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Ape nation: back to basics dumb money commentary – Matt Kohrs

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Mama, hey what is going on what is going on, i hope. Well, i hope everyone had a better weekend than i did. Oh man, oh man, oh man, you never! I never know how i'm going to start. These.

My plan goes pretty much to mama mama moon gang and then from there, that's like where my daily script actually ends, and then it's just usually uh, let's rip it from there. So i i hope everyone had a more pleasant enjoyable weekend than i did myself um. If uh, if you happen to live under a rock, and you don't know, what's going on, congratulations, i i think that i'm jealous of you, i honestly think that's a better way to live. Oh folks, folks, folks, folks so much to talk about so so much to talk about um amc trading at 32.85, gme trading at 164..

Overall, why are things down right now? The whole market's down the s p 500 is down one percent in pre-market. The russell 2000 is down two percent. The market at large is drawing individual stocks down. Um people are going risk off.

So that's kind of the scenario, of course we're going to hop into the or text numbers and all of that uh just trying to give you a little bit of foundation for the day couple things i want to go over very, very important so, like i said Not scripted, so let me maybe think of the best way to articulate all this. First of all, let's start off with ape fest yeah, we'll start off with eight fest um, it's being paused right now, um with the community as like my my opinions of it are still that it's not some undercover shill event by citadel people just saw that citadel. I guess had some ownership in mgm and they thought that i disagree with that wholeheartedly. What i do understand is the community pushing back on it feeling that it's some form of a a celebration like.

Why would you celebrate at halftime like the game's not over? I get that i get that a lot. I think the timing of it, the branding of it to me. I always interpreted it as more of like a birthday for ape nation, it kind of started. That's why they picked late january.

I was looking at just a celebration, but it's one of those things the way i interpreted the event the way trey interpreted the vent um if the community's, not behind it. It's not gon na, be a success so because of that uh it is being paused. If you bought it, re refunds are already starting to be processed with that. If you have any any questions whatsoever reach out to them, all refunds are being processed and it's just being paused as soon as the squeeze happens.

From that event, like that day, they're going to start planning everything out, they need to they're going to get everyone like all the artists, the performers uh, so it'll start from there um. That is just being paused right now. So if you did that, just so to give you an update on eight fest in terms of the chad wes christian, what's going on that gofundme to the best of my knowledge it is that was taken down and also their that's also being refunded that one surprised Me a little bit because a lot of people were asking me about it on friday or thursday or whenever it was. I did the interview with wes christian to make sure it was above board and in that the interview is actually still up there and i've still posted the psa that it's down um.

I literal strange one on that one, because when i did it, people were mad at me for not posting the gofundme link and in the video i said, hang on. Let's just give this a little bit to verify, make sure it's all good, and that was like my last public statement on it. It must have been thursday, i suppose, and then after that now people on the other side say like i was supporting the gofundme. No, the reason i never tweeted it out or did anything like that is because i know with gofundme that's a a natural target for being, i don't know like just scams um and with it.

I never got to the level of my own due diligence where i was happy with it and uh. I guess there's some weird things going on like i think it was taken down and then starting a new one, i'm not really sure but um with that. I guess it's over to the last thing like if there's anything major i'll, let you know, but over the weekend those were like the major things that happened: eight fest no longer and the gofundme with wes christian, i believe, is no longer either just to give everyone An update, hence why i really wanted to call this one back to the basics, because the basics of this situation are: we have a huge community betw behind two stocks: amc and gme. That's it both of these stocks have a considerable short interest and that's what we're in right now this game of cat and mouse um.

So with that i get it, i get it. I truly truly do of how those could be just seen as some sort of a distraction to the main overall message, and i'm behind that i mean as much as you're gon na just like read these blatant blatant lies about me um from the very very start. All i wanted was the success of this community and because of that, i think when you hit into controversy like it's easy to just be like i'm done with this, but no because i also understand it's a very loud small minority of what's going on in this Uh community, i know there are thousands and thousands of people here with the best intentions trying to learn about the market, trying to have a good time and because of you out there um. I just want you to know that, like i would never ever ever quit on you ever ever ever because there's so many people, like you, have this loud minority that all they do is have the time there and to argue with people on the internet, and then I feel like the moon, gang's true audience here.

It's a lot of people are like all right what's going on in the market, and then we have like other things, to take care of in our lives, whether you're, a parent you're working on your career, whatever it is. So i know it's one of those things that sometimes it's like just this squeaky wheel situation, um so out there. I just want to really really say thank you for the outpouring of support. It's the reason why i'm still here day in and day out, is because of the amazing amazing support from so so many of you and with you guys, hey just so you know if you're on the fence, don't hesitate to reach out to me.

I've read some of the most insane insane lies about me and other people, especially trey over the weekend, but i mean trey publicly said this a couple weeks ago on making money with charles payne, one of his biggest fears was being infiltrated, and i don't know over The past week over the past weekend, i think we have some of the strongest evidence and you guys know what social media platform we're all referring to. I strongly strongly believe it has been infiltrated. People were getting docs, people were getting death threats. I got death threats, chad was get like just so many people were getting attacked online for absolutely no reason and it seemed very, very coordinated.

Trey was attacked, i mean, and this is beyond um. I guess just the point of like oh youtube's, taking you down or this, or that this is like legitimate, real life threats to certain people, i'm not saying for me, but for other people who were this like this craziness got out of hand um their authorities are Already looking into certain things, it's so so wildly out of hand, and it's from in my opinion, i guess, like the lowest scum possible, it's it's always people hidden behind user names, doing like whatever they want, because they're protected by the mystery of just no one. Knowing who they are all right, i think i'm back, i mean uh, i i hope i have the tinfoil hat close, because this is just it's absolute insanity. If it very much feels like the community at large is being attacked and honestly before you engage in any of this, like social media of this, and that like so many people just read something once and then they absolutely believe it um.

I don't know i maybe maybe my tinfoil hat's on a little bit too tight these days, but it very much seems like at large. We are being attacked and at a certain point that it sucks it sucks to be on this uh this end of it. But in terms of amc gme, it also tells me something about the nature of hang on. Maybe we're like seriously close to something big, then, because why would there be such a a huge, huge fight? I i really hope that all this all this, i guess thiops, my big hope, is that i hope this iops attacks are more from hedge funds on wall street and i really really hope it's not from part of our community, because if you look at it it Seems in my opinion that um a lot of it, the birthplace of it, was reddit a lot of it seemed like the birthplace of it.

Uh were certain subreddits and i hope i hope i'm wrong, but i'm just saying like when i'm looking at the timestamps the users and then the copying and pasting of comments everywhere else across the internet um and it sucks, because sometimes i think reddit has amazing dd. I'm sure it's full of 99 95 of them 95 97, like so many of them are good people trying to just utilize that social media platform and put good stuff out there, and my hesitation is that small small percentage that is somehow like, i don't know it Seems like the inmates have take overtaking the asylum there and i i feel bad because, like at a certain point like i don't even know how much i'll trust it now. I don't know if i can anymore and it's weird, because it's like, like that one rotten apple has like spoiled the whole bunch and i just it's a bummer, because there are amazing people in that community who do amazing things. But overall we're not quitting it's just back to basics.

I think this is like a hard reset, a good reminder for the remainder of the community, of the actual battle that we're in uh this i love this review door quote of like this is not sesame street. This is wall street uh, so shout out to gabe there, because that's that's what this is. This is a legitimate full-on fight day in and day out, and that's just what this is. But overall i don't know all i can tell you is we're not going anywhere.

I'm not going to let some nameless, faceless person dissuade us from the overall fight. I know many of you are in here to learn about amc. Gme. The stock market at large just have a little bit of fun, laugh throughout the day and on top of that over the weekend, and if, if i'm being honest, i was thinking about this for quite a while now i wanted to somehow improve my stream schedule like This stream right here where i could provide even more utility - i mean from the start january february till now i don't know of another person, who's been putting out more amc or gme comment.

Just like the sheer minutes of content, and that's just the nature of the fact that i've been streaming day in and day out which i love. But now it's at the point where, if there's only 24 hours in the day, how can i provide the most content? So what i want to try for this week, i'm just giving it a monday to friday test, drive just to see how people react to it. I'm going to do two different sessions, nine to 11 and two to four, and my reasoning for this is with that. In that mid-day break, obviously it's like a little bit healthier for like mental health, but on that i think i can go back to like the way i used to do my own dd, because right now i feel like i'm always playing catch up with, like.

Oh, did you see that this person said this or that so with that time in the middle, especially when the stock market's a little bit more slow anyway, it'll? Allow me to go back to like what i inherently love about the market, my own research and then figure out how to teach something. So it's just a little bit of a different structure. I'm not saying it's permanent or anything like that. It's just i want to try this out and i think it'll it'll help rather than just sitting here the whole time, and so for this week, two different daily sessions, monday to friday, nine to 11 a.m.

Eastern and then two to four. I want to catch 9 to 11 2-4 because that's the most active point in the stock market and then what i'll be doing in the mid session is just hanging out with people on the discord. But then going back to my own dd, because i don't know how much of this other, i guess like dd we're seeing it's just so many people are putting out things that are just patently false the amount of things i've read over this weekend. I mean obviously the personal things, but just stock market at large, like the um, and i don't know how many of these are unintentional, but just for example, like over the weekend.

I'm reading so many things about liquidity, convertible bonds, payment for order flow, and it's a lot of people who just are. I don't think it's intentional, but it's just inaccurate information is getting out into the community um, so i'm just trying it for a week. I'm not saying it's permanent or anything like that. I just think i could use that midday to kind of prep and then do some solid teaching in both of these sessions opposed to just in the middle um and then like trying to play catch up at night.

But then there's always things it's just a test run we'll try it for a week, we'll see how the community likes it. If you do like it, i could continue. If you don't like it, we could go back to the normal nine to four stream. It's that simple, there's nothing like there's, not really anything more or less to that overall uh statement, all right, uh, let me quickly go over ortex, really quick.

I don't know i feel like. I need like a button that repeats this to me. The community at large, like because i just see this on reddit on twitter - i damn well know or text - is not the full picture. I don't know how many times i have to explain this.

It is 85 percent of transactional volume. The only way to look at this data is the conservative floor value when i tweet these out in the morning. Am i saying that amc short interest is 14.94 percent? I'm saying no! That's a con conservative floor estimate of 85 of legal legitimate data. This has nothing to do with naked shorts.

Those aren't reported. This has nothing to do with the same block of shares that are loaned out multiple times, and this is missing 15 of the legal, legitimate picture so right here, the only way i use this is more so of okay, i'm following the trend and in my mind I know it's the conservative floor estimate it's nothing more, nothing less! That's all it is and for like this is the data given to ortex and then ortex gives it to us so like i, i've never argued that this is a perfect data source, but what i would argue is there's not a data source. That is better. If you think you have a data source feel free to send it to me, share it like with me and i'm more than happy to present it to the audience if it is true, but this concept of let's just not use it, because it's not perfect.

Well, if we're not using anything, then what are we basing the trade on like you can't just like shrug your shoulders and be like? Oh, i think, they're still shorts like we need some sort of baseline. This is the world of numbers and trading and math. This isn't just like, ah, i think they're still short like and that's what a lot of people i shouldn't say a lot once again, it's a very loud minority, it's people who i don't know. I guess they have nothing better to do than just like argue um, but overall, please understand that if this is the first time you're hearing about ortex, yes, it's a conservative floor estimate, but also, if you already know about this understand, that is how i interpret it.

I am not arguing that this is definitively it. If anything, i know the numbers are higher. I get how this data works, but to just like randomly just ah no, i don't want to use that and i just have a gut feeling. How do you have a gut feeling about short interest that, like that, doesn't even make sense so anyway, the conservative floor, short interest? Estimation for amc is 15 in terms of gamestop, it's also 15, just above 15..

Thus far this morning, both amc and jimmy have had a net borrow against them already today: half a million on amc and a fifth of a million against gme, so both are already being bet against today, in terms of the daily chart, we are looking for the 30 to 32 region hold on amc, important important support. That's what we're watching today and in terms of resistance. We know there's big resistance between 40 and 42 on the daily chart, but there's also resistance at different levels on a smaller time period in terms of gamestop. We're basically looking for friday's low to hold for july 15th um as in on friday.

No no excuse me on thursday. We know there's a bunch of support in here. Just from the april may period, tons of consolidation tons of con support, we're looking for this overall region to hold and for it to bounce back at large, things are being sold, um the whole market, the s p, 500, the russell 2000 right now, whatever's going on. I'm sure there was some, i don't know it seems like people are being a little bit more fearful about.

What's going on with this delta variant, um, i'm not i'm, not a scientist, i'm not the person to tell you if this delta variant is real or not. I'm just interpreting it's the inherent risk related to it is scaring people and it's having an adverse effect on the stock market. That's not my commentary, i'm not a scientist. I can't tell you if it's real or not.

What i can tell you is stock market does not like unknown risk and that's right now. With this whole delta variant has become unknown, risk ah play yaya, ding dong, um, hey brother, good call on the gofundme. You said it's multiple times. You should feel good about that.

Uh i'll, find you instead tony d. I appreciate that yeah, i don't know. I all of my commentary on this gofundme thing was hang on. Let's wait, let's be patient, give me a little bit of time to verify it, and then somehow people are once again just lying.

It's straight up lying of like oh, no, no, he was supporting it. No, i talked to the lawyer to make sure it was like legitimate um, but i i guess that it came very quickly and it disappeared very quickly. Uh same thing with eight fest came very quickly, disappeared really quickly. So it's just one of those things that, like i don't know if our time or our energy is best spent like arguing those semantic things when really we're watching amc, we're paying attention to short interest, we're watching gme we're paying attention to gamestop short interest and really We're paying attention to the market at large just to see what is going on to get a better sense of like the direction of the market at large and obviously the two stocks that we have been paying attention to.

Uh mr b spot everything in gamestop story. He finally did it check your twitter dm for the link. I think that was a video i saw of him a while ago that he like he went into a physical gamestop location. This was one of his older videos and just bought everything in it, which is absolutely hilarious.

Uh, hey, matt, recent 13f show 32 billion in client funds longs and 244 billion in discretionary assets, those assets non-disclosed, but don't but don't have to be shorts. Correct a reddit thread is saying otherwise: um no, no assets these discretionary assets, they don't have to be shorts. Um. No, no remember overall, shorts are not reported in 13f.

Shorts aren't really reported anywhere, for whatever reason our regulatory body has decided, it is not necessary for any large institution such as a massive hedge fund, to report their shorts. The only way to know what a big hedge fund is actually short is to work at that big hedge fund and to be the one like very um, i guess in the inner loop of what their short positions are by the dip lick. No one who's there. Oh kenny, they're, going out after a boy.

This is war. We will buy one more, no 10, more, no 100. More hedges are about to get clipped, uh hey, it is it's it's getting more and more serious, it's getting legitimate war and i think um it's with hedge funds, and then you just have these like trolls across social media who are trying to. I don't know i guess they're somehow like playing into it, and it's just insane so when in doubt like, if you're ever questioning anything, that's what like titled this stream remember just come back to the basics.

Remember why you got into the trade, have conviction in it and look at just the facts. Have the shorts covered no okay, it's kind of like other than that we can dive into some of the fundamentals yeah. We can look into things such as payment for order. Fo the threshold list like there are useful things to learn about, but at the most basic level have the shorts covered.

No all right back to the basics, uh hurdle fast. We are in the am game. My opinion i have been here since january with xxx shares. Thank you matt.

I really appreciate all you have done and continued to do. You got this shout out to chris. You know what matt it's all childish at this point. You know uh other chris for quite a while.

I get it um. The internet has like a big troll nature and i got it. It was childish, but over the past week like i said it got to the point where it like it got beyond childish. It got to the point where people were legitimately breaking the law.

People were getting docs, people were getting death threats, it went beyond childish and i don't know i i just it sucks. I well it sucks that there's people in the community and they're trying to be and to them i don't know if they mean it that way or not, but i don't know it there was. We saw a very, very bad side of i don't even want to say the ape community, because i think it's fake apes. I think it's people saying that they're part of the ape community and they're, not because you wouldn't do that if you're part of the ape community, so i think it's people masquerading around like oh yeah, i'm in this - and i i just don't - i think, they're liars, Whether intentional or not they're um, just spreading malice and they're doing things and saying things they shouldn't do and whether they legally get in trouble or don't uh karma's a karma is a huge and one day that that bill is gon na come due.

I have the utmost faith that karma karma's brutal. It's gon na make its payday uh matt. You said the fud was gon na get worse the closer we get to the squeeze, and here we are stay strong brother. The ogs are still here, jack yeah.

I just honestly i just never ever thought it would get this out of hand. We're not ducking leaving they're gon na need an army of duck whistles to get us out of here, i'm not leaving in one of those lucky ones. I didn't hear one of these negative news about ape nation uh care to address your new schedule, ability to eat real food lunch on your channel and become apex of youtube. Fitness gymshark, sponsor yeah.

This is all uh a fitness play for me, i'll just be lifting midday. No, i just want to try it out, because i kind of want to structure it of like. I would be able to do my own research and then present it like right away in the afternoon session. We back are we back? Are we back? Are we back? Are we back all right? Has this loaded again, i don't know.

Obviously, we are in a full-on battle with uh youtube. Today they just are stropping it. I think we're back ding ding ding. The casino is open, ding, ding, ding, ding ding.

I don't know why youtube is dropping the stream all right we're back, though we're back in business. Let's do let's do what we're here to do all right, all right, all right, all right, all right looks like people are buying the dip. Remember i like to wait. Those first 15 minutes see what's going on all right, come on so amc out of the gate for my audio listeners, pretty much just below 33 kind of a volatile opening, seeing what's going on zoom in here, just almost like a microphone setup, higher highs, lower lows: Let's see what way this is going to break gets a lot of pent up energy from over the weekend.

32. 40 right now, the iwm all over the map come on. Let's keep pushing what kind of volume are we at on the day market cap volume? 5.966 million okay a little bit slightly lighter of a volume day to open up, but let's see how these first 15 minutes play out. Let's see what's going on, i hope apes get out of the mindset.

This is going to pop any day. This is going to be a long bumpy ride, shorts haven't covered, but price keeps going down. Um because remember price is determined by the current buyers and sellers. Not your current position like just whether apes are holding or whether shorts are holding people holding across the board is not really impacting price.

What impacts the price are the current buyers and the current sellers hey mark ignore the noise? How would you play a gap? Fill on spy, any other option plays you are thinking about. So in terms of option, plays i'm just gon na still kind of wait to see how things open uh, but in terms of a gap fill yes, the s p 500 has gapped down. So what you're saying of a gap fill is right, but the golden question is of of when uh it doesn't necessarily have to gap. Fill like the next day.

Sometimes it takes a bit. I mean we saw in amc, it had a gap fill around whatever 32 or something like that, and it took about six weeks for it to get filled. And then previously, in the s p 500 we saw a gap fill and that happened in one day. So, with gap fills, they are statistically likely.

It's just a question of how long moving a little brother keep doing. What you're doing positive vibes money brings out the worst in people. For sure i love you. Matt corn stay strong against the fun.

Oh brother agreed matt. It was disturbing karma is a mirror, hey matt, don't let those scumbags get to you. Many of them are shills and others are small humans, not worth the energy. You and trey are great and 99 of us apes agree with you yeah i mean trey and i have been here from the start: we're not leaving your side.

There's all these new people coming in trying to do and say and share their opinion, but um trey, and i have been in this literally since january um when all this craziness started and we're not. I think the only way people are questioning it is if they're they're brand new and it's people trying to rip apart the community, whether they're, trying to play what i'm seeing a lot of they're trying to divide the community like getting people to fight and doing whatever They can and they're also trying to play a lot of amc versus gme if you're, an amc great, if you're in jimmy great, if you're in both great, if you're in neither great but just cause you're in one and some other random person in the internet, happens To be in the other one understand: that's not an attack upon you. I see a lot a lot, a lot, there's two main subreddits and it seems like they're at each other's throats they're fighting all the time. Um it really amped up over the weekend.

Don't let them discredit and divide focus on what you want to focus on, but that doesn't mean you have to have hatred, because someone else is making a different play than you. I mean once again um. It's weird we're seeing a lot of people trying to tell other people what to do with their money. You cannot tell anyone what to do with their money.

You shouldn't want to tell other people what to do with their money. You're, an adult they're, an adult, let them do what they want their it's their financial responsibility if they like a stock, if they want to do whatever that's it. Okay, we have no right to tell someone else what they should or shouldn't be doing. Uh death by a thousand blows: fudd keeps backfiring him at new, appear i'll, admit, there's a testing times for me, but i'm believe in my basics and my own dd, i'm here for war, j kiss.

I love that everyone should be doing their own dd. That's how you do this, you shouldn't be exclusively relying on the dt of a youtuber of a redditor of a twitter twatter of a discorder like whatever you want to call them. Um remember this is your play, there's no leader in this entire thing: yeah there's some people who put themselves out on social media to post things, but there's no leader. It's your trade, we're not following an individual person.

You're following your own trade drop 500 points on fears of the covid rebound thoughts on citadel connect ooh. So i looked into citadel connect. I saw some things and it was um very, very interesting that the particular citadels connect that rabbit hole is so much more incredibly deep than you can imagine, and i'm just trying to think of the best way. Actually, i want to bring someone on to talk about citadel connect, but it's um, the more and more you look into it.

It's not as well, even when you look at it. You're like oh, this doesn't seem that simple, like you could tell there's some depth to it, but it's one of those things that like when you start going down that rabbit hole. It just keeps going and going and going um very, very interesting and something worthwhile to discuss and talk about just trying to figure out the best way to plan it and the best person to come on who can offer like true insight into it. I'm seeing some really good info on it, i'm seeing some things that are like conjecture that aren't really on base, at least to my understanding of some people who, like are more familiar with it than myself.

But uh citadel connect worthwhile to like google, read a little bit about interesting, interesting, interesting up my position from 1 500 to 1450. You use this to buy another show yourself and thank you for what you do. Hawks fan will do. Oh, hey mark they're, trying to divide us, but real apes aren't flinching.

We got your mat. Chair loves to stream 11-2. Oh brother, uh, 715 933 robin the hood sold. My gme fractional share at 8, 33 price went how this happened regardless.

This is why i hold johnny very, very interesting, um hold it if johnny, that's something that like. If you have that screenshot, i would get that out there on twitter, i'm seeing a lot of talk about the parallel parabolic arc. Are you familiar with what that is? No, this is um the first time i'm reading about that. I'd have to look into that one gunner, para all right! So amc! Why is this just catching the whole time? Hmm parabolic arc all right.

I think we are back in business man all over um. Some, something very obvious, is going on with youtube today. I wonder if there's a way i could fight this a little different. This is insane whatever is going on with youtube.

Today is clearly insane. My internet's dropping or anything like that, like i'm still on it like when these things are happening, like my stock, is still going, i'm still getting the data uh, i'm just confused, like i'm just getting a message from youtube that it's like the shop like not stopping It or yeah, i guess it's a pause and then they're just like restarting it on me. Something weird is up with you. I don't know maybe they're having their own technical issues or who knows, is the mass investor back hearing different things, uh yeah, to my understanding he is back uh his channel channel was deleted and then i believe he fully got it back um.

I believe he was streaming this morning. Actually i haven't paid attention to amc over the weekend. When did we end up in the low 30s still holding low-key stress, though sierra, so it gapped down, i mean remember, it wasn't training over the weekend um we had this. Like gap down situation um, but over the weekend it wasn't really a stock trading thing.

There was just like a lot of trauma in the community, a lot of drama in the community, and i it my personal opinion of it is they're trying to divide and conquer. Oh just so you know the backup if youtube just like officially dumps me today. The official backup is my twitch matt underscore course. That's my twitter, twitch and instagram um.

I don't have another account. I'm not matt coors official macquarie's, llc macquarie is spelled incorrectly uh. Just check it out, matt underscore cores uh, twitter, twitch and instagram uh, simple breakdown, apes hold and get frustrated. The price doesn't rise, hedges hold and pay interest on premiums every day.

I'd rather be frustrated; it is a matter of who breaks first. I have 12 000 shares. You should see. My past month looks like everyone can do what they want with their money.

I'm choosing to hold good morning brother day in and day out, you've been in ordeal for months on end. Keep your brother when in doubt, zoom out shout out smurf1 shout out shout out shout out man what is happening here. Switching my. I have half a mind to think that something is like.

I don't know i i don't wan na. I hate just throwing out these conspiratorial based things because that's, i think we have enough of that in this community like there's, it's conspiracies galore um, it's one of those things like why let the truth get in the way of a good story, but what is happening With youtube today like youtube, like i'm, getting it they're, just like oh, like this, what is youtube's problem like i'm, not losing it, i mean my wi-fi is here like these are continually updating. I just see on my stream i'm getting this message that they're, like oh, it's pausing doing some 13 f research citadel reports from uk hong kong thoughts on exploring the estimated shorts here also currently have 25 billion in spy, puts follow the money doing from uk and Hong kong uh totally not the fbi, i would have to look into that part of it, but i would assume that citadel has most of their money. They might have some shorts be spread between the uk and hong kong, but i would assume that most of them would still be um.

I guess somewhat based in like u.s companies uh, because within us, when they're doing a 13f, those aren't going to be reported. There was a reddit third about how it was an attack on youtubers for giving wes a speaking platform could be true. Like i said i mean just to reiterate. I think a high majority of reddit is still good legal like or not legal, but i think legal.

I'm just thinking about wes, i think a lot of reddit is still people with great intentions, just trying to get some truth out there trying to get some information out there, and i just think there's like those couple. Bad players hang out one. Second, let me uh they're, clearly taking a cut. I had to search for you when usually your first video is recommended yeah not too not the most familiar.

Like i mean it's just insanity, absolute insanity, amc, 31, 80, 90.. Okay, i'm trying to think of how i could wire up a different computer um. Just for i mean i don't know, what's going on with youtube, i'm trying to think of how i could connect okay, i guess that's one thing. I could do well that other that computer, that crashed on me a couple weeks ago that one i just have a bit more security on.

So maybe i should plug that in hang on yeah. If this does freeze again, what i'm going to do is get that other computer turn on the security that i already have built into that it's a little bit more robust than this one, i'm on right now and i'll just do that pivot, but hey one of The pros of having two different sessions - it's informational warfare. I 100 agree with that informational warfare. I mean at this point: how is it not all right come on, so the spy taking a hit but iwm looking a bit stronger and actually amc is coming back around as well swinging here at 32, 33 game stop at 165.

lots of indecision in the market At large today, lots of indecision - i fear we blew it with wes - he's a man for the job. By a mile. We were positioned to be well within community over the chad thing. It's our loss.

Yeah, i mean i don't know. I, the the chad thing, the westing, it's it just blew up so so quickly. Um super super quickly, so i would not be um. I mean chad.

People have just run him off the face of the internet um and i i think with wes. Remember he's he's a human as well, and this was what he was saying in his videos like if this wants. If we need this to play out the way we want it to uh, people need to be much much more organized, and even in that he's like. I don't know anything about the gofundme.

He was just talking about the legal aspects um, but i'm assuming he's not the most happy at the moment, but i have not spoken with wes uh. Why would so if i limit my sell orders of amc to 1754? A share and no hire thanks for all. You do uh screw the naysayers, my assumption matt's matt's duck suspenders, so five, probably just has a built-in thing of you - can only go like a certain percentage away from what this stock is currently trading at um. So i bet that moves as amc also moves.

Where else are we at all right? What are you doing here? We go all right. I'm kind of s p 500 over here, taking a little bit of a tiny hit. Let's see if this can bounce back. Let's just see if it's one of these classic v-shaped recoveries, hey matt, says out of me here it could be your vpn there's a lot of overhead, maybe test a new provider, see if it improves that's also, maybe that's what i'm thinking i'm going to definitely try That uh, my amc down 2300, is still not leaving thanks for everything you do, matt hoddling, strong uh.

Why can i buy certain socks um why we will um? It depends on like what it's um attached to, oh and for this, this payment for order flow thing. Um people talking about we got this, does weibull, engage in payment forward or flow yes, 100. Do many many brokerages engage in payment for order flow? Yes, do some that don't do payment for order flow. Do some that don't do payment for order flow still what i'm getting the message again from youtube? What are they doing man? Is it this vpn thing right? What can i exit out of to calm down, so i see the chat continuing to run.

All right, hopefully, did that get it back youtube is experiencing. I chose. How can we do this? How can i fix it, i'm afraid to go off of my vpn, that seems scary, given the fact of everything that's going on right now, all right. I think this is back.

I think this is back. I think we're back. I think we're back. I think we're back.

I think we're back. I pray we're back. I pray we're back. I have no clue, though, what is going on all right.

I think we are fully back. Let me double check track bad. I think we're back. Let me double check this.

Can you all right um? Obviously, i'm gon na be prepped up if need be for this afternoon. If i have have to hop over to twitch, we might be doing that one man, so i just dropped. I switched it over to a different vpn really quickly. I'm hoping that that helps cuz youtube is not liking.

It whatsoever all right. We're live again. We're live. We're doing it live all right, i'll order, good, good, good, we're back at it back at it again: daniel, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, let me switch over to here just setting up some of the vpn settings all right, we're at the three minute.

Gme trading at 160, 250 amc trading at right. I have no because i what's weird about it is my wi-fi is not dropping. I am i'm seeing chat this full time like that's, not stopping it's just the stream itself. Is it just.

I see a loading. What could this be? Um yeah? I have, i don't know if it's an obs problem or if it's a youtube problem, but obviously uh looks like we might want to switch over to stream. Labs looks like we might want to be switching over to stream labs. I guess i'll know, because this keeps running i'll figure, something out.

Hey, that's one of the beauties of having a double session is i can install whatever software. I need you're, very blurry, hmm, all right. Let me just get i'll download streamlabs now streamlabs onto this computer. Login connect with youtube.

Someone just said all right: it's lagging a lot. My frozen testing testing, all right, just dump this one. This is clown shoes. We do a test run on twitch, other channels aren't having this problem um.

No, that will be the right now. I'm wireless, but that would be the next logical thing i mean i already have the twitch set up something's going on yeah. If it persists we'll do we'll do a twitch we'll do a quick switch over to twitch all right. I think we're, i think, we're good.

I think we are good, i'm not seeing any of the same messages so back to business all right amc. It is bouncing off of 31.15 up to 31.50 spy, taking a bit of a hit. Where does the spy have some support or whoa? Look at this gap down in the spy. If you have questions at large of what's going on, like people are very worried about this perfect.

Well, not perfect support some resistance right in this region. In the low 420s i'd say, there's a little bit higher 23 to 25 423 to 425 is support. So let's look for this to hold pretty much right here in spy. Amc looks like it's trying to break its own uh trend.

We had a bit of a bull flag this morning, all right three minutes: okay, good good good. Let's look to see if there's some overall uh reversion but amc it is trying to fight right now. Uh looks like it's trying to make its way back up to test 22, followed by or sorry 32 followed by. 32.25 is the first thing i would personally watch of the day horizontal all right.

Here we go right. There 3225 we're looking for amc to come up and test that right now, 31.84 come on. We got this thing er. It's really amc's, really trying to push 32 all right.

What other questions we have, i think we're back up what other questions. What other someone talking about someone said we need wes, matt and trey can start the gofundme well understand a lot of people in the community. Don't want it to go to like a legal lawsuit or anything like that. There's a lot of pushback in general gene kramer when you are short, you need to do the complete opposite of the truth.

You need to create fiction like a market crash. Fear then sell, i mean uh. I see what you're saying i think, that's more realistic in terms of directly attacking amc, but this the overall market i mean remember the overall market is trillions of dollars and amc and gme independently are a couple billion if they had the influence to bring the entire Market down, it's way easier to just bring an entire stock down this market thing. To me, i think it's a lot.

A lot of fear related to really what's going on. I mean inflation is a worry to some uh. There was news of the delta variant this weekend. I think there's um, remember the market very, very large many things going on at once, and i just don't really know um.

I think. Sometimes, when we see this market, there are other players in this world, focusing on other things. Besides, like this e amc, gme like our moon stocks, that, like we've, been paying attention to now like once in a while, i just see okay, i have a question: does anyone know with the new computers? Is there a um? Is there some sort of issue with obs and new max? Does anyone know dropping frames yeah like what is this garbage? Hmm, these just stopped updating, is my internet being in and out dropping frames like it's nothing, but i'm trying to figure out if it's an obs issue or an internet issue, i see that you guys are experiencing i'm on mobile, not leaving i'll buy more. Could this be um? Obviously i need to fix something for this afternoon session, i'm just trying to figure out the first thing to fix, like i'm on obs, i'm trying to understand if there's an obs issue with newer computers or someone said, stop using a mac.

I've ordered a pc. I bought a pc, i'm just waiting for it to show up yeah. It's a use. Your vpn, your vpn, slows down your internet, a bit um relax enjoy.

I mean it's just weird how it's in and then out, obs studio. Oh, oh, oh m! You had same the similar issues on obs. I had to set up ob stream for macbook air and one obs setup guide. Oh interesting, interesting, okay! Well, anyway, amc at 31.45, the master race yeah.

If i think, if you're having issues, if you just hit that refresh button, you should be better but we're seeing some strange strange issues, maybe drop the quality from 1080 and impossible to drop frame rate. All right if i drop the quality, but even like we're. Seeing weird issues in the back end right now, a simple fix pick up the mac, throw it out your window hook up a potato for streaming, gain better quality, uh major issues with new mac and obs. I have a bi-weekly stream and we've had the same issue for the last three months we switched to ecamm for mac.

Oh okay. Maybe this is an obs issue, obs issue. Well, i have a couple ideas of how i can fix it for this afternoon. So it'll be a-okay a-okay right now, just so you know amc trading at 31.54 and then iwm trading at 209, trying to hold on to the low 209's uh gme fighting back 163 and then spy 4 24.

hook up a potato uh zoom out to the five-year Chart and you'll see the bounce off of this level. We have been at 32 level, draw a line across the five-year yep, this exact level between 33 32, 33, 32 right in here you're. Looking at 2015 2017. Definitely some support some technical support hook up a stream from a potato.

That's hilarious, all right, all righty already alrighty ssr, yes, amc is on ssr five. Four 23 63 amc 3136 come on. We know that there is some nice support in this area. We know that the technicals are beating down um it very much feels like it looks like people are hesitant about the overall market like the s p.

500 is red right now, all right, major uh chuck. Thank you for that. Just man. What is this crap market? Is down because of the delta run speed test on that issue is probably the vpn you're better off with a firewall.

I would limit your bandwidth as much as a vpn all right. Thank you. Jeffrey yeah. Well, i'll definitely be diving into some of that.

What's weird, though, is my setup that was working last week, i haven't changed it, i'm obviously using the same setup. So it's weird to me that this is happening all now, especially given the insanity recently um within the community and maybe maybe, like i said my tinfoil hat's on a little too tight. But the the timing of this at large does seem a bit interesting, interesting to say the least: preferences output uh, i'm using cbr 3500 video 1920x1080 interesting interesting, interesting yeah. My frames are just getting completely completely dropped.

Have you tried turning it on and off again? Hey have we maybe just considered. I have no idea what i'm doing um, but there are. I mean people in my discord. Right now are posting various issues between the new m1 chip and obs.

Whenever you start talking about rona, you start lagging. Oh, frustrating frustrating frustrating frustrating check out puffin. We use it at my hospital puffin, your browser secure browser. Well, i should be a-okay right now.

Ideally, theoretically, i've disabled, a few things on my end, try putting it in rice. All they are talking about is to solve, because the delta variant, dow nasdaq, i got six more shares total. I know utilization is only 87, but i'm noticing the available shares on loan are starting to get to the mail. Wait i'm starting to notice the shares on loan are starting to get to the may low levels instead of millions uh.

The shares on loan were still around 90 million um. I don't know where you're getting the zero to 300k. You might be looking at one from a particular brokerage of like what is currently available for that brokerage, but that's not all brokerages, like i don't know if you're looking at stonco tracker or fintel or iborodesk, but remember that's just information from interactive brokers. That's one brokerage! Welcome to apple tech support mr coors um keep seeing stuff about the gofundme account.

The gofundme is shut down, the one for wes and refunds are being processed um. So if anyone donated to the gofundme, the one that was between chad to pay for west christian's legal services, that one has been shut down and refunds are being processed just so everyone knows just a quick update on that amc fight in back put in a new Higher low and we're swinging back around to fight 32-26 whoa some buyers, stepping in look how much iwm is popping right now everything is popping right now. Look at this relation between iwm and the s p or sorry, iwm and amc um, really gm e2. Look it all buying just started at once: iwm popped, amc, pop gme pop they all popped simultaneously, someone turned uh the faucet of buying back on.

Are they borrowing shares more shares against these today? Um, a million against it uh so kind of a lower day in both borrowed shares and return shares, thus far in terms of gamestop 133 interesting, interesting, how they all pop at once russian ape checking in what's going on. Do we hit ssr earlier? Yes, we did, but remember. Ssr does not seem to protect us that much ssr is short sale restriction. It makes it more difficult to short, but not impossible.

It means you can't dog pile. It's referred to. As the uptick rule. You can only take a short position if the stock is trending upward um.

So that's why it's called the uptick rule. So if you see amc continually, selling like tick over tick over tick, theoretically, there's no new shorts uh. I say theoretically, because what we've seen anecdotally just like on these streams, it doesn't seem like ssr, really does the best job of protecting us, but it will be on like once, you trigger ssr you're on it for the remainder of that day and the entire next Trading day, so amc will be on ssr for today and tomorrow, but i don't know like i said it's not some massively protective thing, because we have seen many many streams that show the exact opposite of that happening like the exact opposite, but hey there. We go.

Amc is fighting back 32-26. We broke above that now we're making a run to 33-28. Hopefully there we go rambo's moon, gang uh. Why did the gofundme get shut down? I don't know if it was technically shut down.

Uh chad was realizing that he was getting a lot a lot of hate, and it was just kind of obvious that the community at large uh didn't want him to be the connection to west or they didn't want the lawsuit to be like. They didn't think. Maybe that was the best way um. I think it was a myriad of reasons um of why he ended up pulling the plug on it, but, like i said it's not happening and the refunds are being processed um as to why, like chad got a lot, a lot of hate people didn't want him To be the connection to us, some people didn't want the lawsuit in general.

Like i said many various different reasons going on, but the bottom line is the gofundme has been shut down and refunds are being processed chair. This is uh. Our last super chat. It's not you, it's me.

Actually, that's a lie. It's not you or me. It's the company. I work for it will hurt to watch you every day and not be able to trade.

Maybe we'll meet again one day vanessa. It's been an absolute pleasure. I hope you can stop by and check in whenever you're free, but uh best of luck with your job matt wonder if market crashing is triggering margin, calls it very well. Could it very very well, could the question there, though, is who is going to get margin called you don't want it to be um, you don't want the people getting margin called to be the people who are long on amc.

You want the people who are short on amc to get margin called. I see a lot of people talking about payment for order flow. That's another thing that i strongly strongly believe. A lot of people are talking about it, who don't understand what it is or its implications.

It's just another thing of i don't know it caught the attention of the community and with it so like i'm doing my best to calm tensions down as you can see, i took the weibull link out of my description for the time being, because what i'm going To do is bring on a payment for order flow expert if they say yes, it is damaging the squeeze. It's not going to be there anymore if they say no, it we're all misunderstanding it and the best way to think of it is x, y and z. Well, that's the truth then, like that will be the information, but in the time being i don't want tensions to rise even more in the community, so i took it out and i'm just waiting for legitimate answers. Um.


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