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Yep, i can hear you what's going on: monkeys, hey all right, let's get a little bit of this chart just so people can see it. Ah, everyone once again max big youtuber finance base been doing it for a while very cool high quality production. Stuff highly recommend. Checking it out similar to me to some live streams.

Does other videos always pushing out content check that out um, but basically max so i was interested in bringing you on doing a little bit more of a longer term, longer form thing. So if you could just give um your own introduction of just what you're doing youtube space a little bit of your history on youtube and then also with trading, would be very, very beneficial to uh. My space ape group here sure so uh. I guess the history of youtube kind of starts with my business history before that, so, like foremost, i'm a business owner all throughout my whole life.

You know the last 12 years or so i've owned various businesses of different kinds and that got pretty serious about it. When i was about 18 years old, when i started having you know, businesses with employees and things like that and by the time i was 21 years old, i had a nationwide moving company with like 92 employees across the country and from there i was kind of Looking at youtube - and i was like okay, i feel like i - i have something here - that other people would we would like to learn about. You know i'm already, i'm doing these these kind of big things that i'm not seeing anyone else, my age doing so. I started posting content about that and it didn't really take off.

You know it was kind of a niche thing, because i have a moving and storage business. How many people are you know really interested in moving in storage, then from there i uh, i kind of transitioned into more finance news, more general topics that could help larger audiences and that's where that really took off on the youtube space and it really just started Taking off about a year ago, actually you know it's the third of march today today is actually my two-year youtube anniversary, so so that's kind of exciting. Oh, that's, so cool mine is we're. So i'm a year behind you, i'm at um march 8th, was my first video like ever posted.

Oh, it's so funny because you're killing it then holy smokes 100k in your first year. Dude. That's awesome! Super super fortunate and like uh, so a little bit just in this group, i mean these space. Apes are crazy.

The the support is real and that's awesome, though, to hear your story, the entrepreneurship, so so early at 18.. So besides moving and youtube like have you obviously those have been successful ventures for you, and i would love to know more about that, but, like i guess any words of wisdom on maybe some ventures that you started that like hey this just isn't for me, like. I think a lot of my group, i mean at least in my what they learned for me is actually some of my worst trades. So like do you have any advice on like i mean a lot of people starting businesses and stuff out there.

Can you shed on some of the things that, like the lessons you learn from the things that didn't go so perfectly yeah? That's a that's a great question. It's actually probably a more important question, so i mean anyone who's. Anyone who's successful, has thrown plenty at the wall and and a lot of it doesn't stick um. So a lot for me has been around thinking bigger, so my very first business was just a real small landscaping company.

Just me, my second business was a sports supplementation company that i started just basically because i was in high school sports and i i was worried about like like breaking rules as far as like substances you could and couldn't take. So i started that that business. It did fine, it earned me like a couple hundred bucks a month, but it never really took off and to the point where i guess i could consider that kind of like a failure um, i made money on it, but it was more a learning experience than Anything - and i really realized that wasn't an industry that i wanted to be a part of as far as other learning experiences go, probably the biggest one for me with my moving company was i focused on growth way too much. I grew too fast too quickly.

Instead of really buttoning down operations first and then growing, and i would have saved a lot of money and a lot of stress if i uh. If i had made sure i had a system and process for everything first before expanding too quickly, because i was just like i wanted to be a growth monster just like take over the world with the with my moving company, which i was trying to do. But then i later realized it's better to be much more profitable and smaller than just everywhere and not as profitable. So that's probably my biggest lesson, so i guess with still running that and obviously youtube and with your trading uh, to get a little bit more to like.

What's going on the screen now, uh. Are you more of like kind of a longer term investor? Just because, there's obviously so many hours in the day like do you not really have the time to like buy, buy, sell, sell like all that stuff. So, are you looking more for, like i saw some of your recent stuff was more on like uh crypto pound tier? Are you more for, like long-term value type of uh stock market playing yeah very much so um? So this is kind of interesting, but up until probably like three or four weeks ago, i had never sold a stock. I've only bought stocks and just just held them um.

So i'm very much value long-term investments um. I i got very into finance when i was about 18 19 years old and i basically wanted to like you know, make a ton of money off of equities, but then i realized the way i wanted to do it. I had to have a bunch of money to do that, and so then i kind of set off on to my my journey of making a bunch of money that i could later invest in the stock market. And even now my portfolio isn't huge.

I actually haven't disclosed how big my portfolio is, but i have way too much cash right now, because i'm just waiting for uh good deals. Yeah i mean we were actually just talking about that uh in the stream in general of like right now, some of those big indices - s p, nasdaq 100 russell they're, all looking a bit toppy. So i think within the next month or two we'll have some good. Like discount shopping opportunities for those like longer term plays so speaking of that, though uh i guess what stocks are like are on your go-to list.

That you're, like i very very much want this when the opportunity presents itself. So my big one as of yesterday is palantir, which isn't a typical investment for me because they don't have income yet but they're growing fast. I spent all day yesterday researching palantir and i just put out a video yesterday and i was impressed. I went into it with no expectations, um whatsoever and really went into it not expecting to want to invest, and now i'm like.

Okay, i want to hop in on this company. I actually went on streaming earlier today. I bought a 150 shares of it, but i plan to buy more, i'm hoping it goes down even lower um. So that's a big one as far as like a growth potential for, in my opinion, for value right now.

One of my favorites is tyson foods, which is a bit of a controversial company. Just because of you know what they do, but it's one of the few like industry giants that hasn't really recovered yet from the pandemic and as far as i can tell, doesn't really have a reason to not recover their their income. Their revenue wasn't that dramatically affected by the pandemic. I mean people are still eating um.

They had some additional expenses due to um just wanting to to make their factories safer for workers, but other than that, like they were barely affected and their price has not recovered. Um, you know it's gone up like six percent, since i've been talking about it and that's a that's, a long-term play, um that that i think is going to prove to be real, fruitful in five or so years. Okay, uh, sorry, just because of the little chat delay. Some people are now curious, uh, bringing back a little bit too palantir of what entry price they're asking is like for you like a solid one that you'd be uh so right now, palantir is trading at 2440.

What are you personally targeting on it? So i don't think it's a horrible price right now we're looking at a price to sales of about 40, which which is pretty high. It's it's hard with palantir because they don't have any super close competitors to compare things to the industry. Average price to sales ratio for for their industry is only like 8.5, it's like 8.44, or something like that. So they're way above that.

But if you look at the other companies in that sector, they don't do the exact same thing. So it's hard to say i would love to see the price to sales. You know of around 20, which would mean pound tier is 12, but i just don't think that's going to happen. I think right now is a is a good entry point if it goes down in my opinion, in my opinion, even better i'll buy more um a perfect entry point.

You know it would be anything around like 18 bucks but uh it's the kind of investment where uh you're, probably not going to want to hop in unless you got some cajones to to ride the storm for a while, because you could buy and see it drop. 30, 40 percent before really seeing some gains five to seven years. In my opinion, gotcha so palantir i've been following it uh, i guess, since the ipo just like uh, so my background, a little bit like is in software, so i knew about palantir and i believe that they were founded in like somewhere in the early 2010s. Like 2011, something like that and it just recently went public um, but i was watching their demo day event um.

Whenever that happened. I think that was a month or two ago and from a software tech perspective. I truly believe that palantir is a couple years ahead from a technology basis of what they can do, it's very like and demos, don't really work well for tech just because um, it's software engineers that really appreciate it and the rest of the world they're like. Oh, that's cool, but it's sometimes it's lost in the ether of like how difficult it is of what they just pulled off um.

So i think pound here in terms of data analytics, it kind of, is like winning and then the fact that they're so uh paired up with the government. I really really like that. I mean the us government, it's not going anywhere. They have no issues, spending our taxes and, in a way, you're almost like getting some of that back with volunteer but um going back to their competitors.

I believe one of their closest competitors, not the exact same thing, is snowball. The uh one of warren befits like weird ipo ones like a rarity of him. Do you track snow at all, or are you like exclusively more interested in palantir um? Very little, i looked at it a little bit yesterday. I i own a decent amount of berkshire.

Hathaway, so i guess i i have a little bit of exposure to snowball just through that uh but yeah, i don't know a ton about it. Okay, i was just curious kind of that data analytics industry, but palantir. I was from a technical perspective um. So in my own private account i'm in it um, i bought it closer to 25 off of like a little bit of a technical balance we had going on, but man i'm watching the low 20s.

You brought up 18. I think that closer to 20, the better uh, if it breaks 20, i would be buying a ton honestly just to hold it because, like even this at a certain point, just a mean reversion play back up to the 30s is like realistic, but longer term. I think pound tears on the um up and up for sure, if you have any final thoughts on that, i'm more than willing to listen. But of course we have to get some of your thoughts on uh, the.

Obviously these mean stocks, but also before we go on that. I was just looking through a little bit of your video log and i would a lot of the people in this chat are kind of interested in not only the main cryptos but also the all coins. So i think we could have an awesome discussion about that sure uh yeah, i guess just to to finish off on palantir. I just wanted to ask: is there anything that you don't like about palantir, because i'm trying to you know get balanced opinions here, um palantir! So when i was um, i don't really discuss this too much on stream, but like when i'm looking at the fundamentals of it, like you said it was at 40..

I honestly that's even higher than i thought it was like a lot of these tech ones like over, like the pe, like you're looking at those mid-30s, the fact that it's over but then again tesla and that stuff, like they're trading or shopify they're trading at numbers. Like that, don't even make sense in its pe, so i think we're moving into this world where there's like big social pushes so like if we used old modeling techniques, something that, like warren buffett, would really be into, they would look at volunteer and say it's overvalued. But then, on the other side i mean we've been seeing solid, run up since it's ipo, so it could happen. So it's like in that weird thing of.

Are we pricing it fundamentally as a business or are we looking at like the company as a story narrative and it's like which one's gon na be more important um? So i think recently, especially over the past year. We see examples of like benefits and really pros and cons to both of those, but in terms of palantir, i would say one of its potential vulnerable, vulnerable abilities, wow, i'm having the worst time saying that um is really. I don't know how it would happen with any big political shift. Obviously, these people are collecting data.

Doing data analytics dod nsa. I think they just are helping a little bit with arona they're doing fda work so, like i wonder if, like every two years, especially every four years, when there's potentially big political shifts, it's like that could help them. I don't know how their deals are structured, we're like oh, hang on we're gon na stop spying on people as much as we do so like, if that would hurt their bottom line, that type of stuff yeah. One thing i i saw that was a criticism of them.

Is they have too much leverage with government contracts, so it's kind of from from an investor perspective. That's almost like a good sign because, basically, what they said is they have someone sitting there hearing about the problems of the government and they're the only ones who have the solution. They're like all right. Well, we'll just double the bid or you know whatever.

So that was a major criticism of criticism of them yeah. I could see that and like kind of tying in just like you don't know if a new senate house or whatever starts to love them hate them, i feel like it could be swinging every two to four years with just like the political pendulum, um interesting. Okay. So uh, thank you for that.

So, overall, a lot of people in this chat uh. We have strong bitcoin investors, ethereum investors uh swing traders. They talk a lot about cardinals, so high level stuff, which are 10 15 years down the road. Where do you see crypto going as a whole long term? I think it's the way short term.

Obviously we could see a ton of volatility uh for most things. I would love to just see a nice nice, 30, 40 percent haircut, so i can go on a shopping spree, but i think you know it doesn't really matter what price you buy in a on bitcoin or ethereum right now, because five ten years from now, it's Probably going to be a laughable price right now, just in my opinion, i definitely agree with you, especially with these two front: runners, bitcoin and ethereum um. So the chat like they're always asking me about to um more of these all coins so like what are your thoughts on, like, i guess, dogecoin more, that mean one so dogecoin cardano like more of those. What are your thoughts on, like, i guess, for lack of a better term? Let's call it like a second-tier crypto options, so i'm not an expert in in a lot of the altcoins just full disclosure.

I don't want to say anything that i, you know don't have a lot of knowledge around, but it seems to me like with a lot of the altcoins, it's not even so much who has the best tech. It's more just. What has the most hype? I mean we're seeing that, even though it's basically a replica of bitcoin, you know just just copy and paste dogecoin instead of bitcoin in the code, but uh. It's really just based more on hype than anything which is kind of what we're seeing in stocks too um.

So it's almost like you could catch the wave if you, if you're monitoring, all you know, wall street bets stock, twits things like that, you might be able to catch the wave early, but i think that kind of matters most for alt coins than than anything yeah. Uh, i definitely agree with that. It seemed i mean really meme coin itself like that's what it is. It's like, uh or dogecoin, which is a mean coin.

It's moving because it's the troll meme coin. I totally get that um. Do you think this is what i was talking with some friends about? Do you think that it's possible in the future that 10 15, whatever how many ever years down the line that there could be multiple crypto winners or do you think it'll be exclusively dominated by like the one winner and we're now all trying to pick that one Winner yeah, that's a that's a good question. So for the longest time i thought there was just going to be one winner and it probably would be bitcoin because they were kind of the first of the game and uh.

You know they were just you think of. If you're not super well versed in crypto, you think of bitcoin and crypto as the same thing, i think you know it's kind of like like kleenex, you think of every facial tissue as a cleaning. It's kind of you know it's the name brand um, but then the more i i learn about it. The more i'm like, oh there's, actually kind of different use cases for different coins.

You know like the smart contracts. Uh is a big one, so we might see something where, like a bitcoin is just the store of value, and then we see another coin like ethereum, that's used in transactional things like business and stuff like that, so there could be multiple winners. I think now interesting. I like that um, so almost the way we were talking about palantir, though what do you think are the biggest vulnerabilities of crypto as a whole like? What do you think could uh, i guess stymie it i mean its own volatility might be.

Uh might be a potential big risk. You know if there's another big sell-off of 80 percent or something like that, and then it just completely dies down in hype for another year and a half kind of goes into. It goes into hiding - which i don't think is as likely now that there's all these institutional institutional investors um hopping in on on like bitcoin uh, but you know maybe some some governmental, uh intervention like if the fed decides hey. We don't like bitcoin, because we can't control it.

There's a potential risk there uh, but i think if, if they you know thinking about it even deeper, if we saw the fed go and say like going against something like bitcoin, it probably just get more popular. That's actually um what i was thinking as well of, like obviously i know, yell and janet yellen um has been saying doing some negative things saying some negative things about bitcoin and then i was thinking like the initial user base of crypto is like the very anti Like against the man type thing, so i think it could lead into that. So you have one case scenario where the government accepts it: big companies tesla apple, mastercard. They accept it everyone's, like cool, it's getting um like fortune, 500 validation, that's good! On the other side, if people push against it too hard, it almost seems like a win-win to me, like i've been trying to think about it, and i get that there's multiple cryptos and not all of them are going to win, but as a whole, i just I don't know i'm trying to be a fair and like look at the pros and cons.

I just don't see how crypto could lose in the long run. Besides the fact that it also just makes logical sense to have like one united currency that we could all use like beyond, like the logic of it um, i don't know it seems win-win to me, though, for sure yeah. I think we're always going to see all those alt coins i mean it's just like. I don't know how many, how many regular like paper, fiat currencies.

There are right now in the world, but there's probably over a hundred. You know it's probably going to be something like that where the u.s dollar is the standard, and then i guess i don't even know what we would consider the next standard. As far as like countries currencies go, maybe the euro, i guess, would be number two. So maybe the us dollars like bitcoin the euro is like ethereum or something like that.

I can see trending in that way interesting. I like that so overall, though, or what do you just kind of cost, or are you looking to buy at like support or on big dips, or are you buying bitcoin ethereum, other ones like just monthly and like averaging it? How are you handling the situation for, like, let's say the remainder of this year? Yeah? I think i'm just gon na start averaging it i've been waiting and waiting for there to be a dip, and i'm just not sure if that's gon na happen, because you know it was sitting at like 28 000 like a month and a half. Maybe two months ago - and i was sitting there - thinking like i was really debating on buying an entire uh bitcoin just to make a video out of it. You know bought an entire bitcoin and i was like i think it's gon na probably go down to like 24, so i'll just wait and then it didn't so.

I should have hopped in at that point and i might be saying the same thing three months from now, so i think i'll just probably start averaging. My way in you know maybe make a purchase every month, or so i feel the exact same uh recently bitcoin like last week, it was taking a bit of hit. I was like cool like i was thinking about getting some at 42.40. I saw some support there.

Of course it turned early on me so like sometimes when you're timing, the market, like that. I now miss up on this. What seven thousand eight thousand dollar run up and i'm like uh, that's just how it goes sometimes like. Sometimes you really help by lowering your risk and other times you miss like a pretty gnarly rip, but i guess that's the game we play sometimes right.

Could i i'd like to hear a little bit about your uh, your like trading history? What what got you into it? What got you into youtube as well, oh for sure so, um my background is uh like in college and what i've been doing for years in my professional life, was software engineering so um way back in high school? Now i've been at some in some capacity or other involved in the stock market for probably well definitely over a decade now, and i think i had a pretty normal start like many other people where um you want those big gainers, so you're looking at like you, Don't have much money when you're in high school, so you're like. Oh, i want penny stocks you're. Looking for that and like i got burned on it, i know there's people i don't want to be disparaging to people trading penny stocks. It just wasn't me.

I couldn't be net profitable on it, like sometimes i had big winners. Unfortunately, i just had larger losers um, but then, as i got into it, i just read: books um found some channels like well also back then uh, not many people were doing much information on like giving it out on youtube like this, like, i think the rise Of youtube finance has been in the past three years. I would say so at that point, i'm just like reading books and all that and then, when i got into college and i started programming i was like. Oh, i want to use this like.

I don't have the time and i thought my biggest issue and i actually still think it was um. I was like emotionally trading. I was always chasing. If i had big loss.

I would do that. I was like well, i know how to code. Let's do some algorithmic coding, so i did that and i was doing it on the futures market exclusively, because i could get data for the futures market free. That was only like.

It's not like. I thought futures were better. It's just. I got free data sets, that's how i did it, so i was trading that for a while and i'm actually still trading it uh.

If you go back to my oldest videos on this youtube channel, it's about my trading algorithms, like i'm, still running those. I just the people on youtube, like it's just so so so niche. It didn't really like catch at all and um. So from there.

I ended up just slowly, transforming it. So it was. It went from trading algorithms to just teaching about this is rsi macd uh. There was, then people started hey like.

Can you teach me a little bit about options? I was like uh so like as i was doing it like. I always traded those things um, but and then i have the different accounts for it. So i have like the algorithmic trading account: that's on the futures market once in a while i'll mess around with options, i would say a majority of my money is split between that futures account and just longer term investments and then the way it kind of morphed. With youtube was a year ago, um at that point in my life i was living in brooklyn and when the world was shutting doc updates and then a month ago, when the whole amc, gme saga, amc and jimmy saga like went up, that's when i actually started Getting into this world of live streaming, and so now that's been fun because, like uh once in a while people, ask me about the all the information for like algorithmic training - that's a little bit, but i in here i think it's a lot of technical teaching and A lot of options, uh teaching, like uh soup people, are super interested.

The same way people are interested in penny stock trading of like oh, i, like these big percentage gains. I think that's what's attractive about options trading, so in here like i, i try to teach like as i'm showing them i'm buying this selling. This we're talking about theta, vega, delta um, so that's kind of how it's it's always just transforming almost like the way it quickly transforms with the market um. But my history is, it's almost strongly algorithmic trading and then just for like - and i guess i could use those but like when you get into algorithmic trading, it's in the world of like hey.

I got 20 in this year like it's much more of like the hedge fund, like we're looking for realistic numbers um. Well, i don't know that doesn't transform to the best content of hey guys, like you watch me per month, and i have like a 1.5 percent gain so for this it's way way more fun when we're all looking at the penny stocks, the short squeeze the options Trading that type of stuff yeah, that's something that i ran into and uh. You know i would post stock videos here and there and, like you, said people don't really care about the eight percent. Return.

10 return annually. Uh. So you know that's just that's just how it goes so do you have like uh results on your algorithms like, like? Do you post results on that like how how well they're doing uh so actually in those videos, i even posted the code for it? So people can legitimately like back test it themselves and see how it's going uh so and then i have one for the oils market, gold, market, uh and then the s p 500. There's a couple others, but uh yeah, so they're in there, and it could all be back tested um.

When i was posting those videos, i would give the updates and what was cool about it is some of them. I thought like what would be more fun at that point. Is me calling out trades in the future, so i would do seasonality, so basically i would backtest and be like hey the weakest point in march. Are these three days i'm going to short the market? I would make the video two weeks earlier and then make a follow-up on how it did and like it did well, especially because, like we think, options are leveraged, but the futures market is even more leveraged.

So if you're a little bit right, that's a lot of money um if you're a little bit wrong. That's also a lot of money um so like i thought that was fun but, like i think the barrier to entry was too high. Not only am i talking about algorithmic training, but also the futures market. Most of us aren't approved to do futures trading so like it wasn't the best medium for it, but um.

No, all that code's. Still there it's still available to like kind of everyone if they like want to check it out, but it's cool, it's fun, um, just not youtube, hasn't been the best medium for it wow. So so how many? How many subscribers were you at like two months ago? Two months ago, um late january - i i remember being on my friend with my phone of hey. It would be awesome if i could hit 12 000, but i think my realistic goal is 11.5 and me just being coder, i'm like always mapping it out at that and that stuff and then what had happened was um.

So if you watched it in my old videos, we were just talking about stream of this of like how like just awkward, i am like i'm not good on camera. I freeze up just whatever is going on, so i did live streaming to work on my presentation and my public speaking, i'm like hey. If i have a shot. This is how we're going to do it.

So i was live streaming every sunday, a market wrap up the previous week and then a week forward of like blah blah blah. So when amc and gme started first running at first, i didn't know it was a short squeeze on gamestop, so i actually bought some put options got blown out of the water i'm like what's going on, so i bought calls got into it. It was a fun time, but i was so excited about what was going on. It was a wednesday i was like.

I don't have time to film this video and then um. I was like all right. Let's just live stream it and it was the exact day that apple and tesla had their earnings announcement. So i was like oh i'll, just live stream that and i got really really lucky, because elon ended up pushing his call back by a half hour.

So as i'm sitting on stream, we're all talking just like this, everyone's, like what's going on um and as i'm waiting for elon to get on for tesla's earnings announcement wall street reddit's, uh wall street bets reddit got shut down in that lucky half hour push. So i just i was like guys: let's talk about it and obviously people were super interested in what was going on and then that was kind of like the start of the start. I should say so at that point i was at 12 000 and then it was just like a snowball effect since late january, like february, i think, was a month of just like all the lucky stars in my life aligned and then um. When people talk about social media and being vulnerable and stuff, i think with each stream, like i've, become closer and closer to myself, just like my goofy self, like we're always talking about just space apes, my duck shirt, my chairs and all that stuff at first.

My original videos um, i think i was fitting into a person that wasn't me and i think that's part of the reason why it was so awkward because, like it wasn't the true me and like obviously, people are vulnerable when they open themselves up because like what? If people don't like your personality, but right now, we just have 11 000 people who put up with my antics. Some people absolutely hate it. Other people love it, but that's just the rules same here. Trey's trades is a perfect example of that.

You know he's just 100 himself and people absolutely love it yeah, definitely so with um. So you said you had two years on your youtube uh, like obviously we all go through cycles of like plateaus and growth um. What were some of your massive cycles of like growth in there like what was going on, so it took me a year to get 3 000 subscribers, so it took a long time to start um, mostly i maybe i was hard-headed or something like that. I was also only posting one video a week, but it was like a very uh intensive video.

You know i would do like a five six week, marketing experiment on my business and then post the experiment and the results, and things like that. So i thought they were interesting, but they were just too niche. Not enough people knew you know knew about it. Basically, if someone would watch it would do you know they would watch it for a long time, but just not that many people uh were were interested from from face value and then about a year in i i was um.

This was right after the pandemic started, and this is when the paycheck protection program came out and owning a business myself i was uh. I was looking at um how the program worked, what you need to do to apply, and i was like man. This thing is so complicated like how can anyone figure this out, so i spent like all evening one evening figuring this out, i was like i should just film a video on this, since i just spent all this time. I can, you know, help other people out.

So i posted that video and that video just took off like like better than any video i've done before. I'm like, oh, maybe there's something here so then i focus more and more on that. I'm just trying to like simplify these financial news topics that are just inherently confusing and in the first month after i maybe a month and a half after i started focusing on like financial news and making things more simplified and more general topics. I think i got like 40 000 subscribers in that like month and a half period, and then i was like it's, which is small compared to your growth, which also congratulations.

That's that's absolutely in insane um and then, after that it was just you know, pounding the ground for the last year and uh and just you know growing it every month, slowly by bit by bit basically yeah um, i'm sure you could definitely appreciate this. Isn't it sometimes of just like um, you see those metrics in youtube and like it's just all that extra pressure, at least how i feel like you're, always seeing it, because it's telling you if you're up if you're down and you're, like oh he's, just trying to Like of course, beat the previous month and uh, i guess the way i see it is like i in terms of percentage growth, i definitely top ticked it in february, like the chance of me repeating those numbers like i'm, i'm ready for that emotional fall down of, Like, ah well, it was fun while it lasted yep. I had that exact same thing where yeah, like i said i went from like 3 000 subscribers to like 43 or something like that and and then you, you know that happens and you're thinking. This is my life now.

This is how good things are going to be, and then you get checked by reality and then you know eventually things slow down a bit and you're like okay yep this. This is life again, but then you keep working on it. Put out good stuff and it works out in the end yeah. I feel like it's honestly almost not that different of what's going on with uh, gamestop and amc, we saw this like it all shot up and then we're like oh cool.

This is life, we're seeing 50 80 100 gains and then it comes down, and i think it psychologically sucked us all back in when we saw the secondary spike, not as much so. I guess going off of that, like. Obviously, these stocks are very much playing with our emotions, but what are your thoughts? I was talking about the andromeda money a little bit yesterday, um specifically gme, but what's your humble opinion and remember everyone guys. This is not financial advice.

We are just talking about our own opinions on it. Please don't make any trades based on what we're doing but like. Where do you see gamestop and amc realistically going so i i do have a position in both, but also, i should say, they're very small, relative to my whole portfolio. So i wouldn't have a position in them of anything that i'm not willing to to risk.

And my initial investment in the two was just kind of to be a part of it, not because of like any fundamental financials or anything like that. As much as i think amc has a prior, you know the the price isn't super unjustified. I think in the long run, no matter what the price is in the next month in the long run, it'll be fine with gamestop it's a little bit more, i'm not 100 sure depends on if they can do that online transition or not. I know it's hard to to pivot any business but uh for amc, a realistic price um i mean we've been in the 20s, not that long ago.

I don't think it's completely unrealistic to to hit hit the 20s again and anything above that is just just amazing. Gamestop kind of the same with 200 250.. I don't think that it's unrealistic. I mean both of those we could see happen in one day in one crazy day.

Definitely yeah i mean from a technical perspective, i've been looking at those gap: bills amc up to 1291 and gamestop up to 212, so kind of mapping out the numbers that you were just discussing like, i think, they're real, but um. It's just tough because, like i think it needs to stay in the news cycle, i think people need to stay interested in like we all, summon up by just saying diamond hands, but realistically what that represents people like they can't be selling like it. People need to stay interested and i fully fully understand that it's also most of the money is hedge funds. Fighting other hedge funds like we're the the minnow along for the ride uh, but it'll be interesting.

Um. Do you subscribe to that? The what we're seeing on wall street bets of like the big push happening like march 19th or the week leading up to march 19th, are you holding your breath on that? Do you think that's like d-day in a positive way for us, or do you think that not really um, so i would say yes and no so uh, i guess, starting with the nose, it seems like every week. There's there's some day. That's like thursday's the day friday is the day because x, y and z's happen so a little.

You know part of me in the back my mind feels like it's kind of like you know the the acts that you keep going on, going back to where you're like we've been hurt before we've had these expectations before and uh. But but this is like the ultimate version of that um. I was talking to andrew moe about this briefly, because he was he was breaking down. The quadruple witching to me, which i saw on your channel.

You posted a video like 10 months ago about uh quadruple witching, so you're you're well versed in this yeah, but i think what no matter, what there's going to be hype built around that around that day. But what i wondered if it's going to be a situation where it's like the buy the hype, sell the news kind of deal where you know. If the the 19th is the day, is the price actually going to peak on the 16th or the 17th and then to actually decrease on the 19th, because the day's there? So i kind of have that that wonder and worry in the back of my head, which would be good for anyone who's holding right now, you'd be fine right now. No, i agree with that in a weird way: it's almost a warped by the uh by the rumor, sell the news type of deal because like if we're all in anticipation or even when, we've seen a bit of like all these people on reddit of like buy One at one or when they're doing it's like you, just see everyone kind of front running it because they want the position beforehand.

So, like i wonder if it's gon na be like, if this news and everyone interested in it will cause an earlier spike like if it's almost pushing it and hey i'm down for it like i'm down, for both of these kind of run. Whenever, like i have a um a position in both, so i'm here for the fun times, definitely we'll diamond hand it if necessary, um to pivot it a little bit. What is your new take on rocket companies? What's going on with that? Oh man, i i mean i've, never really paid attention to them until yesterday. So it's always weird.

Whenever you see a company just absolutely pop off, i mean taking a look at it right now. I'm not surprised that it's you know down 40 or not 40. 24. Right now, uh, you know, after seeing that huge run up the question is: will will the hype stay around this i mean the short interest is fairly high.

I'm not sure if it's high enough for a squeeze scenario, but i don't know it's hard to say what is the volume looking like the volume is actually kind of low right now, which is a little bit surprising to me. So this is just completely. In my opinion, uh, if there's enough hype, we could see this thing really run up like a game stop, but are enough people talking about this? I guess is the question yeah. I definitely agree.

It's the same. Well, really, all three of them, and i don't think that rocket companies is the new meme stock. I think they inherently have a different driver of what's going on um, but in the end, what i've been talking to my chat about is like it's just we're. Obviously you're in the stock market goals to make money and you don't it's not like meme stocks - aren't the only way to make money but um rkt yeah like if it were a gme or an amc.

When those ran, they ran even more the next day and the next day and the next way day two for rocket companies. Like, unfortunately, i mean i have some calls on it, so i'm definitely paying the price right now, but um, it's just. I don't know, there's not that follow through what i thought was interesting about this one is. The ceo is like actively actively on like a short squeeze size like he's announcing like the special dividend payment.

Like he's said all these things just about how, like short, sellers, are like the worst people ever it's weird to have a ceo who's, so so outspoken and either speaking right now or just concluded. I think he was talking with morgan stanley about something. So i don't know what's going on with that, but i have a feeling it was still pretty anti-short seller yeah. I wonder if that's almost like a reverse psychology like let's get this price run up so that we can refactor some debt.

You know, sell off some corporate shares at the peak refactor, some debt or whatever. You know that their thoughts maybe are, but i mean, as a ceo, you almost would want that that that squeeze to happen, especially if you're in a in a tough financial situation, just like amc did, you know they uh took care of some of their debt when The price was running up, so it's like it can be the saving grace, i'm not sure about the financial situation of rocket. I haven't really dove into it too much. Are you familiar um? Well, overall, they actually reported their most recent quarter, which also wrapped up the the fiscal year of 2020 was like a very solid one and really, in my opinion, of what started it was the pushing the interest rates down since so much of their money comes from Mortgages when, with interest rates low, that's obviously good for their business, so they had a nice like, i guess, political development.

They did surprisingly well in 2020, it's like a sound business and then it just just got wrapped up for yesterday. It was the most talked about thing on wall street. That's so i think it was more of like um, a perfect storm situation. I'm just curious to see if there's like any follow-through on it, i want to know how it's really going to play out.

I wonder why it's so highly shorted for having a good earnings report. It was actually the most traded company yesterday, i believe at least on fidelity. It was yesterday. I think, like it was a bunch of fomo.

I think a lot of people like it hit their scanners of like it's up this person. I mean yesterday again like 70, so midday when it was up 30. It was still huge and people started running, and there was some news articles saying like the new meme stock, like i think the new cycle like was pushing it a bit as well, but i don't know like it's overpriced now. Well, maybe not now at 31 this morning, when it was closer to 50, but overpriced in the short term in the long term, are two very different things i mean we saw that with gamestop amc, just because something's finding fundamentally overvalued doesn't mean that it can't run Still for a day two days a week or anything like that, right i mean even correction-wise.

You know there's the potential for the run-up here. If we're looking um just from like yesterday, let's see we're only down from the very peak uh we're down 60 61 percent right now. So it's i mean even from that. It's not looking that bad! Maybe if you, if you bought in on the run up, then it's looking pretty bad or if you bought in this morning, it's looking pretty bad, but you know from the start of uh.

I guess not yesterday, but a few days ago it's looking pretty good. Still yeah, i mean um people who've been long-term investors they're. Obviously they still have to be up on it like they're doing well. So i don't think they're uh complaining at all.

I am a bit surprised about how much bearish momentum we have going on today, like as we're speaking right now. It's dipping to a new intraday low, but um it looks like uh. Gamestop is going a bit sideways, so is amc. I don't know.

Maybe the overall market's having a bit of a problem. I know um, oh actually, maybe you could clarify a couple things for chat, so um i saw you were talking about some of the fiscal deal going on um. Are you expecting the um? I guess package to hit the senate floor today. Like do you think we'll get a vote on that.

Well until like five in the morning, the next day um, so we're gon na see that after the 20-hour debate, so it's like even if it starts today. It's not even going to be done until tomorrow and actually voted on uh and then once it gets voted on um, no matter what it'll be sent back to the house in some form, but at the very least, it'll be sent back without that minimum wage increase Back to the house, where they'll have to vote on it again and then to the president where, where he'll approve it interesting so really like it might be. The process of voting might start today. But it's still like a long journey ahead for this to actually become anything yeah.

The actual vote probably won't happen today, but the session might start today because it'll just be like this banned marathon of you know. They'll debate on you know x, y and z. This verbiage here this that you know and they'll vote on individual amendments and then they do the vote around and then the actual vote. So there's a lot to do.

You know before that. I guess i can see if it's scheduled um. So my initial, like knee-drip reaction, is the day it's uh looks like it's going to pass, or it's announced that it's passing that we'll see a spike in the overall market. Just because that's what we've seen previously um, do you like kind of agree with that? Or do you think that, oh, if they come in low, we could actually see a sell-off or yeah? So i think once the senate passes it we'll see a spike um.

I might i mean if you're well-versed in kind of the the political um system you you know what to expect before they even vote. So, like the house bill, i i could say with 99 certainty that they were going to pass it beforehand, just because i'm so familiar with it now. So i wonder if the market will will see an uptick before it even is officially voted on. But absolutely you know the market will will go up um as a result of the stimulus bill and probably before biden actually signs it into law, because if it gets to his desk it's already considered a done deal.

Okay, yeah just the expectations that make sense. So really the way i was thinking about it is like. Let's say that happens. I don't know, let's just say a month for the ease of this discussion, and then we see things like texas opening up like whether it's smart or not, and obviously this doesn't have to get political with chat, but just like as more and more stuff's opening up.

Like i think, just in general, there'll be more of like a euphoric push of like all right. Samuel is coming in the world's opening back up. I think we'll see that euphoria carry the market higher yeah. We definitely could uh it's a weird time that we're sitting in right now, if you look at pretty much any indicator of like overvaluation they're like screaming overvalued, but we're seeing this situation where sentiments have changed more people than ever are investing in stocks and having more Of a risk, tolerance to stocks and don't really care about uh like a net income return on their stocks.

They just you know it's like greater fools theory, there's betting, that if i buy eight bucks, someone else is going to buy it back. At 12 bucks we've seen a lot of that we're seeing more money in the system than ever through things like stimulus people who just have cash sitting. There we saw when the markets dipped a little bit like last week. There was that, like just real, quick v like it dipped down, there was some.

There were some deals and they just got gobbled up like in a second so that i was just like wow there's a lot of cash sitting on the sidelines right now ready to deploy. So the combination of those things and there's not really a good alternative to stocks. Right now you know you look at bond rates, they're increasing they're, like 1.4 percent, for a 10-year bond right now. That's that's nothing! Still after increasing - and you know, if you look back 20 30 years, there's always been this alternative stocks or bonds uh.

It's kind of like this inverse relationship to each other bonds aren't even an option right now: real estate's really expensive. You have crypto, but there's a lot of people who aren't who feel it's too volatile to maybe have a large position in it. So you're still just left with stocks, even if they're overvalued, it's still kind of the best investment right now. So i think, we'll still see some form of run-up uh for a while before there's a correction, but of course, who knows exactly yeah um? No, i like definitely what you said there.

It makes a lot of sense to me. Do you in the long term, though, have concerns like obviously over the past year with the stock market? Doing so well, there's a big disconnection between the stock market and the economy. Do you think we're just kicking the can down the road and we'll have to pay a pretty hefty bill at some point just in the future, or what do you think is going to happen between this disconnection because, like if you pull up the unemployment um rate, The jobless claims all that the numbers are still decently high, but yet the stock market is essentially pushing a new all-time high. What do you think um, and i know obviously none of this is perfectly predicted, but like is that a concern of yours for just being a long-term investor like what's going to happen with all this a couple years down the road yeah so back at, like the End of summer i talked about this so many times about how the market just does not make sense right now, uh, with unemployment being so high back, then the gdp was was seeing a big decline, um still, and it just didn't make sense.

But then i just kind of gave up on trying to make sense trying to make sense out of it, and i think it's going to keep running up. You know, ultimately, in the long term, there's going to be some price to pay. The fed is kind of kind of says, like uh. Don't worry, don't worry too much because they're going to keep interest rates so low, but i mean interest rates eventually will rise at least to some degree and once those rise.

That means all this. This federal deficit that we have is going to have to be paid off and the only way to pay that off is by increasing taxes. So, in the long run you do pay for it. I think their tools have gotten a little bit better.

You know since, like the 70s, when inflation was just crazy, high um, they claim their tools have at least gotten a lot better, because inflation has been much more stable since around mid 1985, but i'm always thinking like we have to. We have to be concerned not to think that we're all knowing right now, because odds are in 2060, we're going to think our tools back in 2021 were terrible. Like we didn't know what we were doing. So we have to kind of like remember.


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