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Ape Nation ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ™Œ : The Earnings Reaction
Dumb Money Ep. 30 AMC, GME & Crypto
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Hello, hello, hello. What is going on? What is you know what you pivot pivot early in the stream we're doing an early morning, pivot we're putting on the duck shirt right away. I don't care early morning, duck shirt or early morning, glasses. It doesn't matter.

Folks, pivot, is this how i plan on starting the stream today? No, no! No! No! Just seconds ago, i thought i was going to say something different and then i don't know. Ah, i'm knocking everything over all jacked up, i'm all jacked up a mountain dew. What a great movie shout out: talladega nights! Oh, oh lord! Oh lord, oh lord, it's gon na be a day. Folks, it is gon na be a day and a half.

I don't know. I don't know for those of you who, like truly believe in the gregorian calendar and all that stuff, but we are about to have ourselves a day and a half 1.5 days all shoved into a day. It's it's gon na, be something it's gon na, be something this is something the minds never predicted happening, but we're about to have ourselves quite the day and a half ourselves man. So i don't even know where i want to start this today.

So many things to go over. Obviously we have to talk about amc. The amc, earnings announcement, we're looking good i've been telling you about 36 past 36, i'm watching 40 to 42, we'll go over the or text numbers. All of that boy.

Do i have a doozy of a story for you, folks, involving apple uh if you've been here, for i guess at this point a month. You know my previous apple story. Well, boy, oh boy! I think it's about. I think i topped my previous apple story, uh.

So at some point today we have to go over my apple story because i went in. I went in like a hot tamale to the apple store last night and uh some interesting things came on. People are saying adam aaron on cnbc, so i tried to uh find that live cnbc uh. I tried to find him on squawk box.

Let me track this down to see if i could find it um and i know adam aaron is also going to be on with charles payne, so definitely interested in that coming up. First, oh, i have it whoa. This worked. That's crazy! Hang on hang on! No because we want new investors, but i think that jim chanos, the previous show raised some very good points about expensive stock is uh, obviously, either beholder yeah well, we'll be talking a great deal about all those different things uh before we do that jim sort of What has caught your eye? More broadly speaking, in terms of where we stand right now in the markets uh in the bond market, i don't know, take it wherever you want in terms of what you think are the keys.

I mean i know david, it's it it's! It's more in your belly wick, but once again you think that something's worth x and a very smart company, canadian pacific comes along and says stocks worth more well, it's worth more to them, but it's still worth more to cn. Yes, but i'm saying that now they're talking about okay, so it sounds like he's about like you are and i'm saying i i keep seeing all right so uh. I know i just turned that medio off uh as soon as adam and comes on we'll listen to it for a little, a little pre-market action for squawk box uh. Let me just make sure that i have this going all right: sweet, sweet, sweet! So all right! Um overall, i guess before adam aaron gets there.

Let me set the stage for you. Let me set the stage of what's going on with at the earnings. If you didn't catch the earnings, uh, there's a couple important things to know and um. As adam aaron said, if i had to sum up the earnings announcement, the earnings call how the company did in the most previous fiscal quarter um.

I i would. I would reiterate - adam aaron's two very bold, bold, yet wise words of crushed it. They absolutely crushed it. Um last quarter at the end of what was it march, they had record liquidity, as in cash on hand, revolving credit uh, around 1 billion.

Since then, this quarter that ended at the end of june, they have they've, beat their own record again. This is a 100 year standing record they've doubled up to two billion dollars in liquidity. Their revenue was 445 million dollars when expectations were 382 billion, so they beat revenue expectations. They did have a loss of 334 million, but that is still a beat in terms of earnings per share.

They were expecting a loss of 91 cents per earnings per share, but instead they only had a loss of 71 cents, so they beat that um, their ticket revenue trending up quarter over quarter over quarter, their capacity trending up quarter over quarter of quarter usd and in Also, europe um their debt. Yes, they do have about five billion dollars worth of debt. Some a little bit of it is due in 2023. Most of it is due in 2026, so we have over four years, which gives them plenty of time to get their balance sheet.

Uh figure out better deals, blah blah blah relative to the previous quarter. The attendance has 3x and even though it's still down from 2019, it's trending beautifully ticket sales are up food and beverages up by a lot of 42. It's absolutely killing it. Last quarter, their cash burn was 120 billion per month.

Uh now we're at 85 or sorry, not billion million 120 million. Now it's at 85 million, so that's a 30 increase in their cash burn. Looking good there they're uh, they closed out some of their weak theater chains. We know about those two, the grove and the americana and la they're, actually in talks for six and potentially four more so it looks like 10 there they're still looking at 12 new builds in uh 2022, obviously they're looking to continue with the sports.

It was a huge success with ufc. They also have these concerts with chancellor rapper and halsey. One of the big announcements is that by the end of this year, they're looking to accept not only apple and google pay, but also bitcoin beyond that they did do a small increase in tickets to help with the bottom line. They are on very, very good terms with universal and in fact, on top of that they even struck a deal with warner bros in 2022, all movies will have a 45-day window of a theatrical release, so this argument of them fighting with streaming.

It's a 45-day, theatrical release before it goes on streaming with warner bros. Then they talked about some other stuff. That's the main takeaways um. I just wanted to give you the highlights of the numbers just so when people are talking to you about it, they're improving.

They are improving. The numbers beat he's not on mine quite yet moments away all right. Let's see what this is the only on cbc adam. It's always great to have you back how you been good morning, uh jim good morning, david, i'm great.

As you know, uh we just reported a fabulous quarter way ahead of market expectations uh. We would really like to think after this very long 16 months of covet, that we can see recovery in sight ahead. Well, let's go over that uh right now in the conference. Call you talk about the idea that you've laddered the debt, which is very good, meaning there's no uh big payment to do right now.

Obviously, you've lowered the cash burn, it's much better, but then in the call you say, look i'd like to raise capital uh. Others do too uh, but you've obviously taken both informal polls because you're on twitter and speaking to a lot of shareholders and you're saying you know what? Let's not do that. But the previous guest james channos comes on and says center mark is so much cheaper and then also i'm actually so much cheaper. Why don't you just say you know what let's do convertible bonds? Let's do something that raises capital, given the fact that the stock's still very high.

Well, let's start and remind everyone how much capital we've raised in the last year and a half since april of 2020. Amc has brought in between five and six billion dollars of capital, either from raising equity, raising debt or getting concessions from lenders and other entities close to companies like like our landlords, and we ended the first quarter of 2021 uh with a billion dollars of liquidity. Uh. That's cash, an undrawn revolver uh that compares to a company that was running out of tasks during the height of the pandemic last winter.

That's where we were in march of 2021, that billion dollar quarter. Ending liquidity figure was the single highest quarter, ending liquidity figure that amc's ever had in its more than 100 year history. Well, that record we set march 31 on june 30, thanks to having raised another billion and a quarter of equity in may and june. We ended up with another record liquidity position at the end of the second quarter june 30 of 2 billion that actually was 2 billion, 23 or 2 billion 24.

uh, but it was more than 2 billion. We beat the 100 year record for amc by a full billion dollars. It was double where we were in march, so, yes, um, uh, sure i'd like always to amass the largest war chest i can get so that we can do things with it uh, but we do have the largest war chest that amc has ever had. As for your question, specifically about convertible bonds, uh, we sold over 400 million shares uh between uh april of actually between september of 2020 and june of 2021.

We actually don't have any shares left, so it convert is not an option until such time as the shareholders authorize more shares, but you did say you need to play offense, and then you went over multiple ideas in the conference school that need more capital that you Said would be very successful, so i was confused because obviously playing offense could mean raising more capital, or are you going to use your a stock that many feels inflated to start buying more than you already have and you've made some great acquisitions? Well, look um! We have two billion dollars of liquidity, uh that gives us plenty of capital to go on offense with and for example, we said yesterday that we're adding somewhere between five and ten very important theaters in the united states. We already announced specifically two in los angeles, which were the second and fifth highest grossing theaters, in los angeles, a few years back. These came to us from arclight pacific theaters who did not resume operations as a result of code uh, and we said we think we'll wind up with uh between five and ten theater is just a few weeks from now. That's an example playing offense another example of playing offense uh uh we're gon na get quite involved in the world of cryptocurrency uh.

We announced yesterday that we're gon na be accepting bitcoin there. We go as payment online for online purchases for amc admissions and concessions. Uh. There's much more that we can do with cryptocurrency uh, because we got a big population, an avid population of customers of transactions of consumers.

That's an example of playing offense. There are a whole lot more ideas. We we said we were going to go. Look at alternative programming.

We just had our first two ufc fights that we showed at amc. Theaters attendance was very strong this month in august, we're showing our first two concert: movies in ages with the artist chance, the rapper and halsey. So there are things that we can do. Two billion dollars is a nice cash hoard.

The biggest we've ever had to play with and, as i said, we're the largest theater operator in the world we're playing on offense. It is so that kovan put us on our heels for a year, but that's behind us now. Okay, now you mentioned uh. Obviously, the apes, which is this cohort of uh investors, that is very excited about amc, stock uh, and you also mentioned something they want very much the partnering with game style on a number of possible fronts.

Now uh. How are those talks going? Have you sat down or zoomed with ryan cohen, who is the seer of gamestop to get something going? Well, i think javert here is actually insane about the you said something about apes uh. I look at these uh millions of individual investors as uh who really came on the scene just in the last six months, they're the owners of my company uh. They don't work for me.

I work for them. They're, my bosses, and just like all professional management teams, respond to the shareholders of their companies. We're certainly interested in the suggestions that are flowing to us from the owners of our company, one of the many. So you talked to ryan cohen.

Then you've talked to ryan. I know what i said yesterday what i said yesterday when, for the first time ever, we took uh questions rather uh the most the questions on our rings call came from our individual shareholder owners rather than a professional securities. Analyst was that we've gotten a lot of good ideas flowing into the company from our company's owners. One of them was that we should partner with gamestop.

I was asked if, if i was willing to do that, i said sounded like an interesting idea to me and that i would reach out to gamestop. However, i also said yesterday that there have been no communications between gamestop and amc right yesterday afternoon, adam it's david yeah. I brought that up as a kind of jokingly a couple of months ago, right here, um funny how it's become something that perhaps could actually become a reality. I want to talk, though, more about reality itself.

Adam you've done a lot of things to navigate this company to navigate it to to uh calmer waters, and you need to be applauded for that. But you know today, you're uh, with this move up the stock's gon na be worth about 19 billion dollars. You don't believe it's in your interest to tell your shareholders that you know you're still an exhibitor, a just of of of product right of movies, typically, perhaps of other sporting events. Is there any path you could justify for having that kind of value, given the financials on a fundamental basis, as we at least try to weigh them, yeah you're going to be able to produce even under the best of scenarios? Here we go so guess what i think.

All of us have been watching the financial markets for a very long time uh, and we can't always explain uh how the financial markets act. Uh a market is a market they're willing buyers, they're, willing sellers. We made a very clear disclosure uh a few months ago that our stock was trading away from historic fundamentals, uh and uh, and - and we we made no bones about that, but you know uh you at cnbc when i have great respect for all of you there. You focus on our share price every day, uh.

What i focus on is running the company and what i focus on is the recovery of the company uh. Ours was the company that was the strongest player in our industry on the planet. In february of 2020, the coven pandemic shut all of our theaters in a thousand of them in 15 countries. In the span of a week, our revenues went from 450 million dollars a month to 450 thousand dollars in a month.

Uh, our earnings went from reliably positive to non-existent and, as you say, we had to pull a lot of rabbits out of the hat and you and you did, that you did it and yeah and you've and you've detailed a lot of that in the in the Last 10 minutes in terms of what you're able to do and it's it's worthy of praise, but i still wonder um i mean i'm looking at a loop capital markets. You know they have a dollar price target. Yeah credit suite is a dollar 55.. You know, even despite a 2.1 billion equity rates over the last year, we remain concerned about your leverage, the shrinking of the exclusive theatrical window, the number of screens relative to the long-term attendance trends.

Um, you know nobody's worried, you're, going out of business, of course, and you you've delayed all your debt repayments and things of that nature, but again adam to understand the long-term fundamental strength of this franchise. I just it's being treated as though it's the greatest growth company of all time and it's not well look the same people who are uh putting us down now we're writing with equal certainty. Uh 10 months ago that we were going out of business. Then they've been wrong uh and who knows what will happen? There's only one thing, i'm certain of tomorrow.

Our share price will go up, it will stay the same or it will go down and it is right and and and, as you just said - wait as you just said, yeah uh, our focus is on building this company, taking it forward improving its performance. That's exactly what we've done uh some people think heroically over the past year and the same team that has paid attention to driving this company through improving its fortunes going forward. It's the same team! That's going to take it forward from from now i'll understand. The price reacts to all that we're all going to find out we're all going to find out together.

I i guess, but you know if i was in your position and i hit the lottery ticket of having the reddit crowd kind of congregate around me and believe in my future and spit my stock up man i'd be selling a lot of stock adam, i mean You've become an incredibly wealthy man over the last year. How do you view that and your ability to potentially monetize some of that wealth? You talk about me personally, yeah for your kids or your children, your two children, because the company uh did monetize uh very much. So they did, but what about you? What about you? Hey? Look. I've run this company for five and a half years.

I haven't sold a single share, yet i believe in it i believed in its past. I believe in its present, i believe in its future um. I did say on the earnings call yesterday that uh i hit my 67th birthday in september at some point in time this winter. I suspect i need diversify my assets a little bit and i intend to file a 10b51 plan, but my focus isn't on my personal net worth.

My focus is on restoring amc to health and prosperity uh. This is a 101 year old company. I on that basic idea, though uh just let's get back to the fundamentals themselves, the theatrical window. I know you signed this new deal with warner.

Uh seems to be fairly important, but there are those who believe things have changed forever as a result of the pandemic. As a result of the growth of direct to consumer and that movie, theaters are going to become a less and less important way for the producers of that product to actually showcase what they have and therefore you're not going to benefit as much as in the past. Well, you're right, we signed very important to the warner brothers uh. They experimented starting in december with going to the home uh simultaneously with theatrical release, and it was a six month.

Experiment and they've already abandoned that experiment, because when i talk to studio executives across hollywood, they tell me that the proven way to build billion dollar movie franchises is to take it to theaters first, but down, i don't know i paid 30 for black widow very willingly. It was dynamite i watched at home. I didn't have to pay the cost of that popcorn that you cost a fortune, for i didn't have to buy the diet coke because it was right there in my kitchen and you know what it was like one unbelievable opportunity. I had a big screen adam.

I wish you had been with me. We would have had it dynamite time. Guess what before you're going to an amc theater, we would have even had more of a dynamite time. And i'm going to tell you why.

One of the major studios who took a film uh to to the home early did a survey and they found that people who watched that movie in the theater, like that movie twice as much as the people who watch that same movie at home. There are no concerns about piracy when movies are coming to our theaters, as there are concerns uh when movies are are taken to the home, and as for this notion of people staying in the house gee, i think if kobet's taught us anything at all, it's people Want to get out of the house, the everybody has a kitchen, but people go to restaurants to eat, not all the time, but they do uh amc and movie. Theaters we've been competing against television sets for 75 years. People watch a lot of tv at home, but they also go to movie theaters and i think that's because it's an event they want to go out.

They want to get out of the house, they want to be with other people and a horror movie. They want to scream at the same time or the comedy they want to laugh at the same time in a rom-com romantic comedy. They want to cry at the same time. Uh there's a magic about going with well, but you know what i don't want to get coveted at the same time as these people with this delta.

I know you guys have done unbelievable, but i do not. I would prefer to sit at home, okay with less risk of delta than go out and have a risk of delta and have unvaccinated people. Why not do what frank del rio does it norwegian now allowed by a federal court and asked us if we've been vaccinated? So i can feel safer going to the movies. Well, let's start a couple of places there, because there's several important things.

What you said number one uh, no one is a bigger proponent of vaccination than amc uh. I said on this network six months ago. The most important man in the movie business was albert borla, the ceo of pfizer, because, while i am quite optimistic about the future of amc, the future of theatrical exhibition, despite all the concerns that you properly raised, we would be nowhere without vaccination, but the big difference Between our country, dealing with the delta variant and our country, dealing with the kobe drivers last winter, is that 57 of the us population have been vaccinated already, and i i'm hopeful that the dollar variant will remind the unvaccinated how important it is that they get vaccinated. So that's the first thing.

The second thing is, we spent a tremendous amount of effort working with clorox and faculty from harvard university's prestigious school of public health on our safe and clean protocols to make sure that we operate our theater safely and cleanly. We were so far ahead of the rest, not just of the movie theater but all of industry on air purification and upping the filtration in our hvac systems, because we knew uh way back in may and june of last year that this virus was much more. A respiratory spread, but last but not least, i happen to be on the board of norwegian cruise line uh, which is an irony of given your question right right and i i my hat's off to frank del rio and and the ncl, and that's why. I know because you ran norwegian pardon me, you ran norwegian, that's why i thought you'd go for that one all right, right! You're in there.

You have no reason at night. I know well, that's why i thought it was a good question. I got one more point. Do you would you give me the i, would you give me this so you're, a showman, hey, i've never been never afraid of being called a showman, isn't bitcoin a bit of a showman? Is that, like a great way i mean, if i came to movie theater, i mean i have to do it ahead of time and i used ethereum, i mean why i mean i got it, you you want it well, we keep on hearing suggestions from our showers That we should start accepting cryptocurrency uh and we found out that it was very easy for us to take cryptocurrency and take no balance sheet risk in the process, so we'll be involving third-party processors in the effort who will take uh the currency risk.

So if people want to pay us in bitcoin, they can pay us in bitcoin. Having said that, as we learned more and more about cryptocurrency uh cryptocurrency is quite an intriguing option for companies who have millions of consumers and hundreds of millions of transactions, and that's amc. So there so there's something quite out here and i also think it's getting more active in cryptocurrency, maybe one of the ways to earn our market valuation. That david was talking about earlier.

If i could just say one thing and we're gon na wrap up adam, you got ta, go make it quick. I understand why uh you raised all the concerns about the optical exhibition. I just want to remind you: movie: theaters, have been central to the cultural fabric of american life for a hundred years and we're going to remain central to the cultural fabric of american life for the next hundred. Well, let me do this.

Congratulations. You've done a great job and you know i feel privately and publicly. I will say that because your company would not have survived without your incredibly smart work and cooperation of the shareholders who understand exactly what you're trying to do win for them. And i am congratulating you great job.

Thank you so much david. Thank you. Jim coming up canadian pacific says its new takeover offer for kansas city. Southern is superior um.

Adam aaron did very very well um. It was borderline moronic, the the questions and the tone that they came at him with like what like i just, don't get it. I don't get it at all um. It's i mean what we just saw.

There is like a multi-million dollar show production and, and they just like weren't getting it. It's still like no matter over the past six months. Have they not yet heard that this is not just a fundamental play like it's actually beyond a fundamental play like that's, not necessarily, why we're in it have they not realized that this is beyond exclusively reddit he's like? Oh, you have all these redditors in there and just like the way they were like talking to him. Like i don't know, i i guess i get it i'm here i go on and like i do my antics and i have my stick and my bit and everything but like i have like a little bit of like respect for a guy who, like literally saved What now a 19 billion dollar company that was looking at the face of like going extinct in 2020, going from extinct to evaluation of 19 billion dollars in a year and a half like the the questions and tone at which they approached him.

I don't know, maybe i'm looking a little bit too much into it, but it was in my opinion. It was like borderline disrespectful like seriously uh like um a lot of disrespect and but that's what we're dealing with. I guess i shouldn't be surprised. I'm saying this as if it's like a groundbreaking statement, that's how we've gotten to this situation very legitimately.

That's how we've gone to this situation. It's because it's not as only the leadership team at amc, but the people who are supporting amc time and time again like just underestimated it viewed to be, have a novice, rudimentary understanding of the stock market and that's how we've gotten to this situation. So am i surprised, i guess, am i frustrated? Yes, am i surprised no, and i guess would i want it to be changed. Well, maybe not necessarily because it's that type of outlook on our community that has got us here and for a lot of us has made us a lot of money.

So i don't even know if i necessarily want it to go to the wayside, but it's so. I mean the whiplash like i i don't know about you, but i feel gaslit. The conversation legitimately went from him saying he should. He is talking to the ceo of a movie theater folks, and he said he should have watched black widow in his house with him.

He's like come over, we would have had a good time 30. I would have paid for it. We could have had diet coke together. What i've made bad jokes.

I've never made a joke that stupid when talking to the ceo of a movie. Theater blows my mind anyway, folks anyway, folks, casino is open, casino is open, but overall i mean adam aaron hit him back and he hit him back hard uh. I was happy with what he said a lot of it was he just reiterated the high level points from what we heard in the earnings call yesterday um, so i don't know if there was like anything groundbreaking, but it was cool to kind of see other people's Opinions and then the way that he hit back. I thought that was a bit entertaining all right.

Iwm amc, all right. Let's what other questions we have it um someone said that they have no shares of yeah. That's why they can't do convertible bonds. Remember for a while, the convertible bond theory was like hot in this community, and then people were like hang on.

You can't do that. To have convertible bonds, you have to have uh. I guess shares that are authorized to go to the market right now. There are no more authorized shares that could dilute the outstanding share account um, that's kind of what the big vote was, that they took that proposal away um but yeah.

They were saying because you can raise money through convertible bonds. I believe that's what silver lake did who's a big investor from quite a few years ago. In amc they had convertible bonds and uh. Ever since this year, there's been absolutely no convertible bonds, because there's no extra shares that are authorized that could dilute the outstanding share.

Count all right out of the gate, amc holding above 36 uh - i guess, while this is opening, i just want to quickly show you the ortex numbers. Let's go over this so amc they borrowed a quarter million against it. Quarter. Million short inches of 15.88 utilization.

93.55 shares on loan 103 million in terms of gme net neutral short interest to 12.5 percent utilization 46 shares on loan 7.3. I want to show you amc's daily chart really quick. This is the level i was watching the low from whatever this date is the low from july 28th. That's why i was calling out 36 yesterday we exceeded that today.

I want to see the tests of the high 39s all the way up to 42.. That would be great because this is, we were rejected there pretty much every day from july 22nd, all the way up to august 2nd. So we have a lot of resistance in this area. I would love to see us just completely smashed through it above 42.

I would then be watching 46. in terms of gme we're at its own level of resistance at 164 past that i'm watching 175.. Not only is it a previous support, but it's also a key psychological level of 175 people like to move in those nice increments. So, overall, those are the levels i'm watching today, amc's gapping up uh 7.25 percent gme is gapping up 1.7 iwm spinning around spy spinning around what else do we have going on over here, tesla's at 7, 10 virgin galactic 3440 palantir another green day, uh penn national Gaming is up, nvidia is up, microsoft is up what else? What else? So we have green green, green crypto, still green um, for those of you been paying attention to crypto bitcoins at 46, 000 doge is at 26 cents.

Ethereum is at 3 200 bitcoins. Now more interesting for us to watch, because we know amc said at by the end of this year, they will be accepting it for uh concession sales and ticket sales. Uh cardano is also running like a madman, so crypto's looking strong amc is coming back, reaffirming uh. This breakout level remember: we do have that technical phenomena of a gap-filled play um.

That is a possibility. The previous close was 33.80 uh stocks do like to fill the previous gaps. We did have a gap up. Obviously, i don't want to see that today, i'd rather see it bounce right off of 36, because we know that's a key level.

I want to see it find a bit of a buyers here and then kind of bounce off of this. This selling this early morning selling very good chance it's day, traders and swing traders who made a position right before i guess market close or just even yesterday, and they they're playing the gap up and they're taking their. I guess two dollars of profit: three dollars of profit, uh good chance. We, what we're seeing right now is just a bunch of profit takers off of the gap up uh kind of um kind of expected kind of normal, especially with a stock.

That says, i guess well discussed well spoken about, as amc there's, obviously a lot of eyes on it. So i'm sure this is just day traders that got in and out quick swing. Trade uh. I wouldn't say that this is by any means the ape community selling by any means the ape community selling amc 3580 want to see it recapture the 36 level gme 162 36.

iwm, the russell 2000 flat uh s, p 500 442 - also pretty much flat since open, But remember we're five minutes into the day. Folks, we are just exclusively five minutes in i like to wait. Those first 15, 20 30 minutes and just see how things are really shaking out um. It's just there's so much whiplash and whips like it's just whipping up and down right as it comes out, especially after a fundamental development such as an earnings call calm cool collected.

I like to sit those first 15, 20 30 minutes and see how things are truly shaking out, instead of making a rash decision a little bit too early into the market day. I think, like i said i think it's profit takers right here and then, if we get back on the north side of 36, just kind of reaffirming that price level i'd like it, i'd like it, i'd like it, i'd like it but calm cool collected, i'm not Making any uh rash decisions, that's on ddd, uh cat moore's i'll check that out in a little bit i'll write that down what does cell mean? I mean good question good question, all right d d d, that is on my list: let's wait till the market opening plays out a bit more all right, amc already recapturing that 36 level. This is the exact level i was calling out yesterday. Obviously, this morning, i'm watching 36.

I want to hold above 36. I want a decent amount of volume, traded uh above 36, as in the market, has been accepting that price that valuation and then from there. I want to see that test of the incredibly important region of the high 39s all the way up to 42 from a technical perspective. If you see amc closing above 42, there is so much reason to be stupidly.

Happy no! So much reason to be so incredibly happy a close above 42.. I'm not necessarily saying that for today, but i'm just pointing out: hey we're, obviously trending up to that level after the double bottom in, like the low 30 area, so uh this might be the the exciting announcement of they. Absolutely they beat the top line. They beat the bottom line, they had some cool announcements, they are looking at maybe 10 new theaters in the us buying out from arc like arc light pacific they're.

Looking at 12 new theater builds in the year 2022. They have the new deals, a very good working relationship now with universal. In fact, in adam erin's own words, it's the best working relationship. They've had thus far warner bros.

They agreed in 2022 that all the movie releases will have a 45-day theatrical release window before it goes to streaming, um lots of good and not like just beyond the numbers like. Of course, we could go over the numbers of what they beat on revenue. Earnings per share, but the bottom line is, is what exactly adam said: they crushed it. It is literally that simple they crushed it, they crushed it, they crushed it, and for me i this is how i interpret it.

So i know i i'm one of many people who, for a long long time has said this is not a fundamental play and right now it's like okay. Well, if you're talking about an earnings announcement, it seems like you're talking a lot about fundamentals: how's this all of a sudden, become a fundamental play. No, no! No! No! That's not the best way to look at this. This is how i would recommend looking at it.

We're in this uh there's a good chance if you're listening to me right now, you're a member of the ape nation and you're in it for the potential of a short squeeze. Am i guaranteeing a short squeeze absolutely not, but we're finding a value and a premium in the potential outcome of a short squeeze and us making a lot of money. The people who are shorting it betting against it are doing that because of a fundamental breakdown of the company. So for this - and i was alluding to this yesterday - it's good to know.

What's going on with the fundamentals, because then you're better in the mind of people who we're playing against the people who are shorting, amc are not shorting it because they don't think that there's a chance of a short squeeze, they're shorting it because amc to them has A weak fundamental foundation, so whenever you hear i guess, earnings calls like this and outcomes such as this. It's weakening the thesis of our opponent. I am not in amc currently for a fundamental play, i'm in it because of the chance of a short squeeze, but the people who are betting against us. The people who are shorting the stock, hence looking for the short squeeze it's completely fundamental and then after webcasts and earnings, calls such as last night, their thesis, their theory is becoming weakened, loop capital and someone else uh.

We know they there's three people who are named today that all have a price target on amc of less than two dollars. We know rich greenfield said a cents, loop capital said a dollar and then someone else said a dollar. Fifty all these people, when you hear fundamental uh, updates such as that it's weakening their theory and that's important for us, because that's our competitor in the game we're currently engaging in. So i just wan na make it clear that i'm not saying oh now.

This is fundamental, and this is where we want to go. No, i'm showing a light of hey the people, betting against us who do have a fundamental outlook on it, their theory, their thesis, their hypothesis is getting weaker and weaker and weaker. Every single quarter that passes all right. Let me answer some of these questions.

Really quick. We're flying shout out shout out all right. We recaptured 36. Just for my listeners, uh amc's at 36, 33 gme is at 164..

I want to see it uh gme up to 175 and i want to see amc up to the high 39s feeling froggy but feeling groggy but very, very froggy. I love it when you're chipper shout out duck shirt, coach, coors rocket magnets, tinfoil, hat kenny, g's boy toy aka, kramer, hey matt, recently got chia crypto xch, backed by bram cohen bittorrent protocol inventor, look at cup and handle five day all right. Let me throw that on the list too: uh xc a crypto um. Why is adam talking? Well, because cnbc has a huge base, uh there's a little bit of a weird uh thing.

I think going on in the world of right here ape nation of you should only talk to people that agree with you. That's not how you change people's minds if you're only preaching to the people that are already on your side. How do you get more investors in your company? Your question of, why is adam aaron talking to cnbc, because then you get more people watching cnbc that might understand. What's going on with the company like you, don't always want to only talk to the people that already agree with you, because you're not making any headway, then uh when we squeeze.

What's a good statistic to watch for to know: we've hit a top of syncing shares on loan, but it's only updated once every morning um. There is no perfect metric to know shorts covering real time if anything you're actually two days delayed to get that information because of the t2 settlement um, there is no metric, so that is kind of a little bit more of a art than a science of okay. You're reading the price action, you're kind of understanding the volume traded, you're kind of seeing how many shares are already on loan, but there is no perfect metric, unfortunately um because we live in a world of t2 settlement, the more a he talks and more by what A bunch of nasty ass questions, i usually don't believe anything a ceo says, but man, adam aaron, really has a feeling, i believe, in harvey dent diamond hands. Aaron knocks out cracky kramer in the first round.

If kramer showed up, uh amc would throw popcorn at him. Amc people would throw popcorn, let's go adam aaron, not backing down to these reporters. I wish you had been there with me. Uh kramer, that's a theater! That's the point of the theater uh they're doing their best to sandbag them.

I mean it was whiplash all over. It was so confusing that interview, i mean very much. He was like oh you've done such a great time and then the other like a great job, keeping amc alive and doing well with it and then the next guy's like well, don't you think it's like fundamentally overvalued. Are you serious? He just asked the ceo not cramer, the other guy ask the ceo of a company if he thinks his company is fundamentally overvalued.

Like folks, i have heard some dumb questions in my life, and that has to be one of the dumbest questions. Imagine that you go to a company, that's a russell 2000 company, it's a household name. It has a track record of over a hundred years and imagine the gall of asking that company hey do uh the ceo of that company, hey um! We think the company's overvalued like. Don't you too, like? Don't you think, that's a bit crazy, like you show movies, do you really think you're worth 19 billion dollars? He called out 19 billion dollars as if he was possibly gon na get adam aaron.

To agree to that, be like yeah, no we're not worth 19 billion. What a stupid question like i get it! He he might have a um a proven track record in talking about stocks and being on tv, and i get it i'm on youtube. I've been on youtube for about a year and a half - maybe i just don't know, but that strikes me as one of the most idiotic questions. You could possibly ask the ceo of a company: hey man, isn't it overvalued? You should agree with me right like come on time to start.

Oh brother coin, all amc ape shareholders get out and support movies amc next quarter, adam aaron needs to try to strike similar theatrical window deal with disney 145 august 20. Calls for amc, 50k, open interest. That interview was in such poor taste. I applaud they all ask about his kids, profiting not their business.

That guy cramer is an idiot when he went to the ronin to create fud at the end shake my head yeah. That was another weird thing he was trying to like talk about delta he's like i don't even want to take the risk like i'm not gon na go out cause like it's insane uh. It was extremely disrespectful. They are unethical, adam aaron, schooled them as they chuckled.

Like school training and bad look for them great for amc, um, jim cramer, is having a difficult time. Eating crow he'll be eating more in weeks, months and years to come. Based on yesterday's numbers, don't you think we've made it a fundamental play. This is strong.

No! No, no, it's still not a fundamental play. The numbers we heard this is not a fundamental play by any means right now and i'm saying right now, because it obviously can become it, but the numbers we heard comparable to other companies valued at this value. It's just different um in this. In my mind, maybe in your mind, maybe i'm wrong, maybe to you it is a fundamental play and maybe you're right.

But to me it isn't i'm still in this for a short squeeze play when they refer to the situation. As a lottery ticket, it tells you everything you need to know about how much little respect they have for us and adam. I just checked ortex. The only thing i found was dried up was rich, creating fields.

Career cnbc is meme. News have a good day shout out. We are moving the cheese of msm. They are financial, mainstream media.

They are threatened by us this movement at this moment in time, it's very subject to change. People have kitchens, but they still go out to eat. Adam aaron made the chef happier than mark coors in a tulip field. Oh brother, let's see apes yeah, i mean that is very much true.

People have kitchens, and yet they still go out to eat and i don't hear them bashing on the restaurant industry, hey. I just have this new thing. I have this new thing called an oven. I have a new thing called a grill like.

Why would i ever buy a restaurant anymore like come on? Come on, come on come on, come on, silverback only went on cnbc to flex. Isn't that the first time on kramer's sense of ambush him, adam aaron came back fighting? Did us proud yeah? I mean, i think they just ran with their normal rhetoric. I don't know if it was necessarily uh an ambush but they're they're. Just so insanely obsessed with the fact that you can't trade on something outside of fundamentals.

That's the difference. You have to understand for many many decades now, wall street has run on the concept of you could only be on in something that you fundamentally agree with and right now there are millions of people who are like. Oh okay, like it's cool, to learn about fundamentals, but i'm in this for a different type of a play and both are equally valid. It that's the point of having a free market.

Is people buy what they want? People sell what they want. It's a free market. If i want to buy amc exclusively because i like its ticker symbol, i, like the ticker symbol, amc am i saying it's the best thesis to get in a company? No, it's not, but it's also a thesis and like maybe people who are really good at picking ticker symbols that they like can make a lot of money. The point is whether fundamentally accurate and agreed upon or not, people can invest their money where they want to invest.

I don't need some on mainstream media to say that they might disagree with me, but to tell me that that's wrong and that's not how the stock market is supposed to work that that's stupid. It's the free market. I don't see anyone going into a casino and every time before the roulette wheel being like hang on. Do you know the odds of this play? That might not be a fundamentally sound bet, that's just not how it works.

Folks, we live in a nation and a stock market that is a free market. That is how it's pitched, so anyone can get in any stock for literally any reason, if you just wake up and you're like i want to buy every stock. That starts with a z. Okay, that's your own thesis! That's fine! That there's the point that they're saying like we're, ruining it, and this is somehow against the rules.

No, that's stupid! It's a free market! You do what you want. Why are there no options for the 80s this friday, but 145's uh simon, because next week are the monthlies this week is not so. The monthlies are usually a little bit more built out. I'm concerned that ramona is taking over, say technology the day after earnings call.

What are your thoughts that maybe calm ape community that robin hood is taking over saytek uh? I don't know anything about that and it doesn't matter if it's after i mean those are all verified, valid shares. Uh. I don't know quite what you mean by say. Technology is taking it over uh.

Do you think jim cramer would have told the nfl commissioner roger goodell? He would rather watch hockey and he should come to his house like it was so silly. Do you think adam will sell shares in the winter due to his age, um yeah, so please, so he is filing a 10b 5-1. I want everyone to know what this is uh here we go so adam aaron was talking about how he is setting up a 10b51 because i think he's 67.. So this is what it is.

10B51 allows company insiders to set up a predetermined plan to sell company stocks in accordance with insider trading laws. The price amount and sale dates must be specified in advance and determined by a formula or metrics, both seller and the broker making the sales must not have access to any material, non-public information. So here's what's going on with adam aaron, when he's talking about the 10b51, i can already see a bunch of adam aaron hater, saying look at he's selling he's getting out of the company he's going to get at the high you. I just read it to you.

The 10b51, the price, the date and the or the amount of shares and the date all that is decided beforehand and quite a bit beforehand. So basically, what's going to happen, is he'll get a 10b51 someone's gon na set it up and we'll know in advance. He'll say: okay x amount of months down the road on this exact date. I will be selling stock and a certain amount of stock um.

They don't do it in real time of like oh, it's running, i want to sell today. It is predetermined. All aspects of the trade are predetermined way way in advance and then it's executed on whatever the date setup is, i mean folks he is 67. He in his own statements.

He will keep the amount of shares equivalent to eight years of his salary um at a certain point, he's being financially prudent, and but my point is, it's set super far in advance and then the trade happens way way later later, at whatever that current trade price Is just so everyone knows what the uh 10b51 like is actually all about those clans that cnbc are a joke. I bought more out of frustration. Let's go support from long island. Shout out.

Tommy's touch robin hood to acquire state technologies can't make this crap up. That is pretty funny shout out to gary, so this is the second thing i'm reading about it um, but it looks like robin hood is buying, say, technologies. Remember if it's announced today. That means they had nothing to do with it for our vote um.

It's a future looking deal, it's not like they're going back historically and changing things that already came out. This dumb money is going to make me stupid, rich uh people saying streaming will kill theaters. That is dumb, that's like saying just because you can listen to music on spotify doesn't mean people will stop going to concerts yeah or the restaurant, and the kitchen like it just doesn't make sense. It's a very weak, logical argument.

Seeing kramer frustrated means i'm doing something right diamond hands. Adam aaron should have asked. How do you feel about robin hood's value? Uh? Can you explain surf chart past week has some redirection about 590ish, but it's get setting higher lows, bullish or berries all right, sir connor. I will write that down uh with the other ones, moon shots finding it all a little sucks that ramen had has acquired takedown technologies for 140.

um. I i don't see how, like that, really impacts anything going on right now, maybe they're trying to stop future things from going on, but the vote has already happened before the acquisition. It's not going to impact like folks. Time is linear.

As far as we know, they're not going to go back in time and like completely like whatever time stone us and like do some crazy stuff like they did in the avengers um. We already have the vote. The votes in that happened all way before the robin hood acquisition, so maybe we don't use it going forward, but as for the vote and the vote ended on sunday, that's when they stop collecting it, it has no impact on that vote. Uh.

What do you think about robin hood buying say technologies? It just probably means that i will not use, say technologies or the votes moving forward. That's probably what it means for me: uh. They were trying hard to get him to say something negative about the stock shares overvalued. You gon na sell more kona covered risk.

He crushed it yeah uh morning apes. You make a girl feel like jane goodall, shout out kinky kong, even on a fundamental value. What movie studio you want streaming over theaters and streaming charge 13 per person for four weeks, then send it to streaming or just send it to streaming what makes more money, and i think that's what some of the numbers that warner brothers has been crushing like crunching In the background, because they did a six month trial and now they agreed to this new deal with amc, so obviously for the production studios, there must be more movie in theatrical releases, but we are investing based on their bad fundamentals. That's investing based on fundamentals.

I guess in a weird i see what you're saying in a roundabout way uh. It's a shame for legal reasons that adam aaron can't speak to the real truth of criminality in the markets against amc. But we know the truth. Kramer is neutered and can't diamond ball.

Like ken muffin, what was adam aaron's response when the reporter asked him if the company is overvalued, i missed the q a session at the end of the call. No, no. This just happened, michael. If you want to hear his response, you could rewind this particular video um um.

Basically, his comment is his goal is to make the company the best company it ever could be within his capability, and i think, beyond that it was more of like he's like i don't control the market. The market is going to perceive the company to have whatever value the market perceives to have based on the laws of supply and demand um. He he's not the one who controls the market. His goal is to make amc as good of a movie theater as it could possibly possibly be, and the market is going to put a value on that.

That is outside of his hands and as of this very very moment, the market is saying that amc is worth 18.5 billion dollars. That is what the laws of supply and demand are saying for this particular movie theater. It's honestly that simple, he doesn't control the market, and fundamentals are not like it's just. The entire stock market is based on human perception.

It's not like its stock has to be trading at a level because of its earnings per share or its debt or its future guidance. No all the stock market is the futures market, the cryptos market, all that it's actually not based on anything besides human perception and human interpretation of what a company is or isn't doing, uh some people, trade on fundamentals, other people, trade on technicals, other people train on The chance of a short squeeze they're all valid, and that's the only thing, that's really gon na move a stock is supply and demand based on human. I can't just say humans because obviously there's high frequency traders so between the humans and the robots of the world.

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