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Ape nation: wes christian vs wall street manipulation – Matt Kohrs

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Ape Nation: Wes Christian vs Wall Street Manipulation
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And you're going to ask me a question right to get us started. What is going on moon gang very, very excited to bring this all of you. We are here with mr wes christian and honestly. This is the lawyer who's taking on wall street manipulation and this time around it's specific to the ape nation community.

I know this was the hot topic on the stream today: social media, all that stuff. So i figured why not reach out to the man himself, so we can ask those questions. So, mr christian, can you tell us about how this came about and kind of? What's going on in this very specific case of ape nation wall street? All that, like what can you share with us right now? Well matt, as you know, uh myself and a consortium of lawyers who have done this with me. So for the record just realize it's not just my firm.

That's been doing all this there's alan pollock with warshaw bernstein, there's other firms that are going to be doing cases with this. I up wes uh, mr christian. If you're there, you froze on us a little bit, which is a stock manipulation case uh, which is our most recent case, but in particular relative to your question about going on with the oops folks. Sorry we're having a little bit of a technical issue.

Maybe can we do honor each and every one of you, including you, matt uh, for the courage it takes to step up and and join the team to fight this carnage carnage? That really is financial treason on america and really on the world. Uh and and the carnage is essentially selling, as you know, uh assets electronically and not not delivering them, which in this case uh for the apes, is the stock. And of course, the two most prominent cases that you guys are working with are amc and gamestop. But the reality is: there's there's hundreds, if not over a thousand of the companies that have have experienced this uh in the past, and certainly many that are experiencing it today.

So you know, out of respect for your growing numbers, which i understand worldwide, is in totality like four and a half million, with all the subgroups and the reddit sub groups, and whatever i hear crazy numbers. Is that true for now, so it's actually confirmed from a share recount over four million individual owners. Okay, so the point the point is: is that to honor really uh your courage and your time and effort, because most of you, men and women are volunteers. You know i agreed to come alongside you and go public and say hey.

I applaud this group, i'm aligned with this group and, of course it's got a cross-section of people in it. I'm sure some of them are legitimate and some of them are probably work for the other side. Who knows you know? Yeah? That's that's happened in most of my cases where they infiltrate your camp right so anyway, the point is uh uh over time. I keep getting massive amounts of emails and and communications you know, help me help me help me help me help me well.

I can't really address individuals for multiple reasons. One a single individual. You can't really go about doing a case for them because it's cost. So many dollars to do a case and so ultimately uh.

What i decided would be in the best interest of this space, this legal space and this mission, which is to help stop this and and further expose it to the world. So they see the magnitude of the carnage and its impact on families and jobs and technology, and for god's sakes, everything we do to live um that we i would try to figure out. Is there somebody who's willing to step up and start this and and somehow, and i'm not sure how that's going to come about organize a group of individuals under that one person that is going to put together uh monies to ultimately allow me and my colleagues to Go out and hire the experts and and hire certain people to investigate and do due diligence on whether you know are there claims there, which my gut tells me well. Of course there are based on you know: i've seen like over 60 plus due diligence on companies over the last 20 years.

We filed 20 lawsuits. I think 21, now counting when we recently filed. Most of those are resolved. A couple are still pending, but but i know cancer when i see it financial cancer, when i see it and these companies have financial cancer, which is essentially counterfeit, shares either because of the re-lending of the shares habitually or selling shares that they don't deliver or usually Both in other nefarious things, okay, that are in there so at the end of the day, chad brewer is a is an ape.

Uh he's a you know: two-term uh, our two tours in afghanistan, ex-military army guy, grew up in the country um. You know who said: look, you know i'll i'll step up and - and i didn't know chad before this uh uh, so i've only known him a short period of time. So it's not just about uh chad. This is about the movement and he's the one that filled that space.

Just to be blunt and and what he's doing is to be clear on this issue matt, you know i have nothing to do with gofundme. I have nothing to do with raising the money. I that i don't even want to know about that. All i want to know is, is that ultimately, somebody's got to put some money together to allow me to go out and hire the necessary people to properly investigate this.

Obviously, we know how to do that, because we've done it over 60 times to public companies and obviously we know how to bring the claims go. Go read our recent complaint harrington in the southern district of new york uh. So, at the end of the day, my mission is the same mission i started with when i first talked to you and got introduced to the community and that's to expose this prosecute this root. This out and and as i've said many times, you and your group bring a extraordinary dimension of accountability to this.

That wall street didn't count on you know, being a lawyer is one thing, but doing what you do, which is effectively being a bigger bully than wall street is uh, it creates, creates. You know a sensation where they may have to excuse himself and go to the bathroom before they jump in the deep end with you, so so uh. This is just another manifestation of that. Another division of that another sector of that.

So you know chad brewer, who i think is chad0080914 - is the person who stepped up to do that it is real uh, uh uh i've already chastised him bluntly to for putting my fee agreement. Why? He would do that? I don't know, but i'm past, that you would never do that with your lawyer. Put your fee agreement on the internet. So are our communications with your lawyer.

Those are all privileged. So again, i'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and he's going to be learning from this, but but oops we lost him for a second hey, i'm folks, let's just uh some technical issues. This happened previously and like we just gave it a couple seconds and he hopped in your trading in your trading undertaking, in other words, consolidate your efforts, consolidate uh your time, uh and let's go investigate, you know who can be sued and for what so, basically um That that's what it's about! That's what it's about yeah! So just so everyone knows. I myself haven't spoken with chad, i'll i'll, try to get him on here, so we can get it uh.

I know one question we're gon na get. Thank you very much for confirming this is a thing because people, it's i mean, i'm seeing it in chat and i very very excited. Are you yourself active on twitter? Do you have a twitter account that you use? I do, but i don't use it just to be candid, because i just don't have time we did use it yesterday, because chad was getting uh uh complaints about is this real? Is this a scam this and that and so, and then apparently i didn't know this until later after he put the fee agreement up there. Certain of my colleagues are like tell me: you didn't do that wes, i'm like no, i didn't, and so that further made people think it was a scam, because, frankly, no lawyer would do that.

So so chad asked me as accommodation. Would i confirm that it was real to eliminate that so, just as a courtesy to him, i did that, but no i don't use my twitter account uh, just because i don't have time. Frankly i mean i'm working 12 hours a day anyway. So the account that did confirm chad, though uh, do you know like your own tag? Is it just christian, i believe uh, i don't know i can pull it up here i mean i i wish i wish.

I could tell you i knew, but that's terrible. I'm a dinosaur matt when it comes to that buddy um. I think i can find it. I just want to confirm so we all know who who's who and who i am the one that sent the the the the tweet yesterday for sure.

Oh wait. The tweet! Yesterday, i believe it's j west christian uh chad0809014 is real. Today i am disclosing i know, and i'm working with chad uh check discord. That's that was my tweet okay.

So folks there you have it. That is the confirmed twitter um. It doesn't sound like he'll, be using it much but like that is true confirmation of chad who has reached out to him we're just trying to get everything like. I guess straight here, so we all know like who's who, in this scenario overall, i don't know what you can or can't disclose about it legally.

But is this i guess higher general? Is this a class action lawsuit like? What even are we? No, we don't. We don't know matt at this point. These cases are very complex and i want to be clear with the ape community about this. This is a long-term undertaking.

I mean the typical due diligence takes months, not days not weeks, so this isn't a short-term fix. You know. That's gon na make the stock pop up or gon na create some miracle that doesn't happen. These people don't just roll over and die okay.

So ultimately, the other thing i want to say publicly is that it's going to be imperative that these companies, the board of these companies, or at least the officers of these companies, help us in ways that they can legally do so. Uh for us to address this because there's certain information that we need from certain entities that ultimately the company is the best way to get that information to to determine the magnitude of the claims and who's responsible, etc. So we're going to be working on strategies frankly to come alongside these companies and convince them hey. Your group of shareholders need some information to try and redress this wrong and and ultimately that's a reasonable request and if they don't, then we'll have to think about other things.

So so, at the end of the day, we're here to investigate, consult uh, maybe answer some questions along the way to the community if they have questions uh, but but we can't get in a situation where you know we got a thousand questions a day coming in That we're not here for that we're here, to move the needle uh and to keep everybody informed and make a difference in this in in in uh, eliminating these illegal illegal practices franklin so, okay, well yeah. We definitely appreciate that so overall, just folks. Listening in this is the start of it. We can confirm it's a thing.

Mr christian is working with chad there i will reach out to chad, myself get him on here. Uh, mr christian, isn't himself tied with the gofundme or anything like that. I'm not he's not tied with it. We're just trying to.

I have nothing to do with this yeah, i'm just trying to let everyone know that this is a real thing and i know i only have a couple more minutes with you um, but while you're here i really want to. I guess if you're willing to you, use the term financial cancer and i think that's heavy and i actually think it's accurate, i'm not disagreeing with you here, but a couple there within this community. It's a lot of people who are new to the market new to the especially the legalities of the market, of what isn't isn't possible if you can or can't tell us legally, have you personally and like i know the answer these, because you and i have talked About it, i just want to get it out there, so they can hear this. Have you seen before, where a company or a specifically a prime brokerage, has loaned out the same set of shares multiple times? Have you seen that before? Yes? Have you seen it before? Where they've allowed a company to take a short and they never ever borrowed the shares? Yes, have you seen it before uh, and this might be a little bit longer this system? People are referring to kind of a double book, a second book, potentially not a real price.

Could you elaborate on that in terms of like what you've seen in terms of the market? What do you, when you say a double book you mean x, clearing, shares versus clearing them through the dtc? So what are you talking about? Maybe so, with this there's a little bit of an assumption that, like something that's the terminology within the community right now, there's like a second book that might be hiding some sort of real price, but even with that, maybe this excluding! Maybe that's the point you just want to dive in just so, we can all learn a little bit well x. Clearing is a process by which shares are cleared broker to broker not not through the depository trust corporation. So it's another vehicle through which shares are cleared. Okay and then ultimately, uh separate apart from that uh as a different issue, the dtc offers a service called the obligation warehouse you go to their website and find it where fails to deliver actually go.

Let's call it the one of the failed to deliver graveyards. There's multiple graveyards, but basically what your community should do. Matt is go to sec.gov and go to finra.gov. I'm sorry finra, dot, org or whatever finra's website is look off all the enforcement actions in the last 15 years and much of what i'm telling you can be corroborated by those enforcement actions.

And i know that because some of those, some of the information from some of those enforcement actions, came from our older cases uh, so so uh, yes, that that goes on it's real, it's still real, it's still occurring and the financial cancer part of it matt is The fact that that, once these illegal shares are embodied in this company and it's large enough to where the the bad guys aren't going to give up, then they only have one choice and that's to grow it to grow the cancer, because the only way they can Keep control of the price is to keep printing artificial shares so that, ultimately, demand doesn't exceed supply, because, if demand exceeds supply, the price is going up if supply exceeds demand. The price is going down. It's that simple, so that that that's what it is the end of the day but listen. I have one about one more minute.

I got on here just as accommodation to you yeah and to clear up this issue because i'm getting you know massive amounts of emails and ultimately, what i really want the community to do is start emailing, chad, uh and whoever else he chooses to bring aboard. Why? Because you, you apes, need to get a little more organized if we're going to go about doing this, and we certainly have the group and the space to do that and the bench to do that. Obviously, it's going to take dollars to do that and we pretty much know what that costs over time, because we've done so many of them, but let them get with chad and whoever else he chooses to bring aboard and and and by doing that, organize this in A little better way than each person saying help me here help me here help me here: it's really it's really a a systemic problem for all of you, uh most likely every shareholder is getting impacted, the same way more or less. It may differ day to day or month to month, but substantially it's probably the same, and so why not get together in the same way, you've organized your efforts by what you're doing organize your efforts.

Similarly, on trying to do some due diligence legally on what can be done, that's the simple version all right. I appreciate that and i'll take that one step further folks, if you're listening to this now, if you're a member of my specific community, i would ask you do not reach out to mr christian directly he's busy. He can't handle that many emails and messages. Please, if you have something about this reach out to chad, and then he will have the ability to kind of aggregate everything and get it over when it's due.

So, let's just be a little respectful of time and just how many hours there are in a day but overall, thank you so so much folks. He did this like at the last. Second, i mean if you were on stream today i was like oh, i should try to message them, so thank you so much for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to make this possible and in the future, i'm excited to hear about any of The updates of how this is going, but once again thank you for hanging out, you were happy to do so. Just uh be patient and stay tuned, be patient, stay tuned.

Okay! Thank you. So much. Thank you. Matt have a good one, folks, folks, folks, there you go hang on to the moon.

All right, i am back. I am back here. We go uh, so that was it it. It's all true it it is.

It is happening this um. They are attempting to do. What they can um in the proper legal route avenue there, and once again i i don't want to set up expectations if we're going to have answers tomorrow or anything like that, it's the legal process, the justice system is not known to be like the usain bolt Of the world, but overall so patience, patience, let's become the way we are with the stock, calm cool collected, that's how we should also treat this potential legal case. If you have any questions anything like that, please do not reach out to mr christian.

Please reach out to chad and what i'm thinking about doing is i'll get chat on or i'll like verify his twitter and everything just so. We all know like like he said we have to be a bit more organized. We have to treat this like with a high amount of responsibility, because that's how we're going to execute on this. So overall, yes, i'm very, very excited, because i think this could lead to something awesome.

But let's also be realistic about the timeline and let's also manage this in realistic ways, so it just optimizes our chance of being successful, um and all right there. I got in a couple questions at the end: yes naked shorts and also talking about loaning out the same shares. Uh. The book thing was a little bit of a hesitant question, and now it's just more of instead of the dtcc you get clearing by other brokers.

That's something to look into um, trying to get a little bit more information for the community about this double book, not necessarily being confirmed. It sounds like kind of this x-rag. I would also like in the future, to ask a couple questions about this ftd warehouse, because under my impression that i thought ftds had to get taken care of, but it sounds like some ftds might go into this warehouse and just eventually die, but with that. That's just some assumptions.

I do want to look for some answers on that very, very interesting stuff. So, overall, while you're in here, i won't be posting like an update video. So i'm going to do it now, i'm going to give you your amc and gme wrap up video for the day and then at the end. I've never really done something like this.

Maybe if you have questions at the end, we could do it, but i'm gon na give you a really quick amc and jimmy rundown, especially if you just didn't have time today. If you were just here for the mr christian interview for the validity of that um you're good to go, but i just want to give you an update, amc one of the first green days in a while and ended up the day. 7.69. It's at 36 after hours above 38, we are running in post market trading, up point five: three percent.

As i'm saying this live gme, um close out the day, pretty much neutral, 166, 82, but also in post market green up three percent. So it's been a while, but both of our stocks right here, green, green, green, green, is good and don't forget when in doubt zoom out all right. So what is going on? I want to clarify. I believe this is the gofundme, but before we do it the name matches everything seems to be matching um, but hey chad, chad, if you happen to be listening right now, i would love for you to reach out on twitter just so i can confirm anything.

Just you know, this is what was sent to me. I cannot at this point confirm this: is the exact, proper gofundme but check my twitter in the future, because if i can confirm this is the thing i will share it with everyone and say hey: this is the one we were talking about, but just give me That please please, please give me that opportunity to confirm that this is the correct gofundme. In terms of ortex. Today there was 1.34 million borrowed against amc uh with a net of 408 000.

The short interest is 15.89 percent. Today we started off the day with shares on loan of 102., we're probably cooking around 103, when this updates in the morning utilization 92.42. One of the big questions i got today was matt. How in the world could shares on loan and short interest, go up, but utilization come down.

Please remember what utilization is it's the shares on loan, divided by the total loanable shares x, divided by y. Those numbers are both dynamic. They change so in the scenario where x gets greater and the ratio drops that means y. The number you're dividing by the total loanable shares also increases and, in fact, by a greater magnitude.

That's how you have the scenario. The mathematical scenario excuse me where the shares on loan increases, but utilization drops so second potentially more important right here we have the fails to deliver. This is what we were just talking about with mr christian look at this from june 18th. All the way up until june 30th, spike spike spike - i mean it probably averaged around 3.5 million shares like 18th to the 30th.

I mean we had 12 days in a row just fails to deliver huge spikes. This is what people were talking about with being on the threshold list and all that and fails to deliver. All naked shorts are ftd's, but not all ftds are naked shorts. Please remember that there are various types of ftds and naked shorts happen to be one of them, one of the more prevalent ones.

So, can i guarantee that all these spikes 3 million 3.7 million, 3.8 million 4.4 million? Can i guarantee that they're all naked shorts? No would i do. I personally believe that a large percentage is actually naked, shorts yeah, but at that point at that point we're just throwing out our own theories. So obviously we have to put on our tinfoil hat if we're just uh coming up with these conspiracy theories. So with these conspiracy theories yeah, that's my opinion.

It makes sense. I think it's one of the most prevalent types of fails to deliver is the naked short and we're seeing massive spikes. Remember this is the running total, like you wouldn't add these up. You wouldn't add, day to day it's like the running total.

So, as of june 30th, there was about 4.2 million, but it sounds like the situation gets even more complicated with this ftd warehouse where they go to die, and then we know that they hide ftds. Prime brokers do by acting as if they're net long or net short, they cover up the position with deep in the money, calls and options. So i would argue that these are the ones that they simply just did not cover up properly. These are the ones that they couldn't even hide, so i would view this as more of like a conservative floor value.

If anything, just higher the next reasonable question is well, why does it drop off? Are there none in july? This is just a reporting issue. We get the first half of july, where my mouse is now at the end of july. It's always lagging behind by multiple weeks. So, in fact, we know because it was on the threshold list, all the way up until friday july 9th.

We can guarantee all the way up until july, 8th july, 9th right here on this green day. We know all these at least 2.5 million at least 2.5 million all the way up till july 8th. We know there was a bit of a dip on july 9th and then, after that, we kind of don't know anything. So that's something that we're waiting on are there fails to deliver in here.

Yes, they're just not reported yet in terms of gamestop, pretty much net neutral short interest of 14.78 shares on loan, 8 million and utilization 36.39 to the best of my understanding. If you're curious about this nft game something, i know there was a lot of anticipation for it happening yesterday afternoon as in july 14th. I don't think much came from it, though, so i myself i'm still waiting for news and updates, but i do want to point out how the short interest is actually going upward, we're going from 8.29 to now 14.. I just wanted to point out that trend that we're seeing in gme's short interest.

Let's talk a little bit about some of these stocks. This is the overall market. Yesterday it hit a new all-time high. Today, it's taking a breather.

This most likely has to deal with people realizing that inflation is in fact not transitory, and before we know it, i do think that our federal reserve is going to turn a little bit more from dovish to hawkish, because right now - and that just means like what Are they doing with interest rates because their main focus is on employment? Basically, dovish means interest rates down or holding them low hawkish means increasing it. So you can fight inflation right now. Our federal reserve is definitely highly dovish and eventually they're going to have to turn hawkish to kind of fix what's going on and they gave something off like. Oh, we think inflation might go up, but oh in the long run, it's transitory.

No, no! No! We've all been gaslit before, probably not going to happen. For me, my realistic call is just a healthy uh. Apologies for whatever youtube hates me today. Fun fact youtube just messing with my streams, my stream all day today before i completely digress and like lose my sanity.

Um that stream, today completely taken down youtube, took my stream today, yeeded it straight off a cliff they're like see you dude, hang ten, so the stream today completely down like youtube straight up bandit like nah man, we're not dealing with that uh. Where were we? So we we did interview whoa, whoa, whoa whoa, we are moving in post market, we are moving, we are grooving boom goes the dynamite. You got ta like it, you got ta like it. What is going on here? Man youtube, really messing with me today, uh folks.

If you have any issues, i think you could just reload the page. I don't know youtube is like being some there being something i don't know. They're we're just i just know we're moving in post market gets me excited. So overall we talked about the market.

I was teaching you about different birds, doves and hawks all that stuff. I don't know what point i cut out at, but you're, probably not here, to learn about that anyway. So what we have going on, it's it's no lie that amc has been selling off. All of july, amc and july clearly don't get along, but it looks like we are still trying to bounce at this 30 to 32 region.

In fact, after four red days we're finally putting in a green day, i'm happy happy to see it. So what we're? Looking for now is i mean we're actually already there in post market 39 44 we're looking forward to recapture the first major resistance is between 40 and 42. We want to overtake that and then from there we're pretty much watching 48 to 52, roughly like. Let's just call it 50, but it's a region that it's not like it.

The stock market game doesn't work in like terms of an exact scent. It's just not how it works. This is more of okay, like this region between 48 52. So that's the next one.

After 40 to 42 and looking at this postmarket action, i mean we're ripping folks, we are ripping, we might open up above this 42 region and then the next one we're trying to take out is 49.. How am i coming up with the support and resistance? It's nothing special. I have nothing under this hat. There's not a computer in here telling me what to do or anything like that.

It's literally just areas that the stock has bounced off of me before or been rejected by before support support support. We also have some resistance around wizards 49.79, i'm just calling it 50, because it's close enough so overall, the game plan for amc tomorrow is to turn up the heat on all these shorts, the potential 80 plus million shorts and then see if we can recapture the Technical level of 50 to 52 above 52 would be a notable technical breakout. I also want to point out this, so if you skip july 8th, if you just skip that between july 6th, 7th and then really the past four days, not counting today, look how perfect this sell-off has been perfect. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

They messed this one up on july, 8th and then it was four days of perfect selling. I was talking about this on stream and anyone who comes at you with the statement the apes are selling. No, in fact, i don't think any humans are selling look. How systematically mathematically algorithmically perfect this selling has been to me? This is not human interaction.

This is computer selling and buying. You can see it both ways, but what i see and who knows maybe i'm wrong. Remember i'm just wearing a tin, foil hat. It looks like perfect selling, like i said they messed up july 8th, but besides that six of these seven days, it's just the perfect 45 degree angle, algorithm selling selling selling - tells me that i mean i think it's a psychology play.

I think they're just trying to scare people and i'm not buying it. Maybe i'm right, maybe i'm wrong, but to me this is it's now we're fighting robots of sorts, and i don't know if you've seen the terminator movies, but it doesn't really end well for the robots, just my thought. So, overall, those are the levels i'm looking for. On amc gme in terms of gme this, this is all consolidation back in here.

If you're looking at april may, we have support between 140 160. It's a big mess of consolidation, i'm hoping it act as support we're looking for this bounce right off of it, similar to amc where the rsi is very low. The stock's gone lower, lower lower lower, but the rsi is actually a bit higher. That is bullish divergence, as in there's less bearish momentum, we're kind of seeing a somewhat of a similar setup, um not like this did dip lower.

But if you're looking at the just the intraday action, if you're kind of comparing this to where gme has been once again, we have another kind of weird setup of some bullish divergence. I do admit it's stronger, like you, can see this technical pattern stronger in amc, but i don't think gme is really that far off. I wouldn't be surprised. I'm hoping tomorrow to close out the week strong, really really looking for amc and jamie to pop and honestly at this now that i'm, like hey man, live streaming post market.

I haven't done this much, but i'm getting excited about this like this is awesome with this action in post market makes me more excited for the trading day tomorrow, uh friday july 16th. So overall i mean we talked with wes. We did the short interest update. I talked about ftds remember these will load in.

We did that we did the chart breakdown benzingo. We had some cool news coming from them today. So overall i mean man uh, i'm normally excited, but now i'm seeing this post market live with. All of you.

I think i'm more excited than normal. This stuff is awesome, so um, that's kind of what i have for you guys. I appreciate it um the plan. For me this is it that was the update, video, i'm not posting an extra one tonight this is it um.

I just wanted to get this out there um. So if you want to spread the word of west christian, if you guys just want to help me out the algorithm like the likes all that stuff, if you want to share that video with a friend so at least the west christian part, so they know it's Like real and legitimate um, it sounds like i saw some people on twitter talking about how uh chad like he, was saying this and he was confirming it. If so, i hope you dm me if you're listening right now. Dm me, i just want to get connected with you uh, so we can get some things like just uh.

I guess worked out and verified for the rest of the community but um overall. For me i will catch you i'm streaming all day tomorrow. Nine to four. I will be here not going anywhere, you guys know the drill you have my back.

I have your back, that's how this thing works, but overall, thank you for this little impromptu afternoon, night session. I really really appreciate all the support and remember from me and chair best of luck in the markets.

28 thoughts on “Ape nation: wes christian vs wall street manipulation”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Agent Jay says:

    why tf do we need to pay a lawyer for him to fix the fucking market in the first place? the gains he will make from this case will be absurd just do it wes.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Arsen Karakozov says:

    Can you checkout Charlie’s Vids? He seems to have done extensive research. Just looking for an opinion.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars vincent marino says:

    Matt the sentiment for hiring Wes is on target, the messenger Chad was the wrong person. Is it possible you could put you name to the gofundme? We need Wes. Thanks I'll listen tomorrow morning. Appreciate you.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Creative Ego says:

    U should know not to share information between an lawyer and a client. If he didn't know that. I wouldn't be surprised if he spend that money 💰. ( I didn't know I couldn't borrow from gofundme) or( here is the password to the gofundme) 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😭😭

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Fight4Right says:

    We need to expose these criminals! Every business has been affected by this stock manipulations! We need start with AMC.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Matt Kohrs says:

    PSA: The GoFundMe has been taken down. Those who have donated can expect a refund.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Griftfest 2021 ft. Matt says:

    You going to take this shit down now that your boy chad got exposed?

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tamara Ford says:

    I haven’t verified these facts. But if you haven’t already, please watch Trey’s video on the Wes Christian GoFundMe? Chad Brewer/Chad Horvath seems to have a record dating back as far as 2014 and possibly earlier. Be careful when donating your money to someone, especially when felony charges are involved and someone has shown patterns of taking what’s not theirs and ends up being charged with Larceny Theft and Fraud/Insufficient Funds in the past. Also Possession with Intent to Distribute a Controlled Substance was also mentioned.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Pi Vi says:

    Can i buy AMC? It s impossible or possible to win against the wall street Wolf?

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Paul Lavigne says:

    Looks like Chad Shutdown the GoFundMe. Did he take the money and run?

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars J.G. Zilco says:

    Chad Brewer is CHAD HORVATH, and he has duped Wes, and apes. Due diligence folks, Fuck the noise stay the course

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jamey Rohrer says:

    you got played Chad Brewer's gofundme was changed to HIRE WES CHRISTIAN TO INVESTIGATE is no longer accepting donations $153,042.00

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Trebliw Atseotse says:

    Apefest my azz… Celebration while in the red and no squeeze has occur yet. Matt Kohrs is monetizing this crap including the Super Chat. When I hear the name M a tt Kohrs I think of a snake oil salesman.

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars AndyXFits says:

    I’m also a psychology background ape, and here’s my personal opinion on what the HF’s tactic might be by piecing together what they’re doing.

    1 – they are setting the idea that $100-150 is the peak of the fake squeeze, using bots all over social media.

    2 – they use dips and boring price actions to create psychological tension within us, due to our high expectations for quick money from squeeze.

    3 – they then promote ape fest as a way to release that tension.

    4 – just prior to the ape fest, they will cause the price to go up to $100-150, then sharply dip it. Then they will raise it back up to around $100 again to give people a “second chance” to sell. Along with the “tension releasing” ape fest coming up, the HF is hoping that this would cause people to sell.

    My opinion is that we can’t show the HF that we’re “sick and tired” of this. The more we feel tired of it, the more likely we want a way out. And hedge funds are trying to take advantage of that psychology in us to sell.

    Basically create all this tension within us, then give us a way out.

    Add one more thing:

    The ape fest is also an opportunity for hedgies to hire people to cause a fake “riot”, which could lead to a real riot when people are drunk and not making right decisions.

    Then this would lead to a huge division and fall of the ape community, as media can take advantage of that as well.

    This could be some next level psych-op shit.

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Grievious McDooble says:

    Sue for court costs as well please. We already pay taxes for Gary Ginsler's salary.

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars 1mih 2lis says:

    I won't read comments when there's only one comment because there always a person selling. Can youtube do anything about it!? Gezz

  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Ayres says:

    Wow! Mind blown! Thank you Matt! Having Mr. Christian on your channel was huge! Apes organize!

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Nick Bowling says:


  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars James Two says:

    I don't think we should be donating to this guy. The minute that AMC gets tied up in litigation the trading on the ticker stops.

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Cyrus Washington says:

    Why make this legal? It wasn’t made legal for GME. When has the government help the people ? I’m waiting……… Whatever Wes is doing is cool I guess but keep that separate from the squeeze. We know there is manipulation there always has been. But to make it legal could fuck up this squeeze and every other potential squeeze or high short interest stock after this squeeze . All because a bunch of impatient whiners dont wanna wait when if it goes legal then they really gotta wait. They need to stop bitching and bickering and wait. Point blank period. No matter what we gotta wait. Dont fuck this up for all of u- to those complainers.

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Miss Dawn says:

    Going to donate to this cause, if all apes donate 1-5$ it will go along way.
    ALSO remember to give WES time, it will take MONTHS don't expect this to finish before July next year!

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Paratrooper McCown says:

    Hey Matt, has there been other GoFundme's associated with this lawsuit?

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mr Jean says:

    The stock Market is legal scam if a am doing the right conclusion.

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Paul Vega says:

    What happens when Chad doesn’t hire him with the donations money? And the only reason we donated was because Wes came out and said it’s real ?

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars hockeyhalod says:

    Can't give money to a lawyer with a plan of "it'll take time." Some lawyers ask for so much trust and have no transparency.

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brendon Thomas says:

    Payment for order flow (PFOF) is the compensation, as much as 1 penny per share, that a stockbroker receives from a market maker in exchange for the broker routing its clients' trades to such market maker.[1] It is a controversial practice that has been called a "kickback".[2]
    In general, market makers, the largest of which is Citadel LLC, are willing to pay brokers for the right to fulfill small retail orders. The market maker makes a profit from the bid-ask spread and rebates a portion of this profit to the routing broker as PFOF. Another fraction of a penny per share may be routed back to the consumer as price improvement.[3][4] Brokers in the United States that accept payment for order flow include Robinhood, E-Trade, Ally Financial, Webull, Tradestation, The Vanguard Group, Charles Schwab Corporation, and TD Ameritrade, while brokers that do not receive payment for order flow include Interactive Brokers (pro accounts that are charged commissions), Merrill Edge, and Fidelity Investments.[5]
    In the United States, accepting PFOF is only allowed if no other exchange is quoting a better price on the National Market System. The broker must disclose to the client that it accepts PFOF. Transactions must be executed at the best execution, which could mean the best price available or the speediest execution available.[1]
    PFOF is not allowed in Canada[3] and therefore Canadian brokers charge commissions.[6] It is also banned in the United Kingdom.[3][7]

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars interstellar bull says:

    Hey Matt this kid named Luke Miller is using your picture on their thumbnail on YouTube to spread FUD.

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Yoachim Levey says:

    Yo Matt. In case you haven't noticed you have been labelled as a shill in the real ape community. The GME ape community. The community that migrated from r/wsb to r/GME and then created a brand new sub called r/superstonk (which in my over half a year of following you have never heard you reference – wtf is that about?) and now another new sub called r/GMEJungle.

    Over the past few months I have been trying to ask you why you keep focusing on AMC and acting like that is the MOASS when it's still been GME the whole time. GME is the MOASS. They haven't covered.

    Now with your involvement in Apefest you come across even more as a paid shill. Can you address this? Not through one of your mods. You. In a video. Where you use the word "superstonk".

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