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Ape nation: still not leaving amc gamestop dumb money ep 20 – Matt Kohrs

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Ape Nation: Still Not Leaving (AMC & GameStop) ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€
Dumb Money Ep. 20
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What is going on what is going on folks? It's been a bit. It's been a couple hours, it's been a few hours, oh hello, hello, hello. What is going on team moon, gang moon, gang moon, gang mama? I just like hitting the bell, if i'm being honest, um, so very excited uh. I did the interview.

I did an hour-long interview with dave, lauer uh cool stuff. We talked about dark pools, we talked about payment for order flow and we got some definitive answers. Um way more than definitive than like the misinformation we see on various forms of social media, the interview honestly, it's just bad, it's processing in the background and i'll be posting it tonight. So here's the plan with that.

I will post the interview and it's in its entirety, no editing or anything you're going to get the entire interview, um i'll, probably like premiere it tonight. I don't know like let me know like maybe like 6 p.m - eastern or something like that: 3. 3 p.m. Uh west coast time, um so that'll be out and then either tonight or tomorrow, we'll end up clipping uh, some of the very, very important questions from it um, just like specific of like, like we see too much hesitation and hemming and hawing of okay, like we Know payment for order flow's, bad uh.

I don't think anyone's arguing against that. I mean you'll have some random. Nobody accounts on social media, saying that i haven't said that i don't know how to be more clear, i'm in no way shape or form um supportive of payment for word to flow i'd rather get rid of it. But i think the issue is more problematic than that.

It's just not the inherent issue of them paying for it it's. What does it lead to? What it leads to is a massive amount of order routing to the duopoly that is citadel securities and virtue. Um same thing with dark, dark pools, um. Actually, as you're gon na see in the video, i had like a little bit of a disagreement with dark pools, uh with dave lauer, and it's just more of like my concept of like okay, i get that they're, like inherently less regulated, so i don't want training On that, and then he has some interesting uh facts and figures about it and like it, should it's gon na be a good interview, you're gon na? Well, i don't know it depends on how how hardcore you are into your own uh echo chamber, but it's a good educational interview.

Some people are, i don't know, i think some feelings are going to be hurt because, like maybe what they just thought was their own confirmation bias they're going to get like a little upset about it, but whatever i am here to spread the truth uh to the Best of my ability and that's what i'm here to do, i'm not here to confirm anyone's bias or make you feel better. If i just don't think it's the truth, so anyway good interview, it's an hour long i'll, be as of now, unless i get some pushback and you guys want it coming out at a different time. I was thinking about premiering it at 6, 00 pm uh this afternoon, so in about what four hours, if my math is right, um and then we'll clip it on that course clips, which is that backup channel for those of you who don't know about it? The backup channel is where we're gon na do like clips of interviews of live streams of unboxings um. That's the first link in the description of the video, the mac course clips um, so that'll be more of the succinct um like specific questions and the specific answer.

Instead of like having to always come back to an hour-long interview, uh just to make it a little bit more, i guess digestible easier to locate information. So just did the interview coming out tonight, we'll clip part of it probably starting tomorrow, but uh excited for you guys to get some like valid information from a proven expert opposed to like a faceless, nameless account on social media. I think it gives it a little bit more credibility, um, not getting any notification about you going live um. Well, that's that's a that's a bummer! I don't know why that's a that's! A big bummer did anyone else have issues with not getting a notification.

Theoretically, if you are subscribed and then if you go over to the bell icon um, you should be getting it. Who is this? Nobody? What's this name just another? Nobody two channels equals double dipping on apes. Matt has no shame um. I don't know who needs to know this, but i don't like the other channels, not even monetized.

In fact, i've lost money running that channel um, because i have to pay people to do work for it and it's not monetized. So another solid instance of just someone. I did not get a notification: oh a lot of people, not getting a notification. Well, that's upsetting um! Not only are people not getting notifications, but after this morning stream i got about like five different messages that people said that they were unsubscribed from my channel.

I don't know that one's a weird one for me to - i guess even comment on, because so many people have sent it to me and youtube is essentially saying no that doesn't happen at all um. I don't know i i don't get why i don't get it. I don't get it, i don't get it. No notifications, no notes, no notes.

If you haven't seen new girl. That will make no sense to you, but if you have seen new girl you'll think that's hilarious. My friend mike thinks that the squeeze is holding out for next shutdown to the country, which is coming soon to really drive the price down. What do you think um? I have no commentary on if our country will or won't be shut down? Obviously um.

I know i look like a credible source of like, as in i get i get that i look like the government would call me and say matt. What should we do? Should we shut down? Should we not shut down? What is your like leading edge breakthrough on these shots? I know i look like that. I know i look like a very credible scientist future predictor, but unfortunately i'm not there's a very good chance that the information related to the virus and shuts down - i probably get it after you just because for my own mental sanity, i try to consume social media. Less and less um lol ego much you guys know.

This is sarcasm right like who, who in the world takes me seriously. It's like, i feel when i'm live streaming that i'm like. Oh, like i know it's sarcasm, so i like really really drive it home, like over-the-top, sarcasm and people, think that it's serious, like the other day when i was going on uh about being paid off by the frog industry, someone messaged me and was like legitimately pissed They're, like you're such a sellout, i heard about your sponsorships today and how much money you make what folks i'm in the basement of a town home in philadelphia pa like it's, not like, i'm in some mansion in malibu, it's a joke. No, the frog industry did not pay me off.

Obviously, it's a joke that the government is not reaching out to me about lockdowns like it. It makes my jokes inherently less funny. Folks, if i have to explain that everything i do. Is it's one of two things.

It's either sarcasm or a typo on social media. That is my life, i'm either making a typo mistake or i'm being sarcastic. Those are the two truths of my being typos sarcasm like that, should be your initial thesis with everything related matt cars, sarcasm and typos, and if, for one of those reasons like you, think we're deviating from that, like just really dive into it, be like. Oh, my god, like i, don't see a typo is something going on.

Do i see a comma splice like? Is he using the oxford comma this time? Yes? No, yes, no! Yes, no and then other than that, like i'm just telling you assume sarcasm like across across the across the board, it's funnier when you have to explain it: uh the frog industry, that's a leap man! I like it. I like it. I like it. I like it.

These people, hey matt, just a theoretical question: if amc went to 100k to 500k, would the u.s become debt free from all the capitalist gains tax very well? Might i would have to run the math on it? That's a good theoretical question. Uh shout out to that. One matt i'm gon na rant for matt five minutes chords shout out. You know me well uh.

Well, we are dumb money. Uh yeah, like you're such a show for sarcasm um. I i find it so funny social. This experience uh.

I started my youtube channel in march of 2020 and i didn't get traction until january or february of this year, so let's call it about six months. The only thing like i've been trading for the better part of a decade, and, with this experience, i've learned exponentially more about the market, just between talking to people, the dd, even interviews with dave lauer, the the seat. I'm in it's put me on like the fast track of stock market. Like i thought i was learning at my own pace, but when you have, i guess these interviews and you're talking to people on youtube and you're reading reddit dd, like you, learn exponentially faster.

The only thing that i think's taken me by more of a i guess, expedient whirlwind is just what i've learned about. I guess human psychology, and like day in and day out, it's just it blows my mind in in both directions the compassion and support and just genuine. I guess i don't know involvement in this community. All that stuff is so incredibly amazing, more than i would have ever imagined and then the other side of the coin um.

I was just talking to a guy who helps me out, basically my like manager of this channel uh. We were joking before this of how i need to pick up a new sponsor and hey if anyone's listening, who has these connections, i would love to be sponsored by a hearing aid company, because that was the joke, like there's, there's people on various forms of social Media who will say, i did or said something, that's not only wrong, but it's like literal, polar opposite of what was actually said or done and like it's weird because, like i don't want to pull receipts and be like hey here's, the live stream, like that's the Beautiful thing about everything, i've said or done related to this thing: it's all live, it's all recorded, it's all catalogued as long as youtube doesn't take it down like i have the proof of everything i've said or done and honestly you guys kind of have it too, Because it's up there as long as youtube, doesn't take it down and they've only officially taken down one, and that was like the jim cramer one um. When i was showing his interview with jon stewart. That's the only one they've taken down, but really in terms of like uh all this stuff, like it wasn't really that salacious of a particular live stream, and i just find it fascinating that people just say random, stuff and they're like oh.

He said this is like we have the proof like it's it's right. There, i've not taken anything down. Besides the one that youtube took down on me, i don't i don't take stuff down um it. It blows my mind.

I love it. I love how much i get to learn about human psychology on this side. When is the dave lauer interview, it's done and i'm planning on posting it at 6 p.m. Eastern tonight, unless you guys want it at a different time, um.

So, basically, in a little less than four hours, i was going to premiere it's about an hour long and it's all about dark pools and payment for order flow. I know people have many other questions uh, but it's one of those things that, like these are complex subjects and honestly, we could have had a three hour interview about one of those alone um. So we didn't really add in the other things such as like failures to deliver, like that's just like a whole nother conversation, uh, potentially with him with another person, but, like i kind of have to be respectful of time, i can't believe yo dave, like you're gon Na be in this interview with me until, like i say, we're done it's not gon na really work like that um. So this one in particular, is meant to answer your questions about a dark pool and payment for order flows.

What are they, what aren't they? How does it relate to anything like what are they like? How how is it benefiting people? How is it hurting us uh, its involvement with naked shorts, its involvement with stopping a squeeze blah blah blah like the list, goes on um, but it's all about dark pools and payment for order flow. So if you want to know about those um check it out tonight, i'll be posting in about four or four hours. Someone said please post it sooner. We need motivation um this interview, like uh dave and i are not like superior.

He might be i'm not it's not like we're musicians to like pump you up with a cool song like boom boom like candlesticks or anything. This is just like a very educational conversation of like me, asking questions and trying to get to the bottom of what certain things are or aren't every time someone says bb in comments, i still what they mean come in handle on amc. Can i get a oh brother, i don't think i did a single oh brother this morning and no one asked me if i was okay and honestly, i just forgot about it. My mind all morning was like all right like what's the best way to ask dave these questions um, but no one asked be like dude, no one had the official, oh brother count, and that was kind of it.

I'm i'm concerned that no one noticed the severe lacking in my most classic catchphrase lamp on lamp off all right. What other comment madqueer is sponsored by diet. Croak, what's going on matthew, cook, matt frog market here will stop payment right now, since we just found you are not a lead scientist of the government. Jk love your content, matt.

I just watched the wall street code recently and enjoyed it got any other wall street docs. You would recommend um wall street code. That's a very good one. I was also a fan of that in terms of wall street, maybe not docs, but wall street movies definitely watch the big short watch uh michael lewis's documentary.

That's an official documentary watch wall street money, never sleeps uh. Those are, i think that was actually there's two. Like there's a remake of it, one with shia labeouf and then an earlier one, i believe, with charlie sheen um watch the boiler room who's in that the guy who plays the mentalist is in it and there's some other big actor in it. But that's a good one too uh, honestly, there's not many like if you just search wall street movies and if you look at the top recommended ones, i'm pretty much a fan of those across the board margin call margin call's the one i'm thinking about uh, the One with the guy who plays the mentalist, uh, emotion and humor, throw all the other emotions fellow apes.

These ate the two that matter pretty hung over here: quality drinking game, though club foot, billy uh. I believe yesterday we were doing an unboxing um and he, i believe, was taking a drink every single time. I was flailing a knife around and when i do an unboxing there's quite a bit of knife flailing, i'm endlessly impressed been famous a few times. I do not like it one bit shout out to burns for those of you who don't know you might know burns as a um, a super chatter of the channel uh.

But previously he was a well-known comedian. And now, how do you like uh, you're more in the environmentalist world, i believe now kind of uh pushing the needle ahead on that? What did the perverted frog say? Rub it uh matt i've watched the unpaid off video two times and thought it was going to break ribs from laughing, so the frog industry is real. I just the more this goes on like i don't know why. I don't i'm not arguing it's healthy, but the visceral anger like just the pure, like animosity, these, like nameless, faceless accounts, have by the fact that people send in super chats it.

How could it not make you smile like just as a human? I think it's such a core human thing to kind of poke more fun at someone, that's irrationally mad, like just illogically mad and then day over day. I just see them like running their mouth of like how could he, how could matt take a super chat and then i wonder, like i suppose, has that person ever been to a restaurant ever like imagine this person of like you just got like a cool. I don't know i'm a big fan of like a chicken salad sandwich, imagine being at a diner, you get a chicken salad sandwich and, let's say the whatever: the sandwich is like seven bucks and you tip them. Three bucks and you're like hey thanks like thanks denise.

It's been real catch you tomorrow. Imagine that same person running up and be like how dare you and denise like who has the three dollars like you, just slap it out of their hands and be like. I will not accept super chatting in the food industry, like i don't even under like what in their brain, is going on that they think any of this is forced. I do this because i like this in all reality, do i make money off of youtube? Yes, do i make money when i do sponsorships, such as, like manscaped or butcher box, yeah? That's what a sponsorship is.

Do i get a kickback with affiliate deals? Yes, am i sponsored by weeble no there's like a weird. It's super super weird but like they think we're sponsored. No weeble does not do sponsorships. As of now.

I am saying this on august, 2nd 2021. I know of no one who's done a weibo sponsorship. Anyone who does it like, i could just leave. I could say what i want about it.

I could just drop it. I am not tuned in i'm not tied into anything whatsoever and all of this, like folks in reality, i have gotten to the point where, fortunately, i'm good enough at trading that i could live off of trading like that's it. I could pay my bills uh. Obviously, everything else adds on to it and with that who i am as a person and i've kind of alluded at this, of what i want to do, and i've talked about certain charities that are very important to me personally and i would love to grow that And become even bigger and like it's just all this commentary of all these people on the internet, who like have no idea what i am or not doing with my money, and i think one of these days for everyone who's shown me neutral.

All the way up to an incredible amount of support you one day there will be a big announcement and i'm not saying in the near term and i'm getting um it's the start of getting what i need to get figured out in the back end. You will be so incredibly happy. You were a moon, gang member. We are taking this.

This doesn't end here. What this community has come come together and i see the passion for it. Um we're gon na be on to massive massive things that truly benefit. In my opinion, like your neighbors all of your neighbors at large society, um one of these days, everything will be figured out the way it needs to be legally and all that stuff and you're going to be so whatever you are now you're going to be so Much happier to be like hey, i am a member of the moon gang because for me, the way i view this right now, it's a very important and large chapter with amc and jimmy, but i mean that in the sense that it's only the chapter, this is A specific chapter and we've already done the hard part we have collected a community of people who are so incredibly passionate, knowledgeable willing to work hard, and with that that's a hard thing is collecting the community.

After that, we ride this ship. This rocket ship, wherever we want - and maybe i'm naive - maybe i'm just a 27 year old who doesn't know how the world works, but i think we can actually make even more impactful positive change, not only in the stock market. Our battle is not done there, but even bigger than that. I think we could do so much incredible good for our society and that's what i'm going for across the board.

It doesn't just end at me like what making update videos on a particular stock like this. Isn't like the cap of the career, this is like one part of a chapter. I guess like it's. This is like a paragraph of a chapter and um.

I think if you were to fast forward, whatever a couple months a year a couple years, what this will transform into, i think uh, the potential alone in it like it, truly keeps me up at night um, just a pure excitement of like knowing that we can, Like do so much good like it really is cool to know that, like usually in life, you run into these walls and it's like um. I think i was listening to a joe rogan podcast and he was talking about um, like society sets out these honey pots. For you of just like this is how the world is supposed to go um of whatever, like you get a degree, blah blah blah like there's honey pots of where you get into it. You get a safety net and you feel, like you, feel comfortable and that's it um, but with this i think so many if you really think about amc and g and jimmy on one of the highest possible levels, you could possibly like really think about it.

To me, it's so representative of immense potential and immense hope, and when you have immense immense potential and immense hope poured together with a sizable community of passionate people. To me, the sky is the limit um and i just get so insanely excited knowing of where we can go and just so everyone knows this, isn't it it's not like. I sit here day in and day out, i'm like oh i'm going to do that live stream tomorrow, slowly, but surely we're building out the team to know the next mega level to take all this to, and i hope i hope one day a year from now. I hope, on august 2nd of 2022, i'm able to look back at this video and be proud of like how much has really come to fruition from it.

Um big things coming huge things coming and like the fact that, like people are sitting here still like arguing about like honestly just asinine things, it's like well, what are you doing good for the world of just like it's petty little stuff, and i think all of Us and i get it it's social media and sometimes like even me, like there's some sort of emotional response and like something rubs, you the wrong way yeah like obviously i'm human, too um and there's things i respond to that. I probably shouldn't respond to, but i think it's good for us to all take a step back and understand the big picture of where we're all truly going right. Now. Yes, it's amc and gme, but don't get confused.

We are literally fighting day in and day out for stock market fairness and stock market transparency for one of the biggest entities that this world has ever known: the wall street complex. That's that's who we're fighting against and we are what, in this community across the board. Um four million just individual retail traders. Well, imagine what we can do if we keep growing and keep up the fight like i like, i said, maybe it's being naive.

I think we are actively changing wall street for the better and if we can change wall street for the better imagine what we could do across the board um, it's just such an unbridled amount of enthusiasm and passion, and when you have that, i i don't know What could really stop us uh as jokes are correlated with unrelated data too, which is why i am waiting for this community since july last year, apes should check out the rurtism video math has a fatal flaw game of life. Defo devo don't feel the trolls whatever it is sometimes fun to like. I guess just poke at them see what happens mike mick mick esco becoming an astronaut shout out brian. Keep it up i'll.

Give you my money in two dollar increments. When i damn well, please here's five and vin diesel was the iron giant hush up and take my money isn't wait who vin diesel he's groot as well right? Can someone correct me if i'm wrong on that? I believe he's groot in the avenger movies. Cats can turn their ears 180 degrees. Can you prove right now that you're not a count? I bet you cannot prove and you can't turn your ears.

Matt is a cat shout out cat facts, uh blink182, guy notice about ufo research. No one in the military had creative brains, work differently, neutral the bullish support only he is group all right. I appreciate that my boy mark sinclair. I don't want to undersell his.

I guess resume his imdb turn: scree runner turn ecological strategist, that was it ecological strategist uh basically found a way to save the great barrier reef. Looking for location, shoots, everything went from there brought me and the hotel men, it's one hell of a story. Mateo. Please hear me out: yellow nectarines are better than peaches um.

Not only do i disagree with that, but how could you say that your account name is voldemort? Voldemort is all up in here saying: yellow nectarines are better than peaches. That's crazy! No way! No way. I mean we could put it to a vote, but i don't know if we can trust voldemort's opinion on nectarines being better than peaches, uh, hey man. Can you check out atom finance, atom finance, pretty nice ui and had a each stock, financial and f13 all on app um? I've heard a little bit about atom finance of just like a cool ux for information i'll dive more into it.

Trey's nipples only fan you're, not shyla buff, oh man, i've wasted seven months. I wish shyla buff and i were friends i feel like. Maybe we wouldn't get along i'd like to think we would get along. You know who i would love to just hang out with and play video games with.

It would 100 be post malone um. I think post malone is probably one of the most down to earth mega famous people ever and maybe maybe he's just really good at interviewing, and maybe he just puts on like one of the best acting performances you could ever do in every single interview. He's ever been in, but if you ever watch a post malone interview, the dude is as genuine as it comes um. I i just think it's so cool when people are at that level and they also retain such a large perm, like part of just being a human in humanity in general, but um, hey, post post, mr malone, if you're listening right now he's a big fan of Ufc 2 um the game.

I would love to play against you in that. That's it we are, on the end, game, stay alert, wet dirt, curt, also known as mud. Oh brother, captain catbeard becoming an astronaut. My money is stupid and i don't want it anymore.

Please take my money shout out hunter appreciate you, your merch arrives today enjoy king magnetic i'll, be checking that out. I appreciate that much like the other moon gang member. I also used to be a famous comedian. The girl in high school would laugh at me a shout out, not a hedge fund, uh you're, getting so close to releasing our first conversation, where you thought i was nuts, i can read micro expressions.

Um, you don't have to read micro expressions. I think mr brendan burns um, i think you are definitely some sort of mixture of nuts and onto something which is also, let's be honest, that's a very dangerous mixture um, and i mean that in a positive manner, because i think it's that mixture of nuts and Onto something of people who, like get things done, uh, hey matt, i keep getting told that buying amc options is delaying the short squeeze and helping hedges. Is that true or fud um? It's not that simple at all. It depends on the environment um if you're buying options call options, if you buy call options and amc is not moving.

It is that is truthful to say that you're pissing away money because you're not you're, going to lose money. It's completely different, though, if amc is moving because options, if you play it right, you can make more money than a stock. So if the stock is moving and you play options right, you then make a huge percentage gain and then, if you take that money that allows you to buy more amc, so can be. Can playing options? Hurt amc? Yes, if you do it improperly can buying options.

Help amc well yeah because we know there's a gamma squeeze, we know, there's bigger percentage gains and that can end up helping the stock. So it's definitely a double-edged sword like i don't think, there's a generic answer and if the stock isn't moving and you're attempting to generate more money. Well, you could also look at selling covered calls. Now that's a bit risky because you could be capping your gains, especially if you do it right when the stock's about to rip and like it squeezes and then you lose out because you sell a covered call.

But there have been many people who in basically march april and half of june and then for half of or how, when did they do it april march april? Half of may, the second half of june and july were selling covered calls and they made more money and just bought more shares of amc, so it all comes down to how you play it can engaging in options to answer your question delay the short squeeze. Yes, if played properly, though it can actually expediate the short squeeze, it cuts both ways and if, if you feel that like hang on, maybe i'm not that comfortable with options and like you don't want to do that. Well then, just don't play it um in the most general sense. The best combination when the stock is moving is options and shares uh.

But for me right now, amc is not moving much, so i can tell you this. I'm only in amc shares at this moment. In time, because the stock's not really moving - and i don't want to lose money - like obviously not only do - i want to retain money, but i'm trying to generate the most money possible from my amc position um. So in this current environment i would recommend probably no options, um that at least when i say recommend that's what i'm doing myself like that's what makes sense in my own mind, but it's a dynamic answer.

There's not like a general blanket answer. Yes, it's why? I'm here we can put pressure on japan and france to stop slaughtering dolphins if we own doge, it's why i'm here um burns. It's comments like that that i just it's intriguing like i love this connection, you're saying we can stop the killing of dolphins with doge, like it has just enough in there that i get interested, and i just need to know more because it's so out there, but I just want it to be true, crazy, stuff um. We would change trading for better with an ape app love.

You, man um. I think that, but even with that, that then requires funding to pay the engineers to create it, and if anyone was paying attention two weeks ago, uh the community is not the most supportive of like, i guess, funding like an app or what was it. I mean. I guess i i guess at that case it was different.

It was a legal case, but i think it would be awesome for someone to make an ape app. That does not engage in payment for order flow um, but there will obviously be pushback. I would love for that app to exist. I would love for there be an app that does not do payment for order flow, does not send their orders to a market maker, has a good ui and has free training.

I would love an app that has those four things i would. That would be amazing. I would be on it within a second um. Unfortunately, that doesn't really exist right now, but there are some things that have some of them, so you have to weigh out okay, like what's the most important to me type of a deal, but i would love that.

Do you have any opinion on the app uphold? Just downloaded it last night looking to get some attendees on xrp, i do not have uh up hold. I have coinbase gemini, blackfy and voyager are the crypto based apps i have where would it make money um? So one of the ways it would make money is so if you look at public, they have a tipping mechanism and they also make some money from their stock lending. But then again like not, everyone wants to do stock lending um. So that's one of the biggest issues is as soon as you get away from payment for order flow and if you also don't do stock lending, that's the question of like well, then how does the brokerage make money, but i feel like there's, probably some sort of Creative way beyond tipping that it would actually like generate money, and i think that's what we need is just creative people to come up with very unique solutions that wall street at large has yet to think of audio listener.

Updates amc not doing much it's down 2.5. On the day, trading above 36, gme is trading at 160 down 0.7 percent. On the day. Why is amc just going sideways because many people aren't trading it remember a stock moves on the current trading.

If there's low interest, as in like low volume uh and it's going to have low volatility, that's you're not going to get much movement. Then, if it's just going sideways, it means commonly that the bulls and the bears people buying and people selling are generically equal weighted. Equal strength, uh, we can change training with the app my man, i'm willing to help love. You matt, i believe in youtube.

Shout out. I mean i think that would be absolutely phenomenal to, like literally have a brokerage that retail can be happy in using uh. Hey max, is there a price we don't want amc to get pushed down to since shorts have to buy our shares to cover would tend to share matter. I mean overall, we like every senate goes down.

We don't want that. We want. Every cent we go up. Is better and better like? I don't think that there's a particular price level that like has that much meaning, obviously just the higher the better type of a deal they should create a membership fee base like amazon prime for people, are fine paying one time for shipping, not every time they ship.

Okay, wait wait seriously um, and this would be like most likely a multi-year undertaking. Would you use a trading application above okay? If there was a a trading brokerage that did not do payment for order flow, it had share lending that anyone could opt out of. It. Did not route its orders to a market maker and it had good ui and for that to get all that stuff there was a monthly fee and obviously i know everyone would be like okay like well.

What's the monthly fee um, let's say that it's a reasonable monthly fee, um somewhere. I don't know like i'm just thinking of this now, let's say somewhere in the range of 10 to 30 us dollars. Would you use that brokerage over robin hood over weibull over all these other ones? If that is how it worked, someone said: that's fidelity see the issue with fidelity is most of fidelity's. Orders are still routed to citadel.

Most of them still end up going to citadel. Even though they don't do payment for order flow, that's why i said not only not payment for order flow, but they still don't route most of their orders to citadel fidelity. You can get away with it. I'm like away from market makers.

Couldn't you you have the option to choose where to route it, but a lot of people don't do it has only amc shares like it's. Just like you can only trade one stock in one stock, only amc uh a lot of people saying yes and some people saying no, that's fair. I mean we're literally just discussing this. Now, that's not what i have like up my back sleeve um of what we were working on an ape membership um just so you guys know - and i think this is very important - is um when a brokerage does not have payment for order flow.

That does not mean that citadel is its main, i guess not really custodian, but its main route location. We do see that like, if you even look at the what is it uh that 601 filing or whatever fidelity only does payment for order flow in options? It does not do it for stocks and it has free trading, i'm trying to be very, very honest about what fidelity is, but if you look into it for people on fidelity who are not intentionally routing their orders, the most common path is still citadel securities. So, if you're on fidelity, that's great you're, avoiding payment for order flow but make sure take it to the next level and make sure you're avoiding citadel securities by actively routing your orders away from them. Hedgies use the back and forth over the last few months to generate enough profit to purchase more calls and shares, and they have short positions so when they cover their profits from the long vastly outweighed their losses from the short possible um misto, it's theoretically possible, if They were that profitable, like obviously if they pulled off that type of profit like yeah.

That is a possibility um, but someone it depends on the hedge fund. If they successfully pulled that off, can you go over what you had tweeted today about the ftds and such i didn't really understand. What was going on would be great if you can give a rundown um. So basically, i personally thought it was weird that their to my understanding with an ftd uh specific to amc, i was expecting on july 8th to see at minimum 2.5 million ftds because i thought to go on the threshold list.

You have five consecutive days of at least 2.5 million, which is point five percent of the outstanding shares and then you're put on it, and i thought you remained on it until it fell below that threshold and you were taken off that day. I didn't know uh. I just didn't know that you had to remain below that threshold limit for five consecutive training days to then be removed. I thought you were removed the day of so i thought there was like something kind of fishy going on um, but during the stream and shout out uh to everyone who was on stream to kind of point out and like we did, some live dd of the Fact that no, you have to remain below the limit for five days and then you're removed from it.

So basically, we kind of thought there was something wonky going on, but then, with that new, updated explanation, um the data does support it to like that new current up understanding. So basically, there's two ways: you can look at it if you're looking at the spike in ftds, like the newly reported from early july, does it make sense that we were taking off the threshold list when we were yes, but on a more important level? Why, at the end of june and the beginning of july, do we have such a spike in ftds to begin with, like we should not have those type of spikes? Those should not exist um. So, in terms of the threshold list, i don't see anything that everything i understand now my current understanding it does add up, but still on the highest level. Why do we have that many s ftds? To begin with, like those shouldn't exist like we could argue, the semantics and the details of when we were or weren't taking off the list, but the fact that there's such a notable spike in ftds that inherently itself is problematic, um.

So to answer your question more directly, the rundown of the tweets was, i put something out and i asked you i'm like hey, i'm confused like how does this make sense and um? I don't know people some people thought i should like should know. Literally every single thing about the stock market, and that's why i put it out there to ask people and we got the answer and then it made sense. So i don't think that particular detail was as um indicative of some crime or fraud, but still in the bigger picture. The fact that we had such a notable spike in ftds is extremely concerning.

What do you think of the red candles on mly f chart as the price increases? Is that showing the selling to buyers um, i mean every single transaction? Is a buyer and a seller agreeing so the the reason it's red is because, in that time frame the close is lower than the open. That's how you get a red bar, the close is lower than the open. A green bar is the close is higher than the open green bar closes. Higher red bar close is lower, and that's how you can trend upward, because you basically have gap.

Ups um, this you're trying to connect it to is that showing selling to buyers? That's every single trade at all. Every single trade is a buyer meeting, a seller and a seller meeting a buyer. It's an agreement between two separate parties, um, that's important to know and uh. I know for some people who are more familiar with training.

You've heard me say this and it might make sense to you, but please understand, there's a lot of newer apes to the community. When you buy, someone is selling to you when you sell someone is buying from you for every buyer, there is a seller for every seller. There is a buyer, you do not buy from the ether you do not sell into the ether and then commonly the next follow-up question is like hang on matt. If every buyer has a seller and if every seller has a buyer, how does the price move and the price moves because of the price? That's agreed upon, the buyer and the seller? Those two parties like for amc: what are they agreeing on? Did they agree? On 35.98, did they agree on 35.97? Did they agree on 36? That's what moves the price is.

The agreement between the buyer and the seller, but every buyer has a seller and every seller has a buyer met. You have potential, you don't have you don't have to do what you do you choose to do so and you make a difference, at least in my life, sorry for the heartfelt, but i still hate honeydews love. You bro shout out just bradley uh, hey matt, when the short squeeze happens, i'm buying a replica, wwe belt and spray painting amc on it. Like did back in the day, want one uh chris, i would love one.

I would wear that with pride. Re dans are eternal president darth dan, cardinal of pickles and v-wop, quite the name, your thoughts on lucid stock and chart um. So fundamentally i like it. I do believe that there's an appetite for, let's call it high-end ev vehicles within the us in terms of its stock.

It's not doing much and you're kind of if you're in it. I would either risk 20 or 21 as the current main risk. If you really like it and if you're patient in it for the long haul, you could risk 17 and in terms of a breakout you're looking for to break above 30., i was in it back in the heyday when it was running up here and then they Came in and the acquisition target was way way too high and a gap down, and that was like super super ugly um, but i'm just very bullish on the ep sector at large for the remainder of the decade i mean, i think, there's a lot a lot Of potential in it - and i think society and politically we are moving more and more to um alternative energy sources. As long as it meets a certain price parity uh, i think if evs can perform the same as your typical gas and diesel diesel vehicles if they perform the same and they're the same cost or cheaper, why would people not switch over to them? We're looking for a price parity between ev and your classic vehicles to be met, and then i think that's when we're going to see a massive influx in the demand curve, because why not what about drive drive? That's an etf that tracks the ev sector.

I think drive's, okay, i like arc q, better ark q um to track the ev sector at large. But driv is another etf that tracks the ev sector bill and melinda gates are officially divorced, shoot your shot. Matt uh got my channel to mute your mic. I have a message: dude go to my channel and mute your mic wet dirt curt.

I don't know if there's the best way to go over it uh youtube uh. Am i feeling tired? No i'm actually feeling good. I got a lot of r r uh over the weekend and i'm feeling real good about it. I more so just feel that i'm ugly uh there's a difference between being tired and just being ugly folks uh.

I just wanted that for all my fellow like just resting ugly, looking people uh, there's a big difference. It's just it's just how my life is all right. What else do we have going on? Uh, hey matt, if you weren't in amc, looked at the chart right? What would your thoughts on it be uh if i never consolidating it's just grinding sideways? If i saw this chart and didn't know anything about it, amc i'd just be like. Oh it's sideways um.

I would be watching it obviously to hold on to 31 23.. I just look for that, though the hold of the recent low um, looking it to hold 31 and looking it to break out of 46.. If i didn't know anything about amc, if i didn't know anything about ape nation, if i didn't know anything about anything with this, if i just saw this chart i'd say: oh, you have to be patient and wait for the support to be tested or to wait For the resistance to be tested, that's how i would look at amc if i had no clue about it at all, just purely from a charting perspective, uh wet dirt, curt, also known as mud mud. Kurt just listened to your video.

I appreciate that annoying, i know or ignore the personal fudge shout out. Thank you uh matt, do you have any advice for crying in the shower just found out? I need spine surgery and i will likely lose my job because of it. Mother of all short squeezes, nervous, laughs, duke and duke commodities broker um. I was about to give you more of a comedic response, but i don't know if this is the time for that.

I'm sorry you're going through it. I hope i hope your job understands. I hope your manager and or boss understands that sucks spine surgery, that's brutal. If you need some tips for crying in a shower most of my tips for crying in the shower.

Are i don't know if it would necessarily apply to you, because i don't know what's going on with your spine, but for anyone who's looking for a good shower, crying session, it's all about being dynamic and being agile uh you got ta, sometimes stand and lean against It sometimes you have to look right into the water other times. You need to sit down. It's all about how many different positions can you cry in you don't want to get all bent out of shape in one and then just sit there. It's all about moving in around within the shower is like my main tip, but duke, like i said, i i'm not the most familiar with your spine issue uh, but in all seriousness, i like wish you the best of luck with your upcoming surgery.

If a hedge fund is over leveraged, can they declare bankruptcy? If so, what happens to the borrowed shares they can become over leveraged, but a high majority of the time you're going to get margin called before your leverage gets too bad. That's the entire part. Point of margin calling is saying: hey your position is representing way too much risk to us. We need you to close it down.

So, generally, you have um some sort of fail-safe from the prime broker to the hedge fund before the hedge fund gets too out of uh out of hand because remember if the hedge fund goes under and messes things up, it's the prime broker, that's on the hook. If they cannot, i guess make good on their promise or whatever position they're in then. The prime broker has to pay that up and they don't want to do that. So the prime broker, they watch their clients positions like a hawk because they don't want to spend any of that money.

Okay, this is getting weird now you know what can be the sustainable socioeconomic incentive for wind and solar story, game joke sound familiar, it sure. Does all right? We went over that tommy, lucid bullish on it personally, sour crying is also about being quiet when you're wiping kids are home. Ah, this is getting dark and it's getting dark quickly. How's iwm, looking iwm is being super weird all right.

So, for my audio listeners, amc is at 36 and jimmy is at 159. If we take a quick look, oh i forgot about this stuff. I wanted to go on a little a field trip with all of you. I thought it would be fun um.

I have a very fun field trip for us all all planned. Please get your permission. Sips signed by your parent, your legal guardian or forge a signature yourself, but very quickly before we go on our field trip, um, quick or text update amc net return of 5.6 million shares short interest of 14.23 percent gamestop, a borrow of 160 000 uh kind of Higher numbers for gme anyway, a short interest of 14.27 percent. That's your quick update there! Um! Let's go on this field! Trip hang on uh matt! You are doing any call options at the moment, when's a good time to do call options and put it into january 2022..

I have no amc or gme call options right now. I believe the main call options i have in my account at the current time are tesla calls um duke make sure you pick a corner position. Standing up and wind up, slipping and stuff falls on you not mocking legit escaped to be here. Big love to you duke burns.

I hope everything's all going all right. Okay, who's, our chaperone, i'm the chaperone all right, let's go on a little a little little little a little adventure, a little field trip of the us government, so folks sit down buckle up. Actually don't like most buses, don't have buckles, which is really weird, but anyway we're starting the field trip. We have enough of these permission.

Slips signed: okay, friday july 30th, the financial services, the u.s house committee on financial services who i'll get into it a little bit, but it is ironic that maxine waters is uh the chairwoman, but anyway we don't have to get into that now. Four six one eight and four six one: nine: they passed committee by a vote of 27 to 22 and then, additionally, four 4617, it passed by a vote of 28 to 22., so 4617, 4618. 4619. The 46's all pass committee for those of you who are like matt.

What are you talking about? Well, 4617 is all about asking the sec to look into the efficacy pros and cons of payment for order flow because it is outlawed in the uk it's outlawed in canada. Its initial steps were kind of started by bernie madoff. If you really look into payment for order flow, it has some crazy things going on. Hence it's good that the sec is looking into it once again.

These are all bills, they are not yet law, they have to pass committee. Then the house, then the senate and then be signed by the president, but we're at least one step closer 4618. This is the short sale, transparency and market fairness act. This is all about increasing the cadence at which 13 fs are filed.

13Fs are basically you file. Your positions, if your assets under management or over 100 million dollars, so every quarter they're like hey, here's, our long positions, here's our puts here's our calls and they do that. Every quarter this bill would say instead of quarterly, let's go monthly and on top of what you're already reporting, we want to see. You reporting your short positions as well, so that is 4618, the short sale, transparency and market fairness act and then finally, 4619, is all about market makers front running their client.

Basically, it's going to hold the ceos legally culpable and on top of that, the person who violated the crime and it lays out their punishment, which could eventually lead to imprisonment imprisonment if they are breaking these rules. So, overall the forty sixes one, seven one, eight one, nine. I would argue in my opinion, my non-legal non-government non-financial advice opinion. I would argue that they are very, very strong for retail traders.

But let's take a quick look at this, so i don't know what this means: i'm not a history buff or a government buff. I don't know why these ones were all voted in a block, so they voted on the block for all of these and then yet these were voted individually, but anyway um. This was posted on reddit shout out to bird bear for posting this and getting the link um. He posted the vote.

The official vote right here for in block two. This was the vote that happened for uh, one eight and one nine and, as you can see it passed by 27 and 22 um eyes and nays eyes and eyes whatever you want to call it. Obviously you know it's i and a but anyway, what's kind of interesting and we can do this. This is one of the cool things about like the freedom of information um.

Is you get a lot of a lot of information and one of the ways you can get the information is just going to open secrets.org. This is where the field trip really begins. I was just laying out the purpose of the field trip. Let's look at the ranking member, which i assume means he's basically like what i don't know the leader of this group, but anyway, mr mchenry.

Obviously on this he voted. No, he voted, nay, he said nah, i don't. I don't want you to look into short sale. Transparency - and i don't want you to stop market makers from front running their client and you would think mr patrick mchenry from north carolina.

Why would you say no? Why would you personally do that? That seems weird? It seems like just a very realistic thing to look into and then what's where it gets. Funny is the top industries of where he gets it securities and investment. He got a half million dollars of. I guess donations.

Wait. Can we see these other things as well? We're doing the field trip live wow, so between his campaign and his pack stuff still coming from securities and investments. I haven't done this, but i would be willing to bet if we looked at these lobbyists.

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