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Moon gang, what is going on welcome, welcome, welcome what is this episode six now dumb money episode, 6 8 nation moon mission, not leaving hello, hello, hello, folks! I hope you had a good afternoon or wherever you are. I hope you had a good one um overall. Let's do a quick recap: uh then some things to talk about related to options and tiblio, and then at that point we'll answer some of your questions we'll go into power hour um overall, though, here's what we kind of missed in the midday session, pretty solid recovery On amc, we went from 37.15 up to 39.30 and it's currently trading at 38., let's see if he could base soon and make a leg up into power hour um in terms of gme, i mean these are two different stocks. I just want to clarify that look.

How scarily similar these are? You could overlay these stocks on each other and there would be such minut minuscule differences. I mean look at this five minute: five minute amc, gme, two different indices, two different sectors. The only commonality between these is the fact that there's a big retail support in terms of a short squeeze possibility, but look at them spiked and like they're, so insanely, similar insanely insanely, similar um. So, let's see what happens with this, we're looking for gme to recapture 180, then 185 for amc, we're looking forward to recapture 40 and then 42 in terms of iwm.

Coming back, we're looking for the breakout at 2, 19 30, roughly right around there pretty close, and then s p 500. The flying v formation uh, it went up it broke 435, which i was calling out. Yesterday came down reaffirmed this support at 433 and a half roughly and now we're back up here, looking for probably a breakout into close, but let's see how this one plays out, i'm hoping with some green in iwm and the s p. 500.

That's what we have here, let me type that back in that uh. That gives some enthusiasm into amc and gme, but overall, that's where we're standing at thus far on the day. Let's do a quick, a very, very, very quick or text check so for amc for gme all right, so amc net borrow of 1.21 million with a borrow of 5.82 million uh. It says right now.

The short interest is not announced. Obviously, there's some sort of bug going on with this. That would put it around if i'm recalling this morning with a more of an increase. The short interest is probably around 14.6 percent roughly, but it's saying not announced, so they must be having some sort of data issue and then for gamestop.

A net borrow of 158 000 short interest of 14.56. So that's: what's going on with amc, gme uh, let's see if there's any quickly any breaking news, most active equity options for midday amc makes it making the list. Okay. Okay, okay, we see you, we see you all right.

Amc calls. Look at this. Okay calls. 322.

000 - and it's representing 66, while puts - are 169 000 representing 34 percent, pretty interesting, interesting, interesting uh. What other news we have why amc's trading lower shares are trading lower, possibly amid continued profit, taking maybe from day traders, maybe for some institutions, but i don't think there's really that many apes taking profits right now. What else do we have? What else do we have to do gamestop to funnel reddit cash into store improvements? Okay, gotcha, gotcha, all right, so no like major breaking news or anything like that really um, but s p, 500, still continuing um! I mean at this point yesterday. I called that 435.

If it continues like this, i would watch 436 and then right after that, i'm calling for a test of the all-time high. So basically it goes 436 and then 438. So, let's see what type of contin like continuation, it can really follow through with um all right. Where are we we're seeing a bit of green, a bit of green nice, nice nice smp, looking strong iwm, hopefully can turn back around a little bit of green in gme a little bit of green and amc.

I like it as of now amc 3822 uh down 6.2 percent on the day, gme 179.48 uh just below this 180 level, down 3.4 on the day. Ah, he is out and doesn't seem like a real eight matt quiz is being a greg. Well, that's not nice! Um to clarify for everyone. No, i have not sold um.

That person is just a sad, a sad soul matt. I know you think i'm crazy, but it's true penguins are perverts. They make ron jeremy, look like mother teresa, oh okay, all right, uh, hashtag, i'm not leaving shout out. I believe this is the uh.

What's this, the tmi crew coming in hello, hello, hello, welcome. Welcome! Welcome! Welcome, welcome, welcome all right. We are swinging back around with iwm, let's see if we can get some sort of overall push right here. Let me bring this up and then, let's hop into some tiblio tiblio stuff tibliotibliotiblio.

Let me bring this up all right, so tiblio tib lio options, picker service. It is pinned in the description of this video, so two days ago we went over what a short credit spread is. Yesterday we went over with a short naked put. Is today we're going to go over a bowl squeeze and a bear squeeze just for a little bit teaching session of the day, so bull squeeze just so, you know the way they're getting this information is not only are they scanning the options data, but for like Abnormal spikes, but on top of that they're looking for some sort of fundamental driver, so a fundamental driver plus abnormal options bets.

Obviously a bull squeeze is all about. Buying calls and a bear squeeze is all about buying puts their recommendation is 30 days out and playing at the money. Of course, you could do what you want if you want to play shorter, if you want to play longer, if you want to go further out of the money for their in the money, if you want to agree with at the money, you can customize it to. However, it suits you obviously but um, that's their recommendation.

So if you are getting started with it, maybe it's easier to start with, like how they're saying it so basically a month out at the money and they're saying: hey, hang on we're seeing a lot of money being here for me personally and of course you can Tailor it to, however, you want, i like to see where the big money is. I want to know where the whale bets are today. It is lvs las vegas sands, a lot of money being bet on las vegas fans. Their recommendation would be the 47s, for i guess, august 13th.

So, let's see what's going on with lvs, i have not pulled up this chart yet i want to just see what's going on, i like it, i really like it. I really like it. I mean, i just think it's a beautiful reversion play. Look it we're right at this previous support.

The rsi is severely oversold to me it just. It really seems like it's a solid bounce opportunity and i would maybe think about some profits around 50. Maybe it's gon na touch this trend line, but to me it just seems like a good good good reversion bet, and honestly, i would probably just risk this low around 44 is how i would risk it, but overall it it's at technical support that we've seen previously From january the rsi is so blown out so oversold the odds of a bounce back are high and it looks like we have an earnings. Oh so people are loading in because of the earnings, so it looks like they had an earnings announcement yesterday.

That's probably what the fundamental driver was. So i like this, i don't know if this would be like a five star at a five star trade for me, but i do like it um. Let's look at another one, sprt sprt s-p-r-t a bit chasey to me. I do like how it broke out so if you're in it congrats, but the rsi is already kind of high, not my play, you might get a continuation.

I i just for me, i'm not the biggest chasing fan um and let's check out one more f e. First, energy burst energy whoa huge gap up. I don't like chasing gap ups, but honestly there might be a continuation into this overall upward channel that we have going on, maybe even tomorrow, seeing something above 40 possibility. So out of those, none of them were five out of five in my mind, but i did like las vegas sands, but overall, this is the bull squeeze finder their recommendation 30 days.

I mean any even here, they're telling you the expiration and the strike that they would personally recommend that doesn't mean you have to follow. You don't even have to trade options honestly, if you just wanted to buy the stock and be like hey. I like, what's going on with it: that's a okay too! Now, let's switch it up and let's talk about a bearish squeeze the exact opposite. This is basically looking for stocks that they think will plummet.

Uh same thing, 30 days out, um they're, going to give you the expiration they're going to give you the strike, and i do the same thing where i look for where the big money is not much of this is huge money, we'll look at the top three, But i mean this one's big go go but vad vod and akam. That's i don't really like i'd rather bigger money being at play, but let's check it out, go, go and then vaude and akam go go. Go, go so they're betting against it. It's okay! I guess i mean you could just risk 11.

I would risk this resistance, this resistance, if it's a if it breaks above, i would cut it and in terms of support like profit, i'd look for it to drop to 960., so it has a good risk reward setup. I suppose the other one is vaude. Now we've been talking about vaude, i believe we talked about this a week or two ago of getting puts on it and it's on the list again uh. So because of that, i don't really like it.

It did a gab fill it's already oversold, so i wouldn't redo it, but from when we first saw vaude about two weeks ago. It looks like it was a money maker and a k, a m so they're betting against this. Ah, i kind of agree with it. Um not the best play, but i do like this double rejection.

At 1 1950 rejection rejection. We are seeing severe severe bearish divergence in the rsi same price level, but way less bullish momentum than normal. So what i would be looking for is a break below 115 and with that being said, you could just risk 119 and maybe maybe take a little profits at 113. Maybe try 111, something like that: the risk to reward's a good setup.

The technicals are in your favor and your risk is well defined. So, in terms of puts i like this one, the best in terms of calls, i liked lvs the best, but keep in mind with both of those i wouldn't i wouldn't say either of them are like premier mega setups, but sometimes you're not going to get that In the market there's not every day in the market, you don't have to trade every day in the market. There's not always the best amazing setups. Sometimes there's no days, there's nothing to check out.

So that's like. Sometimes you just sit on your hands and that's just part of the game tomorrow we could go over, earnings plays covered calls and implied volatility. Actually covered calls probably deserves its own. I really like covered calls, so we should do a standalone thing on that, but once again this is tibio.

It's linked in the description of the video tib lio all right. How are we looking right now? Amc popping a little bit off of 38 38 25 jimmy popping off of 179 16 up to 179.60 spy. Continuing upwards. Remember my target on this one.

The next realistic target would be 36 and then, from there 38 iwm coming back around. As this continues to go upward, i would expect amc and jimmy to follow suit. Okay, so that's your quick update. Let me know if there's any questions.

Uh matt, i know you. Okay uh, someone just said someone got booted from tmi for that same text. What same text hedge funds are giant financial penguins buying and holding amc is like protecting baby wins from adult penguins. Approximately 72 percent of the volume today was dark, pool 11 of the volume in block trades and 89 in high frequency, trades 66 of total volume in high frequency trading for amc.

So the number i find surprising in that is the dark pool. 72 percent seems considerable. Um high frequency trading - just so you know, most volume traded in a day is high frequency trading, so that 66 percent. That seems to be on par with what i know like what i believe to be like normal day-to-day training um.

But the dark pool part seems to be abnormally high uh. I would very very much like to know where that volume's actually coming from and like why it's getting there um i mean. Obviously the trade is just getting executed there, so wait and what you said. 11 of the volume is block and 89 so 11 percent.

Why are high frequency traders actively trading this on a dark pool? We know that's, not retail um right there, like you, just said, factually that 89 percent of it is high frequency traders. So it's not payment for order flow going to a market maker and then getting passed off. The market makers today are not passing off their trades apparently. So that's interesting.

Why are hfts so active in dark pools today and in general? Why is so much of the volume taking place in dark bull and what i'm saying for general, because usually dark pools are about 50 to 60 percent kind of roughly with high frequency training, as well like in terms of overall volume on the day 60 to 70.. So it's interesting that both of those are pumped up today. High frequency trading is pumped up and so are dark pools in general, i'm assuming it's some sort of shenanigans. Someone just said: dark pool abuse.

I wouldn't i wouldn't be surprised because these not like why are they juiced on these stocks? Um seems interesting. I would. I would definitely agree with that today. I guess people in chat are saying: dark pool, abuse.

Matt can ping pools, be the issue. I'm hearing citadel connect and vertu do not have to report volume um. I don't know about that. It might be true.

I'd have to look into it. I would be surprised if they don't have to report volume, but once again i would have to look into that because usually volumes can be reported like in real time as things are happening, but i would have to look into that when it cam ping pools. I don't know what a ping pool is: um lots of greg's gregging it up today. Maybe members only kinky kong.

I appreciate that um. What is going on in chat? I don't know like it's just what's. Weird is just so you know it's i'm in between. It's not public chat, it's not membership.

It's subscriber chat, so these people being like pissy little peters, uh, just know that they're actually subscribed to me, like they've gone out of their way, to like add to my subscriber account. So that gives you a little bit of a um a little bit of an i look into their psychology as a human being uh c-i-d-m thoughts. I c-i-d-m m. What is c, i d m a whole bunch of nothing.

It's one thing: if you get a trendline breakout like we do, have this pretty obvious trend line. So if it breaks above that that could be interesting, but for now it's a patience play, i would argue on cidm waiting for that breakout if it were to occur. I came for the ortex update, but i'm staying for the farmer's market metaphors. I appreciate that i appreciate you.

Where am i folks? Oh my my telephone? No all right, um so back to the action here. What's going on, let's check out the options market on amc and gme so for tomorrow remember tomorrow's the friday: it is a weekly options expiration day where's, some of the big money at we have what's this 1.6 million shares that might have to be hedged for around 40: 1.6 million at 45, 2.4 million at 50 - a million at 55 interesting all right, so we've seen bigger numbers, but these are still sizable for sure. Um, let's see what's going on with gme, does gma have a built out market for this? Not really a couple thousand, so this would be a hundred thousand at one. Eighty, a hundred one, a hundred twenty thousand at one, eighty, five um, a hundred fifty thousand at one.

Ninety three hundred thousand at two hundred, that's interesting for tomorrow, uh gamestop, could have a little bit more of a volume spike. If we get to close to 200 a little bit i mean hedging of 300 000 would be uh pretty awesome, especially for gme right now. Just because it's been lower volume, so that would be proportionately. That would be a considerable amount, so that could be cool um.

But overall, i guess they're looking. Okay, not the most open interest we've ever seen, but also not the least like kind of awkwardly in the middle. We are still looking for gme to uh recapture recapture the 185. It did recapture 180 equivalent to that on.

Amc would be a recapture 40 and then also a breakout of 42 is really what we want. Hello, my bad. I was mad about penguin king's shame. Have you seen ray uh trey's recent video hedge fund, profit booking um hedge fund, profit booking? I saw this one about puts, and i thought it was a good video.

I i agree with it. Um of just in general, a gamma squeeze can happen in both ways. Um, usually a squeeze you think going up, but also the same thing can happen in the put direction, but also, if there's a lot of, puts expiring out of the money that, as he said, a lot of people are pissing away money on those bearish bets. If they're expiring, out of the money, i don't quite know what you mean by profit booking, but the name inherently, the more pro the more puts that expire out of the money.

Well, just inherently that's usually going to mean more calls expiring in the money, because the stock's going in the opposite direction um. So we want puts to expire out of the money like as many as possible, because that means that one they're losing a lot of money and two the stock is theoretically also trending up higher, because that's how more puts go out of the money um. So i thought it was a good video. I agree with what he had to say in that video um, but yeah it's good to bring up and highlight the fact that this gamma squeeze phenomena it can go in both directions.

In my mind, the gamma squeeze concept and like say day, training they both work in the way of helping whatever the current trend is, you can love it one day and it can hurt you the next day. It's a double-edged sword but um. I kind of view day trading and gamma squeezing up and down whatever the trend is. It seems to amplify the current trend.

Can you check out abb a a baby? Babe, don't chase it. I mean it hit a new high. I, when you see a stock, making a new high, that's like not your time, in my opinion, to hop on board with it, but it looks like it had. Its earnings apparently had a good earnings.

It's making a new high, so you might, if you like it fundamentally, whatever is going on there. I would wait for a pullback, be patient. Uh, hey matt, what's better for my skyline gala 10 or gala 12 serious question: what depends? Are you a pizza eater or are you a racer david diaz? You got ta or are you a pizza eating racer? Because i need to know because out of those three completely changes my answer, someone asked chipotle cmg whoa. It had its earnings holy guacamole - oh pun, not intended, but i wish i intended that um.

It must have murdered its earnings. So that's a good fundamental development. I don't know if i'd bet against it until it actually showed some weakness. I see what you're talking about with the gap fill, but don't be the person who's hopping on when it's just like really ripping like wait for it to actually have a red day or something along those lines.

That's at least that's how i would look at it, and someone said i raise pizzas, i race pizzas. Where are we at? Where are we at at quiet day, quiet all quiet on the western front team, all quiet on the western front? Are you fast and furious fan? That was a test? Am i a fast and furious fan? Let's let me put it this way. I live life, a quarter of a mile. At a time you know family anything's possible with family uh yeah.

I there's there's rumors that i can't confirm or deny but very very popular rumors that um i'll be ripping around in a corolla in the next fast and furious movie, um uh. What's the next amc resistance level, uh 40, 40. 40. 40.

on an intraday, you could watch 39.30, but the major one is 40. um. So if you're looking for an intraday resistance, something along these lines, 39.25 um in terms of support, we're kind of at one at 37.90 and then below that we have 37.25 well. 37.

75, maybe mark that out, let's see how it reacts to it fast 10, your seat belts, corollas, don't rip. You've, never seen me drive a corolla, then easy easy uh. Are you asking via it's trending, go ahead and add amc and jimmy with it? Oh wait! Amc! What's trending right now, dark pool abuse, dark pool abuse is that on twitter i'll tweet? That out? How do i see? Is that what you guys are all referring to? I guess that kind of makes sense want to do an amc, strong together segment tomorrow, nothing happening on dark pools, scc, silent and everything else looks like other way. A damn shame that was from charles payne.

How do i see my explore list? Is that what everyone's talking about trending, trending training, yeah, dark, pool, abuse, dark pool, abuse, amc, gme, dark pool abuse? Let's get that out there, it's uh! What on my explorer list? It's trending number two right now, just so everyone knows. Oh just so. You know um the whatchamacallit, though whatchamacallit uh, twitter, twitch and instagram all pinned above my head right now, all pinned above my head all pinned above the head, all right that did that tweet that tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet. We are winning i'm curious about it.

I mean i wonder, who they're gon na like bring on to talk about that. Like inherently, i see people 73 of dark pool, training on amc, dark pool abuse. I think we need to take it one level further of like okay, 73. Obviously that is odd, like it's high, it's statistically high, but really to drive the point home it's all about.

Where are those trades generating from and then uh stonks batman shout out if you're still listening to him, it was high frequency trading. So why are so many algorithms hfts going wild today in dark pools like what is going on with that like? Why? Why? Why isn't that? To quote socrates, why dark pool before there was a deadpool? There was a dark pool where we're all rich. We need to buy icebergs and tell them to why so ken griffin can watch his money melt away now. Have you heard anything that tmi was flooded by bots? Telling apes to sell 300 seems like classic trash by hedges? Appreciate you i heard about that, and we also saw it on twitter a little bit this concept of like and also youtube comments like not even live stream comments.

Like video upload comments, we see it um, but it's bots like we know that. So if you're, seeing it's the same message over and over with the same weird accounts that are not real people um, it's just bots that have like spun up multiple accounts and they're, just saying the same crap about 300.. So if you see it report it ignore it do whatever you want to um. Oh hey, mark dave is dave lauer coming on soon yeah, i'm trying to get him on next week.

So we could talk about dark pools and payment for order flow, and on top of that um i believe so. If you guys remember one of the first times we were talking with him, he was talking about how he's trying to come up with a product that basically can give us the same level of data as like wall streeters have but to the public, and i think He has some announcements with that. Like i don't know, if um, i think they've just made some headway on what they're doing in a plan, so i'm excited to hear about that, but the obviously the gist of it will be another discussion specifically on dark pools and payment for order flow. Long time listener first time caller.

What does the future of algo trading look like in terms of uh of you learning some financial coding? Would you really release your coding for free ape strong, together, um caleb, yeah, yeah, yeah, double yeah? I mean on my channel some of my earliest videos are already that of me, showing off the code and explaining the algorithms um. It's weird because, like the algorithmic, it's when you say algorithmic trading, that's very, very generic and it really just means like. Okay is a program training for you super super different than like high frequency trading, very, very different. My algorithms are, i mean we talked about it on turnaround tuesday.

I have one algorithm. Then it says that and it's more of, like i guess, to support my laziness. Like i code it up and whether i'm paying attention or not on a monday, if a monday drops more than one percent, i go long on a tuesday and i close the trade at the end of trading on a tuesday. That's one of the algorithms and i back tested it.

I like the stats, but beyond that it's an algorithm because, like i'm not placing the trade, i'm not placing the buy, i'm not placing the cell like the code. Does that for me, but it's not some like crazy. Like i don't know, what's really funny about the algorithmic trading world, is they all have like absurd names, um like like sneaky ninja, 88 or, like i, don't know, titan crusher 400., like weird things like that um? It's funny that you guys are talking about icebergs. I've actually read about some that they explained that, like there's, some called like iceberg like i, i saw an algorithm one time that was all about icebergs, and that was a bit more about high frequency training and that what that one did um was.

It was front running huge orders in dark pools. I have nothing. Fancy like that mine are all more of like multi-day swings like it's. A high frequency, algorithmic training is yeah.

It's a little bit about software and the code. You can write, but it's more about hardware, because high frequency training is all about trading quickly, like i'm talking within nanoseconds uh nanoseconds, not nana nanoseconds and that's that's a type of algorithmic trading, because yeah an algorithm is running it for you. But that's not like all of the algorithmic training like, for example, it could be just algorithmic training. I don't know um, there's a statistical advantage to going long on gold on fridays, so you could just say: okay, buy on thursday, close and sell on friday clothes or there's a statistical advantage to shorting oil on mondays.

So you could short at monday opening and buy back at monday close, and that, though, all those things can just be programmed up where you don't have to do it like the computer, your brokerage does it for you and then you're like oh okay, cool um. So that's more of the type that like i know about, and if you want to learn a little bit more. Those videos are on my channel look at this time, but last year, like last summer, like june july, that time, maybe even a little bit before like may june july, check those out they're in there. We need to create a sign, a, someone smarter than me has to come up with a unified petition, but we need one um yeah i mean it.

Definitely i think it should be done it's just more like we need to come up with the specific things that we want done. Um like, for example, if regulators were to look at today, what's trending, they would see the dark pool thing and i i will fully admit that there are nefarious aspects of dark pools, um, for example like when they were selling back doors to high frequency traders, without Other people in the dark pool knowing about it. That is not good. We don't want that to happen, but in general you can't just say we don't like dark pools, because there's a lot of volume traded in there like a regulator, would have to look at it and be like okay like well.

Why is that bad, like you have to come up with a very i guess, well-defended thesis on like why you think it's bad for us to just say, hang on, there's a lot of volume, training in a dark pool, and we don't like it they're gon na, Be like okay, tough, cookies, we're gon na have to say why so much volume trading in dark pool is bad. Like you, we almost have to bring it to the next level of an argument for regulators to like want to help for lawyers to want to help for market professionals such as dave, lauer, to step in and explain, be like yeah. No, it's bad because of x, y and z. We can't just like arbitrarily say it's bad because of a gut feeling, like you have to have some like evidence behind it.

One of my stock is crazy volatility. Can you peek into the try and give me your thought, not financial advice, a g f y, a g f y, a g f y: it's moving um. What is this? It is a producing manufacturer, truck construction farm machinery. I would watch how it reacts to 21.

um. It undershot it by a little bit watch for a break out of this resistance. The rsi is high, so i'd be a bit worried. That is clear resistance.

If it gets rejected there, you might want some profits, but if it breaks out, hey have some fun you're just going to let price discovery play its way like play its way out. I've been watching since march. When you mentioned about becoming a wedding channel. I keep watching, but you have not mentioned weddings since i'm unsubscribing.

What platform is this pirates? What's going on matt? You know when uh what i asked you about. Can you put up more graphs, you smell like old tacos, like you guys just want to see the the nine graph the three by three i think it'll get a bit too small, but maybe maybe that'll be safe for like lt gray after dark, we'll just go Crazy with the charts all right all right, what else do we have icebergs? Tmi was flooded question: do you put one sock and one shoe on at a time or both socks and then both shoes? Usually i do both shoes and then both socks. I actually uh have a completely different methodology beetlejuice, but thank you for asking all right. What else do we have rocking today? Matt? Can you have our apes, add, amc and gme to the hashtag yeah? That's what i did.

I did dark pool, abuse, amc and then gme amc, average trade dark pool is under 100 shares. That's what it's scary! Um hang on dark pool, very large trades. It was we have to take that one step. I guess further uh with dark pools, dark pulled, dark pool, dark pool, it was more um dark pools are private.

Asset exchange is designed to provide additional liquidity and anonymity for trading large blocks of security away from the public eye. So it wasn't exclusive like you're right in saying that it's four large trades, but it's four large trades to not be like you for them to have a little bit of like a competitive advantage in the sense of hang on. I don't want to see that someone put up to buy a million shares of amc, it's for more of a competitive advantage. That's how like why they were initially created.

It's to keep your cards close to your chest and be like. I want to buy a lot and i want to sell a lot and i don't want people to see that i'm doing it because they're attempting to not get front run so you're right. But you need to take your reasoning of why dark pools were created like to the next step, but you're, also right and then saying amc average trade in dark pool is under 100 shares per trade, um yeah, so you're seeing a lot of a lot. A lot of smaller trades but you're seeing a lot a lot of smaller trades, because that's how high frequency trading is doing it.

High frequency trading, it's high frequency, you, trade, higher frequency with less shares, so they're, not like slinging huge huge block positions. The entire time and the fact that it's being dominated by high frequency training tells us yeah. It makes sense that it's going to be smaller trades because high frequency traders are in and out in really really fast, and that makes more sense, because that's what they're attempting to do when we squeeze. If i have 145 call that goes in the money, will i have problems taking profit at any point or do i have to exercise? No, i think you're going to be a-okay this concept of worrying about having to take your options or stock profit.

I think you're going to be fine. I really don't think that's a worry anyone's gon na have to have if a majority of volume runs through dark pools and there's t2 settlement. Couldn't dark pool, stifle fomo by spreading out buying pressure um. So this is a misconception that buying pressure is not felt within a dark pool, dark pools, don't they're and i've said this um.

So let me try to think of like the best way to articulate it can dark pools, hide buying and selling pressure where it goes unnoticed. Yes, the event in which that happens. Remember there's about 40 major dark pools. The event in which this happens is, at the exact same time, there's a natural buyer in that dark pool at that price.

Well, if there's then the natural seller in that dark pool at that price and they're agreeing on the price to go through for the same amount of shares. Yeah, that's not going to impact price because, like by whatever chance um there was an equal-sized opposite counterparty in that same dark pool and they have to be in that dark pool because remember, there's 40 major dark pools, so they have to be sitting there. So that's the situation in which buying pressure or selling pressure is not felt in a dark pool. It's not known by market makers.

It's not known by us. We see the volume we see the volume spike, it's just not really providing because they're like essentially netting each other out, but that is not that's the one situation in which that actually happens um. This was discussed with dave lauer publicly. I've also had some phone calls with him.

He agreed to this. I wanted to make sure i was articulating it right, but other than that, if you're just putting out a big buy order or if you're, just putting out a large sell order on a dark pool. That's going to be known, like market maker, their algorithms, their monitoring, algorithms are going to pick that up and they will adjust the price accordingly um to properly reflect supply and demand. This idea that you can buy and sell without impacting price freely all the time on.

A dark pool, it's wrong: it doesn't it's just not the way. Dark pools actually work um, so even without thinking like okay, maybe if you're like well matt, that doesn't confirm to my confirmation by so like i don't like it: um, okay, sorry, um, but think about it. This way there is a theory that people are buying on a dark pool and then selling on a lid exchange to drive the price down. Okay, that's a fair theory! That's a fair hypothesis! Let's see if it actually adds up to some logical scrutiny, though, if it were true, let's just believe in a world that that is true.

Why would we not see the exact s opposite? Why would someone like blackrock, vanguard or even retail in general, we can trade on dark pools that is possible? Why would they not just buy on a lid exchange and then sell on a dark pool to perfectly counteract it um? So if it were true - which it's not confirmed by a literal market, expert that it's not true, but if it were true, we would just see the opposite. Action like there are hedge funds who want this stock to go higher. There are big money managers like vanguard that want this to go higher, so why wouldn't they just do the opposite. If it were possible to buy on a dark pool and then sell to the market and push the price down, we would just see the opposite.

Then as well, people who wanted to go up would buy on a lid exchange and then sell on a dark pool. Uh uh matt. I love you, but for the past month. I think you really under underestimated.

Dark pools, hedgies aren't using them for their health or just fun. No, we know why they're using them they're using them to hide what they're doing like they don't want their other hedge funds or other retail. To know what they're doing justin, i mean trust me: uh, not underestimating them. In fact, i've gone out of my way to talk to experts about them, um, which i don't know like.

I'm gon na give that more weight than random twitter comments and youtube comments. Matt have they covered their shorts? Absolutely not. Why is so much amc done through darkpool? Are they really using darkpool's ats for what it is intended? So there's so much volume right now, and this is shout out to stonks batman, it's so much high frequency training. So it's a lot a lot of training of small lot sizes for whatever reason they're in and out within nanoseconds microseconds.

That's why so much volume happening right now. It's happening through dark pools, but they're, not. I guess, swinging positions, they're in and out very, very rapidly. They're in at this portion of ascent out at the next portion of ascent and they're, just trading a ton and apparently it's all happening in dark pools.

So we're not seeing that these high frequency traders, we can't see if they're lining up on the buy side or the sell side. But we know just from high frequency trading. I mean thinking think of the name, high frequency training they're in and out, and that's what's bloating the volume uh. Is it easier to route payment for odor flow through dark pools than it is your order if it's routed directly through an exchange? Is it easier to route payment for order to throw payment for order flow? Remember what that is.

Alex payment for order flow is a deal between a broker and a market maker. So the routing is direct. It goes directly from the broker. That's getting paid for or paid for order flow and then it's getting sent directly to the market maker who's actually paying that broker to do it, and then they have the option at that point they can either internalize it and take care of the trade in that Market maker's own dark pool, or they can kick it off somewhere else, another dark pool, that's another, whatever public dark pool, or they can kick it to a public exchange like the nasdaq and the new york stock exchange in the event that they don't internalize the order Themselves, that's a loss to them.

They don't want that. The reason they're paying for order flow is because they want to take the other side of the trade and when i'm saying they, i'm referring to market makers such as citadel and vertu. Actually, let me pull this up otc otc transparency. Nope, that's not right! Otc! I want to show you this cool website.

I agree. Okay, so if you check this website out just so, you know otc transparency data. If you go to it, it's otc and you have to like click around a little bit. But if you come over to here so ats stands for alternative trading system.

Alternative trading system is the very fancy technical way to say: dark pool, non-ats means non-dark pool, but it also means non-exchange. Both of these are otc. Over-The-Counter otc means just not exchanged. So it's weird here's how it goes.

The big overall term is venues. Venue is where it facilitates connecting a buyer with a seller. There are three types of venues: exchanges, atss and non-atss, atss and non-atss. They themselves are on an under an umbrella called otc over-the-counter, as in non-exchange, so really the way the umbrellas work.

It goes venues under venues. You have exchanges in otc and then over under otc. You have ats's and non-atss. So anyway, i digress.

If you come to oct, you can actually see what's going on in both of these little ditties um. Let's start off with the market makers otc non-ats, so this is um. These are the market makers, retail wholesalers, retail brokers, whatever you want to call them and then, if you go over to monthly and then, if you look at what do, i need uh data where why can't i search otc hang on, i had this uh. Is it issue data? Oh sorry, hang on hang on hang on um.

It is issue data come to the first one, otc non-ats issue data, and then you can type in type in amc right here and then we want monthly, so monthly, amc right here so and then you click on this icon the details right over here. So you can see these are all the shares. This is trading volume for vertu right there, market maker citadel right there um month, and this is for the month of may just so. Everyone knows uh.

That is the most like recently reported one. So if you want to see the volume that's actually being executed by these market makers, most likely through payment for order flow in the month of may vertu handled the trading of 630 million shares of amc and citadel handled, the training of 618 million shares of amc. So, between the duopoly of virtue and citadel there's about 1.2 billion shares that were traded within the month of may and for amc. These are the number of trades and here's the number of shares uh.

So right there that's what roughly the size of 300 per trade. Roughly uh, i think i'm doing that yeah so on average, roughly 300, i don't really care about the number of trades. I care way more about the actual share volume, so 600 million in each in the month of may that most likely all happen through payment for order flow. But then you have these other ones as well.

Remember non-ats means non-dark pool ats alternative trading system. It's the fancy way to say dark pool. All of these are not on a lid exchange, also not on a dark pool. It's the one in the middle non-ats otc non-ats.

So basically, these are all just people trying to be market makers and fulfill the other side of the trade. A lot of this deals with payment for order flow, as in payment for order flow, i would argue out of the 1.2 billion shares - it's probably pretty close to that full number of like what was caused because of payment for order flow, and so this is part Of the puzzle, because, when you're doing payment for word of flow, the broker sent it directly to one of these two guys most likely this guy right here, citadel securities. They have the option if they don't want to trade it, and this is where they're making their money by taking the other side of the trade. They can then pass it off either to an exchange which obviously we have all that volume all that data.

And then we also have right here. You can actually see it. Let's look at the dark pools. Why is it not coming up? Why is it not coming up weekly report? Amc, it's not here, ats, i'm just trying to um all right.

I guess this is on the fin website. It's not showing it directly amc, or am i losing my mind folks, could be possible, could be both a a b c d e f g h. I j k, l m n, o p q, r s, t? U v: where are you please show me? Why are you not on the list? I want to know really really bad. Okay, it's somewhere in here.

If someone wants to click around and like i don't know, send me it's, we have there's a ton of data like all over here. You might have to actually download it now that i'm thinking about it it's somewhere in here. It's not the easiest thing to actually find, but anyway, the ats stuff. That means dark pool, non-ats means not dark pool, but it also means not exchange aka market makers pave payment for order flow.

All that stuff this website. If you want to mess around with it yourself otc, this is like the legal government. Legitimate website um, definitely worthwhile data. It is reported slowly, though you're not going to get like up-to-date information with it.

You can't get like real-time. I assume the hedgies with us have the same capital as the ones against us. Why don't? They dump a billion on the long side of amc and burn citadel down big mike going with the aggressive tactic i like it. My venue of amc shares is d-r-v-w um, that might be the route name.

Can only ken no hang on uh stock trading right are the routes so they're. Actually, some of the most heavily traded and liquid ecns and exchanges are isld arca, bats edge, cbs cb, sx btrd yeah. So if you want to know more about like the exchange route names and these things called ecns um, you could check those out. You might want to like i mean here.

Actually, why am i saying it when we could just look it up? Investopedia ecns, these things are important: electronic communication network um pretty important. It's a digital system that matches buyers and sellers looking to trade securities in financial markets. Hence like it's the route it's what's connecting, it ecn's allow brokerages and investors in different geographic areas to trade without a third party involved offering privacy for investors hint another way of privacy kind of like avoiding the public eye. Ecn's enables training to happen outside of traditional trading hours, therefore, enabling investors to react to anticipate after hours news one of the downsides of ecn's is that they use access fees and commission charges that can jack up overall price of use without ecns.

It would take considerably longer for buyers and sellers to be matched with another borrower, making it more difficult to enter or exit positions by adding to the costs and risks of trading. So it's just another way that it's being connected classified by the sec alternative trading system. Remember whenever you hear ats think dark pool an ecn makes money by charging a fee for a transaction to meet financial obligations. It attempts to eliminate third-party role in executing orders, um entered by exchange markets.

So it's another type of otc. Remember otc just means non-exchange, like it's, a trade that happens off of a lit exchange. The market makers permit such orders to be entirely partially executed. Orders placed through ecns are usually limit orders which is partially useful for safely trading after hours, given the volatile effect blah blah blah blah blah blah.

There's advantages disadvantages. It's just another thing to look into because it's another part of the pie that, like we're dealing with right now, there is a difference between ecns and market makers. This is important. The term market maker refers to high volume trades that literally make a market for securities by always standing uh at the ready for buy or sell.

Unlike ecn's, market makers profit from the bid aspect rather than through commissions and fees similar to ecn's typo. They need to capitalize that they benefit from the market by increasing liquidity. So right there remember. Market makers are continually standing on the buy in the ask they're hoping that they get a payment for order flow that comes in and they play the opposite side and they're.

Hoping to like continually ping pong, this spread back and forth ecn's on the other way they are making money through commissions, market makers, set both bid and ask prices on their systems and display them publicly on their quote screens. Obviously, nbo national investment and offer the spread is typically kept low than that investors can find in ecns due to the fact that market makers generate their profit via spread. This is literally what i just said: that's what that's why they pay for order flow, because they're attempting to profit via the spread, because they're always standing on the bin in the ask trying to play that back and forth. If you get hit on the bid they're trying to then dump it on the ask and profit that difference if they get hit on the ass they're, trying to short down back to the bid, that's the game of market making and they're so good at it that They can do payment for order flow to trade as much as possible, because they're just always trying to profit on the spread without market makers and ecn's.

It would take considerably all right. We did that, so this is on investopedia. If you want to just read a little bit more about ecn's just another way, that's training is done, it is off exchange, so it does come into the world of otc um. Honestly ecm.

I don't hear talked about much in this community, which strikes me as odd because it is uh it's pretty important, um in general, but um. I don't know who knows maybe next week, that'll be the hot topic for the ape nation is like what are acn's. Maybe i can lead that charge. Let's talk about e c n's, who knows who knows, but it's another thing similar to a dark pole.

Anonymity, anonymity, that's interesting one but check it out, search it read it have fun with it. Is there a way to see how many shares are traded in dark pools or like a percentage of it? That is privileged information. No that's. The one thing we do know about dark pools is their training volume.

That's like the one thing that comes out of dark pools and you can see that on a daily basis, pretty much real, like you can pay for real time. Dark pool volume um just so you know this volume right now, like the volume of 84.4 million on amc that i'm talking about live that includes dark pools. It includes all venues: uh 84.42 million is how many shares of amc has been traded today across all venues. Exchanges dark pools and non-atss uh hope, you're doing well, mk, let's assume, hypothetically, that if you had a hedge fund with lots of money and why use them like lots of shares per trade? Am i understanding that investopedia has a good explanation of what they're doing hang on? I don't sorry um, hope, you're doing well, let's assume, hypothetically, that your hedge fund, with lots of money is why they are why they use them.

No, they use them because they don't want other people to know their trades. They don't want the world to know that they're buying a million of these shares or selling a million of these shares. It's a way where you can hide your orders, because you don't want other. You don't want people front running you you're, losing your competitive advantage.

Um there have been people who have been talking about liquidity and they're, not explaining to what liquidity is to you. Um. I mean i've seen these videos, i've, seen these tweets about liquidity and they're using liquidity. The way merriam-webster dictionary would like, if you're a liquid like that means you have cash.

You have money on you. Liquidity in the stock market is different. Liquidity is how easily is a stock traded um. So, for example, a lot of penny stocks have low liquidity.

It's difficult to buy a lot of shares, it's difficult to sell a lot of shares just because it's not being actively traded. There's not people buying and selling a lot of shares. While you have other stocks, such as i don't know, amc spy, iwm, apple, microsoft, tessa, those are high liquidity, it's relatively easy to scale in and scale out of sizable positions, because there's so many people trading. That particular asset liquidity in the stock market is very, very different than the liquidity that you think of in your personal financial life um, so with dark pools with that type of liquidity like when you're trying to get in and out of a massive position.

One way you could use a dark pool is if you're dealing with a low low liquidity stock. If you have a stock, that's trading 20 million shares in a day and you're trying to buy a million. That's a lot! That's five percent of the overall volume for the day. You don't want people to see that, because this stock's going to run up on you with before you can get your position.

Hence, some people use a dark pool in that way where they're like hang on, i want to get filled, but i don't want people to know. I'm trying to get filled on such a sizeable position because other people will play that against you and you probably won't get your fill anyone else having trouble reaching Oh otc finra website, you need to click tier 2 to check amc weekly. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you. So what was it you need to click tier 2. Wait.

Wait, stonks batman. What am i doing wrong? Otc finra website otc website, um stonks batman feel free. You could just dm me on twitter or something and i'll check it out. Um afterwards.

Am i just like going to the wrong one? Do i need to just pick an arbitrarily different? Oh here we go uh. I picked the wrong date. Sorry about that uh. So, let's actually, let's see if we could check the 21st did that get loaded in nope.

All right, we have to go back earlier, all right, so we have to go back two weeks ago. Let's check it out. Thank you. I knew i was somewhere.

So these are all dark pools. Um, this kind of makes sense, i mean ubs does commonly uh. I believe that's the ubs ubs runs the biggest dark pool that big bank, with kind of like a weird logo um. So for this particular week before we were looking at a month, this is per week now um they traded 13 million shares at ubs.

On this uh dark pool 12 million uh on interactive brokers. Interactive brokers does run its own uh two sigma, here's virtues dark pool. You could see that they traded 2.3 million once again. This is all for the week of june 14th uh barclays, but yeah.

This is public. You guys can check this out. Otc transparency. Remember, ats is dark pool non-ats non-dark pool non-exchange, it's market maker, stuff uh check out the charles payne tweet charles payne tweet uh, talking about buying what you know, dumb money investing and going to dark pool with fitzkeith next all right.

How do i let me try to find this for everyone uh, making money making money? Charles all right, logging in logging in logging in watch tv watch tv come on come on come on come on come on. I mean it's probably over now right. How do i find the episode? Does anyone know news clips latest? I i'm not saying that they clipped that part of it. Maybe that's something i could find tonight and show to anyone.

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