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Big things coming: amc, gamestop, dogecoin ethereum – Matt Kohrs

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What is going on moon gang moon, gang moon gang, i hope, you're having an amazing one. I just thought: it'd be cool to have more of like a laid-back weekend discussion of what's going on in this video, it's going to be, like, i said much much more laid-back at the end. Of course, if you have any questions like, i think just like when the market's not really like running like crazy, this is a good time for us to like kind of get some of those questions talk out some ideas in this video i'll be giving you an Update on where amc and gme both stand in terms of their charts, the ortex data, the short interest, all that good stuff, then uh after that, we're going to talk a lot about uh crypto, because right now, crypto's looking pretty strong, especially dogecoin and aetherium. So pretty pretty excited for that all right, let me switch that over um.

This is awesome all right, so let me get into it and then at the end, like i said, if you have any questions, that's what we're gon na do uh just kind of giving you more of a game plan for this upcoming week and, of course like, If you have other stocks or something you want to talk about at the end more more than happy to do that, what's going on people rolling in love, it love to see it all right. So, let's just let's talk about amc to kick it off so to close the week out the final week, the final day, the final month of april, the estimated short interest is around 22.59. There was a borrow change of a return. Then it was a net return of 4 million.

I posted a video about kind of my thoughts. Right here. Short attack stopped it's one of my more recent ones. Uh.

I don't want to go into it too much detail, so i think i got my good thoughts out really on that video, explaining like kind of what i thought, because, like last week, was the biggest return we've seen in a while of shares and just remember a Key thing here is: you: can loan out shares without shorting and i think that's why we're not really seeing uh that buying pressure that we talk about when you're covering a short position, because i don't think they were actually short. I think they were just loaned to be short um. So if you have any interest in that check that video out it's one of my more recent ones, but anyway the shares on loan uh, let's estimate them above right above 145 million and to kick the day off on friday. It was a hundred percent.

I will be interested to see how all these numbers do load up when uh right before the market opens tomorrow. Remember on my twitter account uh. If you can't hang out with me, i understand that the day streams are pretty long um. I mean geez they're nine to four um.

Every morning i do tweet out uh the short interest, the shares on loan and the utilization numbers and actually the days to cover for both amc and jimmy. If you just want to know how really kind of starting all the days out, uh right now, speaking of which the days to cover, are 3.57 um, i guess i might as well get this out of the way. Now short interest shares on loan utilization uh days to cover all those numbers very very important. One is not more important than the other.

They all work together to give you like a full understanding of what's going on so because of that, the other video i posted yesterday uh was just know these terms and i just defined them, and i explained how they work together. It like to be completely frank: it's not like the most amazing groundbreaking video. It's just like a pure definition of these are what the words are: here's, what they mean, here's, how they work together. That's the know.

These terms, one uh just trying to give you a look at that, so here's how we're starting off on amc - oh shout out to archibald becoming a space ape um. So here's how we're going to start the week out the first week of may here's exactly! What's going on with amc uh, we might as well look at the chart and then we'll hop over to gme. Just so, you know the s p 500 on thursday april 29th did make a new all-time high whenever you're, seeing any videos right now about like market crashing, bear market doomsday they're, just wrong. Like literally on thursday, we hit a new all-time high.

Are we due for a reasonable pullback? Yes um, i haven't done this in a bit, but i think it's a good time to like do more of like um, a charting technical analysis like teaching period. So take a look at this. If we look at, let me make sure i do this right uh these two highs. I just marked them with these vertical lines, so basically the high which what was the high on this day on april 16th, the overall market hit 418 and then a couple days later, on april 29th, we hit 421..

Why is this important? Obviously, the market went higher. Let me zoom in just so. You could see this a bit more. So what is so special about this? Yes, we went up, but here's what's going on, the rsi went down, rsi stands for relative strength.

Index has values of 0 to 100 and it basically just maps out momentum bullish against bearish momentum when it gets very high, especially above 70. That's a lot of bullish momentum and it's considered to be overbought when it gets very low, especially below 30. It's considered to be a lot of bearish momentum and it's considered to be oversold. So with that being said right here the market went higher, but the bullish momentum decreased, or you could say the bearish momentum increase whatever you want to call it.

The momentum went down, but the market went higher in terms of technical analysis. This is referred to as bearish divergence and it's commonly assigned that, like whatever you're looking at whether it's a stock, an etf blah, blah blah all that good stuff. This technical analysis can be applied to many things on many different time frames, whatever you're looking at this is a sign that it needs to take a breather. Maybe trade flat, maybe come off a little bit.

This is a mismatch. The stock went up in this case. The s p 500, but this time the momentum went down. There's less people buying here than there was here commonly indicative of just like a future breather decline, i'm not calling for doomsday, but this upcoming week.

I would not be surprised in the slightest if the overall market, the s p 500, has to come back down to this trend line, which would act as support potentially 410. Something like that, but to also be fair, like it's a tough call, because, anytime from march 25th, until now the market's been up up and away. I mean the fed has been saying very, very positive things, pushing it higher. I mean as soon as we have a half down percent day, like half percent down um the fed steps in and like don't forget, we're buying a bunch of bonds.

Unlimited quantitative easing we're gon na shove, inflation through the roof, but that keeps the market going higher and higher. So i wouldn't be surprised if we see a scenario like that um. I just wanted to get this kind of like in front of you, because the overall market can be thought of as a barometer for the rest of the stock market. So that's why i like to bring this up so now with all that being said here we are on amc.

It went from 20, came back down to five and a half went up to 14 and a half came down to 840.. So basically, it's this pattern of lower highs, high lows, consolidation, the stock market stocks, love to go from periods of expansion to consolidation, and vice versa. Recently we broke out of this wedge, which was very good thus far. It seems to be some form of a fake out breakout, it breaks out comes down, and now it looks like it's finding support around the ten dollars and in fact it's actually easier.

If i show you what's going on on this, 30 minute chart so right there, when i was just talking about the s p 500, how we had bearish divergence as in there was that mismatch. It looks like it's going to come down. Amc on the 30-minute chart is the exact opposite, which means i'm starting off. On monday, i am pretty bullish on amc.

Just on a technical perspective. Look it. The stock has come down, but the rsi has been going up as if there's more bullish momentum, the lower. We go and there's less bearish momentum more people are buying here than they have been recently that's commonly assigned, like i said, the exact inverse of the s p.

500. It's telling me that, like just from a technical perspective and remember, there's always a counter example to literally every single technical rule out there, every technical pattern out there, but commonly when you see action like this. It kind of tells you that there's a better statistical chance of it going up than down just because there's more momentum like there are more buyers coming in than there have previously. So i really really like that amc did close out the day at 1003, close out the month at 1003., when in doubt, zoom out think of the big picture over the past week, it's down 1.28 and over the past month, the entire month of april.

It's down 1.76, that's pretty impressive! I mean think about the people. We're fighting off the billions of dollars from hedge funds that are trying to push it down and their success over the entire month was down not even two percent. I would chalk that up as a win and then, of course, from the start of 21 2021 until this very moment we're up 373, which is absolutely amazing, um. So keep that in mind like if, if you're getting worried about like a couple percent down day, something like that, you will feel way better about yourself by zooming out understand where we've come stocks, don't, unfortunately they don't just go straight up.

They do take breathers and that's what i'm seeing in amc right now in terms of technical levels, i'll personally be looking for this trendline breakout, um and also like this area is just going to be a big mess around 10 25.. We have two different trend lines and a line of resistance. When i talk about support and resistance, literally, all i mean is a price level that the stock has bounced off of them before or been rejected by before these types of things become self-fulfilling prophecies. Basically, once an important price level, people in the future tend to treat it as an important price level.

There's nothing special beyond it. Besides the fact that many other stock market participants are paying attention to that exact exact price level, so that's our major resistance. We got to get above these two trend - lines - 10, 25 and from there i'll be watching. I guess this support around 1070, but i really want to watch the psychological level of 11.

coming out of the gate starting tomorrow. I do favor the bull camp just because of what i'm seeing in the technicals um if we do somehow get pushed down if we get rejected at either of these trend lines or this level of resistance. I will then watch this support between 9.75 and 10 right, where we're at this entire 25 cent region is a region of support. So i'm thinking that we will find some buyers there.

So that's the entire wrap up for really what's going on in amc and the overall market. Let's talk about gamestop gamestop short interest actually increased to close out the month up 1.7. The current estimated short interest is 23.71 uh. The borrow change up about a quarter mil, which puts the shares on loan about 14.6 million shares and the utilization is 56.7.

This is important to note because, like i hear like there's a bit of confusion between short interest shares on loan utilization, which is exactly why i made this video about know these terms but right. Here's an example of how the utilization can be lower on a stock. Gms is at 56.69. The short interest is 23.71 well on the flip side.

Utilization on amc is a hundred percent, but the short interest is less 22.6 uh. It is possible. It's just like kind of different of like what these terms mean and how they interplay with each other, but uh. That's why you need to know all of them and that's why, like just having one of these data points, isn't that useful? You want to know the short interest, the shares on loan and the utilization.

You need to know all three uh, so that's where we're at uh. One thing i did want to point out about gamestop is really i mean the days to cover ever since the start of march has been going up. We were at 0.26 days, and now we are at 2.51 days um. That trend is very much favoring people still looking for a gme squeeze.

That trend is very very much in your favor short interest on both gme and amc is of a great enough magnitude where short squeeze is very, very possible um i mean keep in mind. Tesla considered to be one of the high shorted stocks is around five point like six or eight percent, and then you have classic stocks such as apple. That's not even at one percent short interest, so the magnitude of both amc and gme uh is where we need them um. So this point of like saying that a squeeze can't happen well that just the data proves otherwise um.

I really don't know how to respond to that. Like i see all these shills and these bots saying amc and jimmy can't squeeze well, no, they definitely can like. The short interest is high. As soon as we put enough pressure on the people who are shorting both of these stocks and they have to unwind that position um, it could be pretty pretty brutal for them uh.

So i just need to make that explicitly clear that the short interest is high enough on both of these stocks. So in terms of technicals for gme, here's a look at the bigger picture: uh nice. What quadruple bounce off of this trend? Line? Bounce bounce, bounce bounce? Really liking that uh, we basically need gme to break above this recent high on april 27th. Around 190..

Remember that g uh gamestop is in the midst of looking for a new ceo, uh they're, like so ryan cohen's, come in he's a chairman uh, but they're getting rid of their ceo. I think he's stepping down july 31st and they're in the middle uh, depending on how that announcement goes. I think it could be very, very good for the company if it's someone that the general public is a big fan of. I think that could be amazing news for gamestop over the past week.

I think gamestop like it was very quiet, but i mean it gained almost 15 percent. It was like quietly just going up every day, uh to close out the month of april. Gamestop did very well over the month the whole month. It was down eight point, five, five percent, but keep in mind from the start of 2021 until now, still up incredible, like literally a jaw dropping 821.

This is exactly why roaring kitty likes the stock. I mean those are insane games, absolutely incredible in terms of the price levels to pay attention to um gamestop more so so we had that nice push uh on the announcement of the the at the market. 3.5 million shares raising 551 million dollars, uh it shot up from that and then, since there it's just been trading flat. There is obvious resistance at 180 from there there's more resistance from 200 to kind of 225.

So i'm looking forward to do that, i'm not seeing any of that similar bullish or bearish resistance, anything along those lines in terms of the rsi um. If, for some reason we break below 170, which i think will act as support, i would watch 166, but i'm more interested in watching 160.. Once again, these levels of support and resistance are just where we've seen the stock uh been rejected. Before i mean even check this out, basic technical analysis will help you out so much look exactly where it caught itself to close out the month.

Wow wow. Look at that surprise. Surprise. This support in the mid 170s resistance resistance support like support.

This is exactly why we do technical analysis, because basic law line drawing trend drawing can help. You make you a lot of money and save you a lot of money. Look exactly where we are support, support resistance, resistance, support, support, support, something is going on at between 170 and 175. It's a very important price level that a lot of people are structuring their trades around, and this is exactly why it's worthwhile to take some time on the weekends when you're done with work after the market closes just to check out some charts, see the trends see The important price levels, because it can help you out an incredible amount.

So those are all the numbers for both amc, gme, the technical numbers and the short interest numbers shares on loan utilization. That's exactly what i'm looking for uh in this upcoming week and before we kind of pivot to more of the crypto discussion, part of this particular stream. Let me know if there's any questions. Uh, let's run through this real quick.

We got a new space ape archibald love your chat, bro, please say hi to my wife reluca and check out c-e-l-r big uplift soon, bro, bye, bye, bye. All right. Let me write that one down it is c-e-l-r. I will save that for the n-c-e-l-r, don't believe the show post.

No one is selling total strong boys and girls i hold for you, you hold for me, hedgies, we'll see you soon ducks and apes away uh chris. Thank you so much for that super chat. That is very important um. I myself have experienced it anecdotally and then i talk to other people such as trey solid on reddit.

There is a massive uptick right now in the amount of crazy bots coming across, and everyone saying that they're gon na sell monday. There is a clear, coordinated attempt with bots across all forms of social media. I'm talking youtube, reddit, twitter, probably anything else that you can name that's trying to make like scare people for friday. It's all these bots, the telltale signs of bots this past week.

My channel was attacked by bots. If you were live streaming with me, you saw it played out in real time. There is very obviously a coordinated attack. Please don't fall for that type of stuff, uh anthony gerard becoming an astronaut.

Thank you so much. I appreciate that gerald hamby before you get off. Can you do some uh trending lines on tesla? Yes, the stock that has a toxic relationship with me: uh bados, hi matt. I know we're talking about amc and gme, but i would like to know what you think about aht.

I will add that to the list, no problem, you said you didn't want to transfer your robin hood to weeble in case of the squeeze. I started the process on friday morning after you spoke. I tried to cancel it, but it was too late. I think i'm gon na all right or should i call them to cancel andrew um? Obviously, there's always risk to it, but i think you're gon na be fine uh, just because - and my reasoning isn't just to like purely comfort - you, which that is it, but i think the data is on our side of the squeeze is gon na take multiple days.

Um so, depending on the transfer window and everything the squeeze will not be like five minutes in and out. It's just like look at the days to cover the amount of shares that are most likely short and just the volume trading right now on amc and gme. It's going to take multiple days for both of these, so i don't know which one you're in but uh. I that the data that we're seeing for the days to cover on the average volume uh over the past two weeks.

I think you're good to go all right so now with all that, let's talk about a tuned in for mac and here's match baby uh. I did not get a haircut, but i do need a haircut this upcoming week. Uh. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you all right, uh, if you haven't already, i would appreciate it if you destroy that, like button just doing a little extra weekend stream for you and on the weekends. I really really do like talking about uh some of these cryptos because, specifically ethereum and dogecoin have been running we're going to talk about all these bitcoin 57.

000 ethereum, almost 3 thousand nine hundred seventy five. It is a new all-time high dogecoin gearing up to touch 40 cents again and cardano is at a dollar thirty five. Let's take a look at all these in a bit more detail, i like to talk about crypto, because i kind of view it as one of my duties of like after this massive massive squeeze on amc and jimmy, it's very fair for you to ask well how Do i make turn this money into more money like you, want your money to work for you and there's always amazing opportunities in the stock market, futures market options market, and i strongly strongly believe, there's also amazing opportunities for you in the crypto market. Right now, you could see that we are a little bit off the all-time high just below 65 000.

Over the past week, bitcoin is up 3.7 and from the start of the year, until now, it's up 97, pretty impressive um on bitcoin and that's actually kind of like one of the, i guess smaller gainers in terms of all the things going on with crypto. In terms of support and resistance, very obvious resistance at 60k, look for that breakout and then from there there's kind of resistance, even closer uh close by at 62k and from there we have to watch the all-time high, so basically 60 62 65 from there. I think sooner rather than later, bitcoin will be trading at 75, 000 per coin. In terms of support, i would watch the region between 52k and 50k and then, if we break below that, i would watch 47 this recent low.

That's my game plan moving forward with bitcoin. Just so you know i do not actively trade any crypto, i buy it and i invest i plan on holding him for a while. I'm not doing this in and out thing um. Every so often i buy more bitcoin ethereum cardano dogecoin.

I think i just got vechain vet chain um, one of those things um, so my whole game plan with crypto, and this is why i think it's so perfect for the mindset of people in amc and jimmy is you can almost take a breather like we're actively Paying attention to amc and gme right now, but when this storyline is over, when they successfully squeeze crypto's a thing that i think is just super super easy. You buy the dips and you let it sit. Let your money work for you um. I did find this interesting article about bitcoin, charlie munger, calls bitcoin disgusting and contrary to the interest of civilization.

Well, that's a boomer comment if i've ever heard, one brookshire hathaway vice chairman, charlie munger, called bitcoin disgusting and contrary to the interests of civilization. I don't welcome a currency, that's so useful to kidnappers and extortionists and so forth. Nor do i like the shuffling out out of your extra billions and billions of dollars to someone who just invented a new financial product out of thin air um. That's just fun uh.

It is used obviously, for illegal and illicit things, but so is the us dollar. So is every currency uh like to paint it as if crypto is exclusively used for like nefarious acts? Is it's the definition of fun uh and he's clearly a boomer the 97 year old monger has long criticized bitcoin for its extreme volatility and lack of regulation. I have a sneaky suspicion that this kind of guy - this mindset - i don't know if he is or isn't, but i'd - be willing to bet a lot of money that he absolutely hates amc and jimmy too, he seems like a guy that just doesn't really like much Fun all right: let's talk about a bit of aetherium. I am super excited about ethereum from a technical level, we're getting this nice breakout.

It wasn't a bear flag here. Let's do another technical teach, um, so upward channels like this, where you have two parallel lines: upward channels are bare flags and downward channels. If this were the opposite, that would be referred to as a bull flag. I know it's a little bit confusing, but the reason they get their names is because they commonly break in the opposite direction.

I say commonly because right here, here's an exact counter example. This one broke upward, which is more of a rarity, and i think, there's a good chance that we're testing 3 000, like i would like it could happen during this talk folks like that's how soon i think it could happen, maybe overnight something like that. But ethereum is ripping be careful, it is overextended, it is considered to be overbought, but i just want to point out previously look at aetherium. It goes overbought and instead of really selling off it kind of just trades flat.

So i think this is a good thing before when i was talking about bullish and bearish divergence. Sometimes it can just trade sideways and that gives the rsi a chance to cool off, so it shoots up very overextended flat. I wouldn't be surprised if it does that again or it could be like the most recent time right here, where it got. Overextended comes down, cools off and then bounces anyway, so it is worthwhile.

I don't know if i'd be hopping on right before 3000 um. For me, i'm i think, i'm in at like 2, 300. 2. 400.

Something like that. I think right now i own two ethereum um just to be completely transparent with you, so i'm pretty happy. If i see a major bounce like i would love if, if ever presented, i would love to load up on aetherium at two thousand dollars granted. That would be a 33 decline.

So i'm not saying it's that likely, but in the scenario that it does, i truly think it would be. An amazing buy opportunity - and here are just some of the key performance metrics for ethereum um over the past week, up 11.5 over the past month, 38 and from the start of 2021 until now up 303, absolutely crazy, like what an amazing asset. That is a huge, huge gain 300, and this isn't even more of like it's not like a crazy baby, altcoin or something like that. Like ethereum, is number two based on market cap um.

So the fact that it can have that type of a return in the past four months, uh is insane just so you know, dogecoin is six um if it keeps pushing another one as we're about to talk about dogecoin. I wouldn't be surprised if dogecoin overtakes tether and moves up to five we're at 50 uh billion or 50 million no billion in market cap and heather is 51.8 but uh as soon as dogecoin gets moving, and it looks very strong right now. I would not be surprised if it overtakes it on number five and really. If we get that push to 75 cents, a dollar uh, i could see it overtaking ripple.

Remember a big thing about dogecoin, especially, is not only does it have this massive celebrity support, elon musk mark cuban, but there is like i would consider a catalyst event with the snl a week or almost a week, a little less than a week on may 8th, Musk and sally miley cyrus excuse me we'll be discussing uh dogecoin, which i think anything like that whenever we see something going on with these celebrities, especially cuban musk, talking positively about dogecoin it like just historically uh, it runs uh, it gets people very, very excited and It does make sense why, but here we are, and on top of that we are getting to more of an interesting potential cup and handle. I would like to see how it reacts to this trend line just above 40 cents 40 and a half cents uh. If it gets rejected there, uh that's a perfect cup and handle, we would have the cup a handle, maybe a nice bounce off of 34 cents and then a breakout and rally or who knows it could just break out straight from here but uh. I am pretty pretty interested in just to see how dogecoin reacts over the next week.

In anticipation of this snl thing, let me show you this other article i found ethereum is suddenly rocking, but dogecoin is still the crypto price king ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency after bitcoin, has shot higher this week, adding a staggering 25 to its already huge recent gains. The etherium price now within touching distance of 3 000 per ether, has been boosted by the european investment bank apparently also referred to as the eib debut digital bond sale, issued on the ethereum blockchain and praise from wall street giant and bitcoin convert jp morgan. This is important, um we're just seeing more and more acceptance for the crypto sector as a whole. Uh i mean we know uh just so many apple, mastercard, visa, tesla, they're.

All accepting crypto, saying positive things about it. Honestly, i mean newegg is accepting uh dogecoin, the dallas mavericks mark cuban they're, accepting dogewood there's just every single day, there's new acceptance of all crypto or some form of crypto, and i just it's hard to not be bullish on it. I don't understand the argument against it at this point in time. It's just in my mind, hit some form of a critical mass that, like i said, i'm not actively like trading it or anything, but i am slowly buying and i think, a decade 15 years, two decades down the line, it will have gigantic potentially like i'm talking About the magnitude of like being able to retire type of money, but who knows maybe you'll make that money even earlier with the amc and gme squeeze? Maybe you don't even want to be invested past that if you get that, like retirement level, money um anyway, however, even in ethereum investors and developers celebrate the soaring ether price joke cryptocurrency dogecoin is rocketing further and faster, adding almost 50 to its price.

Over the last week, which is very, very true um, let's actually before we do that, i just want to bring up this. Pretty cool twitter account whales trades. So not that long ago, at 4 24 eastern about an hour ago, uh three million dollars were longed on etho ether, ethereum, not ether, ethereum uh. It is cool right there, like you, could see these big trades bitcoin shorter, b b, shorted bitcoin shorted bitcoin shorted.

So you could see like the size of the money and exactly where it comes. If you like to be one of these people um that kind of follows the big money cool account worthwhile to check out all right. So where are we on dogecoin the past week? Up 42 past month, 418 from the start of the year, until this very moment like if you bought it on january 21st, you would be up over 8 000. Those are disgusting gains um if you're, one of those people that has been holding from like sub ascent, like uh the fraction of ascent, you deserve every dollar you've earned.

I mean that type of like conviction, discipline and patience for this trade uh. I just want like you deserve it. Congratulations and honestly, i don't even think it's over uh if we take a look at more of this chart very, very strong, so good good example of what we have here. Dogecoin went higher higher, but look at this rsi lower, bearish divergence, it sold off to consolidate, we've been consolidating and now we're breaking out and in fact we have a perfect wedge.

It's been kind of stymied here at 39 cents, but each time the lows are getting higher. What does this tell you that tells you that there is a selling wall at 39 cents, but the bulls are getting a little bit more brazen and they're buying earlier each time, which is exactly shown here of an increase in bullish. Momentum tells me it's about to break out. First thing i would watch is 39.5 39.6, followed by this key psychological level, an important breakout zone at 40 cents.

Uh right now very, very excited about dogecoin. Just so, you know uh dogecoin, maybe not the easiest thing to get a hold of i've had a lot of success with buying it on voyager. The referral code's right above my head, um, if you're in the state of new york, you're gon na, have a lot of issues. Uh.

Your state government just does not like crypto, but if you're somewhere else, like i'm in pennsylvania - and i was up and running in like about 20 minutes and uh, so dogecoin is on the list, but they also do have access to all these other altcoins. If that's something that interests you so this is where i have my cardano dogecoin and vet v chain right here. That's where i own those three and then block fi, which is in the description of this video. Actually, both of these are in the description of the video um.

I uh, that's where i have my bitcoin in my ethereum, just because i like the interest payments on both of those um, so really that's kind of what i'm interested. We could talk a little bit about cardano. I know it had some exciting news in really the uh there were some african countries doing some pretty impressive things with cardano uh. I like this one.

It hasn't been moving as much like. Yes, it is green across all the major time frames and yes, i do have a position in it, but it's just like at this as i'm filming this live right now, it's just not the most exciting mover. In fact it looks a bit heavy. I wouldn't be surprised if it comes back down to a dollar twenty if it does i'll be buying more i'll, lower my cost basis, and eventually i'm looking for this breakout of a dollar fifty when cardano gets there very, very excited, because i think it'll have some Legs on it um this me talking about all these cardano bitcoin dogecoin, ethereum uh.

I don't want you to think that those are the only four. There are many, many very, very solid, cryptos out there that i know a lot of people are making a lot of money on. These are just the four that i'm personally more familiar with uh. If i'm not talking about it now, don't don't take that to mean that i think it's a bad crypto.

I'm just being honest that, like those are the four i know the most about - and i recently also bought v chain um, so those are just the ones that i i i track their charts. I watch their news um, but don't let that discourage you from other cryptos, because i i fully admit that there's a strong amount of uh potential in a ton of those other crypto coins and if you're in it or even in these stocks, amc and gme across The board, i want everyone to be wildly stupidly, successful um. I don't want anyone out there to lose money if you're watching this right now from the bottom of my heart, i truly want you to make disgusting gains on whatever you're in it's not my goal. To say that, like oh, you can only make money on this thing or that thing no, i just want you guys to make money.

That's my entire hope. Uh. Remember, i'm not a financial advisor. All i do is share my own opinions on things.

Folks, you should not be basing any of your financial decisions on things i do or don't do in the end, you're risking your own money, but also with that being said, like i just said, i really truly do wish you the absolute best of luck, all right. So that's kind of what's going on on all those um. The one thing i did want to point out. We went over this.

I could get rid of this. Remember if you want to know the terms short interest shares on loan utilization days to cover check this video out. If you want to know my newest video on like that, the 11 million shares of the amc return with the stock going down. I think i have a pretty good explanation in this uh.

Let me know your thoughts check that out. We could get rid of that uh. One thing i did want to talk about is about like social trends. A lot of these stocks, amc, gamestop, dogecoin, ethereum bitcoin.

Their success is based a lot on how much people are talking about them and like the news articles and all that good stuff um - and i think this is worthwhile like if you just go to google trends. Um, i think this is very, very important to talk about so right when game stop was going absolutely bonkers right here it maxed out. At that point we actually saw a lot about dogecoin dogecoin recently moving again, that's the jail line, pushing it like very, very high. What i think's interesting uh, let's talk about the three dogecoin coming down.

I would be willing to bet that it's about to uptick again, just with elon musk doing the snl thing amc it almost if we were to do like technical analysis on these trends. Amc has continually been topping out on this relative rate of 15 and i think one of these days we're gon na see that upswing in amc and, in fact we're actually seeing an upswing in gme right now, relative to this spike, it was pretty low but uh. I see like people are searching these terms again so whatever you're in, if you want to know that chance of like oh, can this run blah blah blah all that good stuff, it's very important for massive volume and massive amount of buyers. So you have to know, if ask yourself, are other people interested in this, and i think google trends is one of the strongest ways to like kind of know.

If there's, if your own opinion is kind of also being considered by the public um, i just really think this is a smart tool that i don't hear enough people talking about. So i would definitely recommend once in a while, just like seeing what's going on in the thing that you're interested in oh, oh, i have this up, so i want you to know that uh, i'm trying to build out onto another one twitch um just like another, Live streaming, maybe for like i'll, do the weekends on twitch and the weeks on youtube. Something like that but later today, if you have a twitch account and you want to do something like. Obviously, you can tell i'm very much a baby on this right now um, but later today.

Maybe more of like an ask me anything if you have questions i'm more than willing to discuss it back and forth um, i joke about the playing balloon tower defense, but i actually like think i'm really going to do that. So if you just want to hang out if you're bored tonight um whenever you're watching this just know, it's the exact same thing, matt underscore coors, it's the same thing on twitter, instagram uh youtube is just matt coors um. So i just want to throw that out. There, obviously you don't like, if you just want to do that, we could talk about stocks.

We could talk about really whatever i'm thinking more of just like in ama. If you have questions about anything going on um before i get into your questions, i do have a special shout out for some people, so i have a p.o box. It's in the description, the video for anyone that wants to send me whoa, look at this uh dogecoin moving right now, um, let's go over some of the fun things that people have sent me. Is this weeble, no um, so someone uh, we have a beekeeper in the moon gang.

They sent me that actually i've already been crushing green tea today with your honey. So thank you so much for sending me that it is awesome. Awesome, honey, um. In that same one, in that same package, we got some leg cramps stuff, because i uh complain about how much i sit all day.

So i really appreciate you sending that and then another super cool thing check out what just got sent to me this amazing. Now i have a backup doctor, it's amazingly blue. I love the rubber duckies. I will be wearing this so now the matte cores brand is expending into two separate types of duct shirts.

This is awesome. Thank you. So much on top of all that um. I got many many letters i've been reading it.

I don't want to show those live because some of you have said some like pretty personal things, so i never will be showing letters live but uh i like this. I mean it wasn't necessarily an unboxing, but i just wanted to show my appreciation um because, like this is the coolest community ever i mean look at this shirt. The honey. The honey is amazing.

The leg cramps like i don't know, we just have a fun time. All the time uh, i love it uh, so it like, if you want to be part of an unboxing and official, reveal there is a p.o box um and just so you know, i'm not going to be reading any letters aloud like i said there has been Some personal stuff and um, so all of you have written letters like i mean you kind of know who you are um we're in this together. I really believe that i think we have the cool one of the coolest communities in the internet on the internet. I should say, and from the bottom of my heart, like i've gotten to this level because of your support, and that's like why i could just like never turn my back on you, because i really do.

I mean this is why i can't even stay away from making videos and doing streams, because i just like i'm addicted to what we've created like. I truly have an amazing time. Whenever we talk, it's always always a blast so for those people sending me stuff like you're the best for everyone hanging out, dropping a like, subscribe everything right now. The support is absolutely absolutely phenomenal.

Here, let's go up the crypto actually, as doge is going right now. So is ethereum uh, so that's kind of cool. Let me go through some of these questions. Trey was hyped today, get him on today.

Thank you, boats and hoes. I just downloaded trust wallet, bought some binance and no matter what i can't draw money from trust, wallet or transfer to coinbase error message. Um. I have not, i downloaded trust wallet, but i haven't used it yet crb.

So i can't like. Unfortunately, i can't offer you um any exact that error message: uh, you might want to reach out to trustwallet support, check out the link. I sent you on ig. Thank you, uh great, seeing you on a sunday.

Thank you, mr j, hey man. I sold my self button to buy more amc. I love that. I love that.

I love that. That's awesome with guys. I i need to clarify um. I still have in fact i increased my amc position but um.

I still have all my amc. I still have all my gme uh more recently, i've been buying doge, just because i want to see what it can do. Um, it's just fun. I mean all these, like, i, i think they're going to be profitable because of how much i believe it basically in all of you like.

I think there are so many hardcore apes out there that, like snowball's chance in hell that they're gon na sell and because of how much i like believe in all of you, i believe inherently in my position and uh - i mean the battle's not over. It is not gon na be an easy fight. Remember we are fighting against people who are very well funded with a lot of like power influence political like, i guess, pull and it's not an easy battle. I don't want you to think that, like oh, this is like a slam.

Dunk um. This battle is gon na, it's still brutal and it's not over yet but um. I think things are looking up for us, especially when we see some of those key trends in data seriously check it out on your stream. If you like shoes um, i don't know uh i'll check it out after.

I appreciate that it's just i don't want to dox anyone for like sending me those other dms. I try to be careful um about bringing up any messages, because, obviously you can see those other messages. I don't want to show off any like phone numbers or anything like that. Um, were you able to get your hands on some flow? Not yet.

I very much want flow flow's, another crypto coin. That's backed behind um, basically nba top shot the equivalent coming out for the ufc. I think it's a strong coin. I i really like it.

I don't own any yet, but i do plan on buying it. I think that'll be kind of cool. We can go over some of my positions if you guys are curious, so i have vxrt calls the reason i got. It is because when i was ending stream on friday, someone's like dude, you got ta buy vxrt and i was like wow, okay, there's literally no reasoning behind that, and now i'm crushing it.

I have eight calls. It ran 10 in the post market, i'm looking for vxrt to continue. I have eight calls on that. I have pen puts uh, i really like pen, but on a short term basis.

It's looking a bit weak um. I have mara calls my reason for molar calls. Is because, like just crypto's really strong - and i don't - i just think mario will react like pretty well to it um i have my amc. I have my gme.

I have some gaming uh crsr um to me. Gaming is a very smart long-term play. Just the esports industry is growing rapidly like billions of dollars every quarter. I think it's worthwhile to have some exposure to the esports arena.

I have some amc calls. I have some gme calls. I own neo. I have some apple calls that are absolutely destroying me and i'm also in coinbase coinbase.

Another long-term play. I think, it'll come back as soon as like crypto continues to rally. I i'm also in some palantir nvidia apple netflix, nano dimension, oracle, um and those are kind of the main ones uh in the sizable positions i just like to be transparent with all of you, like, i said i told you everything i'm in in crypto. I just went over like what i'm per invested in.

I just like in general. This whole youtube guru, finance of like telling you what to do and somehow their portfolios are always green, but like then they never show you their portfolio like i just i call bo on it. I don't think um. Any trading is actually like that even the best traders have red days and it does make me a little sick that they somehow have people buffaloed into thinking.

You could bree green every single day of trading. That's just not real training, that's just not how the stock market works. So i figured i could combat that by being like overly transparent, telling you exactly what's going on uh, if you hang out in the live streams, um the monday to friday live streams when the market's open. I announce all my trades.

I show you my trades when i open them closing them. I tell you my reasoning, um, i just figure. I i'm attempting to do what i can to help that's my goal i like to do. Dd, like i did in those videos about what's going on with adam aaron and the returned chairs, i like to tell you about my technical analysis.

My own theory. Is it right all the time absolutely not have i, on stream lost a lot of money yeah? Have i also made a lot of money yeah, that's trading as much as i joke about it. It is a casino there's risk to anything you do um and understand that that also means that you have to be playing with like money that um you don't necessarily need like that moment, because there's risk to anything we do in life and the stock market. The options market, the crypto market - is no different.

You can make good informed decisions, but there's always some level of risk to it. That's why i argue you always have to understand your risk to reward know your risk know your reward and stick to your trading plan. A good entry point for eta waiting for a five to ten percent dip shocked the world. I would agree with that.

I would wait for a pullback. Can you look at vz? Please have a lot of buys expiring our calls. What do you have have a lot of buy calls expiring in three weeks, all right, let's check out vz and then there are some others and then we'll call that a just our stream uh. It is looking strong.

I would watch to see how it reacts to 59 and if you can get a breakout of 59.50 59.50 is like a very, very important level. If you can get that breakout 59 to 60 is big resistance. I think it's going there but watch how it reacts in this dollar range, above that i think it could keep moving but clearly, 59 to 60 there's going to be a lot of supply in that area so b. If it looks like it's getting rejected, you might want to take your profits off the table.

Uh someone was just asking about tesla. Let's do that tesla, i'm surprised it didn't continue to break down uh on friday, i came into friday with a lot of puts. I got out for break even and then i went long and made about 5k on calls um. If you were part of the stream, you saw that playing out.

I'm very surprised, tesla didn't break down if it continues upward, especially if it gets above 721. I will buy more calls and play it up to 745, but if it gets rejected here and breaks below 695 i'll play puts down to 668 and if it keeps going i'll, then watch 614 um long term, very, very bullish on tesla. But it's a very volatile stock. The options market is very built out for it.

You can make make some very nice intraday trades and swing trades on tesla um. So that's what i would watch breakout above 722 or breakdown of 695 really is how i would play tesla. What's this other one aht aht? Finally, breaking out, i really like that watch for it to get above three and above three uh, clear sailing to 350., looks pretty strong to me. It closed above this trend line on nice volume.

I would say: that's pretty bullish, uh c-e-l-r. All right did i write that down wrong. It's not coming up ht um, oh similar one with this yeah that breakout that we were just talking about okay uh. Do we have anything else all right, i think we're good.

I think we're good where i could do this. Let's hang out, i mean, let's do it for 15. More minutes. Let me know your questions um for those of you who are just joining in here's.

A quick snapshot of gamestop short interest. 23.71 utilization 57 shares on loan 14.65 million amc's short interest is 22.59, borrow change, minus 4 million. That puts us at 145 utilization. 100.

Please keep in mind if you are not like at a like. If your life doesn't allow you to live stream with me all day, i do tweet these numbers out every morning, um. If you want to be a part of that like just so, you can know like kind of the trends. Literally every morning, i'm tweeting those out hi, matt good afternoon, hope you're having a great sunday is neo looking to go past 40 monday, thanks um well calling for a price on a specific day is kind of like a fool's errand um because you just never know.

What's gon na happen uh, but with that being said, i mean it's super close. Is it possible for sure um would i would do if, if it can hold 38, if neo can hold 38, i would watch it trying to get back up into this wedge, which would also involve the breakout of 43., i'm in neo um, more of a longer Term play i like it: it's a luxury eevee brand in china, which is a massive market and they beyond being a massive market. They have a statistically high interest in evs, so i think neo, given enough time, will be a very good stock um. In all honesty, i think it's just a matter of time for it to return up to 67., i'm not really big into like actively day trading or swing trading.

It i bought it uh. Where did i buy i'll? Give you my exact numbers you order details. I bought 30 at 38.26 and i have no plans on getting like. I want to ride out to a new all-time high um.

That's my plan with neo high chair, ask matt what he thinks about two of my call. Options x strike twenty five: five seven and a wall strike five twenty one thanks in advance. What's going on christopher x, you have 25 5 7. um.

I think you'll be very good if it can get above 24. on monday, tuesday, if you can get above 24. I think you'll be looking good, but that's clear resistance, rejection, rejection, rejection, so watch and pray for a breakout above 24 on united states steel, if you're not getting it as fast as you want it, you might want to roll out to a further expiration. You also asked about nly breaking out.

Bullish has room to run uh like you need to let price discovery play itself out. I would say maybe from a psychological perspective, i wouldn't watch 950 follow my tem uh, but this one like i said you need price discovery. There's no, oh, wait. There is some sorry.

I would watch 937 resistance support. That's what i would personally watch just from the previous price. Action is 9.37. I've been getting absolutely slaughtered with my amd 115 calls for 917 any thoughts on what's next after this killer earning.

So you have uh 115 917. You have quite a bit of time, so amd is in a sector, that's referred to as a semiconductors amd nvidia. It's all these people that make those processing chips right now, there's a severe global shortage on these processing chips. Uh! You need to know that, so i think that does do well for the company.

In the past week amd has been hit um, it looks like they beat on earnings, so something weird had to happen right now. It's like halfway, it's like kind of in that halfway zone. I would look for that breakout of 87 or a breakdown of 78. Until one of those things happens, i would swing that position.

A breakdown is 78. I might pull it off and then see how it reacts to 73, but if it swings back around and gets above 87, i think you're good to go. You have plenty of time, so i don't think your play is completely lost at this moment. It's just like it's in this chop region like it was there for so long, like amd, doesn't trend that.

Well, it's just like it moves a little bit and trades sideways. It moves a little bit it trades sideways like amd, is not my favorite to actively train. I like it as a company, but it's like price action. It it's just chop, christina duckworth becoming an astronaut in all honesty, christina.

I thought you were an astronaut uh. I don't know if youtube took it away from you or something, but i appreciate you. I see you all the time. Your support is amazing when amc squeezing with with amc squeezing so my android shares at 120, putting it into crypto etfs.

The rest i want to take on the moon game to applebee's who's in adam.

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    People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Crypto as it's retracting….BE WISE

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    In few years or so people will definitely be kicking themselves in regret for missing the opportunity to buy and invest in cryptocurrency

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Carlos Harris says:

    Very detailed and precise video you put up mate i love its contents,its funny how some folks out there still haven't accepted the fact that cryptocurrencies continues to reshape the world globally, Its hard for anyone going against it these days, though from a trader's perspective i feel we really need more experts in the field updating newbies/lnvestor on how the the community works, lately the price of BTC has been fluctuating which means the market is currently unstable and you cant tell if it is going bearish or bullish this uncertainty pushes most traders away and forces investors to HoDL, I'd say it's outrightly wrong to just sit back hodl and wait maybe incur some losses along the line, that's a wrong mindset for an investor because as an investor finding ways to always increase and stack up more coins should be our goal thereby making prof!ts, it all depends on the pattern with which you trade and also the source of your signals. i started with 2 BTC and I have accumulated over 13 BTC in just 4weeks, with the trading strategy given to me by expert trader Brennan Carson. His methods are top notch and profitable and he can be contacted easily on Telegram [ BrennanCarson ] on ͲҽӀҽցɾąʍ for Crypto related concern

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars apra durham says:

    They only hate Bitcoin because like that dude on the plane you talked to they don’t want normal people getting wealthy.

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars blahbleh says:

    Matt love your videos but I highly recommend a microphone to beef up your audio quality. Not hating just want the best for your channel. 🦍🦍🦍

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars WhatsApps±①③⑥①④⑨④⑤⑧⑦⑦ says:

    People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Wolf Pack Wealth says:

    AMC needs to 100x on Monday. Just for a day that’s all I want I promise

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jody Baker says:

    Lot of fud for Monday by bots and hedgies… I expect a drop because they we’re planning for the 4th May…. I’ll buy the dip… they have some naked shorts they will try and put into the market… I don’t care… they drive it down I’m ready to buy!!!!

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