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Bitcoin is about to hit $50,000 🚀🚀🚀
This video is a quick technical breakdown of Riot Stock, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin!
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What's going on moong, let's talk about cryptocurrencies, we'll go over that main stock plate riot block, train, ticker symbol riot riot and then we'll go over bitcoin ethereum and dogecoin uh we're gon na do a quick technical breakdown, so we're better prepared for whatever is coming up. Not only this weekend, but next week, don't forget if you want to be able to buy bitcoin and ethereum check out the blockfy link below i just started myself. I've had a great experience depending on how much you deposit you can get up to 250. free of bitcoin, and then on top of that, if you want to store it with a if you want to physically store it in a ledger, there's a link for that Too, depending on when you're watching this the ledger deal, there's a special valentine's deal, it'll be ending february 15th.

So make sure you hop on that those are the first two links below block five, four bitcoin and ethereum, and then ledger is so you can store it. If you're worried about the online hacking first, let's start off with riot just so you know to be completely honest with all of you. I am bullish on all these things. Um.

I have two call options on riot 55 strike expiration late february uh. As of now, i'm pretty much uh scratch on it. Uh that's in terms of riot here i own dogecoin and ethereum doge. I am up 84, i'm in at 0.038 and then aetherium i own.

What are we at? I have i invested at 1 32. So i'm up 39 um. Just so you know in my private accounts on block fi, i al i own even more ethereum and bitcoin. I am bullish on the sector as a whole.

I love how so many things are coming together. Tesla put it on the books. Mastercards and it's networks there's talks of apple, allowing it on the wallet app. I think the future is insanely bright for the cryptocurrency world.

Just so you know i'm planning on being a long-term investor on bitcoin and ethereum and for dogecoin i'm riding the wave. I am fully a member of the doge army. I would love for it to hit one dollar, i'm not saying that it will i'm just saying that i would love for it too. On the screen.

Now you can check out riot's daily chart. I had a great day because crypto had a great day. Right was up 14 over the week, it's up 110 and from the start of 2021. Until now it's up 190.

Here's its look, i mean it's been skyrocketing, um. I i wouldn't suggest chasing it. Now we had this nice breakout above 29 30 um. I think the sky's the limit for it, but from a technical perspective, just to optimize your risk to reward, you might want to look for the r side to cool off kind of come back down and see if you can get into ryan um at one of These levels of support between 30 and 32.

- like i said i do - have those call options, but i would love to invest in the company if i can pick it up on a nice discount. Overall, though, i am very, very, very bearish on riot, let's switch over to bitcoin just had a new all-time high today of 49 000.. If you've been keeping up with these clips the live streams, you know that i've been calling for bitcoin to hit 50k. I think it's just like thanos inevitable.

I think it will happen sooner rather than later it perfectly ticked. 49. 000, as i'm filming this, it's at 48 000.. Let's see how it plays out over the weekend.

One thing i do want to bring to your attention is that you should well. First of all, you should never chase anything whether it's riot bitcoin any stock. I ever talk about, don't chase worry about, minim are optimizing, your risk to reward, and the best way to do that is by minimizing your risk, but from a technical perspective, what i wanted to bring up is clearly bitcoin has gone up from early january until now, Over the past month has gone from 42 000 to 49 000, but with that being said, the rsi hasn't. This is known as bearish divergence when it continues to go up, but the rsi doesn't, and it just means that there's less bullish momentum here than there was here as in the new high, has less bullish momentum than this old high.

This is commonly indicative of a future decline or a brief sell-off. So in the short term, i think that bitcoin will struggle also because we have that key psychological level of 50 000. So what i would imagine happening is that i'll tick it uh hit 50 000 and then maybe come off. There is support at 44, 000 there's more support at 42.

000. I would love to pick up more bitcoin in this range and then ride that for the long term, that's what i'm seeing in kind of the medium and short term for bitcoin. Of course, in the long term, i'm bullish on it uh. Here's a look at ethereum, similar graph, slightly different.

I just wanted to point out the current technical structure, it's very much in this wedge, so i will actively be watching not only the current all-time high of 100 1855, but this top trend line. What i'm expecting is because we have that same divergence in the rsi. I'm expecting a rejection at some point on this top trend line. Who knows maybe it'll come at that nice, psychological level of 2000 and come down and that's what i'll personally be looking to buy? More, i think it would be amazing to pick up more ethereum below 15.

000. Honestly, i don't know if that opportunity will ever present itself, but if it does, you can bet your bottom dollar that i'll be buying more and finally, let's talk about the meme. Stop dogecoin doge army doge2 dollar gets me excited every time i think about it, um. So recently it's exploded.

I just want to point out how it's been following this trend line uh. Clearly previous resistance, which has turned into support at 0.059. So, basically, at six cents watch that if it breaks below it, things could get more bearish, but things could get very bullish if not only if it breaks out above this white trend line, but also this resistance, just above seven cents if it can get above it. I feel very, very confident of dogecoin not only going back above eight cents, but really testing eight and a half, and once it gets up to a new all-time high.

I would be then looking at that key psychological level of ten cents. So once again, overall, i am biased on it because i'm bullish on riot bitcoin, ethereum and dogecoin. If you want to buy bitcoin in ethereum, check out the link to block five below. And if you want to secure all those safely offline check out the link to ledger, there will be a promotional deal.

That's going to end on february 15th. Overall, if you want to stay up to date with all the moon gang streams and clips like this, make sure you hit the subscribe button and turn on your notifications, you.

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