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Amc mvis : ripping into close – Matt Kohrs

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What is going on everyone, we're back and look at that, we're back just in time for amc to be as strong as it's been all day and the is now ripping again. Hopefully i don't say whatever words. I said last time that, like somehow like ruin all of it um, let me know i'm actually now curious if, if you even got an ad at the start of this, this is just like such a debacle, but seriously. I appreciate all of you being so cool and, like i know i know it's a pain like to just like bounce around like this um, it's just so incredibly frustrating but um in the end you're the best for helping me out.

I appreciate it and we're gon na get back up we're gon na crush it back up to these 10k viewers. We're gon na do what we need to monetization limited. I'm gon na go absolutely ape ape bananas on this whole operation if it goes limited again, but at that end like they obviously would just have it out for me, let's do this. Let's do this.

We are back. We are back. We are back all right uh. I guess maybe i should tweet this out.

Uh, let's put something funny: amc, gme mvis are going banana. Um watch all right through that out into the twitter sphere, we're back we're crushing it uh. Let's go we're back we're back we're back as you're coming in no ad or you can whatever it is. What it is.

That would be amazing if i somehow already lost like they're, just like no, we hate them uh but as you're coming in, don't forget to drop that, like it'll, just re-trigger the algorithm to get people to view it in here um. What is this? The classes uh yeah as you're coming in here, let's just keep crushing that like if you're very new, don't forget to subscribe turn on your notifications, but important here is hang on. Amc is just ripping to close, and so is mvis. This is just insane the amount.

Oh, let's do this, nvis is breaking out. This is phenomenal up 2.5 k on this has given us more money to load into amc, and we have plenty of time it's half an hour until uh power hour, so we can still do some serious, serious movement. I mean look at this. Amc is on its way it's trying to break out above this trend line, which is phenomenal, gme strong up eight point: eight percent um.

Let me go back over to tesla here: tesla 737 how's doge doing right now: uh bitcoin, 54k dogecoin. Let's throw up some bitcoin uh hit those like buttons amc to the moon. Do you check twitter dm use restream.io with obs and build both youtube and twitch communities? Twitch has no commercials when not affiliated one stream um restream io, but you could also do it with streamlabs right lipster. If you're in here, i think you could use both amc call option 750 expiration this friday.

What's my play, sell it or ride it out. Personally, i would ride it out because this momentum is very strong, but that's obviously like just like my own takeout. I could be wrong, it could drop from here. I don't think it will, but i can't give you financial advice.

I could just whenever anyone asks me a question understand. All i'm doing is telling you what i would do. We have different financial backgrounds. We have different personalities, different risk tolerance, different goals.

I all i can do is possibly commented on like from my own, like opinion on the matter: um matt. You need to draw magic lines that makes ccav go up. I mean it worked for amc help her brother out, i mean cciv personally uh um wait. Can someone correct me if i'm wrong watching the full ad bro uh didn't trader tv like i mean okay? First of all, i really like trade here tv.

I think those guys are pretty smart guys, but don't they like kind of make fun of chairs, sometimes and said that they were shorting amc? Are they still short amc and i guess to clarify i like them, like, i think, they're, smart, good day traders. They know what they're talking about they just don't undershirts and like not. Everyone in this world owns a duck shirt. You can't blame them for that, but i'm just more so curious if they're still short amc that dude gave me anxiety me.

I hope i didn't give you anxiety. If anything i want to calm people down, i like to be the calming voice, uh best community, ever let's do that again. 69. 6969 yeah.

So if we could do that as we're getting back up guys, that is our goal. 6969 likes not one less, not one more, don't be the person that pushes us over that goal like it got a little a little crazy in the last one so like, let's run it up to that and let's see if we could just halt it there, they Said one time that there were a better trader than chair, that's offensive to chair, i mean they seem like fun, guys they're. Just i don't know a little different little style. I mean i've learned stuff from them.

Uh don't forget to hit the like button. It's good for the algorithm it might help it might not. Who knows, i'm just a guy who's wearing a duck, shirt, uh, jessica, glenn! Thank you for joining up for becoming a member. I love it.

Thank you so so much we're already cruising we're already cruising with my prediction on um: there's not 6969 people in here. Yet oh there will be we're coming back up. I mean i started this stream like three minutes ago um and i'm sure there's always going to be a loss like of the people who are just like listening to me in the background, and then i ended the stream they're like ah whatever, like. I have to go do work now.

I should probably stop listening to him. That's why i'm not the biggest fan of restarting streams like sometimes it's advantageous, if i'm being like completely shadow banned or something, but this is just it's. It's actually incredibly frustrating with whatever's youtube's doing big wall on amc. Look at this 41 000 shares.

I bet we crush right through it. Big wall and just this momentum is uh undeniable. At the moment, nbis is ripping i'm up 2.6 k on mvis. I don't, can you guys see this all right? Can you log into voyager after the maintenance yeah you can voyager right now, if you're on voyager app, they said they'll be down for about two hours, i believe from like 1 to 3 p.m, or something like that.

They sent an email to everyone, so if you're on voyager and it's not working it's all right, it's just scheduled maintenance did not receive a notification. Uh, that's a bummer. I don't know. Ideally, if you subscribe and then go over that bell, icon uh switch it to always.

You should get a notification, but a lot of people who are like they've sent me pictures they're like dude. It's on. I don't get the notifications, i don't know i i i wish i was a codered youtuber, a youtuber, a coder at youtube, so i could fix some of these obvious problems. I mean they should hire me.

I'm a software engineer. I've been a content creator. I could code stuff that makes sense like the amount of bots i delete off. My own account easy fix for youtube.

If you're a creator, no one should be able to comment on your videos that has the exact same name. It should automatically go into review and then, if you accept it like, maybe someone has the same name as you like john doe and john doe. That's fine! But the fact that there's fake accounts called mac cores, commenting on my videos and like asking people to send them money. That's a bad look for me and then, like you, have some of these people who, like aren't too familiar with bots that are like.

I don't know they just don't know that there's bots on the internet, they fall for it and it breaks my absolute heart and my point is it's such an easy fix for youtube. All you have to do is if it's the exact same name as that creator, and it's not that creator, but it's on their video, put it into review and then allow the creator to accept or deny it it's such an easy fix, but they won't do it Or they haven't thought about it or i don't know, i don't know what they're doing. It's google, though, allegedly like one of the premier like coding companies in the world, and i don't know they're, obviously missing a huge human factor signed up for the block five. What's the average time for the sign up bonus um, it all depends on um when you get your money deposited.

So it's more of like a function of your bank, of how long it takes to clear um great show last night with trey, hey man. I appreciate that yeah, if you guys um so like the way i've been doing this interview series, i did an interview of trey that one was a little bit different because, like he would ask me questions so it was a little bit more back and forth, but Uh yeah i'm just expanding that series of like interviewing people that you guys want to hear from. I think it's really cool. It gives me something to do on the weekend.

Besides, like crypto when the market shut down, but ah man. I love doing these interviews. So far, we've interviewed cool people like i know. Other people have come on and off the channel, but i want to make it like a main segment like i don't know as many as i can do, just cool interviews, it's fun.

It's fun to learn about other people. Dude aims that trendline is blocking amc. Well, hopefully, now it's support, but, like i would argue, this is a nice official breakout, i'll pin handle on doge five minute uh, actually bitcoin too perfect time to plug block fi sign up for block fi the stop uh. The link is in the description of the video.

Get your bitcoin, get your ethereum, get your stable coin. Get your crypto matthew. My nephew, just called his good friend works for a hedge fund in connecticut, and his whole team got pink slips after lunch today. What do you know what hedge fund? That's crazy up? 2K 124 on nbis 20 call may 21st up 22k on mbs stock in my 401k.

Let's go stephen. That is amazing. Massive massive congrats people are making money today. I hope you're, making money gme is running.

Amc is running. Mvis is running my blood pressure running through the roof. Folks, this is what you got ta. Do you just got ta like you got ta, squeeze your own vital organs.

That's how you that's the i can't even run with this bit. That's the sign of a traitor is when your heart is through the roof. If your bpms don't match the price of gamestop at this moment in time, are you even really trading uh, the 617 guy becoming a space ape man? I really really appreciate you joining all the new members. We've been crushing it today, everyone joining up.

There is also moon gang discord. If you don't want to become like a youtube member um, it's more of like a facilitated chat, cool people, trey's subway cup, thanks for the powerful cup shout out at the end of trey's video ps, can you elaborate on what exactly shadow banding is yeah shadow banning? Is more of like a colloquial term used in um, like just social media, where the platform itself, whether you're on twitter or instagram, youtube, is just not promoting you to anyone, so they haven't officially banned you but they're not showing off your content to everyone. So, for example, there's been times where um, like just people, no matter what, like some of my active viewers, and this has happened to trey too, of, like your active viewers like who watch all of your videos, for whatever reason it won't show like youtube, will not Present the new video, like you, have to go to their channel look at the recent videos and see that there's a new video um. So that's when people are using the term shadow banning it's just like when you're the parent platform that you're on and it happens, twitter instagram.

All these things just in no way promotes you. Amc hulk, smash, look at this new intraday high um. What's so exciting about this? Oh, we didn't do an ortex update. What are we at ooh? Some people are covering interesting so before this was up to a million and now we're down to 800.

Like so, that's not big. It looks like a 130 000 people cover shares covered. So still it's a net positive, but uh, someone out there covered a little bit into the squeeze right now or i shouldn't say squeeze into the upswing is - is more accurate, but here's. What i want to show you about amc is uh we're right here at this high.

We have this double high on march 12th, then again on march 26th, the high is around 11.50 and we're at that now. So if we can get above that, i would say the next: stop is 12.50 um. There might be some new resistance in the in the meantime, but we are currently battling it out on like a major resistance line, uh tesla tesla. What are you doing? Dude um? So we're up two point i i should say i'm up 2.7 k on mvis, but oh also trace sub wake up.

You're welcome. I appreciate your super chat. Man or i should say cup, not that cups are gendered, gme, ripping amc ripping guys. We are team team team team team team team space apes, there's almost enough people in here to do 6969 likes.

That is our goal. Um, if you haven't already don't forget to drop that like we are trying to run this up, i want to stop it right at that number um, just just a fun little community thing to see if we can pull it off uh. So if you're in, we have quite a ways to go, we're at 2000 right now, but there's about six thousand people in here, so we could probably get quite a bit closer um. If you want to show me a bit of support.

Uh also, don't forget, hit that subscribe button, because we're here we are crushing it today we're making money we're having fun spending positive vibes. All i ask you if, if you're supportive of this today drop that like drop the subscribe button and do something nice for another person in your life today spread a little bit of like positive cosmic karma out there. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you. We are crushing it higher how long till a squeeze. In your opinion, it doesn't work like that, like predicting a time or anything um, it's just like a fool's game.

I'm already up 62 on my amc calls we're up of 600 bucks. Uh gme is coming back. What a show, what a show this is. This is phenomenal, like this is so good, like man uh, we like, i don't think we're at it right now, but we are getting very close to the tipping point of like no return for these hedge funds, like i'm, not saying we're there right now, but we're Getting darn close, this type of momentum.

Imagine if this happens over another day or two, this nice linear growth of 14, like the amount of pain like we're, we're not there, but we're close to the point of no return like this is incredible: incredible stuff, um and we're making money too uh we're making A statement we're making money like what else could you possibly want like this is what a day wait hang on. What was this your amc chart? This has symbol instead of amc in the description your amc chart just has symbol instead of amc in the description animal. That course your amc chart just has symbol instead of amc in the description. What uh? What do you mean with that? Oh? Well, that's all right! Oh you're you're, just saying like you make it more obvious, it's gon na be the same thing.

I don't know why it like removes that sometime, uh i'll go to the minute just so we can watch it a little bit more uh closely give the people what they want all right, all right, all right. We are crushing it crushing it questioning it. We are winning, nvis is winning i'm at the point where uh i mean i should like realistically focus on taking profits at some point. Where could mvis go like this is crazy and, like then, the last time it was even at these levels.

I mean it for all. I know it could have been a different style like this was from 2010 like we're pretty much up in, like just i mean borderline untested territories. What is this 2883? I mean i guess i could target that the high 28s, but that's quite a ways to go. Is it possible? Yes, because look at mvis here, uh short interest: 23 utilization.

95.. I mean the numbers are there and this is just like it's a tank. Just like ain't, like all these are tanked what a good day for us good, guys, good guys win! That's how you know it's not over, because we haven't won. Yet, where are the stickers and what about a duck shirt or the avian enthusiast? The duck shirts right here folks, the duck shirts, always got my back um we're just at that point, uh where it's really cold in my apartment, and that's why i have the sweater on, but it's my nasa sure i mean we're going to the moon folks.

I have my nasa shirt on we're still on brand, i'm not wearing like a whole nother outfit. It's just cold. Look at this. Our viewers are just like going through the roof.

We're almost at 3k likes team uh. We do now have enough to go to 6969 likes uh we're gon na stop it there. I know it. I know we can crush this.

I think i'm up to date on that i've been handled doge five minutes mike lisa. Thank you for that heads up uh. If you're on voyager right now just know they are doing scheduled, maintenance amc - this is just like this is like. I know it's been such a long battle and it's not over folks like we still have a ways to go, but this is amazing.

This is so incredibly amazing right now we're um this. This mvis is ripping i'm up 250 percent. I hope you guys are up on mvis. I hope you're up on amc like this is awesome.

This is awesome. Awesome, awesome, um! I wonder how much money is in this account now i'm buying power um, so i have a little bit of money left in robin hood that it just didn't get. I just want to do some like crazy amc play right now, uh. I have about a thousand dollars of free money, um and i'm just gon na put it all on tilt.

Why not trade options uh april 30th? Is this week, i'm just gon na go full tilt with it folks, whatever what's the worst that could happen. You know what is the worst that could happen. That's 500, no 770. I just doubled up.

I got 13 more calls, so i bought 12 this morning. Is this chasing? Yes, do i care not particularly at this point because if it squeezes like it's a massive risk to reward play, but if we get that movement this week, i just make a stupid amount of money um. I don't recommend that anyone follow me there's an incredible amount of risk to this um. What i did was i took half the money i bought more shares.

I took the other half i bought calls um we're just loan up. I i did raise my average on the call the shares that i have um, so i don't have any time frame on those, obviously because they're chairs and then i bought, i also doubled up. I have 12 calls on this account. 13 on that account now and just doing my doing my part for the good, you know just getting more, but this is by no means um, a suggestion that you should follow me.

It's high risk. It's high reward. You got to do what's best for you, but for me um, whether i'm a gambling degenerate, whether i just really hate these hedge funds. I don't know which one it's more, but i i want this so badly to play out so badly, and this is just amazing action.

Uh cosmic! Yes, all right i'll have to come back to that uh cosmic, but i appreciate it. Where are we at? We are going to the moon rocking me 11.72. Let's go next target 12 bucks after that, like whatever it was like 12 45, or something the rejection from. I think i still have it up.

Where was this rejection? What is this high? The high i'm looking at the high from march 10th - it's a high of 1247. um right here - is what i'm talking about, but of course we have to get above 12 first um interesting, uh. Remember i said above 12 above 11.85 is where things get particularly interesting for amc. We've just seen a lot of um like volume shells, there we've seen some technical resistance - 11.85.

We might as well it's close enough to 12, we'll just call it 12. um and remember like it's not like an exact scent thing, it's more like a region, but we are crushing this and you guys see my trades yeah right. You can see my numbers so i'm down 135 on tesla up 750 on amc up 3k on nbis, i'm down 230 on lvs, but i have a lot of time on neo. That's an investment! I have 30 shares, i'm up 145..

Look at this! Go whoa! Whoa! Whoa whoa whoa amc. This is awesome folks. This is so cool. You got ta love it like.

Oh, what did eon say about dogecoin fate, loves irony, the fact that we're here talking about fast and furious and duck shirts and that's the people who, like squeeze amc like out of this galaxy there there's some sort of like romanticism to that. That's just hilarious. Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go we're crushing it to 12.. This is this is the start of something serious when people um are asking like, how do you know a squeeze or something i wouldn't say this like is the squeeze.

I'm saying this is like a big lead up like something something crazy could happen here. Um, i still want to see a bit more volume. I'm not saying squeeze is fully engaged, i'm saying we're getting pretty darn close um. We see right here.

This is very important. So i love doing this live see the volume how it's picking up. We want that to keep going. It's that that hockey, growth like chart.

I keep telling you picture the hockey stick, that's what we're gon na see we're gon na see that and then it's gon na get so out of hand. There's gon na be volatility hall, it's just percentage gains too fast and then the market's gon na haul. And that's when you know things are getting as hot as spicy as a hot tamale. We're folks we're all feeling a little spicy today and we're getting to that.

Breaking point: let's go we're making that money um! Let me that trade i just made in the other account. Let me show you, let me let me see. Let me see wheat. When am i up? Let me check that.

Oh i'm already up 35 on that bet. So i'm up 200 bucks um, it was a it was. A thousand dollar bet additional bet on amc, um, oh wait. I don't know.

I have 13 share or 13 call options. 12 strike for this friday. I i paid 55 cents per one right now, they're trading at 72., i'll keep you updated on that, but it's the smaller account because i've been pivoting out of uh robinhood uh. Let's do this! Let's do this all right.

Almost at 12. it hit 11.96 uh gamestop. So right now, amc's up 16.5 gamestop is up 10.4. It's at 167..

Amc is at 1182 coming off of 1196. At this point, mvis it's a low float, there's a short. This could get out of hand. I'm at the point where i might as well just wait for 28.

I mean it's at 26.84. I don't know what's gon na happen, but um, i'm feeling i'm feeling lucky today. Folks feeling like i might want to buy a lottery ticket down to 400k shorts. Today, someone's starting to cover good call gary, let's check this out, uh hang on yeah, so 400 000 just covered gary good good call guys if you're trying to stay up to date with this info check out ortek's seven-day, frock seven-day, free trial.

Oh here we go, mvis is ripping. I have uh, i'm cruising on this, oh, like i said i might as well wait to the 28th. This is folks. This is what good uh good karma gets you.

This is crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy. My brain just got a wrinkle uh. Just like me, pal alan that's hilarious. I've almost doubled on my yolo amc call from this morning and you said not to take morning.

You said not to take thanks, matt, currently the middle of nowhere. Pa wait, wait. I said not to take, i mean i just told you that i took it myself like i've made. I've bought more shares of amc today and uh 25 call options myself.

I wouldn't tell anyone to or not to take anything we are moving moving moving. I'm still feeling really good about somewhere in the 28s, and i would obviously love for nbis to run even more. This is bonkers. This is insane come on.

Amc keep going, keep going the wall at 11.96, yeah huge cell wall 56 000 shares at 1196 on amc, but for to be fair, the previous walls we've seen um got absolutely destroyed, and let me remind you that the second time they started moving again. This is, this is actually very important right here, like what kicked this off and what kicked this off. These moves all started very late in the day like from 2 pm to 4 pm this movement, which led to this and this movement that led to this. These were all late day moves like kind of all day, doing nothing and then people started buying and it led to like a couple day push i i don't know if that's going to happen again, i'm just like relaying what happened on these last two days.

This day, right here march, 8th and then february 22nd, let's just double check those to make sure i'm not completely completely crazy march 20 right here, okay, so march 25th was from the start, was at the february 8th trying to find those pumps. Was it more of a gme thing? Am i am i remembering this incorrectly this pushed in the morning, so there was kind of an afternoon push here. I don't know. I could review that for the update video right now i know.

Obviously, you want to watch the action hit, those like buttons amc to the moon. Thank you. John um amc call option for 1050 expiring this friday. What's my place seller right out um, i'm writing the momentum.

You got to do what's best for you, though um this is resistance. This could be an official rejection, but also what do i know what, if it completely breaks it and like rips from there best community ever, let's do it 6969 likes uh, we're almost there hey. There's enough viewers in here we could definitely make that possible if you haven't already, if you're joining in just help out with the algorithm help out your fellow space apes. Let's get more people in here drop that, like drop, that subscribe.

Um, don't forget to hit that like button, it's good for the algorithm it might help it might not. Who knows i'm just a guy wearing a duck shirt. What call did you buy? I bought an 11 strike for this. No, what call did i buy an 11 strike for next friday, um may 7th and then, in my other account it's a 12 strike for this friday, so that one's obviously a higher risk reward play.

They met up 120 on 950 and 10. Amc have one of each: would you roll it or swing? Obviously not financial advice um. So if you have two and you're kind of confused about like what to do, you might want to sell the the if they're, both in profit, you could sell like the higher risk, one which would be the 10 one in your case and let the other one Ride if you'd like matt, i love seeing you jacked up you're, always in a good mood but you're like the kid on christmas amc, baby, let's go hey. I get jacked up when there's reasons to get jacked up.

Think about it. This way for someone who's, always jacked up if you're coming in here and then you're seeing me jacked up, you know, you know something special is going on. Usually we keep it pretty like emotionally tempered in this chat um, but with this kind of movement like i'm, seeing like legit crazy stuff, this is awesome. I have 12 dollar calls for friday up over 100 hold or sell and rebuy for may 7..

What would chair do risk if i hold um well you're, going to pay theta uh? What you could do is sell a portion and then buy a new portion out for a farther one so like they will move differently like the the ones that are closer to expiration will have like more volatility in the premium. Uh amc could rip in after hours. Like jamie did in march 100 possible - hey matt, what's up, those two amc calls i bought for 950 last week. Looking good for june.

4Th also genius is moving again any thoughts. 950. Looking good for june, i mean leonardo you're, crushing that also genius is moving again. Any thoughts on genius, not really my attention - has been pretty like consumed by what's on the screen.

Oh, that is strong, though look forward to get above 1.90, and that could be a nice breakout. Also, thanks for your insight, bro leonardo more than happy to help. It's truly, what makes me happy to do uh, ooh, retracted message well anyway, uh hugh. Thank you for that 4.99 super chat, hey man! I have three amc 1050 calls for 430.

Should i exercise roll or take profit being in the money already? No, how will theta affect rolling or taking profits? Um beta works against you every day, but if the stock continues to move, remember, you're, balancing volatility volatility, the price of the stock and also the time until expiration. You want to maximize all three um and there's no perfect solution. Uh, you have three ten, fifty four thirty. Should i exercise roll or take profits? Daryl? If i were you in your position right now, i would hold it for a day or two just to see what happens if there's a nice continuation tomorrow on amc, you're gon na be up like quite a percentage, was the run on amc now a bear trap.

Uh, no, if anything, this would be. If it were a trap, it would be a bull trap um, but i also don't think it's a trap like we're about to start power hour uh. I think. Hopefully, we see this type of volume and excitement heading into it.

Big oof, with 100k in walls at 12 on amc yeah, so the wall i'm seeing right now is at 11.95. I believe it's like 50 000, but uh new walls can be formed all the time very easily. I feel like we are gearing up for a great power hour. I can feel it in my coins.

I hope so matt amc for tomorrow, small dip over today's run 32 options. 10 strike may 7th currently up 140 reuben romero. That is amazing. If i were you, i would continue to hold we're seeing a lot of strength.

I i think, there's uh plenty of reason to be excited. Voyager system maintenance, yeah, they emailed everyone yesterday saying they were going to do it hang on one. Second, i'm screaming a bit too much. Ah ooh gm waking up now pushing one wait.

I just saw 169 and then it like snapped back. Don't i wouldn't let this freak you out, um, there's a good chance. Let me just point this out on the rsi. You see how over bought it was this selling off gave it a chance to cool off, and now we have more room to run.

So when you see stuff like this especially close to key psychological levels like 12 dollars, we hit 1196, the rsi was severely severely overbought. This allows it to cool off things to cool down. If anything, it stopped us from like um. It might have stopped us from hitting a volatility halt and now we're coming back, we're just looking for it to retake 1180 pay attention to these walls.

This is common action. I wouldn't even in a way this almost kind of helped us um. It was a little bit too much of a magnitude for me. I don't like how it went from 1196 all the way down to 1165..

I wish it like stayed at 1180 and went from there, but in the end the result is the fact that the rsi cooled off um. We potentially avoided a halt. Um i didn't know like i don't know how close percentage-wise we were getting to it and now, if we could get above this 1188, this double top right here. Actually, let's call it quadruple between 1188 1186, the party's back on for power hour.

Uh can amc squeeze happen during after pre-market yeah, but uh there's a it. Can yes, but um they'll most likely be a massive continuation into the normal trading day. So if it's post or pre-market that, following day when it opens up um like it's, not gon na, like just magically, go back down like instantaneously at 9 30., though, there's probably going to be a good continuation uh for at least at minimum, some portion of the Way into the normal trading day, how do you feel about fsr? It's looking a little froggy, i like fisker. I think it's a kind of like lucid.

I think it's a strong long-term, like us-based eevee play market cap, one moon c, don't know what that is: hey matt! I enjoy the stream, i'm also in neo, with 30 shares. Looking to add more for the long term. Let's go to the moon, love it thoughts on sklz, sklz skills, uh, pretty strong. If skills breaks above 20, this thing can move again.

Potentially up to 23 would be my first target here we go. Amc is waking back up. This is what we were talking about. Rsi cools off it just gives it more room.

Um, we didn't lose the momentum. Sometimes that does take away the momentum. So it's not always a continuation like this, but in this case it allowed the technicals to cool off. It still had enough momentum and now we're once again pushing the battle right now.

Is this wall right here, 11.95. 1196. 54. 000 shares very, very obvious wall, but look at the volume we're on the minute chart and we're trading a quarter mil per minute it.

We can overtake this wall uh gme pushing mbis coming back down. Do i want to get out of mvi, not particularly i'm feeling pretty good here we go here. We go folks. 11.

96. 54. Let's start chipping away chip chip, chip, uh. What's your prediction for mbis? I was really looking forward to test 28 and hit 27.80 um, but for a 28 stock i mean 20 cents like that's.

Definitely in the margin of error i mean i i think i was just too jacked up watching gme and aim see that, like it's hard, sometimes to balance all the positions, but i mean mbis clearly has legs. I mean it's up. 44, like it's. Okay, for it to come back down a little bit, look at gme go.

This is crazy. I love it. I love it. First ever call option expiring friday at 11, i'm up 500.

So i lock in profits or let it ride not asking financial advice, but asking how you would do it. I mean like at that point like when you're in such a profit you're now just like trying to top tick like the moment to get out and it's hard to do it like you, should kind of have a goal going in. If i were you, i would continue to hold just at minimum, see how power hour plays out today and then, if you want, you could sell it and then buy a farther out expiration. So you're not fighting theta, so like aggressively um, but i'm seeing a lot of bullish momentum.

The price action i mean gme is moving like tesla's. Like the only thing. That's not moving right now. Skills is looking crazy, strong mbis, coming back if mvis gets above 2660 i'll feel way better about not pulling the rip cord.

I mean we're at the point right now where you just like when you're talking about like what could happen this particular week. It's so tough because, like you're trying to like i don't know it, there's a lot of randomness involved, but right now i see bullishness, i'm telling you about my bets. I would personally hold, but that's up to me. I have no idea of knowing what the future is.

Let's keep going, amc is moving move and move and moving do your space apes of duty show them a little bit of love drop some support for your fellow space states. Let's get above 1196., we are at 54 000, that is the cell wall. It's on like the right side of your screen. Um definitely need to get above that i feel like i'm dancing, with the devil on my amc calls, but i am the devil yolo.

I want to buy a used 89 honda folks, we are going to make multiple toyota corollas off this play. Positivity coors, light to the moon. Mountains are definitely blue. Today, cracked, open of coors light after you get 5k likes, uh jason.

I appreciate that we'll get there we're we're. Everyone knows we're gunning for 6969 likes. That's the goal. Uh at five thousand, we'll have a little celebration, so we're double topping right above 1190 uh on amc, it's trading at 1180 right now up 16 gme up 14 trading.

At 172, a breakout above 175 that 185 region that 10 region pretty exciting for gme, and it's weird how all this is aligning like. If you remember last week, we saw well obviously with the capital gains tax announcement markets went down. We saw weird action in the crypto market, then people were pointing out how there's like shredding trucks like paper, shredding trucks outside of citadel uh they're, saying melvin is closed. Like weird things are aligning and man, i don't know even my awkward battle with youtube today.

Other people's awkward about like something's happening, i don't know what is definitively happening, but clearly something's, not something's afoot. You know the game's a fight. Oh, we have a new space ape uh. Thank you for joining up.

We are going to the moon. I love it. I love it. I love it.

How's bitcoin bitcoin, still strong above 54k, what's dogecoin doing 26 flat on the day, well slightly positive aetherium at 2500, i'm i'm! I like a theater, i'm gon na shoot. You straight. I like aetherium. I think it's a good long-term play.

Mvis still strong amc, let's come back up. Look at the strength in gamestop uh apple. Pushing did not mean to do that. My apologies, oh look at apple, also moving.

I don't know important to me because i have apple calls, but that might just be a me problem i have. Currently. I have a tesla call. 25 amc calls five mbis calls uh four lvs calls.

I owe neo. I have 10 apple calls uh, i'm getting hammered by coinbase um i own share. I own shares of palantir nvidia of apple netflix, uh cgc microvision. I i forgot.

I own also 75 shares of microvision. At 14.. I mean i've almost doubled up on these black sheep ndm, i'm down 25 on that oracle, intel new york times, exxon snap. Let's do this thing: ooh, gme rippin! Let's go amc coming back a nice pattern of higher lows: uh, let's get back above 1180, just very decisively.

Let's do this thunder blizzard becoming an astronaut welcome aboard. We are going to the moon same shout out to jays22b. I appreciate you joining awesome. Awesome awesome awesome that that type of support it man, it puts the biggest smile on my face.

All i mean that type of support is above and beyond. You guys are the best. I mean joining up the super chaps. That's incredible um! I understand not everyone.

Can the only support once again i asked for like subscribe, do something nice for someone else today. That's the only support! I ask you: if you enjoy this type of thing, anything else is just like a cherry on top. For me, i'm curious tesla. All right, we are 10 minutes into power hour, tesla being a wanker.

What else is moving? I guess we could watch skills. It is up. Nine percent skills is looking good. Come on amc come back around same with you, mvis mbis has had weird action in the sense that it like drifts down and has no volume and then out of nowhere, it just shoots up again.

It's had weird action today. Keep it keep it, keep it going. Come on come on come on come on. This is awesome.

I would love for this to get above 12 today if we can close decisively above 12. Oh the amount of pain that these people will be so 522, so it increased by a hundred thousand. So someone just dumped another hundred thousand shares against us most likely um. We were at 400, so at one point we were at a million.

Then we came down to eight hundred thousand. Then we came to four hundred thousand now we're back up to 522 for the the borrow change of the shares on loan um. So people are trying to decide what in the world they should do with amc. They some people are throwing in the towel, which is what we want to see.

Other people are, i guess, just digging their heels into the ground and like continuing the fight um, it's interesting that it's not like clearly going in one direction or the other, some people fighting us harder, other people giving up and being like. You know what i'm done with this uh. How do you know which hedge firm is shorting or has the most shorted stocks to cover um? We don't like in terms of live data. We don't know like you, can always check the 13 f's, but then there's a way to kind of hide on that like if they have puts instead or if they're shorting, an etf that has exposure to amc, gme um.

To answer your question, we don't definitively know uh. We have an idea, um and there's some ways to track it, but like it's, never like we're, never going to have like the smoking gun and when we do get the reports of the 13fs to know the positions. Um. That's already old data because it's like we get those reports like slowly um.

So, in the end, you can't get it unless, like the only way to really know, is like if you're working at one of those funds, peterson sven fear, i don't know how to say that name, pedersen, heterseen. Thank you for becoming an astronaut us and flow becoming an astronaut welcome aboard to both of you, i'm so happy you're here with this journey, we're going to crush it. There's a story saying mavis is a new target for wall street bets um yeah. It's just been highly discussed on wall street bets um.

We were talking about that earlier this morning. It was like the most discussed one over the weekend, um, and i mean they crushed it by like 46, which is insane amc to the effing moon whoa. Eleven thousand watching welcome eleven thousand of my closest internet friends. I hope you're enjoying the show more than that, i hope you're having just a good time a good day and i hope you're making some money and, if you're, making some money.

I hope it's on one that might potentially take down a hedge fund. Well, look at the left side vertical bar all green. We should all take a moment to appreciate the updates enjoy the ride, not just the destination. Yes, yes, yes, hey matt, got to watch you all last week, while i was on vacation and now have to miss all your streams besides lunch, but love what you're doing never stop you're my favorite streamer derek, oh man.

I appreciate that shout out to penn state man. I also saw that you were in uh the streams over the weekend. Those interviews i appreciate that support. I hope you had an enjoyable vacation all right.

I think i'm up today, you said earlier that 1185 is a good price. Why uh? We just see some technical resistance there, thus far, we've been rejected by it, but like just every like tranche of resistance, we can break above. Um is better for us. Obviously, not only is the price higher, but i think it's mentally demoralizing to the people we're fighting against your mat.

Your stuff needs to refresh what stuff gamestop is at 171. Amc is at 1176, mvs mvis is at 26.. Skills is pushing, looks like it wants to get back above 20. uh yeah.

This is a tonic green over here. Let's go amc. We have about 45 minutes um right here, we're just seeing some consolidation. Look at this higher lows: lower highs, classic classic consolidation.

The big question is: which way will this consolidation break? We want to see a test and a break of amc of this trend line. Um amc, stonco, tractor 30, 000 etf shares available, has been since 12 p.m. In no change since then any idea why, hopefully a good sign um, the so some of those ones that are being tracked on stonko tractor. I don't really understand why, like so, for example, they're tracking iwm, which is the russell 2000.

It's like inherently two thousand small cap stocks, so it has like i don't know like point three percent exposure to iw uh. Two amc, in my opinion, there's other etfs. That would be a better thing for these people to target because that's such like minimal exposure to amc. So if they are like, if you're checking the etfs, that hedge funds are shorting check, the ones that have the biggest exposure to amc and gme, not ones like iwm, that have exposure to like everything, pretty much uh check the ones with the highest exposure.

What about snapchat live? What about snop snapchat live? Can you shout out wyatt we're watching and holding what's going on, wyatt welcome to the space ape world skills, strong up, 10 percent mvis up 43.5 amc up 14.5, like this is crazy, gme spinning back around it's up. 13.5 percent love it love it love it. Oh today is the 26th. What forgot about that? Uh jimi coming back around skills, looking pretty strong, especially now.

This is second test above 20.. Amc coming down no fight fight, fight, fight fight right here it did consolidate right here at 11 60.. So hopefully, this happens again saw some consolidation come on. Let's end this end the day in a nice glorious push here we are here we are oh.

Thank you. Thank you. We are almost cruising cruising to uh. What is it 5.

000 likes. We need about 170. More. Thank you.

You guys are the best skills, still strong amc. Hopefully it's bouncing right here where had like this garbage before come on. Let's turn this around. We have 40 minutes it's 3 20, so 40 minutes plenty of time to get some serious movement minutes is easily enough time for us to get up to 12.

12 50. Like easy, easy, easy and remember, um we're at the part of the day where the percentage move that they evaluate for a halt is actually bigger, so uh. I think, for the first, like half hour of the day and the last hour of the day, the volatility heart like the predetermined percentage it has to move in that amount of time is actually bigger. So it's harder for a stock to haul like this close to market close.

They do that for market close and mark it open, cheez-it boy, power, hour, amc kind of acting uh stinky and you poke it. I i think it's just a cool off of the rsi. Let me check this out yeah the rsi on the one minute granted we are on the one minute. It's just coming down it like.

I mean we're up so much we're up 14. In a day um i mean. Obviously, every 0.01 we're up higher is better, but like stocks, don't just go purely up, they go up, they breathe, they go up, they breathe um. So i just view this like.

Of course, i wish it was breathing less and just like kept running um, but sometimes you don't get that, but this is still amazingly amazingly strong and, like i said we have plenty of time to do. Some serious damage. 11 a.m. This region, 11, 7, 1170 to 1180.

Just like we see some support, some resistance um, i just want. I want it - to push 1180 mbis coming back a little bit skills still moving gamestop coming back to 172.. Um amc right now is 11.67. I want it to retake 1170 fall by 1180 and then, depending on how long that takes, let's watch this trendline from these two highs.

Since what is this um, i guess 250. Over the past half hour, we've had lower highs, lower lows, so we're trying to really get back above this to lower highs, lower lows, that's obviously a downtrend, but it's also on the minute chart, which means it's easy to reverse. That trend really actually the same thing with mvis lower lows: lower lows: lower highs, we want a nice trend. Reversal come on, come on, come on, come on, i'm not seeing we did.

We saw that massive wall in like the 1190s, and i i don't know. I guess it scared away enough people. They were like, ah we're just always fighting paper-handed people who are like hey. You know what this is high enough, i'm willing to take those profits and then they just get out of the position.

Um paper, hands paper, hands paper, hands estimated short interest right now on amc is 23.72 percent utilization. Still a hundred percent uh, but uh we're at 155 million shares on loan 155 and the remember the free float for amc is currently around 400 million. Here you could still see that wall it's at 11.95. I have it on the right side of your screen.

Um, i guess it just like is scaring people away, even though, like the size of the wall, i mean look at the volume traded per minute. Any of these has enough volume to like crack that wall. What is it? 35? It's about 60, 000 right now, literally any minute of this training has enough volume to overtake it. It's just um the volume isn't all in one direction.

Obviously, there's some bullish pressure and bearish pressure and we're just waiting patience. Patience is key. Folks, don't be rude. Man paper hands have families to feed as well yeah i mean i wasn't being rude.

I was explaining what was going on um. The introduction of new shorts and paper hints like it's just selling pressure both are the same amount of selling pressure. Um selling is selling that's what it is um i don't know this could be a very real wall. People are saying fake wall in chat.

We don't know that yet uh. We have to get up that to that level to see if it's a re-wall, a real wall or a fake wall, it it could be a real wall. We don't know this channel is lagged by almost 10 minutes, uh yeah, no there's no way that's possible. I think you need to reload the page, because the lag should be around like 15 seconds patience and no shame on paper hands.

Um yeah, i mean you got to do what you got to do, i'm not telling people to buy yourself. I tell you what i'm doing, i'm telling you the data. I see i'm telling you what i see in the mark, the charts um in the end. I do what i think is like financially the best decision for me.

You got to do what you got to do for yourself. That's completely fine uh, hey matt, josh, tweeted or texts shares shorted, hey matt, josh, tweeted or text shares shorted of amc april 15th showed 900 on april 15th. I mean that's april 15th, like that's already, unless that's a typo alex, i'm not sure what you mean alex like the the the values we're seeing on april 15th. Like don't really much matter now, you got ta look at today's data.

This is the main thing you care about on ortex right here. Today's live changes, short interest, the borrow change. If you look at the borrow change, you can look at where we started off and do that quick, math we're up 255 million coming into today. We were at 100 the fact that we've increased tells me that we're pretty we're either at 100 or we're at the high 99s.

Sadly, weibo kept denying transfers robin hood kept saying i'm on margin, in your opinion, no choice but to close positions, withdrawal deposit to fidelity. Do you think it'll miss the real action by thursday um you very well. Might i mean it's going to take more than a couple days to do all that, to clear your positions and get out and all that how many shares short shares available on amc right now, um, i don't know it's hard to borrow amc's the definition of hard To borrow at this moment in time, it's new or text data, okay, i'm i'm confused what you guys are saying about josh i mean every morning i tweet out the amc numbers um. So when you get the 13 f's, the this is old data like so it gives gives us an idea of where hedge funds were, but it's not like newt like whenever you read a 13f, it's already old information call contracts.

Okay, that's awesome! This is supportive of us. What else did he say that you're talking about april 15th, i mean josh is a good dude. He knows what he's talking about. Official number of shares shorted for april 15th was 93.8 million via new york stock exchange via ortex estimated.

Current short interest is 99 million, so yeah. This is lagging data, though the settlement date was april 15th and it's released today. So it's old data like there's a difference, there's a big lag in between the time that it is like reported and when we actually get it and when we actually get it. It's like old data so like it kind of almost means nothing to me, um.

It's good to know it's good to identify the trends, but i care much more about like what's going on, like literally right now, um so right there, the key takeaways the settlement date was april. 15Th. So we're already talking it's it's 11 days old, um, so like it i don't know, did he have a different point with it official estimate yeah. So if anything we've increased since then - and we know that because if you look at the trend so april 15th, let me hide this so april 15th is where, where are my dates april i mean so.

I have the cursor right at 15th. As you can see the trends higher, so if anything, it's just higher um, so we're going up. The trend has continued to go up. So that's a good base to know um, but we're higher since then all right, gme, 170, amc.

1160.. What a good day for amc we're up 14 um we're putting some serious pain on someone out there. Someone just said the spy is falling hard. What happened to the spies bye whoa? What happened there is it? Was there like um, i just dumped all right.

That's probably hurting the market at large right now shoot. Does anyone know what's going on with the spy like why that happened? Bueller buehler, bueller spy took a hit yeah. This is putting downward pressure on the rest of the market for sure, but hey it's 3. 30.

We still have 30 minutes of action, uh uh amc, it's not much hang on, but i'm finally ahead to send you a tip, keep up the great work if amc plays out at least like volkswagen 08 expect a nice tip uh. Thank you.

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