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Ape nation: earnings day dumb money ep 29 amc, gme crypto pop – Matt Kohrs

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Ape Nation: EARNINGS DAY ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€
Dumb Money Ep. 29 AMC, GME & Crypto Pop
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Oh man, what an earnings day we have for ourselves right now, what in earnings day ahead, amc currently trading at 33, 89, 33, 91, amc in the green, green, green, green, green gme. Also in the green uh. I was in discord earlier today and we were talking about sprt. We were talking about roblox all for the things you see on the screen right now.

I'm abnormally excited about all of them. Hello, hello, hello, folks, hello, hello, hello did i ever do this right um! I don't know if i did. Let me double check this all right. I think we have it going.

I think we have it going still getting used to like kind of this dual setup, but i think we are a okay, i think so. At least this one says waiting for stream recording in progress. Oh look at that. Well, would you look at that? We are good to go good to go good to go folks, i'm just so excited about.

Today i mean it's all coming together, we're seeing green across the board. Let me give you a quick, really quick rundown of what's going on. Um amc, it's up, 3.5 percent on the day. Gme is up.

7.2 percent. Support.Com is up. 12 percent roblox is up 8. We are seeing green, green, green, green, green.

I like it, i like it. I like it. I like it um, like i said i was in discord earlier today. We were talking about a little bit about support.com, shout out to true demon and the remainder of the team in discord over there who's, like kind of uncovering some very interesting analysis sharing some interesting opinions on this stock.

For me, personally from a technical level, it comes down to how will sprt, i guess, react to eight dollars and thirty cents. It's that simple, i'm looking for the breakout of eight thirty. Just so you guys know. I am actually on all four of the things you see on the screen right now.

I am long on all of them. I have a long position. I just want to be completely completely transparent. I am long on all four things.

You see amc jimmy sprt rblx. I am long on all of them, so with this one it's a little bit different of i i guess the thesis for it. It is a low float stock, which kind of makes it an interesting high volatility play and then there's some other things going on. It does have a considerable short interest um, but uh.

It could lead to something, i'm not quite sure. Obviously i can't guarantee squat uh this thesis and this theory is not my own. It's definitely from the remainder of the moon gang discord of. Why they're pretty excited about it, and i trusted a lot of those people out there, so i'm personally excited to see how sprt really uh plays off roblox.

We were talking about that as well. What i like about this one i mean roblox, there's a lot of things that could be said, but i think it's hang on. Let me just show you something. Let me extend this to the right.

What i like so much about roblox we had an official. This is the daily trend on rblx downward downward downward. It broke out, reaffirmed it, and now it's fighting back. The perfect point probably to get in was around 82.

I got in during the midday session today, so i was a little bit late off by two dollars, but i want to make this clear this, for me, is in no way a short twit trade or like even like a shorter swing, trade there's a good chance. I hold roblox now for a couple years, so i'm gearing up for this to be a um, probably closer to a multi-year long-term trade for those of you who don't want to be in it for that long, obviously we're looking for it to hold 84.85 and then I would say the next test is 90 and then, after that i would watch 94.50, but for those of you who haven't heard of it, this is a a gaming based company that has overtaken the minds of probably the us and the global youth right now. This is highly highly addictive uh, it's just gaming like the way when a lot of us were growing up. You have playstation xbox atari pc games like we all go through that phase, but what i think specifically interesting about roblox is before this, the gaming community.

It did really really well at tapping into uh, basically, the male population - boys, men, whatever um, and there were obviously females who gamed and played - and that was cool and everything, but it seems like roblox their value. Their value proposition is they've done exceedingly well at getting boys and girls to play which, right there, that's doubling up your potential audience. So for me, it's a strong, fundamental company. It seems to be growing.

It seems to be wildly popular. So, for that i i was waiting and waiting and waiting for me to finally get in a point where i could get out and, like i said i was a little late. I would have liked to be in somewhere between 78 and 82. Instead, i got my fill closer to 84.

um, that's okay, because i i think two dollars off either. My longer term call is going to be very right. Very wrong. Two dollars is not going to make the difference uh, so that's how that one's playing out a little bit of a different theory than sprt, but overall uh.

What i'm seeing across the board makes me smile makes me incredibly incredibly smile, um, someone dkng. How is dkng? Looking, i guess roblox is the one: that's not really moving that much right now, dkng all right, and then we have let's go to the five so draftkings coming back around. If you are in draftkings watch 5230 uh, that's going to be more of a noteworthy breakout! Point 50 to 30. right about here and it's getting close is that 50 20., so on draftkings uh.

The reason people are talking about draftkings today is because of the acquisition of golden nugget online gaming, g-nog uh. So i mean i've said this multiple times. There's a few sectors that i'm specifically bullish on and online sports betting is one of them, obviously draftkings and g-nog, and uh they're now going to be together. Another one that would be in that scenario is penn national gaming.

They own barstool. I know fuburu is trying to get into it. They bought another gambling website, uh the streaming fubu service uh, so it seems like they're trying to get into online sports gambling more specifically, but overall, very bullish on that industry. Other industries, if you're, just curious of what i'm like actively watching as an industry in general, ev electric vehicles as the technology progresses.

I do believe that all those vehicles will hit a price parity with common gasoline diesel vehicles. So i'm excited to see how those take off i'm pretty bullish on the esports industry. It's already a multi-billion dollar industry, but what's impressive about it, is it's not only growing, but it's growing faster and faster year over year, um lots of money going on in the esports world. So there's going to be certain companies that i think capitalize on it exceptionally.

Well and the other one that's a little bit more of a risk, i would say, is the marijuana industry and that one, i think it's gon na take off, but it's really hard to predict when and that's just because i mean honestly folks, it's just political based. I mean you never know what states what the federal government's going to say so in the u.s. I do think one day it'll be completely federally, legalized, legalized in every state. It's just a question of when so i'm not necessarily going to hold my breath on it, but i think at some point all those industries i just named.

If we're talking about online sports, gambling, marijuana, ev and then esports, i my thesis is for the remainder of this decade for all those to continue to grow. So it's more of like a decade-long thesis of what's going on there uh golden nugget gaming, crazy home, run today going to be a buy moving forward as well uh, not necessarily because it's jumped today very much related to its acquisitions by draftking. So if you were already in it awesome, but i don't know if there's much of a there might be a thesis - maybe i'm just not aware of it - of like it's continued run, because it was an acquisition play matt your thoughts on work x. It's about to squeeze supposedly 75 shorted great entry point now work x, i saw the chart and it feeled it like uh.

It was feeling a bit chasey to me, oops yeah. I mean we looked at this earlier today. It's just it's a huge runner. The point to get in was more around 225 250..

Today i mean that could have been it. It could have just been rejected right here. I don't know, i know, there's a gap under it. I wouldn't touch this one um out of the ones i see on the screen right now.

Actually work x is my least favorite. I would say uh. It just feels like you're late to the party. Is there news for dividends? No and i um, if i had to bet, i don't think that amc will be announcing dividends, it's very uncommon for a company with debt, especially as much debt as amc has to give away a uh dividend said: keenan grace is on pain.

Uh. Are you gon na stream it i did not know, i will here hang on. Let me try to get that off found for all of you. I didn't know that he was on.

Let me see, let me see all right. Do we know what is there like? A time does anyone know a time. Let me see if i can. Let me go to twitter, usually there's a little bit more information right there that i could find.

What do we have? What do we have uh? Usually charles tweets, this out charles payne, all right. What do we have here? The amc squeeze earnings all right. Let me just go right over making money. Charles payne, i don't want to miss this.

Let me just double check that the audio should be right, good, good good, if it ever loads watch tv, i'm trying to get us there, i'm close, i'm close, i'm close all right uh. All right is this. Ever gon na looks like it's a bit slow today. Slow today, all right, uh they're talking about gold at the moment, all right would we have been playing roblox since i was 10 years old back in 2010.

I've done nothing but exponentially growth, since i'm long and extremely bullish, uh, coffee and trains. I it's hard for me to disagree with you on that one um i like i said i'm. I have a pizza, i'm long on all of these right here uh. What else do we have to do any questions does? Does anyone know the time that keenan's supposed to be coming on? Let me get this.

We have. Why is this not coming over folks all right, they're talking about some semiconductor stuff right now, all right, so we have it up when it's ready to go when it comes on. Obviously we will be uh supporting him all right. I know there's no volume right now.

I'm just waiting for it to come on and when he's talking about earnings, oh that's abnormally loud abnormally, loud um, but did anyone get a time i mean it's past 2 p.m. We're already 12 minutes and i'm just curious. If anyone heard a specific time, rb lx, roblox yeah - i mean it's big movement was this morning: man, what a time to get in 78, i'm jealous double bottom off of 84., good stuff, good stuff and hey amc. This is what we were talking about it holding above 33.50.

Let me zoom in. Let me hold on all right. There we go there. We go they're talking about the infrastructure package right now of it getting past.

Uh draftkings looks like it's having some sort of intraday breakout right now, so, if you're into online gambling sports betting, i haven't come out here since february. Should i keep it going or time for a trim y'all? What do you think clubfoot billy? You got to keep it rocking at this point. You might as well just go uh for a full year or something all right. You're talking about ortex people want the ortex all right.

We have this and i'll move this over here. I'm gon na listen to it through my headphones. Just so everyone knows so we're not gon na miss it as they like go over to ads right now, annoying ads all right, so amc, a net return of almost a million short interest of 16.13 percent and then gamestop a return of 20 000. So pretty much net neutral short interest of 12.5 percent.

You see trufy coin, they got a grant or something i haven't heard anything a about. True fi coin. Excuse me folks, my apologies, i know kelly ripa would never do that she'd be better. She would be better.

All right, what do we have going on? Why is this moving at a snail's pace? We don't need that. We don't need this right. We have all right. Charles payne.

Did he have a time nope, meaning grace? Did he tweet out 14 hours 14 hours yeah? So i'm not seeing a time quite yet, so i guess we'll just have to listen and find it, but let me know in chat if you like, you heard a specific time, because obviously it could be any time from now for the next. Like 45 minutes yeah, i saw that the order shows keenan first but um. Does that mean we already missed him? Uh 60 6800 watching we go 6969. We could do that in like oh, if you haven't already i'd appreciate it.

If you could drop that like drop, that subscribe, um helps out with the algorithm completely free. I appreciate it. Thoughts on work x, uh, freedom, uh, i'm not the biggest fan of it. It feels chasey all right man, i'm so excited, don't forget! Amc earnings! Webcast is tonight i will be streaming it uh just so everyone knows whatever you're listening to on right now i will be streaming it on that.

It starts at 4, 5 p.m. Eastern 5 p.m. Central time so about an hour after the market closes they'll, be doing the webcast and we'll be streaming it. We could listen to it together.

I am definitely excited for that, one speaking of which, where is my. I just want to make sure i get a spot in the webcast and it looks like we're still good. Join the webcast: hey, okay, sweet yep, 4 p.m. Central 5 pm eastern, please log.

In a few minutes. Before the start of the event, we will be live streaming it listening to it. I'm excited to see how they respond to the questions. They're, i'm sure they're going to bring other things up about their guidance.

I'm sure they're going to be talking about new, theatrical releases. I believe venom 2 is coming out top gun too there's a actually a handful of other marvel movies. Coming out, it's exciting, exciting speaking of ev batteries. A few days ago.

I super chat. You want to see mvst break 12 check it out today, mvs mvst, all right! This is the right one. Oh look at that! That's nice yeah! I know that's a good break of 12. uh.

Actually, it's a double breakout kind of i mean at this point. I would say the next stop is somewhere between 14 and 14 30 and then, after that, you're watching 15 25, which is that the all-time high? No, no, no you're, not 15 25, then 59 yeah. I would just keep watching all the previous peaks, but for now i it looks like the next stop is going to be 14 um just to be clear, like i don't have a position on it. Mvst like i am playing the ev sector.

I suppose in other ways uh, but no i'm liking it - that that's good. I mean look for the follow through all the way back up to 14.. We should probably do a quick check on crypto so right now i have the two hour chart up for all of these bitcoin looking good 46 000 ethereum, 3150 cardano, almost a dollar fifty looking for gartno to break a dollar fifty and move from there and doge At 26 cents, probably looking to make uh a move back up to somewhere between 2829 overall crypto, looking good good, good good folks, uh, i'm happy with my crypto holdings, i'm not really actively trading it. I think it's important for me to distinguish between the ones i'm in it for like a day trade or a swing trade really when it comes to crypto longer term hold even right now, roblox longer term hold.

I want to see this thing come all the way back up to 104 at a minimum, really i'm looking for it to be in it. For the longer term, i mean look at our rocket ship working amc. Looking good, we are just developing a wedge all day. We're looking for the breakout above the lower 34s, and i think from there we're going to be talking about 36 gamestop, also looking good 164 intraday high 165.

This is showing some strength. I want to see 168 and then that'll be followed by 175, but the magnets are working. The rocket is working, we're working work and working everything's filing ooh. Look at this all right.

That is definitely not keenan. Yo yo, yo, hello, hello, hello! All right! I just want to make sure we're all working over here, so i've heard good things about matic. I don't have manic, but i've heard good things uh. Just please understand that with crypto, like with many stocks, there's a lot of stocks out there.

That are great. I just happen to not have a position in them and i think the same will hold true honestly with crypto there's a lot of great cryptos out there, but it's not like. I have a infinite amount of money. Like i get it, i get it.

I i understand that the conception out there is that i've mastered the super chat game. I get it super chat, matt um. Unfortunately, though i do not have the unlimited wealth that social media would make, you believe i have uh. If i did i'd be in a lot a lot more stuff, but for right now, until i go into my full evolution of super chat, matt, i'm gon na have to like just miss out on some plays that i know i want to be in, and i Just don't have the capital to execute on it, but that's just part of the game.

Uh someone's saying keenan, grace 245 is that confirmed for 245. I kinda want to change my super. My twitter name to super chat. Matt i've been thinking about it.

He said he'd be on the show. I do. Okay, uh, have you heard of x air thoughts earnings tomorrow? I have not but remember with earnings, it's going to be a uh flip of the coin. Either they're going to beat wall street expectations or they're going to miss on wall street expectations, um keenan got his oven mints.

I'm excited, i mean i love the guy's energy. I really do so um. I'm gon na be excited to watch this. I guess some people are saying 245, i'm listening matt overnights at wendy's.

I surely do nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with that man draftkings looking good. It did get this if it can hold 50 to 30. I think it just keeps up going up, for.

I guess power power hour and then also power hour. What's that 245, it sounds like another um member of the ape nation community keenan grace it sounds like he'll, be on with charles payne making money, but hey um, we're more and more people that hear our story. The better for us i mean that the name of the game is getting the voice. Uh, the storyline, the narrative of ape nation out there uh do you still have your august puts against hood.

I'm surprised this isn't crashing right now, um, remember i sold half uh. So when it had that really bad day, the next morning, i locked in half for over slightly over 100 gain. So the way that works for options is that basically means that it's a riskless trade, the worst case scenario right now for my robin hood - puts i'm betting against the stock. Is that i break even uh? Those are dated for august 20th, i own the 50s.

So whatever i make on the second half, it's pure profit. Once again, i love doing that when you have a running options position, i love to lock in half for 100 game, because that covers your entire premium and then the worst case scenario. If you like completely mess it up is just break. Even so i love it and that's what i'm doing right now, i'm just swinging the other half and looking for it because i just i don't think that it's going to hold up.

I really don't i really don't uh. No, i am super chat. Matt, and so is my wife's boyfriend willing grace all right. Let's get back onto amc here all right.

What else do we have going? Actually, what i wanted to check out was tibbly ho ho tibbly. Oh ho, what else do we have uh? Let's see if they have any any interesting data coming in all right? Those are all bit small. I look for bigger numbers yeah. I don't really like any of those.

Don't really meet my basic criteria, but once again, this is just all my own style atus. What's going on with atus that so many people are betting against it atus. Why do people not like atus? It is in the consumer services, cable satellite, even though it looks like crap, it's the opposite of chasing a runner, you're chasing a faller. I mean the rsi is already so far over extended and like we have some support, i mean it does look super weak.

I just don't want to bet more against it because, like i feel like i missed the party, it does cut both ways. So, even though it looks like crap - and it probably will keep going down - it's not my play just because man, it's like the rsi, has already so blown out. This previous resistance can act as support, so i just the risk reward, isn't there and it goes for both ways: runners or followers. You don't want to be the one who is chasing, so i'm not really uh the fan of that, and also with tiblio, which is our options picker tib lio.

It is in the description if you want to check out the website um, it's more of like hey. These are worthwhile to check out it's not necessarily saying to take all of those plays and right there. I just did a quick look at at least what's going on right now, around 2 30 p.m. On what august 9th just not seen uh many that i absolutely love, but they are selling saying to sell the 449 by the 450 for august 30th, uh ooh! This is interesting right here.

This particular play s. P 500 september 7th 454 sell the 454 by the 455 max returns, 17 percentage chance of profitability. 85. 454 455..

I kind of like that play not a bad play. Honestly. I'd have to look at and then they're also talking about eqix. What's going on with eqix eqix, what does this stock do? A technology surfaces, data processing, um whoa, hang on.

I think i love this play. Oh yeah! No! No! I love this play. Okay, okay, okay! This is awesome. Um september 17th sell the 870 call by the 880 call 17 max return.

85 percent. 770. 780. Why do i like it? Well, it has obvious resistance right here at 840 and now we see bearish divergence in the rsi.

If anything, it looks like it's about to take a breather and even if it doesn't you're betting on this number, all the way up here, um i like this play. I really like selling the 870 buying the 880 uh to get 166 dollars per credit time that you do it interesting. I think that's out of the ones we just ran through on tiblio. I think that's the best play is this.

Particular credit spread your return. Yes, it is cap, but so is your risk you're risking 834 to make 166 with an 85 chance of making some sort of money um. That is a bit of a bigger bet. I get that um.

I also like this call one. So if you want to not do that, you can take something: that's roughly a tenth of the size, the spy like literally almost perfectly a tenth of it, so that kind of works out there um i like it, i like it. I, like it yeah better than the bowl and the bare squeezes that we're seeing on the chart today. I just wanted to give that quick, tibia update of, if there's anything interesting there once again, eqix and spy.

Both of them do look pretty right for some call credit spreads. Someone says keenan is up next, oh, what do we have going on here? Let me do a reload of the page to see what's going on with these ads, don't want to miss some come on. Come on come on all right, not keenan, yet pretty sure this is not keon. In fact, it's senator hagerty senator hagerty appears as if he's against the infrastructure deal all right, sprt, taking a hit from 805 down to 762 amc at 33.80, love that at holding above 33.50 and then gme is also looking strong at 164..

We're looking good going into power hour, we're about 30 minutes out from power hour excited excited excited on this one. Let me make sure that i'm here shout out looks like we have everyone here shout out to the new people on rumble. Just so you know um. If you missed the morning stream, uh i've gone out of my way.

I want to start multi-streaming to various places at once. As of now, we figured it out where we can live stream to both youtube and rumble simultaneously, and that's actually what's going on right now. Um, i tweeted it out if you want to find the rumble link. It is on my twitter, where is my own twitter right here? If you want to see what rumble's all about? Basically it's a competitor to youtube uh, but it's right here.

If you want to see this and then obviously this is the youtube link, but this is the current stream talk about inception, the stream that we're talking about the link to said stream. Here's the youtube one: here's the aroma one! If you want to see what that is all about, this is my twitter. Matt underscore course that guy's a little too soft spoken sprtsupport.com is looking a little bit snappy moving around by 15 cents, like it's, nothing on a smaller time frame, a little bit of volatility. There draftkings holding above 50 to 30., that's important, that's an intraday breakout level, i'm looking for that continuation and specifically where i think the continuation will go to.

Where do we think it's going to go to? I suppose 53 at this point hang on. There has to be a better. There is no there isn't it's 53 53, i would say, is the next reasonable. Actually, 53 is incredibly important resistance resistance support back in here in june uh, so after 53.

I would then be watching closer to 55. So if you are paying attention to draftkings closely watch 53 you're looking for that breakout, remember that there is a fundamental driver right now they did just acquire golden nugget online gaming, gnog and it it was like a 1.5 plus billion dollar deal and, let's see how That's 50 gain. Look at that huge, huge huge. This is all because of the acquisition.

I don't think this is a like a momentum play where it's going to run another 50 30 60 tomorrow. This is, it got quickly priced in when they realized how much draft kings said the company was worth and then it quickly shot up to make the market cap also worth that. If we look over here right here, i was saying it was like a 1.5 billion dollar deal, so maybe it has a little bit more room to run another. I don't know 0.05, but it quickly market cap quickly adjusts when you do an acquisition to the acquisition value because right there that's like such an easy arbitrage opportunity and that's exactly what you're seeing in g-nog.

I don't think it's going to really run past. The 1.5 million billion mark sorry billion with a b, because that's how much draft kings agreed it's actually worth uh. So just so you know what's going on g-nog, i would i'm not gon na chase it. I think it's silly uh but draftkings coming back around kind of got beat up this morning, nice bounce off of 51 pushing 52.50.

I think it is legitimately going to run to 53 and then that's the point to really watch to see how it reacts. But we are looking for the fourth test of amc at 34 10.. One two three: it looks like we're gearing up for test numero quattro 3410 right here, uh could get exciting, could get exciting. Uh amc, honestly everything you see on the chart right now: amc, gme, sprt, dk, ng, uh, pretty bullish on them.

Uh. Can you livestream on twitter? I will dm you on twitter, how to do it um, i'm not the biggest fan of like live streams on twitter, like it's just not really at all known to for that type of a thing for twitter. I like to do that more for just like the updates that people can refer back to. If i were to add in another platform, it would probably be simultaneously doing it on twitch, but even with that, i like twitch, for more of i don't know more of like relax like mess around type things uh.

So right now, i feel comfortable with this. The macquarie's youtube channel, the backup youtube channel matt course clips and then also now we're on a whole nother platform, just in case youtube in general, decides to hate me we're also on rumble, which i did say that i uh had tweeted out just so. Everyone knows, but it's fun, i like it, it's exciting. It feels like um, it's always fun to like grow something else and see the progress of it uh and it's nice to feel like a little bit more safe as a content creator, because i did lose this youtube channel twice already.

So it's kind of nice to have multiple things going on after the squeeze. We need to push the sec for reform on useless agency. I mean, i think, that's what we should be pushing for now, not necessarily after the squeeze like, i think like the time for reform is yesterday. I don't think we're gon na like actively like wait on anything i'd prefer that it just happens now.

Uh explain how you make profit put with hood an example also why you bought it uh put at 50 for us trying to get better at options um. So for yeah. I could give you a quick rundown, but uh cool cool cool, ass, larry larry. I would highly recommend on my channel there's a playlist called training options check that playlist out completely free videos just gives you a quick rundown of what calls are what puts are, but just you know, there's two types of options.

A call is the right to buy a hundred shares and a put is the right to sell 100 shares. So when you buy a put you're betting on the stock going down, for example, i bought a put on robinhood at 50.. So if it drops to below 50, it doesn't matter what it's at, because someone else engaged in that contract with me that they're willing to sell at 50 um, even though it's trading later so like, i would be able to buy it whatever the market is at The current level, like let's say it's trading at 45. - i could buy there and even though it's trading at 45, i'm in a contract contractual agreement that someone else in this world, whoever sold me that contract has to take delivery at 50 uh.

Even though it's not trading there, because that's what a contract is, you have to follow through on it um so right there, you would make a five dollar profit per one um. So if you buy a put you're betting on the stock going down, if you buy a call, you're betting on the stock, going up uh, just for like a really quick, layman's terms, general overview. If you want to know a little bit more of the detailed nitty gritty, i would highly highly recommend checking out that playlist on this channel on the youtube channel. By the way super chat.

Won't, let me say, super chat, stupid testing, won't. Let me uh a b self-aware. Lo, what's going on burns, shout out shout out all right, i want to make sure we're still good on the webcast. We're are we still listening to ads here? This is like the longest amount of ads come on come on come on come on.

We want to listen to our boy, mr grace, if this loads, like there's just generically some internet issues going on, come on, come on, come on, come on all right, we're still waiting on that. I know there's no audio quite yet. I will uh turn the audio on when we uh get to the important part ooh ahmc. Ah, here we go here.

We go test number quattro test, number quattro. Folks we got ta get into it, got ta get into it. We got ta help it out all right. You guys know what it means we got.

Ta break out the duck ban, we're going to battle here. Let's get out, all we see ahead of us is green folks in the future, pure pure green. You got ta, get out your green glasses man, i don't get it. They like can play six thousand ads and i play like one sponsorship for a small business and people like have a freaking hernia about it.

How could you oh, could you matthew, hey matt? I sent you a dm on twitter. Let me know what you think: boy, nick flair, okay, i'll check that out nick uh i'll try to check those out after um. I guess in between this stream and the earnings call stream uh. Is there a similar site in the uk i can buy direct stocks on like training view or weeble, not etoro, free trade um, the other one i hear in the uk of and please someone from the uk correct me if i'm wrong it sounds like revolut.

Is the other main one? I believe i believe i believe i believe s i c rose 10 to 1475. Overnight has been straight line 1475 all day. Let's say it's merging with another company is that is this something to avoid it doesn't sound like there's going to be really much more movement once the value is already like. I guess priced in u.s government design for failure uh-huh.

I think we're all we're all on board with that one we'll get draftkings uh coming back up to that 53 target. We were just mentioning all right, all right, 53, next target on draftkings. Oh, we know carol. Roth, hang on! Let's listen to this, hang on! Oh! Why is the volume not working? Definitely the right issue, just the wrong set of solutions? I mean obviously our government right.

This is unfortunately max volume. We had carol roth on our show, shout out she's awesome to the federal government to the point where it is too big to succeed, and if you look at federal spending, uh and state and local spending before covid, let alone all of this new spending. That's coming out of congress and the biden administration. If you look at the number of laws trying to figure out the sound, why it's so low i mean heck, we've got the cdc weighing in on economic policy.

Now you can make the argument that we are now in this hybrid, centrally planned or democratic socialist economy. We've created this frankenstein monster. If we do not stop the monster, it is going to completely. Does it sound good bad neutral, i'm trying to get it where it doesn't blow anyone's ears out, you know, can we stop the monster? You just mentioned the cdc, the white house.

President biden said he heard what the supreme court had to say they molded over and they went through with an extension of those moratoriums. Anyway, i mean: can the beast be stopped now at this point yeah i mean it's really scary, because obviously this was litigated by the supreme court. The supreme court said, you know, we can't extend this past the end of july and they went ahead and did it anyway and obviously there are new lawsuits that are popping up uh. But at some point, if we don't put people in place that actively scale back the government, i mean who knows we're going to have the treasury weighing in on fda approvals and patents and all these kinds of things.

Anyone just can just do anything because they're not following the constitution at all carol. Let me ask you uh uh, because i didn't even realize it, but on friday the administration pushed even further out when uh college students and colleagues have to be repaid. Uh senator burr uh of north carolina said it's going to cost you 20 yards, also on top of 76 billion already paid. What i don't get is: why are taxpayer dollars being used for the people who have the most jobs that make the most money all right? Draftkings is about 16 cents away from the first legitimate reason: resistance.

I want to see how it reacts to this um. That might be it who knows, but uh. I think it could get a bit closer gme for my listeners is that 163 45 and then amc's just below 34 after its fourth test of just above 34., so we're um, it's it's like kind of like an accordion or we're building up a bunch of pressure. Um the lows are getting higher and higher and higher and it keeps testing like right above 34, so i'm smelling a breakout on the horizon um, i'm i'm getting excited for it.

Uh very, very close. I mean we're at 33.96 right now uh. So i'm feeling very good roblox looking for it to get above 85.75 right next nope, all right, smiler all right. So it sounds like he's.

Uh keenan's in two different um, two different parts like it sounds like there's one about the federal reserve and then it sounds like we are coming back to keenan from there. I believe uh someone just said: victoria's secret going nuts. Is that a training company like? Does it is it publicly traded all right, roblox, looking good draftkings look we're just seeing green it's a great monday folks. It is a great great earnings, monday uh.

I hope earnings report takes us to 40 to 60.. I mean that would be phenomenal. I mean. Do you know if this thing gapped up above 50, how insane it would be tomorrow like it would go absolutely bonkers if we had some sort of crazy gap up like that, some sort of insane insane gap up? Did you know that kenny g is the third largest owner of republicans 47 million in 2020? That's why they voted no on finance committee investor practice and market transparency bills yeah.

So we were looking at that jada. It kind of cuts both ways because we saw other people some of the larger donors, also being democratic um. It does seem to cut both ways, but we were talking about that. Like he's, i think in his career, donated like 60, something million in total to republicans and then like 600 to democrats uh.

It was odd, like almost as if the 600 was like a pure mistake, um, but it does when it comes to who's being paid off. It truly is on both sides. Like i wouldn't sit here and say: hey look! This one political party is getting more than this. Other wall street is lining the pockets of many many government people across the board.

It is honestly that simple, i'm not saying here to say like one party's good and the other party is bad. No, it is the us government system um. I maybe i'm wrong, maybe i'm being pessimistic on this one thing um, but i i question of how many of them are truly in it for the betterment of our government, our society, the country, the world, opposed to just like their own power and their own desire To get more money on both sides, like i'm, not saying one side's more than the other, if you look into it republicans democrats being funded by wall street, it's that simple uh opinions on moderna and bntx jump today goodbye. It sounds like you're being a little bit.

Chasy, let me check those out mrna. This one's been on a crazy run. Lately like an absurd run and has another absurd run. I mean you're late to the party on it.

If you got into it way back when that's awesome, but this stock, you you don't chase it now. I mean it's coming off of two months ago, three months ago it was at 144, like that doesn't mean buy it at one 490. Now, that's just crazy. Um way, too much way too much of an insane movement, you're you're late to the party on this one, if you're in it congrats ride the trend.

The trend is your friend when you're in a huge movement like this. That's the time you keep kick back, get a nice cup of sangria um, a nice juicy box full of sangria and you just let it run run, run um. But when you're seeing it like that, i mean this. Is such a monstrous move? Wow the point to get in was actually right.

Here: 200 was the great buy. It was kind of breaking out broke out, came down, reaffirmed that the most recent good buy opportunity was june, 17th or right in here and then again, maybe in mid-july. But since then there hasn't really been a good opportunity. It's just been running, running, running, hey matt.

All right hang on. Am i missing this? Are we still just doing ads another day of ads? It's weird because, like when you get rid of those ads, it plays a different set of ads. I don't really know how all right come on all right, almost almost kanan, all right. What other questions we have when it's a boring day.

Can you give us a lesson on how to use the charts you show uh yeah for sure just so everyone knows. I want to be very, very clear about this. These charts are weeble, i like them for their charting and that's pretty much it. We know that weibo does engage in payment for order flow, and that's exactly why i pinned to the top of chat.

I have a better option, at least for us residents when you're trying to buy stock, that not only does not do payment for order flow, but also actively avoids market makers and sends your orders directly to lit exchanges. If you want to check that out, if you want to avoid market makers and specifically avoid payment for order flow pin to the top of chat um, this is weeble and if you're trading on weibull, that does involve payment for order flow. But i mean the one thing that public is really missing. Is such a nice ui like this is a very good ui.

Hence why i'm showing it to you, but that doesn't mean i'm necessarily training on it. I want to make that very, very clear. Are they talking yet nope, um, hey, matt uh? Have you set up a live stream amc's earnings later yet i want to share the link uh with my followers on public. I have not um, i'm gon na do that right when the market closes so basically uh.

One dare to move three one. Dare you to move three, i dare i dare you to move. Three, perhaps is your name um? I will be doing that in about 70 minutes as soon as the bell rings and we shut down this stream i'll, get it set up for the earnings call stream. Any thoughts on mos tip ranks them as their favorite by m o s mosaic mosaic mosaic.

I mean i don't know what it's doing, but it does look like it's about to have a breakout um. So it's a little bit chasey. But if this thing gets moving, i mean it can move up to 34 and then after 34 it can move up to 36.60. It looks like it is breaking out.

Finally, it was down trending sideways, and now it looks like it's reversing might be like a giant cup formation. My only issue with this is like, even if you're right, you're not going to be that right, like even if it were to run up to 38 you're, making six dollars a share, which is good, but is it worth risking four dollars a share? It's i think you could make money on it. I just think there might be better opportunity in the current market, but it does look nice. I just want to say nice spin, dana shout out steven uh trading view has great ui and also has free trading.

Well, that's actually, i i have that up here. My only issue with training view is sometimes it's behind. Um people were telling me it was more of like i need to pay for the real data and i've upgraded to the highest level possible on it, but it always seems to be like a little bit behind and not updating tick to tick. Uh.

That's my only issue with it, but i do have trading view and i have like the highest paid package, but i i think it's something i'm doing wrong of why i can't get basically the um highest level of tick to tick data that i want just because Right here you can see how how much more snappy it is basically uh. Now we have these ads oops did i click on the ad dios mio here. Let me get this back up, but you can see here that every single time a trade comes through, it's ch, it's like changing on every trade um. I i feel like there has to be a way to fix it on trading view uh.

I need to figure that out, but for now i mean that's kind of what's going on. Is this gon na load here come on fox different set of ads, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect amc, currently at 33.81 love it above 33.50 g me at 163.75, pushing 164. uh draftkings running up to my target of 53. After that, i think it was 56.

uh mos. Whatever the world in the world, this is uh. Looking good rblx still liking, rblx love to see it break out above 87. Today, though, let's get going, roblox uh, can you just admit, amc's a horrible play and go all in on jamie amc has been doing share offerings to pay executive bonuses, um no you're, actually wrong uh.

They have not been paid bonuses from the offering, like they've laid out what they use the money for um, and also just so. You know, gamestop has also been doing share offerings, so it sounds like you're just more of like a a pissy gamestop purist folks. Both can work together. You don't have to be like oh amc's it and jimmy's great or jimmy's it and amc sucks.

That's so silly! It's a childish mentality! Um if you like gamestop cool, go into gamestop um. But if you're telling me how to use my platform that, like what you want me to somehow pump gamestop, it sounds like you're saying and then not talk about other things. No, if i see opportunity in various stocks, i'm going to talk them, i see opportunity in amc. I see opportunity in gamestop.

I see opportunity in draftkings. I see opportunity in roblox i'm going to talk about it and what like you just like, do you even fact check yourself? They have been doing share, offers to pay for executive bonuses. No, no! Just no like it's just if you're gon na send money to say something like i guess what aggressive or just offensive to me. Could you just do a little bit of fact checking it's not like just do a little bit of fact, checking like where are you getting this from that's a idaho beef? That's a real real greg move right there uh.

Would it be good to use weeble for charts in public for a day, slash swing trading? No, no, sherlock, that's kind of what i've been uh like! That's how i think it's very reasonable to set it up um just so. You know, though, if you're an options trader you're good! Oh hang on your public's, not going to be your thing, a lot of you own that stock uh, the investing apes, in fact, looking for guns from amc and their ceo, adam aaron. Meanwhile, hedge funds they've begun to increase their short positions and, of course, there's always the naked shorts and those dark pulls. The stock's been drifting a little bit lower here, also suggesting maybe that some folks who have pledged to have diamond hands - maybe some of them, are blinking i'm going to bring in an investing youtuber keenan grace keenan.

You know i've watched a few of your videos and you start each one by saying this is not financial advice, but you do a ton of amazing due diligence. I love your passion. So what are you expecting from me to see from amc? What would you like to see from them after the close, so charles? I want to start this off by saying all the apes. I think i can speak for all of us and saying that we appreciate you using your voice and your platform for those who do not have a voice and those who do not have a platform in the light of trying to keep the market transparent.

For everybody involved, but now for amc with the upcoming earnings. Now we know that the narrative that is oftentimes played is that amc doesn't have great fundamentals, but what's interesting about amc right now, in light of the squeeze and all of the apes starting to back, it is now the fundamentals are starting to grow, even though this Is still not a fundamental play, most of us are playing it for a swing trade and the short squeeze, and then we look to invest into it later after the squeeze. So you know keenan, i was in the mall this weekend a woman stopped me. She was so excited, she told me her and her fiance are waiting for amc to get to 70 before they get married.

Now she acknowledged she knows the risk. It's like you just said. The folks who are in this understand the risk and reward. But how do you account for the loyalty to this company? So i think the loyalty to this company is like none that has been seen as of yet it's amazing and what i want to say to her is first of all, congratulations on the engagement and everything.

That's going on with that and all of us, the apes we are holding for you, every single one of us, we're holding for you and it may seem at times that people are having paper hands. They will call it and selling low. But what i want you to understand is in new light of new information. It is starting to look as if there is something called the odd lot theory that is being used with algorithmic trading.

What do i mean by that specifically? Just in short terms, it looks like the retail investors trades, who are often categorized as odd lots, are not necessarily being accounted for in the price action of the stock. So we have to be on the lookout and keep turning these rocks up and then finding out. What's under them, time and time again, we're holding for you yeah keep keep turning the rocks up, keep the pressure on, let's level the playing field, uh keenan, it was a pleasure meeting you. I really appreciate your youtube videos and we'll have you back on soon.

Thanks a lot, thank you, hey joining me now, wealth enhancements, you did a good job. Nicole, of course, you've been on. You've already said, you think. Amc is a classic bubble.

How impressed, though you got ta admit that you're somebody hang on hang on it's not over. Even though it's drifted, it's the number one percentage game 2021 absolutely, and i'm just wondering if i can go out for coffee with your previous guests, because i am absolutely amazed. I truly am. I mean i've been in the industry for too long, this new wave, this new thought process and the way that they're watching not the fundamentals, but instead this technical swing and their appetite for risk is really inspiring.

Well, i got ta tell you something. One thing i have learned about this so-called abe community is that they're beautiful people and i'm rooting for them. I don't i don't use the same, investing approach, but i don't, i don't think they're dumb money. I know they're not dumb money, and i really think that they're great people and i'm really tired of wall street dissing, the hell out of them, particularly the financial media.

You were right. You were talking about disney last time you were on as well uh all right now, they're talking to uh disney. I just want to know because she was still talking about amc, got the rise at a delta variant. Are you? Would you buy, sell or hold it? Uh going into the closing bell good stuff, good stuff, i think that was funny.

She was like i'd like to get a coffee with keenan see what it is, because it very much is a different style. It's a extremely extremely different style of investing and engaging with the stock market than has ever been seen before like right. Now, it's always about looking at the fundamentals and people um. They have an issue with that, because it's just against the status quo, the stock market, for so long has gone on of you find a company that you think is going to grow is fundamentally overvalued.

You invest in that and you hope you're right. This concept of trying to play something and finding value in the potential chance of a short squeeze um. It hasn't really been done before and it hasn't if it has been, it hasn't resonated at such a deeply human level with so so many people that um it's cool, like it, really is different uh. What now we're on the fifth test of 34 10, 34, 15.

uh, let's see if this one's the official breakout, we do have a nice volume. Spike 800 000 shares in that three minute time frame currently going on right now, uh still 800. 000. Let's see if this is it if time, five is the day we're just kicked off power hour, so we have 60 minutes to go for everyone to make their positions before the earnings call um.

Let's do this. Let's do this. There we go there. We go all right amc.

Are we going to be on the move? Folks. 34. 14.. I think that's the new intraday high.

Yes, it is uh off by like a couple cents. This is the fifth official test of the low 34's. I truly think, above this that's setting up the next test of 36. uh.

So, let's see, let's see if this fifth test holds draftkings, making its move to my next target of 53 right here, gme up eight percent hanging out at 164. roblox hanging out at 85. At nine percent, oh someone asked this um i'm trying to see. Oh, this is a good question, um and obviously not numbers or anything like that.

But i'm curious how many people in chat right now are actively adding aim, see more amc or maybe their first batch of amc to their portfolio before earnings today, like how many people are like hang on. I think this earnings is going to play out specifically well. So i want to buy like right before it. Let me know, i don't know just say just give drop a thumbs up in chat.

If that's something that uh you're you're planning on doing matt. Are you streaming earnings? I'm 100 streaming earnings 100 streaming earnings uh! I will be doing that uh we'll join it like. I don't know 10 15 minutes before so it happens at 5 pm eastern. So, like 15 minutes before we'll go live here, someone said i literally doubled my shares today.

That's awesome!.

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