

I mean now we have one of the best celebrities lindsay lohan talking about it, um crypto in general. I think we're in good shape, but who knows thoughts on nviv? I will look that up nviv nviv guys just so you know uh. Last week i got into some call options on tesla and thus far, i'm very very much getting burned want to give you an update on that down. Like 50 60 on my tesla calls.

I just thought the announcement of bitcoin like there would be a lot of bullish sentiment behind it uh, unfortunately, thus far, i've been wrong, so i might have to roll those out to a farther expiration nviv, not much of an opinion trading, sideways uh, just kind of Grinding up just know your closest support. Is it sixty five um, but i i these penny stock. Things aren't really my my forte, but not so typical gamer. Thank you.

Uh short term high risk. I meant that for 1k i took 125 profit on yesterday. Doge seems dead for now. Okay, so not not so typical gamer.

If i was walking into a casino right now and i had a thousand dollars - and i truly truly didn't care about uh, if, like i lost that like if it had no impact on my financial health and i'm just looking for a nice lotto play, i would Buy call options on a cannabis stock um right now i know till ray is running, but it's a massive massive risky play, but hey if this turns into a short squeeze. You could put a thousand dollars down on like not this fridays, but next friday's till rate call options and it's gon na be a lotto play. The the chance of it working out would be low, but if there is a short squeeze, if this thing catches more steam, it's up a bit uh. So i wouldn't be hopping on as like a reasonable technical, fundamental bet, but uh if you're just hoping that hey.

Maybe this industry can catch fire. They have been talking about tilray cgc on wall street bets. I think, someone's already up close to a million dollars. He's been, actually, let me see if i could find it, but if you're looking for a crazy lotto play, that's where i would hey, maybe i'll, join you, maybe if, like the stream wants it i'll, do an insane lotto play um on tilray just to see like I the chance of it working out is low, but if it does, i mean hey, it's it's for the content, all right till wait.

Is this a guy someone posted yesterday a massive tilray position and they at that point they were up half a mil um and i think now they have to be up more than a mill. If someone can find that on right. Oh here, it is look at this guy um if it can load uh, so sndl apha till ray tilbray ray h-u-g-e-h-u-g, like all cannabis plays his earliest expiration is next week uh and then other than that he has great plays like uh they're up huge 93k 65k Uh 79k, like it's massive 74k 2k uh. These will probably more than have doubled this morning.

Uh he's at 438. Now it's going to be huge uh make sure you guys are. Who is this from? What is his name uh? I don't see the name. Oh jay.

Cal1290, look for updates for him uh! He at this moment does be. He appears to be like dominating these, these upticks in the cannabis world. Something is going on with btc eth doge, really looking at the numbers that are being manipulated, just uh. Look at it seeing some weird stuff on the forms random.

All right, i will look into that. I appreciate it triggered just became an astronaut. Thank you so much guys um. If you want to become a member of this channel just hit that join button, you could be an astronaut, you could be a space ape uh, but if that's not your style just remember to subscribe, we would love to have your support.

I'm gon na throw up till race61 um extra. Graham thank you for joining back. I hope i think you were until ray yesterday uh. If i remember your comments right.

I hope you are doing super super well. Brother, adam uh, opinion on tcnnf, it's the securities. I got in seven months ago, adam uh, so tcnnf, i'm gon na tell you right off the bat that i'm probably not gon na. Like it, i mean it's just an otc tc and an f um.

Oh wait! What is this? I'm surprised, i thought it would have been a um just. I thought it was an otc, so it is otc, but it's very high, hey you're, looking at a breakout already, it got above 50 uh if you're in it ride this momentum. The trend is your friend uh congrats. I want to be the first to congratulate you.

This is a nice breakout, look for a nice continuation and just look for a reversal, but right now uh. I wouldn't see the reason to pull a rip cord at this point. The trend is like clearly in your favor congrats, adam guys, quick update for everyone who's joining. We went over um amc gme.

I should bring those back up, there's people who are joining back in so let me quickly go over. What's going on that, so the amc information short interest is 15.7. The gme short interest is 78.5 for everyone, who's just joining us. Now we have about seven minutes till the market opens keep in mind.

These were reported yesterday, but it's information from early february. It's technically already outdated and i would bet any amount of money in the world that the current short interest on both of these stocks is different from what i just said. Like it's already outdated, there's been too much interest. Trust me: it's outdated, um.

The only thing we can really do is check out the price action today. That's what we're doing right here on this screen right when the market opens we're gon na see um where these goes uh. We really want amc to get above six dollars and we will be scared if it breaks down below five gamestop. We really want it to hold 49 40 49 to 50.

big big support. If these stocks break below that there will be blood in the water and more people will be piling onto those short positions, but fortunately we have nice, nice runners in the cannabis industry to make back some of that money in the eevee industry as a whole uh. It was running in january, it's been consolidating, but it looks like it's about to get turned back on. I am specific specifically watching neo and plug, and i guess at that point followed by tessa.

To be honest, i'm a little salty about tesla. I have a love hate relationship. Sometimes i make a lot of money on it other times i get absolutely burned on it uh, but that's just my my own personal issues. So don't uh don't check that out too much guys.

Yes, tilray has uh it's a merger with apha they're, both looking good um. I like tilray more because there's just more movement in the stock. I mean guys check out tilray over here. Yesterday.

It closed at 42 right now, it's trading at 67. um. It's already up. Big, i wouldn't recommend chasing this, but who knows it could lead into a short squeeze the short interest until rate is pretty high.

Once again, amazing amazing cannabis play um. I showed you my rate position. I have two calls uh forty dollar call on feb 19. 32 dollar uh 32 strike on nfeb.

They will be up a stupid amount of money same with sndl guys, i'm not a guest at san diego. I just don't like really trading these penny stocks, but uh. Overall, if the cannabis industry goes up, sndo will be a big winner, uh, so uh, don't think i'm against it, i'm just not trading it. I'm in tolray i like cgc, i like apha.

I just don't like messing with those dollar stocks, but honestly, if i did play that i'd probably be up more money just because it has bigger percentage moves drew. What do i think about tops all right. Let me quickly go over tops tops, is looking nice breakout, uh, 283, so right here, it's kind of sitting at this resistance watch how it reacts to three dollars. I i'm not.

I would expect it to test three dollars today, which is his previous resistance support, pay attention to three above three. It could have a nice run up to three dollars and thirty cents, but of course it could get rejected there and maybe come back down to 275. Maybe come back to 225. uh pay attention to that n m g r, f, n m g r, f, n m g r, f uh looks like it's about to break out just watch for this breakout.

You need the volume follow-through uh looks interesting. Otc not really my style, but i do kind of like the chart bought gme at 92 amc at 8.50. At what point do you think i should sell? I feel jamie will probably never hit that level again. Um, obviously guys.

Please please remember like i know you guys, if you're in here in day out uh, you hear this not a financial advisor, not a lawyer, not a tax expert, i'm none of that. So whenever i say anything understand it's just my own silly dumb, like opinions, uh, don't give it too much weight. It's just how i see the market. Please remember that um.

I just need to cover my own butt, obviously, but with gme amc. I view those as very different than any other stock for me to hold them right now. It is a moral stand. I will let those go to zero, i'm going.

If i have to. I will go to my grave with my shares of amc and gme. Of course, i have call options on amc. They will expire at this point most likely worthless, like overall amc, gme will probably be a losing play for me um in the long term.

I feel way more comfortable about amc coming back up, especially when the world returns to normal. I think that the theater should do well, of course, uh. There are some assumptions that maybe uh, amazon or netflix will acquire it. We don't know, i think, that's some months out um, i think amc has been handling their like current meme stock hype, pretty well making good pivots with the business uh, so i feel much more comfortable in amc's future uh.

But with that being said, like i'm hopeful for gme, i don't think it's dead in the water, i'm just trying to share what i'm, how i view the current situation right now. The likelihood of a short squeeze for both of them is very low. I don't know how to be more straightforward, transparent about it, for either of those to get short squeezed at this moment in time is very low. Is it impossible? No, but the odds of it playing out that way are very low, matt kevin.

Yes, hillary is going crazy, fintel short interest on amc, so fintel i mean i trust, finra more than fintel those calls. Those yesterday calls are effing big right now. Awesome call really enjoyed this stream the last week. Do you see another we stock to put our call lenny uh? Thank you very much.

I know you made a bundle of attendees yesterday, congrats um, so right now, i'm still watching tilbury for those of you who don't want to pick a specific cannabis industry, uh stock and you just like the industry as a whole. This is my favorite etf. It's mj for those of you who don't know. Etf stands for exchange traded fund and it's basically it's a basket of stocks.

It's a stock that tracks an entire group of stocks. So if you don't feel like like picking a particular one, but you like the industry, you can check out etfs um mj holdings, so this is what's in mj and of course i understand that the name is absolutely hilarious. Uh hang on. We found it yesterday.

I know one of it's like it's in all the main ones till ray cgc apha, it's in all of them, uh it's on the bottom. Here hang on the market is about to open. I just wanted you to know. So if you buy a share of mj, you get exposure to till rate apha cgc, like all these aurora exo ogi, like all the big ones that everyone's talking about.

If you don't want to pick a specific one and you just want to ride the industry as a whole higher and higher check out mj all right market is about to open, get ready, ding, ding, ding, ding uh. What's going on all right off the bat amc, gme green uh, we need it to be way way. More green, i'm looking for a big nice fall through on uh till right right about now. Just so you guys know my one to oh.

I am up big already up 4k on this tilray stuff. This one is up 622 given on the live stream yesterday and then the day before that this one is up: 1 200 uh. Let's open, let's see if there's follow through, obviously the more green it gets. The better it is for me all right, we're seeing green amc's green um.

Maybe it'll come up and test the six dollar area. Amc's on your bottom left. Uh game stops. Opening is a bit muted, not really doing too much trying to hold fifty dollars guys while we're waiting for the the market to really get going today, if you could do me, a huge favor just drop a like there's 6k of you in here.

It does help me out with the youtube algorithm: uh: don't want to be naggy about it, but uh. If you guys could get this up to like two and a half thousand likes hugely hugely appreciated, bert dude. Is it too late to buy sndl? Should i wait? Sndl, i mean it's kind of the same like uh, so burt, dude uh i'd be happy to talk to you. If you guys bert, if you could just send me a dm on twitter at matt underscore coors, i would love to talk to you about it.

Uh same thing on instagram whatever's best for you, dir, bert uh, but understand uh. Are you a short-term trader long-term trader? I guess i just have a couple questions, but um would love to chat about it overall, if you're a long-term person, i think that the cannabis industry will do exceedingly well. The us politics right now on a federal level are kind of favoring, the cannabis industry. I'm feeling good about it.

Ocgn is getting crushed out of the open, ogi yeah guys. All these cannabis talks should have a green day they're going to move in sync, it's called a a sympathy play uh scott. I can't do the live streams directly to apple and spotify. I will post those like they come up later.

We have to do a bit of like sound editing. In the background it looks like tilray um, i'm i don't know. I don't know if it's a little too crazy. 54 could turn into support this previous resistance that we saw in the pre-market um would be interesting same with 56..

If you guys, like the industry, you could base it off. Those like you could base it off. 56. 55, if there's a breakdown, cut your losses very quickly but um.

If you're looking for maybe an opportunity to get in uh this, it could be dip buying. I mean i have no idea, i'm not in oracle. I can't tell you the future um, but something to watch all right, uh till race. Still looking nice, not worried, guys diamond hands until right.

I will wait it out. I'm up big. I have the room to be comfortable uh right now. Amc is going down.

David shopping uh. Thank you, love to see you back david. I know you're in here. I really appreciate that super chat um jimmy this is not good uh.

You don't want to see it below 49.50 sev123 uh he's giving us an nakd alert. It is skyrocketing. Nakd uh nakd is looking nice uh. It's right at this.

The resistance from yesterday on nakd want dollar 28. It needs to get above that watch 130 resistance between 120 and 135 above that and it could like really probably get moving, but watch the 120 to 135 area. It looks like tilray is moving a bit um, actually maybe as a fun day trade with all of you guys. Maybe i can play this.

Let me see i need to free up some capital and i'll. Let you know what i do, i'm not doing anything yet. Um, let me just see what i can do just to play: make the stream a little bit more fun. Maybe i can go.

I i am wearing my lucky shirt, i'm wearing my lucky nasa shirt. I feel confident about us going to the moon. Tesla is breaking my heart all right. Where do i want to do this? I need to free up some of this capital.

I, like a lot of these stocks, all right trade, just freeing up capital right now doing a bunch of market orders done all right. Uh amc, not a good opening, let's get up dogecoin in the bottom right here. I just want to bring it up because it is dogecoin. It's coming down.

Doge army needs to be strong, we're looking for it to get kind of saved right there uh at 68.. All right still freeing up capital till ray. I like it, though, looks like it wants to do something we'll do a fun play a high risk high reward uh guys. I do not recommend anyone really following along with this, but let's see if i can make something magical happen, right, tilray, t-l-r-y, all right here we go trade, let's see if i can find a fun options play.

So today is the 10th all right. They don't even allow it above, whoa tilray is limiting above 65 on robin hood. Once again, robin hood is at it messing with us stopping me from what i want to do all right, they're just too expensive. I thought there would be.

I wanted to buy really far out of the money options uh, but i can't is: is anyone else having that issue on tilray discord chat if you guys are checking out till rate um, i can't get it call options above 65.. Is anyone else seeing that is this man classic classic robin hood, bringing my vibe down all right, still dumping stuff? Just so i could buy the expensive uh the more expensive one on what's going on with ethereum is ethereum moving ethereum bouncing off the support. Look for seven 1715 to hold on ethereum dote bitcoin's bouncing off of support. Joj already did.

Let's look for a pattern: a nice higher lows: uh, i'm just trying to once again just freeing up some money to see what i could do with tilray just sell and sell and selling fire sale. I'm feeling good. I have one of my lucky shirts on all right. I guess maybe uh.

If it comes down, i will be able to get it at a nice discount. Okay, guys, i'm seeing that other people are having this 65 uh issue. Hey amc coming back a bit bouncing off of 550. I like that gme 48, guys jme below 49, is not a good situation, all right whoa.

I am a crazy amount until ray right now, all right, who else is until right, guys if you're in tilray lim? What is everyone in what stock should i be focusing on till ray amc, jimmy doge? What are you guys here for? I need to know what to talk about. It is a team sport uh. Let's just keep it going, don't want to really lose sight of ocgn, i'm in that at 1280, so i'm down to buck 60 and 150 shares. I'm all right come on.

Let's get this tilray bounce going. Did i free up enough capital to everyone? Not every stock is a squeeze play. Till ray has huge long term uh play especially with the merger apha hold the stock, don't tell cheap uh. I i 100 agree with that.

Um. I think right now, personally, i am bullish on till rate, in the short and long term, i think it's a great long-term hold right now. Obviously, there's excitement there's a higher short interest. I think it could really do something all right.

New astronaut, uh toppo just became an astronaut happy to have you aboard guys if you're, a member and um you're you're in the doge army. With me, let's see that new doge emoji, i added a new one last night to get everyone all amped up. So you could shine, show off your glistening knuckles, but i have a new doge emoji. Let's get that going, amc coming back, fighting back gme is not uh.

I think so. We've seen massive correlations between amc and gme. I i think, they're starting to break apart, and i i do think that amc is a bit stronger, andrew love to see you back andrew gets me very excited morning till ray amc gme all right. That's what we have going on the screen, andrew uh, hope you're doing well, especially with tilray.

Alright, is this: i want to see a new support getting built on tilray and that's when i will take my opportunity, quick update for all of you, who've been following apple. There is, it seems, like the whole apple carl apple car, deal with hyundai hyundai. However, you want to say it is falling through, so i'm assuming they're just going to find like a new. I guess supplier tilray all right, wt holt, i'm in on tnxp neo, ctrm cciv oeg, h-i-t-i-f uh.

So it looks like you got some uh cannabis plays. You got some eevee plays, i'm i'm a fan. Uh intel ray 30 shares raymond. All right, awesome, uh, ee, uh, mel mel.

Do i think it's jump worth jumping off of tilray, i mean for me. I like it right now. I, like i'm, not gon na fight this bullish momentum. If you're hesitant, it's never bad to take some of your profits.

You can sell half your position and then you'll feel good about it and then, like let the other half like kind of ride with it all right. We have a new sec filing with gamestop, not sure all right. I might have to look at this one uh in between streams. Just so i can like explain.

What's going on 13g yeah i'll look into this and get back to you guys all right till ray interesting, you know what i want to do until ray actually is bring up the rsi, so we can track where the how the momentum is playing out guys rsi Relative strength index it's on the bottom, it's one of my favorite technical indicators, um, it just maps, bullish momentum against bearish momentum when it's very high. That's a lot of bullish momentum when it's very low. That's a lot of bearish momentum, a lot of traders and investors and stock market participants out there love to use it for reversion place when it gets very high. They look to take profits or short when it gets very low.

They look to buy. Obviously, it's not a perfect indicator, but it is um a pretty popular one, 50. man, if i can get some till ray at 50. It's tempting me.

It's tempting tempting tempting tempting, obviously bearish momentum out of the gate, amc is still fighting. Gme is now down to 47. um man that it's looking rough for gamestop guys, it's definitely looking rough, but what can i do with tilray? I'm sure these have to be on discount by now. I'm just looking for a little bit.

I want some sort of uh confirmation that things are turning around uh right now, i'm not seeing buyer step in joe h, uh became a space ape joe. I see you in here a lot. Thank you very much for joining up. I appreciate it guys when i see your names on repeat it.

Trust me, like i see it, i'm recognizing you. I, your support is great um, so i was calling for 54.. I said that there was like some of this right here. It thus far.

It's bouncing off of what we saw in this pre-market. Let's see if this can hold, i want to just give it a bit of confirmation a little bit of room to breathe. You don't need enough rush, trades, com, cool, collective guys. To be honest with you, i really really do not like making trades before 9 45..

I like to let the market play out for about 15 minutes, see what's going on um and we're about 15 minutes in now, i'm just trying to figure out what i want to do with tilray so much money on the oh wait: they've dropped now by quite A bit all right, all right guys, this pure lotto play, have no clue if it'll work out i'll, let you know if it gets filled, not filled. Yet all right got ta fill uh high risk to high reward play most likely gon na end up being a day trade. For me, here's what i just did uh i'll, let you guys know lots of my profits disappearing. It was up almost 2 000 more uh.

What's my new one, let me reload this just so i can show it. I want to be honest with all of my trades, let you know you guys know a little bit about my pro right here. I bought a 65 call expiration in two days um and i got in at what was it uh, seven dollars and fifty cents was my premium. I'm not looking for this to go in the money, i'm not looking to hold it for expiration.

I'm just looking for a pop right here off of tilray and then i will capture my profits. Um high risk play don't recommend following i'm just trying to do a little bit something exciting for the stream um. I saw this. I saw that the rsi on the bottom was getting very close to the oversold territory.

I know that there's a lot of momentum in tilray uh. I i want to see right here. This could very well turn into um whenever we. Why is this hotkey? Not working right here? I want to see how it reacts there, hoping it can break above it and then there these are the levels i'm watching right now, on tilray amc, kind of trading, sideways, gme dying off a bit at 47., i'm not losing sight of those ghosts, move funds from Tilray yesterday so disappointed, but back in at 60, let's go ctrm stock.

Banger would love to see you look at a chart. Okay, ctrm. I will check those out in a bit or i can throw it up here for now ctrm uh. Just so i don't forget.

Uh cody ledford became an astronaut welcome aboard it's your boy, jaylin just joined up as an astronaut that is awesome. Casting uh welcome back. I know you were here yesterday, uh oops, hang on t-l-r-y. I meant to put ctrm back here.

Ctrm. Have you heard anything about the apha tilray merger would buying aph now equal discounted tail ratios, not necessarily i've heard about it. I like that they're coming together, but in terms of discounted, it all depends that you can't really base it like that check out bpth. Okay.

First of all, let's do uh ctrm. First, let me pull up the daily guys, hey, i don't always get these plays right, but right now till ray is looking nice. I try to target a level of support. That's how i like to trade.

Remember, i'm not commonly a day trader. I love to swing trade. I love to invest. Ctrm is looking nice right here.

It is at the support if it can basically watch for 150 watch how it reacts to 150 if it can get above. This support, which is now acting as resistance, bpth bpth uh, huge breakout, big news, if you're not in on this, be careful of the massive gap you're kind of chasing at this point, if you want to do like an intraday trade, i would personally be watching whatever This high is pretty close to 24 60 25. You could watch that, but it is very much chasing if you weren't in before, whatever caused this to spike out um at this point, you're doing a bit of chasing guys. I love the energy today.

It gets me going guys my energy is directly related to yours. I love it. I hope you're enjoying the tilray trade um high risk high reward, but hey it's. What makes for a fun stream, you guys love it if we make money or if i embarrass myself and completely lose money um my to be completely honest, my point in doing it is just to better share what i'm seeing like right here.

I didn't want to chase it um. I don't like to trade before 9 45 in the morning. I think that there's just too many things that can happen, i like to see levels of support and resistance. I base this support off of what we saw in the pre-market.

I liked the bounce right here. The low was pretty much resistance in pre-market. I was like hey um and i knew i could have cut right away if it broke down. I was being very, very respectable of my risk and right now, i'm waiting for a test test of 64..

Above that i'll be feeling awesome and if it gets rejected i'll, probably be embarrassed. I want a nice nice follow-through um. I am having weird issues today, though, with oops, i'm just trying to figure out my hotkey issue. I must have like when i was doing chart review yesterday.

I must have messed them up uh. Let me just check out something over here trend line so right here. It just basically says alt t for the trend line which is working but then alt h, the horizontal line isn't working, which is weird because i do halt alt t and i get like whatever i need the trend line pops up. But then, if i do alt h, it's not working unless i broke my keyboard, maybe it's my own keyboard, jeremy just became an astronaut guys.

That is awesome. Yes, if you could do me a huge favor if you love stock market content, if you want to be a space, save part of the moon gang, all you have to do is hit that subscribe button and then make sure on your notifications move that to always Um, sometimes i've been having ooh till ray: let's go til ray the uh. This is amazing tilbray. You love when a plan comes together anyway, guys if you're liking it hit.

The subscribe button turn on your notifications, so you don't miss it. Uh set your notifications. To always guys, i'm doing this day in and day out, i see a lot of repeat viewers. I love it uh.

Is there an etf for crypto? Yes uh? I i don't remember off the top of my head, but literally, if you just google, that uh crypto etf, you uh, we'll see lucy in the sky of diamonds love to see you sometimes i do covers uh rate to the moon. I love it. Love making money! Cosmic d, congrats um: can you explain what contracts numbers versus number of buys means contract versus the number of buys yeah uh? I will do that when uh this calms down a bit. I will come back to that.

Reddit, post the cannabis guy who's like easily up over a million dollars, i'm feeling good being up a couple thousand because i think it's more relatable and that guy just made life-changing money. Ah wow, some of these people they have beyond hands of made out of diamond. It's just like crazy. What some of these plays are thoughts on gush carla.

Thank you, gosh! Okay, this is an oil play, so be careful with oil, just because it's very politically related uh from a technical perspective watch for resistance at 67 and also know that you're cl you do have a little bit of support at 58, but the main main supports coming At 45, that's quite a bit of risk in terms of reward, not my favorite uh and just also no oil can get weird. Just on like any major political movements and stuff, like that, oh we have a new astronaut uh brendan welcome, welcome donuts donuts the mighty became a space safe. I love that name all right till right guys. We are looking for a nice till ray break out uh.

It got rejected there right when the market opened above it till ray, could have an absolutely phenomenal day. Uh people were what i assumed. The sell-off was right at the start is people they were sold. It was up huge in the pre-market, so they were just capturing profits like it was up a lot, a lot of money.

So people were like hey i'm happy with this money. Let me take profits. I just want to know if more people in the stock market think it could go even higher emmett. Thank you for that super chat.

I do guys to clarify my own opinions on tilray. I, like it short term and i, like it long term uh. If, if you want to be a little bit more risk adverse - and you just want to ride the cannabis industry for um like the sector as a whole, mj - is the etf that's worthwhile to check out how's crypto, doing doge trading sideways ethereum nice bounce off of This support uh and it looks like bitcoin's trying to bounce right now till ray second rejection at 64.. Um we'll see how it goes out lenny.

I hope you took some of those tilray uh prophets and just turned it into becoming a space ape. Thank you. Lenny love to see you here hope i can help you in the future. You've been having a great two days.

Brother chloe, welcome back now at 16 shares and up over 300 chloe everyone. Let's get some diamonds in the chat for chloe she's, killing it lenny's killing. It uh, but my first two shares at 2110. Your livestreams are so energetic, loving the vibes in here guys.

I really appreciate that um, my my energy's, all from you, it truly is when you guys are excited and going it just like turns me up to the next level. Can you check p r c h? Yes, i can r j, p r c h matt trying to do till ready, buy option on a dip, but i'm not sure what contract was right now the call options above they're being very, very limited by weeble and robin hood. Just so you guys know it looks like 65 is the highest one. You can get um.

What do i think about engine coin? Engine uh? First time, i'm hearing on it about it honestly, so i don't really have much of an opinion. Uh mel. There are other uh etfs out there, just give it a quick google search until ray goes inhale, um all right. Looking for a bounce.

I i want this. I mean you guys saw him just doing that day, trade, the lotto play uh. I have no idea how it's gon na work out. I just like the risk reward.

I can always cut it for a minimal loss. If i need to, i will be burning a day trade uh guys if you're in the u.s and your account is below 25k. You are subject to ba pattern day trading, it's called the pdt rule and every rolling five days you can only have three day trades a day. Trade is something that you open and close on the exact same trading day.

You can only do three of those every rolling five days if your account is below 25k. So if i were to close the tilray one i just opened today, that would be like one hit against me and uh when you do four of those. If you go over um, i think you get into like a 90-day violation where you're not allowed any day trades uh. The government made that years ago saying that they're trying to protect us from ourselves classic government classic wall street uh, acting as if we can't do it stuff with our own money in terms of porch.

I don't want to forget about that. Um. It is running uh. Don't chase you guys you're gon na start to notice that i sound like a broken record and that's just because i have a set of rules that i try to follow day in and day out.

Uh. Your closest support is down in 19.. I i don't like this risk reward setup if you're already in it great ride the trend, let it go higher, but if you're looking to create a position, the first thing you can do is watch the support at 19. jack uh.

Thank you for that super chat. Very kind tilbray got 200 in at 42 out at 66.. Can you give an opinion on jg? Well, first of all, congrats jack. You made some nice nice money on uh tilray love to see it jg uh, aurora mobile.

I don't know: what's going on kind of weird action, uh weird chart uh. I if i can't give a good technical analysis on it. I just avoid the chart uh kind of weird action. It doesn't make much sense to me.

Nick uh just became an astronaut love to see you guys there guys, there's always more room on this spaceship for astronauts and space apes, and yesterday we were talking about it. If you want to be identified as a galactic gal, we can also do that. No worries at all tesla's, actually selling off kind of surprising. I've been talking a lot about neo and look at that guys pre-market.

I was telling you throw neo on your watch list already having a solid day up to 64. That is resistance. 64. 40.

65. Is resistance if it gets on the north side of that i'm very much expecting 67 uh from a technical perspective? That's how i view it. If i had more capital in my account, i would be loading up on neo um.

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