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Ah, hello, everyone: this is what it feels like to be back from the dead. I feel like. I have a fresh start on life honestly, what a day it has been. Ah, you know me a guy who's, always looking for the next scandal might have wished for it a bit too hard what a day, what a day.

Ah, if you're not laughing about it, all you can do is cry, so i'd prefer to laugh and have a good time ah, every day such an adventure. Just i mean if this scandal got this far out of hand like the whole free mat thing. Imagine what happens when everyone's gon na find out i'm in the next fast and furious movie. That's gon na get a little bonkers uh! Just overall reminder! Folks, you can't take down the world's best tesla trader that easily all right all right, let's uh! Let's oh we're! Gon na have a fun time, fun time, fun time all right.

Where are we at? I feel i'm just so out of it where, where have we been all morning, this has been great moon gang honestly, all right, let's get into it a little a couple: more people roll in i'll tell you everything i know of the story of like how it Played out for my end, um honestly, one of the craziest days of my life in a while um, but let's just get a couple facts out there for everyone. Ah, thank you so so much i mean i don't know even when, when it sets up to be like potentially a horrific day, i can always count on you. Amazing amazing space apes. I truly truly appreciate it we'll go into everything that's going on, but just so i'm sure a lot of you are here right now that want to know, like i don't know what happened, but for those who still need to be up to date on amc and Gme, i just want to quickly give you these numbers.

I didn't tweet about it. Surprise, surprise, there's a couple other things on my mind this morning. Just so you know the estimated short interest right now for amc is 20 shares on loan 129 million utilization 94. In terms of game, stop the utilize or the interest is down uh.

The short interest is 21 and uh utilization is now up to 52. Yesterday it was 40.. I just want to get that out there. I know these numbers are pretty important to a lot of people, we're getting it all from ortex.

I like that um right now, gamestop down 2. I know this looks way way more drastic than it is it's only down two percent amc same thing. I know it looks drastic but keep in mind it's only down three percent um. I haven't been paying attention to uh, tesla or apple.

Really, today, that's what's uh going on, but um okay. I just want to set that up. Obviously we are going to be paying attention to the markets, i'm going to be here till close, but um i put out a video uh of like kind of my understanding of like what was going on, but i don't know i i assume a lot of you Here, oh man, all these members joining you guys. Thank you so much.

I appreciate that becoming a member of the channel that it's so nice, like honestly, like if i wasn't messing around and i'm trying to not break character here, but like everything, i've been building like i've, been doing this for, like legitimately thousands of hours like this one Thing trying to be successful at youtube and um, it's incredibly insane where you can just wake up one day read an email and it's just gone like that and that's what it was. And i guess that's like just a life lesson for me. If you have to have some sort of like fail safes and, like i don't know some sort of safety net to catch yourself and um, i don't know like i, i don't know if i could articulate the feeling of when i saw that, and i don't think It really hit honestly at first. I was like this is crazy.

Like it's a mistake, i think it was really really hitting me when i appealed and tried to like stop my termination and then they just said no they're like oh well, i can read you the email of what it said. I'll get the exact so like i emailed them and i'm like what are you talking about i'll? Just give you the whole thing. So here's what happened? I got two emails. At 3 26 eastern am uh.

The first email was actually my termination one and it just said: um hi, matt coors. We have reviewed your content and found severe or repeated violations of our community guidelines. Because of this, we have removed your channel from youtube um, and then it just says: content that encourages illegal activities or incites users to violate youtube's guidelines are not allowed on youtube, so super vague. I think that's like a stock email from them, and i was like oh that's weird and then at that same minute i had another email, and this was in relation to tuesday's stream um stock market um.

Whatever our team has reviewed your content and unfortunately, we think it violates our high, harmful and dangerous policy, so i saw some streams this morning talking about like the sec and stuff i mean the i i'm not in trouble with the sec, at least not if i Am like i don't know about it, it has nothing to do with the sec uh. If i had to assume what's going on um, maybe people like just like mass reporting me like just some sort of troll like just classic greg stuff um and then maybe there was enough of those and i think it's an ai system and i was like okay. It's just not a big deal like once. A human looks at this i'll be a-okay, so i filed um an appeal - and this is where, like my morning, kind of fell apart, so they just responded so right there.

All i have right now is you're terminated and we think you're harmful and dangerous, so i appealed it and i explained the whole situation i was like hey. You just told me, i'm harmful and dangerous. I have no idea what you're talking about like i'm a stock market channel like i'm, not even like close to the realm of, like, i don't know some sort of edgy content um and they just said. Thank you.

This is like just the biggest slap in the face for anyone who has to deal with, like account terminations, here's their email back. Thank you for your account suspension appeal. We have decided to keep your account suspended based on our community guidelines in terms of service, and i don't know like i was like that's how you say it. That's how you say: you're just gon na erase everything i've been working on for an entire year.

This entire community, just like you're, just gon na rip this apart, like that um. So that happened and at that point i don't know, i don't know if i could describe properly my mental state because i just thought it was done like i i don't know like. I just felt defeated. I felt like i had just lost.

It was crazy, like um, there has to be some sort of terminology for it and obviously like this is all still like emotionally pretty raw. For me, i'm very uh, like i'm living it still right now, like this only happened a couple hours ago and um, so i had put that tweet out just to let people know and i wasn't on twitter, like i was trying to talk to people who, like Could get me connections at youtube, um and i came back to twitter and the outpouring of support like um people. Texting me messaging me dming me like just stuff like it blew my mind, um thinking about it. I guess it shouldn't have just because i'm in here day in and day out and uh the support that i'm showing every day but, like i don't know it's just like one of those things like when it comes down to that moment, like i don't know like When you get down to brass tacks there and like you're wondering like wow like i don't know it was scary.

It was big. It was a big deal to me and um. It was crazy, but anyway uh. It's all because of you, guys, ryan owen, tweeted a chair ah, but we're back at it team.

That's all that matters, uh no positive vibes in the end as much as i say it, the good guys win. You know as much as we're messing around and stuff. I feel like we're on the right side of it. I feel like we're doing something cool i feel like.

We have an amazing amazing, community and uh, really all every single one of you proved it today and it means the world to me all right. What are we doing now? We're talking game, stop picking up, that has to be a good sign. Amc 950 apple, looking good tesla. What else is moving today like i'm so out of it? So in the end, what really happened? Was we made enough of a ruckus enough of a kerfuffle? If you will that uh youtube's like oh okay? Maybe this guy isn't harmful and dangerous and then they did it.

But like i wondered like now that i'm on the backside of it, like quote, unquote, safe um. I, like almost question like. I wonder how many accounts are out there who just like for one reason or another, just didn't have that support, so they had like no way to reach out like i, i feel bad for those people like the amount of like dedication that goes into this type Of a thing and um just like they, whether they're smaller, like i just feel so lucky to have this community to have the size i have to have the connections i have. There has to be so many accounts out there that, for whatever like ai system they got triggered in the algorithm account gets terminated.

They did nothing and i get it. They have to have some sort of termination ability, because there's a lot of like nefarious like inappropriate uh accounts out there that shouldn't be out there and i get it like they have to have some sort of built-in system, but like even when i was talking with, Like the uh like content, creator, people they um they're, just like no, it's final there's nothing you could do without about it. You're like sol - and i was just like what do you mean like there - has to be a way to like plead your case and there just isn't they're. Just like no, it's our decision and i get it it's a private company.

They can do what they want, but it's just you know how sometimes, when you do something and you like, whatever you get caught and you have that feeling in your stomach you're. Just like, oh man like this, is it like it's guilt, like literally, you just have guilt. I think that's why it didn't hit me this morning, because i just knew i didn't do anything wrong, so i was just like confused. I was like, oh whatever, like when a human looks at this i'll, be fine, um, completely different emotional response, when i assume, maybe just like another computer system's like nah, like we're actually gon na.

Kick you like. That's that's permanent um that sucks but um. Just that frustration, you feel have you ever been in a situation where you're there and you're like i, am telling the truth and they're like nope you're lying you're, wrong you're like no i'm right, i'm not lying! I'm telling the truth. I didn't do anything wrong and like they're, just like not hearing it, we've all been in a situation with that and, like your mind, just like starts to like crack like you're.

Just not like there's no logical thought. You don't like just like your emotions, are a rollercoaster you're all over the place and um. That's what it was like when you're like, hey, there's, nothing more frustrating than like actively telling the truth and everyone's just like? No, no, we don't believe you and like this. Isn't exactly exactly that situation, but i think it's the same like psychological response when you're just like what like there's nothing more frustrating like that and, like you get to the point where you like, can't like put together a cohesive thought in your brain.

Just because, like you're like you're, just so frustrated and upset and angry and that's all it is, and it's crazy - and i don't know my heart like just knowing what i just went through this morning. People who've been through this and like it, just didn't break in their favor and youtube to stopped responding to them and their account stayed banned, um, crazy stuff. I i just i can't even imagine but prestige worldwide bro, i miss you and ryan. All right did ryan cohen tweet.

I i think this morning. That's like a huge thing i feel, like i miss ryan cohen, is now the ceo right of gamestop no way what this is fascinating is this. Is this chair there's no way this is like this? Has to just be a crazy coincidence, no way i'm in disbelief. What else could this be? Can't super chat all right.

Another thing: that's like i guess, broken um. I think you should be able to. I don't know this is insane. This is something well! Oh he's a chairman, not a ceo, okay, that makes more sense.

Then um, honestly, i have absolutely no clue. That's so cool, i'm gon na believe it's still in our world of chair, which is just amazing, um, very, very cool. Well congrats to him. I don't know what um can, what i don't know, we've been having.

I mean after my day with youtube this, like the super chat thing, i don't know why we can't super chat uh, but to the 29 people who joined up. Thank you. I don't know. I'm almost afraid to go back into youtube, support and talk to them again, like i really am like.

I just like. I feel like i'm on such thin ice for something that, like i shouldn't, feel this way um, i don't know. Maybe i should just do it and ask them like why um this is broke uh. Let me go what is this creator support once again, like i'm already having flashbacks creator support back from the dead? This is what getting a big old second chance must feel like.

Let's figure this out all right, um chairman chairman ryan, cohen love. It can anyone just say like what is the error of um? No super chat option. Super chats are disabled um. I don't understand why if you work, did it kick all my members like i've? Just never been through this type of a fallout like i don't know like the things i need to like fix or like what to do um.

I don't know if they're just like turned off, i'm just deathly, afraid of figuring this all out um. But here we go amc coming back 961 sos 538, that's uh kind of breaking down a little bit, how's apple, doing apple, pushing i mean i've been talking about apple now throughout this week, because we just had such a nice technical breakout like look at this. Like shout out to treytrades here the george w look at that just ripping right now, um. My next stop, i guess is 133, i'm just going to hold it as long as i can.

What a day it's been all right, i have a mem okay, so it looks like the members are still good um. I believe i don't think they took those away. I don't know. What's going on with the super chats um, i don't think there's an error right.

The creator supports asking me: if there's an error, is there an error uh, let's figure it out all right apple moving, hopefully, tesla comes down. I just i don't know my mind is like all over the place today. How's sos we haven't. Let me check in on this one sos what are all these other stocks? Sos 540 t cat tcap, 33 hofv wrong hofve down to 440..

Okay. I think i think the super chat thing is fixed now they just said they had to turn something back on. I don't know: does that work, i think it's fixed. I think it's fixed, not a dead duck.

Coming back from the dead. Didn't hear no bell. Oh, i think it's working uh. Thank you.

Wow crazy amount of new members. Thank you so much this support this community. I don't even know how, like it crossed my mind that, like i should have just known you all you crazy apes would have had my back facebook's still looking good at 312 costs, 21 katos 28 lw. We got smoked on lw mara, pushing 50.

um netflix 552 nvidia nvidia, i don't know nvidia and netflix, i think, are in very good spots in my opinion, for like people looking for more of like a longer term, medium term thing. Look at that super chat fix. Oh, you guys are the best. Ah you still in your tesla put yeah.

I mean, of course, is it a day of trading with matt? If uh he doesn't lose money on tesla, that's not even a real stream. Then that's a classic classic aspect of this stream. All right, hopefully, i need tesla to come back down. Look at this.

The support all right i'll, raise these missed your voice. All morning, i missed you all morning. This is a test. Super chat, please do not ignore it's back.

Youtube is still a great glad. You're back moon gang for life all in till the end it works cosmic fines fixed. They got ta refresh it to get it to work. You sell your tesla put, not yet i i would have this morning if my life wasn't doing whatever my life was doing.

It works now works. Thank you. Thank you. These super emotes coming in miguel everyone's already back.

I feel i feel like we've been, i don't know i feel like i was exiled in like some lonely island for um for years and years and really team. It was my account, wasn't a thing for like eight hours, what kind of a mental state did we all get ourselves in today, uh best community hands down the best community on the entire internet. I would put every single one of you up against any other community. Um just so much strength.

What is happening with sos all right, so apple is strong. Get in touch uh somehow got a response from the quartering, which is amazing, um. He was one of the people i reached out to like for help and he's massive. Like he's crazy, like above a million like he's, a huge huge creator and the fact that he like was reading the responses from all of us really from you guys of like tweeting and retweeting insane moon gang for life all till the end, what about should i Make a merge capitalize on this um.

What is it what they call me harmful and dangerous? Just like that on a shirt, black shirt, white, writing, red writing, harmful ampersand, dangerous! I can see that really taking off in the community of like sorority girls in college. I could just all see them wearing that shirt, harmful and dangerous. They're, like oh, my god, becca you too you're harmful and dangerous i'd. Wear it i'd, wear the heck out of that shirt uh.

I was also thinking. Maybe we should um. I mean i, i assume it was some of the name, natural language processing that got picked up um for them, not understanding the jokes about like greg, so maybe, instead of using guillotining and beheading, maybe we should go over to like booting them or something. Maybe i guess a little less like potentially like i don't know, just the joke wasn't understood, i suppose dangerous duck harmful and dangerous, and then it's a baby duck like a cute little baby duck yeah trying to take down the world's best tesla trader uh elizabeth.

Thank you, dan landry. Thank you. Thank you, austin. Thank you adrian, oh bryant.

I miss your voice. Welcome back back from the matt. What's going on bp23. Thank you lauren.

Thank you! Backyard! Music. Thank you, cosmic avocado. Thank you doug. I miss you all day, greg tube uh, cohen, mack, daddy alexis.

Thank you, luke shout out to robert the buddha bub. I just think that the whole concept of faking it till you make it and like just putting out things into the universe me every day saying i need to get involved in a scandal. I think the universe just listened a bit too much they're like oh, like the universe like cosmic karma and everything was just like he keeps saying he wants a scandal uh so that that one, i think, got a little bit out of hand. If we're being honest team yeah, my hair is not on point today.

Let's not talk about my hair, it was um, usually my morning routine. I get up around six yell at myself in the mirror for a good, 20 30 minutes, and then i spent about three and a half hours on my hair and i obviously for clear reasons. I didn't have that time this morning, so um this will be the only stream, barring any other crazy incident in my life that my hair is not a pure 10 out of 10. It got knocked down to a 9 out of 10..

I get it. It's ok! Um tomorrow, we'll be back we'll be back to the regularly scheduled uh hair hair program. Welcome back so glad you're back michelle. Thank you luke.

Thank you. Nate kayla bear coming with that big super chat. Congrats on your revival, so glad to see you back rocket ship. Won't work without you also chair kind of love.

You ranzo, thank you tim c becoming a space, save thank you. Tim first super chat. Ever life couldn't have been here with a better man following you for a long time watching you absolutely destroy elon. Here's a little support for the time loss.

Thank you. Yes, totally want that merch we missed you. I don't even have merch, and i just like all i do is come up with merch ideas. Matt raw and uncensored is 950.

A strong support for amc, yeah uh. 950 is a good one. Uh nine we've seen more volume traded at nine, but 950 is a as a solid one. You know what's super funny this morning, uh before i forget this.

So there's these channels and like i get it they're like matt coors bam, blah blah blah and, like i was listening to these channels and then they were talking about like just whatever of like. Oh we're getting information and stuff, and it was funny because i was listening to it as if it were another person like and not like. Just not me i was like oh, i wonder why he is banned and then they're like talking about the secs and stuff. I was like, oh that's, crazy and i was like wait.

This is me i'm not talking to the sec like i felt like. I was like learning about it when it was me like. I was the one with the information and like it was just so funny playing out uh. That has to be so funny if you're, like a celebrity or something out there and like the stories, are getting written about you and you're like what are you talking about like this? Is my life, like i know, what's going on it was.

It was a weird like inception type thing, i'm just still rico rico is in chat, shout out to all the greg's and suits can't do it without them rico. I have a feeling that you're, probably the one who marched, marched over to youtube headquarters and like listen, listen, fella, listen, buddy matt needs to go back, i'm sure, i'm sure rico. You were the one that had to do it. Feelings on the train.

Wolf of wall street um interview uh - to be honest - i i haven't had time to watch it. It came out late last night and i had a bit of a busy morning, so i'm gon na be catching up on all the other youtube stuff going on. Today. Very glad to see you back online matt get yourself some backup channels on rumble bit shoot asap, never know when uh greg tube will striking in that's a really good point like um today.

It like obviously very much hit me of like how quickly things disappeared. Um. I rumble actually like reach out to me. I need to talk to them bit you twitch um.

I think this was just a good. I don't know almost like business brand development thing that, like you just that classic saying you can't put all your eggs in one basket and um, even though it's crazy - and i know this doesn't happen to many people like. I think what i went through this morning is a big rarity. It obviously still happens um, so i think it was more of like a learning lesson for me that, like sometimes you're just on the um, the wrong side - oh yeah, so talking about all these um matt perry tried to get a hold of you today to find, Like yeah, no shout out to matt shout out to trey max andrew, like i'm missing many, so many other people in the finance youtube space.

They all had my back so many people on the twitter, like uh josh, had it king posting had like everyone was like hey like what can i do to help um, the entire community had my back um outside of just like us core space apes, like these Other creators they're like man. What can i do? What can i do to help so many people reaching out and it was just like. I was like trying to put out all these fires and figured out what i could, but no no everyone was being incredibly kind and helpful. Everyone was.

It was insane because they banned man. I purchased 100, more of amc uh. Please keep a backup on twitch yeah. I definitely need to uh make a twitch account.

I need to do all those like. I think this was just a good lesson learned about your girlfriend's boyfriend deleted your account, harmful and dangerous must have been when all those methane you produced uh batman has a bad signal. We need to duck call noisemakers good to see your mug. Thank you.

Eric uh put this on the bar tab. Thank you, brian glad, you're back. Thank you, dk matthew. I admit it was me when i reported you that time you farted on chair according to chair, it was both harmful and dangerous.

His name was dakota justin joining up. It's just me sandy. I appreciate that. Thank you.

What do you think about xl, i'm actually still in excel uh the fact that you're asking tells me it might not be going in my favor, oh yeah. I need this like three dollars higher, but we have time. King duck, thank you james. We need some youtube drama yeah that one uh, i think by the universe, was taken just a little bit too seriously.

Is that the point where matt kors there is a mat course twitch channel was hosting another stream this morning. Well, i bet he doesn't have this duck shirt. So that's how you know. It's not me.

Ah, thank you. The j plus matt course hurry up and get some merch online somewhere your entire discord, yeah uh. I need to do it and i'm talking with austin in chat, uh amazing designer we're we're gon na get it doing it's just that backwards is taking charge bing. I don't know i mean if you guys think this is the big scandal you just wait.

Wait till. I keep reaching remember fast and furious 10 a lot a lot of suspicions that i might be a a star in it, and i i can't confirm or deny that but um i don't know. I think there's there's a reason why both the rock and vin diesel haven't been acknowledging it um, obviously something's going on in the background the more they don't talk about it. I think that's a no message is also a message when it comes to the fast and furious franchise.

Just remember that christina. Thank you for becoming a member jay keith thanks crystal dawn becoming a space ape shout out to crystal. I appreciate that felt lost at work. Man, i didn't know how many of you listened to me at work like i'm.

Just like your work, buddy um, that's awesome! That's so so cool how's apple, looking apple, coming back about to become the world's best apple trader, as well, at least on this side of the mississippi fast and furious 10. The last duck uh mk response to jordan and trey. I just i i haven't heard the interview or anything i'm very excited to listen to it tonight. I just can't comment on it because i have no idea besides the fact that i'm excited about it uh.

I was really sad when i thought your channel was gone. Glad to see you're back. Thank you for that support jasmine. Who is the guy streaming on your account on twitch? I don't know i didn't know someone was doing that that's kind of not cool, welcome back chair, matt buddy, maybe if you weren't a giant show for big duck shirts and irregular shamrocks you wouldn't get banned seriously, though welcome back now get back on losing money on Tesla youtube is like officially in a battle with uh colored pencils and irregular shamrocks.

That was my downfall. They're like this is just too much matt transitions from stocks and within 24 hours gets banned. I think someone wanted to shut down the competition yeah. My whole fitness.

My fitness concept, my fitness goal - um yeah - i guess they don't want me in the world of fitness we were worried. Chair is too pretty for prison. Ah, thank you chair's too pretty. We all know that chair would run prison.

That was, i had an eight hour retirement folks, it was crazy. Retired life is nuts, just i had so much free time. Uh wouldn't want a moon without you captain. Ah, thank you, terry becoming a space ape uh.

You missed my chat. How did you become a member ruth? I i think, um dimitri? I miss your sorry uh all right. Let me find dimitri's uh ruth. There should be a join button.

I believe, hey. I need to find dimitri's. It's just chats now, at a million miles per hour, apes apes have other apes backs and that's what's so cool about it, one ape community, just a well-dressed ape dimitri: where was it uh? How are we doing uh apple? Looking good still, mr corker can't believe someone was dimitri. You are back my friend, so i made 11k on tesla this morning from calls from yesterday.

Here's a little love to my friend, i'm about to buy 8k of gme to bring my total shares to 212 apes. Together, strong houston, i'm ready for launch dimitri uh free mat. We can admit this has been an interest one interesting year so far friendly joining up. Thank you.

The same thing happened to a doge streamer about a month and a half ago. He got his account back. Two days later, um yeah, i mean apparently it does happen. It's just crazy, like especially when you like um appeal it and then your appeal gets denied.

I was like what do i do now and they're like. Well, that's just our final decision i was like, but i don't want it to be a final decision, i'm a millennial. I get what i want and they're like. That's not how it works.

Sir and i was like, but this is a wendy's like this - isn't a wendy's. This is a like fortune, 20 company and uh. You don't get what you want and i was like, but i want it. It was like a whole thing.

I guess i won't take you for granted again. I didn't realize how much i enjoyed turning into your stream so glad you're back in chair too. That is awesome rodriguez. Glad you're back.

I live on the second floor, so i can't hurt too bad when i thought you were done about today. Good sir mgn. That's awesome can't stop, won't stop matt kors austin. Thank you.

Thank you. Youtube gate free mat, the amount of people who tweeted free mat not gon na lie, maybe a little bit teary-eyed. Did i hear the baby got banned from youtube um eddie. Thank you for becoming his face.

Shane shout out. Thank you for your super chat. Three out of ten for hair today can i buy, puts also i joined tiblio any options you are liking, um, oh, that was some people subs suspicion that i was on like with tiblio, and i just want to put that to bed. No tiblio, like they've, reached out to me like what's going on, can we help? Tibio is insanely insanely, supportive of like moon gang? What we do, space apes definitely did not relate to them.

They were bummed out same thing, both tibio and ortex actually reached out to me to check in they're like how can we help what's going on um like just another thing like and that's how i knew like i mean i'm not sponsored by them. I just have affiliate deals with both ortex and tiblio and right away. Both companies were like. Can we help you what's going on um and in the end, i'm just a little bit too harmful a little bit too dangerous s.

T p s. T p k has a serious amount of calls coming across. Let's check that one out s t p, k uh looks like it's moving if you get into it. Just i would say, risk is a little far away at 25, but i would be targeting 36 to take profits.

Remember go at least 30 days out at the money um geo still getting hammered with puts today. It looks like um, okay, also on the put side, if you guys want to check those out phillips 66 partners. So how is geo doing today? We saw this one yesterday, oh it's still going down wow um. I would i think it's a bit chasey.

Now the gap down two red days, rsi is getting overextended, but if you're in it congrats just like keep writing it um, i would be a little hesitant to pile on to it now, just because it's so far, it's just so oversold that um, it's gon na, Be reverting at some point, it's just i. I don't wan na chase it this the same way like you, don't want to chase a gap up stock. That's just running like you! Don't want to do the opposite with puts where it's just like dumping down. What's the difference between my wife and matt's suspension, i miss matt when he wasn't around for eight hours.

Oh ryan uh pirates. What was worse today or food poisoning um, i would say physically food poisoning, but like mentally and emotionally today it was. It was a couple. It was a rough few hours this morning.

Youtube should at minimum disclose what you did wrong um i mean, i know a lot of us feel that way, but when it comes down to it they are technically like their own company and when you run your own company, you get to do what you want. So like, if, if they want to disclose it, they can um. If i had to guess now, i would just say, like i, unfortunately got cut up got caught up in some weird like ai, just like an algorithm thing of like when they're trying to clean up like nefarious channels. I think i was on the wrong side of that.

If i had to guess edgy shorting gme youtube, shorting, matt youtube was just trying to short me, so they can buy it at a really good value. Before we take off again, they were just trying to get me at a cheap price. I get it it's just smart investment. His name was dakota, that's what you should have told them, instead of it being wendy's.

Welcome back, i miss you jason. It was pirates corey. Thank you ethan. My reaction, no matt, deep panic, breathing, no duck shirt, uncontrollable, shaking no chair, passed out.

Uh matt sent you something funny for your harmful and dangerous t-shirt and instagram good laugh up for the day. Richard, hey matt. I don't know else to show my appreciation for all the super awesome content you put out. All i can say is keep up the good work, you're a deaf one in a million.

However, i believe chair is one in a billion ruth joining up shout out to ruth i made over 6k this week with tesla calls and puts by doing the opposite of you. Matt thanks love the channel, keep it up, amc holder, buying the dip. Let's be honest: now: did you miss me for me, or did you miss me cause like if i'm gone, that means you can't make unlimited money fading me on every single tesla trade. I take glad to see you're back from corruption gate broski.

I actually think i did some work today. Don't do this to us duck gang for life chief see thanks to matt. Chair is trending on twitter first to make a millie on super chats in one day, transparency project. Thank you.

Greg greg! Welcome back, take him out! Uh funny funny uh, amazing support and honestly. I think this is a good psychological example. I mean very, very truthfully think about this. This support shown for me and i'm just one creator who talks about gamestop and amc there is this type of, like i don't know, just insane support for many creators talking about amc and gme, and it's really this like the fact that we all come together.

Fight for what we perceive to be right and honestly, i think that's one of my best arguments of why i still believe in amc and gme like very truthfully, because, like there's this type of support for me, one of the creators talking about this subject matter. So if you multiply that by every creator and like just throughout reddit twitter youtube just everything like that, just shows you like there's this insane amount of crazy, crazy support for amc and gme. I think it's that same psychology. I think it's that same, like group ape pack, whatever group of apes, is called like it's just that mentality of like no we're selling it we're not going anywhere we're gon na fight for what we think is right and if anything like beyond the world of fundamentals And technicals of just like the psychology of the situation to me, like it just shows like amc and jamie, can't be done, because if it were done, you wouldn't care about me and, like my channel, going away.

So, like very honestly, i think today's actions, in my mind, is actually like proof, it's psychological proof, of how much people still care about. What's going on in this, that's my take away from it um now that i don't know, i'm like calming down from the situation. A bit i mean, how could you argue it any other way like it's an insane amount of support. It's all centered around, just like.

What's going on in the stock market, um it's another iteration! It's that classic story of david and goliath. Um this morning the big corporation youtube was against me, like just matt by myself, but then we all stood up together and that's originally, why gme squeezed in late january, then that's why amc squeezed it's like our support of this, like classic storyline, this classic narrative of David and goliath, and clearly it's not going anywhere because if it did go somewhere, i would not have this account back as quickly as i got it um. I think it's i don't know to me. It's just one additional reason.

How there's no way gamestop or amc is a dead cat situation superman if he wasn't scared of green rocks. You can be viewed as space ape jesus now rising backer from youtube death banning uh yeah. We could check out blackberry. The only thing matt is dangerous.

To is tesla's stock price too fat too dangerous. Yesterday i was hearing you love watching legally blonde. Then today i was hearing you off youtube for being dangerous. I can't keep up.

I just do it all. I'm multifaceted one day, i'm arguing about watching legally blonde versus saving private ryan. The next day, i'm in i'm in the trenches with tom hanks fighting for this channel finally got back into the discord. Much love brother glad.

We got you back, let's quack till we moon. Thank god, your man musk, is here uh what a community, what a community just a bunch of little ducks fighting for. What's right, uh, emily! This shirt is so on point today, i'm gon na tweet this out, i i have that picture somewhere. Hang on hang on.

I just need to clarify this. This is not art. I in any way created all of the credit for this one uh. What i just tweeted goes to emily uh.

She she's in uh the discord she made this for me uh. She actually herself has been banned on twitter. That's why i couldn't tag her but yeah. This is how i feel today.

Ah, thank you emily! That's amazing. That's amazing! Much love, much love. We have too much fun here. Saving private matt! You guys came back for me.

You went in you ran right into the war zone and you're like we got ta save private bat no way. Andrew momoney put your pick on the back of a milk cart and he was so worried that is hilarious. Andrew shout out to andrew put me on a milk cart and that is hilarious, been watching since the beginning freaked out this morning, glad you're back ducks for life rocket. Thank you for becoming an astronaut richard diamond.

I can transfer the mac course twitch to you at any time, yeah uh richard. I would appreciate that. Obviously i need a little bit more of a fail safe. Can you just um? I guess somehow reach out to me whether it's like twitter.

I hope you have a similar name or just like email me or something um. It might take a little bit. I got a ton of ton of messages, all crazy support, a lot of people worried about what was going on this morning. Um.

It's awesome: we're back moon gang moon gang. How does your mother feel about being a youtuber honestly uh? I tried to when i was like just um when i was just waiting around this morning, trying to figure out what was going on. I i just called my parents just to get their advice on like how i should handle it, who i should try to reach out to and neither of them picked up, so they have no clue what was going on at all. Uh youtube, proper pied.

You off me glad you're back uh. They tried to short me. I think i think youtube was pushing me down just so they could buy. They could invest in me at a cheaper, a cheaper level.

I think it was a smart smart play for them. Uh, mr boolay, i miss yours, sorry guys i mean this chat's coming across, like usually comes across at a thousand miles per hour. Today, it's a million um. I just know i'm i'm doing my best to keep up it's just moving real real fast.

Admittedly, i watched me kevin this morning to try to quell the urge for stonks no sheet at him and all, but it wasn't the same: you're irreplaceable, matt, so glad you're back j rico. Thank you. Liz dis becoming a space ape shout out just so. Everyone is aware, as of now like i know, i'm not on twitch or rumble or bit shoot.

I know i should be on it, but my only current really fail safe, and this is why they were the first group to know about. It is the discord like obviously it's my discord, so i'm not going to get kicked from it um, so shout out to everyone in the discord. Thank you for giving me advice like everyone in the discord is like hey, try this do this we're doing this like they were just so so incredibly helpful in keeping this going, um all the advice, all the tips, the amount of people they were reaching out to It was, it was just like it was a community of a couple hundred people trying to help me out and it was insane and then you multiply that by the effect of twitter um some i saw that some things were going on as read it as well. So shout out to the reddit community, twitter community, much love to my discord community.

You guys were the best um, all everyone's. The best you guys are. It means the world to me: matt you're, a stock radio for a lot of us in one year at work. I can just picture your managers like what you listening to this guy like all day, you cancel the meeting for this.

Do a second channel um, so i should, but what happens is like if, if you get terminated from youtube and then they find out, you have another one, that's going to get terminated right away. So if things didn't get fixed, i was like legitimately. Like i mean i wasn't banned from youtube in the sense i wouldn't be able to watch, but i was banned from the sense of um like making in any accounts like if they found out it was me i would have been in trouble and honestly um. So if you guys remember any of the stories of like dr disrespect and stuff like on twitch and that stuff, he wasn't able to stream with any other people like.

That was a violation of their rules. And so when i was talking like all these people who reached out to me this morning, uh perry, uh andrew moe money like so many people reached out. Those were just the first two that came to my head, like i was almost afraid to go on and talk about it because i didn't want to get them in trouble like i didn't want to bring them down with me. Uh, like i, i was just super unclear of what was going on, so i didn't want to put anyone at risk for giving me a platform if that was like, potentially another violation of terms of service.

I think there was another one um like a pitbull one. I think there was like two guys in alaska that were like kind of cracking me up this morning. They were funny and they wanted to bring me on, but it was the same thing it was like. I just didn't want to bring other people down potentially bit colt becoming an astronaut shout out to bitcolt.

So glad you to hear john wick didn't off you. That's everyone's um biggest concern they're like oh, my god did this john wick thing get out of hand. Did keanu reeves john wick matt amc is dead, sell now and buy silver stocks uh all right, so new terminal terminology. We are boot in this greg bootin, that's what we're gon na go with.

Hopefully that doesn't trigger any of the bad uh bad words all right. In the words of vin diesel, it doesn't matter if you win by an inch or win by a mile. It's who finishes first, i think that's a fitting quote for you yeah. I was definitely living life.

A quarter of a mile at a time this morning been on daily since january, so glad to hear john wick, the those are lasting as they they were cracking me up. They were funny top mod over on amc stock. Keep things going, we fight for all apes, big or small uh. Thank you nolan.

I appreciate that support. I mean, like i said just so many forms of social media had my back and um. It's awesome, it's a great great feeling, and it's just it just i don't know it's representative of how awesome this community is. We all have each other's backs, no duck left behind.

I think it was just like if i had to guess right now. I think it was a big misunderstanding of like the kicking out the guillotine and greg's and heads rolling. I think they, the algorithm, picked up that as like, like a literal thing, and not the fact that i was actually kicking people out who are detrimental to the youtube community, whether they were like racist, sexist homophobic. Something like that, like there were very serious things of like.

I would just kick him out, and that was like the funny way to talk about it. So, in the end, like a misunderstood joke of me, trying to keep the youtube's place, like, i guess, more reasonable and like a healthier like community like that joke and the way i describe it, i think is like if i had to guess, is like kind of What happened or who knows, i don't know we could always just run with the conspiracy about hedge funds. Those are always fun. Do you think it could have been the rock or vin like trying to stop me from being in the nest next fast and furious? They think i'll just take the show.

I think that could be a good reason. They're, like he's getting too big, he's too powerful. We can't afford him in fast 10, no ducks left behind chairs rolling down the streets with signs free, matt welcome back matt. We knew they couldn't keep you a good good duck down amc to the moon.

Jrdan, yes, matt has risen. I was like everybody provide feedback on youtube and ask my why matt is gone. Is there a way to boy that boycott them? We will, let's make some attendees. It was my husband he is jealous of how much i want you.

It's a bunch of girlfriend's boyfriends. It was my own girlfriend's boyfriend who uh reported me. Ty turner shout out to tai um, a fellow youtuber twitch. I guess personality will call it a huge amount of support directly reach out to me.

What can i do? How can i help you shout out to tai, maybe try injecting instead of booting you're ejecting greg's out of the spaceship? Oh, that one works and i feel like it shouldn't be like potentially i don't know we're ejecting them almost like in guardians of the galaxy. You just kick him out into space. On a more positive note, if anyone is doing a similar apple trade. To me like we're, crushing it i'm up, i have 10 apple, calls that expire next week for 126., i'm up a fat.

2.8. 000.. That's working out! Nice! Are you seeing apple, i'm in apple, i'm living it? They didn't want you to be the next elon duck shirt i feel like. Maybe he was like the person i didn't tweet i mean i just went on a twitter rampage there for a second.

I was like i just got to think of everyone who, like could potentially help me and he was the guy i didn't tweet was elon. Imagine if elon got involved he's like i. I think i think youtube needs to help this duck shirt. Guy uh check out your twitter mentions: matt threw a thing together: ooh, okay, we'll check that out.

Let me see if i can find it well. I can't play it because of uh like copyright or whatever, like the sound, oh shoot. Where did it go? Hang on? Where did it go? I just saw it hang on this. One was funny.

I believe here was another creator that got kicked here. We go in disbelief, that's how it felt for a second, but in this scenario you guys were all tony stark who had my back. All right, let's go back to these charts apple, ripping all right. I think i'm looking up matt.

I think i would assume you're talking about perry, matt harry. Where are my mentions, what a day, what a day day and a half, i feel like i fit two days into one day, you know just living efficiently. You laugh, you cry it's a full day. I feel like the real capper on this is.

If i talk myself into doing some sort of like actual workout, i mean, if you laugh and cry and like your entire livelihood is threatened, and then you also get a jogging. What else could you need in a day instead of the chopping block? It's the airlock yeah we'll have to do a couple pivots on that. Will apple keep going um. My next resistance on apple is 132, so i hope it could go up to at least that matt never sent a dime to anyone on youtube, but you helped me make money was really shocked.

You got banned, the content is on the level and honest i mean you have to admit that there's a lot of content, that's like way closer to the edge than i am. I mean i go out of my way instead of saying the other word for cannabis. I say marinara like i'm the guy who's so worried about that that i say marinara and i still got banned like come on. There are i've, seen channels where i'm like actually blown away of like what they could get away with.

Um vigilant hang on i'll message. You in twitter, let me do to do hang on one second uh. I don't know, but i just wan na. I don't want you guys to think i already ran i'm just throwing it out there that i might write run.

Let's put it this way, statistically, there's a better chance of me, making a profit on tesla than there is me running and doing something healthy for my body and mind um, but you never know i'll. Keep you updated. That's the cliffhanger for you to all come back tomorrow, like oh, my, oh, my lord did matt run did i need to know if he ran uh, i'm a storyteller. What can i say the twitter dm is me.

I send you a screenshot of steps of how to start your merge sword. Please, let me know if you have any questions just want to help your stream, even if it is informational, okay, uh, mr corcoran, thank you. What do you think is going to happen with sos how's sos holding on i mean we know sos, has a crazy, crazy, uh short interest, but it's also down today, but it's looking good actually for the afternoon. It's showing some strength we have about.

I mean i'm all off, like i'm used to streaming for seven hours and it's already 2 30.. We have 90 minutes left team um. It's looking good. Obviously we're just looking forward to break above five.

I don't think sos is done yet i mean we know, has a high short interest. It's it's! It is down six point, six percent today i'll give it that. But i mean it's holding strong like it's not getting uh pummeled, that's for sure team, matt, matt, coors, matt, perry, matt, wallace, she's, all the mats, the big meaning of mats. It's it's tangential to the meetings of dakotas, oh harmful and dangerous.

All right here we go here, we go here, we go team matt instead of booting uh, just say you're, giving him or her the pink slip. I like the the ejection thing. All these are good ideas i think uh. Maybe i think that's all it had to be was the overall joke was not understood about the beheading.

How did youtube have an issue with me saying beheading all the time? It's not as crazy when you actually think about it, uh xl. Hopefully, this is picking up soon it's getting a bit of volume right now, julian it's been a hot minute. I miss you julian you're, dangerous, all right matt to the shoulders. Ooh is xl gon na get moving.

Do we bring it up at the perfect time? Let's go all right, come on excel, put something together: youtube. What's a joke, ejectocedo yeah matt, you could always go to only fans like i just i don't even know if only fans has live streaming i'll, just pivot. My entire bass over to like live streams daily live streams on only fans, i'm just picturing the world of only fans like where they have like a top-tier creator conference. It's like me in a doctor and then like just all these very very successful women and men, but i think it's i would assume it's male or female, dominated like i'm, just picturing them and me them in their bathing suits me in a duck shirt.

What do you do on only fence? Oh, i talk about stocks. What do you do? I don't talk about stocks uh, it could be. It could be a good pivot, a good platform to check into if there's anyone listening right now out of the the people who are listening to me, if, if you're, somehow a worker at only fans, some sort of board, member or coder or something hit me up.

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    When you lend your shares the borrower gets your voting rights. It's known as "EMPTY VOTING". (Google it!)
    The empty voter (share borrower) can use it's voting power to act opportunistically at the expense of shareholders.
    When your shares of AMC are loaned out in accordance with the margin account agreement they are sold in the open market.
    Same applies if you did not "opt out" of your broker's share lending program.
    You need to contact your broker and request this in writing. Either "opt out" or convert from a margin to cash account. This process may take several days or perhaps even a full week, so it's imperative that everyone this applies to gets this done ASAP.
    Once the borrowed shares are recalled, the shorts (or market makers) will be scrambling to locate available shares to borrow, this will increase the odds of the squeeze everyone is praying for.
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    Always have backups. Especially if you're not looking forward to punching anybody else's time clock.

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