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What's going on, what's going on we're back we're back we're back pirates pirates the pirates special, i miss matt already i miss me too. I appreciate you guys coming right back in um. That's awesome! I don't know what's going on, sometimes you just have to fight with youtube. It's insane.

It's insane in the membrane, we'll see how, if i get my people back or not like stream, just scored minecraft server, no nerd, wallet's good. All right we're getting people back took me to andrew suss um, no notification, really people are still make sure your notifications for me are on because it turned it off from a lot of people. When i um was terminated as you're joining we. I would appreciate it if you uh dropped a like just to keep it rolling.

Let's just keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger dream. Health uh give us a scoop on the day before everyone joins the stream. The scoop on the day is the short inches for gamestop when sky high amc's started off sky high and it got slightly higher. Dogecoin looks like it wants about to break out from 40 cents, and the overall market is looking a bit weak tesla's down because of some crash apple.

I guess is coming back actually apple 134.50 uh, but my notifications have always been set to always and i've never gotten them for you, team team team team team gang we got the afternoon session for amc, gme, quick, restart and across the board we're seeing green amc On its way, back up to 970 gamestop on its way up to 164 dogecoin up to 39., you got notified yeah. I mean i guess that was a good test for everyone to know if you will or won't get notified. Let's do this thing papa. Everyone needs to realize matt.

If you acknowledge this post. I will like your video. I appreciate that that's very kind of you, dr t, quinlan jimmy only likes after hours. Action jimmy likes to party and sleep in all day.

Welcome back. Welcome back everyone. What's going on trenton adam tim, alexis, jessica, razor derrick seraphim shows up all right the j, so it looks like people are finding it better, but i guess in the end matt, if you ignore this post i'll, like the video, i guess you can't like it now. Nick because i read it matt, if you don't acknowledge this post, i won't not like your video.

Well, that's just too many negatives, i'm not sure where we even ended on that one. I have subbed and turned on my notifications as well. Land youtube been slacking and not letting me know when i was a boy in bulgaria, hey matt, if you ignore this post i'll, like your video, not now ethan you're not allowed to like it restart more often is good for the amc price. I do admit it did seem to help amc, the restart so um.

I don't believe the notifications go out until the scheduled time, aka 155. So do people get the notifications now that 1 55 eastern has passed, you were on my home, page fyi, okay. I appreciate that um. It would mean the world to me if, as you guys are coming in, if you could hit the like, i mean it would be awe if there's 1 200 people in here.

If we could do such a high ratio of a thousand people, like that's a huge ratio, i've never had that many um just help get people back in here. I truly appreciate it. Dropping a like is uh. It obviously really helps me out.

It lets me fight with youtube at a minimum. I noticed after you were reinstated, i saw it showed join instead of c perks. When i went to my subscription settings it had suspended my subscription. I had to reactivate it.

Oh, like your uh membership with me, jerry jerry, is that what you're talking about i got approved for doge beta on weeble do day trade still count on crypto. I don't believe so. No but uh jerry is that what you're talking about is like the youtube membership, whether you're, like an astronaut or a space, ape all of that stuff got um like i guess paused it suspended the subscription. When i refresh, i got your live notifications, when i post a uh here, we go amc.

That's it's! Looking nice and strong. When i post a like an update video like in the at night from the day, do you guys get notifications for that or is there an issue in both? I don't know i unsubbed and resubbed. I wonder if i lost a lot of members when i was terminated. I didn't even think about that.

That was like such a an ordeal. That's like so frustrating because, like i didn't do anything and they think that they're like oh well, we gave you back. It's fine, it's like well, no, i lost views. I lost members.

I lost like just like all this stuff. Like there were videos saying i was being investigated by the sec, like that whole ordeal, and i strongly believe i did nothing. It's not like that. The damage was nothing it wasn't that, like, oh, okay, no you're, fine like we'll just give it back and no damage done, i'm like no.

There was definitely damage done. I don't get it damaged. Yes, matt. It was like it was canceled as my next billing date for your channel, so i had to click the option that i wanted to continue.

Man - and that's just like i don't know, i hate talking about that stuff because then it comes up of like oh matt's, trying to push it like wants some money, but like i guess it, i don't know if you were a member and you want to continue Your membership make sure that it's still there and if you're, a member - and you don't want to be a member - make sure you cancel it. I guess that's the most like fair way. I could talk about it. I hate this, like the pushy vibe of this world, to buy this pay for this blah blah blah.

That's why i like pushing things like weeble more because it's just free money like you, don't have to spend a dime to sign up. You get a free, 10 bucks. I feel like as a human way better about like pushing that you've got competition on trey's channel you've got chair, but he has lamp um. I guess so, but in the end, maybe we'll just play into the drama and then when we like launch their only fans, it'll just make us gazillions of dollars.

Weibo also halted trading. In january, though yeah rel, like it wasn't just robin hood, that halted trading. It was many and it wasn't neces. It was like it was so many things.

It was robin hood. It was weeble e-trade etoro, like everything halted, the buying of gme amc, noke bb, like all those and what it was was more of like none of these companies had enough collateral with the um dtcc. What the difference was in that situation was that robin hood was one of the last ones to reinstitute the trading of those stocks. Again, amc it is taking off.

Are you still in your eric puts? No amc, we need a rocket emoji. I got notifications from discord. Not youtube. I like this picture, crayola crayon, amc, priming priming to explode.

You stop getting ads from my videos too. Well, if you have youtube premium, i don't think you're ever shown ads. So go that much. That could just be a uh, a youtube premium thing here.

Looking smooth today, matt strats, i love it. How will we know when the shorts are actually covering when the shares on loan drop and but every day, they're just going up and up and up right here, let's go out to the three month: let's hide this, so the shares on loan and the estimated short Interest the trend is clearly up, so the the net difference per day is more and more shirt. Shorts, dogecoin up ticking with amc uh if trey is live, call him and ask him to put him on speaker then rip him over lamp. True will come over and beat up lamp if you don't stop flexing sounds like a pretty powerful lamp.

But then again a chair is a pretty powerful chair. Do you make a different amount on money on premium viewers versus ad viewers? Well, it's! It is different and i don't know which one is better because, like if you're on youtube and like you look at a video, especially let's say a live stream, you you see a couple different things you see here. Actually i could probably bring this up hang on. I could give you the exact numbers youtube i'll.

Look at the content, live streams for any of you who are in um the youtube universe are just curious about how it works, analytics revenue all right, that's showing absolutely nothing. Let me go to an older one. Analytics revenue, so it shows ad revenue and then it just says youtube premium revenue which must be like you get a cut of it of when you would have shown an ad. But then, if they're a premium member you don't and then the other one is uh transaction revenue which i assume is super chats and also channel memberships.

So ads a weird cut. I don't know how they figure, that out of youtube premium and then transactions and there's two types of transactions. Super chat, which is, i guess, also super emotes and then channel memberships is how they split it up and like off. The top youtube takes like before anything happens, youtube takes 30 percent like right away before anything else.

Like 30 percent mine gone, i don't know how to say your name, but thank you for becoming an astronaut. A member, never feel bad about pushing subs bro. I watch you like six hours a day. A few bucks a month is perfectly fair for all of your entertainment.

I appreciate that nick, that's very nice, i'll push that don't forget to hit the subscribe button, but really, if you're new to the moon game, hey, i would appreciate um if we could get the lights up. That would be awesome, since the restart just fighting with youtube. We're pushing 3000 now if we could get the likes up to 2000, if everyone, if you could just take one quick second drop that like i would appreciate that uh we're just fine with the algorithm today. It's a pain in the butt, but i guess it's just part of live streaming on youtube, so matt equals chair, tracheal's lamp max equals table.

Uh uh, uh dogecoin is looking pretty dang strong tesla 710. I love lamp chair like from both accounts. Awesome. You guys are so helpful brush it crush it crush it crush it.

I just like i don't know. I don't know why it doesn't come up all the time. I'm just always i mean since my background's in software engineering, i'm kind of curious. There has to be something going on that.

They think it's they promote things when they can make more money off of it. I would assume trial what, if i i want to look at myself, it's weird. The days were from my own channel, like i can't find me, but now i'm seeing me as well. We are doing this amc showing some serious strength.

That's to make you happy. My amc sell price 100k. I love that. As far as i know, you make nothing on premium viewers, according to other youtube channels.

That's why you need to make your own advertisers. That's where the channels make money yeah, you definitely get more money from sponsorships, but, like i don't think i'm at like that critical mass point where they actually care about it, like i think, like a hundred thousand, is definitely very, very good, and this channel like when I started this channel just over a year ago, now, 13 months ago, that was like all i could ever envision. I was like okay like if i work really hard for like multiple years. I could hit 100k, like i never envisioned the day of getting past.

100. 000 subscribers so like by far this has like exceeded, like my wildest goals with it, but now that i'm more into it. I realize like that, even that, like there's people with like whatever 200 300 or 400 000 and the sponsorship game is weird because it's the nichiren, it's like what's hot in that time, um i don't know. I think some of my antics are off-putting to some sponsors, but now been listening since you first started thanks for covering doge, i've made a great return on the investment still waiting on gme and amc to launch me too.

I'm in all three i'm excited for all three. Would you consider that a double bottom on amc on amc? No, i mean if you're talking about these ones, yeah at 950., antics you're, so brand friendly, it's crazy! Well, then, why don't toyota and toyota corolla and uh crayola get back to me the corolla crayola dual partnership? If billboard can get sponsorship, so can you but bill brewer's following is like exponentially larger than mine? I am still working on that sponsorship with um. What is it manscaped? So if you ever plan on buying manscape, don't do it yet until i could get you that 20 code, i actually don't know it takes so long like sponsorships, like my envisioning, is that they email me and they're like yo. We want to sponsor you like: let's do this in two days and i'm like okay sounds cool.

Tell me what to read, and they don't work like that. It like goes through this whole process of like arguing about a contract and then they're, like figuring out weird details, and they basically tell you what you can and you can't say, and you can't like sponsor anything. That's possibly competition which all makes sense. But it's so slow and then, by the time you figure all that out.

It's um like okay. We want this ad for, like the end of like next month. It's like it's like in four or five weeks, and maybe that's the speed at which, like bigger ones, move but like when i'm not sponsored by anyone like i'm ready to go whenever you need an agent chair needs an agent. I don't need an agent on tiblio.

Are the earnings calls and indicator of if you lean, call, alls or puts on tiblio or the earnings calls and indicator? If you no, i mean you can interpret it. However, you want like it's just giving you the information like it's not really like. It's just showing you how position people are positioning themselves um before it. So if you think that they're all wrong - and it could go wildly the other way or if you think they're all right and you want to pile on with them - um it's just presenting you the data and then you use it.

However, you see fit. If you looked into using streamlabs chat turns into a game, you can do contests stuff like that plus outside of youtube revenue stream, gamify the chat, and it increases the chat rate and such i thought streamlabs was just like obs like i thought it was just like Another way to like start live streaming. I didn't know that you could turn chat into game. You can do contest stuff like that um dallas harvey yeah.

I would love a little bit more of info on that. That one sounds cool. Why so blurry am i blurry? I'm not blurry, you might want to refresh matt, i'm not dangerous, also matt, you need matches and gas for a huge fire to the moon. Please elon take real doggo to the moon x-ray.

Thank you for that super chat. Streamlabs is awesome worth looking into, so streamlabs is different than obs streamlabs. All right. Let me look at what streamlabs is stream labs.

I also need a new computer computer. A lot of people were messaging me about like a resin, seven or something like that. All in one live streaming: software matt, heffy, a rock star and pokemane a gamer, and she looks like this check out. I'm pokeymane, i am a streamlabs gamer.

Well, that's something! I'm cool! I'm hip, i'm cool! I give the piece symbol. Is she big she like? Well? She has to be if she's on the front page of stream labs, download streamlabs all right. Let's do it. Let's do it sign me up.

Oh yes, matt. It connects to youtube and twitch. I mean i feel like i need to get on twitch, just as like a safety net. In case i like lose my channel again.

I think it would be cool and, like i know this is probably in the legal gray area, as i say that and every lawyer out there is like oh here we go, but i wish i could almost have a tool that, like it counts, the super chats Coming in and like every time we get to like whatever x amount like decided, and then i have to like take that money and make some like crazy, like lotto day trade with it like just i don't know something a little bit more like community back and Forth, like i feel like that's, where the big success in social media channels comes, is when there's like a strong sense of like we're in this together a strong community, and we have that but like i want to go even bigger and like better with it, and That was just one idea like there's just so many ways we could do it but, like i want more interaction between us like because there's so many chats, i'm like like. We have the discord here which i can like respond to quicker, but like even just like more polls or more more community involvement. Somehow yeah, i agree i mean like i could rechat, but what kind of is that cause like? Sometimes i see it and then i miss a response. It's not like a good two-way conversation so like it's fun to do like twitter polls, because then we can see where everyone's like minds are at.

Like that's cool but like i don't know, i don't know if i've ever seen a live, streamer or whatever social media star, whatever whether it's on like twitter, instagram or anything that has like at this point the community engagement that i'm like. Oh wow, that's amazing, like that's a fun group like because there's still like that awkward disconnect like in the end like we're talking back and forth blah blah blah but like in the end, i'm still just like sitting here like i respond to the ones i can, But it's not, i feel like it could be done better. Is my i guess point and i want to figure, i think about it. A lot and i have some ideas but like nothing that i'm like.

Oh man like this is exactly the answer. The community pool stuff with the money that could get weird because that sounds like it could get bad like legally. Like i i'm not, i don't think you could do that that i'm sure it could be issue causing issues matt. I believe streamlabs lets you do that, but only for donations sent through stream labs.

You can have it in text-to-speech and gifs that sound like they donate wait. Wait you donate through streamlabs is streamlabs just for twitch or, like i guess i didn't know you could donate through streamlabs. You are consistent, i mean honestly, i think, i'm probably one of the, if not the most consistent, like stock market streamers, i don't know who else would be this consistent check out nick's idea, please get a fake stash and let greg kors do the daily wrap-up videos, Like talk smack about tesla going poorly, that was that kind of reminds me of um. My idea of like responding to myself like starting drama with matt kors, like the way like we see him and not necessarily in the finance world, but we've seen it in other parts of youtube of when people are like, like just like.

Oh my response to like person x about this. I want to start just responding to matt kors, like i can like pretend i'm not matt quarries and then respond to my own video and just do like a big inception thing of responding to myself. Huh me kevin's consistent, but he uh does he go. He does like different segments right because, like i mean with me, like my own, you, i used to watch a lot of youtube before i was on youtube and now that i'm on it so much my own youtube, consumption's gone down, but um.

I don't know. If doesn't meet kevin, just do like like he does a lot in a day, but they're all different right, like he'll. Do market open interview this ceo interview that ceo do an analysis on this and the market closed right, like that's more of his style at least that's what i thought it was like the last time i saw him matt go read my last comment. Ah, let's see if i can find it gme is ripping and you are running your mouth as in it's gone from 165 to 165 64..

That's that's what your ripping is. Streamlabs has twitch youtube and facebook live. You can donate to a tip jar and it reads comments through the live stream. Oh, is that? How, like is that what dr disrespect does when like someone like there's that robot voice - and it's like someone just made a tip like you might want to address it - is that what he's using you would make better decisions, study and matt meet kevin.

What trey just said he might steal chair because he is so uncomfortable. You should make up now matt sassy. Today, i'm always sassy. I always have a low-key amount of sass because i mean, like people are just so dramatic, like i'm the dramatic one, i'm the performer.

Aren't you using obs yeah, i'm using obs ops, yes, but it actually reads. The comments sent like a super chat gives monotone read, live. I just want mine to be like quack quack. You got a tip like just some really weird one.

Like a robot sounding duck. Quack quack, you got a tip matt quack quack, but maybe i could always convert it to the value of like a toyota, corolla quack quack, george's tip one thousandth of a toyota corolla. Where are you from uh northeast pa above scranton? Well, just like the scranton area. Yeah, you can do that everyone's like oh.

We need that who lit the ducks out. My wife is in ghvi at 14. What would be a good price for her to buy the dip, not financial advice, of course, ehvi quack quack matt, you got a tip. Thank you rob quack quack.

Thank you ramsay. This is going to go off the rails uh. I think the next solid dip by opportunity is like the lower 11's matt used to work at dunder. Mifflin, the electric city recorded, duck quacking and having searing say matt.

You got a tip, what camera do you use to stream? I use a logitech brio and i'm not like the biggest fan of it. I want to get um a sony a7. How was the interview with matt wallace uh? I think it went well. I had a blast doing it.

I personally took a lot away from it. Um the feedback of it was pretty good. In my opinion, um, i don't know it went well, it's something i want to continue. I want to just continue interviewing people just to like spread more good knowledge of what's going on um.

I don't have a good time. I mean hello, matt and ryan from dunder. Mifflin are brothers ryan. Is, i think i've gotten that a couple times that i look similar to ryan? I might just tip you every minute to hear the quack i have to like turn it off, because you guys are just addicted to the sound matt.

You should reach out to sony for a webcam sponsorship, um yeah, i don't know - i don't know if i have like that much like sponsorship power, because it's not i don't know the electric city now matt. Could you please do a quick analysis of eric? I know you sold your puts, i kept mine seems to can't break 1370 going down. Thank you all right. Let's check out eric quack quack quack quack in the meantime, just to get you guys ready i'll make the sound.

I mean it's definitely heading down, uh camille. So look for the break of 1366 and i think you're golden 1366. Then 1350.. The stock has like no range.

I would feel good though it is looking weak. Gopro 9 would be a good webcam. I don't really. I want to go to a um, not a webcam anymore.

I want to use like a legitimate camera. So there's a couple of things. I want to do um the room i'm in sometimes it sounds weird and i have those nose panels up like all over this room and sometimes like it's still like just weird noise. So i don't like that.

Um, i'm told that my mic is too far away from my mouth so like i want to like redo this mic arm and have it better, but i don't want it like in my face. I don't know, i need to figure out the mic a little bit. It's like, too far away, it's like right above the camera right now. So it's about a foot in half which everyone's like no no like you need to have it like down right in front of you um.

So i need to do that. I need to buy a different computer. I had a mac for my previous job when i was coding, but now i don't necessarily want it, it's not the best for streaming. So i need to get a new computer.

I need to spend a lot of money. Basically, i need to do better sound proofing, maybe even something on the background. So i don't have this white wall. I want to buy a camera which isn't cheap.

The lenses definitely aren't cheap new computer um. I need to buy some like just stuff. I don't know. I have like thousands of dollars of stuff i should buy.

Your audio is perfect yeah but uh. So i turned off my ac unit um and you could kind of subtly hear that in the background sometimes so like this is the perfect time of the year. We you don't really need heat or ac, so i just don't turn it on, but um. I don't get how other people like take care of, like the echo and the whirring.

In the background, like some people have like crisp crisp audio sony a7 with a rode mic, i mean i have a blue yeti which is like a highly rated microphone. So, like i don't know, if i need a new mic, i think i just need to do something. Resin and nvidia do yeah. I have two monitors and i actually want to get another one just so i can like if there's like a twitter like, i want another monitor up.

So if there's something like big happening, i could like do it right away, but i actually have a second computer and that's where i like read all my like discord stuff from to help with like the cpu, because i don't know, i think my cpu um on The mac right now is an i7, and i know the m1 is better now so i was like yeah. Maybe i could get another mac, but the reason i know that you can get much more powerful computers with the pc, but it's so nice to have that integration, like with your imessaging and everything on a mac. Like that's super super convenient use, auto-tune rise, it's pronounced ryzen, not resin, ryzen, oh potentially, a very important update for everyone. Um i got cornmeal or something i don't know, basically, a more allegedly natural way to fight off my ant infestation.

I have over the weekend vacuumed up hundreds of ants, like i'm just on a ant death spree uh, but i ordered corn. I think it's cornmeal corn, something i don't know, allegedly it's a natural way to fight ants. If you did classes for intro to coding. I would definitely sign up uh.

Was it fun coding? What did you use to code have a great day, uh yeah, so my background's in computer science? So that's what i'm like my college training in is in is in coding, um. I used to code at a bank and then i was coding for a startup in new york city that worked in like just machine learning, um like ml models, data science stuff, which was cool um, so i've done like back end devops projects. I've done database work right before i did this full time. I was working on, uh, react and react native development, so like a web app and a phone app um was what i was doing most recently, but most of my coding was in uh, who i don't know more recently.

It was react and then before that i mean i've done python, project c, plus plus some c sharp. If i was working with microsoft, azure azure. However, you want to say it. I don't know so anyway, because of the react work.

That's why i have um a mac still and it's good, like i don't know, i i think macs and pcs all have like their advantages. For what you're doing i wish i could use what you might call it regular expressions on youtube so like we can ban certain words from our channel and certain people, but the amount of bots i see like. I just want regular expressions whenever someone says anything related to whatsapp. I just want to like permanently delete them from my life.

It's so frustrating and then people get mad at me not knowing that it's not a real account. They're, like matt, like i just sent you money on bitcoin or something actually you didn't. You just got scammed and then they like take personal offense like as if it's me like i easily easily spend an hour a day, deleting spam accounts just from youtube, and then honestly, i i don't even look at the ones on instagram or twitter there's just so Many like i can't keep up with it and i just don't know how youtube hasn't fixed it yet raw grits kill ants as well. That's good to know! I didn't know that.

Thank you. When i was talking about this last week, the number one response was just fire. You guys were like yeah just set your apartment on fire man like you'll, be fine. Can you build your own bot to watch over youtube comments? So that's weird because um like things like tubebuddy and vidiq, which like helps creators, sometimes they have scripts and then like if youtube, notices that you're running a script, it doesn't know if it's like useful or malicious.

So i actually know of content creators who, like for whatever reason, google chrome, identifies them as like. A fake bot account like not a real human, so whatever they do, they always have to do. Those like uh prove you're, not a robot things like if they're trying to do anything. So i don't really want to run a script on it matt when amc bust, you should retire and breed ducks named papa duck, matthew, mama duck mathis and ducklings named after different chair brands, get grant mcdonald ram ranch singer in an interview.

Investment banker made a multi-billion dollar deal with getty oil and got screwed out of the money. What grant mcdonald who? Oh okay? I think this might be a good uh good time like a little bit more quiet. We have about 20 minutes and we're not really going off the rails today, we're easing into the week. Who else would you guys want me to interview uh? So someone just said: grant mcdonald ram wrench singer um, so we did matt wallace uh.

Let me know if there's anyone else in the crypto space trading space or just someone that you think has a cool story that could be fun to talk about grant mcdonald. I think i need like cool lights too, like more of a soft look like it's very um like white right behind me here. I just wanted more of a softer vibe, but i guess the color scheme matches okay, it's not the best thing, but it's also not the worst thing. It could definitely be improved.

Intense your mom elon musk would never talk to me bill gates. I mean we all have dream people but uh. It's not gon na happen. Mia khalifa, probably not gon na happen, andre jake.

He might honestly i might be able to get andre or, like graham, i i think me kevin's too busy greg coors. I will never talk to him over my dead body. Will i talk to greg kors the baby. I mean i tried to reach out to the baby.

He uh not non-responsive me in a mirror. I mean there's so many people that have tried to get an interview with elon in the youtube space and it just doesn't work i mean uh me kevin has tried multiple times: yeah dalton, i'm probably just never going to talk to that guy. In my life, unstable jackson, hunter houston wade, they could be cool emily fact of the day. Duck feathers and human hair are ingredients using donuts and other pastries to give it a flaky texture.

It's a protein called l-steamed justin bieber, just like attacked justin bieber, chantal, jeffries um, i've dm'd her, but uh. I think she lives a bit of a crazy life. I don't know if she's like easy to pin down for an interview he's a like. I mean all these people, that's the thing.

It's like a timing thing uh. They could be very, very busy interview rico. What's it like to be a star in this community? Hey. Can you please update us on ortex? Yes? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, remember! Ortex uh seven day free trial, it's in the description we're now up to 1.68, 2.5 million, basically wow, so we're up to 100 and what what's that? 49 million? Almost we're almost clocking in at 150 million shares on loan, which is nuts um game stops, is going through the roof almost 11.

What an extra 1.5 million so we're at 15.5 million shares on loan out of the 45. crazy doge is about to break and run megan fox lindsay lohan joe rogan lives off of the same lake down in austin i mean: does he just have like a mansion? He has to i mean, isn't he like worth like a hundred million dollars now or something did you ever read my twitter messages? New york slickness sent you instructions for obs streamlabs, set up for notifications and an easy merch store. All right, mr i'll, have to find that an interview between chair and corolla - hey john who's, hey john! Look! That up is there another person in the crypto space that you think's a good good chat. I think andre zick is like a good one.

Danny mcbride he's hilarious vin diesel. My co-star, you mean honestly, though jake paul. Do you think he would do it like he's kind of a big deal now have a better shot at getting ben asking? Probably click bait us with a hot girl i'll just ask trey to put on a wig for a thumbnail picture and then i'll just interview. Trey, we'll call it like trina trades and then that'll be the big twist trey will just rip off the wing and be like surprise.

It's trade, trades, dwight schrute. I love how you give solid dd and ta on socks and the best way we could do to help you assemble. An issue is burn your house down interview between mac, cores and cat moors. I like it jason momoa.

You are now all just like legitimately commenting people you like you're like i want to know what megan fox says. I want to know what jason momoa says: the paul brothers like team. I fully understand that i am legitimately the internet like. I am al gore's creation, but at a certain point we have to understand that, like i don't have really like much power in this world, i'm i think i used all of my political capital to get this account unbanned.

Basically, so we got ta start off like a little bit more reasonable yeah. I could probably barely get an interview with myself. Doge is ripping ripping rip in ripon. If you want to get a part of doge uh check out voyager, you can get up and running in, like 15 20 minutes the link's in the description.

If you trade, a hundred dollars of any coin, including doge, you'll, get 25 of bitcoin, can we get riley reid? Can we get a stream with my girlfriend? What would you guys ask my girlfriend just like what is the little hell you live in with matt being like off the walls untethered to reality, uh, i'm in clover, i'm up in clover, but i'm absolutely petrified of 10 level. Can you check it out, how's clover? Looking, i think it looks good, i mean it's kind of hanging out there um on the bigger time frame. It's more of a reversion play, i think clover's a pretty solid play. Do you like honey? I haven't, i would send some honey and we collect it.

Also. Hive, if you want um control chaos, i would love your honey uh. That would be awesome, love to send you honey that we collect. That sounds so good yeah i mean if anyone has anything there, there's a p.o box in the description.

The video, if you want to send me something i want to do like an unboxing so like, if you do, send me something, can you somehow let me know that you sent me something and then i'll collect a bunch and i'll do like an unboxing video. I'm friends with riley reed. Do you want me to ask her martin fold if you're, actually friends with her yeah, we could ask her of like the finances of the adult industry. Like i mean all these industries, i personally think it's super interesting to learn about like as much as we were messing around with interviewing the the baby, like it's cool, to learn about this stuff and, like i don't know like we're, always taught to not talk about.

Like money and finances and how the industries work, but i'm like i don't know, i'm just here to teach i'm here to learn myself and like share better knowledge. I would i mean i'm assuming she's, making stupid money in the adult industry, but maybe not i don't know that's what we would ask her. We would ask her if she's in crypto or investments or something like that, that's what i thought it would be so cool to interview chantal jeffries, because she's hung out with us before she's, really really into dogecoin and she's. Doing super well and now she's expanding into stocks too, like i think, she's in a handful of cryptos and now she's doing stocks and uh she's really into it um.

So that could be a cool talk. Should i just like keep messaging uh kenneth griffin from citadel securities get an interview with him bro i just had to click on three times the first two times to get sent past the videos. Wait, what martin fold uh! What's your gmail here, you could just dm me on twitter uh. My profile is: that's the same thing on instagram.

If it's not matt underscore cores on twitter or instagram, it's a fake account um. There are fake accounts on instagram of me that are bigger than me, and yes, it does keep me up at night because i'm a loser in instagram, but it is what it is. Uh control ks. I definitely don't want the bees.

That sounds not good. In my life i something would negative would probably happen. Are you in doge yeah? I am in doge and i'm gon na i'm up like well. I i bought at two different points and right now my cost basis is around 22 cents.

So i have about two thousand dollars worth at 22 cents, so i'm almost doubling up and i'm gon na have more money and buy amc. You could interview young boys from bulgaria. Young boys from bulgaria sounds like you could go downhill, pretty quick. How many corollas will it take to get amc to moon says it depends if it's in 1998? That's hilarious.

Do a live stream of opening a box of bees just like risk going into like anaphylactic shock or whatever it is. When you get stung too many times, that's not even anal, and is it anaphylactic shock it might be. If you get stung like that waking big stream tomorrow with snoop dogg, i have a feeling that everything snoop dogg's does is like wake and bake and then just that honest opinion on xrp, i like other cryptos better, but i don't think it's bad. I'm going to send you an ant farm, please don't! I think it would be more funny if i somehow like lied to my girlfriend and she still thinks i'm a coder like because she works like two levels.

Above me, uh we have a weird apartment. It's like very skinny, but there's like multiple levels to it, um and if she just still thought i was a coder and just like didn't even know, i'm a i live stream on youtube. Please interview max kaiser on the strength of bitcoin and how it's replacing gold as a hedge. So so far our two running people are riley, reed and max kaiser.

Is that really the list you guys want to leave me with today of like who i'm gon na? Be reaching out to uh crapface, that's pretty funny. What are we doing? Amc up 3.75 trading at 9.68, gme up 6.2 percent trading at 164., dogecoin up 17 trading, just above 40, honest opinion on neo long term. I like it way more long term than i do short term. I think neil will be a long term winner max keiser.

All right. I need to write him down, so we have grant mcdonald. Why am i writing down riley reed she's, not gon na? Do it riley reed, uh, max kaiser, yeah, all right all right, i will figure it out tom mcdonald he's a rapper right, ric flair mark cuban, as if i could just reach out to billionaires, hey, i'm sure, you've heard of me matt, coors and they're, like mark Cuban's, like you're the doctor, kid ric flair, we're getting that one quite a bit mia khalifa has dodged that could fit. I mean, i guess maybe one would play the other, but i don't think she does um interviews that often anymore right ever since her, like whatever her, i don't even really know her cash daddy's, podcast yeah, i uh i've talked to them a little bit humble electrician.

Uh they're booked up right now, but in the future i'll probably be on, that is youtube being more lucrative than coding. Was your girlfriend mad when you made the switch um? It's weird because i haven't done youtube for a year yet uh some days the average is higher, but then some days are bad and the average is lower. So it's a tough tough call uh, but no my girlfriend was like super super supportive of it. I think she was me more confident in me doing this than i was.

I mean i feel like i'm, not really that known in the crypto space like sometimes i do stuff i don't know like. I want to be uh, be more knowledgeable on it, but i, when people think of crypto channels, i probably don't make like the top 25. tim dillon would be hilarious. He is hilarious, satoshi no nakamoto, not gon na happen.

I almost had a girlfriend. She probably thinks you're a coder at youtube, maybe our r35r35 theory. Thank you for that super chat. Josiah.

Thank you for yours, jsos hetrix, eli, hunger, mr corker josh, the football god. Thank you, ryan, cohen uh. I mean i think we could maybe get ryan cohen. If there's enough people who like like and retweet it like, we would have to blow up his twitter the same way.

It happened with adam aaron and trey like there would have to be a huge amount of community support. Dakota bowman, stephen crowder. I mean steven crowder. He would be interesting, but then half the audience would just hate him because of his political views, so that would be really divisive like i don't want to be in the world of like divisive people, but i mean talk about a guy who's like really made it On youtube, he probably does makes a ton of money.

Jj buckner he's another finance youtuber right. Let me look up jj buckner. If he's the guy, like the bearded guy right, jj, buckner yeah, he is he's another finance dude, mr t, that would be awesome. Pat mcafee ricky gutierrez, isn't he just like a training guru guy that, like sells horses ben asking, give him a few days to ice up the baby one day.

One day we will be big enough to interview the baby. That's hulk hogan, the undertaker. The undertaker might do it, i think he retired, didn't he. He probably has some free time, but these people are also people who, like are in the interview level of whoever, like joe rogan, like the undertaker, will go until if so, there's a good rule of thumb.

That, if someone is important enough to go on joe rogan they're, probably too important to come on my show john mcafee for mark cuban hit the high points you've been covering amc, jamie socks, you have a desire to dig into crypto via doge. I think it will get at least your foot in the door with mark cuban i mean i could try to reach out to mark cuban, but i i don't even know how i would respond if a billionaire responded to me like what is if a billionaire respurn Responds to like me, chirping at them, yo chair, tell matt to look up. Chico crypto, one of the most knowledgeable crypto on youtube. Also crayola corolla chico crypto.

Writing it down chico crypto uh christian hackenberg. I wonder what he's doing uh he got cut from the jets right: uh, sup, matt, technologist, sword, interest on l, o d e l, o d e l, o d e um, not important enough to be on this. I guess they just don't have the info. So i probably just wouldn't play it overall and it looks pretty weak.

I would avoid load r35 theory, r35 theory, power, chewy, short info and or ortec seems kind of high for non-gme amc stuck. Can you look at it and give your thoughts on asking for a short squeeze just wondering if it's creating some downward pressure? Yes, ryan cohen? Let's do it uh 16.8. I think that's reasonable. It's trending downward! I don't know.

I i shorts on ortega seem kind of high. Can you take a look at the share of your thoughts uh? I i don't really like chewie that much i don't follow it too much. I still think the biggest squeeze opportunities, amc, gme arc, invest kathy woods, uh that could be kind of cool or maybe even an analyst from arkhamvest just to be like ask them about. What's going on with some of like the most popular stocks, obviously they would have some pretty incredible insights.

Do you know what uh do any of you? Listen to the the podcast two bears one cave with tom segura and bill krichner. I think that would be. I don't know what we would talk about, but i love that podcast two bears one cave they're so funny like those two together like they play off of each other. So so.

Well, i think that's what trey and i should do like he should quit his job. I think he's moving soon, so i'll just move to wherever he's moving and we'll just make it like a two-person show we'll try to act. All fancy we'll have like sleeveless suits on this sounds like an adult. If you need to send me a link or something you could dm me on twitter at matt underscore coors, it's like right above me.

You hate chrysner, with a passion. Oh, i think he's funny, but my bar for um, like entertainment, is insanely low. The lamp and share channel two bears too fast. What are your main reasons for buying doge uh? It's just running.

That's why i don't know it's just all these things run just it's the same. Psychology wash rinse, repeat people. It gets excitement. It starts to run which brings more people in so if you're, one of the like original people in you just ride the wave up the issue is, is not chasing and knowing when it's time to get out the machine match tracks at interview pirates.

So just like johnny depp, that would be an interesting interview, but i think he's also currently laying low with his life. Not, i don't think he's in the public eye at the moment. Should i do a duel interview with johnny depp and john mcafee. Two bowls.

One pin thoughts on jp morgan, getting involved in the european soccer league. Do you think that the stock will blow up uh? I don't know about that. So i'd have to look into, but my thoughts are probably not really like. I'm not it's not like.

They would. If anything, they'd probably have to pay a premium to get involved um, so it's more like what could they grow it to afterwards? Hi matt was tesla today a clear put scenario because of the bad news: can the bad news surrounding tesla have a negative effect on dogecoin? It could, but i mean it didn't dogecoin's up 16, so i i think it didn't have a negative impact um and i would never say, there's like a clear scenario, because people can sell it off in pre-market when the news broke um. I am kind of tesla had a weird day: it went below 700. Then it came back up to like 7 17., i'm in 18, outside, like 7 12.

It went down like tesla, is a weird weird day. I'm happy i'm out of it. For the time being. I wonder how many days we can go without trading tesla, it's like an addiction.

I got 99 problems and ants ain't. One um quick reminder: don't forget to hit a like 4 400 of you in here uh. It would be awesome if we could run that up. Another thousand two thousand five hundred it just helps me with the algorithm we're bad we're legitimately just battling with, like the shadow banning today, half the people realize that they're unsubscribed they've lost their membership, uh they're not getting notification, so i would really really appreciate if you Could just help me fight that by dropping a like, don't forget to subscribe too, and also don't forget to check that you are still subscribed.

Decent amount of people have been saying that they were unsubscribed and it was unknown to them. 500 profit earned made my day. That's awesome the one week without tesla challenge. I don't know if i could last that long interview real pirates, can you look at the crypto hoge uh never heard of it there we go we're crushing it 1700.

Thank you, study, virus liked and sub. You guys are the best power hour hanging out for power hour. What do you um? What do y'all wan na want the update video to be about? How high do you think doge can go? I mean a lot of people are looking for it to hit a dollar. So that's more, i mean that's almost triple where we're at now i just unsubscribed and re-subscribed.

Thank you matt! Oh, i guess i might as well try again to reconnect pnc on block fi. They said, there's like a 15 chance of it working or something crazy. I don't well like what i don't get is. Why are they all using plaid? If we just know that plaid is awful, ah profile bank account relay come on, yahtzee come on gutsy uh.

My biggest regret is not making this a bloons tower defense channel. No. Instead, i had to talk about stocks and options and the sec and good due diligence talk about missed opportunities. Tower defense games are so fun.

Oh before we're not talking about stuff i need to buy. I also need to get like either a gaming computer or a xbox or a ps. I have nothing and i feel like i don't have a way to like decompress like i need like a video game or something and then maybe one day i could play with doctor disrespect, even though i'm awful at video games uh. Is this going to fail again? Probably don't get mad, don't get mad, don't get mad.

James parker in the chat asks how to buy safe moon. I can help, but not sure how to reach out to him. How do we connect no clue marvin? Thank you for that. Super chat very kind duck shirts that again quick question pirates.

You seemed drained uh, no dan, i'm just ugly and other than that, like they're, not really like these things have just been sideways. There's not like excitement. That's why i want to play tower defense balloon tower defense that will give me the life force that i need fire sale on ride, get in before it's too late. By the way i've had to resub like five times already the suits are killing you they're.

Just trying to keep me down. I don't how many subscribers do i even have these days? Is it going down or up? Oh i'm, almost at 136k, that's sick. 136. 000 people just want to hang out with good old maddie boy.

I appreciate that it's awesome like if i somehow these interview suggestions are cool. It's just more like we have to figure out how to play it off play it out. What's your opinion on block folio or crypto, not much of an opinion, i'm not on black folio, yet i guess i should make it. What is this try getting a chef, a shadow subscription is really good if you don't have a gaming computer.

What's a shadow subscription, all you cool, kids playing games? Do you remember those days where, like we didn't, have the ronin to worry about and the world specifically, the us was the healthiest it's ever been when pokemon go was in like full swing and like there were? No, there were no political issues, there were no national borders, it was just what was it red versus blue versus, yellow and we're all just trying to catch like a snorlax or a charizard, and we're just walking around like we're all putting in extra miles and miles Of exercise to like unlock our our eggs or whatever, so they could hatch and level up our like pokemon. What a time do you think that was the peak of humanity was like the peak of pokemon? Go i'm not sure if we were ever closer as like a planet ever than pokemon go the good old days you know. Is it chasing to put a hundred dollars into doge right now? Um, i don't know, and doge is just it's a another weird game at the casino that we're all fascinated with right. Now, i'm playing the game uh if you're, okay, with risking 34 cents have at it.

Doge is weird because, like even based on technicals, it doesn't matter we're just waiting around and then elon might tweet something on a moment's notice and it could go like sky high national borders. Of course, there were borders, uh, yeah jeff, that's the joke! Google media uh. What is that one place? Oh, it's like a new gaming thing: okay, cool seriously! You claim pokemon go the defining point of men. I do um.

I think when this all goes down, it's going to be like sliced bread. We made some pyramids and then pokemon go. I think those are the highlights of civilization, maybe going to the moon in there. If you're, like one of those people that believe we've been to the moon, joke, it's a joke, it's a joke! Okay, i know we haven't been to the moon.

Matt gets married invites all his subscribers to the wedding just to get presents yeah. I didn't realize that potentially weddings were like a nice present grab like that power hours and fun today, yeah this, the casino games today have been a bit fun, but at least that's why we have each other. Oh my you guys are already turning a political team. It's a joke, you're turning it political and i was literally talking about pokemon go.

This. Is this stream this channel? Is it's jokes? It's sarcasm. Let's not save your political talk for like your thanksgiving when you're fighting with your like siblings and cousins, about whatever you want to fight about. It's a joke, people, it's okay! We don't have to take it all so seriously, all the time it's gon na be okay.

All right, what are your thoughts on bio christ, b, c, r, x, b c r x, i feel like i would make the worst political commentator ever. As i say, we shouldn't talk about politics, but here's my thoughts on why i would make a bad political commentator.

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