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Ape nation: to the moon amc gamestop dumb money ep 19 – Matt Kohrs

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Ape Nation: TO THE MOON (AMC & GameStop)๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€
Dumb Money Ep. 19
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Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, let's get connected to nasa hope. Everyone had a great weekend july, officially in the books, folks we're starting off a whole new week, we're starting off a whole new month, exciting exciting times an exciting time to be a member of ape nation. Let me just make sure i'm properly connected to the nasa mainframe here folks, hello, hello, hello, whoa. We are very close to my face today, no way jose.

We don't want to do that. We don't want to do that. How's everyone doing this morning, ready for another fun fold week, fun, fun, fueled week, uh mark mike sounds far away. Oh, it should sound better.

Now there we go there. We go amc trading at 37.70, gme trading at 160, 250, just another another day in the life of an ape trader, i suppose an ape trader. I started off my week by like already arguing with youtube support, and i just don't know where they're um, where they're getting any of their information, but hey, that's just a youtube thing: let's go over all the uh interesting information we already have for the day. Let's get ready, let's set things up the day the week the month, it's a new one.

Whatever happened last week on friday last week last month, it's already in the books. All we can do is take care of what's happening, uh as we move forward um. So we have about what 28 minutes to go. Amc is trading at 37.75, gme is at 163.

uh. Let's quickly go over these or text numbers. So to start today off the short interest still above 15 on amc 15.09 shares on loan 98.45 million utilization 91.17 percent. In terms of gme there's, we are seeing spikes.

What is going on very weird action in gme, but the short interest is all over the place right now. It's 14.73 percent the shares on loan around 8.91 million. This is estimated and the utilization is now the fact that they've borrowed already almost half a million shares against it. The utilization is definitely going to be higher um very quickly.

I just want to point out that borrowing 400 000 against gme is very, very different than borrowing 400 000 against amc, and that's just because the companies have completely different floats gme is around 75 million shares and then amc's around 513 million. So just two completely different floats. So when you see half a million being borrowed like it's good to know that number, but then you want to know the relative impact on the stock at large uh. So i just want to get that out there.

I think it's good, because this 400 000 is very very different than if we were to see 400 000 with amc uh. Just it would be on a relative basis, uh much less, of an impact on amc than it would be on gme in terms of the overall market. On thursday july 29th, we did hit a new all-time high, just below 442. uh.

On friday, it came back down and we found a base off of the previous resistance. Look at that resistance now acting as support, and we are bouncing up right now. 440. 40.

40. 40.. Um. I want to see this continuation and see how it reacts to 441.80 uh so about a dollar forty to go till we're testing a new all-time high in the stock market at large, in terms of amc ever since july 22nd, not really doing much.

We have a bit of sideways trading, we're looking for the breakout between. I mean at this point. We could just call it 40 flat 40 to 42 we're looking for that breakout. We are gapping up this morning, which is awesome and if you've been paying attention to any of these live streams or my videos ever since late july.

It's the same thing if we need that breakout at 40 to 42 and then we're looking for that test of 46 in terms of gme a little bit different, showing a little bit more weakness just ever since that same time, period of july 22nd. Instead of going sideways, the last three days, wednesday, thursday and friday to close out july a little bit of weakness, but it is currently at support. We have support between 158 and 164 and that's we're hanging out now below that there is a key psychological level at 150 and then we have 145. So we're looking for a bounce pretty immediately and hopefully a follow through on kind of the george w set up.

We just need that the final part of the w we want kind of this perfect double bottom scenario, especially watching the low on july 25th, which was 158.01. So those are definitely the numbers i'll be paying attention to in terms of crypto bitcoin's been kind of interesting. Lately it's run from 38 000 up to 42 000 announced down at 39. We might get another double bottom there.

This is the two hour chart um ethereum, just kind of ripping upward 2250 up to around two thousand six hundred. It did hit two thousand seven hundred in the bottom right here. We have cardano it's running from a dollar twenty, a dollar twenty five. It did hit almost 140 and now we're at 132, so kind of taking a breather off of that and then doge has been a bit more volatile uh and it's still hanging out around that 20 cent level uh.

So that's just your quick update of what's been going on with crypto at large, the market at large, but obviously at open, we're interested to see what's going on with the gap ups in both amc and gme to see how this all really plays out. Very very quick side note before i get out to your, like all the questions that are coming in of what's happening, this one, you guys know me, i'm not much of a redditor or anything um, but i want you to know that this citadel connect, one was Probably one of the best written reddit posts, i've seen in a while, so shout out to pb jelly games. If you want to know about citadel connect, this is a very, very well written well-explained com, all the sources, that's what i liked about it. Not only was there diagrams for the visual like great explanations, but also all of the sources are here, which is exactly how due diligence should be done.

You should be citing all the sources instead of just saying stuff um. The only thing i saw about this that i would correct is instead of ats alternative trading system. They accidentally had typos and used atf, which i believe is like a branch of our like. I don't know policing the alcohol, tobacco and firearms.

That's the only correction. So if you see atf just understand, it's meant to be ats alternative trading system. But if you want to know more about citadel connect and even really the flow of how citadel is working um, just in general of how it's connected with a broker good good stuff. In here um, it's things like this that deserve way way more upvotes and coming from me a person who, like really goes out of his way to not consume reddit um.

I i found this one to be exceptionally good, so check that out. If you want to know more about citadel connect, this is on the amc stock subreddit and it's just called we've been misled. So that's a awesome one to check out. If you want to know more about it, uh benzynga, obviously no crazy options yet because the options market has not opened up, but i did want to read where was it pension fund right here? New jersey's pension fund acquired a stake in amc, entertainment.

They also bought tilray. They also bought ccl, alibaba and apple. I just want to see. Did they have the number right here stated: new jersey, common pension, fundee initiated a position in the movie theater chain.

Amc, entertainment in the second quarter by acquiring 230 000 shares the pension fund revealed in a regulatory filing so right there uh. I know people have been talking about. This is not breaking news. It's just uh.

This is actually like a couple days old. I just wanted to let you know that this is not exclusively a retail driven phenomena. There are big players - big funds, big etfs, uh, big institutions that are getting behind amc right now, and this is just proof of that state of new jersey, common pension fund d. But 230 000 shares of amc.

This happened in the second quarter and it's just getting reported now because remember 13 fs i mean essentially are a quarter behind um. Actually that brings me to another point: gov check so gov check. We have this one for uh 4619. This relates to market makers uh.

We are so have 46 18. that one actually does relate to to do right here, short, sale, transparency and market fairness act. This did pass committee, which means it's now going on to the house uh. So what this is and this? Why this is re, like i guess, related to 13 f's - is the fact that right now, 13 f's are filed every quarter, this particular bill, which is not a law.

Still a bill being voted on being discussed, being debated would increase the cadence at which 13 f's are filed instead of quarterly. This would now push it monthly and on top of it right now, whenever you look up at 13f, let me show you one all right. So from these 13f filings, we can go to owners institutional owners. Basically, if you are have assets under management over 100 million dollars, you have to file a 13f, which basically is just what are your positions and that's why? Right here, you can see a source of a 13f in a 13f you're going to report.

Your calls. Your puts and your long positions, but not your short positions. So that's one of the things this particular bill is talking about not also just increasing the cadence at which 13f's are filed from quarterly to monthly, but on top of that, it's discussing the possibility of them. Also reporting their short positions, as you can see here, they're like in all these 13 f's 13f they're, not reporting their short positions, for whatever reason someone like no one ever thought that maybe that should be um like sent or reported to any regulatory body which blows My mind, but this is one particular bill: the hr 4618.

It's currently it just passed the financial uh, the house's financial services committee uh. So now it's going on to the house at large and then from there it goes to the senate and then from there. It would go to the president, so i'm not saying like we're, not really that close, but we're at least closer than we were. It passed the committee, which means it goes on to the house, then the senate and then the president uh.

So it still has a long journey, but it's better than than nothing. This all happened on friday july 30th uh, so it did pass by. I think, a vote of 27 to 22. So it wasn't even necessarily that close, but you could check it out.

I did make a quick update, video on it yesterday, if you're looking for more information but hey we're making progress, i know it's moving slower than we all want. Obviously, but it's better than nothing. I feel like that's a key takeaway here of like at least we're seeing some sort of progress, because to me any form of progress is a win. Obviously we want change to be made overnight, but that's just not how our systems really necessarily work.

So, overall, that's your quick setup, technical short interest. What's going on? Oh the other thing i did forget hang on. I do want to show you this adam aaron nope. I should probably spell his name right, uh, just so everyone knows to do august.

9Th is our next quarterly earnings call. We will do a webcast, so you can listen for the first time ever we will take questions from individual investors on the call and then here's the link really smart questions in so far and fascinating suggestions as well so august. 9Th is the earnings call. I will be live streaming that we could all listen to it together, i'll make sure to get a webcast uh sign up just so that's all ready to go uh, but i will live stream.

Their earnings call and i'm excited myself, to see the questions that get submitted um. What is this new one? I get tons of inbound messages each day on twitter trying to be respectable. Some of you refer to me as mr iron, but lovers of the amc are getting to be like family. So if you're an ape feel free to call me adam, oh and go see a movie at your favorite amc, theater too, that is hilarious.

So we're allowed to call him adam. That's awesome, what a guy, what a guy, but overall, that's your setup today, what day is august 9th that is next to do right here, august 9th monday. So next monday, a week from today, is amc's earnings call just so everyone knows all right. We are ready to rock folks all right.

Let me just get sup and i could answer any of your questions before the market gets going. Matt was down in orlando last week at the theme parks and saw several to the moon shirts, instant, bonding with strangers. Your name came up a lot. That is awesome that is so so cool.

I hope you had a great weekend in orlando. That sounds awesome morning. Mario morning, grapes have the best week shout out kinky kong, always dropping in to make our day uh. How much etherium do i own um? I think around five, maybe around five.

Oh some people are asking about the ftds. Let me just see if those actually loaded up all right, so they we do not have the information for the first half of july. Yet this should be coming out very very shortly, though um, maybe even potentially today um, but we will get the first half of july, basically up till july 15th um, i'm surprised they're, not in excuse me, i'm sorry about that. Kelly ripa would never do that.

Um! Yeah, i thought these would be in maybe they're waiting for market open or some portion of the market day. To conclude, uh very interesting, though yeah the ftd should be coming out soon and we'll be able to check those out for amc and gme. If, during this morning session, any of you see that uh they're loaded in like if ortex tweets about it or something, let me know - and we could check it in real time, but they should be coming in very very shortly. I was wondering what the heck happened to g e g e.

Didn't it go through uh, a split, i believe, yeah uh, it went through a i'm, pretty sure it went through a reverse split yeah. It went through a reverse split, a one for eight reverse split. So basically, it's equivalent to having a um and so say you have eight one dollar bills. They now pushed into one eight dollar bill.

So it's not like the market cap of the company changed they just made it. So there's a lot less share. So a lot less bills, but same overall value. Ah matt you're, the man.

Thank you. Selling calls is better to buy when the stock when they are up and sell them again when they run happens thanks for everything uh when selling calls, is it better to buy them back when they are up and then sell them again when they are running wait When you're selling calls, when you're selling calls you're just looking to get to the expiration date below the strike price, that's how you would keep your maximum amount of premium. Eight dollar bills - don't exist. Well, yeah.

Of course they don't, but i think it's easier when they do a like a five to one split or reverse plate, because that connects. But you guys get the um. Oh dave, lauer yeah. So i will be interviewing dave lauer during the break today and then i'll be posting the video later this evening um.

So i will be doing a long form interview with dave lauer today to talk about dark pools to talk about payment for order flow um. There seems to be a lot of questions and a lot of confusion about what these are and aren't i mean if you've been hanging out here, i mean day over day we're still getting this question of, or i guess this mis misinterpretation of buying and selling on A dark pool to not impact the price and um. I i'm very confident in the fact that it does impact the price, but you'll at least be able to hear. The reasoning from an expert dave.

Lauer is an expert uh. He used to work at citadel securities and since then he has quit that job and now he's kind of been outspoken against them and in front of the senate. Uh various committees with the government arguing and educating about why payment for order flow is bad. Explaining what dark pools are the guy is a legitimate expert who is now like outspoken about some of these things that these market makers are doing so for us, the fact that he's able to give us any of his time and explain to the ape nation what A dark pool is and isn't what payment for afford order flow is and isn't um.

It's definitely a treat for us, so i'll be doing that interview today, um. I just got a confirmation text from him, so that will be happening today and then i'll post it. This evening, and then on the the backup channel, the mac course clips will clip the individual questions just so like. If you only want to know like one specific thing or if you want to come back and like reference it in the future, you'll be able just to go to that channel and get your like specific question answered.

Anselled answered. Please talk to him about synthetic shorts by use of options. That finra is requesting. Comment on also, definitely ask him about hft um.

I will, but just with this remember it is um, there's only so much time like. Obviously we could sit there and just ask him questions for days and days and days, uh, so i'll talk to him a little bit synthetic by using options. Synthetic shorts, um, stonks, batman that might have to be a follow-up thing. So his background is particularly in high frequency training, but the frame the framework of this particular interview is very much dark, pools and payment for order flow.

Because, honestly, like i mean we could ask them questions endlessly um if there's a place where that, like, i guess, fits in but talking about synthetic shorts, and i mean high frequency trading. He could talk about that for days and days, and days like that is like where his background was like that, wouldn't even be one conversation that would be multiple conversations in itself. Please tell him my wife needs: a boyfriend will do will do will do tesla above 700, oh tesla's, gapping up wow, wow, wow wow, that's crazy um. He definitely knows about hft.

Oh, he he's a legitimate expert on it. That was his background, like he is that's what i'm saying is like he has so much knowledge. I mean the guy could probably write a book on high frequency training. I don't know if that um.

That's why i'm saying like i don't know if i could just be like oh tell us about hft like that itself would be like multiple long-form interviews, because the point of this is to deep dive into dark pools and payment for order flow, because i s that's. Where a lot of questions are right now, um, all of a sudden, if in the community we see a spike in frequency, training questions we'll bring them on to talk about that, like my goal on this side of the camera, is to like answer as many questions At large that i see like where the majority of questions are - and i think right now - there's a lot of confusion about dark pools and there's a lot of confusion about payment for order flow. So that is the goal of this particular interview is to make everyone feel very, very comfortable in their own knowledge base of what a dark pool and a payment for order flow is and isn't um, because there's a lot of assumptions running rampant right now and a Lot of like misinterpretations about what these things are and how they truly function. So the goal of this interview is to ask an expert, a legitimate expert, a verified expert of what these things are so like.

We can just stop the debate about these asinine things because uh i mean people are running absolutely crazy with their assumptions right now. Not a hedge fund um shout out. Ask him if he's an ape um, so we actually know we have talked to dave lauer before um he's been following amc and jimmy, and i believe i'm correct me if i'm wrong, but i'm in the one interview he said he does have gamestop um like i Don't know if he's like all in on it, but uh he definitely owns some and he's been following it and he loves it. I think matt hit the over for using at large today.

Have i been saying at large a lot? Oh yeah. I definitely have been well if we're already over. Let's just keep uh, let's just keep running with it all right. We have about uh.

What's that six minutes to go until market opens. Tesla is running like a madman, apparently in free market. Was there news on this wow wow wow tesla, ripping higher how's robin hood, doing robin hood still below its ipo price, still below all right, let's drop to the one minute on everything da da. Oh one thing i also want to talk about before market opens is um, for whatever reason i'm seeing that i guess comments that, like content, creators and stuff are like quitting um.

So i i don't know specifically who this is in reference to, but i can speak for myself and i guess at a certain point i could also just relay what trey and i have said to each other. I was talking with trey over the weekend um. Neither of us are quitting um, i don't know where that is getting started. Uh, i think maybe people are miscontruring trey's video when he said that he wants to add on other types of content outside of amc.

He never said that he's quitting talking about amc, though um, so if you're hearing, that of just people are like, oh, why are you quitting right? No one's quitting. If, if anything, i mean i've, i changed my schedule, but that was just because of logistical issues and me trying to get like other types of like studying and information out there and to also talk with some of the people. In my discord to answer some of their questions throughout the day, but no one is quitting, i don't know where people are getting that. I don't know why they're misconstruing it.

It seems like there's a very small group of people within this community that are trying to rip the community apart, i mean i i heard through the grapevine that there was people on space calls uh, saying that they're gon na try to dox all of us. Trey me uh rogue tmi uh review dork of just like they're gon na try to dox all of us um. What trey said weeks ago of his biggest concern being that this group is infiltrated. Unfortunately, that has become very, very accurate, um er the evidence.

It's we have the proof of it that we clearly are trying to be infiltrated. So i mean i don't know which forms of social media it's more prevalent on, but just be careful um, especially if you're a newer ape and trying to figure out. What's going on, um be very, very careful where you're getting your information, because there are an endless amount of fake accounts, just nameless like it's just people hiding behind like just they're, not putting their name out there. It's a fake account.

It's a fake picture. It's not real people uh. I personally see it more on twitter, i'm told that it happens. A lot on reddit um, so my recommendation at large is just be very, very, very careful where you're getting your information who you're getting your information from, and i can just i mean i can't really speak for anyone but myself, but i'm not going anywhere.

I'm still here, i'm talking about amc, i'm talking about gme, i know trey isn't going anywhere. All he said was that he's adding on extra types of content to teach people more things, because that's what he likes to do is educate people about the markets um. So with it, if i don't know also if people do end up getting docs, if you see that i would appreciate it. If you just report it obviously um, we don't want it to blow up in a sense where, like everyone's commenting on it, because that means that more people are gon na see the docs information.

So if you see any creator, not even in the amc gme world, i'm saying at large on social media, it's the most pathetic form of cyber bullying. If you see it, don't make a big issue of it report the account and then just move on. That's the best way to handle it, because if everyone's like commenting and saying something well, then that blows it up and then inherently there's more people, seeing the docs information that your creator that you like might not actually want out there uh remember at the end of The day, all these creators that you do or don't follow, they're also just humans, um and it's just they're being attacked at large by people who are just like essentially just nobodies, who are doing what they can just to be like your classic internet troll. But overall i mean i don't know if it is or isn't.

This is just what i've been hearing that it's bad on twitter, it's bad on! Reddit um! So just be careful you're getting your information and when you're seeing something especially if it seems like an extreme piece of fun, just i guess verify it, make sure that you're like because right now it does seem like we're actively being infiltrated by random people and uh. I don't want that to be the downfall of this community. Can you ask if the design of dark pools are to use block trades anonymously anonymously, how come 10 or less of daily our dog plays while dark pool is 64 stonks batman? That's a great question. We're definitely going to be diving into the way dark pools are pitched and how they're supposed to be theoretically used and then how we're seeing the trends of them.

Now we're definitely going to be getting into that and i could specifically get into your question there and once again that is uh. Can you ask if the design of dark pools are to use block trades anonymously, how come 10 or less of daily is block trades while dark pools is 64 percent? If dark pools, don't affect the price? Why are so many trades going through them? I read: dark pools are for large orders to not affect the market price um. No, they they do affect you've, never um the point of a dark bull and once again we're about to get into an interview later on today. But a dark pool is where you cannot see large bywalls and cannot see large cell walls if people are buying and selling.

Of course it impacts the price um. I i myself have never come across anything legitimate that says, trading on a dark pool does not impact the price of an equity, all right, ding, ding ding. The casino is open. Folks, uh tried to dox matt to find out his girlfriend was real.

No proof found matt. Can you explain how within three hours borrow shares went from 5.5 to 250 million on stonco tracker um? No, i can't because i don't know much about stonco tracker. I know they're only using one data source so because of that i don't like using it. It's um, it's accurate in terms of sourcing data from interactive brokers, but that's like a very small sliver of the overall picture.

So i don't use stonco tracker um. I like it for the put stuff i like it for the option chain to see the calls the puts it's good for ssr, but i don't use stonco tracker in terms of learning about the shorts or the short interest, because it's only sourcing information from one prime Broker, which is interactive brokers uh, but i really like it for the options: stuff, hey matt, any comment about the debt ceiling, expiring, yeah, i'm assuming they're just gon na raise it the way they always do, but i don't think that's gon na have some impact um On amc or gme really uh what happens to amc? If there is another lockdown um, i don't think anyone can definitively tell you what would happen in that scenario, but a lockdown at large, at large at large at large at large would not be good for the stock market. We do see that it bounces back relatively quickly. If you look at march from last year, there was about a month of a sell-off and then from there it based and then just it's ripping until all the way to today uh.

So there was about a month of a sell-off and it was an extreme sell-off. It wasn't like the most horrific thing that the stock market has seen, but there was definitely a notable sell-off for the first month. So if that happens, maybe that's the like the way you could play it. I suppose um, but it's overall impact on amc.

Well, that's not it's weird uh fundamentally for the company. That would obviously not be good, but we also all know that amc is trading outside of the world of fundamentals. So i feel like it's very difficult to predict that oh coming back to nismo uh, why are so many trades going through dark pools because people are trying to hide their buy orders and hide their sell orders? They don't want people to know that they're buying and selling it's inherently a more competitive environment, where your information isn't being shown as you're trying to execute a trade all right, uh, robin hood, green on the day surprising enough. All right, amc, bouncing off of 3717 looks like it's making a run to 38.

tesla with a sizable gap up of 20 uh wow holding above 700. Looking strong, i have not really checked in on tesla in quite a while uh. I don't know why it's gapping up so much, i'm assuming there was some sort of news or announcement or something like that. Someone just said: iex routing, avoids dark, blues uh, there's many things that avoid dark pulls like well routing in general.

You could just choose to not route to a dark pool. I sold a call option covered and the value of the option has risen quite a bit. Is there a way to make a profit out of this value of the option? Uh i mean you are just looking for it to get to the expiration date below your strike price um brambles, that's what you're looking for, if, if it expires above you're gon na lose your stock that you have, but you'll still get the profit of the stock. All the way up to that price um, so it kind of depends really on your expiration date, the stock, your position and all that but um, inherently you're, just looking for it to expire below your strike price at the date of expiration, um, hey matt, actually, i'm Using weeble, i need to use another broker.

Can you mention one for me? Please so a lot of people there. It seems like there's two main ones that people are really gravitating towards right now: um, fidelity! If you're on fidelity, you can use active trader pro which allows you to route your orders. It is free trading on fidelity, but you have to make sure to actually route your orders, because, if you're not routing them, they still are mainly going to citadel. In the sense, if you're not actively going out of your way to route them yourself, so that's very important with fidelity is make sure you're routing the orders to not fidelity if you're on fidelity make sure you're routing it to not citadel um, because even fidelity does Not do payment for order flow, but without you intentionally routing it, it is still their main route is to sit out citadel.

Now, i'm just shoving all the words together um, so fidelity popular one active trader pro route, it away from citadel another one that i see more of right now that does not use payment for order flow is public public um. They have it on their website. No longer using payment for order flow, and then they even have new commentary about their routing and they're routing it to lit exchanges. You can see that on public's website um as of now uh.

Unfortunately, i don't have like an extra bonus like sign up for you on fidelity or on public uh, so um with you, i mean. Maybe you have a friend that could give you a referral link and you both get a kickback or something like that. But i know fidelity no payment for order flow public, no payment for order flow. If that's what you're? Attempting to avoid, can you check out sprt? I grabbed a few hundred shares.

I just wanted to know your opinion on it check the ortex data. Please, sir, have not touched my amc, so i know sprt, as of last week, did have a considerable short interest. Uh is that still holding up? I believe sprt is support.com. Let me check this out.

The short interest on sprt is 63.48. For me, it feels like a chasing play. I very much don't want to chase it. So uh i'm not going to be trading that myself, but it does have a high short interest, but just so you know, a high short interest does not mean that it has to squeeze ah amc.

Looking strong uh, the current intraday high is 3810 and we're trading just south of 38 at the moment, looks like it's about to make a new intraday high. I am surprised that robin hood is green on the day. I truly truly am uh gme not holding right. Now it's at 160, we very much want gme to hold uh.

It seems like obviously on an intraday basis. This is these. Two stocks are deviating from each other. Amc is up 2.4 and then jamie is down.

0.35 percent matt excited for today been an ape since june gamma squeeze and absolutely love. This community and movement bought even more amc. Today, shout out mikey shout out brambles. If you have any questions beer gear be jamming shout out all right.

How is the overall market looking today? Uh iwm is up and spy also up the overall market. The two main indices, that at least we speak about here, are are in the green, green, green all right. What else do we have going on any big breaking news? Now that we're about 10 minutes into the day, remember i really really like to sit on my hands for the first 15 20 minutes, something like that uh. I just find that it there's so much, especially on mondays, there's so much whip, sawing and volatility right out of the gate that uh, i find it to be way way exponentially easier to just kind of sit and be calm, see how things are really shaking out.

All right hood looks like it came in at 3664.. Now it's showing some weakness. Tesla is still going strong, tesla tesla tesla. What do we have all right amc a little flat.

We double topped at 38 right now, let's see if it can keep this relative low at 37.62 in terms of amc, there's been a net return, thus far of half a million short interest of 15 gme, a borrow of almost half a million short interest of 14.73 Percent all right, let's see how we are doing folks hood getting sold. Hood is getting sold, come on amc. Where are we at today? Gme? It did find support at 160 uh for my audio listeners right now, it's at 161.27 uh. So that is a big bounce.

If you're looking at the daily chart, so it's good for it to hold that value, let's hope that it can just like start bouncing and ripping off of it. Uh the let's go over, hang on just for a quick. Second, let's see what iwm is doing and let's see what the s p. 500 is doing.

All right iwm is trucking higher, while s p, 500 uh, it's green on the day, but it's intraday action up down and now kind of just like perfectly in the middle, so not much of a direction so iwm is pushing that should bode well for amc uh. So i like that this is going higher and higher and higher should make us feel some sort of way all right. What other questions do we have rolling in folks uh? I find it odd that ftd's info wasn't released. I believe it should come out at the end of the day on trading on friday, and also believe that this report is never late um.

There is, i think, it's already announced um of, like you know the date beforehand like when it's gon na come out uh. If it's not out, i don't think it was like supposed to come out on friday and then all of a sudden they somehow like skipped it uh. I believe that it was probably just supposed to come out like today or something, but the dates are already like. Pre-Announced, like we know, uh, if you do a quick google search moon shots uh, it should be out there somewhere of like the date we're gon na get all that info.

How can they borrow 500k with only 125k on volume, because borrowing has nothing to do with volume whatsoever volume? Is the amount of shares traded that day? Borrowing is someone borrowing shares from a prime broker. Uh borrowing shares has like no correlation whatsoever with uh the day's trading volume. Uh, hey matt, have you been following nicola at all? I'd love to get your opinion uh. I know about nikola just because i was paying attention to the trevor milton story, but i would not ever invest in it uh to me it's very, very toxic um for those of you who you who don't know about nicola.

It's an eevee play their ex-ceo, a guy named trevor milton uh, basically just a straight-up liar. That's what all the allegations, i believe, there's even lawsuits against him right now for that stuff. So i would just not touch that company just because you never know when something might come out that, like completely drops the stock, so i am not touching that one obviously for the people that work there and the current leadership team. I want it to be successful, but i think that particular play just has a a bit too much garbage um too much.

I guess baggage attached to it, but uh a lot of garbage comes out about it. So for me, that's a pass. That is a pass. All right, well, amc: it's pushing this trend line.

That's the third test, still right below 38 at this trend, but iwm is looking good, which makes me feel. Oh there we go there we go on amc. We got that push folks. We got the push we're about to make a new intraday high.

The current intraday high is 3810 and well amc just broke it. Boom goes the dynamite. Folks boom goes the dynamite, the dino mod, the dynomite there we go come on. I want to see.

Obviously, we just know it's incredibly important to get to this level at forty dollars would love to see that breakout uh. It's one thing to test it. Obviously, 40 is better than 39, but it's a completely different thing to like test it break above it hold it all that good stuff, especially on considerable volume. So let's see what we can kind of do here, what kind of momentum we can build up? I just want to know the high from first stop uh that hang on i'm just trying to mark out the previous highs for us, because they could serve as resistance, so we're watching 39, 18 and then 39.56.

Obviously this is not one of those deals that it's like two ascent um, it's just kind of roughly in that region. So i think we could have some clear sailing up to 39 18 right now, especially if iwm keeps pushing in this manner, especially if iwm keeps pushing in this manner, but we are showing some strength right now. Amc is up 3.1 on the day. Gme even went green, it bounced off of 160 and we're currently trading at 163.20, which is a gain of one percent um, so we're seeing some green.

We are seeing some green green green. What why is tesla gapping up tesla news news news news. One day ago, uh they redesigned their app elon musk denies he discussed an apple tesla merger. That was two days ago.

I'm not seeing any like major breaking news. That would be a 23 dollar run-up big sales in china. Okay, thank you. Fitzy is hood.

Being shorted stock killer uh, i don't have that information quite yet on ortex, it looks like they haven't loaded the since it's such a new stock hood uh, it looks like they haven't loaded that information into it. I could double check for you, though yeah i have. No information on this short intro, i mean hood. Robin hood has only traded for one full day.

It's been trading now for 1.5 days, like today's um, it's just very, very new of a company. So i'm personally waiting on that one to see what's going on, iwm still pushing amc, looking good gme, looking good honestly, everything on the screen right now is looking pretty good. What is going like, i don't know if anyone else is having issues, i'm just trying to see some of my positions and they are not loading hang on. Let me kill my app and see.

What's going on, i like to check out my amc position way better on these kind of days makes me makes me way more happy. Uh man, we are looking all sorts of green folks, all sorts of green, all right, gme, still grinding upward, making that run to 164. Thus far, amc is gearing up for that. Next move the explosion, the consolidation, the price is being accepted, and you can almost feel it like still kind of pushing slowly but surely uh, i'm hoping on this next push that we get a nice little rally formed all the way up to 39.

That would be pretty awesome, iwm still hanging out at 220 450. At this point, i would i'm assuming it's being attracted to that key psychological level at 225.. So, let's see how this is all gon na end up panning out uh, uh tesla prove you are an ape. I mean, i think, obviously everything i've done for the ape community shows i'm an ape um, that's kind of a weird question: tesla prove that your name.

I don't know like what have you done for the community kind of a weird question prove i am an ape um i don't know, but adley have you like seen my youtube channel like if you look at my catalog, i think it's it's a little bit obvious That uh i'm what people would refer to as an ape uh pb, please be careful 10 years pushing downward. Now at 121. yeah. It is useful to watch um to see what's going on with the yields, but also just understand, that's going to be uh more of a noteworthy impact at the mo, like these indices that we're paying attention to russell 2000.

Nasdaq. 100 s p. 500. So i like to pay attention to them to know what an individual index might do, but in terms of the yield and amc and gme, i don't know if there's going to be the strongest correlation uh prove your fitness instructor with an amazing duck.

Fashion sense, shout out: ben uh prove you're an ape rick of spade style, or maybe you just don't know what you're talking about. What's going on totally real 10k people are a weird man on the internet blows my mind, uh we're happy to have you in our ringside shout out uh. What was that book recommendation for options trading again? I thought i saved it uh. Let me see if i could find it in this train.

Let me see if i can find it in my own history options trading. I might need to find that in the mid session for you to get that book, there are many many good books on options training, but just for the one that i've like personally been through, i might need to find that offline. How does an ipo calculate its opening price? That's what the underwriters and the agents are all about doing they figure out the value of the company. They know how many shares they're selling and then from there when they offering it.

Of course, there's like a very quick change, because the market - maybe even just the market's enthusiasm, might not match, but overall, like i mean that's, a whole job is to calculate the value of a company. That's what all these fundamental analysts do. They're always trying to derive the true value of the company and seeing if there's a mismatch in the price, but anyway they'll look at the company kind of come up what its market cap should be. They know how many shares they have and then that's where they're going to come up with the ipo price uh scott c looks like he's crushing nicola what, if hedge funds start paying off youtube personalities to change their positions and influence others thoughts.

I think it's a ludicrous idea: i'm assuming if they were going to pay people, it would start with trey and myself um. I have not been approached or offered any money by a hedge fund to stop uh. I would not accept it if i were and uh. I believe trey is in the exact same boat from the times.

We've discussed it, but this is just um. I feel like the group is getting very, very conspiratorial like even that chris webber um. This is now like the third day in a row. Someone has asked me about youtube personalities, getting paid off um and i'm not saying you shouldn't, ask the question but like i think it shows how conspiratorial this community is, and i mean i don't know uh the people out there who are gon na trust.

Me they're gon na be like oh okay, like i believe him, because he just said it and i trust matt and i he wasn't paid off and i'm telling you i wasn't paid off. I wasn't even approached by a hedge fund uh to do that or any like no one's like hey. I'm gon na give you this lump sum of money to stop taking talking about amc or even worse, to start talking bad about it. No one's ever done that um in my own experience, um and then the people who dislike me they're, just gon na, be like oh he's lying like i'm, not gon na, be able to change anyone's mind on it.

If you trust me, you trust me if you don't you don't um, but i'm being completely honest when i'm saying no one has offered me money and also if they did in the world that they did i'm doing a pretty bad job about it, because i'm still Clearly, bullish and apish on amc, i'm still long on amc in my own portfolio. I have thousands of shares of amc, i'm still long on gme um. So if they did do it, i mean they should get their money back, because i'm doing a piss-poor job at being negative on amc. When i'm still posting content throughout the week, i live stream it for hours a day.

I do interviews trying to get more people interested in amc. So if, in a scenario that i were paid off, i mean that i would be the worst payoff ever uh with a good earnings report this week. Do you think fundamental players will start stepping in um ruma, i'm not sure what you're talking about uh, because if you're talking about amc, the earnings announcement is not this week? What? If not a hedge fund, paid you to buy more? What's going on? Uh, hey mark, missed you, i have four dollar 822 mma t calls learning august is usually slow. Should i roll them to september when mma t is red, i bought 43.

um big shop, yet august is slow, but that doesn't mean it's slow for every individual stock. If you think mmat is specifically going to be slow, then you might want to roll, but i have not really been following mmat, so i don't know if i could give um the best, like, i guess, commentary on it. What happens if all the shorts run out of money, while the price continues to rise? Where will all the money come from run they're not going to run out of money because remember the brokers see how much money they have with them and if it gets to a point of risk, they're going to get margin called um, their broker does not want To carry the risk of their client blowing up because then the broker will be financially responsible for covering the position and they obviously don't want to do that, so they would get margin called before the account hit. Zero.

Uh sorry wasn't saying you, but i totally trust you, but i don't put anything past these evil hedge funds. I love your rants chris, it's all good like i'm just trying to like. I didn't think you were attacked me. I'm just trying to show like that.

The group is getting like very, very conspiratorial and it's it's a fine line, because i think sometimes we need that to uncover some truth, but the amount of things that are said about me trey and other creators. It's just absurd people are just throwing out some random things. I see it on twitter. I see it on reddit people put things out there with no sources, nothing.

They just put out a comment, and then it's weird to see that other people are just like blindly agreeing with them um. We need to get back to the basics where people are uncovering, i guess truth or seeking to test a theory with sources and with evidence and we're just not really seeing that much of it right now we see uh, it's become a world of echo chamber. It almost has like a cancel culture like vibe, where people are like well, no, no like if you don't say something that, like completely agrees with everything i like believe to be true. Well, then, you must be wrong.

You must be a show. You must be paid off by some sort of hedge fund and it's just even on the most small like asinine things, and i just i don't think it could be healthy for our community. We need to be as realistic as possible. We can't be overly optimistic and, of course we don't want to be pessimistic.

We want to be as truthful about the situation as we can possibly be and um. Even if yourself like ask yourself, do you think you're in some form of an echo chamber that goes both ways? Are you in an echo chamber of loving amc and jimmy? Are you in an echo chamber of hating it? It cuts both ways um and with that you just need to be on the page of realism. If you can't list the pros and cons of your own position, you just haven't done enough research, because nothing out there is a perfect play and nothing out. There is a 100 horrific play.

There are pros and cons to anything. You engage in in the market um and if you think everything is all like perfect or if you think anything is all awful, i just don't think you've really done like the in-depth research. You have to do because nothing is 100 and nothing is one zero percent within the stock market. There's we live in the world of the gray area in the stock market, uh screw those people who think that, can you explain how a dividend works? For instance, i'm looking at mmp yeah, so if you own the stock on the date of record um, you just get the dividend and it you get it a little bit later, but basically per share.

You get like a a certain amount of money, usually like a couple cents per share that you own, depending on. What's going on with it, obviously the more expensive a stock. Typically, you get a higher dividend payout and then that money and then you might have uh depending on your brokerage, you might have drip drip dividend reinvestment plan where basically the money you get from the dividend. It just buys you stock that extra stock, but not everyone, has drip.

So if you're, a dividend trader investor that might be something you want to look into once again, that's called drip um. I do have some dividend: stocks uh, i'm not the biggest dividend trader investor, but some of my i mean i really really like microsoft, um disney used to be a phenomenal dividend and then, because of the pandemic and everything they took like they took the dividend away. Companies can give dividends, they can do it quarterly. They can do special dividends, they can have them, they can get rid of them.

It's all up to the company um, so disney used to have it and then they got rid of it. So i'm looking for disney to reinstitute it, but for other reasons uh, i think disney just kind of like with the bounce back of its parks. Uh is a good play, but right now it does not have a dividend. So those were the two main dividend stocks.

I had just in my long-term portfolio were microsoft and disney, but, like i said um, if you want to know more about dividend and dividend investing um, i would recommend that you check out some of andrei jic's videos. He has a lot of great dividend: videos where you can learn more about it: usual whales versus tiblio, for options, thoughts, uh, they tell you two different things: um unusual whales is going to tell you kind of the flow. That's. What unusual whales is all about.

The big money flow, while tiblio is a little bit more specific it'll. Tell you well. First of all, it has like the cover the credit spreads it has the naked puts and then other than that uh, when it's looking at big numbers flowing into a stock. I'm referring to tiblio.

It also looks for fundamental drivers um, so they're, not really that comparable. If anything, you would probably want to use something like unusual whales and tiblio together, not necessarily like one or the other might be a conspiracy theory here, but i heard sometimes microwave tinfoil is that true eight mandan can confirm that is a conspiracy, hey malachi, neo thoughts, Not financial advice uh. Well, we see that tesla's ripping. Does that mean that neo is also ripping? Neo is all so: eevee is just having a phenomenal day, but this kind of makes sense, because what uh fitzy was saying was that the numbers from china are looking good.

So it looks like any eevee company that has exposure to the massive market. That is, china is having a very good day. Tesla ripping tesla is ripping ripping ripping gme, currently just below 163, and then amc is at 38 18.. We double topped at 38, just below 38.50, 38, 46 45 somewhere around there.

But tesla is running like a stock. Possessed to 722 for those of you who might be in tesla - and i just want to be completely honest about this - i am long on tesla myself. I like how it got above 216 right here. I need some more time frames to know where this might get rejected.

Wow 750. Is that really the next stop if it can hold 7? 16. 7 16 is a sizeable breakout like a noteworthy breakout. I i don't know wow, that's a good run.

I guess i'm coming off as maybe overly optimistic, but i think the next stop might be the mid 740s, potentially even 750, which could leave another 20 25 30 in the tank for tesla. I'm not saying that that has to happen today, or i mean it could happen today for all i know, but i'm looking at the next major resistance, all right, let's drop to the three minutes just so we can see a little bit more realistically. What's going on right now, all right amc, just above 38, gme 162. tesla is ripping like a stock possessed.

What else do we have uh? I think a lot of the issues. People are expecting to get rich, quick and are getting impeachment. This is a waiting game.

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