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Another doge millionaire dogecoin analysis price prediction – Matt Kohrs

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Dogecoin Analysis & Price Prediction
Story Link: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2021/may/11/goldman-sachs-executive-quits-after-making-millions-from-dogecoin
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What's going on moon gang, this video will be a really quick crypto update i'll specifically be focusing on dogecoin, but there's just something way too funny going on that. It's just too hard to pass up just to know before we hop into it. As i'm filming, this bitcoin is trading at five 56 ethereum's doing well, once again, retook four thousand four thousand one hundred fifteen cardano doing well a dollar. Seventy three and dogecoin is trading just above 50 cents.

I also want you to know that today i also bought a new crypto algorithm, ticker symbol algo. In fact, i could show that to you really quick crypto right here, uh trading around a dollar 44. uh. Just if you want to look into that, i will make a standalone video speaking about algo, so what is going on with dogecoin actually before we get into these technicals? I want to let you know what price levels you should be watching in terms of support and resistance, but let's go over some fundamental news.

We all know, may 9th right here, spacex launching satellite doge one to the moon next year, mission paid for in doge for script, own space first main space. Obviously this is pretty awesome. We do have a new update, actually two new updates, so today may 11th. Do you want tesla to accept doge overwhelming support 3.5 million people voted um? I wouldn't be so surprised in the coming days.

If tesla's like yep, we now accept doge to buy our vehicles pretty cool, but here's the really funny story right here: goldman sachs, executive quits. After making millions from dogecoin this just came out today, a senior manager at goldman sachs in london has quit the u.s investment bank. After making millions from investing in dogecoin city sources, says aziz. Mcmahon, a managing director and head of emerging market sales has resigned from the bank after making money from investing in the digital currency based on the doge internet meme.

This is hilarious for all the people out. There saying it has absolutely no value and dogecoin isn't gon na do anything. It's just not worth it well right here, a the definition of an investing trading professional goldman sachs executive was able to quit his job for making millions off of this thing, that's a complete joke, so it doesn't matter if it's a joke or not. In the end, people are making very very serious money for it.

I just thought this was absolutely hilarious. So with that being said now, let's quickly turn to some of the technicals. So dogecoin was following this trendline all the way down and it finally was able to broke break out around midnight around today. My time may 11th broke out came down reaffirmed it have 46 cents right here we got more of that.

Information of just kind of elon excitement pushing it up. It did top tick at 54.55 from there. We are now in a wedge, so we had this downward if there were a perfect parallel line on the bottom here. That would be referred to as a bull flag.

Uh and it's called the bull flag, even though it's trading downward, because it commonly breaks upward, that's exactly what we saw from there. This is actually now a you could actually call it a bull pennant. So what a bullpen it is. It means it was training upward.

Then it was lower highs, higher lows and you're basically forming a triangle. It's a very fancy way to say it was training upward. Then we made a triangle: lower highs, higher lows. These do commonly break upward.

So let's see if that becomes a reality in technical analysis. There is always always a counter example to really every pattern, but it's more of just playing the odds of like what happens most of the time. In this scenario, beyond that uh, we do have some support and resistance marked by these yellow lines. I know this is a bit confusing, but all i mean is support is a price level that it's bounced off of before resistance is a price level that has been rejected before um.

These are very important, because typically, support remains supported in the future. Resistance remains resistance. In the future, and they can even switch support - can become resistance. Resistance can become support.

I guess the best way i can sum this up is: what's an important price level, always an important price level. So anyway, uh we do have some port, the closest one's at 50 cents, which is also a key psychological level, a lot of people buying and selling at 50 cents. I'm looking for not only a breakout of this bull pennant, but i want the breakout above 52 cents. If that comes, i will then be watching really the region resistance between 54 5 and 55 2 right here this high, and then we also have support resistance.

Clearly, just overall region of resistance, but basically above this breakout of 55 i'll, then be watching 57.5. If this pennant is broken down, i will then be looking for support at the start of it at 47.7 and from then uh, 46. 1. Basically, this recent low.

So this is the support i'm watching. This is the resistance i'm watching. Overall, i think that story about the goldman sachs executive, making millions is absolutely hilarious from a technical perspective, i think things are looking good for dogecoin. These bullish pendants do commonly break upward.

We saw this before uh this downward channel commonly breaks upward. It's just the big question of when it happened around midnight. My time from there, the bounce and now uh, it's consolidating remember whether it's crypto stocks, futures consolidation, followed by expansion, followed by consolidation once again, but we basically saw expansion, consolidation, expansion, consolidation, it's just the common ebb and flow that you see in many many markets, but Overall, i'm still in doge, i'm very excited for it. I'm still getting a lot of questions about where's what the easiest place for you to buy dogecoin.

So if you want a phone app, you could check out voyager here are all the supported apps and if you're in the state of new york, you are going to have some problems with that uh. But one is gemini. This is allowed in new york and they also now offer doge. So those are two alternatives that you could potentially look into i'd love to get your thoughts on doge and really crypto at large.

In a comment below specifically, let me know your thoughts on algo. I just bought some today i'd love to get your thoughts uh. If you enjoyed this video, i would appreciate it if you could drop a like leave a comment and join the moon gang by hitting the subscribe button. That type of engagement really does help me out with the youtube algorithm until i catch you next time from me and share best of luck in the market.


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