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Dogecoin ethereum: massive breakout price prediction news – Matt Kohrs

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Well, moon gang, if you happen to be invested in ethereum, dogecoin or really a crypto as a whole. You better have a giant smile on your face right now, because these two coins specifically are going absolutely orbital. As i'm filming. This ethereum is trading just below 3.

300 and dogecoin is trading just below 43 cents. So before we hop into the specifics about both of those, i just want you to know that really crypto as a whole is doing pretty well uh. These four are green cardano's trading at a dollar 35 bitcoin is trading just below 57 000 and really, it seems like every day. There's more and more companies.

Governments accepting crypto and today is absolutely no different. This was just posted ebay, says open to accepting cryptocurrencies in the future, exploring nfts. I strongly strongly believe at, as we see more and more acceptance that these cryptos will continue to climb higher and higher at this moment in time. In terms like of a very long term play, i think crypto is worth at least a decent percentage of your portfolio.

So, let's kick all this off with dogecoin, because that one is running and we have a very new catalyst or upcoming catalyst. I should say so remember that this saturday may 8th, elon musk will be on snl and there's a very, very good chance that one of the skits parodies, whatever will involve like right here, ev's landing on the moon or even the meme coin. Doge he's been dropping some hints about it. If that happens, i mean i, i don't see how it wouldn't be any different than when he's on twitter talking about being the doge father or just those funny memes related to dogecoin.

I think if that does happen, we will see a run or really even up till saturday. It might turn into like, buy the room or sell the news. We might see a run-up all week and then, if it doesn't happen, of course, there might be a temporary sell-off or if the skit is absolutely hilarious. If people are making memes and gifts about it, i could see dogecoin running even higher.

I mean i, it seems like one of those things that it could just be a matter of time before dogecoin is trading at a dollar which is just like i'm here for all those lows. That would be hilarious, in fact it as we're filming this now and dogecoin is running up um before i was filming, this dogecoin was number six and it on this recent run right now. It passed tether in terms of its overall market cap. So once again, sitting at five and the next one it could potentially be overtaking, but it does need to run a bit more would be ripple at 70 billion right now.

Dogecoin is sitting at a macro cap of 54 billion, so the other one that just hit a new all-time high today that we need to talk about is ethereum market cap 380 billion. Awesome awesome awesome doing super well, so uh and in fact the big question now after it cleared 3 000. Is that 3 300? The big question is: can it continue to run well ethereum at 5000? One financial advisor ceo says it could happen this week. I i think that would be incredible, so nigel green, who is the ceo, he's mainly arguing that it's more scalable currency and has a superior blockchain technology - and i thought this was a pretty interesting quote.

Ether is one of the main beneficiaries in the wider explosion. In the cryptocurrency market, the boom over recent months has been fueled by soaring interest from major institutional investors and growing recognition that borderless digital currencies are the future of money. This momentum is likely to build further in near term and i believe ether will hit five thousand dollars within seven days. So i mean that's a pretty bold prediction: let's see if it plays out right now we're trading above 3300, it's been running like a madman and i think it's possible.

I mean i don't know. I don't like to predict time frames in exact amounts like this, but it'll be really cool to see. If nigel's prediction is true, so we might as well start the timer here and i know there's many people out there who would be exceedingly happy if this does happen and for all of us, the community at whole. I really hope it does and one guy.

I know that would love, for this to happen is actually ethereum's co-creator, who is now the world's youngest crypto billionaire? You heard that right, uh buterin is ethereum's like a billionaire now and that's at 3 thousand. So if we will go to five thousand, this guy becomes even more rich um. I was reading a little bit about this. He recently has also been donating a decent amount to uh charity, so he seems to be like a pretty charitable guy as well.

I kind of like that, but just kind of an interesting piece of news, so now, let's hop into some of the technicals just so you know dogecoin over the past week up 30.6 over the past month on 500 and from the start of 2021. Until now, this isn't even a believable number, 8. 800.. So that's where we stand on the major time frames.

It's currently trading at 43 cents, literally as i'm filming this, it's continuing to run the first thing i'm watching is this most recent relative high, exactly at 44 cents and after that i'll be watching 44.813. That is the current all-time high. According to bittrex, i would expect a uh, an initial rejection there and then kind of like more of a cup and handle forming, so it hits their hits resistance, especially because the rsi is overextended. We hit it, we come back, we make a new higher low, which would form as like would really function as a support and then from there a rip at that point we would have to let price discovery play itself out.

So for me i want to watch those key psychological levels: 50 cents, 75 cents and then a dollar, but don't forget just because this is the meme coin. We might take a break at 69 cents as well, just because you know the lows: why not so basically, 50 cents, 69 cents, 75 and then dollar. Those are all my main price targets on dogecoin as we're breaking out and letting price discovery play itself out and we do have a catalyst this week upcoming with elon musk on snl um. So i think there'll be quite a notable amount of excitement and that's what pushes this thing higher and higher and higher then, on the other hand, we also have some dogecoin.

I mean sorry, excuse me ethereum on top of dogecoin running, but now ethereum also running past week, up 19 over the past month, 53 and from the start of 2021, until right now up 344 and really ever since april 25th. Ethereum has been a runaway train, based on some of just like my previous technical trend lines and everything i'll watch around 3, 400. 3500. But really it's the same argument for dogecoin of like at the new high.

You have to let price discovery play itself out and when you're doing that, of course, you could look at things like fibonacci levels, personally, i'm more of like just the key levels. Basically, at this point, all the 500 levels - 3, 500, 4, 000, especially 5, but hey according to nigel good chance of 5000 getting hit this week, i'm all for it from a technical perspective, at least on the 4-hour chart, don't be surprised. It has to take a little bit of a breather. I mean the rsi, that's a lot of bullish momentum.

It might need to take kind of a dip, make a new higher low bounce off of that. Potentially, this trend line, maybe 3000, that's another key psychological level. If we bounce off of that, i could see it ripping from there, but who knows right now. The main thing i understand about crypto is that it's insanely hot and it just keeps on running absolutely phenomenal.

So if you're in it, let me be one of the first people to congratulate you, because i'm sure your portfolios are looking pretty green right now. I would love to get your thoughts on both dogecoin and ethereum in a comment below. If you enjoy this type of content, it would be much appreciated if you could drop a like and don't forget, to join up with the moon game by hitting that subscribe button. That type of engagement really helps me out with the youtube algorithm and for me, duck shirt and chair best of luck in the markets.

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