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Ape nation : the earnings reaction dumb money ep 31 amc gme – Matt Kohrs

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Ape Nation ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ™Œ : The Earnings Reaction
Dumb Money Ep. 31 AMC & GME
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Front run you a bit just giving you an extra minute, because i believe that adam aaron is coming on to the show, with charles payne very very early, adam aaron uh. He did the rounds with cnbc this morning when he talked to jim cramer and honestly. That was like a super weird interview. I don't really know what jim cramer and whoever that other host was like necessarily going for um, but i'm expecting a very, very different interview with mr charles payne uh.

So i'm kind of excited to see how this one particularly plays out. Uh, actually very, very excited is this: we are rocking okay. I have this yes, yes, yes, i just don't want to miss any of this interview. I don't want to miss any of the interview.

Perfect, perfect, perfect. All right, i think fox, is starting. Now. Let me do a hard reload on this page.

I don't want to miss it, especially if it's right at the top of the hour. I'm not sure. Let me know if you've heard a specific time. I just know from charles tweet early this morning or early this afternoon that adam aaron was listed very very early and a lot of the time it does relate to what's going on mike.

You guys said the mic is far away. You didn't miss much. You didn't miss much, i'm just trying to get the fox ready, ready, ready. Sorry, if i just blew out your speaker by like finally actually talking all right, let me make sure we're not missing anything here, don't want to miss it, don't want to miss it all! Right all right, but what, if it doesn't happen and looking beyond the stay at home, versus the reopening debate, how to make big money on the things that are happening over the next few years? I've got the perfect guess for you to guide you about the socialist debt bomb.

It's one step closer to reality, but what about just so? Everyone knows amc not holding its early morning. I want to go into, like i guess my theory of what's going on, but to break down the future of the theater change. Okay, coming up at 2. 25! That's our goal! 2.

25. All right put this here for now, so i'm not blowing out the your eardrums all right. We have this all right. 2.

25. 2. 2. 5.

2. 5.. All right! So we have about 20 minutes 25 minutes to kind of go over some other things, all right. Where are we at? Where are we at okay, so right now, amc is at 32 48 and then jimmy's at 157.67.

Let's go over the quick or text numbers just so we're a little bit more uh established like a little bit more of a foundation of. What's going on currently in terms of gme, there has been a net return of 687 000. That's pretty sizable and uh relative to the float of gme and that's why the stock is currently down 11.22 um on amc, there's also a net return on that they have borrowed 1.5 million shares, but there is a net return of 2.3 million, so um or that's On the return shares, so the borrow change is a return of 773 thousand short interest, still kind of holding high, though at 15.72 uh with this utilization. If it ends this way, the utilization will drop, but it's still pretty high at 93.55 shares on loan at 103.

So taking this into account roughly in the realm of 102.5 million shares on loan - and i mean we're still cruising above 100 million so um, no, if ands or buts about it, the uh. What was rich greenfield saying that the short interest has somehow dried up uh. I'm not buying it because the numbers aren't suggesting it in any manner. I guess before we go into the technicals of both amc gme, taking a look at the markets, all that stuff quick reminder, um, i got with some messages of it.

Please look above my head. Matt underscore coors, there are many many fake accounts out there. I am not dming you, i don't have a whatsapp, i don't have a telegram, i'm not on that. I'm not coming at you and saying hey.

I have an investment opportunity. Would you be interested? That is not me. Please check it out. Matt underscore course check out.

It's not matt underscore, of course, like not official, not llc, make sure the spelling's right. It's not a zero. It's an oh matt underscore course twitch, twitter and instagram. Just so everyone knows.

I don't want you to get scammed, please don't i'm not gon na. Ask anyone for money. It's honestly that simple, i'm not asking you for money! So uh! Please don't end up sending money to someone who is a scam artist, um, for whatever reason, instagram and twitter refuse to verify me. I guess i don't hit their definition of relevance or i don't know they're just having their own host of issues, but for whatever reason i can't get verified, so i am verified on youtube um, so there's gon na be a check mark and if it's on my Video there's going to be a different coloration if i'm responding to you, but even on that there are horrific amount of bots on youtube.

So just please be careful. I don't want anyone to get hurt or for a lack of a verification. So i just want to put out there lots of scam accounts and honestly that doesn't go for me. That probably goes for not just me, but also a lot of your favorite youtube or whatever creators there's just so many fake accounts there, maybe not even just youtube, like i mean we're seeing him on twitter, we're seeing i'm on instagram, please just be a little bit Careful, i don't want anyone to get scammed there.

All right. Let me go over, so the overall market this morning did hit a new all-time high and it's not really doing the best job at holding it, but thus far we do have a new high on the day in the s p. 500 uh. Just so, you guys know if you are tracking the overall market uh there is a cpi uh release tomorrow, so that is a little bit of a fundamental driver, but the ding ding ding stock market did hit a new all-time high.

Today, in terms of amc, i just wanted to show you uh: let's go to the two-hour chart on this so kind of here's, what a scenario of what we're seeing post market early this morning late last night early this morning, we ran right back up to the Perfect middle of this wedge, we have this technical structure right exactly where it met. That's exactly pretty much to the scent where it hit check this out right where it that is clearly acting as resistance when it was coming down. I was looking more for like okay, maybe it's just a gap. Fill we hit where we closed out yesterday, i believe around 33.80 um.

Since then, it's been getting hit a bit more. The rsi was overextended. We do the good news right here. We have support 32 and a little bit south of 32 around 31.50 in this region, we're looking for that to get support if you go to any other time frame, the 30 minute or below 30.

15. 10. 5. 3.

2. 1. All those severely oversold, very, very oversold, like i mean we could see it, we're getting uh the 30 minute is just on top of the third or the the 30 minute chart is on top of the 30. I guess value reading for the rsi.

We're start from a technical perspective, we're seeing a lot of things are being oversold and we're coming up to support. So for me, i'm hoping that right there that's a level that buyers trying to step in day traders swing traders, algorithms, whatever it is. I hope they see these recent bounces. The fact that the rsi is oversold.

I think that the bears have overplayed their hand and i'm hoping that this is a base. We have now gotten rid of the gap-filled play which, just to i guess, remind everyone of what a gap fell is so yesterday we closed at 33.80 and then today we opened up at 36.90, so there was a gap and it ended up trading down filling that Gap, obviously i i know that there's a statistical edge to playing gap-fill plays. I was just hoping that this one was going to get filled like filled right after the squeeze. Obviously, instead it got filled on day one.

So i just want to see how this really ends up playing out for the remainder of the day, but overall, please keep in mind that relative to where we were the past one, two three four days we are better off the technicals are oversold uh. I think the bears are just overplaying their hand and it really doesn't take away from the fact that amc had an absolute gang busters earnings announcement. The call was impressive, a lot of cool things and in fact one of the coolest things i think. Maybe we should get more into is by the end of the quarter, they're, really looking to start accepting bitcoin for ticket sales and concession sales, so um, i kind of want to do more content on that uh just so.

Everyone is like more comfortable in what that means for the company, maybe understanding a little bit more about what this means in terms of their their bottom line and maybe even just a a piece of content on like what bitcoin is for all the people. Who might be new and saying hey? I want that so i'm gon na put out some feelers to see if there are people who are well known in the crypto world willing to come on. I want to bring them on for an interview of just a quick rundown of how they've previously seen the adoption of bitcoin play out for companies and maybe a little bit of their opinions on bitcoin in general. Do they think this is a good idea, a bad idea so uh for me, i'm in bitcoin, but i'm by no means an expert, so i kind of want to bring someone on to like really talk about it.

So we can better understand those implications, and that was one aspect of the earnings call with uh, adam aaron, but honestly, so many other good things going on. They beat on earnings per share. They had a narrower narrower than expected loss uh. They beat on revenue a lot of exciting announcements, they're looking to bring in 10 new theaters from arc like pacific they're, looking to build 12 that they've previously started, or they were in the works in 2022, so they're definitely expanding their market share.

They have the best relationship. This is the words of adam aaron that they've ever really had with universal. They came to an agreement with warner brothers uh for any theatrical releases. The movie theaters will have a 45-day window before it hits streaming.

Um, like i said, bitcoin, i'm trying to think of the other main things overall, best liquidity, they've ever had and that's coming off of last quarter, which that was the best liquidity they've ever had as a company 1 billion up to 2 billion. Now they do have a little bit of debt maturity in 2023, very, very small. In fact, they could probably pay that off now most of their debt. Maturity is in 2026, as in they really have four years to figure out the the better laddering and structuring of their debt um.

So i'm i'm pretty excited. I mean the earnings call, there's a lot to be excited about with it. Once again, i was alluding to this in the earlier stream that um still, this is not a fundamental play to me, maybe to some people it is, but to me it isn't to me this is still a short squeeze swing play as in like i'm, not looking To be a long-term investor at these current levels with what's currently going on, but i like to track the fundamentals, because the reason people are betting against it is because of their fundamentals. So, as the fundamentals are improving, it's weakening the short thesis.

So for me, still not a fundamental play, but i like to track them, because i want to better understand the mindset of the people who are betting against us. I want to know the people who are taking the other side of this trade because that to me it makes more sense for us to be successful if we can better understand like truly what is going on. So that's your quick kind of wrap up of. What's going on amc bitcoin, all this gme quick run through right here, actually now that we see how severely oversold these charts are.

Let me nope don't want that one time to throw up some rockets, let's get these rockets ignited here. Folks, all right! Let me do this nope, let's do this right here and then let's take a look at some of the volume stuff all right. We have the rocket ready to rip and then let's also get a magnet up on gme all right. There we go.

Obviously, some of the most superior chart trading analysis you're ever going to see. Is you got to get those emojis rocking, but hey? We got them up better late than never and let me just get this re-centered all right. We went over the oratex, let's see, if there's any breaking news once again um. I don't think this is pinned to the top of chat right now um.

This is benzynga. If you want a free trial, it's in the description of the video they have various products. Various discounts check it out binzinga. I really like it for the news aggregator um.

What else? Who is this from experts way in i'm seeing a little bit of lag on my end, amc, ceo, adam aaron, on how the company is playing offense. We kind of heard about that when he was talking with kramer this morning, they're, probably just uh - i guess yeah. This was right after the interview, so they probably just wrote a piece on it. I'm not seeing any major major news.

Oh the one thing. I really did want to talk about that. Maybe i mean i was getting a lot of questions uh, robin hood okay. So this is a kind of a interesting piece of news right here.

Oh man, why is it so much from yahoo, so the mechanism of which a lot of us were voting and verifying our shares on for the amc earnings call was through a piece of technology called, say: technologies uh, so this kind of broke earlier today, robinhood buys, Say: technologies for 140 million to improve shareholder company relations um a lot of people. This is starting to say, hey. This is a little bit suspicious the day after the earnings announcement and arguably was probably the most utilized. This application ever was like the day after so the voting ended on sunday.

The earnings call was on monday, and then this got announced today. State technologies, that's how we all verified our shares. That's how we all voted robinhood buying it um, and i agree with you. I i guess, there's no other way to put it to me.

It does seem very, very, very suspicious. I don't get why i don't necessarily get their play. All i know is i don't like the sound of it and maybe i don't understand the deal. Maybe i don't understand really what's going on.

All i really know is if it's related robin hood, which i'm still short robin hood um, i don't like it uh my spidey senses are tingling. My duck. Senses are tingling whatever you want to call it um. I don't like the this, the feel of it.

Something seems off, and that's really why i ended up deleting my say technology account. It's actually very, very easy to go, delete your account. Some people were asking about hey. Can we get some sort of petition going that all the data before this they have to get rid of? I don't know that sounds like more of a legal discussion.

I don't know what's going on with that. All i know is i deleted my account um uh. In terms of me, my personal information i mean i've previously had a robinhood account like that's no secret. I've previously had a robinhood account, so they already have my personal, like information.

That's how i applied to get the brokerage, but just in general, people were bringing up of like hang on a lot of people voted from other brokerages. So does this brokerage i.e? Robinhood now have access to the data of the shareholders on all these other brokerages, and i don't know, i don't know how the deal is structured. All i can tell you is i don't like the sound of it. I don't like the smell of it.

I don't like anything about it. It seems a little bit too suspicious. So i so because of those reasons i am out and honestly because of us, as in the ape nation community, say technologies probably had the biggest most. I guess heaviest trafficked week ever last week and new users and signups probably exploded, and now because of this deal, it's probably the biggest dump that they've ever seen.

I bet they're gon na give all those numbers right back uh, backed by 0.72. That's stephen cohen. He has like his own history of kind of weird illicit things. Um say has built on offer unique twists on retail, investing this feels and yeah uh.

I don't know i don't like it, but i just wanted you guys to know the platform that we all voted through. They just bought. It was bought out for 140 million and they're saying it's to improve the shareholder company relations, so that's kind of what's going on there um. We know early this morning, adam aaron, the ceo of amc.

He had a discussion with jim cramer uh that is posted to the backup channel, the matt quartz clips channel uh very, very strange, actually insanely strange. The questions were strange. I, like in the midday break today my mind, kept thinking about the fact that jim cramer legitimately told the ceo of a movie theater. He should not have seen black widow in his own movie theater.

He should have come to jim cramer's house and they could have had like diet, coke together. It was so strange like it's gon na keep me up. It will keep me up uh, i just i don't get it at all. People are saying oops.

Why did this? Just shut down, let me reload this um. He comes on at 2, 25 adam aaron, coming back onto fox to speak with just two silverbacks talking. We have adam aaron. We have charles payne big fan of them both personally, but he just said he's coming on at 2, 25.

all right and then this guy all right. So right now, let's just put this on another page 225. So we have about. I don't know 10 minutes a little less than 10 minutes, but overall, let me know actually, if you guys could um i'm seeing fox right now, they're not talking about amc yet uh.

Is there something else going on fox fox fox? I see a lot of people talking about fox once again he comes on in about seven minutes. Uh, seven minutes i see a lot of people talking. Am i missing something can a mod? Let me know if i'm it comes on at 2. 25..

Folks. I am not missing this interview. Obviously i'm not missing it uh, but it comes on at 2, 25. So in about seven minutes, uh all right, we have that.

I think a lot of people are just saying fox because it sounds fun. I i i think some people are seeing other people say fox and now they're like well. If i see someone say fox, i need to say fox, and this is just uh, a good explanation of pac mentality. I suppose um, but with this bitcoin thing, uh, which i still find to be very very interesting - that announcement from amc, would you guys like that um? If i i get someone on to kind of give like a breakdown of what bitcoin is their thoughts on bitcoin and their thoughts on more and more companies accepting it and how they think it will like benefit amc uh.

Do you guys want me to do that? Uh, obviously, i'm just trying to make content that you guys enjoy and learn something fun all right. Well, i'm waiting for you guys to answer that, because there is a slight delay. Let me get some of these questions. How likely is it for amc and gamestop to squeeze simultaneously to squeeze simultaneously, i would say abnormally high abnormally high for them to squeeze simultaneously or text update.

Yes, we could do that again. Really quick, hang on. Let me just put this over here. That's a bit of a nuisance, all right so for amc short interest is 15.72 and for gme the short interest is 11.19.

There's been a net return on both gme and amc. Today, um, i don't want people to freak out and be like hang on how's your net return. Yet the stock is dropping, remember to return shares, return. Shares means the short was covered at earliest two days ago, so you kind of have to look at two days before that and start doing that type of math, but don't think that they're returning shorts that were covered today, there's about a two day lag because of The t2 settlement system uh thoughts on hedges markets, gaining liquidity on both up and down from 28 to 37 in cycles gaining liquidity, geez um.

I think this is a confusion of what liquidity is liquidity in okay. I know there's been some content creators out there who have been like miss explaining liquidity liquidity when you talk about it in the stock market is basically how easy is it to get in and out of large positions? How filled out is the bid how's filled out is the ask, so the market makers don't gain liquidity stocks themselves have liquidity. How easy is it to get in and out of said stock? That's a stock's liquidity um. How filled out is the bid.

How filled out is the ask that is stock liquidity, um hedges, that's a little bit different edges when you're saying liquidity for stock market like the way you're trying to use it there, it's better for them to say capital of like how much capital free capital does This have: how much can they buy? How much can they sell? What is their capital um? Be very careful about this terminology that type of uh, i guess, liquidity. What you're referring to it has uh different connotations in our life like when you think about it. In a personal aspect, liquidity is more of like how much cash do you have different in the stock world um thoughts on so to answer yours with after clearing up those hedges and market makers, gaining liquidity, i'm both up and down from 28 to 37 in cycles. You have to look at them separately.

We have no idea if hedgies are gaining capital if they made a good trade they're gaining capital if they made a losing trade, they lost capital in terms of market makers. Market makers are making money the more and more trades that go to them. That's exactly why i've been talking about public public is pinned to the top of chat. It's a brokerage for us and it's non-options, but not only is it not payment for order flow, but they're not sending their orders to market makers.

That's how market makers make money and they're basically using liquidity to their advantage. They know, what's filled out on the bid in the ask and they're, basically just making better trades than we could possibly make. So if you're trying to avoid payment for order flow and more specifically, market makers, i highly recommend you checking out public. It's a u.s brokerage.

Um, hopefully they expand international soon. Hopefully they add on options trading soon, but for now, if you're just trying to keep it simple k-i-s-s keep it simple. If you're just buying stock check out that brokerage above and when you do it, you can get up to 70 of free stock, and you pick what you want it to be in how many times can they hold the price down? Good news and the stock goes down. How do we ever win? I don't know if someone's holding it down, it's just the supply is outweighing the demand.

The question there is: is the supply being manipulated in terms of counterfeit shares? That's a completely different conversation. Do i think that's happening yes, but a stock still is always running on the basic axiom of supply and demand. The question is, is demand being manipulated, is supply being manipulated and i do think supply is being manipulated and my reasoning for that? I'm just i'm not just shouting it out, i'm not here to give you a good sound bit of like yeah yeah man. It is no here's, my reasoning for why supply the say, technologies vote in its most inherent form.

The numbers don't add up to me. There's too many shares as in a bloated supply. That's my reasoning for it: hey maddie ice, have you mentioned anything about pelosi's, husband, fun, buying, half a mil of amc. You know what we were just talking about that in discord.

Um hang on. Where was that seth? Where did you post that link because we heard about this before and it sounds like, did he do it again, seth if you could post that link again in the matt live questions just so, i could talk about it with everyone but yeah. So i heard that i don't know the exact specifics, but it does sound as if uh the speaker of the house, husband might have additional exposure to amc, which is kind of interesting, because obviously these political people are in the know, um i just wanted. I don't know i want to get more into the details all right, but i want to bring this back up because i don't want to miss anything going on uh, so we're still seeing some ads.

Some add some add some ads. I know the volume's off i'm just waiting for the ads to end uh people are saying the infrastructure bill passed um. How is the overall market really acting to that spy, not a dead fox? I have fox out folks we're not gon na miss it interesting. So, even with those the infrastructure deal, i mean the market still it made a new all-time high and it's not far it's within striking distance of it, but gme not reacting well.

Amc, not reacting well uh kind of interesting kind of interesting uh virgin galactic getting hit. I guess i should have kept my puts. I got beat up on the puts, but man it dropped 11. Today.

What else do we have tesla vix pen, nvidia hood below 55? Not good for hood? I mean, but i'm obviously also outspoken, against robin hood. I think it's a crap stock, all right. We are still waiting on this. I'm not gon na, not gon na miss it folks, matt m a's, typically take a long time to negotiate.

I would be very surprised if the ass acquisition came as a result of amc. I would be very surprised, uh mark, i agree with you those types of acquisitions. You don't, i guess, do it overnight. I find it more suspicious of.

Why is robin hood buying it? I find it more suspicious that the announcement is right. After do, i think that they just started talking with each other yesterday to strike the deal with um, say technologies and robin hood. No, those things probably take months to actually iron out the details. I find the reasoning behind it interesting and i find the date of announcement interesting.

If we put sell limits at 500, wouldn't the price go up, no, because that's just saying if it gets here, i want to sell that wouldn't impact the price. What impacts the price is the current buying and the current selling? Not your limit, sell orders. Plaid has broke information, not say tech. I believe, oh interesting, do you think amp crypto will be processing we'll do the processing of bitcoin for amc um.

That's a very good suggestion. I don't know i'd have to look into that. What does the fox say? I forgot about that song. Can you check out s-l-i-s-l-i? Let me write that down what if they cover after hours to avoid foam all i feel like we could hit 40 in the after hours.

Action yesterday have been during regular hours. Um. No, i don't think remember. The amount of trading done in after hours trading is very, very small um.

It's a revenue uh up more than 444 million and the street was looking for 375 million. The loss was 71 cents. The wall street consensus was a loss of 93 cents. Financial media headlines acknowledged the results, but disdain for the company and its apes shareholder community continues.

Amc ceo, adam aaron joins me now and adam uh. Before we start, i want to say thanks for coming on the show and i did watch i got to say i was a little skeptical about what was happening with you and the apes, and i watched between your conference call and you on tv earlier on another Network - and i got to tell you - i completely understand why the ape community has put their faith in you uh, when you say that they're show holders that they're your boss, you show them the kind of respect that so many people don't so i've got a lot To cover i'm going to get to challenges, but let's look at the highlights from the quarter. I'm going to start with liquidity, 2 billion dollars. Is that enough to get you to profitability and, of course, everyone's saying, if you got two billion, when will you share it with shareholders? Well, first of all, there's a lot in there.

Charles. Let me start with a little praise back. I've been watching very carefully what you've been reporting about amc these past many months uh and we're very appreciative of the the coverage that you've given us. You've been very kind in your in your comments in terms of the quarter uh, we did report uh a great second quarter yesterday.

Now, when i you got to put that in perspective, we lost money in the second quarter, but yeah um it was. We were so much better off than people expected and we were so much better off in the second quarter of this year than we were in the second quarter of last year. We're so much better off in the second quarter of this year than we were in the first quarter of this year. You've got a sense that, while we're not out of the covered woods yet this, after all, is still a covet infected world.

You can see that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. You can see that recovery is coming uh and we just have to you know, continue to work our way through and get the other side. Fortunately, as you indicated, we ended the second quarter with more than two billion dollars of cash in the bank or undrawn revolving credit line. Uh, it turns out that's the highest amount of liquidity that our company has ever had at quarter end in its 100 year history, and i know that to be true, because the same thing was true in march, when we ended the march quarter with a billion dollars Of liquidity, that was the highest amount of liquidity at quarter, end of the company's ever had, and just 90 days later we doubled that.

So we do have enough money, we believe to get to the other side of this pandemic. Uh we've. In our view, you know. No one has a crystal ball: no one can guarantee anything in life, but from our view, we've moved from.

How do we survive covet to how will we thrive after coven uh? Well adam? Let's talk about that. Let's talk about day-to-day survival for a year. It's very nice to move on yeah. Let's talk about that! You've made some comparisons to last year.

In these circumstances, it's probably best to make comparisons to 2019, to get back to where you were when you, when you really would dominate in the industry. One of the announcements last night, for instance the warner brothers deals. I think it's absolutely fantastic. It certainly belies the narrative that studios don't care about the box office anymore.

Give us a few details there well you're right, charles and uh. It's an astute observation by you of the the agreement we announced yesterday with warner. Brothers uh is that in december, uh warner brothers said that going forward it was going to take all of his movies to the home on the same on hbo max. On the same day that it took movies to theaters um, and they are clearly doing that to build up hbo max, but they were doing it not only at our ex that's what we we believe, the except the expense of their own studio division.

And you know they: they did it now for half a year, they watch the results carefully and what they decided was that the old way of doing business, which is take movies out into the marketplace in theaters first, is a much smarter thing for warner brothers, let Alone for for amc, and so we signed an agreement that they've abandoned this whole, take the movies to the home and theater simultaneously concept. They've we've agreed that we're going to show all warner brothers movies and calendar year 2022 with an exclusive 45-day, theatrical window, which means movies are coming to theaters. First and clearly, that's in our interest, there's a train of thought now amongst a lot of studios that that's the way to go um and uh. Hopefully we can get all the major studios to agree to what rewarder agreed to yesterday and, in the meantime, adam there's.

Also innovative ways of using this giant footprint that you have, which are these movie theaters, i mean you've done ufc fights you're doing concerts. I know you got chance of rapper and then, of course you probably have a long ending list from your apes uh. You know someone tweeted at me: yeah ask about a national indiana jones day, where you show all three of the movies on the big screen uh and things like that. So there are ways to use your assets that can be innovative, uh and that could make up for any sort of shortfall that that you're looking at i'm sure these are all on the drawing board right.

Uh ideas, like the ones you described are on the drawing boards and all and you're also correct that our new multi-million uh shareholder base. Uh is that's multi-million people, not money multi-million dollars. The the four million of our shoulders are showering us with good ideas, and i got ta tell you: okay, not every idea is a great one, but a lot of the ideas that have come in from our individual shadow base are very good ideas because they are Consumers of movies - these are people who go to movie theaters. They live our product, they experience our product.

Clearly they like our products. I don't know what's one of those, i don't want to be rude here, but i want to we're running out of time. I i blocked a lot of time for you, but there's so much to get to so. Let's talk about one more idea from your uh from the ape community and that's hey bitcoin.

So are people going to be able to use bitcoin to go actually purchase these movie tickets uh? Yes, that was another great idea that came in from our shoulder base. Uh. We did announce yesterday that we figured out a way to put the technology in place. Uh, we'll do so by your end, so we will be taking bitcoin as one of the many forms of the payment that you can use.

If you do it online uh to buy uh movie tickets and or concessions at amc, theaters all across the united states next year, the box office, if it's, if it's, if there's a rebound anywhere, we know some blockbusters have been held back. They probably come out late. This year next year, is there a chance your company could move back to profitability. Look, i think there is a real chance.

We can move back to profitability in the fourth quarter of this year. If you define fourth co profitability as um, you know sort of theater level cash flow, uh, um, uh, uh, the the the box office. If we size it and we use the domestic box office as sort of the proxy of the size of the industry, sure for the last five years, pre-pandemic the box office between 11 and 12 billion dollars well last year it was two billion dollars uh and this Year, it might be around five billion dollars, we're way way short of where the industry was for years and years and years on end. In fact, the last 10 years in a row, the entry box office was more than 10 billion.

So i think 2022 is going to be a transitional year. I hope we're a lot bigger than five billion dollars. I don't know if we get all the way back to 11 or 12 million dollars, but clearly amc will do better, as the box office is bigger. Sure sure adam, i can just say, uh you're a real gentleman uh.

It's amazing to me: uh, listen! I understand that the the the cynicism out there, perhaps uh and and the critics who think the stock is overvalued, but the slings and arrow that you take that your shareholders take, i think, is despicable. I think the financial media needs to look in the mirror, because no one knows right: i've watched crocs go up twelve hundred percent in the last year after everyone on wall street wrote them off. I've seen companies come back like phoenix's from the ashes, so i tip my hat to you. You've been innovative, you've done an amazing job and i hope you come back on the show real soon adam.

Thank you very much. I will - and you were right in what you said before. Maybe the biggest thing of all is that everybody should pay a lot of respect to these individual investors uh who are making decisions every day about which companies they want to back. Absolutely we'll see you soon uh.

In the meantime, folks, millions of americans are still out of work in the economy. Well, let's face it. It's humming there you go folks. So that's free money.

There you go folks, the adam aaron's second interview of the day um once again. Obviously that was a little bit more of friendly waters, uh. Obviously charles payne and adam aaron are both silverbacks uh. It wasn't, as i guess, contentious as the interview this morning that adam aaron had on squawk box with uh jim cramer and whoever that other guy is um, but this one uh, i wrote down some stuff of just the numbers, but honestly it's nothing.

All this stuff was, i guess, a condensed version of the earnings announcement, we're not hearing any um. I guess new breaking news. All the new breaking news was in that earnings announcement last night um just so you know if you want to listen to that in its entirety. It is on the channel.

I guess i shouldn't say: entirety uh i was oddly cut off at the end. I couldn't get questions like through all the questions, but at least the ceo, adam aaron and then cfo sean goodman all of their comments. All the company updates are in there uh. We just didn't get to the analyst questions in that, but hey a nice nice condensed version of the earnings announcement and everything going on in there, and it's just i think.

As long as we don't give up, that's that's the the main thing going on right now is whatever, if you um it's just this ape community as long as it stays together and stays strong and maybe you're like you know what i'm aim seed out, i don't Want to watch that kid on youtube anymore. I don't care it's easier for me just to like hold my stock and wake me up when it starts squeezing hey. That's completely fine uh to me it's as simple as just how many apes are still in the game. How many apes are paying attention and how many apes are still trying to say, hey sec finra? We think some crazy stuff is going on right now.

We would appreciate it if you could take a look at it with that. I think it's, i think. That's the key to our success uh as long as the ape nation keeps growing as long as we keep fighting for what's right and as long as we keep our, i guess our eye on the ball. We can't fight for these absurd things.

We can't say: hey sec, look into manipulation, that's not going to work because the sec is going to be like. Oh, okay, like what kind of manipulation we need to be very, very hyper specific about the things we want. We can't just say we want change. We want fairness, yeah.

Those are good sound bites, but they've never actually prompted anything useful and nothing useful at all, because people are like okay, like whatever they're just yelling, for example, there's a lot of crazy ideas out there of what's going on with amc. A lot of them are disproven within a day and then the people who come up with it they get emotionally tied to their theory and the fact that it was disproven they'll, like argue like with you at nauseam of why they're right. But honestly, if you have a theory, that's great, i, like all these series, i, like all these hypotheses, we go out. We test them, we see if they hold any water and if they do great, let's look more into it.

If they don't that's all right, don't waste your time we got to move on to the next thing. For example, over the past six months, we've seen all these ideas and they're good ideas at least they're good theories that are worthwhile to look into, but as soon as they're disproven. Maybe we should not really consider them um and there's been a lot of amazing ones. That people have thrown out there and like hang on this, looks weird and they continue to hold water to this day.

Most recently, it's the say, technologies thing. There was mathematical evidence that there are shares that should not be there. Uh, there's statistically backed data. That does not add up to the share ownership.

We are currently seeing that's one of the most recent ones. Beyond the things that directly relate to amc, i truly think as a community, we have to come up with a list of things that we're like. This is just like. It's literally that simple folks pattern, day trading, why is it a thing payment for order flow? Why is that a thing the list goes on and on and on dark pools? Why are certain dark pools playing by certain different rules than lit exchanges? I feel like uh.

Why is it really a pay-for-play system in general? Why the more money you have do you get treated more like? I guess why is the field tilted in your favor one of the examples with that is right now these big guys who are filing their positions in 13 f's? Why are shorts not reported? Why, as of now, are ceos of market making operations not held legally culpable when there's a conflict of interest and they're front-running their client there's a list of very specific things that i think we just need to get behind and be like. Hang on. These are the actual changes, it's something that i know, and i think this is great. A lot of people call up their congress, people and say hey.

We want change he's like we need to all get on the exact same page of what is the change we want, what is the measurable outcome we're looking for? Why are we looking for it and what is the evidence that backs that up? If we're all just running around as an internet community saying we want change, yeah you're gon na get far, especially as the community grows, but you're not going to really seal the deal with seeing like, i guess, measurable change that somehow progresses society or culture or in This case wall street, so, in my opinion, that's kind of one of the things that we're lacking at the moment is a very solidified message of what we want to see different uh. I get that it's easy to say we don't want any more manipulation, but then you have to point out okay, what kind of manipulation? What are they doing? How are we gon na fix it? We have to have all those details ironed out as a community to really make progress, at least in my opinion, who knows maybe i'm wrong. Maybe us screaming manipulation will get changed. I think that would be awesome, but um just how we've seen things run out previously.

At least with the u.s government, you need to be hyper-specific and you need to be willing to fight tooth and nail for those things until we see even probably a portion of the change um. Overall, i'm excited because we are heading in that right direction. Should i say that we're completely missing the note on that? No, because, right now being heard by the u.s house, we do have 17 or yeah 17, 18 and 19. 17 is more of looking into payment for order flow.

46. 17. 46. 18.

Is the short sale. Transparency uh that one relates to them, reporting their short positions and also uh increasing the cadence at which they report instead of quarterly. It would be monthly and then 4619 relates to market makers and be holding them legally culpable when they do something they shouldn't be doing. As in a conflict of interest and front-running their clients, so i do think we're seeing change and i think we're seeing change that we would not have seen without this community, and i think the way we bring it home is getting a little bit more solidified.

As a community and just not quitting, i think those are the two things like. I think we're heading and trending in a beautiful direction, and i think we just need to continue. We just need to continue and bring it home bring home. The trophy all right hang on, i think.

Oh there we go uh, whoo, whoa, whoa whoa definitely missed something here. What does the fox say? Why is the the fox says? Why is this not loading, hey matt. Do you know anything about gala swap.com? They sent me a code saying i won 9.9 ethereum with a code and it's from a financial news discord thanks for all of it, um anyone saying that you won nine point nine of here. That's a scam dude that is 100 of scam.

Do not engage in that hey matt been away for a bit. Matt is the squeeze still on in my opinion. Yes, i bought 12 doughnuts for .04 bitcoin in 2015.. They were great donuts, but not two thousand dollar donuts.

Glad amc is recognizing crypto, but i may buy a tick with cash before madoff died. He was helping finner with darkpool abuse and they did nothing. He wrote a letter to sami, saying fox news can look it up, alvey i'll, definitely check into it um. I know madoff was involved uh very much in payment for order flow.

I didn't know he had much uh going on with dark pools, but i'll happily look into that. Well, he was the sec president at one point like bernie madoff the guy who had the huge pyramid scheme, i'm pretty sure he was uh made off like he was intimately tied to the sec sec chairman position, bernie madoff bernie manoff uh served as the company's chairman Until his arrest on december 11th and was the sixth largest was madoff, the head of the sec for years madoff was a bright star in the sec's constellation, a legendary investment manager with celebrity clients, as well as multitudes of foreign investors. He was the chairman of the nasdaq stock market in 1990, 91 and 93.. He sat on the sec advisory committees like folks.

You can't make this up uh the dude yeah um. So am i that surprised that, like i guess he like had some sort of interactions. He was on an advisory committee and then he was the chairman of the nasdaq, and this is one of the most. I guess uh.

I guess biggest leeches con men pyramid schemers out there like he had ran one of the largest ponzi schemes and he got that high into not only the stock market world but also the i guess, security government overlooking finra scc. He was on the advisory committee. You cannot make this up. It's insane uh, a a equals pocket aces equals pocket rocket.

Shout out, hey matt. I want to cancel my say, tech account, but it's showing twice as many shares than i actually own, no tin, foil hat, but it's weird um. So they were saying that there were some issues with cash account stuff, like i remember that was going around, but right now, as in terms of the vote like the vote's done it's more of like, if you don't want your them to have your account, your account Information, you might want to delete it, but that's also up to you matt chaner, becoming an astronaut. Sorry just chimed in.

Should we change all of our brokerage passwords since say technologies uh has all of our passwords um i mean commonly updating your password is not a bad idea anyway, but beyond that make sure most brokerages right now offer two-factor authentication, i mean you, you got ta use Two-Factor authentication, like i mean it's, your money, it's literally your brokerage account. You might as well go out of like a little bit out of your way to protect it. I mean it's legitimately your money, uh. I don't see any harm or foul in updating your password and also enabling two-factor authentication.

If you haven't done it already all right and we talked about the after hours, they're not going to be able to cover all the shares in after hours. The volume of training is just simply too low. I mean we're talking about a hundred million shares on loan and after hours, training of like a couple million, i mean even right now on an intraday trading basis. We have not traded enough volume as of now at what 2 48 p.m the day after earnings for all the shares on loan to possibly be covered uh just to give you a metric.

So when people ask me well, how quickly is the squeeze gon na be? I think it's going to be multiple trading days because we're just dealing with a scenario of really not enough trading volume to match up with all the shares that we see on loan. How do we know no one covered raising prices from 20 to 70 or so then got back into short position and have been sitting pretty since um we know about. There was at that point, a hundred as we ran up to 70. There was 140 million shares on loan and then two days after that, after the two-day settlement and then a couple days following, we know that there was about a drop by 30 million, so it brought it down to 110..

Did some shorts cover? Yes, was it a full-on short squeeze? Absolutely not we're talking about 30 of 140 million at that point in time. So, right now and since then i guess to ask your question of answer your question of did: are there new shorts well yeah? We also know that, because the average age of shares on loan has also dropped, so are there old shorts still in the play? Yes did some a minority of shorts cover when we ran up to 72, also, yes or they're, also new shorts yeah. So we have new shorts, we have old shorts and we also at various points. We see that shorts have covered.

Some of the shorts have covered - it's not a full-on short squeeze, but we know that when we see it in the return shares, remember it's not one entity that we're playing against. There are various hedge funds, market makers and prime brokers in this, and some of them are entering positions. Some of them are exit positions, but it comes down to this has even a close to a small majority covered on amc. Absolutely not and then that's not even questioning the fact of a large majority right now we know there's a hundred million shares on loan which and that's just reported from 85 of the transactional volume of legal legitimate stuff, so not even the entire picture 85 of it.

So we're missing 15 of the legitimate picture and then, on top of that, we're missing an indication of all the illegal illegitimate shares as well. So if you take it in the most conservative floor estimate possible, there's still a shitload of shares that need to be covered. Uh preferred vpn or firewall sorry random. I used ghost vpn.

It is in the description of the video um. It works well for me and it's just really cheap david. Thank you for that super emote. We own the company adam says he works for us.

Well, we want a share count of our ownership. How do we get account of our company? He did that for this earnings announcement and the shareholder vote that was executed in june. They they did. Do that um, it's you do it beforehand.

You don't do it like the day of like that uh, but they did do it. They did a share count in early june and then uh the week a week into june. The numbers were released and i'm assuming they'll do another one for the next shareholder vote. The next earnings announcement, something like that, would be the next logical time that they would do a count, but when you do account, the count basically tells you.

The breakdown of the current outstanding shares. That's not a share count will not tell you what you want to know about naked shorts. What's my reasoning for that is because it's not like all the naked shorts are new and we already did a share count in early june and it's share count in early june. It only reports on the legal, legitimate positions, a share count will not be telling us the illegal, illegitimate counterfeit shares.

It's not what a share count does that would be a different process. That's going to be run by the sec or finra, and not a company itself. Asking for a share account the way the share count in early june did not uncover counterfeit shares. I'm not expecting any future share count done by the company to uncover anything illicit once again, that's something that would have to be done by a governing body, so i mean we can obviously ask them, and i like it, because we get the information of the percentage Of ownership of retail, we also get an idea of the average share ownership per ape.

I like that information and it's useful information, but if you're out there with your like pitch forward, saying we want a share account if you want it for the point of uncovering counterfeit shares. That's not we're not asking the right people for that um that wouldn't be a share count. Uh scotty saying buy the dip, hey matt, correct me if i'm wrong, but wasn't the price action looking like it hit today after q1, high expectations, it started green and then straight down, emily uh could might be true. I don't remember the date.

I know it was early may when do we have that i would have to compare it. I don't know the that specific day off the top of my head, that i have three gpus uh that roughly mine twenty dollars a day, my cost probably a dollar. Eighty a day in electricity getting paid with btc and saving movies with it nice hash shout out uh. How do we know? No one covers all right.

We went over that. We know that a minority, a small minority, did cover um stupid question, but do you think the mother of all short squeezes will be by the end of the year? Honestly, i have no idea, i'm not going to put a date on it. People have been putting dates on this ever since it started they're like it's going to happen in february. It's going to happen in march april may june july.

It everyone keeps putting it out and thus far no one has been right. No one has been right about their date prediction and no one has been right about their price prediction, so why? I don't know why we keep engaging in it and trusting in people that do that, because no one has been right: hey matt, when ortex recalibrates do they functionally set their share interest equal to the old finra data, or do they adjust it to their eighty percent.

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