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Moon Gang!
It's a new trading week, which means it's another chance to make money!
Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin are all primed to have a great day.
AMC is showing life.
SNDL & TLRY are coming off a decline.
CCIV & RIOT might make some massive moves.
Let's watch as it all plays out -- We are going TO THE MOON!
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Well, hello, hello, all of you beautiful people. What is going on moon gang? Very, very sorry about that. Obviously i just had some technical difficulties for me. I tried to start it.

It just said error, so i had to like restart it. My huge apologies on that. I'm sure i just like messed with a lot of people - um very, very sorry, but hey guys, let's get going so many things going on today. Bitcoin just hit 50 000..

Of course we have to talk about that. You guys know if you were here last week. We bought some call options on ryan. I bought some call options.

Let's see how that plays out. We have to talk about amc, uh, tuesday, 2 million 9. 30.. We got to talk about that exciting things uh.

If we take a look at essendo, looking strong, pushing 225 um amc, we're looking for it to hold six dollars, we'll be talking about palantir apple right, there's, just so many things going on today. I hope you are excited moon. Gang strap in. We are going to have a very interesting market open for this short in training week before we get into um the what's going on with sndl and ryan.

Let's quickly go over just for all my palantir fans, uh pltr, it's a data analytics company, their biggest customer is the us government. They just reported their earnings and, as you can see, they closed out the market on friday very close to 32 they're. Actually, now trading down closer to 30, which is actually one of my like own, buy zones so i'll be watching this throughout the day, i might be picking up some extra shares. I'm really liking this as a dip buying opportunity.

I just want to clarify what happened with it: pound tier stock drop, there's drops after surprise loss, although revenue be expectations, shares of palantir technologies, ticker symbol, pltr dropped after the data integration and software company reported a surprise. Fourth quarter loss. Although revenue rose more than forecast, the company reported a net loss that narrowed to 148 million or eight cents a share uh. If you want to know more of the details about this uh, you can find it under market watch.

I just want to let you know. What's going on with pound tier, it uh they lost, but then they also beat on revenue so kind of a mixed earnings report. But overall i am a long term bull on palantir. Now, let's talk about what's going on with apple and bitcoin, this was just announced.

Apple pay now supports bitcoin payments for the first time. This is huge we were talking about this last week after elon tesla started putting bitcoin on the books and accepting it for payment uh for the vehicles. We were talking about apple, most likely being the next company to support the cryptocurrency, and it looks like that happened. Uh, definitely supportive of bitcoin getting to 50k.

That's for sure, although though apple has historically had something something of a love-hate relationship with bitcoin, the company seems to be slowly but surely coming to the conclusion that the cryptocurrency isn't something it can realistically avoid or ignore um. I don't want to go through all this. I just want to read this part right here for power, blockchain users, the bitpay wallet app supports an array of options to buy and store crypto and make online payments. Users can instantly buy gift cards for hundreds of top retailers in store and online.

The big pay card enables customers to instantly convert cryptocurrency into a fiat currency, which is then loaded onto the card and can be spent anywhere. Massive card debit is accepted around the world. Customers can also use the cards online for purchases and to withdraw from atms. So, basically, right now apple's supportive of bitcoin, mastercard and tesla.

We have three big names and i'm sure more and more will follow cryptocurrency guys. I know: we've been talking a lot about gme amc, snd, sndl, tilray, there's so many big movers and bitcoin slash kryptos. One of them, of course, we have doge doge army. We will be watching all that throughout the day.

I just wanted to lay the foundation what's going on today and most likely for the week now. Let's click quickly turn our attention to what's going on at with amc this, so this is amc's daily chart. Let me switch over to the half hour. Chart uh: let's go to two hours just so we can better see.

What's going on so right here we're creating a very, very nice base in the low fives um. Let me throw up the rsi rsi relative strength index. Oh, this is horribly colored. Let me switch it just so it's more obvious all right! You guys should be able to better see this all right.

There we go okay, so right when we got into this zone uh. Obviously we know at one point: amc was trading around 20 with part of that short squeeze involving amc, slash, gme, um, i'm bringing this to your attention now, because it does look like we have a very nice base. That's finally, finally put in onto amc uh when you compare amc and gme, i am a lot more bullish on the long-term prospects of amc relative to gme, um and right now, um. I will explain what's going on today, but just in general, if we look back over past the past week, we have this nice trend line um, it's looking that, like things are finally turning around in the rsi, so we'll see how it plays out this week, but I wouldn't be surprised at some point um if we can hold that six dollars today, that's in a very important technical level above six, we have 625 by followed by 650 above 650, will most likely break above this trend line, and then we can see some upside From there, so 6.625 650 are three levels of clear importance that we will be watching on amc and i'm maybe if you guys have seen it on social media we've been seeing this whole thing about uh, tuesday, two million.

What it is um guys remember, i'm not a financial advisor, i'm not a lawyer, i'm not a tax expert. I just share my own opinions on things um. I just want to share. What's going on with social media right now, through a very related reddit wall street bets elite they're calling for this movement, which is tuesday, two million so basically at nine they're trying to get at 9 30 today, which will be in almost 20 minutes that two million People will be attempting to buy amc um.

I don't know if this movement, like what it'll generate. I just want to let you know what's going on. I view me much more of like reporting. What's going on with the news all this stuff, keeping you guys up to date on reddit so just know today, tuesday, 2 million 9 30 they're trying to get 2 million people to buy amc and, of course, with that many people buying.

If it does happen, you would think that it would go up, but let's see how it plays out, it's going to be fun, we'll we'll know the answer in 20 minutes uh. So just so, you guys know what's going on with tuesday 2 million. Also, this is a very uh good point for me to quickly so the artist of today's thumbnail is ben uh, awesome artist, great stuff check out his website check out his twitter. He helped me design the today's thumbnail and also, if you guys, have been checking out any of the live stream uh like those intros, that everyone seems to be very, very excited about hang on one.

Second, i don't know why it's not coming up. Uh hang on. Let me bring it up for you. I just want to give one more awesome.

Artist shout out uh the here. We go right here: uh charlie he's a member of the moon getting discord. He is the one who is responsible for making that awesome intro to all the live stream, um clips so shout out to charlie. I love that intro, it's the feedback from it has been amazing.

You guys are loving it uh. So all the props for that go right to charlie, if you yourself are an artist uh and you want to send something my way, i love to plug artists, uh, really cool artistic things coming through you guys are just a phenomenal awesome community all right now that We have that out of the way, so today huge things to watch uh, let's just pull up kryptos for a second right here, uh i'm using this is through bitstamp uh. I guess i could switch it over to coinbase. I know a lot of people are on that one uh, so coinbase like i just want to bring it up to show you that it's very, very similar i just happen to have all the uh technicals already drawn out on this one big bitcoin hit 50k.

While a lot of us um were getting ready for the market this morning, 50k, that's awesome, uh, no doubt because uh, it was assisted by that app. The announcement between apple and mastercard. So many exciting things to go right here, ethereum's still very much following its technicals uh dogecoin is below six cents, but i do want to bring up something that's going on with dogecoin and, of course, that space cowboy elon, let's just bring this up if major dogecoin Holders sell most of their coins. I will get my full support too much consideration.

Concentration is the only real issue. In my opinion, i will literally play actual dollars if they just void their accounts, uh. So once again, elon's still coming in in giant support of dogecoin um worthwhile to pay attention to right now it seems like dogecoin, is very, very tied to uh celebrity announcements endorsements things of that nature. So it is worthwhile to kind of have your finger on the pulse of what's happening in that world um.

Just so, you guys know i own bitcoin ethereum and dogecoin, i'm riding dogecoin for the wave, but i am a long-term investor on bitcoin and ethereum. At this moment in time, uh over the weekend, i've been studying a lot. It seems like a lot of people in chat. Are super fired up about um cardano, so i was looking into that seems interesting um to my understanding.

It's like a third generation coin uh. So the technology is a bit more advanced, so i want to study more of it, but i know a lot of people are in cardano, obviously guys. I just need you guys to all understand that i read your comments. Um we're always just looking for opportunity.

If you think you have like an opportunity, that's being slept on by everyone, let me know i'll try to do the research i'll present it to the group. It's just like. I view this as like one fun group, we're just sharing ideas and seeing how it goes. None of this is just like: buy and sell alerts.

Don't think of it that way, uh hang on. Can i change the aesthetics of this? I don't want it all white settings hang on. I also don't want to show too much information um. Let me see if i could do this really quick to make it better visually uh account.

How do you do this account settings? Let me quickly find it that white is gon na cause us to all go blind throughout the day preferences. Where is this security? Just want to figure this out really quick, because i love showing my account throughout the day i love being as transparent as i possibly can. I'm just having a tough time tracking this down preferences app appearance. Here we go dark all right close.

We are back in business all right, so right now we're down 100 bucks pretty much flat on the day uh. These are all the call options i am in, i'm looking to probably get out of cciv early, because those do expire. This friday, neo neo riot and sp virgin galactic, i have till the end of feb. Those are all feb 26.

These are the four option plays i'll be looking at today. Riot right now is up big rye closed right around 50, but, as you can see in pre-market trading, it's trading at 54. That call option will be up massive right now. It's up just one percent, pretty much break even um as soon as the market opens.

This call option will jump by a considerable amount um. I have two so maybe i'll lock in one off the bat just to get some profits locked in for the day, we'll see how that goes. Um, let me know guys what are the big watches today uh when i was doing my own um analysis on everything the i feel like we've already kind of covered everything like on the right side of the screen here uh we have the overall market, the three Main cryptocurrencies amc, gme uh, sndl tilray riot cciv spce neo tesla neo, i'm looking for another interesting day if it can hold 60. I'm looking for this breakout of the high 60 61..

That's why i bought the call options um just buying it off technical support, uh tesla, very, very nice. Bounce off of the high 700 looks like it's fighting back today, which is great great news um. So i'm excited to see how this all plays out. Let me know what you guys are watching i'll put ryan on the bottom here, amc on the top.

I just want to see how this tuesday, 2 million thing um. I no longer have my call options on amc. They expired, but i do still have all my amc and gme shares. Let's get going, let's get this energy moving today, um, let's go noodles passionate! Let's go! Let's go cosmic d, hello, hello! Let's get going everyone! Let's get excited all right.

We have about 15 minutes. So is there any other uh news that, like we just have to go over what's going on? Let me know: apha, okay, we'll look at apha oeg. Let's pull those up, we can do some quick chart breakdowns before uh, so oeg, just kind of trading sideways uh. All right, i will look at z, can uh so oeg we're looking for a break above either 950 or kind of a break below eight dollars.

Uh, it's trading sideways, so watch those levels mark them out. 950. Eight dollars uh bull, bear scenario, so we can stay on top of that one zeken. Let's check that out um all right.

Maybe we need the daily on this guy. Oh huge, huge gap up what kind of company is it? Uh ooh producer manufacturing industrial conglomerates, huge gap up uh when things like that happen, just pay attention to see if it holds like i like to wait a bit uh, i don't really like to make trades like opening trades before 9 45. I like to let the market play out a bit so uh see if that holds it, might quickly shoot for a gap fill down at 5 30., so joshua just be mindful of that. I really don't know why it's gapping up, i don't know the fundamentals on it um.

What else is moving today sos? I see a lot of people talking about sos uh internet software, limited okay, so huge gap up it's already trading at 9.65, be careful right at ten dollars. This support back here in march of 2019 and december of 2018 will most likely turn into resistance because on top of being support, it's also just an important key psychological level, so pay attention to 10 uh similar to zeken, see if the gap can hold so uh. Just be mindful uh for me, i wouldn't chase this a massive gap up um, if you're in it congrats you're up big, but for me i want to see how it plays out. You guys know i love to buy as close to support as possible.

So just be a bit mindful um of that one. What else is going on mara and riot thoughts if you think that'll go down, have a buy-in and a lower okay, so mario and ryan jojo? Thank you very much for that. Super chat. Um.

Here's! What's going on so mara, i believe: is the oil play right marathon, yeah, okay, so oil's been doing well lately, so marathon most likely doing well, uh. We are trading at 42 at this moment, so i really like that it got above this resistance at 40.. That's awesome, um. The next resistance looks like it's around 45.

Actually, so um i would be targeting those levels. I don't have a position after 45. You have 47, i'm just looking at these previous levels, where the stock was rejected, rejected, but marathon itself, most likely will keep running as long as oil holds strong. On the other hand, we have the blockchain play, which is riot and um.

If you guys were tuning in last week, when i closed the week out, i was just saying: hey. I want exposure to riot because it's a way to almost play bitcoin over the weekend. I thought that there was going to be bullish, follow through like knock on wood. Thus far it did get lucky.

Bitcoin did hit 50k, it looks like it could potentially keep running like who knows we're gon na be watching btc's throughout the day, but as long as bitcoin as a whole remains strong riot will be looking good. It closed out the week just below 50 at 49.28. We're already gapping up to 54. Today it hit a high of 58 so riot, very interested in seeing how riot plays out today, i'm hoping to capture some gains on it for sure i'm bullish on ryan as long as i'm bullish on crypto.

Thank you for that super chat jojo. I hope that helps you guys. What else um are we all looking at today? Oh, can anyone confirm i a couple. People were just messaging me this morning that um mara, not oh mara, am i confusing that with marathon like the oil company? What is let me, okay marathon, so i'm confusing it with marathon, the oil company uh mara, pat in group, not marathon marathon patent group is the crypto one so um well, overall, you guys should know that oil is running it's holding strong, so any of those oil Plays out there, but anyway, so mara, m-a-r-r-m-a-r uh different than the marathon oil looks very, very strong similar to riot like.

I would assume that they're gon na be moving together as long as crypto strong. As you guys know, my riot position i have 55 strike calls. I have two of them: they expire at the end of feb right now in break. Even i am expecting quite a large jump up.

I paid seven dollars and fifty cents per one. So it's a fifteen hundred dollar position uh but that'll be uh very, very different. In 10 minutes, when the market opens all right, how is sndl, i know, there's some people in discord still like sndl uh, moving back all right and also, i believe, the same with till ray, actually kind of perking up a bit: yeah 31 um above 32. I mean, as things get moving uh we'll see what the hot move of the day today is, and, of course we could pull it up on the big screen and do more of an analysis just to map out the technicals know what levels of support and resistance Like we really really care about um so guys whenever there's big movers, if you're seeing a big sector, let me know uh, we will definitely be talking about anything.

That's moving, um, i'm kind of excited. I think things could be uh bouncing back today. Finally, for amc, so that's going to be an interesting one. Let's look at ip! Thank you grape for that.

Um looks like it's kind of going for this gap fill today. Whatever this low is at 49.75, so it can hold if it can hold 49.75 clear resistance between the high 49s and 50 on the top side of that um, potentially a nice pop all the way to 52. So i would be watching that pretty decent graph, though i like to bounce off the low rsi uh, interesting opportunity, um seems kind of bullish overall, like i just want to see. If there's follow through above that 50 uh, sndl, tws and greg says, i see you p um all right.

So once again it looks like there are. Some of these marijuana plays moving. I just want to remind all of you that mj is a good etf that tracks all these as a whole um. Just a lot of the marijuana industry looks like right here on this dip.

The rsi was severely oversold seemed at that point. Obviously, in hindsight, not only did we have the support from back here in early early feb, the rsi was blown out looked at this point to be a nice dip-buying opportunity. Let's see if there's any follow-through on it. Also, let's check out tws.

The u.s is not coming up, so not a greg. Let me know what you mean by tws: i'm happy to bring it up: uh, okay, let's look at fubu the uh sports streaming thing, and i also believe that fubu is working to get into the world of sports gambling. They bought out balto sports fubu nice bounce back. I liked these levels of support.

I was actually trying to get in here and sell here. Obviously there was more juice to squeeze out of it, um, maybe bottoming out. I would look for a confirmation on this one. Um i'd feel more comfortable if it gets above this, like the 50 mark on posting this new higher low.

Let's draw a quick trend line yeah, so i would kind of just be paying attention to the 50 key psychological level. This trend line see what happens there from here um if the breakout above 50 can hold um, but i think there is like a decent sentiment, a decent bullish sentiment following through on fubu um about a month ago. I had some call options on it right now. I have no position on fubu but uh.

I definitely lean towards bullish on it. Yeah pltr. We definitely were talking about that. So they reported earnings.

It was kind of a mixed bag, they lost, they didn't hit on earnings, but then their revenue was good um. I already had this marked out right below 30.. I like this trendline. I like the support from this previous resistance.

I might be picking up some today for like a long-term hold on um pound here, in fact, before the market gets going. This is what's in my public portfolio. This is what i show to all you guys. I also need you to know that i have my own, like retirement, bigger investment portfolio.

This is more for fun to just like explain some of my thoughts to put my money where my mouth is. So these are my four call options: cciv neo riot spce at this moment in time, i'm most worried about spce because their test flight was scrubbed and over the weekend we didn't get any updates of when they plan on like rescheduling it. I believe that virgin galactic is down uh in pre-market right now. Let me just see if it's holding um, it is down a bit, but it's super super low volume uh.

I i'm just praying that it can hold this bottom trend line if it breaks below it, especially on volume. I will have to cut the position for a like decent size loss, but what i'm looking for is a breakout above this trend line around 57 and then a breakout above 59.40. So out of my four call options: uh, that's the one i'm most worried about. I'm guys i have not sold my amc or gme.

Here's proof, i'm still in my amc, gme position and here are my other investments: apple alibaba, cciv, draftkings, fuel cell uh, palantir workhorse, and then i have doge ethereum and i own quite a bit of bitcoin. In my um blockfy account all right four minute warning team: let's get going uh very, very excited to see how today gets going. Let's switch this over to the oops toray i'll, throw up sndl on the bottom left. I know there's a lot of sndl interest, we'll go to one minute here, we'll go to one minute: let's get ready for the opening, all right.

Who is guys, let me know in the chat. Where is more interest? Are you guys still in on amc or is there more interest in this point in the cannabis sector stocks? Let me know not a greg tsm. Let me do that. Really quick tsm! Oh i like tsm.

So this is a big uh supplier to companies such as apple they're, like one of the largest electronic uh component suppliers, to like huge, huge companies, new all-time high. To me, i wouldn't i'm not day trading tsm, i'm just looking at it as like. A great long-term investment, it's a massive producer for some of the biggest companies on this planet um. I don't really follow them day to day uh.

I would have loved to pick some up as close to 100 as possible, but um. It's still pushing okay, huge huge excitement in amc like very clear off the bat um, so amc is going to stay up top as long as it's moving and doing something uh sndl is going to be in the bottom left i'll, like hot swap out this bottom Right one to see what's going on, i just need to clarify just in case i'm selling riot quickly. Just so you know i have two at 7 50.. I will be um just so you know i might sell one right off the bat just to lock in profit.

So i want you to i'm just calling out my plays ahead of time, just in case things get pretty hectic, but i would love for a huge, huge pop um. I'm i'm excited to see if this volume actually falls through with that whole tuesday. Two million thing on amc uh. I just pulled up the volume it's on the bottom of the screen.

Maybe i should pull up volume on all of these. Let's get going moon gang. Let's get the excitement um, i feel like we need to get since it's a short in training week. We almost have to get the excitement um from yesterday and today, all packed into today, because the market wasn't open yesterday we're down on one day of excitement.

So we got to get this energy going good vibes only absolutely no no suits. Let me hang on youtube. I completely forgot. Let me grab something over here, all right, all right uh, if you guys have anything of importance to send me throughout the day, remember at matt, underscore coors on twitter and on instagram uh.

I would really really appreciate, if you guys could retweet this out into the interwebs, get uh more people here. Let's have a good time. Let's go see. What's going on with the market open, we have about a minute left: ding ding, ding, 30 seconds 20 seconds, uh neo riot cciv.

Where is cciv here we go. The bell is about to go off ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four three, two one pitter patter, let's get at her ding ding ding market, is open, amc off the bat red. I thought it was going to get hit with green all right. Um, huge jump right away in these ride calls up 35 percent uh.

Let's see how what happens with that david. What's up brother, how you been, let's have a solid week! Thank you david awesome, to see you welcome back. I hope you had a great long weekend now, let's make some money david shout out, i that was a huge super chat. Thank you.

Let's go moon gang all right, uh btc will be up here. It's also on the top right. Just so you guys know uh right now. It's trading under 49 kind of rejected at 50, like i think it hit 50 600, depending on which um exchange you're using.

But i would love for bitcoin to not only hit 50k again but um, let's see if it can get above it. Oh anyway, i wanted to ask you uh moon gang uh. Some people were tweeting at me that charles schwab bought 3.7 million shares of amc. Can anyone confirm that i didn't want to say it like definitively happened or anything, because i couldn't like find that specific piece of information, but could anyone, let me know if they also heard it or if they have the information to back that up good tip on Training view press indicators and look for a super trend.

All right i'll have to do that is bngo running bngo was bngo nice gap up yeah bngo. So right now it's it looks like a lot of the market gapped up, but it's not being held, but also keep in mind we're a minute in you. I love to wait. The first 15 minutes see how things play out, especially on the first day of a trading week, lots of positions, huge huge volume relative to the rest of the day.

Look at this riot already going all right just so. Everyone knows uh, like i said i do have two riot call options: um, i'm just seeing what i can do with them right, so i'm in at riot on at what is this 750. So i'm gon na try to sell one at uh 1250 to lock in 500 1250 i'll. Let you know if it fills.

I put the order out. Let's see if it goes, how is our friend cciv doing cciv dropping a bit remember last week it closed or it closed at 39, the high 39's, but it did get above 40.. I want some nice follow through uh sndl selling off once again, keep in mind. Sndl two dollars is what we wanted to hold key psychological level.

That's what i'm watching amc fighting back at six! That's very, very good! If amc can hold six a huge line of importance for bears bulls six dollars, sndl looks like it might bounce actually a little bit early we're seeing some volume flow in. Let's go, i'm seeing a lot of excitement in sndl. I know on dave, portnoy and bar still sports kind of picks up some interest, for it he's been in and out of it uh how's tilray doing till ray up is that 31 holding 31 that's exciting, come on riot. Make me proud, keep moving, i'm seeing some comments about sckt from the chat, matthew, ertf stuff about hiding shorts, um matthew i'll, have to look into that xrt etf stuff about hiding gme shorts, uh thoughts, uh i'll have to look into it.

I haven't heard of it i'll write that down and check into it xrt holding gme shorts i'll look into it. All right right is on the move. Uh makes kind of sense bitcoin, also at 49.2 uh. Here's bitcoin in the top right nice remember.

The high is 58. um. I have that one order to sell at 12.50. Just so i can lock in 500..

Uh spce is bringing me down, but it looks like neo is pushing uh nioh the ev play uh. Well, sckt people have been asking about sckt. Let me quickly bring that up. Looks like it's.

A big mover, sckt huge gap up um. Do we have anything on the news of what happened with s socket mobile? Let me know i did not uh chris woodward. I did not sell spce, i'm still in it. Um right now just kidding i'm going for like a miracle play.

Basically, this support that i have mapped out on it in the low 51's. I'm hoping that this acts as support. If it breaks, i have to get out um just a bad, just a trade that didn't go. My way i was buying on this breakout didn't hold the test.

Flight got scrubbed uh, i'm just hoping 5122 can hold ryan's, still pushing sndl, let's go team. What else is moving? Let me know those big movers sends do what's: dojo doge uh at 5.5 cents. I really want doge back above seven cents, that's an important level for it. Just so everyone knows we are pushing my first sale target on ryan, a dollar more um, i'm pushing for 12.50 on that first, one i'll, let you know if it ever goes through amc, looks like it's gearing up to test six dollars once again um.

It looks like that whole tuesday, two million buyers thing didn't play out the way they wanted it to all right. Hyln is moving. Oh nice um highly on another eevee play big resistance at twenty dollars. If it can get on the top side of that um.

That's looking good uh just highly on i. I have that in my own retirement portfolio, i'm in at 30, so i'm still down quite a bit, but i look at it as like. A longer term hold they they're in the world of like switching out class 8 vehicles, those big uh trucks, you see on the highway to eevee uh, they redo the powertrain uh. So if that's an ev play that you're interested in just so you know, god, i really really want cciv to get moving uh, it's down.

Almost it's down five percent. Today, that's big! I think people were waiting to see. They were hoping that there would be an announcement between the spak and lucid motors. Obviously that did not materialize this weekend, but we'll see what what happens from here at least neo is at 61.

That's exciting, all right riot. I need riot to swing back. What was that pre-market high? The pre-market high was 58 38.. All right, let's go moon gang.

What are you watching? Who's up money, pmg orders placed through cash app take a while to get through. Keep that in mind. Thank you for that. Shout out.

Anyone on cash app, it does take a bit to get through um. Someone just said: uh tesla's, following watch tesla 800 watch for support there, all right, bitcoin, still hanging at 49.2 ethereum, just under 1800 doge at 5, 5 still amc battling it out to uh, get reclaimed that six dollar mark riot's moving cciv uh, actually positive trend space. Above 52, neo 61 tesla, okay, we're getting a good um good basis for the day. Yes, i'm still in gme, i'm still in amc, uh all right, trch on the daily movers list.

Thank you kay, franco. I appreciate that sos is moving um cosmic. What are we looking at there? Okay, so this is what's going on with sckt. Thank you for this uh.

They launched dura scan for the iphone 12. That's awesome, uh multiple sources, williston! What's going on so shout out to nuke nuke dukem g cam, cosmic d, wilson, k, franco all alive, already posting great information till ray apha cosmic d, inhales love it all right! Amc coming back down, uh looks like it's having a tough time getting a back above six all right, maybe so trhc trch wait. Trch did i do that. One right, yep, daily movers uh, looks like uh torchlight energy resources up quite a bit.

Um, i'm not in this uh, it's just getting posted in the discord. It's gone from sub three up to four nice huge percentage gain it's up. 41! That's awesome! Right! Coming back! Hopefully i can get out capture some profits. Cciv on the move, team, um, sndl selling off - let's throw ccib up here.

I know: there's people in cciv. Look at this movement who's in cciv. Let me know discord and or youtube chat, uh neo matt. You currently have more viewers and more likes than another trading channel with one million plus subs.

That's also streaming the market now crushing it dude zip. I appreciate that and honestly the entire success, the entire fun and energy of this is all thanks to you guys if you're listening in whether you've been following me now for a couple weeks or today's your first day, all that goes to you. Your support is incredible. Uh i, the community that the moon gang has become is phenomenal.

I i wake up every day, so excited to hang out with all of you, like, i truly truly do yesterday. I felt like that um. What's that the narcos pablo escobar meme, where he's just like sitting around all day, like i felt like i was missing out, because the market was close, like usually i like the breaks on market holidays and now with this awesome awesome community, like i i miss it. I, like i, was so close to streaming yesterday, just to talk to everyone um, but thank you.

That's so incredibly, nice uh, thank you for everyone tuning in. Let's have a good time. Let's learn some stuff, hopefully we're making some money cciv on the move, come on. Cciv uh forty dollars magic line riot, also on the move.

Who is anyone else in riot? I know i'm in riot, but i'm also looking to capture profits pretty soon riot. Looking for this breakout, 5750 uh, it's coming, there's so much momentum behind riot right now. Let's go oh, i would love uh the hunt the day, if i'm ever fortunate, which i think it will come to hit 100k subs. That would be so so cool uh.

I would love to do like that's when you get the silver play button. I would love to do the reveal show all of you guys on it uh, just because i view it as a huge moon gang thing like i don't view this, as just me matt course like we are one family, one community. Obviously, i mess around we're all space apes and that stuff, but it really is because of you awesome people all right. Gsat is breaking down lenny.

What is going on brother. I hope you had a great great weekend, lenny happy to have you back lenny, calling out gsat uh breaking down. Well, it looks like the support was found right here on friday's support and also on the thursday's resistance. So clearly, two dollars and 30 cents is pretty important.

If this can hold might be a good risk. Reward set up uh, especially because, like the upside is like pretty decent, but if it breaks below 230 uh, i mean your next. Stop is 215 past that you have two. So just let me check out 230.

That's what i would personally do. I would actively stock 230 and see how it reacts to that cosmic cosmic, trying to short moon gang breaking our heart. Let's go all right: riot's still moving cciv coming back guys cc iv, we might as well throw a party forward above 40., what's going on with bitcoin um if sndl ends up moving at all. Let me know i'm going to throw a bitcoin here, because it also looks like bitcoins on the move might be moving for that 50k again uh.

It briefly held it early early this morning uh. So we got to have a moon gang party if it gets above 50k andrew morning matt and greg any other noobs confused when stream wasn't on yesterday, when the market was closed yeah i was getting some messages of people making sure uh like that. I was all right and first of all thank you so so much but um, no, it's just market closed and i was prepared to stream some crypto but, like it just bitcoin didn't look like it had the momentum to follow through uh to 50. andrew.

Thank you for that super chat very, very kind. Pltr 3150 call expiring march 5th. What do you think? John peters? That's a good question: ooh churchill breakdown but riot looking strong bitcoin looking strong. These are going to trend together, bitcoin, crypto and riot will trend together.

Uh, probably the same with mara, once again, i'm sorry for messing that up before i was always thinking about the oils that the oil stock pltr pltr, it's in my buy range lit like it is showing a bit of weakness. You might want to see what happens at 28 26, but to me this is a great dip buy. I don't know if march is enough time, but i am a long-term bull on palantir so like to me. This is a good opportunity to buy more.

But hey. That's my own silly opinion all right riot make me proud, i'm close to getting my first thing filled. Once again. I i have a once.

I have two i'm trying to sell one at 12.50, lock in 500 in profit, start today off right, i'm close at 12.50. We're getting there come on riot uh sndl, let's pull up sndl again sndl, trying to fight it out at 2. 15.. Let's throw up amc, amc, uh, not a good sign.

It couldn't hold six the whole tuesday, 2 million movement um doesn't seem to really be like bringing anything like too exciting through oh uh. Someone is saying that e-trade is blocking amc. Is that is anyone else? Can you guys confirm that, if you're on e-trade, uh spce selling off sub 51 man, i might have to just cut that for a big loss that is not looking the best ugh riot how's, my spce doing spc is really really bringing me down right now, shoot All right riot, let's make some money back, alright uh, getting a shout out for what is this one yeah, the cosmicd? I agree. The overall volume does seem to be pretty low.

Today, um cmgr is up 15, maybe a mistaken identity of clubhouse social media. It could be uh. Vism is up 10 13 uh, let's check out trch i'll, throw that up on the bottom left, really quick, trch trch on the move, huge gap up it found a base at four dollars and trch is on the move. Today.

Torchlight energy resources, ticker symbol, trch already up 54 today, almost 55, that is phenomenal, awesome uh is anyone in trch, uh, mayor v-y-n-e had a one-to-four reverse stock split over the weekend. Historically, do splits reverse splits like they affect the the share price in a certain way? Um, so they shouldn't, because theoretically, it's equivalent to turning a five dollar bill into five one dollar bills, or vice versa, so it shouldn't, but it ends up actually having an impact. For example, when apple and tesla announced their stock split, the stock actually ran up all the way to the actual day of the stock split um. So it shouldn't because nothing is fundamentally different about the company um, but it does - and i think that's just more of a psychology thing if people think that it's cheaper when it's like not the the company, still has the same value all right.

Let's take a look at mvis, i know that is a desired. One. Hang on i'll just do trch still on the move, uh worthwhile to throw onto your watch list. I am not in trch but uh.

It's moving today, all right. Let's look at the daily nbis nvis uh, it's just kind of in no man's land right now it either needs to break out from the high on thursday, which is at 21.75, but if it does, i would think that it could go past 22.. That's just my own thoughts, of course anything can happen, but uh. I would think that it could go past 22., so we'll see how that plays out uh, but it's looking bullish overall, like if you're not in it.

It's not my style to chase nvis, but this chart is bullish. It looks like it's probably going to hit a new all-time high today uh. Thank you that's so kind. Thank you for that super chat happy to have new subscribers need help finding a good brokerage in the uk with loads of stocks that i can invest in and that's a good portfolio like robinhood and pays dividend.

That's from s speechless. So if anyone is in the uk right now and feels like very confident about their brokerage, shout it out help out a fellow space ape that is for s speechless horse and oak welcome back. Can you look and comment on at sos? Yes, thank you for once again returning horse and oak, we are checking out sos riot uh. Moving again looks like riot is about to gun for a new all-time high uh sos huge gap.

Up so be careful. The market loves to do gap fills that would be already sub eight, but let's look at it on an intraday basis, um, so i'm not in sos, but i know it's been a popular one. Lately people are killing it so right here this is kind of um. A bullish looking chart honestly, at least on an intraday look at that found a nice base at 1080..

So if i, if you guys force me to get into sos right now, what i would do is i would just use 1080. As my risk point, i would hope for breakout. I would pay attention to a rejection at 12.50, so about a dollar, so decent intraday risk reward setup, just not exactly my style, but those are the levels i would watch. I would watch this intraday support at 10.

80, 10, 90 and the upcoming resistance at 12.50, and basically i would just have my fingers crossed that. There's a bullish follow through, but um depending. I don't really know. What's going on of why they gapped up so much so it could obviously just get smacked pretty quickly, but um interesting, looking chart okay, so uh someone just bought amc uh! I i'm a little slow took me a little bit to get that, but anyway, uh someone is buying amc on e-trade without issues uh we're getting positive things about sends sends is on the move today.

Let's look at the daily chart for everyone. They just had really cool uh announcements related to like a diabetic tool. I believe a nice gap up it hit a new all-time high gap up from. Basically it was just training at four.

Now it's already up 25, it's up 23 on the day, uh ascends um. I know that there's some holders in it, so that's pretty interesting like in in between both these groups. I know people are making money on cents. That's awesome looks like things are, selling off a bit right now, geofranco yeah, i mean sends like you would be chasing if you get it now, but uh, it's kind of a fundamental development with uh their diabetic tool, so that's great it gapped up.

Obviously, the market is really liking their technical advancements uh. What's going on amc amc, the big line in the sand is at six dollars. Watch amc is the bulls need to retake that george? What's going on hey good morning, um hope you had a nice weekend. Do you think nndm is a good to enter by position right now, all right, let's throw up nndm.

I was in that i sold it only because i wanted to free up some capital uh nndm. I really like this bounce off of this trend line. Uh. That makes me confident in it.

Nndm has the capability to push like 18 um, as you can see here, let's go on to this daily chart, so it we just have like kind of a wedge situation, so i would look for it to hold. Maybe this support in the low 14s, this trend line. So basically i personally, i would try to re like what i'm going to do is try to re-enter as close to 14 as possible and i'll watch this region between like 16 and 1650 as resistance uh. For those of you who don't know about nano dimension, it is a 3d printing company.

I believe, based in israel, uh lots of lots of cash on hand it the i mean, and also the ceo, has basically admitted it that they're looking for a company to acquire. Maybe multiple private businesses, when that announcement comes out. If the, if it's like the right company to acquire, i can see the stock like really really running uh, getting some comments that etoro's down how about snpr snpr smpr. Oh tortoise acquisition, um gap up uh, so i this is kind of a like.

Obviously there's some bearish sentiment. I would be careful like you - do - have a support at 1450. Then you have this resistance which could turn into support at 14. But then you also have a gap fill at 13..

So for me i would wait to see how it reacts in this area from 13 to 14.. I wouldn't i wouldn't rush this trade, but that's just my own style. Looking at this chart, i would love to see what the market makers do with this gap all right riot. Turning back around okay, getting other confirmations that etoro is down um.

What do you think about? Oh vvv, ovv ovv, huge like it looks very bullish right now. Uh massively bullish, in fact um it looks like the next stop, will be just above like right around 24. So it looks like to me if i had a position in it, which i don't i would let the next dollar 40 play out and see just how it reacts to 140. But if you're not in it once again, just know that you're close to support is close to 18.

So if you're not in it, yet the risk reward isn't in your favor. But if you are in it, you might as well just ride that trend uh congrats. No more student loans well congrats on the name, but i also hope you're in it here is one of the oil plays uh. So before i confuse morrow with marathon, the oil company marathon looks like it might actually be pushing up to 48 as oil goes up.

This is going up, but just be careful. The rsi is kind of blown out with that uh rick l. Any thoughts on. I believe this is rolls rolls-royce r-c-r-y-c-e-y rolls-royce um, so my thoughts on them is at this moment, r-i-r-y-c-e.

Why there we go. Is that they're? Well, it is it's a penny stock. It's an otc! So it's already not my favor um, but man. It does look like it formed a nice base here at a dollar 30 uh with the rsi very very low.

So i kind of like that, like, if you're willing to take this 10 cent risk and like honor, that risk like if it breaks below getting out of your position but clearly there's a decent amount of upside. I mean my first target would be 150. My next target 180, followed by that you have 250 and then, of course, you have this gap all the way up to 330., so the risk rewards in your favor. But for me i just don't like otc um.

I know that rolls royce, i believe, is making the engines right now for um virgin galactic, so that could be really really interesting um. So it does have prospects neo on the move. Okay, that's good! I still haven't sold. One of my riot calls my riot once again sitting at 12.50, we have about 40 cents to go uh looking to lock in 500 uh what is actually neo doing uh.

It would be nice if ev could wake up today. Finally, i am bullish on neo in the long term and my reasoning, for it was this breakout uh. It looked like it reaffirmed this trend line and it's on the move again. So the next test for neo is at 64.

uh, i'm looking for a bullish, technical breakout on neo at the 64 price level. Uh from there i mean i, i kind of think it could run back up to the start of this bull wedge uh at 67.. That's what i'm personally watching on neo! That's why i bought calls on it um. I was just looking for this trend line to be reaffirmed.

It looks like that's how it's playing out. I feel much more comfortable above 63. 64 65, though uh just more price action. Confirmation, basically, all right, let's throw up sndo back here.

I don't want to forget about it: selling off sndo watch two dollars: amc watch six dollars; gme watch it to hold fifty dollars, they're, just not like big movers at the moment, uh matt comment and a rtl sure hey. I believe i missed that sorry. So a bioscience one, oh interesting. Okay, so with this one be careful about this gap fill to whatever this is uh, so it gapped up it couldn't hold it.

This could lead so watch for support to be found in this region, specifically the low twos. That would be my first thought. I wouldn't do this. I wouldn't personally, i wouldn't hop in right now, just because that risk to reward like you would be risking at a minimum this, but a better risk in the high ones.

So i would let the chart develop for me, it's a good one to watch, but i wouldn't be trying to rush that play how's cciv doing guys. We need cciv back above 40 to get this party. Uh started philip: what's going on uh? What do you think about lkco? I i think we checked this one out last week, lkco huge runner, uh technology services, package, software um, it's a new one, uh it's running like a madman, but it also had a pretty serious sell-off. I mean, if you're in it congrats, because it looks like that.

Next resistance is right below five dollars from all the way back here. What is this low? The low is 4.95, so that's kind of interesting um. If you're not in it, though, the risk to reward is a bit blown out. You could use two dollars right here.

This resistance to turn into support. So, if you like that risk to reward um, you could have at it. I don't really know what they do uh. What is this company leading interactive location-based services and big data processing technology company in china? So that really doesn't tell me much.

I was just curious if they were like somehow involved in the world of crypto, but from a technical standpoint. This breakout above two dollars is very, very strong, so i would look for two dollars to either hold or be reaffirmed and really the next stop on this one is like just below five dollars, so decent risk reward setup. I just don't know that much about the company all right, ccib, coming back up, showing some action, i'm getting destroyed on spce trch and dnn trch huge huge shout out to the discord for that. I mean they've been calling out trch this morning.

Massive massive moves, i'll just show everyone that chart really quick huge gap up, looks like it could keep moving um. The resistance i would watch is going to be right above 450 kind of actually where it was rejected today, but uh 540 is like a main one. I would watch on tr c h, uh d and n. Thank you.

Kenneth uh easy this one's 140. resistance resistance, resistance watch 140 decent chance of it getting rejected there, so not much of an upside because the rsi is blown out. But if it somehow like surmounts that and gets above it um, oh man there's a lot of resistance in dnn uh you're talking 140 150, 160 170 pretty much every 10 cents. There's big resistance on dnn.

So i don't think that the risk reward's in your favor, because there's resistance, like scattered all the way up to two dollars and the rsi, is blown out. I would avoid that one personally, how is our friend pltr doing today after their announcement? It's right in that region of support, let's see if it can catch a bid uh. I would be interested in trying to buy a couple more shares, though. Let's see how that reacts is there.

What are the big movers of today? This is finvis everyone fit You can use it um, it's free uh. Let's look at the top gainers t-r-c-h-s-o-s-a-l-j. I s c k, t uh, so these are all the big ones.

Here's how the market as a whole looks thus far by sector. So it looks like communications, green um, technologies, kind of in the red financial, mixed bag, healthcare mix, healthcare, red energy's, looking green, all the oil ones are running real estate in the red utilities in the red. This is a cool tool. You can get it for free.

I'm in like no way affiliated with them or sponsored with them, but it is something i use day in and day out all right. I need riot to come back. Please riot. Let's do this neo, i would love it above 62..

Spce is demolishing me today. All right, ctrm, the marine shipping one, let's go uh. What are we okay, so coinbase about an hour in so i know it's annoying. Let me just quickly: do this plug uh guys if you're watching right now and you enjoy it, we're at 800 likes if we could get that up to a thousand? I would really really appreciate it if you're new to the stream.

I know there's a lot of repeat customers, that's awesome, but if you're new make sure to subscribe, uh turn on your notifications, so you can stay up to date with the moon gang um. If you want free stocks, it is uh, there's weibo below if you're really really interested. In riding this bitcoin wave sign up for block fi, you can get up to 250 dollars of free um bitcoin. Sorry i just got conf um distracted.


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