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Gang how the heck are you, i hope, you're having an amazing day. Let's talk about what happened in the stock market today on wednesday march 17th i'll give you a quick overview of the newest things going on in the two public portfolios. Of course, i'll be talking about the action in gamestop and amc and then i'll mainly be letting you know what i'm seeing in the market tomorrow. My personal watch list and i think we're going to see some pretty serious volatility.

But before we hop into all that, don't forget to join up with the moon gang by hitting the subscribe button. If you don't want to miss any of the monday to friday live streams or the technical, fundamental or portfolio update videos such as this one make sure you're going over that bell icon clicking on it and switching it to always. So you don't miss any of those notifications and also as a very friendly reminder if you want those two free stocks make sure you're checking out that link to weeble you'll get one for signing up and another for depositing a hundred dollars. Alrighty, let's hop right into it, so the very obvious thing which i really really want to hop into right now is gamestop and amc had a very, very different day.

Uh amc actually is doing super super. Well, as i'm filming this, it's almost pushing 14 in post market, while gamestop gme right now, it's actually kind of selling off a bit. So let's hop into that, but quickly i will go over the portfolio. I try to be as transparent as i can so this portfolio, i didn't, sell any positions right now, so really none of these are realized gains it's just.

Obviously it's fluctuating up and down, but nothing is locked in. I did make some new positions, so that's important, but as of right now, this account is up 700 on the day. I still have. The amc call.

Don't worry about these two still, all my amc and gme positions. Other than that i do have two new positions in uh the weeble account i have two puts on tesla 615 um. I will explain why i did this in the charts in a second. As of now, it's obviously not paying off for me, but i still have a little bit of hope.

They expire now this friday next friday march, uh 26th strike price of 615. The other one is, i bought, some puts on sabr they're, pretty much break even um and they expire in mid april. So i have quite a bit of time so really nothing too new um other than that. It's all the same positions i've had once again.

I didn't lock any lock in any profits or losses today, all unrealized gains, but man as i'm filming this right now, i'm very excited for amc tomorrow, but before we hop into some of those charts and the technical analysis, let me um one of the biggest things Of the day was the fact that the overall market, the s p 500, remember that basket that tracks 500 of the biggest companies in the u.s hit a new all-time high. 398. 12.. Amazing amazing amazing i've been telling you, after this red trendline breakout that uh the bulls were definitely in control and they've remained in control.

We're back in these two white parallel upward lines also referred to as a bear flag, but right now the bull camp is definitively in the driver's seat. I honestly think the next stop is at the psychological level. 400. A lot of this was because of the fed meeting the fed chairman, uh jerome powell um had a speech today, basically uh they they.

The fed meeting, was over the past two days, uh the 16th and the 17th. Then, today it, though all the results were released, he spoke to reporters at 2, 30 eastern he's speaking again at 11 of 50 11 55. Something like that so he'll be on air. But to give you a quick wrap-up of what's going on, if you want to check this out, i can link this article of like all the key highlights in the description of this video.

If you want to read through it, but here's the high level thing here is why the market hit a new all-time high, this guy uh the money printer, that's really keeping the stock market going higher and higher. He said: interest rates will not right now, they're between zero and a fourth percent they're, not even going to raise them until 2023 2024. They they're saying that they're not paying attention to the stock market. They are mainly saying we care about unemployment and right now.

Unemployment isn't where they want it. They want to drive unemployment down even more. So that's why they're keeping interest rates even like lower or they're going to continue to keep them around zero until 2023 2024. So because of that the market's like hey.

This is great. No interest rates - let's just keep going higher on top of that they said they're - going to continue buying bonds, which is good, they're, going to basically be backstopping all these individual companies also, this is causing inflation to go up. So that's why we saw things like gold running today. Bitcoin was running today.

Bitcoin has been following perfect technicals by the way, since february 28th, look at trendline hit trendline hit double trend line hit coming back up, i think very, very soon bitcoin will be testing this all-time high. I think pass out we'll see 65 000 in the past that i think we're seeing that key psychological level of 75 000. So, basically, the dollar took a big hit today because of inflation um and that's what happens uh. Basically, the fed is saying we're gon na keep interest at zero.

We're gon na keep pushing new money into the system and that's when you get inflation but in the meantime, they're trying to help out the economy and the byproduct of that is really pushing the overall stock market higher and higher brand new high um. I'm not going to be surprised if a couple update from videos from now i'm telling you that we're at 400 rejected right there or possibly even higher, but for now the high level thing of what the federal reserve is doing is the bull camp is in the Driver's seat stock market going higher and higher and their goal is basically to keep unemployment uh to get it lower and they're doing so by keeping interest rates low and helping out all these individual companies. Once again, i will link this article if you want the specific updates, but that's what's going on. That's why midday honestly, you could even see this in the chart market doing nothing, nothing, nothing! The fed comes out right here, 2 pm shoots up.

We saw that in a lot of especially these classic blue chip stocks, they all started rallying in the afternoon. Unfortunately, we didn't really see that rally um in our two favorite meme stocks, amc and gme. So right now, amc in post market is trading at 1409.. Today, it ended the day at 13.56, those up four percent.

It's up an additional four percent in after hours before we get into these technicals uh, just a quick recap right now there are 4.7 million short shares available kind of consistent with yesterday, but anyway, back to amc's daily chart um. I'm fully expecting this bullish momentum to continue tomorrow. Uh we have, hopefully we gap up above this resistance at 14.. Of course we have to watch 15 and 15 50..

Those are key psychological levels, but the main thing i'm watching will be this high from january 29th. At 16, i know it sounds like a bit of a stretch, but there's a very real chance. Amc can hit this tomorrow, i'm not a financial advisor, i'm not saying that definitively has to happen, but there's a lot of bullish action going on in amc right now. I'm very very excited for tomorrow, in terms of its 30-minute chart, here's kind of what happened um between yesterday and today it was in this upward.

Wedge it broke down as upward uh. Excuse me upward channels commonly do they. It broke down, but right now, post market. Very very strong: let's look for this breakout of 1449 1450 and a nice smooth rally to 15, i'm very excited for tomorrow, because i think that's a very real possibility and obviously those amc calls that i showed you should be have a nice nice profit to them.

Maybe hey heck, maybe it'll even make back some of that money. I keep losing on tesla. I'm saying that if you watch any of my live streams, you know i had the worst time trading tesla, no matter what i do. It goes the opposite way.

So um, honestly, if you find yourself having issues making money in the stock market, if you just do the opposite of me with tesla, that, as of now, seems to be a pretty solid money making opportunity in terms of gamestop not as strong as amc um games. Up, we still might get this nice cup and handle, which is from a technical perspective, pretty bullish, but we need this. Follow through gamestop needs to get back up to this 280 range, so we have the handle part and then the blow off top. But right now we're hoping support is formed somewhere between 200 212.

We need buyers to step back in right now with gamestop. The short shares available are 550 000, so uh less than amc. That's what we're dealing with uh once again, not that big of a change honestly um relative to uh yesterday um! But overall i i'm a bit disappointed with gamestop. I don't in any mean in any way mean that all hope is lost, but it's just relative to amc.

Amc is performing a lot stronger today, um, they are diverging which we haven't seen in a bit, but over the last two days they definitely have been, but anyway, after getting hit here, gamestop really sold off we're starting to fight back. I mean overall, it is a green day. Gamestop closed out the day at 210 dollars and post markets at 211., so any green day or any sideways day is a win for ups exclusively because well obviously, if it's, if it's going up, how could the shorts be winning then? And if it's going sideways, don't forget that whenever you're shorting, you still have to pay a fee to swing it overnight. So that means any sideways day kind of like today we are still winning because it's costing these shorts money to swing the position overnight for tomorrow.

I'm looking for 200 to hold, especially looking for 185 to hold. I hope we don't have to see that we're looking for a breakout of 212 and really i'm looking for a very nice test of 250, obviously the higher the better but from a technical perspective. That's what i will be looking for tomorrow in terms of amc and gamestop. Let me quickly go back over to look at this amc as i'm filming this live right now it just keeps moving gets me.

Oh i mean hey. Even gamestop is moving hey. Ah man, this is making me feel way better for tomorrow, i'm liking this bullish action in post-market. Obviously, there's no guarantee that this type of action swings to pre-market tomorrow, but as now, um i'll take all the bullish momentum, we could possibly get so outside of those two meme stocks.

Once again, don't forget to let me know your thoughts on both gamestop, which is gme and then amc in a comment below. But let's quickly talk about other things, um so market, you know just hitting a new all-time high. I'm watching for 400 bitcoin looks like it's about to rip nice, trendline bounces watch for a test of this. This is a nice cup and handle i'm expecting very, very bullish action out of bitcoin other than that um.

So you know i'm long on pounds here. I was close to cutting it today, but then it was able to recapture this uh resistance. Turn support, turn resistance again at 25.. So i'm looking for some follow through on pound here, especially after this trendline breakout, and then let me explain the debacle.

I've gotten myself in with tesla, so i had tesla calls. If you've been watching my update video, i lost about thousand four thousand dollars on them, so i cut. I stayed away for tesla for a day and then, when it broke below this low at 655 i went i was playing, puts i wanted to ride them back down to 6 15. here.

This will make more sense, midday. So here's what i was thinking was. I stayed away from tesla all morning, it shot up and then when it was showing weakness around 670. This is midday is where i bought those puts and then obviously on the fed announcement it shot it up.

But what's weird is the overall market new high and it was running like crazy and though tesla did move its all-time high is closer to 900, so on a relative basis, it's still weak and it still can't get above 710. So this is kind of my wrist point. Obviously i don't want it to hit it. I don't know i'm playing it till march 26th.

I have puts down to 6 15 right here. That's what i'm looking for. Ah, we'll see how this goes like, i said i've had the worst of luck, um playing tesla just know in the long term, i'm still very, very bullish. On tesla i have a lot of shares of tesla in my private account long term.

I'm i think it's going to be a long term winner in the short term, though, i'm just trying to make some money off of it and i'm having the worst look. I might as well just stick to gme and amc, because that's really where i'm making most of my money these days, but let's see how that plays out. I just want to give you update on that. Also, if you think that crypto's going to keep running uh right is a good play, especially because it came close to breaking out of this resistance 65 today, i think there's a pretty real chance that, if riot breaks out above 65, it could uh be testing 72 And then 80.

so riot as long as you think, bitcoin will remain strong riot is a potentially good play for you, um other than that. I know the other big crypto runner today, which i'm not really endorsing anyone hop on was tkat amazing day. I mean it gained 277. It really picked up around 11 a.m.

Eastern this morning and from there this is an nft uh play so definitely strongly related to the crypto world. Be careful with this there's no sign that this strength will continue tomorrow. I'm not saying it definitely won't, but i'm not saying that it will, but just be careful if you have profits on it. You might want to just um really count your lucky stars and lock those in because no saying what this will do, but another crypto run are pretty exciting, but overall, that's kind of a wrap up of what happened in the market.

Don't forget that the fed chair will be talking again tomorrow on march 18th, around 11, 50. 11. 55. We'll have more comments from him today, whatever he was saying, it really did pump up the market.

We hit a new all-time high. It looks like um man. Amc is not stopping its run. It gets me very excited for tomorrow, but i'd love to know your thoughts uh.

Why do you think amc and gme are diverging? That's my main question and what do you think is going on with the market? Do you think it'll continue to run or do you think like it just needs to take a breather because it's been running uncontrollably? Let me know your thoughts in a comment below don't forget to join up with the moon game by hitting that subscribe button. If you don't want to miss any of the monday to friday live streams or update, videos like this uh make sure going over that bell, icon and switching it to always or yeah. Switching that to always so you get a notification whenever any new content is posted and don't forget about those two free stocks with weibull you'll get one for signing up and another one for depositing a hundred dollars. Until i see you tomorrow from me, chair and doctor, remember best of luck in the markets.


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