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Ape nation: a phoenix from the ashes dumb money ep 9 – Matt Kohrs

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Ape Nation: A Phoenix From The Ashes ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€
Dumb Money Ep. 9
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We are back, we are back. We are alive from the ashes. We have risen once again once again, very very extremely happy to be back folks, folks, folks, folks, folks, i can't can't explain how happy i am that we we made it to this point. We made it, we made it through the craziness.

On friday i mean absolute insanity. I hope everyone had a great weekend a phenomenal weekend and i hope you're ready for another week of basically casino fun. I mean folks pure pure insanity, across the board, and yet we made it. We made it to right here we're doing what we do best.

Ah so excited hello, hello, hello! Oh thank you. For all these words of support, i'm happy! We made it i'm happy. We made it oh we're my headphones, so i could talk to nasa. How else are we going to talk to nasa folks, folks, folks, folks, folks, folks, if you're just tuning in right now, maybe you missed a little bit of friday afternoon? Maybe you're like hey it's friday, it's the summer, let's start a early vacation.

Well, you missed out on a little bit of drama and i'm not talking drama with a another creator or a member of ape nation. I am talking drama with a big tech conglomerate. Actually, in fact, the one we're on right now, so there we were talking about stocks talking about duck-based and tiger-based fashion, and on friday we i don't know it was like 3, 15, 3 30. gone black dark cut the feed no, no way jose we're, not letting The duck guy talk about stocks anymore immediately got an email saying you are harmful and dangerous, buh-bye and um very very quickly.

The community rose up in my defense, which i am immensely and eternally grateful for it blew up on twitter. At one point, it was trending free, matt coors. It quickly became a pr nightmare for youtube to the point that charles payne was talking about it meet kevin. Had me on his show, almost immediately to get more of a stop like spotlight on it.

It was just pure pure insanity and a handful of hours later i was back like so it happened or friday and a couple hours later i had it back. This is now the second time same thing: i'm harmful and dangerous uh. It's just crazy. It's crazy! I mean we all know of many accounts and people on youtube who post things that like it might make you scratch your head of, like man like this seems a bit like inappropriate.

I didn't know they could say that i didn't know they could show that. I thought this was a family-friendly platform um and i'm the one who gets hit once not once but twice tmi gets hit um on the larger scale of that it seems like it's very specific to the amc community when we have like the extent of hardcore punishment, But even finance youtube in general, i mean graham stefan was facing losing his channel um kevin meet kevin was having his own problems with youtube and twitter, and it's just across the board. It seems like something's going on. I mean i guess i should probably have on my tinfoil hat so hang on.

If we want to do this any justice. Obviously i have to put on the old tinfoil hat to talk about this stuff because it's all alleged all alleged um but youtube's like i have had no special commentary from youtube like what you see publicly their twitter responses and everything is what i've seen. It's not like youtube's reached out to me and been like hey like we had this problem. This problem, we're super sorry like do you have any suggestions on how this could be prevented in the future? That does not happen.

That has not happened. Everything i like know, you also know it's all been public they're, like oh sorry, oopsy daisies, it's a mistake, um, which is just ridiculous, like two channel termination mistakes for me personally in three months, and then you throw on tmi like so two terminations within a week For people who are known within the amc community, i don't know i was talking about this in my video last night, which, if you haven't seen that let me just sum it up for you really quickly um. I appreciate more. I appreciate you more than i have the ability to articulate you guys have not only saved me once you've actually saved me twice and i think it's very um.

I guess the best way to say it. It highlights that this is no longer fun and games. This isn't hey we're watching a stock, maybe it explodes and we make a bunch of money and like poke fun at hedge funds. This is very much.

We are staring down the barrel of a potential seismic shift in the power dynamic, not only within the us, but within the world. It really does do a good job at highlighting how big of a story, how big of a cultural movement, how big of a social dynamic switch is going on right now and it's yes, it's playing out on the scoreboard of amc and jimmy, but, like i said, That's the scoreboard: this is much more of a fight, in my opinion, between elitists populist to 99 versus the one whatever you want to call it, but think about it. If you really take a step back and look at it at large people in power in that in group, within that one percent, they don't want change. Think about that.

Why would they want change when right now, everything's going swimmingly for them? They are actively going to go against any form of change because they're already at like that top tier of the game, we call life they're. Not they don't want change. There's never been a point in history where the group in power, the group grouping control, has been like: oh yeah, yeah. No, that's cool like let's just completely shift things up that puts their lives at risk, what they know, what they're comfortable with so across the board.

I mean, unfortunately, i don't think these types of accidents, mistakes, censorship, whatever you want to call it, i don't think they're going to be over. I don't think it's like. Oh okay. We got through that.

Maybe it's the last time for my channel, but at large i mean the support for your creators, the people who you follow like across the entire gambit. It is very, very important that you support them, because things like this can happen on like instantly, though i do know that uh when i was tagged as harmful and dangerous for the second time it was that video, it was the friday stream they're like yeah, like You said something i don't know, i i don't know what it is. If i ever hear anything which i doubt youtube's gon na give me a response, because if they do maybe then those words are gon na be used. If i like decide to lawyer up or something like that, i don't know - and it's weird it's a very weird fight, because right now, it's like, i feel, like all of my energies and the group's energies have been like.

What's going on with market makers, prime brokers, the market at large, so we're fighting that entity and all of a sudden it can become a two-front fight when we're now what battling big tech like there's only so much time in the day like it just it's overwhelming, But the reason why it's still worth it, i think, is actually twofold reason. One i've been brought up and i am deeply of the opinion that if you notice something systematically wrong structurally wrong, that doesn't mean you just sit there and be like oh, whatever. Okay, that's a crappy game like i hope someone fixes it. No, i i very much believe that if you notice something going on, that's a regal illegal, illicit nefarious, whatever you want to call it, you make your best attempt to try to fix it, not just for yourself for your family, but for everyone around you for everyone.

Coming after you, i do believe we have a societal duty to make it better to at least fight to make it better and beyond that i mean i have all of you. You have me like. We have such an am like. Our voice is clearly bigger than we can even imagine it is clearly bigger than we can possibly imagine, because it's gotten to this level, so i don't want anyone out there underestimating the power of your individual voice, because, when we're all put together, we can clearly make A lot of changes i mean across the board.

We have already seen changes in the stock market that i strongly believe would not have happened without us. The expediency at which some of these new rules have been passed, the dtcc the ioc, the nscc all those fancy acronyms across the board. I do not think those would have happened without us and i don't think it just ends there. I don't think they're just passing those rules and they're like oh okay, this, like ape nation, is now going to quiet down.

I truly don't believe it's i. If anything, i just think it's the start, um and it doesn't end here at amc and gme uh for some of you it might. But for me it doesn't. I mean, i guess, whether you're running into the form of some, whatever some keyboard warrior bully or a big tech conglomerate bully whatever it is.

It doesn't matter the the shape, the form you just. Don't you don't quit on it? You fight like they're, obviously um the outcome is never ever guaranteed, but the thing you can guarantee is the effort and the heart and the passion you put into that fight. So, for me, i'm fighting day in and day out, amc gme, i'm trying to bring on people uh that are experts, so we can all learn more. I'm trying to explain, explain our story on national tv um.

Just more and more, i do what i can and day in and day out i mean not everyone's gon na believe it, but for those of you who are supporters, i hope you understand truly that day in and day out, any of my individual actions is like. I'm somehow just trying to play my hand the best i can to spread the word of ape nation and get more people into this fight and somehow prompt positive change, a positive change in trend so we're at least heading in the right direction and with any luck We can execute on it very quickly and go on to bigger and better things for better and better and more positive change across the board. That is my goal right now: it's amc and gme, but for me the fight, it's not. This is not specific like right.

Now this is um very inherent to what we are fighting, but it doesn't end here if we fix some of the issues going on with amc and jimmy. That doesn't mean that magically everything is fine in the stock market. There's the next thing, and obviously we don't want to spread ourselves too thin. You have to pick one thing: fight with that, get that change and then move on to the next um, but this is this is what's going on.

This is the state of things right now, and the only thing that i, like i really want to get across on this is i'm so uh. I guess incredibly fortunate to be finding it alongside with you, because that that not only tells me that i have an immense amount of support, but it also tells me that, with all of you, crazy apes out there, the likelihood of getting our message heard and prompting Positive useful change for us and for future generations. I think it just gets higher and higher day over day, but to sum it up, i'm not going anywhere. Logistically.

I did make a backup channel uh. It's called mac course clips. I think it's featured under my channel. If you go to like channels or about or something mac course clips, the picture is of like my cartoon rendition of a duck.

Some people pointed out well hey. If it's youtube, they might just like kind of cut all of your channels. So that's the backup youtube channel, but if it kicked off of youtube completely, there is a twitch channel uh, it's matt underscore course it's right above my head. That's also my twitter and instagram um and then also i'm gon na a lot of people were suggesting rumble.

So i will be looking into that later this week to see what's going on with rumble um, but overall, if i get completely de-platformed off youtube, i'm not going anywhere i'll go to another tech platform, and even if that doesn't work out, i mean i was talking About this pretty like, if it comes to it i'll, just be shouting from a corner in somewhere in philly like i'm, not gon na go anywhere, they're, not gon na silence me um. It's just not gon na work that well like it's just uh. It's gon na house, it's just i'm not going anywhere, i'm not leaving uh. We got knocked down on friday, but you just when you get knocked down.

You just get off the mat and you keep pushing forward. So that's the game plan not going anywhere. Let me read some of these things and then we will do a quick vortex breakdown and we'll do a quick technical breakdown. Get us ready for the day.

Welcome back matt, let's go free, matt gore's moon gang matt the duck, lord back from the grave. Oh brother, new law, ns ns202110 protects hedge funds, so they can invest in gme with amc without causing a market crash and losing in their other investments, unknown name. That's not exactly how i interpreted it and please understand i'm i'm not saying i am an expert at that particular rule. I've only read about it like kind of slightly, but to my understanding it's more of it's allowing them to use stocks that they own as collateral.

On their current loans, so it's more of allowing like it's de-risking the loaning system and it's allowing them to use the socks they own. As collateral, i heard some people trying to classify it as like a controlled, systematic squeeze attempt like that. That's not how i interpreted it. Maybe i got it completely wrong, but to my understanding is just saying: hey for your loan you're allowed to use the stock you own as collateral.

I don't know necessarily how it connected to a systematic squeeze hedge fund, so they can invest in 2g me without calling and losing um protects hedge funds, so they can invest into gme and amc without causing a market crash um unknown name. I know it's tough to fit like uh. Like i understand you only have limited characters, but i'm i'm a little bit confused. Uh.

Investing into amc and jamie by a hedge fund wouldn't cause a market crash if they invest into that, i'm not a twitch guy, but you leave for twitch and i'm there and absolutely done with youtube. It's a garbage platform move on we're with you yeah. For now. I'm going to keep running it, but i'm also obviously going to try to be smart, um and have these i mean on friday.

A lot of people poured right into twitch uh. I'm very happy that i already had the twitch like account up and people knew about it because you were able to know what was going on in real time when the mother of all short squeezes is happening. All the youtube financial channels will be silenced via swamp people. Everyone have a backup plan yeah.

So for me um i mean if they take me off like i do, have the youtube back up. I do have the twitch back up. It's just some fail safes uh. Chris uh, we love you and appreciate you be safe and happy.

Thank you happy. We got your back and, yes, you are harmfully harmful and dangerous to the edgy's wallet uh good morning brother. Please put backup channel in description. I couldn't find it in search.

Okay, yeah. I will do that very quickly. I think some of the uh unboxing was actually posted last night already to the channel all right. So here's what i'm gon na do.

I'm gon na put it as the first link in the channel i'll just put new channel uh channel. I should probably spell that correctly. It's once again, it's called matt kors clips, so i just put it in the description of the video and i'm putting it in uh. I just put it in chat right now.

If you want to just go through there, happy birthday, you beautiful, baby boy, i believe the reason that oops hang on, i believe the reason it happened is because you move the amc chart to the left and jimmy on the right you played with and upset the Gods i started my transfer out of weeble to fidelity, i'm hoping for a smooth move before the squeeze. I think you'll be good in terms of timing. I think you're gon na be good, because people are saying that the transfer is actually like relatively quickly relatively quick. Uh thoughts on the idea that iron man's outer saying i love you 3000 was a message from aaron saying: amc will hit 3 000 and thanos himself can't stop it.

What's going on sam flow, been zynga news, amc entertainment tops q2 trends for millennials and gen z. Wish enters the top 100, the man, the myth, the legend matt coors is back. Oh brother, hey brother, you're, truly, an inspiration to all you meet you're, dark, good investor, a good teacher and seems like a darn good guy, much love brother uh, our labs, that that means a lot to me seriously. I appreciate that good to have you back brother hope.

You didn't eat too much wendy's over the weekend, oh brother, what's going on ryan, patrick hoping everything's going well, if other hedge funds caused a massive squeeze citadel would have to liquidate their own investments to cover that's hurting value of other stocks. Remember if they sell someone else is going to buy, so it depends on how much selling is going on. Remember you don't just sell into the ether if someone if they're cutting their other blue chip stocks to cut to like meet collateral requirements, someone is still buying those other stocks. Whenever anyone sells someone's buying whenever anyone's buying someone is selling uh, do you ever feel fear? You might be in danger because of how honest you are with corruption, much love from canada, broski um, maybe i'm being naive, but i don't feel that way and, like i said, maybe that's naive.

Maybe i need to be a little bit more. I guess careful about like where i am in my p.o box and that type of stuff, but my my going thought is that people like dave lauer. If someone were to be in trouble, it would be dave. Lauer i mean dave.

Lauer is he's not a whistleblower, but he's the guy who knows the internals of how citadel works, and then he talks to the government about it and how to fix it. He talks to us, oh and speaking, of which dave lauer we're interviewing him this week. I tweeted about it uh go to that tweet thread. If you have questions specifically about dark pools or payment for order flow, respond to that thread and i'll be asking some of those questions to him.

But i'm interviewing dave lauer this week and i'm actually going to be on making money today, um as well, so we're gon na, be i'm assuming talking about amc, gme, big tech, censorship and all that stuff. But that's happening today somewhere between two or three and then i'll, be interviewing dave lauer this week to get the questions about dark pools and payment for order flow. There's a lot of people who are confused about it fairly. So i mean that's very fair.

There's a lot of misinformation going out there there's a lot of good information going out there and i figure. Why not ask a legitimate expert and have a standalone interview that you guys can watch and reference and re-listen to, and i will be asking all of your dark pool and all your payment for order flow questions. That'll be the subject for that particular interview and then for the other related things, maybe a different interview down the road, but just what's going on with dark pools right now, there's a lot of assumptions i mean we saw that dark pool abuse was trending. We hear all these things about payment for order flow and that's a question right now.

A lot of people have a lot of assumptions about dark pools and payment from order flow and from what i understand, some of it is right, and some of it is wrong. Right now, the game is for us to all get on the exact same page of realism. What is true, what isn't true and what are the things going on that we don't even know about? He is a great great person to ask and that will be coming out sometime this week. Welcome back matt.

We got you because we know you got us now. Where were we? Oh, yes, let's go uh so h d. Did you see the size of those magnets? You were putting in the chart also short squeeze update today, right all right, we'll go over the vortex and all that matt. You are dangerously informative wondering if we could get in touch a bit of dd about the audits and, what's all the tech talk means um.

So a bit about the audit, so actually there's a handful of audit related things going on right now, so i need a little bit of um specifics from you, but overall just so, you know like for the overall market. This is probably a good time to do it overall market. A lot of big tech companies reporting this week and don't forget. Amc also has its shareholder meeting july 29th.

In three days. If you owned amc on june 2nd, you will be able to vote. There are a couple proposals you can vote on a handful of proposals. You can vote up to and including july 28th, so you have today tomorrow the next day and then the shareholder meeting would be on thursday.

Originally, the hot topic item was the uh authorization of an additional sharer delusion they scrubbed that you will not be voting on that. There is no chance of additional share delusion because we're not voting on it. So there's no way those shares are possibly going to be authorized. Please please know that, but that doesn't mean like you should still vote.

If you owned amc shares on june 2nd. Please please please, please, please, please vote vote vote um, depending on your brokerage. You might have gotten an email, you might have gotten a call, but if you owned it you should definitely vote. There's a handful of proposals once again, that's happening thursday july 29th.

I think that's thursday, whatever it is, i'm positive. It's happening on july 29th. So um that's some stuff going on with amc other than that for the overall market, a lot of big tech companies reporting. So that's going to have some influence on just what's going on in the s p, 500 and specifically the nasdaq 100.

uh. They can delete your youtube channels. Clutches pearls love. You bud glad you're.

Still here shout out, hey matt. Thanks for all you do for the community. Do you feel that these changes with dtcc and sec are just distractions for the apes by the way waiting for chairs? Only fans, i don't think it's a distraction in any manner, i think they're positive rules and, in my opinion, most of them that i've like thoroughly read and thoroughly understand. I'm like okay, that makes sense that's how the market should be running.

In my opinion, it's for me to generalize all these new rules. They are safe, backstops of if, if something hits the fan, the market is not going to be unduly impacted. That's the best way for me to sum up all the new rules at large. What i don't like about them is that people are starting to assume that there's some form of a magic bullet of like they go into effect, and then the squeeze is going to be prompted the next day.

That's not how this works. Do not have the expectation that any particular rule being passed will be like that final thing that helps us. These are much more of preventative of new things happening in the future um. That's how i would like, in general, think about these rules do not set the expectations that an individual rule is our magic bullet.

Don't set the expectations that any particular thing is the magic bullet that we've needed and that like. Finally, if it's something happens or a particular date, or something like that, i just i don't people have been trying to call these things out for the past six months and thus far, none of it - and i mean none of it - has come to fruition. No one has had an accurate call like that of like on this quadruple witching on this rule on this particular date. That just hasn't been true.

I think the rules being passed are positive. I think they are very logical and healthy rules for our stock market at large for stock market participants at large. I'm a fan of them, but i wouldn't i'm not buying into this concept that, like once x, gets passed. That's finally, what we need, i'm just, not necessarily on board with it, because we have not seen that thus far, i learned today that zuckerberg has been selling off his facebook shares almost every day since november.

Does that seem weird to you glad to have you back? Uh, it does seem weird. I noticed that a couple weeks ago there was an article written on it that zuckerberg has been like getting out of facebook. Like literally every single day. It's wild wondering your opinion on xrp and scc lawsuit.

Is it a good investment and will it moon if they win? Like many are saying um personally, i do think that xrp will win the lawsuit and i think, upon that announcement there will be a huge buying frenzy and it'll get pushed higher. Will it hold those gains? I don't know only time will tell, but if i had to guess right now, that's how i think it will like end up playing out um very quickly before the bell dings. We have about three minutes left overall market s, p. 500.

Looking strong looks like we're going to gap up to a new all-time high s, p, 500 or sorry amc. We are also gapping up we're looking for an official new higher low. This is referred to as a hammer candle because it actually looks like a hammer. These are a lot of people, look at this type of candle charting setup as a reversal.

So if we do see that reversal - and hopefully it happens today - we want the breakout of 40 and then followed by 42, and if we get really lucky on this beautiful monday, a breakout, a test and a breakout of 46.. So we are looking for a reversal off of these three red days. It's a can a hand, hammer candle, we want the reversal, we are gapping up. So, let's see if we can get some momentum follow through in terms of gme very similar.

In this i mean the chart setups pretty much the same. What's different are the actual numbers this time around, so we want the breakout of 185 and then, of course, we have the important region from 200 at 210. So those are the numbers for amc gme for amc in terms of the short interest. Let's get this updated already, a net borrow against it, a quarter of a million short interest of 14.83.

Please remember: this is a conservative floor estimate if anything it's higher in reality. In fact, i would bet any amount of money that attire in reality, um shares on loan 95.5 million utilization 88.52 relative to friday morning start all these numbers across the board have increased, as in the shorts, are getting bigger and bigger and bigger gamestop short interest 15 Flat already net borrow against it today, uh shares on loan over eight million utilization. Forty point five one percent these we will be checking the live updates throughout the day. We can look at the daily chart throughout the day.

I have this set up because we're going to hit them with some magnets and some rockets. Obviously it's some of the best ways to actually chart, in my humble opinion, and we're ready to rip for the day. Folks, we have less than a minute to go. The casino is about to open here.

Let me go to the minute chart to get us all ready to get us prepared all right. Let's do this thing, folks, folks, folks very happy to be back very happy to be talking to you very happy that our casino is about to open before we do that, if you guys could help me out with the youtube algorithm, if you want to destroy that, Like button, as graham stefan says, just helps out with the youtube algorithm gets more people in here to let them know that we are going absolutely nowhere. Let's get this thing going, i think big money trying to silence you chef dave very, very possible but um. I don't know if we'll ever get the definitive answers uh when they share a matter of amc and table all right.

Are we open 9 30. ding, ding ding? The casino is open folks for the day for the week, the final trading week of july. Let's hit this thing, let's show them what we're made of all right, all right, all right, all right, remember high volatility right at the open. Personally, i like to wait those first 15 minutes just to see how things are truly structured for the day.

All right, let's get prepped over here. Let's let this, let's see how people are really positioning themselves, see what's going on with the insanity of the day, all right, all right, all right, all right, all right! All right! We are ready to rock team ready to rock. So for my audio listeners, amc cooking right around 38. It is thus far up just under 3 on the day, but i mean with any solid continuation.

We could see numbers way way: higher gme cruising at 180 uh kind of light volume. This is what, if i'm remembering i mean friday was insane, but if i'm remembering friday properly around there um low low volume, so hopefully we can get some enthusiasm. Some volume, some volatility back into gme amc's volume, thus far, three million also actually kind of light. Oh there we go gme.

We didn't come this far to only come this far. Thanks for all you do, thanks for all the knowledge apes, stronger together, shout out del mundo good morning, matt and apes, matt you're effin awesome! Very humble guy! Keep your head up here. We go got you my boy. They can't take your smile away.

What's going on, gh uh everyone, let's throw some rockets in chat. Oh i like that idea. Yeah, let's throw some rockets in chat. Let's get the enthusiasm rocking today.

Did your mods notice any trigger words or phrases being sent in chat on friday have a feeling on what happened. I think big money um so with it things can be said in chat and that necessarily it would be a different type of violation or different violation of the official terms of service. So for me it was to my understanding the terms of service that i broke. It was harmful and dangerous and that's the same category where you're um displaying legitimate violence call calling for violence like doing something very, very bad, not just there like messing around in a duck, shirt, um or what i think i was wearing a new tiger shirt.

Who knows, maybe that was it maybe they're like that tiger shirt, it's just so so aggressive. We don't know if we can handle it. Who, who knows could have been that and i just i have the feeling we're. Never gon na actually get the answer from youtube.

They're not gon na tell me i mean they didn't tell me the first time around, so why would they tell me the second time around uh when the share matter for amc was still on the table? I was getting daily calls about how i needed to vote since it was taken off. The calls have stopped coincidence, maybe maybe not could be - i mean with that. Maybe they just also call you x amount of times who knows um, but it you should still all vote uh. Does the long-term cap gain tax go to the day you bought the stock or each time you bought shares? Please shout out to jp spurrier aka original fat jared um, so the caps gains would be on like if you bought some stocks now and then some stocks six months from now, the timer is started for the block of stocks when you bought it so that first Group would be benefited from the drop in capital gains like sooner than that second group, but once again that's like a tax related thing.

That's a cpa, related thing uh. You definitely need to talk to a cpa about that. That's just my own experience uh. So i can just tell you: what's happened with me in the past, but depending on where you are your state, your country, any of that you're going to want to talk to like someone who's literally an expert and that's their profession, is to tell you about stocks.

Whoa, the market is looking hot today, folks, all forms of hot. Today, hot hot, hot, hot tamale, all right, whoa, whoa amc amc boom goes the dynamite. Do you think? That's the phrase that got me in trouble boom goes the dynamite no way because before it could have been the phrase of when we were kicking greggs out of chat. I was like all right.

Maybe that's the thing that got us in trouble, but i'm now wondering do you think it could have been boom goes. The dynamite youtube. Let me know is that the thing that i said that got your panties in a twist boom goes the dynamite. Folks, let me know in chat: do you think that was the thing that got me in trouble? Crazy, crazy? I wonder it's like just hit me now that could have been it.

Who knows? Maybe they're like hey. We don't like you saying that awesome quote. People are saying your videos hid, my video is hidden. Um is anyone else seeing that did anyone else have issues today like video, hidden issues of like not getting the notification or whatever it would properly be like, i guess, called, or something like that.

Um did anyone. I mean it, oh i don't know, i don't know, i don't know, i don't know all right. Amc, amc, looking good, let's go all right, pushing 39 first target. We you guys already know this.

I mean not much has been changing the most recently 40 and then right above that 42, 42, 42. 42, 42. So some most people say no and then a few people saying hidden. That might just be like a weird algorithm, serving type thing.

Who knows who knows? Who knows who knows who knows come on? Let's see 40., let's see 4d, let's see 40, let's see 40. all right! Someone is asking about this hang on. Let me you know what i could do. Uh for the backup youtube channel, um matt cores clips youtube all right, so i just put it in chat and i'll pin it um.

So i just pinned to the top of chat uh, the the backup youtube channel in the meantime, when it's not being used for backup it'll be used for clipping fun, rants and explanations on the stream. We'll cut up the interviews for specific questions, we'll do unboxing stuff it'll, be more of like a more fun more lighthearted, um that'll be its utility in the meantime and then for anything like. I need to be to be able to stream on it. It needs to grow to a certain size and, like you have to have the channel for x amount of time before you're allowed to do the stuff you actually want to do on it um.

So, in the time that we're waiting for that, that's what we'll be using it for, but um, that's the backup channel and, in the meantime, we'll be posting some other things to it. So if that in any way interests you check it out, it was literally just made like two days ago and then we also have twitch um, because we wanted something off platform and uh twitch twitter, instagram, they're, all matt underscore cores, which reminds me in the debacle From friday saturday sunday there has been an immense amount of new bot accounts. Please please please, please believe, please be careful. If, if it's me, i'm not asking you to what's at me, i'm not asking you to email me, i'm not asking you to call me, i'm not asking you to send me money.

There are so many fake accounts out there and it's absolutely horrific. Please please do not get scammed if you see them if you want to troll them, have at it, but just just report them like there's so many fake accounts, and i saw it for me. I saw it for so many other content. Creators they're bad on twitter, they're, bad on instagram, they're, bad on youtube, so so many fake accounts, um, twitter and instagram refused to verify me because i i guess it's like a human-centric thing: they don't want apes on their platform and it sucks it sucks.

It sucks. It sucks so with that. Please just be careful, don't get scammed, all right, gme, just below 180, and then amc ran from 37.57 up to 39.53 and it's now at 38., so kind of a weird opening, what's going on with iwm is iwm getting hit. Is that what we have going on right now, that's exactly what we have going on right now, who would have thunk, who would have thunk spy ding ding ding made a new all-time high diggity ding ding ding brand new stock market high? All right, let's see if we could get some uh recovery bounces going on specifically in iwm, because it has that that same vibe that same feeling as if it's being drugged down by the russell 2000.

Remember. The reason why we watched the russell 2000 is because amc is a part of it. This is an index that tracks 2 000 small cap stocks, gme used to be in the russell 2000, which is tracked by the ticker iwm uh, and then it was removed at the end of june for like sometimes they're, just reshufflings and right now, it's actually not Even in the s p, 500, i'm referring to gamestop it's now in the russell 1000. So it's kind of in that, like awkward, no man's land between the russell 2000 and not in it's in like some weird gap of stocks that not many people um, not many portfolio managers have portfolios tracking that s.

P. 500 is very popular nasdaq, 100 russell 2000. But to be in the russell 1000 and not be in the s. P 500: that's kind of um, it's a weird in between, and usually people either want to get moved up like a lot of people just want, like companies want to get moved up into the s p.

500. All last week, uh, i had to go to your account to find your live. It's always been on my home page, except for the last week and a half crazy stuff going on crazy, crazy, crazy stuff going on matt. Please notify everyone.

Your backup is your original profile, account need to select the channel and it pops up um. So i believe i pinned it to the top of chat like if you just click on that. The channel should pop up it's pinned to the top of chat right now. Uh, it looks like there's three videos uploaded to it, and this was just from the unboxing from last night uh.

Just a little bit of more of like a comedic relief from everything going on whoa whoa, whoa, russell 2000 came out of the gates, real real happy and then uh currently getting smacked. Are you gon na balance russell 2000? It's like there is support here at 220. There is support pure selling, just pure pure selling, wow, all right. We need this to come back around, but once again, i would not.

I mean we're not even 15 minutes of the day in we're 13 minutes, and it's this type of craziness of why i just don't like making new positions right out of the gate, because you just don't know the volatility, especially on a monday. When there's like many announcements and developments from over the weekend, uh for me, yeah, obviously sometimes you're gon na miss plays uh because sometimes there's a beautiful runner or something like that, and you want that position right away and that that's part of the game like it's Just sometimes you're gon na miss it, but for me over many many trades, i found that it's just net beneficial for me to sit on my hands for those first 15 minutes, sometimes even more sometimes that first half hour - i just i just don't like creating a New position completely different story to close out a position, that's a completely different story, but to create a new position. I just don't like doing it right out of the gate. Do not like doing it all right come on iwm uh.

We ran pushed for six minutes and since then it's ever it's just been selling, but now the s p 500 is coming back around this might be it all right, 15 minutes into the day. This might be our actual reversal. Look at s p, starting to bend back around iwm, hopefully not far behind it. What are you doing? Iwm come on come on, come on, come on uh, but i'm seeing some green green in the s.

P, 500 green and amc uh amc. We kind of just wanted to get right above. I will mark it out right here around 38 30, 40 50 somewhere in that region. Main target right here is 40.

all right. All right. Let's see if we're bending back around bye, good good good matt talks about ducks and gets deleted. Meanwhile, there's a video of a seal totally fine nick! Oh that's, weird! Welcome back uh.

Can you ask dave about the his interaction with stephanie cameron? He took their convo to dms because of trolls um yeah. So i don't know if i want to ask like the personal conversation, but i'm just gon na ask like for what the answer is, because uh for those of you who are like maybe a little bit confused about this, the difference in this conversation is stephanie. Cameron is of the opinion that on the dark pool, the trade is not what she referred to as reported until the entire block is executed. So, let's say you're trying to buy a million.

If you only buy 900 000, she was saying that it's not like not reported. I don't know necessarily what she means when, like a trade is reported, does that mean we're not seeing it does that mean it doesn't account to the volume? I don't know uh what she meant by that, but regardless dave lauer is of the opinion that that's incorrect, that even if a portion of a block is executed, it's going to be reported as it happens in real time. So they definitely had some disagreements on that and with it my gut instinct is to side with dave just because he has actively worked in the industry. While stephanie has worked as a trader um.

Maybe i'm wrong. Maybe i my assumption is wrong and that's a poor assumption to have, but i will ask that i'll ask for clarification. Maybe he has some some sort of data like source that he can point into and be like hey. This actually backs me up.

It's just not an opinion um, but i i don't know about their dms or anything like that. I'm not privy to that and i don't want to necessarily ask about their personal conversation because it is a personal conversation. I just want to know the facts of the situation, because some of us right now are believing that a trade is not reported unless it's fully executed and then there's other people who are thinking it's reported, as it happens in real time. It's obviously good for our community to know like what the truth actually is.

Let's talk about nscc 20210, so um to my understanding, uh. Some people have been classifying this as a mechanism that would allow for a controlled squeeze, and i i don't unless i'm severely misunderstanding something that is not what it sounds like to me. What it sounds like to me is it's allowing the ownership of other stock to be used as collateral for alone um. I don't know how that necessarily connects to controlling a squeeze, and maybe i'm just misunderstanding something uh and i'm i'm not saying that i spent all weekend trying like diving into it.

So i'm not saying that i'm like the most knowledgeable on this particular rule um over the weekend. I would spend it trying to like get answers from youtube, but just on a surface level um, i i don't necessarily understand how it connects to controlling a squeeze to me, just sound of like oh okay, you're allowed to use stock you own as collateral for a Loan uh, it stops a massive market crash yeah. So right there it's being connected that way of like okay, they have loan, they have money um. So to me it sounds like a good rule like i'm in no way against the rule, but i just saw that some people were connecting it to that and to me it just sounds like it's another failsafe.

It seems like, like i was saying earlier before the market opened today. A bunch of these rules overall are a good failsafe, they're, a good backstop for if, in the scenario, everything hits the fan, it's more protective to the overall stock market system uh. Do you think that people walk down amc not go past 40 lots of shorts or people selling more because it seems like 40 is a new wall yeah i mean there's gon na be some day traders uh attempting to lock in profits at 40.. Of course, the shorts don't want it to go up a single cent.

I mean they might short it more at 40, because it's just a like a key psychological level, but for many many reasons they like there are day traders who will identify that as just key technical resistance, key psychological resistance who are going to say: okay, let's just Lock in our profits there, if we run up to it, for example, there might be day traders right now getting in at 38 and they're going to put a sale target at 40, just because it's a nice round number other than that in terms of the shorts People, betting against it they're gon na try to keep it down and like stymie any move at any level and at major levels, such as that region from 40 to 42 and then past that 46 they're gon na put up uh. I guess more of an arduous fight because they don't want momentum to build from there. Any positive momentum could be extremely detrimental to the overall short position and short thesis, no through traffic becoming an astronaut. Thank you for joining up any idea.

Why we can't trade lucid uh? Aren't they finalizing the merger right now? Uh, i believe, is the last thing i heard. Also just so you know uh robin hood is going live this week. I believe, on thursday, the 29th robin hood, the training brokerage that screwed over many many people um their ipo - is later this week and i personally will not be involved in it, but i am here to watch the fireworks. I am definitely here to watch the fireworks because i think it's going to be absolute insanity and i have a feeling it's going to be like for them and the stock.

I have a feeling it's going to be extremely negative. I mean it's there, they're in so many lawsuits right now. The government seized uh vlad the boy from bulgaria's phone. It's just like it seems super super risky to be bullish or long on.

The position like it seems bad um lc id is trading. Oh, so any idea why we can't trade lucid it's because uh people are saying in chat just so you know we are jackie, chili's um, that it's it's switched officially from cciv to i'm, i'm seeing lc id. It looks like the official like merger completed and the ticker changed uh dalmundo message retracted. I, like the mystery nscc, enables other hedge funds firms to invest and cause squeezes without the fear of market taking a hit when the bad actors liquidate their positions to cover their short positions.

Fear of the i don't know why a short covering their position would tank the market, though, because with that, that's the assumption that there would be some sort of mass sell-off, but it depends on. Like honestly, the like mathematical explanation. I see where you're coming from unknown name. At that point, though, it depends on how what aims he's trading at when this happens.

If it were to happen very like very close to now, it's not going to tank the overall market because we are talking about 19 billion um. Honestly, if we're talking about 10x from now 380 - that's 190 billion, that's still not big enough to tank the market. Remember to tank the market you're talking about trillions of dollars like the the overall market right now is roughly worth 50 trillion. So if you're talking anything less than a trillion, if you're talking 19 billion 190 billion 250 billion, those are numbers and they're huge numbers to us, but it's still somewhat of a drop in the bucket to the overall stock market.

Hey matt, like many other viewers, i was scared on friday from your dangerous and harmful content. We need to put a disclaimer for us poor things. Someone super chatted tmi on friday, claiming that they flag your live streams every day they are getting desperate. I believe the foul play is going to get um worse.

I i think so too, and i can't control it like people are doing what they want. People are trolls um. I think it's kind of a combo. I don't think whoa whoa whoa.

We are seeing some green folks amc, poppin, poppin poppin. Here we go next target. The current intraday high of 39.53. We are at 38.78 gme just made a new intraday high at 183.47 looks like it's continuing spy, trying to climb back up iwm, also trying to climb black up, get above right here, um, but going back to this.

So someone super chatted tmi on friday, claiming that they flagged my live stream every day, um. I feel bad for that person. I really do because, like obviously something negative is going on in their life or nothing's going on in their life at all. If that's their top concern, if they wake up every morning and they're like i need to flag matt kors, like i honestly feel for them, that's not a good way to be, like my.

My heart goes out to that person that this has now become their life. Um, because, overall, like there are such an immense amount of content creators out there, everyone, you should do what you want be happy like holding on to anger. All it does is it makes you just it eats away at you like, as uh like the core of your person, and it prompts anxiety like across the board, to hold on to that much anger and be that displeased it's just sometimes you just got ta cut It out of your life, cold, turkey, and the fact that if this is or isn't true - and i'm assuming it is true - i don't know why you would say it without it being true, i feel bad for them. I i hope they find what they're looking for.

I hope they find a bit more happiness because obviously they're not getting happiness or entertainment or anything from me. I hope they find what they're looking for. My frustration is: okay, whatever that person can do what they want. My frustration is: how does youtube lit that fly? How does youtube just be like? Oh okay, no someone flagged it, so they must be telling the truth like youtube needs a better system of actually looking into this stuff.

Uh welcome back matt. Yes, i do adjust my notifications again for you. They change anyways. Maybe the apes need to come up and sign a special sign language.

The way the algorithms can't do craft uh, maybe shout out to joe miami amc golden ape, yeah um. It would help you, if you're like worried about missing it uh there. If you're subscribed to me there should be like a bell icon. If you click on that, you could switch it to always, and you should get a notification whenever i post a new piece of content.

Wow new head of sec enforcement was on board of trustees of the new jersey, public workers, retirement system and new jersey, public workers. Pension fund just bought 230 000 amc shares coincidence. I don't think so shout out to jm. What's going on matt, you should have a mustache contest with trey who can wear one better in the spirit of the cause.

That would actually be really funny. I'd have to talk to him about it, but i think that'd be hilarious. Uh, in my opinion, uh good. More good you do for the community, the more targeted you are uh.

There are literally cause of violence on other channels, with no interruptions talked about audits of big banks by fed reserve, including citadel, listen, multiple rules, i'm a newer ape all right. I'll. Look into that about finn, watchdog, uh, you got in trouble. If someone said blank made the blank uh, you read it out loud.

I told you on twitter, but don't read uh that, but even that, how is that harmful like it very well, might be the cause. I don't know what it was, i did or didn't say, but it just seems absolutely and if it was that okay uh, mr simmon he's saying that i said the hedge fund, we talked about created the delta thing that a lot of the world is talking about. Right now without me saying that, if that is what i said and i somehow got caught up in their algorithm, why not just tell me that why not, why didn't youtube just say: hey, you said this: it got inappropriately flagged like it didn't understand the context of What you were saying, please refrain from saying that: okay, that's that! That's so easy! Why would youtube not just send that message along to me, because i mean i can fix that i can fix that very very. Very easily boom goes the pillow fight it rhymes isn't as dangerous uh.

It's got a it's got to be a handlebar mustache. Oh brother love you matt, but i just realized you kind of looked like captain america before the serum. You think. Maybe you might know who you truly are and got scared before the serum, oh feeling froggy.

Yet world needs to see the duck lord in his new froggy skull cap, matt, stop being so harmful and dangerous. My wife likes bad boys and she cannot have two boyfriends moon gang shout out: gorilla, chimp, champ, uh, southpaws, we'll br, we'll break out that fog, frog cap for sure matt. What's the deal with july 30th and what yellen said about the fed? I don't know anything too special about july 30th. I know amc has the shareholder meeting on july 29th, but, as in this friday for the 30th uh i'll have to look into that all boogie.

I heard that corolla tried to take you down. Crayola, not financial advice. Shout out simply simplycrypto redcloud uh. I think i just read that remember when you guys post things.

There is a slight delay between you posting it and when i actually get it and then i end up reading like chunks of super chats in reverse order, do you think people all right? We did that we did that uh. Nothing, you said or didn't say, is a an exception for termination. This is a free country yeah. It seems, oddly against freedom of speech um just by the pure definition of freedom of speech, and i get it youtube, has their own rules and it's their platform, and if you don't like it, you can, like, i guess, kick rocks.

My issue is not that like well. Of course, i have issues that they seem to be just like making up their own definition of freedom of speech. My issue is that i didn't break their set rules, their rules, their terms of service.

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