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Coming in huh feeling like one hot tamale, because our team is kicking ass, folks, coach, coors team, we are kicking ass, kicking ass, kicking grass, kicking ass and eating grass. I don't know, i don't know what the kids in sports play. I was always picked last on my team, but who knows who knows, who knows all i know doesn't get better than this like this is exactly what i was saying in the morning stream guys i need a little bit of energy, a little bit of good vibes. Only a little bit of karma amc in the green, green, green and robin hood in the red red red.

Does it does it get better than this? Does it get better than this folks? This is coach coors coming at you live informing you. It does not get better than this amc in the green gme in the green and stupid stupid robin hood in the red. I don't know, i don't know, i don't know. I don't know i don't want to stream tomorrow, because i don't i just i don't know how we can make it better tomorrow.

Today we are cruising at all cylinders. This is a finely tuned machine like you would see in all the fast and furious movies. It does not get better than this. Amc is cruising and robin hood's cruising, but it's a different type of cruise robin hood's cruising for a bruise and it i don't know i don't know i don't know across the board - we're crushing it right now.

We've made already over an extra thousand dollars for saint jude children's research. Hospital stocks are in the green that we want to be in. The green stocks are in the red that we want to be in the red, we're crushing it. This is it.

This is peak experience for a streamer right now i don't know i don't know. I almost don't want to stream tomorrow, because i don't know how i'm going to top this right now we're in our full coach, coors getup we're making money we're supporting good causes. What does it, what i don't know it doesn't get better than this? It's i've probably had too much liquid iv, i'm probably too hydrated right now when in the midday session it was hot in my apartment and i was sitting there, i was like. Ah, i'm thirsty and i'm not gon na lie.

I've had a couple too many liquid ivs. I can just the hydration. My brain is operating on a different level. Right now, i feel, like i finally entered into the matrix of what's finally going on and we're just crushing it we're absolutely.

You need a whistle. I do need a whistle. Oh brother, oh brother, oh man, it it's just it sucks to suck today. It sucks to be someone trying to pump robin hood when it's garbage and it sucks to be someone who's against amc when it's kicking kicking some butt today kicking some butt to loney's, as we as we like to call him in the coaching biz matt's defo drunk.

I'm i'm not drunk. I i saved that stuff for the kind of weekend here, i'm a professional. This is this. Is network professionalism um during the week during the week i got to be on the game.

I'm not gon na lie. I've you wan na know. What's in my system, right now, besides a bunch of good karma, a bunch of great karma, i've had a claritin and a couple too many liquid ivs mixed in with some red bulls, sugar-free red bulls: that's what we're cruising on right now! That is the diet of a champion, that is, the diet of a competitor and, if you're on coach kors's team that you might want to talk to a nutritionist, not sure if it's safe but liquid iv sugar-free red bull and you got ta, get some claritin because Seasonal allergies are no joke and they can make your nose real, real snuffly, and we don't want that coach rip up coach ripa would never have too much liquid iv. Oh man we're having a good one all right, so there are some things we should go over before we go back on.

Don't let me get too far off of my rant today. There are some things uh we need to talk about. Uh hang on very quickly. I want you guys to listen to this clip um here.

Let's before i know, we all want the rant. I know we all want me to go completely off. Oh, if you could don't forget to hit that like. Let's get people in here for the afternoon session um there's about 5 000 viewers right now.

I see absolutely no reason why we can't have about 12 000 likes uh. If, if these hedge funds, prime brokers and market makers can synthetically short, i don't know why we can't synthetically like um. Maybe i've eaten too many crayons, possibly i don't know necessarily how the liking system works, but uh. I i demand synthetic likes.

It's that simple. I demand synthetic likes real, like synthetic lights, short legs, long legs leveraged option likes whatever kind of likes likes likes likes likes likes. It's a like machine type of a day, all right, anywho, oh yeah, yeah. I was working on some charting for you and then i got a little bit.

I was gon na man uh. This is what happens: adults out there when you have a child and you don't properly socialize them. Let's be honest folks, my psychosocial development was clearly stunted somewhere, the age of 12 and apparently, in this day and age of technology, you can monetize that um previously, if you didn't age out of those immaturity issues like just those holes of social development, you were what Most people considered to be an, but on the flip side of it, if you get through it, if you get through those lulls of where just no one likes you, apparently you can turn that into a career of yelling at a camera in your basement, i don't Know i'm not the ones who makes the rules of social demand and business these days, but for the parents out there you have two options. You either help your kids socialize early in life, so they don't become a straight up, jerk or a dick, or you deal with it for about 26 27 years.

You hope that there's a black swan event in the entire stock market. You get them in front of a camera and you let them go loose. Those are your two options as a parents, these days ben, i don't know if you're listening, i just know. I know you just had atticus he's, probably like five days old, but as a parent you're gon na have to answer these questions of how what type of parent you want to be.

For me, it's come this far, but i don't know how this ends. I don't know how this journey ends, but i do know that this is superior, charting, mainstream media, other youtubers, other twitter twatters, other redditers they're gon na be like. I don't think you can influence a stock with an emoji and to them i say, nay, i say if, if you have a team on your side, if you have coach, coors and the rest of the team rocking with you, you could put whatever emojis you want On the chart and it's gon na work, it's honestly that simple they're gon na be like. I don't think so.

I think i think, hang on uh excuse me: coach, coors, uh. I think that stocks move based on certain levels of supply and demand and constantly looking for equilibrium that the market agrees upon. You know what nerd, maybe or maybe it's emojis i don't know, i don't make the rules we're literally doing this off of the cuff, but, like i said, don't let me get too far off. We do really need to listen to this clip uh.

This is kind of important you guys are letting me get too far off. I hope the audio is working. Currently, a significant amount of retail orders are routed to a small number of wholesalers. I detail this more in the written testimony, but i think it raises questions about whether the market structure best promotes fair, orderly and efficient markets.

Evolving market technologies, along with this payment for order flow, has also led to increasing market concentration, which we've found. History and economics show concentration, can lead to fragility in markets, deter healthy competition and limit innovation so right there. I want to talk about this, because this is obviously from the g. The ggg uh, the g gary gensler himself g cube a lot of us in the business column that gary gensler is a g gg g cubed.

So if you're in the biz ever like that's his like that's his that's his wall, street name is g cube but anyway. So we were talking to g here and right here. The high concentration of retail orders routed to a small number of wholesalers. So right here this is what i was referring to in the early stream of an immense amount of orders, for amc is not being done on lit exchanges, but that doesn't mean it's being done on dark pools.

Yes, it is happening off. Exchange and dark pools. Are a type of off exchange trading, but wholesalers, small small number of wholesalers, aka citadel securities and virtu? These are wholesale brokers, like whatever you want to call them. There's various names, but it's market makers.

It's non-ats, non-dark pool they're referred to as otc. Yes, they are off exchange, but they're not dark pools right now. When people there's a lot of conflation of seeing off exchange trading and they're like hey, look at dark bulls, dark pools, dark bulls, dark pools, dark pools, dark pools. Yes, some trading is being done on dark pools, but most of it is through market makers.

Folks, i don't know how to make it more clear. We have the data. The data is out there. People are very much, they heard this name dark pool.

They didn't bother to google what a dark pool is they're like hey, that's dark, dark's, the opposite of light biblically biblically, i know dark is bad and i know light is good, so dark pools have to be bad. Like i don't know, maybe you've had a traumatic experience when you were swimming as a youth, and maybe i don't know, maybe a lifeguard had to save you or something i don't know you're against dark you're against pools. And yes, there are very valid reasons to be against dark pools, but right now it is a it's a conflation to say that most trading is happening in dark pools. It's simply not true.

None of the data supports that the people that support it are really fun things to tweet and retweet on twitter. I'm gon na be honest. That's how far this dark pool holds really gon na go. Is it's just fun to tweet it? It's like.

I'm not gon na lie. I've been there. I see it suspend dark, pools, hell yeah, let's suspend everything. No rules like i just let's suspend everything at once, but i just want you to know even right here, a high concentration of retail orders.

That's me and you on things like robinhood, on weeble, etc, etc. They are going to market makers which is off exchange, but that is not dark pool. I'm just trying to clarify, because i want everyone to know who the legitimate enemy is here, a dark pool. It's just another venue, they're, not setting price or anything.

It's just like a really weird way for you to find a buyer if you're a seller or find a seller if you're a buyer, it just is facilitating connecting people who want to take the opposite side of the trade. They don't have an undue effect on price action on the price of a stock hiding data. All these trades are reported and they do have a material impact on price. But do you know who can do some like actual legitimate, illegal nefarious, shenanigans market makers, especially when we live in a world? That's a duopoly of market makers, citadel securities and virtue they're they're unchecked.

They do what they want. I'm saying this because, yes, i want you guys to know what you're actually saying doing tweeting retweeting agreeing with on reddit discord any social media. I want you to know what's actually going on here, but this when people are talking about it. This is in reference to market makers.

Previously, when we had the new york stock exchange, president nyse president uh perez - i didn't uh demand. I don't know i i'm trying to find this article right here. This is another one that people took it way too far. Meme stock prices may not properly reflect demand so right away.

People are like dark pools, dark pools, dark pools, dark pools, dark pools, dark pools. I don't know about you, but are? Is anyone dark pulled out this right here? People tried to relate it to it, but this is once again i'm trying to find her exact comments. Um right here in some of the mean stocks that we've seen or stocks that have a high level of retail participation. The vast majority of order flow can trade off exchanges, remember two types of off exchanges, market makers and dark pools which is problematic um so right there people saw off exchanges and instantly thought dark pools.

Like i said, dark pools have issues inherently. They are less regulated. I'm not the biggest fan of that, but if i had to take care of one thing before the other, i would take care of payment for order flows before i would take care of dark pools. People saw this and they thought dark pools when really what mrs cunningham was referring to misconducting him, whatever her name is the price information is not really reflective of what supply and demand is.

This is in reference to market bankers. This is market makers otc and not dark pools. I just want everyone to actually know what these comments relate. To i mean she's.

Even talking for retail brokers, say payment for order flow lowers overall, because it's still in reference to payment for order flow. Whenever you think hear payment for order flow, think market makers do not think dark pools. There's a lot of people, putting information out there about various things and, honestly, more so than myself, they're just talking out of their ass uh. Yes, do i talk out of my ass? Obviously, did you watch the first couple seconds of this stream? I would have questioned psychological questions about me too, but what i'm telling you right now is very, very accurate and serious of all these comments from gary gensler from the new york stock exchange president.

It's all in reference to the detrimental aspects of market makers, not dark bulls. I don't know how to be more clear about this. Do i have issues with dark pools? 100, but i have much more issues with market makers segmenting. The entire retailing population, which spreads the bid and ask on all lit exchanges, costs everyone money and on top of that, they have a horrific asymmetric data advantage because they know everything that's going on, because retail is sending all of their orders straight to market makers.

So at least we're all on the same page with that and right now, people are gon na, be like oh man like shill. He he's all of a sudden he's. No, i'm i'm not for like. I think there are issues with dark pools, but i also want you to actually learn something.

So in case you get in the argument with someone on wall street at least we're on the same page and can use the right terminology and rhetoric, and we can make solid points right now, people so many people retweeted this and we're talking about dark pools. Nothing about this has to do with dark pools whatsoever, a small number of wholesale wholesalers. That's it he's talking about market makers. So many of us - and it's not embarrassing, but it just shows that what this is why some mainstream media and wall street doesn't take us seriously because they read this and they're like.

Oh okay, wait they're connecting it to something that it's not going to be connected to. We need to cultivate an image of more um. I guess in informed and a bit more serious as as i say that and i'm screaming about uh macquarie like i do understand. 100, the irony of like my rant right now - i 100 get that irony, but i'm just trying to say we need to be on the same page and we can't always be running into these conspiracies that there's no evidence for.

I love all these series. I love all these hypotheses. I think we should test everything, but when everyone's out there liking and retweeting and all of a sudden and talking about dark blues, this has nothing to do with dark pools. It's just wholesale, it's wholesalers, which is a market maker uh.

So i just want us to all be on the like the same page of reality, so we can better push through our mission and get done what we actually want to get done. Uh very, very important, all right, so we did that i'm happy! We did that. I wanted to get that out there honestly, i feel like i should make a whole video on what payment for order flow is or isn't. If you want to know, oh hey, i know that guy um, if you want to know a bit more about payment for order, flow and dark pulse, very, very, very important to watch that interview with dave, lauer, very important, how's crypto doing uh bitcoin, maybe, okay, it Looks like crypto might be.

Finally, turning around um, speaking of which cardano this might be a good risk reward setup, because you could just risk a dollar 67, something like that um anyway, if you're looking to get into the game of crypto, i highly recommend checking out uh voyager is in the Description of this video you'll get 25 worth of bitcoin when you do sign up um, but right now, amc ripping ripping ripping ripping up 5.5 percent trading at 33.27. An important breakout level where it was just smacked is 33.50. In fact, i believe i have that marked right on this chart. Yeah 33, i have 53.

Let's just call it 3350. uh. Not only is it technical support and or resistance, depending on what side of it you are on, but right here the rsi was already overblown. It makes a lot of sense that had to take a breather, so i think the ideal way in which this could go would be that it hit this.

It has to take a breather. It makes some sort of base, maybe at 33, and then we rip into power hour. I would view that, as like an ideal scenario for today to play out, but right now the technicals are just a little bit too hot. So we want these to calm down.

Just so, we have actual room to move in power hour uh the most important rant, i'm looking for a mixture apple store, follow-up how'd. It go uh, it's frustrating for me to recount the apple story from yesterday, because the guy i met the guy at the genius bar was so nice, like. I can't even like the dude was nice and so realistic and just like very understanding and doing everything he could in the power to help me out. So i have no rant uh.

Besides the guy who helped me yesterday was an actual human being un. Unlike the ding dong, i had to deal with the two days before on monday, but the guy at the genius bar at the apple i was at yesterday that guy rocked he was very realistic. Very respectful and did everything in his power to help me um, so no, no, no, really fun follow-up. For that, unfortunately, did your parents lack you in a basement when you were young um? No, no! No! No! My parents were all like get out of the house.

Go do something i grew up in the middle of nowhere very rural pa. I grew up in northeast pa and my parents were very much hey. It's not like completely monsooning outside go, get some sunlight and then friends would just come over. I don't know, i think, a lot of it like where i grew up.

We had dial up internet the tv like it worked, but we didn't watch much. We just did a lot of things outside. If it was snowing, we would go sledding, we would go fishing. We would do whatever we'd go.

Paintballing we'd go hunting. It was a lot of outdoor stuff to do so. Mine were just probably more so of along the lines of like just don't die and like come back like dinner's at five or six um type of a deal. Um, we would go swimming, i don't know we just did a bunch of whatever stuff um.

I guess when i got older, i played more video games, but i'm not that good at video games so like it's not fun to do things that you suck at so like i'd play like what was it like, halo or something with my friends, and i was Always the crappiest one, so i was like yeah. This isn't fun, this isn't fun, so you were amish, no, that's more! Like middle pa. I was above that i was in the northeast corner like above scranton, and i know everyone's like oh the office, the office yeah. They never filmed anything there.

They just did like they filmed like some like of the b-roll stuff there uh, but actually above scranton, pa uh, but hang on. I think, did i already. These super chats are so weird. So weird i hope this is working.

Am i live on rumble? I never thought to check now that i'm 20 minutes into this uh jim lover just completed owning a hundred shares. Let's go amc jim lover uh. You are gon na, be in staunch competition with buff 24 7.. We have a lot of gym fanatics and i get it.

This is pretty much a fitness channel. So i understand why a lot of people who have a a greek god body, such as myself, um, are attracted to this channel because, like it's just we're a bunch of titans we're a bunch of ape-based titans, i get it. You guys look at me and you're like man. Does he moonlight working at abercrombie like just sitting there in his jeans, like hawking, talking clothes to like all those middle school girls yeah? Sometimes i'm moon like as that.

Like my i'm not saying i have a like a six pack as in ab muscles, but i just sit there in my jeans with a six pack of beer and i try to sell, sell clothes there, but it's the same thing abercrombie. They they hire a lot of people these days, jim lover, buff, 24. 7.. I miss buff, 24, 7 and honestly, it's my fault because i banned him.

So it's not like he's gon na come back, but i also miss rico. I miss a lot of rico. I mean where he's out wait. What is this puns? Disclosing short positions? Oh that's for, puts new, bigger short on amc.

Oh wait: simplex trading llc now has uh. This is from rogue the legacy he just tweeted it out. Uh simplex training llc has puts from has a lot of puts. I guess: 14 000 must be a crappy day to be them.

Uh, hey there, buddy, happy anniversary, hope you and your real girlfriend have a good time this weekend. Me too me too, maybe she'll. Let me out of the basement. You should do an ape dance whenever someone tips a hundreds, make it a thing.

They mean later tommy's touch hey. I mean also right now, i'm in um. If this is your first time tuning in in the past like 48 hours, please understand that right now, my entire goal - the name of the game right now - is to get as much money as we possibly can for saint jude children's research hospital hospital it started yesterday. It's going all the way until sunday um, i don't know the amount of people who have chosen to donate individually, but i do know from the shirt sales alone for this we've raised over like three thousand dollars.

I believe, roughly in that range i'll have to i'll update the numbers that number i tweeted out last night was exclusively from shirt sales. It has nothing to do with super chats. It has nothing to do with personal donations. It was just that and then like i want to do the big reveal like sunday, night or monday to let you know, like the big number we're at but um right now.

Just so you know the super chat. Mat thing i figured. Why not turn it upside on its head and do something actually good with it? So all these limited edition, shirts after sunday, you will never get these shirts again super chat. We have the stylish moon gang one and then we have the crayon one.

We also a lot of people are asking for a long sleeve because i think we're about to get some what cold weather in a couple months. So people are like hey. I want a long sleeve. All these are limited edition.

I i'm guaranteeing you this and i'll. Do whatever you guys want me to do to show you proof, but 100 of all profits are going directly to st jude children's research hospital. It is a charity that is near and dear to my heart, so i ask you hold off on the super. Chats donate directly to this cause buy a shirt.

100 are going to it. I know that not everyone's in the financial situation themselves to donate, so i would ask like retweet that stuff's completely free and it lets more people know i am in the talks with other uh trading enterprises to help a little bit more with this. So uh some cool things coming. I just need to get things solidified um.

One way we could look at it if you go to course. This is a brokerage in the us for stocks, not options only for u.s residents. It's free trading. You get free stock.

When you sign up and there's no payment for order flow and it's not routing orders to any market maker, they go directly to lit exchanges. When you sign up you get up to 70, i think it would be cool. Maybe if you don't necessarily need that money. Whatever your free stock is from public, maybe if we just donate that directly to saint jude, i think that's a cool thing.

Obviously i can't tell you what to do with your money, but i think it's an interesting way for the ape community to give back. Just one suggestion obviously do whatever you think is most appropriate, but right now it is in the description of the video, both saint jude and the shirt, and all that, so you could check it out. I mean if you want a super chat. One, a crayon super chat one or this they're, all going 100 of the profits going straight to saint jude uh.

You can check out public no payment for order flow and you could use that free money. If you want uh, i'm not here to tell you what to do with your own money, just a suggestion. Just a friendly suggestion from coach kors, just a friendly suggestion from coach coors as amc is ripping ripping ripping and robin hood is fallen, fallen, fallen uh. I prefer a belly shirt.

Have any of those gary we'll have to get you a special ordered belly shirt. We could do that. We could do that. Let's get a poll on who's going to the movies.

This weekend is oh, this is a big movie weekend. All right i'll make a poll. Let me do this really quick: a pola pull up movies this weekend, interrogative, specifically an amc movie like at amc, theater all right, um, we're posting that uh short, the vix said he drinks liquid iv every day and is going to use your promo code. I mean i'm i'm personally a fan of short the vix.

I appreciate that he's getting it. I mean i really like it, i'm going to try a different flavor this weekend, but i'll save that for power hour i'll. Let some of the the energy get through my system before reloading connection of moon gang thong. All right, those will have to be special ordered moon.

Gang thongs will be exclusively pitched on my only fans, which is the same thing, matt underscore course matt underscore course. Twitch, twitter instagram only fans in myspace, all of it uh is matt underscore cores um. The thing that is matt cores is gon na, be youtube and rumble is where i'm matt cores hey matt. I just read in what is that that vemma and paypal are going to allow you to transfer any crypto to buy through the crypto wallet, interesting matt.

So, with the crypto stuff, a lot of people asking about crypto, i highly recommend checking out the phone app voyager, uh voyager, is in the description of the video you'll get 25 of bitcoin. When you sign up um a lot of options, it doesn't have every crypto as an option, obviously uh, depending on the crypto you're after you might need a different one, and that's why i also have coinbase in there. But even that, like i know, crypto there's. So many options and there's unique ways to get certain ones that it might not be uh if you're looking for a commonplace crypto, almost any of the brokerages will be good if you're in the state of new york.

You're gon na have some issues because your government, like hates crypto, for whatever reason um, but if you're in another state, you should be good uh matt. Please explain why the hedges would continue to short amc with the possibility of millions of fake shares out there. Wouldn't they know this yeah, but if it's gon na benefit them they're gon na they're, all they're there to make money man. So with that they're like hey like we don't think this is gon na stop.

We think it's gon na fall. They look as a money-making opportunity, but take my money first and i shout out tommy's touch. I appreciate that all right look buddy. Look here! Nerd i own this roadhouse buddy coach, coors uh.

Oh man wait. Why is this not working uh? I missed anything exciting here today, just kidding here, uh amc's rocking robin hood is the opposite of rocking, and the charity drive for saint jude is also rocking, so we're really, depending on how you look at it we're rocking in at all. All cylinders are firing right now, i'm not your buddy pal. You should make a shirt saying slightly above um.

Is there amc gift cards? Yeah there actually are amc offers gift cards, ken griffin's, totally real eyelids. I want a moon gang thong moving out of new york within a year, i'm done with it. I was in brooklyn up until a year ago i moved here in like one week of last year, so i've been here for like 51 weeks right now, um and it's been fun. Thus far in philly i mean i was just overpaying for rent in new york for like a quarter of the space, like legitimately a quarter of the space, i was paying like a thousand dollars more in rent um.

It's crazy. It's crazy! It was crazy. It was fun when the world was open, but to be in brooklyn in a small place that was over expensive when everything was shut down. It was such a bad place to be that might change now that things are like opening back up, but if they shut back down you don't want to be in a big city being in a big city when, like the world is not doing, anything is not Ideal because it most likely just means that you're like overpaying and everything is hard to get a hold of, because everyone else is buying out what all of the clorox wipes and all the toilet paper and then you're just there in a one-bedroom apartment.

With your real girlfriend trying to start your youtube career and you both are trying to work throughout the day and then all of a sudden. You start fighting a lot and then you're really really sad, because your youtube's not growing, and you don't like your job and she doesn't like her job and everyone's yelling at everyone and it's too tight and you're on top of each other. Like that's, that's a general story like i think, maybe other people have gone through it like. I heard that through the chain that other people are like experience that, but it doesn't sound fun is my point uh.

It's all it's quality of life. Folks, quality of life is very important. Matt tagged you in a tweet, please look at how robbing hood is manipulating the market value of amc and jimmy. It's insane um i'll have to check that out uh.

My knee-jerk reaction, like i haven't, read it. I don't know necessarily what you're uh referring to um, but it's a brokerage so brokerages alone, don't like that's a market maker thing: brokerages aren't the brokerages, aren't market makers um, but maybe there's something else going on there, that i'll read it out. Thank you. Joshua i'll read it uh thursday has been a good day for amc.

Any thoughts on. Why also, why do you think utilization didn't go up to 96.98, like expected? Oh because the pool of total loanable shares increased, more people started to loan out their shares um, or is that not updated completely? It is updated. It's updated completely uh every morning, it's real-time data when it updates in the morning um and as for thursday. I have absolutely no clue why um, i would need to see some data to to see if it's true definitely to see if it's true matt, if you read my messages out loud, you would earn supplemental passive income every day for every month.

Another one coming soon like, as in reading that super chat will earn me supplemental passive income. Coach coors is my favorite character on this show shout out: mal uh, i'm in long island can't take the politics here: freedom, freedom, i'm a simple man. I just need to. I feel like i just need to get back to my roots.

You know just live in a small town, maybe i'll run for mayor or something like that coach coors for mayor uh, hi coach. I love this energy, but i keep having this nightmare. Mother of all short squeezes on power hour on friday, due to hall, it's no moon longest weekend ever in lambeau. So doubt what to do.

Uh. Just remember that the squeeze mathematically would probably take multiple trading days, because the amount of shares on loan is more than what we're trading in a day, right now, uh very, very good chance that the squeeze the mother of all short squeezes would play out over multiple Days, you're not going to miss it um matt, the checkout express, is having issue at st jude shirts. Trying trying to buy some now express checkout is having issues for the saint shoots. Wait express checkout um is anyone else having issues lucas uh? That is not good.

Um, if you could maybe send the issues to moon gang merch, send a picture of that dm to moon gang merch. Maybe they'll be able to help. You maybe tried reloading it. If anyone else is having issues with the shirts, please let me know uh we'll try to get it like fixed real time.

In the tray interview. Adam specifically asked us all to go. See a movie at amc. This year say: hey we're letting a poll run to see how many people are planning on going uh myself, i'm planning on going into the movies this weekend.

It might be sunday, though i might not be going on saturday, shout out to my lovely wife, apple bottom ape, hey buddy. Thanks for all, you do shout out gong dong, kong dong uh, be cool to do a fundraiser for exclusive showings of amc theaters for saint jude or something similar. This idea is a good candidate for something smarter to work out the details. Yeah, so i mean you guys and gals guys, gals and everything in between um.

You saw this idea come like this all started for me, just like making fun of these idiotic super chat. People um, who have like such an issue with it, not understanding like what a tip is and uh for me when i knew when, like i saw when you're sitting on this side of the camera, there's certain things that you see and do and all of a Sudden, you see that it's gaining traction, and then i saw that people lost their mind when i switched my name to super chat, matt, and then i saw that people lost their mind more. When i brought up the shirts and i'm not gon na lie we're selling a lot of shirts and with it, i just thought it was finally an opportunity for me to do something even better and even cooler like i wanted, like the the super chat, mat thing And then the shirts, like i kept going - and i thought this was the way to like kind of blow the roof off of it and do something like verifiably good for like people who need some help right now, um. I am i'm not a father that i know of, and i can't even begin at all like not even one percent of my body could begin to empathize or sympathize with a parent who unfortunately has a child who might need to use saint jude's resources um.

I i can't because i'm i can't i can't even put myself it has to be one of the most emotionally traumatic experiences of a parent's life like i literally can't put myself in those shoes, but just the a little bit that i try to imagine it. I mean honestly it's the the least. I can do to just try to help that you add all that in and then you also add in the financial burden of something like that um. I can't imagine so for me.

I was like hey. This is something cool. We can do to finally help out a little bit more than just helping out in terms of teaching stocks like it's just for me. It's like, let's bring it to the next level.

Let's do more good, let's develop more good karma um, let's spread more good vibes that it's honestly that simple, so uh i because of that random super chat of the ding dong, who doesn't like me honestly, look what we made out of it: we're raising thousands of Dollars for what i perceive to be an amazing amazing charity organization, um and it happened very impromptu - is very much ad hoc and i'm excited for this. I mean i've been on like cloud9 all week, i'm just so excited about. What's going on, i'm so excited about to see how it's received the amount of people sending me screenshots of what they're personally donating that we're doing something very, very good and, what's even more exciting to me, is if this happened kind of randomly, and i had a Couple hours to figure this all out and get it put together. I can't imagine what we're gon na do on the next one when we have a lot of foresight and we can talk to people and get other things figured out and make it even bigger.

Even even bigger uh, so that has me even more excited like round. One is going amazing better than i ever thought it would have gone round. Two, though round three round four round five, the next time we do this type of stuff. Oh we're going to blow the absolute roop off.

Roof is going off john wick just joined. I hope that's actually keanu reeves, like actually uh. Do you have a free giveaway for your only fans? It's expensive, buddy donate super chat to charity. Uh we'll have to figure out like maybe that's the next one we'll raise more money by me donating my only fan subscriptions uh.

Hopefully you know that the majority of folks think you do a great job. Oh yeah, it's it's 100. The silent minority me this is in a weird way. This all started for me just poking fun at them, because, like dude, do your own thing.

Do your own thing come on uh my mom has end stage. Four cancer has devastated. My family, a child would be unbearable. Thank you to help families struggling like mine, uh, michelle, i'm so hard.

That's enough! It's just so hard to. I can't even imagine uh i i cannot even imagine. I hope i hope in the realm of what you're dealing with. I hope it goes well, but i know it's like the definition of well or good.

It doesn't even apply. I i cannot imagine um godspeed uh when you were spiritually 19 years old back when you have never heard of the word or text that one day the word would be yelled at you 200 times a day. No, i never uh ever imagined at 19. I was um.

What was i doing at 19? I was in college, didn't know my degree. I took school way too seriously. Uh yeah, no 19 was not a fun year was not a good year uh. I strongly look you.

I strongly suggest you look deeper into shiba inu coin. There are 620 holders of the token you would be gaining a larger platform of supporters uh. I recently found out that i'm apparently one of those people uh, which is awesome. I i'm finding out that i own 250 worth of shiba inu and i think it was just gifted to me somehow on voyager, like from voyager uh.

I don't know about that, but yeah i'm in it. So i hope it does well, but the one i'm in right now - that's absolute well, i've gotten into ethereum very, very early, so i'm crushing it on ethereum um and i was a little bit late to the party of cardano, but i'm hoping in a year i'm Like oh yeah, i'm like one of these people who got it sub two dollars, but who knows uh? Frederick? U, garner! Thanks for joining up uh! I appreciate you becoming a member man becoming an astronaut shout out. Amc ortex update can do can do um. They have whoa seven mill against it short interest of 18.88, so interesting.

It dropped a little bit because we see more of a return coming in, but the fact that they've borrowed seven million and we're green on the day, hey uh i'll. Take that how dare you help sick children? How selfish of you calm down pirates clutches pearls, uh, vlad eth creator was sent shiba inu and dumped and donated most of it. Oh yeah. I know that the guy who made ethereum he's donated like a lot of money to various causes, which i think is awesome.

Oh hey mark i visited the world's largest yard. Stick factory today ask the owner if they would be willing to make them any longer. He said no oh brother, thoughts on crwg if support at 32.74 does not hold g r g r, w g g r, w g we're scrolling we're scrolling we're scrolling, we're scrolling, we're scrolling, we're scrolling uh 30.. I would be watching 30 from december and past 30.

I would be watching around 22, then so 30 and then 22. If that 32 33 level doesn't hold more so of 33, though i would watch 33 and then 30. uh. Do you know what the days to cover is for sprt? I could check that out.

Hang on one second amc just made a new intraday high at 33.67. That's noteworthy because it's a breakout of 33.50 uh days to cover one. This is right, 1.3 days, but don't forget that the actual coverage is typically going to take longer because not all shorts decide to cover at once. Why is this? Why is roblox not up? Where are we roblox roblox? Why is this not on my watch list? All right, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect thoughts on lac.

I like it more of a medium to longer term thing, but i think lac is looking good. We were talking about that uh. That's a lithium company for those of you who have not heard of lac and right now, there's a considerable shortage in lac heard. The reason why we're seeing such high borrower shares is because of the ftds and it's a way for them to kick the can down the road any validity, all right.

Let me think of the mechanism so well, it could be yes, but it depends on the type of ftd. Remember naked shorting isn't the only type of ftd uh, so it kind of depends on really what ftd we're talking about, because we don't like. We just know some of the ftds: we don't it doesn't tell you what type of ftd each one is so um, it's dependent on the ftd uh notice. The max cost to borrow increase on ortex today is someone now paying eight percent plus yep.

So but remember this is dynamic. That's not gon na be like locked in permanently. It could go higher or go lower tomorrow, but someone was very desperate to borrow those matt007az, the world's largest yardstick. What if you got caleb the kid from the commercials for st jude's hospital to come on the live stream? He may even be a baby.

Eight shout out to my cousin ivan tour ivan tour. That's a psych! That's a such a cool name! Ivanatore ivan wow! That's awesome: moon gang ca, reppin shout out benny um with that caleb. It's tough because sometimes people like i don't know with that, i'm very nervous about bringing kids on because, like you, never know the internet's reaction, i mean it's not like as much as it like pains you to say not everyone's like a respectful human being and um. I, wouldn't i don't know with kids, i'm a little bit hesitant of it because, like then you're opening that kid up to the internet at large and sometimes the internet at large, isn't the nicest place um.

So i i try to be a little bit more careful and respectful with children. The bots are posting nice messages about you matt. What did you do see? Antonio the mexi tweet just a few minutes ago. The bots are now the we've even confused the bots they're.

Just like wait a second they accidentally like reversed it some engineers like crap, we went from negative to positive. How could we or maybe maybe it's just a real person? Uh, let's see? Oh, what is this looking good, 60 or even 40 pleasure having you uh? Who is this guy all right, i'm looking at this twitter, oh the empire state building thing. I did see a little bit of a funny exchange between the empire state building and dave portnoy at barstool uh. I guess he lost one of his workers to it to work at the empire state building, um, i'm not seeing anything on antonio's twitter about the bots.

Maybe i need to look into that a bit more, but hey amc is ripping ripping ripping we're closing in on 34. uh. The big level at this point, i would say, is more so 36. uh wish.

I could hit a movie this weekend. Aka theatrical manipulation, but there is no amc near me. Sounds like a road trip. Uh coach, coors, very real football.

Bat frederick. You garner, keep it up! Thank you for that super emote. What do you think about blackberry? There are rumors that reddit traders will focus their attention on blackberry after the squeeze. If amc is over uh, that's a big.

If, for now i think it's simple, let's i mean i'm still focused on a i'm, not focusing on another short squeeze play. Obviously, i'm talking about other plays, i think roblox is at a good position. I don't like hood, i think, there's money to be made on puts um, but in terms honestly, if i'm focusing on a short squeeze, i'm tapped out on amc and jimmy there's other things. Um, i'm not just going to go around and hunting for short squeeze short squeeze short squeeze, because this is a very much a massive massive rarity of what's going on right now, um, so i don't uh.

Who is this young orange? That's a great question. What's next it might be in the crypto world i mean cardano is cooking, aetherium is cooking, it could be doge, it could be another stock, it could be a future, it could be an options play. I don't know, but all i know is i'm gon na be here day in day out trying to be on the next thing, so i can express it to all of you, so we can make more money and then also we can continue to fight for what We should be fighting for in the market and i'll sit here, and i don't know, i guess, teach you as much as i can possibly teach you uh. Would you exercise a 115 amc option for january 28th? 21? Why or why not also sos thoughts, um sos? I do like ryan and mara better, but better than all those i like playing crypto directly, i'm not the biggest fan of playing these crypto miners uh, a dollar fifteen amc options for january 28.

2021.. Well, if you want the stock and you're already way, super super deep in the money uh. It doesn't really matter when you exercise, because you already know you're gon na exercise you're only paying at the strike price you're not paying at the current value of the stock. Amc is cruising right now, folks, it is cruising 34 uh i mean at this point.

My next watch is legitimately all the way up at 36., highly on highly on highly on highly on hi leon. Can you explain buying a put thinking about doing it on hood? Do i need to own stock on hood um? Okay, first of all, you don't need to own it uh you could own! You could just without having the underlying stock you're allowed to just buy a straight up, call or buy a straight up put buying a call. Is a bullish bet buying a put, is a bearish bet. Um a call is the right to buy a hundred shares at a certain price.

So right now, if you buy an amc call at 34 and it shoots up to 38, it doesn't matter because you're in a contract to buy that 34., a put is the right to sell the stock 100 shares of it per put contract at whatever price. So right now, if you do it on robinhood, if let's say you do it at 47 and it drops to 40., even though it's trading at 40, you have the right to sell it at 47.. So the way you would profit is the fact that it's at 40 you'd be mechanically. Think of it.

This way you could buy it right at 40 and then you know you have the right to sell that 47 profiting that seven dollars. That's the mechanism, you don't actually have to go, buy the share. I'm just trying to explain logically why you would be in profit buying a call is a bullish bet. Buying a put is a bearish bet and you don't have to have the underlying stock.

All you have to have is the money in your account to afford the premium, for both of those day of my daughter's life was spent in the nicu. Those were some hard days, i'm proud of you apes. Thank you for setting it up. Coach pure proud ape and dad shout out blake shout out shout out sorry.

I was outside working on my truck. Did you hear that the nscc increasing margin requirements by 25x? If you guys talk about it, then apologies? No, we haven't talked about it, but um. I'm a little hesitant to really, i guess, pump up any of these nscc things, because we've seen a whole host of these rules get passed and then the next day nothing really happens with amc or gme. So i don't want to be the person who's like setting up expectations and then like if they're not met uh, i like to keep it conservative and grounded uh.

I went 893 miles to get an amc for my totally real wife. It was for her to see her family me. Definitely for amc. Just a small town boy shout out shout out what, if every ape, goes and buys an amc gift card for the next gift purchase would give amc a flood of cash yeah, but think about how much like i mean their debt.

That's due they'll make more money as a company from the stock going up rather than um, buying gift cards, because i believe the debt that they have due in 2026 is in the realm of five billion dollars. That's a lot. A lot of gift cards uh five billion - i mean there's four million people in it, so what we would all have to buy like 125 worth i mean if every single ape out there bought 125 yeah. I mean, i guess the money adds up, but i don't think every single ape has 125 to spare on a gift card.

I mean some people have five shares of amc and that's what they can afford. That's where they're at in their life. So we have to remember that some of us aren't in very very different situations. Um.

For me, i have a couple. I have a few thousand shares of amc and thousands of shares of amc and, for me, that's a lot of money for some people on this planet. That's absolutely nothing and then for other people, even within the community, that's like exponentially more than they can afford. We're all we all just have different backgrounds like um.

For me, i have thousands of shares of amc like and like i said, if there's a whole paradigm of where we're at with our own financial situations, uh big a hasn't, sold any shares in 5.5 years. In amc, but robin hood, ceo sold the first week uh, that's crap, you dropper your pockets. By the way, oh brother, you dropper your pockets by the way dropper your pocket. What does that mean? Are shorts drying up, because this run on amc? Michael? What do you mean by drying up? We know that there's more shares on loan, so there could be more shorts today.

So i don't think the shorts are drying up um. The way i think it's best to buy the stock when it's weakened because you're getting it on a discount. That's probably how shorts are looking at it, the higher the go. They think they if they'll view it to be a better short.

They would rather short it at a higher value than a lower value. If you don't have access to after hours, chases is it possible. I could miss a squeeze and first start covering no uh. The squeeze is not gon na only solely occur in extended hours trading.

Please do not worry about that. Why did you get into investing? This is a good question, so i placed my first trade in 10th or 11th grade of high school and i always just had a knack for numbers. I was always uh the aspect of school. I liked was math, not really english, not history, not any of that, like i was a math person.

I i still am a math person. That's why i'm always so about like data and being factually right, because my brain is wired in that way of black and white. What is right, what is wrong, what do the numbers actually say? Um, i'm a computer scientist. I was working before the world went belly up.

I was getting a master's in statistics. My background is numbers, so i think, and i've known that for a while, like i remember learning what an engineer was in second or third grade and in second or third grade i was like. Oh, i should probably become an engineer, so i've just always been into numbers, and then i knew about the stock market. My grandparents were invested in my parents, but they didn't actively trade.

They just had like retirement accounts and at some point along the line, someone explained what the stock market was to me. So in high school i don't know from like summer jobs or something you get like 500 or a thousand dollars, and i was like oh, i should probably learn about this and i, like begged, my parents to do it and since they had an account, it wasn't Like i didn't have to beg, they were like oh okay, and then i told them that i wanted to buy this like very obscure penny stock, that when i read like two sentences about it online, i was like. Oh, it's gon na be redoing the entire internet infrastructure in the middle east, this company's going to explode and my parents were like i don't know, we've heard bad things about penny stocks. We don't think you should trade them and i was like shut up.


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