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Amc share dilution fud price manipulation the fed announcement stock market not crashing – Matt Kohrs

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AMC Share Dilution FUD & Price Manipulation
The Fed Announcement (Stock Market NOT Crashing)
Let me know your thoughts on AMC & GameStop in a comment below!
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What's going on moon gang, i hope that this video finds you well. This little ditty will be a very quick stock market wrap up for today, wednesday april 28th, i'll be going over what's going on in the short interest numbers and some technical and fundamental updates for both amc and gme. But first i want to talk about. What's going on in the overall market at large? Just so, you know the overall market, the s p 500 did close out the day at 417 and 40 cents, while amc closed out the day at 1085 and gme closed out the day at 178 and 58 cents.

Now, before we hop into the meat of the video just so you know that this trading platform that you see in front of you is weeble. If you sign up yes, it does directly support this channel. But on top of that you do get two free stocks. One for signing up and another one or depositing a hundred dollars all right, let's hop into it.

Let's kick this video off with what's going on in the s p. 500. Remember the s. P 500 is an etf, basically think a basket of stocks, but this basket is tracking 500 of the biggest companies in the us and that's why it's commonly thought to be kind of a barometer for the overall stock market.

So, let's hop into what happened today, the fed chairman jerome powell did talk at 2 30.. You could check that out. It's all out on youtube, there's comments and everything, but right here from the wall street journal stocks slip after fed holds rates. Steady, i mean i get it.

We live in a day and age where, like emotion, click bait, like you get, you got to get that advertiser money. I get it i'm a part of it myself, but uh. I think this one really is kind of misleading because, as you're gon na see from the charts the overall market is that, like it literally hit a new all-time high today, so i think they could have had a little bit more of um. I guess a positive reaction and really right, as you read it off the bat like they explain.

What's going on, u.s stocks take lower wednesday after federal reserve said it would stick to the loose monetary policy that has underpinned the markets rally in recent months if you're kind of confused about what's going on the federal reserve. This is a very good thing, basically said: they're not going to really touch inflation, they're going to keep buying bonds and really this combo of things in their effort to keep the unemployment as low as they can. This is pushing the stock market higher and higher, and then right here the s p, 500 aka the spy slipped 3.54 points were less than 0.1, so they admit it barely did anything basically jerome powell, who is the federal chairman, said the economy would need to make Substantial further progress before the u.s central bank would begin tapering asset purchases, that assured investors, who were worried that the fed might shift to more inflation-fighting posture. So basically, everything they've been doing has promoting a uh, an environment where higher inflation is basically necessary or not really necessary.

But it's going to be expected because what they're doing they're just putting so much money into the economy and yes, it is pushing the stock market higher. But it's kind of like this whole inflation issue. It is kind of also kicking the can down the road, but anyway uh. This is the chief investment strategist from state street global advisors.

He is letting us investors know exactly what they want to hear that he is going to be very supportive of the markets. For a very long time, so that's the situation um any of these other things going on out in the world of like. Oh, the stock market doomsday bear markets collapse. I just don't see it because, literally today, wednesday april 28th, we hit a new all-time high.

I'm not talking a relative high. I am talking a new all-time high. Look at that right. There 419.01 new all-time high.

We, the stock market, has been on a tear for many many years and specifically ontario ever since march of 2020, i mean it's just up up and away and today so please, i just i see a lot of um emotion. People like playing into fear of like, what's going on with my money how's it how's it is it safe, but just know all of your blue chip investment, your retirement accounts most likely they are looking pretty swell right about now all right. So let's talk about some of the fundamental updates about what's going on um, so we know yesterday, if you saw any of my videos related to amc, you know that the whole 500 million share dilution. It's off the table, not gon na happen, we're not even voting on it.

It's not going to become a reality, but it is fair to discuss what's going on with the 43 million shares that have been present ever since i believe 2013.. This is also on the wall street journal. I will make sure to link this um article below and also the previous one. So you can read them yourself, but anyway, amc aims to sell 43 million shares to bolster cash reserves.

Amc said it is launching a new effort to sell to 43 million shares of stock, as the movie theater chain continues. Effort to bolter its cast position while grappling to recover from the rona cancelling its campaign to increase by 500 million the number of shares. It would be able to sell so this is what happened yesterday. That was the big announcement um yesterday that we're just not voting on it.

There's a big shareholder vote on may 4th. The proposal number one was to basically double up the amount of outstanding shares on amc. It was a big debate, um and really, in my opinion, it was a big sense of fud within this amc community. I just didn't think it was gon na happen and now like they basically officially withdrew it no one's voting on it.

It's not gon na happen, and that's now. Why, like, i think the people who are very uh, i guess against amc - are specifically focusing on the 43 million, because it's almost like their last like lifeline to fight about like why you should be against amc. So anyway, uh we're talking about the 43 million and right here, chief executive, adam aaron, said that the company believes shareholders will benefit from beefing up amc's cash reserves through the sale of the 43 million shares it currently has available to sell. So just so you know the sale is not in any way guaranteed.

It's not definitive. If anything all they did today with the sec was get the shares authorized like it's just approved by the sec, but it's it didn't happen. So it's not like today, 43 million shares were actually dumped on the market, and this article specifically does have more good information. I would recommend you check it out and, of course, check.

Everything out fact check me: i'm not a financial advisor. You should be doing your own due diligence anyway, i think here's kind of the important takeaway the stock sale is being conducted as another at the market, offering which is very important in which amc's banker at goldman sachs group, b, riley, securities and city group global markets, Will open up a basket of shares to sell on a continuing basis in a way that is accessible to both institutional and individual investors, so the wording of this is important. First of all, it hasn't happened. These shares are just going to be authorized.

Uh they're basically approved by the sec. It's an at the market offering i'll explain why that's important in just a second but more important. If you read the second part of this they're, not all going to be dumped at once, it looks like. Maybe if it does happen, they'll kind of like slowly trickle into the market, but i think what's more important, is at the market offering whenever we're in.

I guess right now in the battle that we're fighting with amc, we're kind of in a situation where anyone hears about new shares dilution. They get scared, they think they're hampering the short squeeze. So one thing i want to point out is this happened literally just on friday april 26th, gamestop's latest big day picks up steam after hours with 551 million stock, offering they did the exact same thing. Basically, game stops on the announcement that the company will complete its at the market, soft offering by selling 3.5 million additional sales for approximately half a billion dollars.

So my point in bringing this up is that sometimes, if done properly, these at the market, stock offerings can actually um be met by with exuberance from stock market participants, and we see the stock going up and that's just one of my points. The second point is, we actually don't even know if it's gon na definitively happen, so whatever is going on, i know the emotions are high in this world. Please do your own due diligence, make sure you're like fully aware of like what's going on and just don't believe all these like fud headlines and people just spamming comments, because most likely they're just trying to prompt negative engagement so keep calm. Basically, cool heads will prevail.

I strongly strongly believe that so now, with all of that out of the way, let's talk about the most up-to-date short interest numbers, so basically amc had a very, very weird day, the short interest. This is the first time in a while that we saw this short interest drop and it dropped by a pretty notable percent. It went down by 3.13 as of now the current short interest of amc's free flow is estimated to be 23.3 percent, but what i thought was interesting well also, just so you know to start today off the utilization was a hundred percent and to start today off The days to cover based on the two-week trading average was 3.73 days, but anyway, back to what i thought was interesting, and if you were part of the live stream, you saw this as well, so the borrow change was a net return of 4.86 million. For the sake of this discussion, let's just round that up to 5 million.

So when you return, i fully understand that a share on loan is not the exact same as being a short share but like. Why would you loan it out without shorting it like? Why would you pay that fee if you don't actually want to take a short position granted, maybe you're not seeing what you want in the market? The opportunity doesn't arise or it could be some sort of psychological scare tactic, but what's crazier than this is basically if they were short basically to get out of that position, you have to buy back into the market and, as i just showed, was showing you amc Had a down day, usually when you're covering a short, you see some upswing in the stock price and today to start today off, the borrow change was up by a million, so that means we actually had a swing of six million people returning their shares shares returned 10.56 million and at first the borrowed shares was 5.7 million. This number is a considerable number, especially when, like real, i mean amc closed down. 5.32.

So for me i i don't exactly have the answer of like why there was such a strong disconnection, so many shares returned and yet the stock was going down. I i try to build this channel up by transparency and showing you the exact data, so i have some own threes in my head. I can't directly comment on it, but it i don't know it's kind of hard to argue that there wasn't some form of shenanigans going on it's specific to amc. Today, that's a giant amount of shares return, and yet we didn't see much buying pressure seems a little weird in my book, but anyway, uh, what's going on with gamestop.

Also short interest actually same same decline: minus 3.31 percent. The estimated short interest right now of gamestop is just below 24 utilization. To start today, off was 58. The borrow change was around about half a million shares which puts the shares on loan about 14.4 million and as of now for gamestop ticker symbol, gme the days to cover based on the two-week average is 2.23.

Those are all the numbers you're going to need to know for amc and games up heading into tomorrow. What else you should know is kind of the important technical levels so in terms of the bigger picture, with reference to amc, we do have this we're still above the breakout. So, from january, up until very recently, basically friday april 23rd, we were consolidating lower highs, higher lows, and since then we broke out it's pretty common. When you see a pattern like this, for to break out kind of consolidate, make a new higher low and then move from there.

More specifically, this is what i'm seeing on the four hour chart just so you know the price levels that i kind of will be watching when the market opens tomorrow. Just so, you know these level a lot. These yellow lines are support and resistance. When i say support, i don't mean anything fancy all i mean is a price level that the stock has bounced off of before, and i'm thinking that it could do that again and resistance is the exact opposite.

I'm just talking about a price level that we've seen this not get rejected by before, and i think that that couldn't happen again in the world of stock training, support can become resistance. Resistance can become support. It's very, very common. A high level statement is just basically that once an important price level, it typically remains an important price level.

So anyway, as of now amc is trading at 1087, i would say that we're right at resistance 11, which is also a key psychological level above that i would expect a little bit of a hiccup at 11.50, but i'm mainly watching 12, actually, the whole region between 1196 and 12 22. - that's the main level of resistance, i'll be looking for tomorrow and in terms of support, i will be if we get above 11. I would then expect that to be support below that i'll be watching 1023 that'll be followed by 9.74 and in terms of the rsi relative strength index. All it does is map out bullish against bearish momentum.

This is exactly what i was talking about yesterday. We got very overextended. Any value above 70 is commonly considered to be in the overbought territory. So this is just a nice breather.

I wouldn't be surprised after today's action we got up, we were over extended, we come back down. It gave time for the rsi to cool off and now, if we retake that that actually gives us more room to run up, this is pretty common and also healthy action in the stock market. In terms of gme, here's where we are in the bigger picture, um not really breaking out above the wedge line. I mean, i guess you could argue that if you connected this week to this week, i just like to be a bit more conservative, but we are looking kind of interesting in the fact that similar to amc we're sitting right at resistance.

This one comes in around 180. above that i'll be watching kind of that region of 200 to 210 215. Something like that, and i think things for gme can get pretty exciting if we break above this 200 level. We've seen a rejection there, multiple times before so above that, i think it's going to be a little bit more of like clear sailing for gme in terms of its support.

I will be first watching 160 and below that i'll, be watching this other low of 144.. In really the rsi looks pretty similar to amc's gme and amc commonly do have a lot of overlap, but anyway the rsi got overextended. Today we came down just a little bit for it to cool off. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a continuation, and all this is doing is giving it more room to run.

So that's all um. Those are the important data points specific to the short interest for both amc and jimmy, and those are the price levels. I'll specifically be watching when the stock market reopens tomorrow, i would love to get your thoughts on both of these stocks in a comment below, and on top of that, if you enjoyed this video, i would really appreciate it if you could drop a like and leave A comment it just helps out with the youtube algorithm, and it also gets this video in front of other people and don't forget if you want to be a member of the moon game, all you have to do is hit that subscribe button. If you want go over that bell, icon click on it and switch it always so you get a notification with any piece of new content such as this or any of the monday to friday live streams.

I really enjoy you hanging out with me and remember from me chair and duck shirt best of luck in the stock market. You.

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    They are paying all sorts of money to hire people to troll youtube and Reddit and put out all sorts of fake news. I wouldn't put it past them at all to pay some money to borrow shorts not use them then return them in order to spread FUD… Oh no there were a bunch of shorts returned but the price went down!! my Fellow apes must be selling!! I should sell too. Or if they borrow shorts but don't use them, they might be stocking up on Amo to use all at once. I.E. the shares available to short go to 0. Wow Shorts are "out of Amo" and the price is going up! We are winning! then they let the price go up a bit and smack the market with like 50 mil short shares to tank the price to make people go.. what but the Hedgies were "out of Amo" it can't be them! it must be my fellow apes selling!!! What they don't get is the price dips… we see the fire sale BUY and HODL.. the price goes up..but its only at like 11 which is still a sale for when it goes to 1000+++++ so we BUY and HODL. Stupid Hedgies they just keep digging their grave deeper and deeper.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dracu_SRL says:

    They were saving shares for a death blow after the 500 milion new shares would have been voted on.
    Since they don't have a catalysts anymore they just returned the shares.

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    Id assume the drop today was just some shares getting sold, remember they put in the SEC document at estimated $9.28 a share. Today we AMC had the opportunity to sell at around $11.50
    I f*****ing hope Mr. SIlverback Adam or whomever he gave the power to sold some shares in today, like 3million. Get some cash on hand like Gamestop, it is the right move.

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  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Egyptian_M-N says:

    I like the format. All that content in 15 minutes is impressive!

    As for the borrowed and short discrepancy, I think they are borrowing and holding at friendly fees to hide their hand. Could also be more shares made available for borrowing from retail or institutional owners that contributed to the delta.

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