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Amc record high short numbers gamestop new ceo search – Matt Kohrs

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Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jonathanponciano/2021/04/12/amc-stock-plummets-after-chinese-billionaires-firm-sells-220-million-stake/?sh=572e26d27acd
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What's going on moong, i hope that you're, having a wonderful day in this video i'll, be going over the most recent fundamental updates related to both amc and gamestop. Then i'll be talking about the newest round of fud related to both of these stocks and finally i'll be going over the most up-to-date and recent short interest numbers for both amc and jamie. Before we get into that, though, i kind of want to go over some of the newest positions in the moon gang public portfolio. Just so you know, as of today, i do have a put position on viac strike price of 38 expiration date of april 23rd.

The reason i took this right here viac is on the right side of your screen. It's just looking super weak, so i'm playing it. If there is a continuation of this breakdown, i think that it could have a really nice reward and on the opposite side of that, i have some tesla calls 700 strike price expiration date of this friday, and i did it because tesla's breaking out it looks pretty Strong, i think in the tomorrow, maybe the day after i think, there's a very real chance. It could be testing 715 720, and at that point i think there would be a nice payday for tesla.

Just so you know this trading platform is weeble. You can use it for absolutely free for and also get free trades on it and if you sign up and deposit a hundred dollars, you'll actually get two free socks. That link is in the description of the video all right. So now, let's talk about amc and gamestop as i'm filming this just so you know, amc did not start off the week on the best foot and ended up dropping eight point: four nine percent, and it's now at trading at eight dollars and 55 cents, gme dropped 10.91 and is trading at 139.

This means that gamestop is on ssr uh, the short sale restriction list, which basically just means if it drops 10, it goes onto the list from the remainder of that day and the full next day. So, for all of tomorrow, april 13th gme will be on ssr, which just means that you it's very it's much more difficult to short it. It doesn't mean that it's impossible to short it. It just means it can only be shorted if the stock is actually trending upward.

It's referred to as the uptick rule um. So that's what's going on with gme tomorrow, all right! So now, let's talk about kind of some of the fundamental developments that i am seeing with both of these. Let's start it off actually, with let's start off with motley fool, i mean honestly, is it a day in the stock market? If the motley fool doesn't write something negative about amc and gme, well, here three romnen stocks with the most projected downside according to wall street um. First it talks about a aal american airlines and then the next one is of course, amc similar to american airlines.

The bull thesis for amc centers around the reopening of the u.s economy in a certain capacity that is true, but in a more bigger capacity, that's completely false. The the bull thesis for amc is the fact that it's shorted so much and we're looking for a short squeeze. It is very nice that the economy is reopening and i think that will fundamentally um assist the business. But the bull thesis is that we see that hedge funds were trying to drive the stock into the ground and we're trying to make them pay by buying the stock and triggering a short squeeze.

So even there like, you, can tell that they're coming out of things to say, because they've said it all before that now they're just saying things that, like as if they did three seconds of research, and just so you know the third one on the list. Of course was gamestop but more interesting. I really haven't seen forbes write too many absurdly negative things really about amc or gme. I thought they were pretty unbiased, just trying to relay the news, and this one i thought was a bit weird.

It did come out today. So this was under breaking news: amc stock plummets after chinese billionaires, firm, sells 220 million steak like this isn't untrue, but it's definitely clickbaity um. They were definitely going for a big headline here. Um i actually covered this over the weekend.

This is in reference to the wanda group selling, so basically, on friday april, 9th through an sec form four, we knew that wanda group was kind of um selling off some of its shares in amc. They've been involved with the company since 2012, and, what's weird, is right here in a friday, regulatory filing, which is fair, it did come out on friday, wanda, basically disclosed that it was selling off more than 15.6 million shares in early february and march, and it now Owns 6.8 percent um out of the outstanding shares, so even though this is true um for i was a little confused because it's not breaking news, we actually knew about this early on friday. This wasn't like new news today, like they're almost like it feels like awkwardly four days late, but more important than that is, if you read through it and like please, please do your own due diligence, i'm not a financial advisor, i'm just sharing the evidence and data Points that i can accurately provide, i want you to come up with your own conclusions, but what i thought was interesting about this - is they didn't talk about like in my weekend, video when i was talking about amc and this wanda group thing they've been selling it Off i mean they sold off the biggest portion of amc from june to december of 2020 before the squeezing even happened. So i think wanda group, for whatever reason, has been trying to get out of amc and they saw that the the price was inflated because of this whole storyline related to the short squeeze.

So they saw a good opportunity to get out and i was a little bummed out that they didn't talk about it. Much in this they made it seem like wand is throwing in the towel on the short squeeze and they're giving up. I just don't think that's true, i think they're missing part of the story, so i just want to share that about forbes and also um. Whatever was going on with motley fool, but really at this point: how much do we expect from motley fool um? So now, let's switch over gears to some fundamental updates for game gamestop gamestop initiate search for new ceo um, that's pretty exciting.

When this came out. It was kind of associated with this spike. At the end of the day in gamestop, there was a little spike in volume. We saw some green follow-through.

It was pretty exciting for gme um to the best of my knowledge. It was because of this. They are looking for this new ceo, depending on who they pick. I think that could be a huge benefit to the stock and the other thing related to gamestop.

I was getting this question a lot during the live stream. Today it was talking about uh, roaring kitty. All of these gme calls he has a they expire. This friday april 16th strike price of 12.

He has 500 of them. I i don't speak to roaring kitty. I wish i could um, but he has basically the option to exercise these 500 contracts, which would be equivalent to 50 000 shares if he does exercise them so whether he does or doesn't. I want to clarify that whatever market maker sold them these 500 contracts, there is a high high probability that they already own.

The 50 000 shares if they were um. If roaring kitty wants to exercise them, so it's not like roaring kitty's going to say yes give me these 50 000 shares and then the market makers are gon na go out and buy them. We're not gon na see that type of buying pressure, um, there's a very, very high probability. They're gon na, like control their own risk, there's a very, very good chance that the market maker already owns these i'm just trying to like clarify um.

I know that's not the best news like, of course, we want the the buying pressure of an extra 50 000 to go through, but like it's my duty to share like the knowledge that i have and like at least to the best of my ability to my Understanding, there's a high high probability that market makers already own the 50 000 shares whoever sold him these 500 contracts. Just so you know what's going on with gamestop and roaring kitty, if i had to guess, i would guess that he does choose to exercise these contracts, but, like i said i don't speak to him. It's just a guess, um. I i think he would want to go up to 150 000 just so he has control of that it wouldn't like keep the fight alive, but honestly he still has a hundred thousand shares of gamestop.

He is very, very much invested into this entire situation and i think it's super super admirable all right. So with that being said, now, let's go back to amc. The short interest is now sky high for amc. Look at this.

The short interest change is up 3.78. It's now estimated to be just below 21 of the overall free float. If you look at the shares borrowed and the shares return today, the net difference is about an extra 5 million, and today we started off at the shares on loan of 131.5 million. So roughly you can add a couple more million to it.

These are record numbers. Remember. Shares on loan are basically like one hedge phone willing to loan them out. Someone else borrows them, so they can short it.

That doesn't mean that definitively. All of these shares are shorted, but we could assume a pretty high number of them are, and this number day over day, really ever since march 17th or thursday march 18th, it's just been going higher and higher and higher. I have to clarify this in every video because it's super super important. A high short interest doesn't increase the chances of a short squeeze, but, as it goes up, if a squeeze were to happen, uh knock on wood.

When it does happen, that means that the the price that we'll go to will be even higher more all. In addition to that, the utilization and the shares that are on loan, the ones that are being borrowed, the percentage being borrowed of the ones that could be borrowed were all the way up to 95.89. This is incredibly high, incredibly incredibly high and it's going higher per day um. I i didn't expect the numbers to get this high and yet day over day we are trending higher and higher.

So once we get some sort of bullish, sentiment and positive price action follow-through. These shorts, uh, more and more, are going to be in more serious pain when the stock tracks upward um in terms of gamestop. Today, the short interest actually dropped a little bit. I think uh, because gamestop sold off uh.

We were down over 10. I think some of these people were just like buying it in like taking their profits on the short position, so i think we were seeing a little bit of people covering, but still keep in mind. The short interest is now 23.7. That's still a pretty considerable short interest and utilization is down at 30.

30.35. So with this uh people today were asking me what's the most important: is it the short interest, the shares on loan or the utilization? I very earnestly believe you have to look at all three in tandem. They all tell you a little bit different of the overall story and you have to see how all three are moving together. Excuse me, it's all three of them that paint the full picture.

So that's why i would recommend checking them all out so now, with all that being said, what's going on with the stories and then updated short interest for both of these stocks, let's do a very, very brief technical breakdown. Just so, you know the overall stock market, the s p 500, once again managed to hit a brand new all-time high. Ever since march 25th, every single day has been a green day up up and away in terms of the rsi, which is on the bottom. Here.

The relative strength index this maps out bullish against bearish momentum when it gets very high. That's a lot of bullish momentum, it's considered to be overbought and when it gets very low, that's considered to be a lot of bearish momentum and it's considered to be oversold, as you can see, we are, has values of zero to 100 when it's above 70. That's when, like people are starting to pay attention to it, it does look like the market as a whole is overbought, and it that doesn't mean it has to turn around. It means like there's the more and more we go, there's a better chance of it like just taking a healthy correction.

For me personally i'll be watching. I mean it could turn around early, but i'm looking for a rejection at this trend line so depending on how long that takes to play out. This can just go higher and higher. So maybe if i had to call out a level right now, maybe 417-ish roughly um and then maybe we'll see a healthy correction, i'm in no way calling for doomsday.

I'm just saying like at a certain point. You can't have this many days of a green day without some sort of like healthy correction, so just want to throw that out there in terms of amc. Um, this chart is going to look very, very similar to game stops. I mean they've been treated the same because they're both meme stock squeezes in terms of upcoming support.

When i say support, i just mean a price level that there's a good statistical chance of the stock bouncing off of because we've seen it either bounce off of it. Before get rejected there be by before there's some sort of buying wall or even a volume shelf, but anyway, the first thing i'm going to be watching is kind of closer to 8 40. we've seen a lot of shares, traded and a lot of action around 8 And 40 cents so i'll be looking for that to hold tomorrow. If it doesn't hold, then i'll be watching the key psychological level of eight dollars and past that i'll be watching seven dollars and 63 cents.

If amc manages to bounce off of any of these levels, the first resistance i'll be watching is gon na come just above nine. We see this previous support on april 1st also support commonly turns into resistance, and it's pretty close to that psychological level of nine dollars flat pass that i'd then be watching pretty much ten dollars, um key psychological level. We've seen some support there, so i would imagine for that to turn into resistance, so those are the um support and resistance levels i'll be watching really tomorrow and most likely for the remainder of the week in terms of game. Stop for those similar levels um, as you can see, this previous resistance is actually perfectly where it bounced off of today around 135 ish.

So i'm praying that that holds and we can finally turn back around on the way back up, i'm expecting a little bit of resistance around 165, but that main one i'll be watching comes in at 185. Um pass out i'll, be watching right above, like 200 212, but if 135 doesn't hold. I will then be watching this previous low from both march 24th and march 25th um, and that around 116 117 somewhere in that region pass out. We have a very important and key level of 100, so once again, these are the levels i'm watching on both amc and gme game stops.

Short interest is pretty much coasting sideways at 24 day over day. Amc short interest is just going sky high um. Tomorrow, don't forget that gme will be on the ssr list. It doesn't prevent short selling, but it does make it more difficult and overall, don't let these pieces of, like just the clickbaity headline news, like kind of scare, you out, make sure you're doing your own due diligence on whatever and even what i'm saying in the end.

It's your money on the line, so it does uh. It will help you out to kind of feel more comfortable if you like, have done your own research and kind of better understand the current situation with all that being said, i would love to know your current thoughts on what's going on with amc and gme in A comment below don't forget that if you enjoyed this video and you found some utility in it, i would be much appreciated if you could drop a like and leave a comment both of those things really really helped me out with the youtube algorithm. And if you want to be a member of the moon gang and participate in some of these daily live streams and stay up to date with videos like this, all you have to do is hit that subscribe. Button go over to that bell: icon click on it and switch it to always until i catch you next time.

Best of luck in the markets. You.

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