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Ape nation: back to basics dumb money commentary rd #2 – Matt Kohrs

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Hello, hello, hello, welcome to the afternoon session. We got lots to talk about. I'm not gon na lie um day. One of this i kind of like it because it gives me time to study and research and then put together a game plan of like what we can learn um in the different sessions uh.

I really i kind of like it so anyway. Obviously, we have a lot of things to go over and let's hop right into it: amc trading at 33, 40. Looking for a little bit of a technical breakout by this yellow line, i have jimi training at 177. or sorry 171.02 uh explosion this morning and holding very, very strong gme, showing some strength on its intraday chart, iwm and spy the overall markets a little bit of Weakness a little bit of weakness, and this is actually the first thing i want to talk about uh.

I think this is important, um, no matter man, it just the mental aptitude of these bots and chills, and all that stuff blows my mind. So, let's start with thing: one margin call right here: i retweeted it. This is from xfx. Hedgers margin calls go out at 2pm eastern today, so i mean, if you want to see some top tier stupidity.

You could read some of these comments. Some most makes sense, but some of them, especially you, don't get margin called for a specific stock. Unless you only hold one stock in your account, your account is getting margin called by a broker. They don't they don't say.

Oh, this position's out of hand that position they look at your account. How much risk is your account presenting to the broker so right here margin call goes out at 2 pm today. First of all, the question is: did i fact check it? Yes, of course, um. I actually called up so, for example, i called up a couple of my brokerages, let's just say, uh tradestation, for example, i was like hey uh.

What's going on with your margin requirements, uh they're, like we already updated them at noon. So is it all margin calls at two? No, i mean not. Every brokerage follows the same set of rules, so i called up tradestation they're like oh ours, is that two and then i called e-trade td, like all they're, all increasing their margin requirements as in less leeway. So, for example, if, let's just say for the ease of math, like i don't know, let's say: there's like a hundred dollar position out there.

Well, sometimes, margin is just 20., so, like you just have to have 20 in your account and they think you're not gon na go below zero. Sometimes it's 40, sometimes it's 50.. So when i called uh, this is the one i just got off the phone with tradestation. Theirs is at 100, so whatever the position is they increased their margin requirement.

So any account like. Let's say you have that 20 position, something representing 100, as in you got 80 margin there like just in just in this example. Well, let's say your account wasn't over a hundred. Well, that would go into margin calls so right here, accounts that were close to being margin called, are now in more danger, less leeway, as in the brokerage, isn't gon na loan them more money for their current position.

That's all it is. This isn't guaranteeing margin, calls whatsoever and it's in no way specific to amc or gme it's market wide because of the volatility we're seeing in the s p, 500 and the russell 2000. The brokerages are like hey like we don't really want to take on this risk. Right now so they're increasing margin requirements and when you increase margin requirements, anyone who is previously close to getting called as in they were close to being too much of a threat to the brokerage.

Well, that's when margin calls go out. So whenever you see like high market volatility, expects margin to increase and whenever you think of margin, increasing yeah margin calls are going to be more likely um. But i mean man: this community is so conspir you don't it's conspiratorial, you don't call it for an individual stock. Unless that's the only thing like you call it on an account, not a stock related thing, um a little bit of a misunderstanding there.

So that's margin calls once again no dates no times this. This is just representative of the increased volatility in the market. Are some people getting margin called yeah, but does that mean it's related to amc, gme or any individual song? Well, no, not necessarily it just depends on how beat up their account's getting that's the best way to interpret this. The other thing.

Well, i guess before we go into that, i just want to give you a quick vortex, update amc, a net return of 1.84 million shares. Remember how return shares work. It's not shorts covering today. That's not necessarily how it works.

It's definitely not how it works. Short interest of 14.57 gamestop uh borrow against it. 85 000. A small borrow 14.91 um, that's just the current up.

Is it buffering? Someone just said uh buffering. I don't think it's buffering. I think we're good. I think we're a-okay right all right, yeah, we're good um.

So, overall, that's the margin called there's your text update uh, the one that i see, people talking about are the parabolic arc pattern um. So, first of all, i've never heard of this before. If i'm being honest, this is not a pattern. I'm familiar with.

It's not a pattern that i've traded, but i know people are talking about it and i just kind of want to go over some like quick facts about it. Just so you're a little bit more in the loop of what this is all about. Parabolic arc patterns are very rare, but occur in mega bull trends. These patterns form in bull markets where irrational buying is in the public, generates a strong rally as the price rise almost vertically.

The internet boom in the 2000s metal boom and 25 26 parabolic arc is a reversal pattern that has a very predictable outcome. Although they are predictable, they are relatively difficult to trade, since the market sentiment is bullish and always will be relatively tough to point out. Reversals on the trade most parabolic arc patterns have a significant correction of 62 from the top so for the trade, specifically after a parabolic base. Prices move up vertically and eventually the acceleration comes to a stop and then reverses prices start showing lower lows and may attempt to regain a top again enter a short trade at the second failed attempt to test the peak.

So what this is talk excuse me overall. This is way better like if you want to look this up. It's on. Do financial blog, the parabella parabolic arc pattern.

So basically, it's talking about a huge run-up and then it ends up coming down to a 62 retracement and then from there it bounces off the 62 retracement, like i said, i'm not confirming anything. Remember no technical patterns like a golden, a golden pattern that works every single time. That's just not necessarily how the market works. Um, really not at all, but it's just saying hey.

Sometimes the the deck is stacked in your faker in your like favor, and you might just have a certain increased statistical likelihood of something playing out and in this one. What this i guess author is putting forward is that when you see a huge run-up, looking for a bounce off of a 62 retracement is apparently in your advantage in the advantage of a bounce um. So let me actually show you how this would be working relative to amc all right. Let me go amc so, for example, and all right all right all right.

I want the one day chart. No, i want the one day - okay right here, so so, for example, let's look at the base of this run up, so this is what the author is putting forward. I, like i said i haven't seen it before but they're saying you look at a crazy run-up and then you look for a bounce off the 62 retracement. So let's start from the low which what did i just pick? I picked the low of january february march march mid-march the low that i'm seeing right now and the high well look at where 62 is um right here.

61.8. That's the fib level, so they just call it the 62, so 100 retracement. Think of the just the clear there's no, like, i guess, um specific trading terminology here. This is just like the word retracement of like what percentage it retraces from the run.

So obviously a hundred percent would be rack where it started. 50 would be perfectly in the middle, so 62, just over the halfway point and that's actually, where we've been bouncing um, the 62 percent retracement. Can i get a number here is 33.27? Is that exact level? Obviously, it's not going to be specific to the cent, but um kind of interesting it shoots up. It comes down.

The 62 bounce is right here, and just i mean if you look at these pictures, look at this run up it consolidates and then it quickly sells. We have the run up, it consolidates and quickly sells. The only difference i'm really seeing in this chart is right at the end here, not so much of an extreme nature like here. It's like pure selling.

This is a little bit more controlled, but no stock. No pattern is going to be such a perfect match, like that. I mean at that point i'm like really splitting hairs to try to like pull out the difference. But anyway, if you want to look this up, parabolic arc pattern.

Do financial blog, you can see if it's something you like, but overall it shoots up and then it bounces off the 62 retracement and we're currently at the 62 retracement it's the 61.8 um. If you're looking for the indicator or drawing what is it, it's the fib, retracement um i'll use, that is, it's not i'll use it when i'm doing charting like off stream, just to see my own support and resistance. But this is the follow through that. This author would be predicting it bounces off 61.8 and it pops back up um, so something to pay attention to interesting.

Definitely, definitely all right. So what we're going to do from here um, i want to talk a little bit about payment for order flow. This has been a hot hot type, hot topic - hot hot, hot, hot, hot, hot scolding, hot um and the thesis going forward - or that i can understand - is that payment for order flow is the issue or one of the main issues of why amc has not squeezed. My personal opinion is that i don't come away when i learn what payment for order flow is and when i read about it, i'm not coming to that conclusion.

Am i right, i don't know i could be wrong and, like i said, i'm working on bringing on a payment for order flow expert, uh currently in talks with dave lauer again, because that is his expertise. Payment for order flow he's very familiar with this stuff. I mean so, i think he would be able to open it like so everything, i'm saying now, it's with a caveat that, like hey, we might be changing it. I'm just trying to get like this thing, like what my job is, is to explain the hot topic items of what's going on right now, people are talking about this.

I just want you to basically know it runs up bounces office 62. That's apparently this training pattern. It's the first time i'm hearing about it. The margin call thing, i'm just trying to clarify margin, calls not specific to a stock, it's specific to an account and they're increasing margin requirements, lowering leeway.

The other thing that we should all know about because everyone's talking about is payment for order flow, p, f, o f payment for order flow is the compensation a broker receives for routing trades for trade execution. So right there. It involves market makers, paying brokers, nothing about hedge funds as soon as you see, people trying to connect payment for order flow to hedge funds right away like a flag, should be going off in your head because you're not going to see anything about hedge funds. Here.

Payment for order flow is a method of transferring some of the trading profits from market making to the brokers that route customer orders to specialists for execution payment for order. Fo has been criticized by some by creating unfair and opportunistic conditions at the expense of retail traders and investors. So that's your quick. Basically, if i had to sum this up a market maker such as citadel securities or virtu, and in this example, we know it citadel securities is paying people such as robin hood, such as td ameritrade such as weeble such as e-trade.

The list goes on and on and on and on um to route, their orders they're saying: hang on don't route your order to the new york stock exchange, the nasdaq this stark pool or any of that don't round it route it to us. First, they get first dibs, it comes in them. They decide if they want to take the other side of the trade and if they do they trade it. If not, they can then push it off to an exchange or a dark pool or or another market maker.

From there they can push it off, but it's with all that being said, the price is not different, just because they do payment for order flow or they're paying to get those. It's not like it's trading at a different price than you know, new york, stock exchange or the nasdaq, because it's still the nbo, the national best bid and offer um. So it's there's no discrepancy in price here, it's just more of like they're, trying to fulfill it and play the other side of the trade and their thought is if they're taking a lot of this trade, they just think that they could trade better and then that's How they're going to make a bunch of money is by playing the other side of the trade um people like citadel securities people, like virtue they're in the game of making money off a high amount of trading? That's all they care about. In fact, to my understanding, they give zero squats about the direction of a stock they're in the game of how much volume can we possibly trade, because the more volume they're making a little bit of money off each trade? So the more and more volume, the better for them and once again, that's citadel securities, which is a market maker which is different than citadel, the hedge fund and like legally they're, two different businesses like they've done enough of, like whatever they need to um.

To like, say, hey, no, no, we're like we're two different businesses, but that's like a whole different conversation of like okay like well. Are they like? Are they helping each other out? Like that's that's for lawyers to decide? That's not my! I guess expertise and i don't even know if i could like legally comment on it um, but i do know they've gotten in trouble. Previously, we've seen some sec and finra filings uh for not necessarily filling their customers at the best values. They have been fined.

For that in the past um, so if they got caught for that, that then also brings up the fair argument of like well. How many times did they do it without getting caught like that type of a thing but uh once again? That's something that we could leave for the the lawyers to hash that out, but what they say. Their argument is that citadel securities, instead of the hedge fund, are two different business entities, so just trying to get that out there. What all that good stuff is um just so you know, amc moving right now bouncing off of 32.75 and we're now pushing 34..

I would actually recommend paying attention to this resistance next start of this wedge, 34.25 and then obviously, 35. um. Okay, here we go here, we go here, we go so this is looking good and then oh, okay, so payment for order flow. Before we get um, i mean it is kind of weird it is.

There are various issues with it, um pioneered by madoff, not not a good sign anything pioneered by madoff um. The criticism is one of the main criticisms of it is that in things such as the exchange such as dark pools, it is widening the bid ask spread, because what payment for order flow does is successfully it successfully segments the entire retail trading public. So that means that the other venues are highly highly competitive and when they're highly competitive market makers are worried that, like okay, like they're, taking on a bigger risk so to take on less risk, they widen the bid and ask spread. So that's like one of the main criticisms.

This amc community is currently criticizing it for um, i guess being damaging to the potential of a squeeze and that's very possible. I mean basically, what we have right now is someone like citadel securities. The market makers has a massive massive asymmetric information advantage, a huge huge information advantage. So with that, it's more of how are they using that information? Obviously they're arguing that they use it in a legal manner, and then some people are well hang on.

Like we caught you doing some illegal stuff before, how can we trust you in this um? So that's the area where i think we need to bring on an expert of okay, how damaging is it to the potential of a squeeze? I think that's a very fair question and i don't think it's something that we should just say. Oh, it definitively does or definitively doesn't because at the end, like we're, not seeing any experts actually comment on it, a lot of the people, if we're being honest, a lot of the people who are throwing out this. Obviously myself included what it does and doesn't do. It's these are a bunch of statements being made by non-experts.

In my opinion, payment for order flow is not a good thing for the stock market. That is my opinion. Uh, there's going to be people who disagree with it um i don't i mean. I know it's illegal, i believe over in the uk, like there's many people, who've already agreed that we shouldn't do payment for order flow and what i know of its impact on the overall market um, i'm not the biggest fan of that.

I wish we could get rid of it, but a secondary conversation is, does it impact a short squeeze, and to that i don't have the proof or evidence. So i can't say yes or no, i'm not agreeing, i'm not disagreeing. I just say i'm saying the jury's out on that one. Overall, i think we should get rid of payment for order flow, but to answer the question is: does payment for order flow, assist or deter, or have literally no impact on the a stock squeeze unfamiliar unfamiliar with that, and i think at that point it's very say To okay, like let's bring on an expert um and we're kind of seeing things like that across the board, honestly in the community um a lot of people throwing out comments about dark bulls and this and that and that's why.

Last time we brought on dave lower to being okay, hang on, like a lot of people are talking about about dark pools, uh, what's just to deal with them like it's, okay, um. A lot of this community is very, very new to trading and stock market, and with that, when people put out things, they might be right, but they might be wrong um. So it's okay to fact check like the overall to me. One of the overall concepts is to uh.

Seek truth. I think that's what we should be doing is like okay. This sounds good. This sounds bad uh, whatever it is like it's, okay to still try to hone in and find the exact truth of the situation um.

So as i find out more and of course, when i get things ironed out to talk more of with an expert about payment for overflow, obviously i'll, let you know we'll do that interview, i don't know if it'll be live, i don't know if it'll be recorded, But i think that's a good question on everyone's mind, so why not get the answer opposed to? Like i don't know, trusting in a faceless nameless social media account uh, someone just asked is ape fest cancelled. Yes, it is um. In fact it's well. I don't know if cancelled it's postponed, they're waiting until the squeeze happens, then they're gon na run it um.

So it's more of postponed, oh and another thing about eight fest. I just saw uh i'm gon na answer this once and i'm gon na put this to bed um and i didn't know i had to because i mean to me it was kind of obvious, but i have no issue like clarifying. So there was a question of amc: are people getting paid what's going on? I can tell you this. I sign no contract not getting paid, it's not like i'm getting a cut of ticket sales and i know it's dead.

So it's like weird, like i'm, beating a dead horse, i signed no contract. I was planning on going and meeting people and then another weird lie where people were saying. I was charging a thousand dollars to meet people. No, what no, who in the world would pay a thousand dollars to meet me.

That's it's just crazy, so this is going to be the one time that i answered that i had no contractual deal with ape-fest or anything like that. I was not getting paid to meet people, it's all ludicrous. It's all lying um from me talking to the other people who are going to be there to be part of it. It's the same across the board.

People were not like. I didn't even sign a contract like it makes no sense and um message to the truth of the situation. So um i mean it would like and people believe it. That's the most amazing thing.

They're like oh, i heard matt's charging a thousand dollars. He mean what, where like, sometimes this community, like the things that they're just like. Oh okay, like the only thing, that's a thousand dollars. Folks, is my only fans and that's not a monthly charge.

That's not a yearly charge, that's a daily charge and i think it's free uh. I mean i think it's accurate. It's not going to be free. It's a thousand a day for my only fans, uh, good luck.

Finding it you're gon na have a tough time tracking. It down, but it's i think, with it, i'm hoping that everything the craziness of past week and this weekend i was thinking about it like on my lunch break. The first lunch break i've taken in like six months, um, it's just. We just got to get back to these basics.

I mean people, maybe it's gone on for so long that they're looking for something to talk and start drama about, but let's just get back to the basics. Let's learn about trading patterns, let's track the options. Let's look at the short interest: let's go over the things that are actually happening. It's just not worth it to really um this drama.

I hope we can put it to bed. I hope this is like the last day of it. It's a thousand come with a happy ending. The 1k was vip after party, it's a 404 page now, so it's not a lie.

It's misrepresenting it. It is a lie to say i was charging people a thousand dollars. I have no idea about this after party. I wasn't getting a cut of squad.

I didn't sign a contract like it's just crazy, i mean, and i guess i thought i didn't have to say anything about it because, like trey addressed it we're just like nothing's ha, we just thought it was a way to meet up with people and have a Good time, it's honestly that simple, it's not some covert ops by citadel to get us to meet at some hotel that they have a small equity ownership stake in it's just whatever, but that's it honestly, this whole the ape fest gofundme i mean, if there's questions of Like hang on, like i mean i don't want to say, i'm not going to talk about it because if people are like oh like am i going to get a like a refund and all that well yeah, i'm going to be honest, i'm not going to be Like i can't talk about it, but in terms of the drama like social aspects of it, it's just lies spread way way way more quickly than truth. Remember that if there's one thing that will hold true about the internet, it's about. What's that saying that a lie? Will travel the planet before the truth leaves the front door? Something like that and that's just people love it. I mean people, people love it and they run with that.

So in terms of the drama, it is what it is um, i hope hope we can all. As a community get back to like, what's actually going on and like how this all started to begin with, can i meet you for a thousand doll hairs? Uh, not the apes. Just infiltrators, keep doing you bro. I agree with that.

That's only fans is worth it. Uh, how do you calculate the resistance lines, a quick explanation, if possible, so support and resistance is literally where the stock's been rejected by before and where it's bounced off of so earlier today it was rejected at 3423, so i just put it there. It was also rejected at 3503, so we have another resistance there. It's just previous rejections and previous support and the fact is that people are watching it, so it ends up becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Um, not always i mean right now. This is the intraday high. So i'm expecting to act as resistance on first attempt, but let's see how this plays out, you need to get back the map from january to june. That was the fun teaching map yeah um.

I was thinking about that too. I mean obviously the weekend. It involved a lot, a lot of self-reflection uh a lot of self-reflection and i there are so many things to teach about, and that's what i want to do. I mean i myself, i'm very passionate, i'm very um.

I enjoy the stock market. I like what it represents. I like the game that it is i'm a fan of it, and so with that i i want to teach more. I mean i've, there's so many things i want to do and i think, maybe, in a certain way, i've been placating.

The amc audience like i was talking to trey about this and, like it's just like you're, almost afraid to make a video. That's not amc, because you get attacked like i mean on the weekend when amc is not even trading. If i make like a crypto video, because the crypto market's trading people are like how dare you they're personally offended by it - and i know it's not many of you - i know in fact it's a small small percentage, but there's so many other things to learn about. I want to teach you guys about options trading strategies.

I want to teach you about futures. I want to teach you about algorithmic trading. I want to teach you about seasonality. There are people who are mad that i talk about iwm because they don't know what iwm is and they don't realize that amc is a part of iwm.

So right there that's my fault as a teacher and it's just because, like it's so there's so much pressure to talk about amc, amc, amc and like people legitimately get offended. If you talk about anything else and there's in the amc community, there's a little bit of a pass if you're talking about gamestop, but i'm telling you if you talk about anything besides amc and gamestop, the hate it just blows up it like and trey, has had A similar experience with this - it's like you're, not allowed and then it's funny because other people bash you they're like well. How could you not like do anything else? It's like they they get mad they're, like oh all, you're doing is shilling this stock. It's there's! I don't know it's weird when you get to a certain size on social media, no matter what you do they could be like you know.

I listened to matt on his stream earlier today and i just didn't like the way he was breathing like like him. I'm like whoa, i saw one guy. His reasoning for disliking me was because i sound nasally um, like he. He had personal issues with me, not even like um.

That's not my guy, like i don't really like his voice, like he actually like hated me as a human being because, as like, my voice sounded nasally, which i mean i chuckled because like as if you could change that. But overall, the jarring experience that this past week and weekend were for me. I think, if anything, it's pushed me to the point where so like at first, you want to avoid conflict, i mean, obviously, as you can tell i'm, not the biggest conflict person. I don't like conflict like i don't seek conflict.

I don't like. If i have to debate or fight, i will it's just not me like. I, okay, if i just don't like being angry, i've spent too much of my life being angry. It's just not worth it.

Um, but if there's anything i've learned about this, it's very much the concept that no matter what you do, someone is going to have criticism for you and that's fine. Everyone has their own opinion great, have criticism, but i think i just hit a mental exhaustion. Point of where i like feel like i have to do so much for the internet of like oh, no, no. This is like what they want this no.

This is now going to be very much, i'm going to attempt to teach and entertain in the best way possible um those things i want to do those things, i'm passionate about i'm going back to them. That's how this is going to go from now. On i mean it's to the point that it's not like: the hate can really get much more um, so i'm going to do what i think you guys could really benefit from to learn in terms of the internet. We're going to be talking more about option strategies.

We're going to be learning about crypto we're going to be learning about the futures market, we're going to be learning about algorithmic trading, i'm going to be talking more about the trading books that i've been reading that i think a lot of people would benefit from and I'll, like give you a synopsis of it, um just more and more stuff, like more active trades uh. This is not the market, i mean it is the market, but the way i trade and i've been trading for a decade. I feel like there's so much of my trading career and like what i want to talk about and everything like that. That's not being shown.

I mean before this. I had nine and a half years of other types of active trading day trades swing, trades, long-term investments and especially for the newer apes in the community. I don't want you going away thinking that trading is the world of you find a highly shorted stock. You sit in it and you argue with people on the internet.

That is not trading, it can be a part of trading, but it is not the exclusive nature of trading. Obviously it's somewhat of trading, because people are up a lot of money on amc right now and that's great and i'm not saying i'm not going to talk about it. I'm saying i'm adding in other types of content. I will be continuing to talk about amc and gme and everything else i listed.

I just feel like i care too much about this community, to just act as if this is it there's too many other things for me to teach you something and for you guys to all teach me something there's just too much going on and this concept of, Like no you're only allowed to talk about these two okay, no, i mean i feel like that. Game has been played and i tried to play that part a couple weeks a couple months and i'm just i'm so so tired of it, because it's just people who know nothing about the market. Trying to tell me how i should run a channel. That's related to the market and it's silly and i don't know i think, there's like if i were to do a psychoanalysis of myself.

I'm sure there's various reasons of how you got here because, like just life's crazy, you quit a job. You want an income blah blah blah. The list goes on and on like no one wants to get like absolutely raked over the coals, but i did it. I made it on it on the other side, so it's time to do the things like.

I actually care about, and i could already see it, i'm i'm not stopping about amc and jimmy i'm just including additional things, because you guys deserve it, and i think that's what's interesting about this little test run this week is even like this. We talked about margin. We talked about payment for order flow. We talked about parabolic arc pattern with this like dual session in a day, it allows me the opportunity to formulate some sort of almost curriculum of like oh okay, no, like this is the lesson where he talked about iron condors.

This is the one where he taught us about gold futures like i can actually give back to you. I believe at least what i'm attempting to do. Nothing's guaranteed my teaching ability is the same as the market. Nothing is guaranteed um, but i like it because i think we can actually like continue to grow and create a catalog of various teaching things and then, of course, if something's going crazy in the market, we could talk about it.

But i think to me: that's what a community around trading is um, not necessarily like bullying people into doing stuff, because, like you're, not the arbiter of their financial situation, all right, so that's the plan going forward. It's going to be a full send. Will it work? I have no idea folks, i'm as i'm figuring it out along the way with you, that's how this is gon na run pure guessing, but let's see i've waited four years to be a millionaire. What's a few more days weeks months shout out parabolic arc chart yep.

We went over that if you want to rewind to the start of the stream, we like went into in-depth what is the parabolic arc chart and also the margin call thing uh the margin call thing is uh. What we covered uh, hey matt. Can you explain? Rm call on cash account. I saw it on my account.

After an account risk level was increased after 34. Explain an rm call uh that might be a form arm call yeah required maintenance uh. So it sounds like uh. It's a form of a margin, call where you're just going to need to put some money uh, i think you've, your account fell below some sort of a threshold where your broker perceives you as presenting too much risk um.

So it sounds like you just need to put some more money in matt when you explain things. My smooth brain understands, in my opinion, uh that they're using pfof to route larger buyers to dark pools of their choice to delay the impact on the price while shorting selling scaring people away so unknown name. They actually wouldn't want to do that. Um remember payment for order flow.

The reason they're paying for it is because they want to execute on the trade they wouldn't pay for it just to let someone else execute the trade um that to them. That would be a waste of money. That's why you do it um, so uh, unknown name. I see what you're saying, but it just you're paying for those orders, because you want to trade those orders, not because you want to pass them off somewhere else.

Someone watching a terminal this morning, tweeted that a 4k cell wall disappeared. Suddenly was he hin hinting towards spoofing thoughts? Could be? I mean right now, depending on your brokerage. You might be able to put in a sell order at whatever price, so someone might be putting it up there, but also um. I think spoofing is more effective when it's closer to the current bid and ask because then more people are seeing it.

So i don't know if we did a 4k cell wall like up at 4 000. I mean, if you put it there, i did. I don't know how much of a psychological advantage that would present to you, because who would really see that so by walls and cell walls can be a huge psychological game. If you see a lot of buyers see a lot of sellers, they can pull up the order.

They can hide orders um. That would be a dark pool thing um, so the 4 000 i mean, if i just saw someone trying to sell some shares at 4. 000 for me personally, i would just say: oh like okay, like i don't know if it would really do much. I appreciate the endless hours you put in the community shout out kelly, hey matt love.

What do you do, thanks for everything, i'm interested in citadel connect and finra's alternative display facility that poff right now would love to see some content on those when you have some time to dive in okay, so you're asking for citadel connect and yeah. So i've already been researching it and the interesting thing about citadel connect is it's actually way way way deeper than a rabbit hole than you'd think so i'm trying to collect a little bit more information on it. Just so i can, i guess, put together a cohesive video without me, rambling too much but i'll write that down and finra's f-a-d-f f-a-d-f finra's alternative display alternative display, got it shout out to jesse sal chair doesn't even show hydraulics shake my head matt. Can i pay for a ticket to come? Hang out with you on your couch food on you, though? What's going on devin's law shout out, uh matt i saw on reddit post, saying you're handing out free cheez-its at a fest um.

What would a market crash mean for the stonks that we love okay, so very, very interesting? This is a good question if at large, the s p, 500 and iwm crash. What would that mean for amc, very, very good question and unfortunately, there's not a direct answer, because what you're referring to in a market crash is people lessening the risk or maybe getting marginal? So then it comes to the question of well who's gon na fold. First, who's in more danger the people who are long on amc or the people who are shorting amc. Yes, it's easy to live in a world of confirmation, bias and think.

Okay, if the market sells off and these other hedge funds are long and stuff and they have to cut, they might cut an amc short. But, on the other hand, you have the other situation of like well, hang on what, if you have people who are long on amc and they're getting margin called, they might choose to cut that it could go either way, and it just depends on the specific hedge Fund and their very specific situation, a market crash, no one could tell you that it's definitively good or definitively bad. It depends on who gets into more trouble. First, that's what it is, who gets into more trouble.

First, the people who are long on amc or the people who are short on amc and with that, like you, would have to know the insides of all these companies and like what they're doing in their positions and their current risk management. The real talk is chairs. Only fan why hasn't godzilla returned to japan to fend off the leaking radiation from the fukushima power plant. Uh matt check out the four hour chart big debia on the 11th any thoughts.

So i believe you are referring to this w and it's oh. If we get this follow through, it would be a perfect w and confirmation would come right above 39.70. So let's say confirmation above 40 roughly but here's the first three parts of a george w and we're looking for that breakout above 40 to like start really kickstart. The final part of the w, so when you put that together with this parabolic arc pattern, it's interesting, it's definitely interesting and i would love to see it come to fruition matt.

I question everything in life, but i've watched four ages and i don't understand why you get this negative hassle, but just stick to doing you. My dad's girlfriend's boyfriend, pd pd2, what's going on true moon gang, will be here shout out to ben uh kevin same thing for you for citadel connect uh. I want to make a whole video on it because it is uh way way way more than um. I guess what meets the eye and it's interesting it's interesting to see.

I don't know it's more of citadel business stock market plumbing it'll be uh, it'll, be a good one. Um greg 737 reach over 400 today, jimmy amc uh. What can we expect in comparison? So, looking at the comparison for january late january on gamestop - that's not a fair thing. You can't really look at those numbers because remember it was driven by the retail public and major retail brokers such as robinhood stopped the buying of the stock.

So you can't compare the height of the spike in january to anything now because it was, it was stymied. It was muted, it was stopped in its tracks because people could not buy it a lot of people, not everyone. Obviously, someone out there was buying because someone out there was selling, but the main retail brokerages stopped the buying of it. So to look at those numbers of where gme got and to try to apply it to now.

I don't think it's the safest thing to do so, because that was um more of an outside influence that stopped it. I'm shorting mats only fans matt. Did you see my twitter dm? I sent you yesterday, brendan95 um. Maybe i don't know, there's uh lots of lots of dms and messages uh, i'm still trying to go through them all.

If, i'm being honest, they haven't been the most fun to read. So it's not like. I have been overly giddy about reading my dms right now. I don't like your perfect hair.

It makes me jealous hey mark just heard you're paying 1k to meet you, oh brother, can i request tulips with my meet and greet you're awesome. Bro, keep doing you shout out. Brian, do more crying in the shower videos on only fans, uh, two things in life: you can never achieve avoiding conflict, pleasing everybody. So don't try shout out to kdog.

A lot of haters are probably not even invested in the stocks. They're just trolls jumping on trending topics. Oh all, this sounds like someone who doesn't want to run 10 miles on a whim. Thank you for showing up every day and hanging out matt.

We love you so today today today, today, um, i think i think training starts. I mean, i believe the olympics starts this friday, so monday, tuesday, wednesday thursday. I have four days to get ready for the olympics um, so we're gon na be crushing it uh we're gon na see what kind of run i could do today and i'm going to give myself a week or two to get in shape and we're going to See how this 10 mile thing plays out 10k. I don't know we're going to do some sort of run, but people all they talk about physical fitness and good diet.

You know what gets me to run it's just like uh copious amounts of stress and anxiety. That's what you need if you need something to fire you up and really push you through a run. So that's what i'm banking on today, what that's? What we're doing you know you can't please all the people all the time and last night, all those people were at my show, um. Thank you.

I'm looking forward to that additional content. If people want to learn to chart tradingview offers free charts and tools shout out to adventurejoe in hawaii hope everything's going there uh. It's your channel use your platform. How you want stay positive, shout out lots of chris is in the house today.

I believe citadel is using pavement for order flow to route large routes, to dark pools of their choice, to delay the impact on the price, so they can sell short and prevent fun while buying. What's your theory, my theory is that why would they don't want to route it away payment for order flow? You pay to get the trades and then you're paying because you're making money i'm playing the other side of that trade. If you pay for it and then intentionally route it away, that means you're burning money, whatever they pay for every batch of trades, they want to profit more than that in doing so, so to pay for it just to route it away. Well, that makes it automatically losing, so you said, i believe, citadel is using payment for order flow to route large orders to dark pools.

My option, my answer is: why would they do that because then they're losing money um? If, if they're not taking the other side of the trade, then they're losing money, or at least attempting to take the other side of the trade for them to pay just to route the trade somewhere else, that's a extremely poor business practice. Citadel securities is a lot of things, but they're not stupid they're in the business of making money, so they're not going to go out of their way to do something that intentionally loses them. Money. Remember new message retracted.

I, like the mystery to fight the shorts, i'm going commando until the squeeze happens. Um stonco tractor is showing 50 short interest. Okay, you mean short volume. Remember short volume is not that useful of a metric um.

The reason why so hang on would you what was it on stockotracker here? Let me bring that up all right, all right, all right. So, let's check this out. Ssr is on. We know that we know this okay, so right here if you're looking at this, this is a short percentage of the amount volume shorted.

This is what's referred to as dirty data. You see it on stonco tracker. You see it on fintel. The reason why this is called dirty data is because short volume is composed, is it composed or comprised composed of comprised of composed of comprised of let's go with compose, but if there happens to be an english teacher out there, let me know, i think it's composed Of short, volume is composed of two things: number one legal, legitimate shorts that are swinging.

The position they're actively betting against the stock. Part two are high frequency trading hfts, who are in and out before. You can blink that those both of those together. It is oh wait, some people are saying comprised it is comprised one is right and one is wrong.

A lot of people are saying comprised all right, we'll go with comprised well, someone says compose all right. Another thing i'll have to look into anyway. Before i went off that all right volume, it's two things legal, legitimate shorts who are attempting to actually bet against the stock and hold the position. The other part is high frequency trading they're in and out within seconds.

They short they buy back. So with this number we don't know who is who we don't know? If it's, we don't know if a high portion of this number are legal shorts, high frequency traders and the reason this high frequency trader thing is important because they're not bullish or bearish they're, essentially just soaking up liquidity or they're, providing liquidity, they're liquidity players. So they're not really betting against the stock they're just like in and out within a microsecond, i'm like legitimately. In the time it takes you to blink, they might have traded thousands of shares, um, so they're not like actively providing selling pressure they're providing liquidity.

So when you're looking at short volume or the percentage of it, i like to see the trend. Okay, i'm like okay, 38, 43, 39, 57 i'll see the trend over a couple days. I think you could get some utility out of that, but to just look at that number, it really doesn't tell you much um, so that's the rundown on short volume, short volume percentage. I, like the trend over multiple days, not necessarily the magnitude of one day.

You can't draw much from that, so we did that hey you do what you want, i'm lucky to watch, i'm all up in your comments telling twitter telling greggs to shut up yeah kinky kong uh. I saw you responding and i still love this name. Kinky kong. I will never not smile when saying that can't citadel use payment for order flow to route large buyers to dark pools of their choice to delay the impact.

The order has, on the current market, up to seven days to control, prevent call options from hitting and also stopping fomo um. No, i have not seen anything about payment for order flow, delaying orders up to seven days, uh payment for order flow payment for order flow. Delaying orders, not i mean, does it talk anything about delaying in here, so here's the payment for order flow breakdown, delay, i'm not seeing anything about delaying and i'm not. Maybe it's just not here.

Maybe someone has a piece of information that suggests that but um i haven't seen the connection between payment for order flow and a seven day, delay um, especially because in this it's still, i i just it doesn't make sense to me uh, because in t2 settlement, so, Like if you're on a cash account, even if you're using payment for order flow, that trade is actually settled in your account within two days, probably two days within seconds after you placing the order um. So i don't know why it would be a seven day delay when we know people legitimately have the share after a two-day settlement period like even in a cash account that, like that asset, is yours um, maybe, and that's something i will ask about and dive into, But um my the red flags in my head are going off because, like what i know about stock market plumbing, i don't know how you would hold an order for seven days, no less for much longer than a couple seconds i mean we've previously seen citadel get In trouble for delaying orders - and that was to the tune of like a couple seconds - no less seven days but amc moving and grooving trying to make a run to 35 check it out. Can you explain why the market cap for amc and robin hood are in wii for amc on robin hood and weibo? If i use it, i should be in the 50s um, probably because robin hood does some sort of weird averaging and it's not updating to the tick. The way that weibo does um right here.

The market cap currently of amc is around seventeen point. Two five, two four, i mean you can see it updating live as amc moves. You could see this number changing like these are the live updates of amc's market cap, because market cap, all it is, is the current price multiplied by the amount of outstanding shares that equals market cap they're not setting market cap market cap is a function of current Share price and total amount of shares cover the content i want and you're following will turn into me. You want to be you're going to p.o box friday.

I sent you a b day present check out diamond handed ape on etsy for a preview, rebecca lewis, yeah uh - definitely definitely going uh, probably on friday. So if anyone wants the po box, it is in the the description of the video lots of sour people in the world, but don't let them get to you shout out to chad, walker thanks for everything you do glad. I live in vegas or no office. I'm still gon na go play.

Some craps you're always welcome to join, can't wait to learn more. Mr jack frost expect it in a week dustin very, very excited. Keep on keeping on. Do you think, moving your stocks to fidelity or another platform to do direct routing to the new york stock exchange uh? Would that be any beneficial or not, so you don't necessarily have to move your shares.

It's all about buying the new shares like you can have multiple accounts. That's perfectly acceptable! That's like a legitimate thing. You can do so. If you already bought shares with on something that use payment for order flow, you can't really undo that um citadel already got that they probably executed the other side of that trade and it's all about your new trades.

So if you want to avoid payment for order flow, there are apparently some options, and one of them is the fidelity direct routing. If, if that's something you want to engage in, but i mean, if you want to transfer, you can transfer like that's okay, but just so you know, transferring stocks you've already purchased doesn't really have anything to do with payment for order flow payment for order flow, exclusively Impacts, your new trades, your new buys and your new cells on any stock. It's not the ones that are already sitting in your account. I hear my ken joke on andrew no, but i did see andrew taking my magnets trying to take my magnet charting technique and boom goes the dynamite payment for order flow, allows them to rout order to a dark pool.

Dark pool allows up to seven days before posting to the market um so that that could be true, but posting to the market is very different than an actual trade, and even that i haven't heard of a seven day hold because we we live in a t2 Settlement, so if anything, it would have to be less than that it. How could it be a seven day hold if the shares are fully transferred into your account within two days, but still, why would they go to a dark pool? Citadel securities is losing money on that trade, unknown name um. I like the points you're bringing up, but it still comes back to the the main concept of. Why would they not want to take the other side of the trade like? Why would they push it off into a dark pool because they're losing money, then is matt's only fan, matt, money or kinky kong, maybe rerouting to the dark pool, is the price of business.

The scenario in which i would believe this is, if a dark pool then paid citadel securities to do a different payment for order flow. So if someone can provide that evidence, okay, well that's a different story, but on their own volition, citadel securities would not want to pass off those orders, because every time they do that they're then losing money. They want to actively take the other side of the trade they want to increase their own volume on their non-ats before passing it off to an ats, and just so you know, ats, alternative trading system. It's the fancy lingo for saying, dark pool.

All right. We are making a run to a new intraday high is composed of means, roughly the same, as comprises comprised means include or contain ela teacher wife, both parents lit teachers. Thank you jim. When did ssr turn on for amc, reddit amc posted the s3 score is 100 of a short squeeze.

Is that true or fun? Um amc ssr went on earlier today when it dropped 10 and since then, we've been rallying it went on early this morning, uh. It is on ssr's short sale restriction. It doesn't make it impossible. It just makes it more difficult.

Too short. That was your first part posted the esri score. Is a hundred percent um so that remember gary? That's not guaranteeing anything they're, just saying: hey, um the way they do an analysis, they're saying that there's a high likelihood, but it's not guaranteeing anything and but just to say that i also haven't looked at the s3 in a while. I'm just saying you would 100 no one in the stock market guarantees squat.

They can't because it's too unpredictable their s3. If they did say it was 100. That means it's like one of the most likely to squeeze and it's worthwhile to watch um, but for them i would assume, maybe they just tweeted it out. I would say: that's how you check it.

I mean if your argument is um truth.

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