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Mum, hello, hello, hello, folks, hello, hello, hello. What is going on everyone? What is going on? What is going on? What do i see i'm just here for chair me too, me too, i'm just riding on chairs coattails. We all know how it goes. We all know how it goes.

Ah, folks, uh, i'm gon na shoot you straight today. I am as giddy as a little school girl uh some of the members of the moon, gang team and myself uh. We came up with some awesome ideas last night and uh. What i'll be doing is i'll be making my my fun big announcement and probably a little bit after market opens around like 9 45 today, so in about 45 minutes um, but uh, i'm very, very excited.

I think it's going to be so much fun for all of us, uh very, very excited, but before we get into all of that a couple things i want to talk on um. Actually, first, let's go over the or text data and all that right now. Amc is trading at 32 and gme is at 159, the cpi data, the consumer price index, did come out and it was kind of at expectations of like 5.3 5.4. Something like that in that realm uh consumer price index.

It's how costly are things for the average consumer as you go up, it's obviously very intertwined with inflation, which is a hot topic right now, just because the federal reserve is making money like it's, no one else's business. So that's a quick commentary for the market. Um, the overall market and right here, because it kind of came in at expectations. I guess people are really liking.

It pre-market training, we're about 14 cents below a new all-time high. This is the s p, 500 etf spy, the spy etf exchange traded fund. Think of it as a basket of stocks, this particular basket tracks a different basket: the s p 500, which is a different basket, that's 500 of the biggest companies in the us. Hence why a lot of people use this for they a good barometer of the overall market, but what you need to know very good chance.

We see a new all-time high today, uh in terms of crypto bitcoin at 46. 000. Excuse me ethereum at 3200, doge at 26.6 and then cardano ripping ripping ripping just so you know, i'm in all these cryptos, i have a couple more cryptos um, not really actively training them. I just think it's a good decade, two decade, three decade bet or i'll.

Either be really right or really wrong, so i'm waiting to see how that all plays out. But overall i just want you know: i'm in these uh right now very very happy with what i see going on in cardano in terms of the charts for amc and jimmy yesterday on amc uh two days ago. Basically, on monday, we had monday evening was the day of the earnings announcement and that day we closed at 33.80 and the high was 35 38, the very next day we opened up at 36.90. So the fact that we opened above the previous day's high, that's referred to as a gap up, it's called a gap up because there's a literal gap in the chart, there's a lot of enthusiasm and excitement because of the earnings call and what was said in it.

Um i did make an update video last night explaining the overview like the highlights of the numbers you need to know, and then obviously also on this channel is the the full earnings call. If you want to listen to that, but anyway we saw a gap up and it was getting sold off. Um there's a couple of things going on of what this could have been and i'll hop into the ortex data, and i think it's a combo of the two things uh. We definitely had some quick day traders, people playing earnings, they played the gap up, took their profits and left to go on for the next trade and then beyond that we definitely saw a spike in short interest shares on loan utilization utilization.

Remember what that is. It's the amount of shares being borrowed divided by the amount of total borrowable shares, so it's x, divided by y max value, is a hundred percent. Both of those numbers are dynamic. The amount of shares on loan and the total loanable amount of shares change throughout the day, every single minute they're changing.

But i just want you to know it's. A ratio x, divided by y 100, is the max value, and it's at that level. 99. 100, where we naturally see a huge spike in the cost to borrow because it becomes it's not hard to borrow it's extremely, extraordinarily different, difficult to borrow at those levels and also that's where i think we see more of the shenanigans of short exempts.

Ftds short ladder. Attacks all those things much more logically likely when this is maxed out, because right now we still have about five percent to go, which is, let's call it about another six million shares that could be borrowed on a certain brokerage out there. It's the brokerages that they have access to um, so right now we're about six million to go roughly at the current state. As i'm saying, this live to the utilization but, like i said, both numbers are dynamic, so we will be paying attention to how this changes shares on loan.

Like i said, 105.38 million today, they've already borrowed an extra 2.84. So now we're cruising at 108, which is a huge jump in utilization. That means, if there's not a more sizable pool of people willing to lend. That means that, right now our utilization is also probably roughly roughly around 97 ish percent.

If i'm doing that, math right roughly in that realm, the other thing i want to specifically point out here is the short interest. So why was there such a jump because, right now, amc short interest is cruising at 18.45 percent? Let me explain to you what's going on: this happens, every single i guess two week cycle where we have hang on hang on. Okay, so here is what happened yesterday. This data came out.

The exchange reported short interest. I don't know where people are getting this, but hedge funds are not reporting it um hedge funds, don't give you this number, but anyway, that's kind of besides the point right now. So yesterday the data for july 30th came out on july 30th. Ortex was estimating 77.1 million shares on being short, and the data came in at 85.8, as in ortex was underestimating it by.

Let's call it roughly 7 million shares 8 million shares so because of that underestimation. That is exactly why they had to recalibrate their models and from there they're always doing a proportionate amount. Hence why it says estimated so they recalibrated their models and that's why we're seeing a jump, because the previous one was an underestimation, which is why we're seeing such a jump right now back roughly into this range, where we saw at the beginning of july. But every two week cycle we're kind of going through this, where sometimes or text really doesn't have to recalibrate at all, because it's super close other times it's overestimating other times it's underestimating, but i want you to know.

That's why every two weeks, sometimes we see a jump up or jump down, and it's just because what they're seeing and i've been talking to the ortex team about it, the methodology and the trends that they're seeing of the shares on loan and how they relate to Actually, being short related to amc, very, very strange um, it's unique uh to the definition of the word that this type of methodology is not really applicable to any other stocks. So it's almost harder to estimate, but i just want to let you know what's going on so basically they underestimated, so they recalibrated and now we're already back up sky high 18. Just to give you a little bit of an idea of what that means, the max value was 19.64. Most recently the max value was 19.2 and we're cruising at 18.45.

So when you have ding dongs like rich greenfield, saying that the short interest has dried up, no we're actually very very close to a max value that we've seen this entire calendar year. So when you see someone like that, they just they don't have the data backing them. This is an opinionated thing. We literally have the data and the data is the perfect contradictory to what people like rich greenfield have been saying about the short interest drying up um in terms of gamestop in terms of gamestop.

The utilization is 43.75 shares on loan 7 million estimated short interest. Ten point: seven: five percent right now we have been seeing a drop. There's been a lot of shares being returned on gme. Hence why the short interest is starting to go down in terms of those daily charts, the levels i'll be watching we right now.

Where are we trading at right now we're trading at 31.85? We know how we have quite a bit of support in terms of amc between 30 and 32. That's exactly where we've seen it bounce in mid-july and then also in early august. We're looking at that hold and then we're still looking for this breakout 40 to 42. In the meantime, i will also be paying attention to 36.

That's a previous level that we've found support. It's obviously now acting as resistance, so that will have to hit. Obviously, in the meantime, in terms of gme, we are looking for the breakout of 165 and then a test of the previous support and also key psychological level of 175, and that will be followed by the region of 190 to 200.. We do have support around really.

I guess the region of 155 to 145 is a overall region of support that we should probably most likely be paying attention to. So that's your quick data setup in terms of the short utilization shares on loan amc, gme, quick technicals of the levels on the daily chart we'll be watching, but obviously, when the bell finally rings we'll see some new intraday support and resistance that we'll watch and pay Attention to as all the levels start coming in and everyone starts trading and doing all that good, jazz, crypto, crushing it markets, crushing it right now s p 500. What's iwm look like iwm kind of looking for this breakout at 224, 225 and then a test of 227.. This is the russell 2000 amc is a part of it.

The other big indicy index that a lot of people paying attention to is the nasdaq 100. It's more of a tech heavy index and we're looking just for this beautiful breakout of 369 looking good this morning. This will be tracking a lot more of your big tech companies, apple microsoft, all those ones blah blah blah, oh speaking, of which i'm going back to my the apple store today, to see how that's all going to play out um, i'm excited to update my whole Apple chronicles with you we'll see if we can finally get a new battery in my one computer and the wi-fi to work on the other. I am highly anticipating a bit of an animosity between me and the i guess general staff at apple uh, because they are some definitely some hot tamale characters.

But you know i'm excited, i'm very excited. Someone just said that adam aaron had tweeted uh. Let's see what adam aaron, oh right here, adam aaron on or amc announced on monday - that by year end, we will have the technology in place to use apple pay and google pay in our online ticketing and in a breakthrough. We also expect by year and to accept online payment in bitcoin.

That's a historic step for amc. I've recently learned much about the cyber security of cryptocurrency. Due to my centrist board seat next month, centrics is expected to acquire, are quick a leader in quantum encryption or quit has tech to protect blockchain from quantum computer attacks. If it remains safe and reliable, it would seem that the cryptocurrency will get even more important in future years.

From reading your comments, i see that many of you are crypto enthusiasts. Amc is pleased to get in front by planning to accept payment online with bitcoin, with that that's exciting um, probably for this afternoon, potentially tomorrow, good chance that i started like explaining some of the crypto stuff we we've touched on it lightly. Hence why i'm kind of calling it out because crypto is exciting, uh just in general and right now. I think it's really cool that amc is accepting.

It kind of shows that they're not only listening to us, which i definitely put a premium on, but they're future facing they're, definitely clearly all about progression. Um. A lot of, i guess, analysts out there they're saying like okay. How could you possibly redesign a movie theater? It's done it's 100 years old.

It's a dinosaur, nothing about it's going to change and then right. There they're streaming, ufc fights they're going to be streaming concerts in august, chance, the rapper and then all also halsey's concert movies. Now they're pivoting into crypto. Clearly, there's progression and iterations to be made to strengthen the business and i'm all for it uh i've.

I really enjoy crypto uh. If anything, i wish i knew even more about it. I definitely feel much more comfortable with stocks and options, but hey as every day goes on. I'm learning more about crypto and i'm excited to share my journey with you about just the things i am and i'm not learning and i'm sure a lot of you would be able to teach me um things about it.

Myself, uh so definitely expect a bit more crypto, especially now that bitcoin is definitely going to be intertwined directly with amc, exciting announcement, exciting, exciting announcement all right. What questions do we have hang on? Let me double check this just trying to make sure everything is in place. Uh, it's live just making sure everything is going to be ready for the announcement hang on. Let me reload this all right, i'm so stoked all right announcement coming in about half an hour.

Roughly uh right when the uh a little bit after the market opens um. Oh man, it all relates to the whole uh super chat. Mat thing, i'm excited, i'm excited uh, tell the people at the apple store that they had potential uh. So i just need to buy six million more shares on it.

No, no, no uh! Technically, you would have to borrow 6 million shares that number. The utilization number that has nothing to do with people buying soccer has people to do with loaning stocks, so they can short stock uh. So for the short term, we want them to short amc. You would want that to happen if you want the utilization to spike, but remember when they short it.

That's more selling pressure and right now we're at kind of at a key level of support uh. So i i obviously wanted to go if the stock goes up and the short interest increases. That is an optimal scenario, but remember with the short interest, increasing you're, seeing more selling, and i don't want them to break through a key level of support, because i don't want it to cause any more capitulation between some of the people that have like some weak Hands: hey matt. I read this morning that ns2021010 will go into effect august 24th.

Do you think it'll have an impact on amc or jimmy? No, i do not um we've seen this whole host of the nscc occ. All these rules and people are holding their breath. They're like oh, this is going to be it the next day we're going to squeeze and it just hasn't come to fruition. The same thing happened with convertible bonds.

The same thing happened with this odd lot. Theory right now: people the the t35. So many people are building up expectations for events like that. I am not here to pitch a single date for you um.

I don't know who needs to really hear this, but there is risk in amc and gme in any stock out there. This is not a guaranteed play and people need to understand that you should not be betting money that you're not willing to lose, like don't put your financial health at risk for this uh and we have different levels of financial house people like me. As long as i can pay my rent and buy a box of cheez-its, i'm good to go, others of us we're in different situations. Some of us have medical debt.

Some of you have children that you have to care for. Please please make responsible bets for whatever your life scenario is because nothing in life, specifically the stock market, is ever ever ever guaranteed. I feel like it's very important to stress this, but i'm not a financial advisor, i'm not a lawyer, i'm not a fortune teller. Any of that i see what you guys are seeing, and this is still a there's risk in this bet.

There's risk and really any bet, you're gon na take in life nothing's guaranteed, and i just want to make that explicitly clear. Also, a thing i want to make clear is every single day there seems to be so many more scam accounts. If you look above my head, whichever way it possibly is matt underscore coors is me on twitter, twitch instagram only fans, myspace matt, underscore course. I am not matt underscore coors official llc make sure the spelling's right.

I don't have a whatsapp, i don't have a telegram, i'm not asking anyone to like hey. I have an investment opportunity for you. That's not me, there's so many fake accounts. Please be very, very careful, i'm not damning people on instagram twitter, i'm not asking you to send me money, i'm not doing any of that also make sure on youtube.

Whenever i post a youtube video there's so many bot comments of like it says, like they'll, do really tricky things and it's the same thing of like it's a weird spelling. It almost looks like a robot they're like what's at me, and the name is either macours or pin by macros. Youtube is the only platform that has verified me, so i should have that check. Mark i'm actually also verified on rumble just so everyone knows we are now dual streaming to rumble and youtube, but before i go into that, just in general be careful about the comments.

There are a lot of bots out there. It's not me, i'm not responding, saying whatsapp telegram, email me, that's not me at all. If you see it, please please report it um, but another thing. So yesterday we saw more tech issues.

There were a couple accounts who, if you went to their channel page, there was nothing going on with it um. There was nothing there, no content, but if you search their name, their videos were coming up. So it wasn't a straight-up termination, like we've previously seen with myself and tmi, but right now, there's something going on with this community. Do i think it's youtube's fault? Absolutely not.

I think there's a coordinated attack from another entity attacking a lot of the creators within this community. So for me, just for i guess, like protective purposes like i said, i am on rumble right now, like i'm dual streaming right now, if you go to rumble and you search mat cores you're going to see this live stream uh, it's a simultaneous live stream and It's just more of a redundancy in case i lose one of them. I have the other one and then we also have the backup youtube channel matt coors clips. So i have a backup on youtube.

A whole nother platform right now on rumble shout out to the rumble team right now, thus far, i've loved everything that's going on. It is not as popular of as a platform as youtube, and i say that within astrix as in yet because i think it kind of treats its cr create, treats its creators better and, like you, don't have to worry about these bot attacks and things like that. Going on so shout out to everyone listening on rumble right now and if you haven't already on youtube, if you want to just quickly make a rumble account and check that out, but it's the exact same thing: i'm just doing a dual stream right here, um! It's! It's literally the exact same stream. I just do a multi-stream to both and then we also have the backup on twitch uh, which is the same thing matt underscore cores.

I use that platform for a little bit. More of i don't know, messing around and just doing whatever i want to do and unboxings and playing some games that one's a little bit more. I know this entire thing's already light-hearted in immature, but twitch i use for even more light-hearted and more immature um. So i just want everyone to know that i'm working in the background that i just have redundancies, because i it sucks when you're taken down.

So i just want you to know that, like there is another place that i am out, there uh all right sweet. What questions we have rocking at the moment, uh we need coach, coors, coach coors will be making an appearance tomorrow, uh just so everyone knows. Coach kors is scheduled to be back on the stream. Tomorrow, youtube came out and said it's a glitch.

Um i mean it did seem like a weird glitch. I guess like it did. With my background and software uh i mean, like i said: if you search their channel, nothing was there, but if you search their name, you could find their videos, so it wasn't a termination. It wasn't.

When tmi went through it wasn't what i went through. It is different and i i'm i come from the tech field. I get that bugs happen. It's just weird that a lot of these issues happen more of like prevalent in our community, which is i find strange, but hey also, i believe it's already fixed, so shout out also to the youtube team.

I don't think it's them. I don't think it's youtube. Has that entity, i think it's people are abusing the loopholes they found within youtube, and i think the team at youtube is honestly doing its best to like battle these uh. Oh hey mark.

Can we get super chat, matt on rumble ducky? What's going on financials uh, i i think one of these days rumble right now is just a. I don't think they have that, but i'm assuming it's in the works or something like that for me, i just like rumble it's a redundancy to what i understand. They're a little bit less of sticklers of when they're just going to completely axe accounts, and for me and the dumb things i say i do need a bit of leeway. So i appreciate rumble for that.

We need coach, coors partner with gme and stream, or host esports tournament um. I think that would be awesome. Uh. I'm myself excited to try out that uh.

What's the new world or new age, or something there's a game that amazon's coming out with at the end of this month, so i'm hoping my community or my new computer, the pc, is out by then and then that's, maybe something i'll mess around with the weekends. Like on twitch all right, i think i'm uh call options today. Matt, are you doing uh? Probably not. I have no plans to do call options right now, uh my option positions at this moment in time is puts against hood.

I'm long on puts against hood and then i have calls on sprt um bro. Do you think dfe sold is out? Oh, i have no idea. I don't think so. The guy kind of like is the embodiment of one of the like pure od, he's like the grandfather, god, like diamond hand, figure um.

So i i don't think so. Maybe a portion of it to pay like lawyer bills and stuff, but uh, i i doubt it, but i don't know i don't speak to him. I wish i could talk to him uh, but i think he's kind of gone a bit quiet ever since his snap few, with like the government and everything uh. I think his life is probably very drama-ridden and drama-filled at the moment, or it has been and he's probably like laying low.

I haven't spoken to him. I've never spoken to him. I wish i could talk to him, but i also understand a person in his position. Might want a little bit of privacy, uh matt, there are sure things in life and death and taxes and don't worry i'll.

Keep your dms secret, sent you 10k for your std treatment for you and what is going on man. I appreciate that you guys are cracking me up. I'm excited for today, um amc. It is now green in the pre-market uh when i first woke up things weren't, looking the best we're looking for support and a bounce.

I don't know: what's going on folks, i'm not a fortune teller, i i don't know what the future's going to behold. I'm looking for support to be found here and a bounce off of it. A crack through 36, a crack through 40, a crack through 42. Then 46 then 50.

above 42, things, i think, are gon na get very wild that breakout above 42 um. So i'm definitely interested in paying attention to all of that good morning. Matt. Can you give your thoughts on the new institutional held share? It shows that the retail owns less than a float now thanks, uh, well brian, it depends on how you look at it uh, so we're if you're looking at the number of 513 million.

Well, we own more, because that's the number by the time you do shares on loan. If you it depends where you're multiplying that 80 out by uh, it's very much more of a mathematical thing, but right now we've never owned a hundred percent of the float um. All the shares out in the world, i know we haven't because there's actively trading millions of shares per day and not many apes - are actively trading. Um institutions, high frequency traders, market makers, they own, obviously a good chunk because they're actively trading it every single day, um.

The the statement of we on the float - it's one of those things - that's a really nice sound bit but like to understand, what's going on and why the price is moving and all the action we see in it. You have to understand that we don't own. A hundred percent like, even if we know 99, that extra one percent can be freely traded in infinite amount of times throughout the day. There is very, very much a huge difference in what it means for a stock to own 99.9 versus a hundred percent of the float, and at that point it's not really the float.

You have to start looking at the numbers of the shares outstanding, plus all the shares on loan, because those are all the shares that should be legally owned, and i could get into the more details of that. I guess maybe um in more of the midpoint today or maybe the afternoon stream to kind of go into the math there, but it still comes down to some of these inherent axioms. The stock is going to move on supply and demand. Yes, there that's a whole different discussion of can supply or demand be manipulated, bloated or underrepresented.

Yeah, that's a whole different tangent. We can go on. Do the apes own a lot like a high high majority of amc right now? Yes, undoubtedly, do i think that there's statistically backed evidence that represents counterfeit shares. 100 um do have the shorts covered.

No, as we were looking at it today, we actually have one of the high short interests we have the entire year, so the shorts haven't covered, the apes aren't going anywhere and the community's growing at a rate, which means that our voices there's a better chance of It being heard by the sec and finra um, it's kind of that simple for me. Have the shorts covered? No i'm into play. I treat amc and gme differently than any other one of my stock trades positions, investments, crypto stocks, futures options, any of it amc and jimmy are very, very different, i'm in it and i'm just going to hold, because i can because i want to send a message To not only our government but also wall street, it's honestly that simple of a play for me right now. If people are going to go on about convertible bonds or odd lots or any of this random stuff any of these nscc, it doesn't change for me because i'm holding you kiss keep it simple stupid for me.

Whatever these theories are, it doesn't matter because i'm not going anywhere literally, it's not going to change until i see this stock going sky high and the shorts covering that's at the point that i think oh okay, maybe should i lock it in, but we are far Away from that right now, um in the sense that price level, we have a lot to go of where i would possibly want to lock it in i'm waiting the shorts covered if the shorts haven't covered. Well, i'm still in the play. It's honestly that simple uh! We aren't talking much about synthetic shorting, not naked shorting. I wrote a book about it.

I believe you should take a look uh, okay, stonks batman. Could you dm that to me or tag me on twitter uh, synthetic shorting? So if you're talking about through the options market, remember uh well, i'd have to read it obviously you're saying it and i don't know necessarily what you're referring to off the top of my head, be so before i make any commentary on it. I'd have to check that out myself. Uh is the guy who giggles when he brushes his teeth in chat today, shout out to that guy that cracked me up yesterday, uh matt check out the link.

I sent you via dm on insta. I really rarely check my instagram dms honestly. I don't even check my twitter dms that often uh, but i almost never check my instagram dms just so. Everyone knows if you're attempting to get a hold of me, uh i'll, i'm not saying i'm not going to.

I will, but i just wouldn't hold your uh breath on it. So it looks like we're about a minute and a half out until the bell goes: ding ding, ding and the casino is back open for the day uh before we get into that. Just quick reminder: uh pin to the top of chat if you want free stock, free trading, no payment for order flow, and even better than that, your orders are being sent to lit exchanges and not market makers check out It is for u.s residents and there isn't options trading on it.

So, if you're just looking to get stock and invest in it and see how it goes check it out, you can get up to 70 of free stock. It's completely free to sign up. You get free stock, free trading, no payment for order flow cherry. On top, they are not sent to market makers, they are sent to lit exchanges.

All of your trades are executed there, so you can check it out. Um the it's pinned to the top of chat, and it's just really free money, and actually i'm gon na have a bit more of a follow up on that one for you guys in just a bit, but hang on the bell's about to open. I was about to go ding, ding, ding and front run you guys, but we have a couple of seconds a couple of seconds. I wish there was a second all right, ding, any ding, ding ding folks, the casino is open.

Let's see how this goes. Let's see how this goes, let's see how it all plays out all right. We are good. We are good.

We are rocking today, folks, um me, there's just so much volatility at open uh. It's one thing to close a position at market open. I personally like to wait: uh, that's my own thing: um, there's other people who trade within the first nanosecond of market open and that's fine, i'm just letting you know my own methodology. I end up having more profitable trades.

If i wait calm cool collected and honestly for amc and jimmy, i think that's a good methodology. Everyone should have in general, just calm cool collected man. I just tweeted you the link that was dm okay, uh i'll check that out after the stream tinfoil had time. Is it psbl or citadel to create an algorithm that sells 0.1 percent more than all incoming orders, they know 80 of orders um.

I don't know where you're getting that they know. 80. Hang i'm not sure. If i'm quite following, is it possible for citadel to create an algorithm that sells point one percent more than all incoming orders? They know eighty percent uh, i'm not really quite following what you mean there um remember we still are within the world of the nbbo and we run on supply and demand people.

Every single trade that goes through is a willing, buyer and a willing seller. Every single trade that comes through matt can you t please check out asxm uh i'll. Do that after market open i'm not gon na. Do that now um.

I wan na see how all the things on the screen currently open up, but i could get that on the list. A s x m a s x m a s x m a s x m a s x, m um, yeah, we'll see! What's going on with that, i just wan na hang on. Let me zoom in a little bit here on amc, like i said i still own puts betting against robinhood hood. For me, it's profitable, if robin hood drops, because i think that they're bad companies uh someone else is asking shout out.

Freedom were w-o-r-x w-o-r-x. Someone else is asking for mvst we'll check out sprt as well all right, i'm building that list of what people want to check out. Kinky kong. What's going on morning mulligan morning, apes have the best days shout out, kinky gong.

I hope you have an amazing day. So we get fundamental news yesterday in the stockholm zone makes about as much sense. As so remember, it is a good fundamental development, but it's more of okay. Do the fundamentals match up to where the stock's at and then it gets a bit more weird, because amc is not really a fundamental play right now, at least not in my opinion, um, the the fundamentals stated: don't necessarily match its current market cap.

But to me i i guess i fully understand that, because it's i'm not in this for a fundamental play, i think there's value in the chance of a short squeeze. Hence why i'm in it so um. This is not a fundamentally driven stock. In my opinion, i like to know about the fundamentals, because that's the core thesis of why people are shorting it.

So as the fundamentals trend up and up and up every single quarter as we get back to the new normal. That means that the short thesis gets weaker and weaker and weaker uh government wants the capital gains taxes squeezed before january. Chris jc could very well be true, and i'm seeing more that pelosi's husband his whatever that legal entity is that he has um. He loaded up on amc somewhat recently, at least within the past fiscal quarter.

Um, and if you look at her uh, i'm not, i don't know, i don't want this to become a political thing, but at large not right, not left all politicians. A lot of them are amazing traders, even though they don't know about the stock market. It's because they have information and they're trading on that information. But matt isn't that insider training yeah it is, but government officials don't have to worry about it, there's no rule against them doing insider training, hence why we saw a bunch of them sell off in february before the market downturned in 2020..

Hence why we see politicians loading up on huge government contract companies right before a good contract is announced, boeing lockheed martin. You see this time and time and time again um. So that's kind of interesting pelosi's family doesn't really lose on trades and they just bought some amc, so that is kind of interesting boomers know how to hotel shout out shout out boomers. Thank you for becoming an astronaut.

I appreciate you joining up thoughts on wter. Let me check i'll add that to the list, all right right now we're seeing a bunch of red, a bunch of red and everything like this isn't an individual stock. This is a bunch of red um. Robin hood is getting its teeth kicked in, but i need to take that off for a second to see.

What's going on in the s p, 500. uh everything is red right now, folks. This is an individual stock good chance that this is relating to the cpi. Consumer price index it was reported earlier today.

I i think at 8 30.. I assume a lot of those announcements come at 8. 30. So right now people are not reacting kindly to the cpi report.

That doesn't mean this is necessarily going to be the vibe for the entire day, but uh, obviously iwm getting hit s p 500. Getting hit they're dragging individual stocks with it. In fact, as they're going down, gme is trying to bounce and amc is trying to bounce they're trying to turn this thing around in terms of an intro intra-day basis, chart action, type of a thing: wow iwm getting hit s p 500 getting hit right now. Amc is just south of 31 we're looking for it to get above 31 10ish.

I would say right about right about there: 3110 uh we're looking for it to do that and then obviously we want it to get above a new intraday high 31.72, all right iwm trying to bounce s p 500 trying to bounce. But was this a new all-time high, the pre-market might have been a new all-time high for the s p. 500. If you want to count that is robin hood still vomiting! Oh yes, it is folks, folks, folks, folks, making more attendees to put into amc.

Ng me. I love it, love it. I love it. I love it.

This thing is getting its teeth kicked in. Oh man, i'm just gon na once this thing goes like sub. Whatever i don't know, sub 30 sub 20., the farther it goes, the more i'm going to be uh chirping jim cramer, the guy who's like oh, like, like they literally said the word pump in a tweet, he's like something like glad that we pumped hood like they Said pump - and i don't know the fact that then other people have like the balls like soaring to be like social media they're pumping stuff, and then we have kramer good old jimmy boy who's, like literally just admitting he's trying to pump stocks uh, it's it's phenomenal. It's phenomenal, since it's filed approved what day does it go into effect? Many are saying effective.

The 24th randy i'm hearing that too uh, so i think the sooner the better, but still i would not hold my breath on that being like the magic bullet that prompts the squeeze morning mark. Can you elaborate on what happened with the v-wop yesterday around 4.06? I have no idea 406.. Am i on the right day here um, i don't know some sort of strange recalculation. Oh it probably stops at four.

It probably like has to rebalance or something uh. I don't know um. It looks like. Maybe they had included a lot of marking on close orders or the math restarts at four, maybe on weeble, i'm really not sure um, but also it goes right into postmarket training.

So to me, doesn't necessarily matter much either. A lot of us aren't doing. Pre and post market trading so uh, i would pay attention to v wap on a 9 30 to 4 pm, but like if it's post, four uh, i don't really know if it matters much uh any thoughts on 450 dividend announced for mcfe. That's a very high dividend and if you happen to own it, congratulations if you happen to own it.

Congratulations real, quick on puts with shorts using puts to make money and manipulating the price to hit those price targets. Do you have a video on puts calls? So i can understand more um yeah. I don't know if i necessarily agree with you on the middle part there, but if you basically want to know about, puts and calls um on my channel on the mac channel, there is a playlist called trading options and that's great for novice people who are trying To learn more about options, the terminology, what it is - and it isn't i don't know - i think, there's about five or eight or ten videos in there. Something like that.

So it's a good like starter thing and obviously it's completely free. It's not costing you money or anything, but just what the terminology is, what it means and then there's also some options. Explanation: videos on the mac course clips channel as well good question, though good good question, all right. Folks, let's stand up.

Let's stand up work on our six packs standing up for amc, we're above our first resistance of the day. Next, resistance that is at 31.70 looks like iwm is trying to put in a base. Finally, and robinhood still sucks um. I'm surprised it caught itself at 52.

The next major supports at 50.. At 405, there was a 300k buy at 130 over previous, buy and buys after okay, so yeah over at 405.. So it wasn't a market. On close, there was a 300k at 130 over previous buy and the buys after yeah.

So remember the nbbo, i'm pretty sure, um and also even some of the rules regarding dark pools, there's a different set of regulations between 9, 30 and 4 and then in like extended hours, training, two different sets of rules. So that's when you could start to see. I guess like more like weird spikes and all that type of stuff and a lot of people, just don't like trading in extended hours, because there's a less of a regulation really in extended hours and also way way less way way less um volume going on. So a lot of people have asked me like well, hang on like what, if the shorts cover in extended hours trading, not gon na happen, there's just not enough volume.

There's over a hundred million shares right now out on loan for amc and in the day, like from 9 30. Until now, we've traded only 8 million, there's just literally not enough volume going on in extended hours trading for the shorts to cover all right. What are we doing here? Let me just make sure we are good. When is the fun announcement um folks, we could do the fun announcement right now, everyone all right.

So here's what's going on yesterday, we had some ding dong about this super chat thing which is still just until the day i die gon na blow my mind from there. I went as petty as possible and i changed my twitter name to super chat. Matt my manager, my pr person, all of them are like what are you doing? You can't do this and i was like well, i kind of can do it because it's fun and i do things that i perceive to be fun, and then i was thinking in like uh, a random rant of mine. I was like ah, like i'm gon na.

Take that money, i'm gon na, give it to a graphic designer and i'm going to make a shirt with it and boy. Oh boy, do i have an announcement for you right here before i give it away um i took that money. I gave it to a graphic designer and i said i want shirts and hang on hang on. This is not it, so this is going to be the main one.

Super chat like awesome. You could buy that it's live right now, 24.99 and then we have another one written in crayon for all of you, crayon-eating apes out there. We have a second super chat and then we have this specialty moon game. Just so you know these three shirts are only ever ever ever going to be sold from today, this exact moment until sunday night, this sunday night, there's three shirts all part of this special collection.

Why are they part of the special collection? Well, i wanted to take it to the next level. 100 of the prophets are going to go to saint jude's children's research hospital. I've spoken on this channel a lot about my personal connection with penn state thon, which is another thing raising money for the hershey hospital battle against pediatric cancer that isn't until february, so we're kind of like halfway there. So in the meantime, you could look at saint jude's.

I have their website up right here: um saint jude's, finding cures, saving children, it's uh a lot of people - if i'm talking to you right now, you've probably heard of saint jude's before so. What i'm gon na do 100 of profits and i'm i'm going to track this every single night, i'm going to tweet out the numbers of all of these shirts being sold, so you guys can check this out. I'm gon na be very, very 100 open about it. It's running from today until sunday, all the money coming in, and then we have another thing going on in the background.

That's not quite set up of really what i just want to do to like kind of like, i guess, like kind of a proportionate matching type of a thing. When i have the details of that, i'm going to, let you guys know, but that's what's going on. So right there um, i wanted to take it. If you go to, you can see it.

These are the three specialty things, the official super chat. We have the crayon one and then we also have just the specialty moon gang one. If, like you, don't want the big lighters or anything like that, but just to make it very very clear, i don't know how to make this more abundantly clear, every single cent of profit as soon as this is done, i will be donating it all to st June children's research hospital every single night from now until sunday i will be letting you know the current total we're at the money we're at and then on the back end of it. I have another, like i guess thing planned to kind of pump.

These numbers up. Even more on more of a personal basis, so i wanted uh. I wanted you to know this is the next iteration of super chat matt. So that's what's going on, i will uh.

The website is You could also check out st jude's um, and i also ask uh and ask for me from now um, if you're sitting there and you're gearing up to send a super chat today uh. I would very much appreciate it if, instead of sending a super chat, you did this just so we could raise more money um for anyone there like so i'm i don't know like i'm just asking you to not send super chats. I would prefer that you do.

The money for this, or even if you don't want to do this, you could directly donate it to saint jude's. If you're like hang on, i don't want to do super chat. I don't want a shirt. I would ask that at that point that you just do a direct donation to saint jude's, if possible.

So, with all that, please hold off on the super chats, i prefer a shirt if you don't want direct donation, but i just want to kind of make it clear i'll give you a reminder of. What's going on, i'm going to bring this up every day because the goal is to raise as much money as i possibly can between now and sunday for this organization. So that's the big announcement for the day. I think this is going to be i'm actually very.

Very excited, because not only is it just like the classic trolling thing of people just being like hey, don't tell someone else what to do with their money uh. I i decided on this uh. Not only is it obviously a good thing, but i figured because of the troll nature of people wanting to troll the trolls. I thought that this was gon na get out of hand, and i i hope it gets out of hand, and i want it to now get out of hand in a very good way, and i i don't want the money from it.

I'm gon na donate all this money uh. So that's! What's going on! That's a big announcement, uh very, very excited! So if you guys want to partake hold off on the super, chats check out the shirts or look at a direct donation, but shout out that is the big announcement for the day, oh and as we're talking about it, amc on the move, all right all right. This works out. This works out.

What else do we have the rule all right? We have these other stocks that we're going to go into uh i'll, buy a shirt thanks for the opportunity to support a great cause. Can you please open on stephanie cameron tweet this morning, all right? What did stephanie cameron uh? I think she said there was a dark pool level at like 31 24 or something cameron. What was her tweet wait: wait, uh, amc, large 455 opening print 3124 key level to watch today. Um i mean i have 3110 uh off the chart.

She has 31.24 off of. I guess what she's seeing in dark pools to my understanding um. So that's what i see going on uh kind of i mean what that's a 14 cent difference, so i guess we're kind of in agreement. Hers is dark, pools, minus technicals, but we're still watching this level.

Looking for the breakout of 3172, it tried to break out it. Just didn't: hold a fake out breakout, so we're looking for a test and a breakthrough there and i think we're going gon na do it. I think we are going to do it. Uh i'm doing the saint jude 5k in september year.

Three for me um. I had no idea that they'd do a 5k um. I don't even know where it is, but i will run an honorary 5k here in september. Um for that year, three yeah - i don't even know i i is that in tennessee i i they have a lot of uh.

I guess affiliated, i believe, hospitals, but to my understanding the main hospital is in tennessee and i uh i don't know if i'll make it down to tennessee but i'll run an honorary one. On the exact same day, here in philly, super chat, matt direct donated fifty dollars to st jude's, hey. I appreciate that and please you all profits in puts and hoods, so we can cure all children to see this um hey. If hood falls that far sure uh dunn had to get a shirt and send one hey, i appreciate that uh mark.

Do these come in kid sizes for the wii apes um. I think i let me check on that um of, what's going on i'll, come back to you to know if we can get that for the children, because that was the idea of the crayon one um. Obviously we're supporting the baby apes out there that need our help. So that's why i wanted to make the crayon one as for the sizing i'll have to get some more information will shout out i'll, buy a shirt thanks for the opportunity to support shout out.

Bud's water working with st dudes is awesome man. My friend's son is fighting for his life right now. Can you say boston strong will make his day shout out nathan um and i'm i'm so sorry that your friend's son yeah, that's that's a tough one. I'm sorry.

I hope everything goes as well as it possibly could go. Okay, no! No clothes. Does i'm glad uh, you didn't. Do super chat matt and took my copyright infringement seriously, because the money that should be for the kids would have gone to me.

Chris. I'm sure at that point you would have just also donated it to the cause uh. What was the ortex data like back when amc lifted off in may meet chickens to the moon? Golf claps, all right. Let me check out the data someone is asking, so we can do it.

I guess a couple different ways. Let me get to the three month, so you know exactly what we're looking at on loan, okay, so or you're asking for may so may into june. So right here in april, when not much was going on, the shares on loan was around 145 million short interest around 18 19. When we had this giant spike, we were around 138 million, 140 million short interest of 17.47.

So right now the shares on loan are less, but the short interest is actually higher and that's why you need to take in short interest shares on loan and utilization they're all three important pieces to this overall puzzle like just knowing one of these is not that Useful you need to all you need to know all three all three work in concert together: uh the short interest, the shares on loan and the utilization. Oh, oh, oh, hang on hang on hang on. I i completely forgot. I completely forgot here's something that can be done.

Let me just quickly rewind to the saint jude's thing um, i know not. Everyone is in a financial position that, like hang on, i i get it that five ten bucks uh, you might not be in the position to do it, but for some of you who are on the fence, i do have a suggestion for you right now. Not only is public, this training brokerage in the us free, no payment for order flow and no market makers um you could sign up and whenever you get in that free stock, i suggest that that could also then be a donation you're going to get somewhere. All the way up to 70.

So at that point, if you want to use that money to buy a stock, if you want to use that money to directly donate to saint jude's, i'm just trying to say of hey, we can get money from public gear and then give that directly to saint Jude so from basically a big company right to a children's hospital that needs it if you want to do that and that one's pinned uh to the top of chat right now. So i'm just literally, i was thinking about this last night of a way that we could get money from a corporation and literally just give it right away to a children's hospital. If that's something that you would be interested in, i forgot about that and i wanted to bring that up. Uh yo, matt, uh boss put me in asbestos on monday.

I'm quitting today amc to the moon baby. Thanks for all you do, your picks is fluffer. Shout out what do you think about clf? Does this have potential for a long run, clf i'll write that down uh thoughts on upst gap up prior to a favorable earnings report, upst i'll write that down matt? Are there any tulip shirts available? I will have to check with that one um. If not, maybe we could do like a one day thing for you, mg shirt just ordered.

Let me know if you want some uh backup today at apple, i can stand outside with the sign. Do you know how the the ducky is? Do you know who the ducky is? That's funny, matt look at the yearly volume, 45 plus billion after hours it drops to 20 plus billion. What do you think that we will can't give me an explanation? I noticed this about a month ago, matt look at the yearly volume um, i'm not sure. If i'm quite following your comment, but just in general, the volume being traded in host market is always gon.

Na post in pre-market is always gon na be exponentially less than the normal market day. Chris thanks for supporting st jude's, they saved my life 25 years ago. Yeah i mean i have um, not me directly, but i do have some personal connections to it. I've known about st june's for a while, i love what they do and i'm i mean folks.

I was so excited when i thought of this last night, like i was obviously making fun of the like super chat. Ding dong person um, but when i thought about this and then thought about how i could tie together this, it's just it's better. This is this is more proof of ape nation, just doing good things for society at large uh. I was so excited um.

So anyone like i'm already seeing some messages of people doing this and like getting the shirts and other people are messaging me saying they're just doing a donation to me. I don't care. If it comes through me all i care about.

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  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mike Stockwell says:

    You tubers continue to pump AMC. All we here is about the short squeeze coming but never comes. We also hear about how the big money is manipulating the system this the reason itโ€™s not going up. Then we hear how the SEC is involved yet nothing changes. You can count on the fact, SEC knows more than we do and there is nothing to say they are honest either. Then we discover a way to count the shares by reporting to a third party company (say technologies), hmm, week later, Robinhood buys say technologies. Big money continues to screw the little guy. I purchased 6,000 shares since the stock was at 12.77 and am still holding however I will be changing my strategy soon to day trading AMC.

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