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Ape nation: to the moon dumb money ep 27 amc gme – Matt Kohrs

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Ape Nation: TO THE MOON ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€
Dumb Money Ep. 27 AMC & GME
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Hello, hello, hello, let's get after it folks. Ah it's friday, friday august, 6th, hello, hello, hello, it's friday, friday friday tomorrow is saturday whoa. Why is my hair messed up folks? I pride myself on perfect hair. There we go fixed it fixed it fixed it fixed it.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous friday morning afternoon evening night, wherever you are, i hope you are having a great one, because it is a friday and what makes this friday even better is amc and gme are gapping up amc trading at 34., jimmy trading at 155 has to make you feel some sort of way: foot billy bleep. What is going on? What is going on folks, folks, folks uh? What should would what should we, where i guess we could do the the moon gang the moon, gang shave, your head, blah blah blah, show us some nip uh man chat is getting highly aggressive, highly aggressive chat today, i, like it iwm cruisin, upward uh cruising upward. Actually, by a lot what is going on with iwm folks um, this has to be it's friday come on come on. We always have good fridays, good good fridays, headband, i'm trying to get the the moon gang headband going on for you roy's a little bit more goofy, always a little bit more fun on fridays, john stamos, matt johnstein was course.

I wish remember when john stamos just like, didn't he um what happened? Wasn't he just had a like a football game two seasons ago and he just wore a hat that said nfl. I want to get to the point where it's news and newsworthy that i go to a sporting event and i wear a hat that is just that sport, like the league of the sport, like i'm just at some sort of important. I don't know baseball basketball, soccer hockey game and just just just the sport across the board, like that said, they're like oh wow, stainless. Oh, oh, what? What a guy stamos clubfoot did? You ever watch the brock's dub on friday, uh clubfoot billy, i'm not really uh! Sure quite sure what you're talking about, can you send it to me that was rob lowe that wasn't stamos that was rob blow yeah might as well be the same people, let's just call them the same people.

I really thought that was stainless. I didn't know that was rob lowe. I'm seriously rob lowe, it's funny how your brain does that. I guess i just have a little bit of a little bit of a duck brain all right.

Folks, folks, folks, it's gon na be a good friday. I'm excited for the market open. Let's do a quick rundown of everything going on. Some people are pouring in uh.

Let's get started on the day friday, friday, friday, amc to start the day off, they've already borrowed 700 000 shares against it net. Almost three-quarters of a million borrowed 15.7 short interest on amc, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy we're over the 100 million mark on shares on loan in insane stuff in terms of gme uh small net return short interest of 13.3. Yesterday there was a sizeable return. Uh shares were returned, almost a million on gme, but utilization 47 shares on loan 7.9 million and the short interest of 13.3 percent now uh.

So that's how we're starting today off i mean both. I mean what we've seen over the past three days with amc's. The short interest, the shares on loan and the utilization has gone up up up for three days in a row now uh the numbers are getting bigger and bigger and bigger. I find it abnormally interesting for yesterday because we did have such a gain from 29.

All the way up to 34. uh, obviously it gained five dollars. So i'm curious to know on monday's training. How much of this was actually some of the shorts covering? Obviously it's going to be a little bit.

It's just a question of how much um very very interested in seeing how much just so you guys know my overall plan with hood is i'm up considerably on my position. So what i'm gon na do is lock in uh, probably half for a hundred percent gain. Maybe even a little bit more and then let the other half ride, so it becomes a completely riskless trade. For me, lock in money lit the other ride and my worst case scenario will be breaking even so very, very happy about that.

I mean it just absolutely. Vomited yesterday i love doing that with options is like as soon as you get over 100. If you lock in more than half, then it's riskless you just you, can let the rest ride and just see how it ends up playing out so no harm, no foul. Pretty excited about that one um, all right! We have this this.

We will check on tiblio throughout the day as soon as it starts updating. We have this ready for the magnets and the rocket ships in terms of the overall market. Yesterday, uh it did hit a new all-time high today looks like we're opening up at a new all-time high as well, which is going to be very, very interesting. This is the s p 500, a basket of 500 of the biggest stocks in the entire world, u.s economy, whatever you want to say, but this is why it's thought to be a good gauge for what the stock market is doing at large people use the s.

P 500 other people use the dow. Those are probably the two main ones. I like to use the s p 500, because it's 500 companies, while the dow it's referred to as the dow 30, because it's 30 of the biggest companies 30, i think of the biggest companies um, so anywho uh gapping up yesterday, i hit a high. It looks like we're still going to continue this process of like melting up to a new high high high.

It seems like just every other day, i'm saying oh look. Would it hit a new high? I find it a bit weird because, obviously our economy isn't at a new high. I mean i was just reading some um concerns about potential lockdowns coming in the future and that stuff to me doesn't make sense that we're like. Oh no, no.

This is like the best our economy has ever been, but that's very important because right here, we're living in a time where it shows you that the economy and the stock market do not have to move in lockstep a lot of the times they are correlated. But honestly, ever since march of 2020, until now, we've been seeing a large deviation between the stock market and our economy. Usually they go hand in hand, but obviously you can have long periods of deviation and that's what we're living through right now, just so everyone knows. Okay, on amc: yesterday we got this bounce off of the previous resistance that we saw back on june 1st now we're looking up kind of a double bottom uh.

We are gapping up a bit. What i want to see, preferably, is right here this support at 36. I would love to close above it, obviously the higher the better 36 37 38 39 30. um.

But i'm just saying like going into this particular weekend. That would be very, very nice, but obviously any green day is a good day um if things get absolutely wild. I would love to see above 40 above 42 above 42. I'd feel good about 46., a breakout above this.

What is this 46.55? If we could break above that and hold above that? That is going to be very, very interesting because i think it will almost be equivalent to when we finally broke above this 1450 level like when we broke above it and held and started ripping. I think the new 1450 is somewhere between this 40-46 region um. Roughly, i want to see how things play out, but uh things could get incredibly interesting at that level in terms of gme kind of a similar looking chart. We got this bounce it bounced off of exactly this low that we saw in mid or late april.

Excuse me: we want it to come above 157 and then we're kind of watching 164. uh. So those are some of the levels we'll be watching on gme today it does seem like they they're, not exactly moving in lockstep but they're kind of rhyming with each other. Back and forth so um i'm expecting their their movement throughout the day to be kind of related.

I'm not going to say that they're going to be perfect, but i do expect it to be somewhat related in terms of crypto. It looks like cardano's, a a dollar 37 bitcoin's, pushing 41 000 doge is above 20 cents and ethereum has doing been like very well look at this rip in ethereum. This is the daily chart in ethereum holy guacamole, batman, eth, ripping off of 1850. All the way up to 28 look at resistance resistance perfectly, where it's stalling out that just kind of shows that you can use still very rudimentary basic technical analysis on many things.

You could use it on stocks, cryptos futures right there look right where it's stalling out. The rsi is a little bit overextended if you're looking at ethereum and questioning like is this your moment to get in. I would be a bit more patient, i'm in ethereum. It doesn't make me happy to say that i mean i'm i've been in it and i want it to go higher, but i'm just saying maybe it needs to take a bit of a breather.

The rsi is very, very hot. It's been on this incredible rally and now we're at resistance. So maybe it needs to test it a couple times before the official breakout. But overall i mean i i'm in all of these just so everyone knows i'm in cardano, i'm in bitcoin i'm in dogecoin i'm in ethereum.

I do own the spy i'm long on amc, i'm long on gme. Honestly, i'm long on everything we've talked about. I don't think i have an iwm position right now and then i have uh puts against robin hood. I own put so i'm betting on it going down and, like i said, i'm looking to lock in 100 gain on half of my shares, i'm above 100.

Right now uh, so then it becomes a riskless trade. All right, let's go over some of these questions. Um link in discord, chat, not question chat, do not play on stream all right, i'll i'll check that out. Thank you.

Uh feel free to dm it to me as well on discord uh just so i don't miss it check your twitter messages sent you something that probably needs to be addressed. Twitter handle is the same as youtube handle half human half coffee, uh, all right, uh i'll. Try to check that at some like down point today. Matt, did you see the tweet i sent you lisa liu today about the new hedge fund, trying to short us um? Is that real? Why would they advertise it uh? Just because then maybe people who respect their opinion would also shorter, get out of amc, like obviously it can um.

It can benefit them in a certain way. If other people follow suit um, that is very, very possible, but yeah. There is a new hedge fund, betting against it, and i mean: is that really surprising to anyone like the only difference is this particular one announced their position, but we know people have been shorting it um, it's i i don't find it to be that crazy. Uh, can you please comment on naked, etfs uh? I have no clue what a naked etf is.

I've never heard of a naked etf uh before i've heard of naked short selling. I've heard of naked calls i've heard of naked puts, but i've never heard of a naked etf, christopher i'll need a little bit more info. Uh ben's never heard of that crypto mat. What effect is hedgie's constantly borrowing in returning shares without shorting they just borrowed 650 000.

According to stonko tractor stonko, tracker, remember, stonco tracker is it's accurate, but it's only using one data source it. It sources its data from interactive brokers. So it's nowhere close to a complete picture. Nowhere close when you borrow shares and return them.

It has no impact on price action because you're not buying or selling, if you're, just borrowing shares and returning there's no buying, there's no selling, it's just borrowing and returning. So there's no impact on the price um. It might have a little bit of a psychology impact, because if someone were to borrow - i don't know 10 20 30 million. We would all see the short interest jump up and that could have like it could prompt other people to make other decisions.

But inherently the fact of just borrowing shares: that's not impacting the price action, because once you borrow it, then you actually have to sell it. And then buy it back and then like return those shares, but if you're just borrowing and then returning you're not buying or selling ever so that would actually not have any material impact on um. What's going on with any stock at any time i mean either you're not buying or selling uh. What else do we have going on? Let me see if there's any questions, uh where's, the short interest for the end of july, the end of july short interest uh.

We could look that up estimated short interest the end of july. It was 15 percent right here july, 30th, 15 and then august 7th 15 uh, so that transition at the end uh still roughly the same. Uh is food, a penny stock. Yet no, it is not uh matt.

What effects? Okay! We did that shout out timothy good question uh. What else do we have cool all right? We have the notes ready for the day. Obviously let me know if there's any ooh uh. I guess what we could do um before the market opens.

Can you review how to register my shares with fidelity? I'm getting an error. I think there's a q a to do that on fidelity uh different brokerages have a different. I guess system in and mannerism in which you have to register. I believe people were saying with fidelity.

There is a q, a that you could do a follow through on. But please correct me: if i'm wrong on that one i know with weeble. There is a way to um: you have to go through apex clearing. You have to make an account on apex, clearing connect, your weeble account to the apex account and then from there you're gon na be able to vote uh.

We can go over the most recent up-to-date. I guess vote numbers right now, but still the average is roughly the same. It's not really moving too too much anymore, and that's actually right here, yeah. So if you do 55 by 47.

What is that? Roughly? Is it's still, and now it's actually probably a little bit higher than the 1.2 number. I believe. Let me just double check that 55 divided by 47, whoop 55 divided by 47. yeah, we're now at 1.17.

So still around the 1 200 shares for the block of people who are voting right here. Maybe i should update. I don't know if there's a big jump - 47.3. Okay, so still rough, roughly with give or take some risk tolerance here there it's about 1 200 shares for these people who are voting, but there is a safe assumption.

We can make that the people going out of their way to vote are probably have more share ownership and that's why we did the whole bimodal distribution thing um. It's important, definitely important uh. What is the average time? Hedges have been short uh, we don't know short, but we know the shares on loan and remember. Shares on loan is not exactly the same thing as short: uh they're highly correlated, but not the exact same thing and we don't have shorts, but we do have the shares on loan and that's around 42 days.

Reddit users sharing info that xcla short interest is 145 curious. Whether or text also reflects this, i'm in gme amc but xela might be one two watch um. I could check it. I don't believe it's that high.

Let me double check for you. Let me check. Let me check, it says: shares on loan 12.5 million. No! No, no and it's outstanding shares is 60, so it still has oh actually, it's free flow hang on.

I could do the quick math for you. 60.6. 60, 36 divided by 36. um, it's high! It's 33 percent, which is a high short interest.

I'm not saying 145, though, to answer your question more directly. Definitely a noteworthy short interest like 100 um, but it's not 145 tanner. Let's shoot for six nine! Six! Nine likes! Oh brother! Yeah! Definitely definitely if you guys want to, we can um if you haven't already. I would appreciate if you could drop a like hit that subscribe button.

It does help out. The algorithm gets more people in here. It's a friday. Let's have a bit more fun today.

I want you to know that i'm unable to register my shares on amc voting. This is because we do not have weeble as an option just fyi all weeble shareholders are not reflective, uh chris, that is by no means true uh. If you have weibo, you have to go through apex, clearing uh, that's what i was just saying. You have to make an account on apex clearing a lot of weeble amc owners have already registered uh on the say.

Technologies website with great rix comes great reward, say my fortune, cookie from panda e last night bullish, af, oh brother, what's going on kevin shout out kevin man? I wish i had some panda express last night uh. I do not believe the short interest on iwm is 38. That would be very high. Can you explain the t35 cycle um? It's a thing.

That's been common. Every basically month in this community, people have been pumping that up as uh some special date that a lot of i guess, ftds or shorts, are gon na have to be covered, but it's never come to fruition. Yet do not hold your breath for the t35 cycle. Next week i know it ends next week.

Excuse me, but it's also, we've been through this for the past half year now, and this t35 cycle has never really produced anything noteworthy uh. So please please, please do not get your expectations set for that one uh go into it neutral. Keep your fingers crossed for the best outcome, but i would not be making decisions or trades based on this t35 cycle, because in the past six months we've never really seen it relate to anything. How do you register to vote uh check out adam aaron's tweet about it? You can follow the link there.

Uh that'll be useful for you uh, but, depending on your brokerage there's a different process, i'm sure you could ask it somewhere on twitter, i'm sure uh. There's people who've already been asking it somewhere online, but it's not like i've memorized the process for every single brokerage. I know some people can't at all um, depending on where you are in your brokerage, like some of them like you're completely out, but i don't know if that would be have a huge skew in the data that we're already seeing. If anything, i i think it's beneficial for more and more people to vote, because then the data we have becomes more statistically significant and our the percentage chance of our range being off goes lower and lower and lower the more people that vote um.

But as more and more vote, i'm in no way expecting like a giant change in the average values that we're seeing because remember their average values and that we're using those average values and extrapolating them out on a bimodal distribution to get a better concept of where The share ownership is where the total cumulative share ownership is and as it goes up, it makes me more confident, but i don't think the numbers are really going to change much in terms of like how much shares we can't account, for. I think those numbers are locked in the difference. Here is as more vote. We can be more confident in it.

It makes it more statistically relevant what we're actually saying um. I want to make that clear. It's not like as more vote we're gon na see. Oh, oh, like there's this many million more in counterfeit shares.

No, we already kind of have an idea where they're at at least a certain range and we'll get more and more confident about that range as more and more people vote um. So if you want to vote, if you don't have i mean i know, people have various concerns and uh there's a lot of fun in this. Like even last night, i was seeing that people were like trying to scare other people they're like citadel own, safe technologies. They're doing something like what like they're the bad actors within this community, these shows these bots they're becoming so absurdly blatant like it's just they're.

It's such a piss-poor tactic and like to me it doesn't it blows my mind that right away people aren't like? Oh okay, this is like obviously just uh some sort of bot here, like it's absolutely crazy that people um, i don't know, are just not seeing what someone i i don't know if it's from wall street, i don't know who it is, but there's a group of People who are obviously trying to infiltrate the community and they just spread stuff like that they're, like don't vote, uh citadel's gon na, take this data folks they already do payment for order flow. They already do payment for order flow. They already know our orders. They know what we've been trying to buy and sell.

It's not like some crazy thing that they're uncovering and even that i don't think they're getting the data from say technologies, because if say technologies was leaking that to them they would be done. It would end the company, it would completely end and ruin that the say technologies - company um - i don't know this - this concept of infiltration, as this goes on day by day i become more and more confident that it is going on so just be careful, make sure You're fact checking it: uh, don't just like if you read one thing kind of just fact check it somewhere else, whether good bad or indifferent, um make sure you're getting it from a source that you trust in believe in and not just some random. Nameless faceless account on somewhere on social media on fidelity. You need to remove two-factor, authentication and register shares and add it back once done.

Thank you. Just got back from paris las vegas. The people are wrong like when they said paris was an mgm property. It's actually owned by caesars right there, people yeah like it's just they love to.

I guess spread it. What's that saying that a lie will travel the globe before the truth even leaves the door. I mean you see that all the time do you see support levels for today, amc's at a support, uh 3350, but we also know their support. Kind of scattered from between 30 and 34.

on gme 155 is important. 150 is important and 145 is important. If i buy 100 shares at 50 and i'm okay with 100 profit, if it rises, does it make sense to sell a call at 51, since i don't care, if i lose shares, yeah actually brambles, and that would make you more money, um yeah! If that's what your goal was for any stock um, you can definitely do that. Yeah, that's! Actually pretty smart brambles come on apes.

You can't complain about not getting a share count and then, when, given the opportunity, you don't take advantage, remember, buy, hold and repeat uh. Did your inner chicken come out? You sounded like a cool luck, not bragging, but i've been 100 accurate in my stock market predictions today, i'm bullish and once again going to be right. Shout out not a hedge fund, um, hey matt, have you seen financial news, video about the money being borrowed that may cause a market crash? Do you think it is possible opinions? I haven't seen it, but i am skeptical of anything like that because it's just it's a form of fear-mongering um. Some people like when you do that you're trying to spread something accurate but like that's just that's those type of bombastic emotionally charged titles and commentary.

That's what people do to get views and likes and clicks and comments. It's like the market's crashing. The market will hit a new high, like people are looking to invoke some sort of extreme emotional response, so you engage in their post, so you watch their video. So you subscribe to their only fans, it's all like an emotionally charged thing.

That's how social media runs right now, so i haven't seen it. I can't really comment on like what's going on, but i'm just saying in general: that's like kind of what's going on with social media. Uh uh people are asking for ortex uh. I just i'll i'll check it in a bit, but i checked it already.

So if you just want to rewind a little bit sold, seven calls at 40 for today. Theoretically, i can buy back at 39.99 and not lose my shares correct. Thank you, coach coors, exactly uh you'll lose a little bit of money in your premium. Most likely like you'll, take a bit of a hit on that, but you can just get out and then get your shares back.

If you want uh shout out to the people who can't vote, it hurts my soul that i can't, but i'm sure it hurts others too apes together, strong shout out ryan made a nice profit on the xcla swing trade and guess where all the profit is going. Oh brother, let's go ape shout out, mikey, hey matt, all right. We did that um and i will er explain this in a bit more detail. Maybe around i don't know the midday session, but just so everyone knows the um, the one i was talking about.

So one of the biggest issues right now i see for the stock market in general is the fact that we deal with the duopoly of citadel securities and virtue, and it's not just payment for order flow um. If you're, for example, if you're not intentionally routing orders on fidelity like, if you don't go out of your way to route it, they still most likely by default, send it to citadel securities, even if, even if they're not doing payment for order flow. Just because that's how they're routing it so, yes, if you're using active trader pro on fidelity and you're picking your route, that is a bit better like that's, definitely better, because you can pick a lid exchange and one of the biggest issues i've been seeing lately is With weibull and people are talking about payment for order flow, i've always been always been against payment for order flow, but my issue was even further in the fact that, like if you get away from point payment for order flow, you still need to find brokerages that Are not going to these market makers? The big issue is the fact that they're going to payment, or because of payment for order flow, they're going to market makers, but there's other ways to still go to market makers, even without payment for order flow. So that's why i'm happy to kind of bring up.

What's going on with uh, i got into a discussion with public and uh right here: public no payment for order flows, and actually i could show this to you right here. Instead of routing our orders to market makers, we will instead be routing our orders to exchanges so public um, it's not you're, not going to get like fully built out options and that type of stuff, but just if you want to keep it super super simple and Just buy stock, you can sign up it's public.com course. You can get up to 70 worth of free stock. This is a training brokerage uh.

You can see my account on it. It's verified uh. It's pinned to the top of chat right now, just so everyone knows, but if right here, payment for order flow, they talk about it. We're gon na dive into this in more detail the way they still make money because, like that's a common way of how you get free trading, they have a system that is tipping, and on top of that they do lend out your shares.

But then you can opt out of share lending. There's this like contact service. It's like a texting service. You can use public no payment for order flow.

Your orders are no matter what not going to a market maker. They are going to a lit exchange. Folks, a lit exchange, avoiding market makers um, the big downfalls i see of this is, if you're an options trader, they don't have options yet on it and it's also for u.s residents. So if you're in the u.s - and you want - you - don't - have to necessarily move your shares off of other brokerages.

If you already bought uh, because you're already then engaged in most likely payment for order flow, but for the ones that you plan on buying in the future feel free to check it out and i'll explain everything in a bit in a bit but ding ding, ding Ding ding ding ding casino is open for friday to close out the week close out the first week of august. Actually time flies when you're having fun time flies when you're having fun, auto, auto, auto, auto, auto, auto all right. Let's see how this kind of shakes out for the day amc at 30: gm at 150, 450, robin hood, 58, 70 and then iwm 223.80 um lots of lots of action all right. What else do we have uh noob amc, hotel arc logo, an opinion on the service uh arc, algo uh? I have not used arc algo uh gibson, so i don't have much of a built out opinion on it.

I've never used it. So i don't think i can fairly comment on it. Uh i can, finally by merch any chance the old turrets come back. We love me in an ape.

We trust shirt. Uh hedge funds and family will keep up the great show um, so we're cycling through the clothes like we always want to like keep making new stuff but uh. If you want to shoot the moon gang merch twitter page like if you have a request for a shirt, you like specifically want that you're no longer seeing reach out to the moon, gang merch on twitter and they might be able to assist. You ape dude shout out: hey matt, do you like now as a buy zone? Since i missed 28 seems like we have momentum um right now i mean i still for me.

I always want to wait those first 15, 30 minutes out of the gate. Just to see how things are shaking out on the day, i need some quick dd i'm to invest my 401k uh 26k. Is it bender splits the order and keep 100 shares per order? I'm using fidelity? I mean i'm a fan of splitting your trade just in because you get a better cost basis like i don't want to use all of my ammo at once: hey matt, two xxx here. Unfortunately, i can't vote from the netherlands.

Can you tell what happened to the broker? Don't fix the ftd within within 35 days. This t35 once again, is getting very, very overstated of its impact and benefit to us um. I i do this t35. I don't know necessarily who's pushing this narrative and i'm just telling you i do.

I want it to help us. Of course. I wanted to help us, i'm just saying that, thus far, this t35 has never ever panned out to help us just the same way. Ssr.

Never really seems to pan out to help us, so i i'm in no way basing my trades or my methodology on this t35, because i don't see where it really historically in the saga of amc or in the saga of gme, that it's somehow actually done something Beneficial uh, what do we have ape dude? I think your ape dude message retracted. I like the mystery dd stands for due diligence uh. What are we doing? Uh? The t-35 comes from huge dd. It's predicted the first two rises to 300 um.

I i obviously want it to go to 300, but i don't think it's going to be this t35, that does it um t35 caused the all-time high. I don't believe that's actually accurate. That was um for, like the we had the breakout of 1450 and then from there we had like a hugely bloated option shane and we like triggered um a pretty sizable gamma squeeze with some shorts covering uh, matt cybersec professional platt is secure. Truedemon has excellent dd.

I will answer any apes questions on cyber security should change password after voting it's 100 secure, but practice good cyber hygiene to protect yourself, shout out sean and also shout out to true demon. True demon, uh, very, very much respect his opinion does some great dd. How will the earnings report affect us um, you never know. What's going to be said, so i mean i, i can't really be a fair judge of that without knowing the statements that will or won't be made.

Obviously i want to know if there's going to be any commentary on future guidance. Are we going to find out about any partnerships with professional athletic based leagues like? Are they going to say, hey we're going to be showing whatever mlb nfl mba? I want to know if there's anything going in the background for them to expand their business beyond just uh theatrical releases um. But you never know like that's the point of listening to an earnings college. You don't know, what's going to be announced or what isn't going to be announced, uh james davis shout out.

Thank you all right. So right now robin hood 58 gme, 155.50 amc, 33, 13, 12. iwm shot up, and now it's coming down a little bit a little bit of a whiplash. On the day, uh shout out, seth shout out thanks matt shout out freedom, uh cnbc amc projected to be 1.67 earnings at 3.49 per share, interesting uh lots of borrowing going on over the past couple weeks on amc.

Some of this has to be retailers trying to short, then, when prices came down they got tempted to sell, but surely many have stayed in. They can roll them to the next week, but as amc rises, they will be more likely to want to get out which will add, buying pressure, only to add the fuel to squeeze, because some hedge funds will want to get out of their positions. Looking at this new looking at this need low possible being they're the last insta closeout, but if they do, they only create buying pressure left on the remaining hedge funds. Do you have that kind of right uh? I agree with you.

Yes, uh gme perking up 156 about looks like it's gunning for a new intraday high, which is currently 156 35 30 shy of that uh amc. Let me give you the red green mark on this. Just so you know where it closed. Out from yesterday, we have 33.51 right here, uh so very close to the red green move, very, very close to the red green move, iwm coming down, um people - i just saw someone say that hood is running.

I don't know what is going on with these robin hood bots. I am not going to like right now. Yesterday, it got absolutely hammered. It dropped almost 30 percent um and right now it is up 11, but we're seven minutes into the day.

I will not be surprised if robin hood still goes red today, as in drops that 11 to go that red green move, which would be what 5.75 cents from here would not be surprised in the slightest, especially if it breaks through 56.55 that roughly that region uh. Why are we watching hood if we shouldn't care about it? I mean i care about it. I care about it going down uh, i i'm betting against it. I'm voicing my opinion that i think it's a very dangerous investment um and to any of the newer apes that are seeing its numbers.

I want them to know my opinion that i think it's a pump and dump and i think you should be extremely cautious. Uh betting on robinhood, so that's why? Because i don't want new apes coming in seeing its numbers and seeing oh, oh, i should like take some of my money and bet it on that, because i think there's going to be a gigantic rug, pull uh! That's why uh 2008 hedges running wild, no rules, 2021 apes showing up and everybody talking fundamentals at that we are hungry and kenny. Has the food? Let's go apes. Let me help explain.

Apes every day is a t35 summon. All t35 means is, if you have 35 days to locate ftds easy, nothing special, all boogie um. I really. I agree with you that i don't think this t-35 is anything special.

I think it's just people building up expectations and i don't want people to feel discouraged if those expectations aren't met. I care about it, going down savage uh, dkng earnings today. How are they doing uh dkng um? It looks like they gapped up and it's getting sold off a little bit. I do do i own dkng, i might have some of it in my retirement account um.

It looks like it gapped up a bit uh. I don't know i. I would be more comfortable getting in it at around 50.. We have this gap fill a little bit of a weird action, but overall, i think online sports betting is a blossoming industry and i think it's a good long-term hold, in my personal opinion, the market early.

This morning did hit a new all-time high, and on top of that, it does look like it's fighting back to make a new another all-time high, roughly 443. uh. This is the s p. 500..

Did you see jim kramer tweet this morning trying to divide the community between hood amd and amc jimmy yeah? He was saying that memesters were buying hood and amd, which is just comical absolutely comical. Maybe you need to educate some apes on puts when it comes to hood lol, yeah uh counselor diamond hands. What's going on, i don't i maybe i haven't explained options well enough, but if you buy a put, if you are long on a put, you are looking for the stock to come down um early this morning i had an order in. I already got the notification.

I am out of half of my position for a hundred percent gain so right now. For me, this is a riskless trade. I can let the puts ride and if it continues to fall i'll make money. In the worst case scenario i am break.

Even this is one of my favorite strategies. If you have some exceptional move in a stock and you're playing options, i love to lock in a 100 plus gain with half of my options, because then i already covered my entire basis and no matter what happens. The worst case scenario is breakeven. I will not lose money on this trade if anything, i'll just make money.

On the leftover half of a position, i already locked in roughly half of my position for a hundred percent gain um, and now i just sit back it. It's one of the easiest trades when all you have to do is sit knowing you're not going to lose money on it. I strongly strongly believe robin hood is a pump and dump. I don't.

I can't predict exactly when the dump will or won't occur uh, but i strongly strongly believe it is a pump and dump uh hi. I use what is this: they purchase the shares on my behalf and hold the cdi. The crest agent is dtcc, they say i can't register to vote uh dickie, i'm not too familiar with that. That sounds like it's a little bit more of a methodology for when you're outside of the u.s um.

So i i have no like personal experience with dealing with all of that. All right, amc currently uh at 32.77 gme at 154.61 spy is coming back up, looks like it is fighting for this new intraday high uh and all-time high, actually at 4, 43. uh ta, and what we're looking for on amc? Well, we know that their support, roughly in this region of 30 to 34, so um it can really base anywhere in here um that we've seen previously, these bases being formed and uh we're for me, i'm looking for the bounce, the confirmation of these levels of support And the balance and the breakout and then there's various levels to watch uh 3351 is the red green move on the day. This is where we closed out yesterday.

So um as you can see, it got the red green move. The previous day's close can easily act as support or resistance and right here look at this minute, one and then also at 9 38. We also saw it act as resistance right there. Red green move can be support or resistance.

Thus far today on amc, it has been acting as resistance. How could algorithmic bots manipulate stocks um? How could they manipulate stocks? Algorithmic bots are just buying and selling. So i guess it depends on how people are saying manipulation. I think the manipulation more is in um fictitiously dampening the demand or fictitiously bloating the supply, not necessarily in the trades themselves.

Um i mean if an algorithm is trading, it's just it's buying and selling, which it's a free market. Anyone can buy and anyone can sell at whenever time they like, i guess, deem to be correct uh. I think the manipulation that we're seeing is happening not necessarily in active training, but more so in a like, i said, a fictitious display of supply and demand, and what i mean from that is when you have shares out there that shouldn't exist, you're bloating the supply Um or you're dampening the demand, and one of the ways to dampen demand is to not allow the same level of price discovery, and one way to do that is with such an extreme amount of off exchange trading. I'm saying off exchange because most of it is with market makers, internalizing it and not dark pools, for whatever is going on right now in the community you can trade on exchange or off exchange off exchange.

It includes dark pools and market makers in the total magnitude of off exchange trading. Most of that is done in market makers, not in dark pools. When you see these numbers of 60 70 80 of trading happening not on an exchange, people are assuming. That means a dark pool, it doesn't mean a dark pool, the data that we're sewing - and i showed you all those numbers for june yesterday with the otc finra stuff.

Most of that is actually market makers, which is why it's so important as a retail public. To do our best to avoid trading through market makers, they have such an asymmetric information data advantage and we we're trying to take that advantage away from them and one of the ways to do it is to use brokerages that not only don't engage in payment for Order flow, yes, that's step one, but it doesn't end there because there's many broke, not i shouldn't say many: there are brokerages who don't do payment for order flow but still route most of their orders to citadel and or virtu. In my personal opinion, if we want to take away their advantage, it's what can you do to trade on lit exchanges and with that one of the ones is right. Above me, public um, we i just got it all figured out with them.

This is public. It's only in the us right now, i'm sure they're expanding. But if you go to public.com coors uh for your future trades, you could check out this brokerage. If you sign up now.

This is the current deal. You get seventy dollars up or up to seventy dollars, not everyone's gon na get 70.. There is like an aspect of luck to it, but you could check it out. It is pinned to the top of chat and that's, if you kind of want to take away the advantage of market makers uh.

If that's something you want to do, and i'm not saying you have to get off the other ones. If you own shares on other brokerages, it's it's not like, you have to transfer because the trade is already executed. I'm saying, if for your future trades, if you want to avoid market makers payment for order flow, if you want to avoid all that and on an individual basis, will that be massively damaging to them? No, it won't, but if i can sit here and explain how bad payment for order flow is - and i can get more and more people to convert that's what i'm gon na do, because i think it's one of the most damaging things to our market at large. Right now is this duopoly of market makers um.

So will one person signing up make a massive difference? No, but as we keep explaining factually what is happening in the market right now, and we get more and more people to make the switch for their future trades to be avoiding market makers, i think that will be a net benefit for how our stock market functions. Uh, because, right now, no one, obviously market makers are running rampant. They do what they want. They have no pressure to change because they're making money hand over fists whenever they get caught, doing something it's a small fine, they pay the fine and they move on with their life.

That's basically, what's been going on with market makers, so i guess moving forward on my trades, at least with stocks, because right now, if you're trading options um as of now, i don't know of any options trading mechanism to avoid payment for order flow, maybe interactive brokers. That's the first one that comes to mind, even with fidelity payment for order flow. They still use that for options. Trading options trading is a little bit of a different beast, but let's just keep this simple in terms of stocks.

If you don't want payment for order flow and, more importantly, you want to avoid market makers, which is it it's correlated, but it is still slightly different than payment for order flow. It's a little bit more general. I am going to be placing my future trades on public uh, i contacted, say technologies to ask why questrade isn't a broker option they reach out, saying it's not supported sucks that i can't vote. I just bought puts on robin hood on robinhood lol.

Shout out wall street viking, hey matt. Have you ever seen the movie pie? I sometimes feel like the main character. As i stare at amc's market price uh. Can you check out hcmc what is hcmc? I would not trade this at all.

It's a sub penny stock. That's a that's a no-go! For me! It's on the gray markets. I would not touch this one uh yo matt, i'm in bg and i've been holding a spac since february and it just merged microfast. Can i get a graph opinion on mvst mvst, a pretty weak gap up, i mean it looked like crap, but then it turned around and it gapped up, but now the gap up is kind of being sold.

So i would pay attention to maybe just wants to reaffirm this. It's struggling right at this previous resistance and support. So 12 dollars is pretty important if it can hold above 12. I would then be watching 14 if it gets rejected here, i would watch the gap.

Fill and more likely like 10 40., so the 10 40 to 1060 region is what i would watch as support. If it's above 12, i would then be watching 14., but in terms of like a longer term, fundamental type thing uh, i would not be. I don't know much about it. Uh, hey, matt pittsburgh ape here re-repointing the 412 repping.

I think you mean repping uh question if i buy out of in the money put say for robin hood as long as the price goes down. Do i make money? Not necessarily remember, options are a bit more complicated. Sometimes yes, sometimes no, it depends on um really. How does it trend from the moment that you bought it and then, if you're, holding until expiration, are you in the money? Are you out of the money um? So the answer is not as straightforward: sometimes you will make money other times.

You won't make money. There are times that you can be out of the money and be profitable, and there are times that you could be in the money and lose and be like down on the position. Uh in the money out of the money is not necessarily the same thing as being in profit or being out of profit, because it depends on when you made the position, the volatility of the stock and the time until expiration. Would it make sense to do a strangle strategy on a stock likelihood? Profit from the violence wins, maybe two-week options.

Your thoughts yeah, i mean, if you're comfortable in your options, training ability and understand how to properly execute a strangle and how to do it and what you're looking for there are opportunities and moments where strangles and straddles and condors and butterflies are advantageous. You just have to be confident in that methodology and make sure you're - i guess comfortable with executing it and comfortable with, like i guess, knowing when the environment is right to use it hey matt. Can you show us some examples of bad trend lines for stocks that you would say away from, for example, why the trend line looks bad, find the trend line. I mean i don't know if a trend line's ever bad or good, a trendline's trying to like you use it to ideally give you is it following the trend? Is it breaking the trend? It's not good or bad.

It's giving you information on the stock and then good or bad. I mean that just depends on what your way you're, specifically playing it s-p-c-e. What is s-p-c-e doing um s-p-c-e that one beat me up. I man yeah this is this is actually breaking out to the upside uh spc coming back around if it holds above 44.

34. Sorry, not 44.. If it holds above 34, i mean it is. It looks like it's coming back.

I got i got beat up on this play, but um it's showing some strength right now, potentially a technical breakout, ma'am yeah definitely got beat up on that one all right. Let's do a little bit of three minute action. Folks, we are about 20 25 minutes into the day, all right, so the spy, the s p 500 did make a new all-time high. Today, that's exciting um, robin hood.

People are saying that it's pumping, but to me it's still looking weak. At what time will market makers start adding today's buys instead of just sells and shorts, i mean market makers are on the bid in the ask continuously throughout the entire trading day. That's the business of market making you're on the bid in the ask and you're looking to do a full trip like they. They have buy orders, they have sell orders and they're looking to do what's it's con.

It's called a full trip, so they're, looking if you're buying, they're looking to sell and then buy back if you're selling, they look to sell like they're, just always trying to do a full trip and make the profit off of that um they're not exclusively selling they're, Not exclusively buying they're, buying and selling um there's a good chance right now we are looking at the new york stock exchange bid and ask on this level too. There's a very good chance. A lot of these bids - and a lot of these asks, are from a market maker, the same market maker. They fill out the bid they fill out.

The ask that's: what providing liquidity to the market is, that is, liquidity liquidity, if you say liquidity as like, i guess, a human. It's like how much money how much cash do you have on stock liquidity is how much is the bin in the ass filled out? How easy is it to get in and out of a sizeable position? It's just how liquid is the stock? How easy can it be trade, for example, stocks, like apple, are considered to be highly highly liquid. The s p 500. Very liquid random penny stocks, not that liquid, it's difficult to get into and out of a sizeable position just because it's not being traded that much that's what market makers do they provide liquidity? There are some creators out there who think liquidity means like the money that market makers have and that's not true.

Liquidity in the stock market is different than the liquidity of how we think of it in our normal, like life uh, can you walk through how you go about shorting, a stock um depending on your brokerage? They literally just have a short button or you can create the position by selling when you buy a stock. It's also considered going long. You buy that x. You hope it goes up to y.

You profit that difference. Shorting is the perfect inverse. You create the position by selling stock. You hope it drops down to z and you profit that difference um.

It's your brokerage like if you're on something like e-trade, fidelity, interactive brokers, depending on your, i guess, the level of your trading. You will a lot it just. There's a short button like you can create the position by just selling stock uh mike shout out. Thank you for that.

At what time all right we did that shout out, drew shout out frank all right here we go. We have amc bouncing off of 32. It's at 32.50 right now, gme bouncing off of 152. It's just south of 154 s, p 500 made the new all-time high just below 442 and it's or 443.

It's now at 442. robinhood went from 56 up to 61 now down to 57. uh. If it snaps the 55-56 region, i'm looking for a quick fall right to 50 on an intraday basis.

All right people are asking for ortex. Okay, amc they've borrowed 1.44 million against it short interest is 15.81 percent in terms of gamestop, they've borrowed a quarter million against it and the short interest is 13.33, but there is a net return on gme today. How will earnings report affect us? It depends on. What's said in the earnings report, i mean if people knew how i mean, i feel like a lot of the questions i get are as if somehow i know the future, i don't know what's going to be said during the earnings call.

If something very good is said, that's not expected look for the stock to rally. If something is very bad, that's said and like we're not expecting that look for the stock to drop, i mean that's, why you listen to an earnings, call to see like what is or isn't setted and if it beats or misses on expectations. I wonder if we are staying lower, because people who got an intent are being forced to sell their stupid. Ape wives.

Wait no, no saucy! That doesn't really make sense to me, because if people got in at 10, they're up by 220 right now utilization. As of this morning was 92, which is high, um, remember what you do: people uh this was more of a question yesterday and i think it's important of people saying oh there's, no more shares left to be bought, that is, misunderstanding and axiom of the stock market. Whenever you're buying you're buying it from someone who's selling like another stock market participant and then whenever you're selling, you're selling it to someone who's willing to buy it off of you, there's not a pool of free shares. That's not how it works! Um with every buyer.

There is a seller with every seller. There is a buyer. That is just that's a basic axiom of how the stock market functions uh. That is very, very important for people to understand the scenario in which there might not be shares available.

That's more so related to shorting uh! That's what utilization comes in utilization is a percentage ratio of the amount of shares borrowed divided by the total loanable amount of shares. At that moment, in time x, divided by y gives you the percentage uh maximum percentage is a hundred percent, but x, divided by y, is also dynamic. Throughout the day, more or less people could borrow shares and more or less people on a second to second basis. Could be willing or not willing to lend out their shares.

Both of those numbers are dynamic um, just so everyone knows, and then, when you divide x by y, you get the percentage uh. The max value is a hundred percent, but even at a hundred percent.

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