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Dogecoin: everything you need to know crypto talk with final stand – Matt Kohrs

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Dogecoin: Everything You Need To Know 🚀🚀🚀
Crypto Talk With Matt Wallace (a.k.a. Final Stand)
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Three two one: hello, hello: what is going on moon gang moon gang? Please, please say hello to matt wallace aka final stand: aka the guy who lit the doges out welcome, welcome matt. We are so so happy to have you today, uh very, very excited to basically just talk about, what's going on with uh really dogecoin what's going on in the crypto sector, and also with that um everyone that you've brought over from the final stand youtube channel. Welcome! Welcome to the space ape community um just to get this out of the way at the start, uh, if you guys want, i have linked matt, wallace's youtube and his twitter in the description, the video. I think it's also in the headline of the video.

If you want to check it out continually putting out uh content related to crypto, specifically doge right now, it is worthwhile to check out - and today uh. I know a lot of people in my particular community have been here with amc jamie. What's going on that and right now like we're all kind of interested in what's going on with dogecoin, so i figured hey, let's bring on a guy who knows what's going on and we can ask all those questions so matt. Thank you for joining yeah.

What an intro how's it going matt. What is i mean? I i'm having a blast this weekend, honestly um just watching doge absolutely rip right now, like just so. Everyone knows um anyone watching this in the future. We are filming this on sunday april 18th and as of now, dogecoin is trading at 33 cents um.

I have ethereum up 2200 and bitcoin is 56 000, but uh dogecoin is looking pretty pretty strong. So i guess to start this off for people who may not have heard of you yet. Can you just tell us a little bit about yourself how you got in investing stocks. Crypto give us a little bit about your history.

So basically, i started off being an intergalactic space warrior and then just kind of moved over to cryptocurrency, and so i've been posting about dogecoin ethereum, cardano, bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies and really just having fun with it. So there's a lot of stats that normally include. I don't know: can people see me right now, yep, okay, so there's a lot of stats that normally include one of the biggest things. I know you already sent me some of the questions ahead of time, so one of the biggest things i want to let people know about dogecoin is some of its utilitarian value, because a lot of people see oh dogecoin, it has a dog on it.

It has. It's a meme, it's just for fun, it's just to be funny, but this stat may change a lot of people's minds right now. So, as you can see here, the value transacted for dogecoin in the last 24 hours is over three billion dollars, which is pretty remarkable, especially if you consider the fact that the average transaction fee is under one dollar. It's a pretty dang good cryptocurrency.

In terms of that, i'm going to show you bitcoin by comparison, so bitcoin right here, value, transacted 9.98 billion, so bitcoin, magnitude's time, big, becomes bigger in terms of market cap way, bigger 20 people and yet see here only three times as many three times as high For market and average transaction fee is fifty dollars. So when you see those point, fifty dollars compared to one dollar less than one dollar, that's a huge, huge difference. It starts to show you and not just that, let's take a look at ethereum. Ethereum is touted as one of the best currencies for transactions: let's go ahead and scroll down here and take a look 7 billion transacted so about double and yet average transaction fee.

Eighteen point: eight five dollars so dogecoin right now in terms of its value to be used as a currency, is so much better than what people are giving it credit for not to mention on top of all those things right now we are seeing bulge point on The charts up 16.96 percent, while every single other cryptocurrency, is down eight percent for bitcoin ethereum down eight percent finance coin down nine percent. Hopefully, you can see that there all these down big, big boats coin right now, showing currently it's the most stable coin, which is just amazing to see that. So i just want to go and start the video with some with some stats here to everyone, because some people would just watch the beginning. So i want to show you guys: what's going on it's legitimately great cryptocurrency, don't listen to anyone who tells you it's a joke or that doesn't have any value because it absolutely does anyway.

I guess i'm going to get the floor back to you, matt all right! Yeah, i i appreciate that gives it um. No, that's a good intro very exciting, and i mean sometimes i like to think of it, of like the proof's on the scoreboard. It's running what like uh, i mean value is weird because it's supply and demand like we give things value and, in the end, like i'm sure, you're seeing it yourself um through your channels of like people, are making serious money. Like i'm not saying like just a couple of shekels here and there, like i'm, seeing reports of like massive amounts of money, and i'm just here for that like it to me, like that's the argument of like what is value, how does things have value and in The end like in the market, whether it's, the stock market, futures market options, market crypto market making money, is making money and right now a lot.

A lot of people are making money on doge, so um with that with the statue going in, i think it'd be cool if we hop into that, but um just really to set people up for meeting you for the first time. Can you just give us a little intro, like kind of what got you into crypto in the first place for sure, so let me go ahead and show you. I i've been posting about george coin for a while on my channel i'll go ahead and put up right here. Actually, i know the final stand channel i've been talking about dogecoin once now, but basically so on my channel as we scroll down here, you can see so i was the only youtube channel posting every single day about dogecoin or for months now.

I've been doing this since the beginning of the year, and, what's so loud to think about, is since the first time i post a video on dodgeball, it's now approximately 100 times higher than when it was at that exact point in the video we can scroll down. All the way here and see so my first video ever was it says three months ago. It was close a little bit closer to four months ago now i said, vogue coin is about to spike huge potential and fi and 50 000 bitcoin coming. So i was kind of looking at the entire atmosphere of cryptocurrency.

I saw a lot of opportunity to go up. We see the government's inflation and a lot of things happening with that, and you can compare that to the cryptocurrency, which is a huge hedge against inflation. Just has so many advantages. They are not even seen a lot of the time.

So it's awesome doing you can also see. I got my my thumbnail skills going on in there a little bit with an elon musk and a purple a purple background dogecoin there. I was pretty proud of that thumbnail back in the day, but now it looks kind of outdated, which is fun, but that's kind of a little bit of background with me. First time i invested in dodge coin all the way back in august of 2018..

So when i, when i did that investment, i can just imagine going back in time and telling myself hey man just so. You know one day, there's going to be an entire army of dogepoint people and you're you're, going to see that that dogecoin go from your your little investment there to a big investment. It's just wild to think about. All that's happened since that first investment in 2018..

So there you go yeah, that's some background about me. That's that's awesome and just um. So just so you know on the screen. I have up dogecoin right now, just to give people some stats on dogecoin.

In the past week, dogecoin is up 242 and from the start of 2021. Until now. So, if you made that new year's resolution of i want to buy this all coin, you would be up 6, 707, absolutely crazy, um. So yeah, like you, said like it's just right there, those numbers are insane and like the fact that you got involved with it in august of 2018 uh.

I find to be incredibly incredibly impressive and, like you said, you've been posting videos for upwards of four months. On it and like you're you're, getting like, i mean the rightful recognition you should because you've definitely been on the you've, been calling it and you've been calling it accurately um. So i guess with that with the setup and everything now to people. I'm sure at this point, if they're tuning into this, they know it they've heard it about it, at least so, if you had to explain what dogecoin is like what? How would you dive into that? So basically, dogecoin is a lot of people here.

Oh, it's made as a joke. Okay, well was dogecoin specifically made as a joke, or what does that mean right, and so basically, what it means is the guy who made it billy marcus, who i i've, become friends with. I love that dude, but so me - and him have been talking about that - he kind of explained to me. So yes, he did create coach quinn overall as a joke, but what a lot of people don't know so dojo is actually based off of based off of litecoin and then litecoin is based off of bitcoin.

So basically, dogecoin itself is just another version of litecoin, except for, in my opinion, way better. You asked me in one of the questions ahead of time, so i went ahead and prepared a little bit for this, so five billion a year can be mine without coin. I kind of know these stats. Like the back my hand, a little bit five billion a year can be mined with dogecoin, there's currently 129 billion circulation, meaning that it will take more than 25 years to double the amount currently in circulation.

So, as you see with the price of dogecoin, i've been saying that, since it was at, i had a penny. I've been talking about those stats, and so i kept saying to people hey it. Can it can go up in value way faster than it can go up in terms of the amount in circulation which has proven to be an insane amount? True, based on what we're seeing right now with with the price of dogepoint, but to continue into the future? That's one thing to keep in mind so: 10 000, a minute approximately dodge coin can be mined that equals 5 billion a year and because of that, it actually does not only allow the transactions to come through faster. So one thing the reason why i showed you those numbers under a dollar for the transaction fees, because there's more gold coin miners going out there than a lot of other cryptocurrencies, because five billion can be mined a year.

That, basically, is what's able to facilitate those transactions and make them faster and make the fees lower, so that five billion year is, in my opinion, a really really great advantage. Dogecoin has technically yes, it's kind of unlimited, but it's not really because the percentage of the total goes down every single year, while still having that utilitarian value of being able to get the lower fuse and stuff interesting. So if one of the big things - and i'm definitely newer to this world of crypto of like i hear the argument of like different cryptos in white - why we have different ones is because they have very specific use cases. So i guess setting that up like what do you see as some of like these use cases specific to doge, because even like what i'm seeing on twitter and other forms of social media, the big argument about it is like i get it now is more of, Like i guess it's, the joke, are you in on the joke, we're giving it value and it's fomo and people running it up, and then i hear this argument about it being like inflationary so like i guess to give that back to.

You is like, if you had to like, i guess, defend against. That argument is, how would you define its like use case or in maybe maybe even not now, but where do you see it being used in the future, potentially yeah and just before we even get into the use case i mean already. We know we've seen with dogecoin. The transaction fee is significantly lower so already, even if even if the dogecoin literally had zero use case, those that was specific to dogepoint.

We already see right now that is currently one of the best cryptocurrencies for actually using for anything. So, even without a specific use case, i think already dogecoin has a place at the very top there ahead of some other ones, and it should be even higher. It should be way higher, but which point deserves to be the cryptocurrency of the world. I legitimately believe that, based on what i've been seeing with it and then in terms of specific use cases tipping people online and things like that, are definitely applications that can have there's a lot of ways.

You can use dogecoin that are specific to it, but just the overall, the overall point that dogepoint is one of the best cryptocurrencies is. I think what i want to hammer home the most then, when you also look at the community behind it, there is no community like dodge points, not even close. That's one of the reasons why, while every single other cryptocurrency is crashing pretty dang hard right now we're seeing dogecoin kind of surge and go up 20 in the face of every single other crypto in the top 20, except i think one one was up a couple Percent - and that was at number 19., but besides that every single other one was down big, and so, when you look at that, not only does it look like right now, it's a little bit more stable. It has more potential to go up.

It has elon musk behind it, the most powerful person in the world when you combine all those things, there's absolutely no reason why dogepoint at this current point in time should not be the number one cryptocurrency on earth or at the very least, the number one altcoin On earth interesting, i like that and uh speaking of it so they'll be able to see like i have some of those elon tweets up right now of just the dogecoin standard. He tweeted that back, i believe in uh july of 2020 and now like just that joke of the global financial system. It is kind of funny to i mean i think elon is um in terms of celebrities, one of the most well-known proponents, but really the. I guess celebrity community there's quite a few people who are definitely just like in on this, which i think is like pretty awesome um.

So with dogecoin - and i guess, can you explain a little bit more for the people who might be a bit confused about the that transaction cost? Can you explain like the importance of why that gets you uh so excited about it yeah? So, basically, right now you see pretty high fees when using a credit card. You see pretty high fees when you are using pretty much any form of currency, so cryptocurrency has a huge advantage there, because it's faster it's easier, it's more fun and it basically is also a hedge against inflation. So you look at all those things combined and you need a cryptocurrency. We need that very badly right now.

The only way i can see cryptocurrency crashing is if the government bans it, because it's just so valuable has so many use cases at this current point. In time, so that's kind of the background behind that and the most other question oh of just like well, i guess now. This is a different can of worms with that, but um. So i guess with dogecoin the transaction fees of like the importance of it being so much cheaper.

I guess say relative to the quote: unquote: bigger ones such as bitcoin and ethereum like. Why does that in your book make it think that it should be higher than it is right now, because at such low transaction fees, so i think, um a lot of people? This is the first time they're hearing about transaction fees for crypto, so basically a transaction fee is just the fee that you have to pay. When you do a transaction, it means kind of it kind of the name kind of gives it away a little bit. But yeah, if you're new to it, basically that the best cryptocurrencies are going to automatically have a place toward the top, and so we've already seen.

Bitcoin right now has a market cap over 1 trillion dollars. Ethereum has a markup over 250 billion dollars, so we know. There's a lot of money that can be put into cryptocurrency, and a lot of that i believe, is about to be focused on dogecoin big time, because, right now it has you right has the celebrities behind it has so many big names talking about and the reason Why is because? Not only on top of being a great cryptocurrency, it's also funny right, because we're making we're making a cryptocurrency. That says, please mind much wow on it go to the top it makes it makes all the people who are all snooty and at the at the high positions of power, charles hoskinson, for example.

It makes them so annoyed to see us a community just having way more fun than them having a better cryptocurrency and also joking around about it. It's just it's hilarious, it's fun. It makes it better. So, combining all those things together is, i guess, the the biggest biggest thing i just want to make sure new people know about dogecoin and then to talk a little bit more about the the fees.

Specifically, it's been a challenge, the entire time with cryptocurrency that try to get those fees down the more that miners are getting paid, the higher the fees are going to be. Miners are the people who are basically facilitating the transactions. So when you see people mining cryptocurrency, they have a computer somewhere in the world and they are actually trying to solve a math problem. And so, if there's 100 people trying to solve that math problem and one person solves it, that one person will get the 10 000 dogecoin that minute.

So every single minute there's a new math problem that comes up with dogepoint and every single minute. Someone in the world gets that 10 000.. If you have more computers, you have a higher chance of getting that 10 000, and so basically, you just basically unlock the clock, and so that's where the kind of backstory behind that comes from it's definitely complicated at first. But once you kind of look into it, you can see it actually all makes sense.

Okay, so in a little bit of the research i was doing in preparation for this video. One of the main arguments i heard about the long-term against the long-term potential of dogecoin was that it is um inflationary, so to my understanding, there's pretty much a limited amount of bitcoin that there will be in the world same with ethereum, and i i i'm assuming. I'm i guess i'm now gathering that that argument is not the same for dogecoin. That, like there technically, is an infinite amount, so it could be hurting itself.

So i guess what would be your response to that because that's the main argument, i'm hearing against it right and so that's that's an argument. A lot of people do put forth so right now there are currently a little bit over 18 million. I mean uh bitcoin in existence, and so the most that there can be is 21 million, and so every single period of time you see that half, which basically means, though the reason bitcoin has such high transaction fees, is because we're already toward the end of that. That's actually one of the biggest negatives of bitcoin is that in terms of a transaction use case, it goes down extremely extremely fast, because every single year the transactions get slower and you have less people, mine and there's not there's not that that backing behind it - and I went ahead and pulled up, so this is the total supply right now of dogecoin 129.1 billion, and so when you think about that, only five billion a year that can be mined and so it's going to be billion by the time the next year has passed From today, which may sound like a lot but think about it, so it'll be 134, then after that it'll be 139, so every single time it happens, it's going to be a smart percentage, yet we will still see it being mined and also here's another huge huge Thing that a lot of people don't even think about so elon musk tweeted us dojo for dojo and dojo is a super computer, and this sounds kind of crazy.

I mean come on matt a super computer dodge coin. That's just ridiculous, but is isn't that ridiculous? Maybe not so elon musk, he has tesla, as you know, and the super computer running, the entire tesla network is called dojo. It definitely helps with with with the ai and making sure it's working better. So if he had his super computer, which is getting better and better and better and better and better - and i think that one day it's going to be one of the best or the fastest computers in the world.

So if you actually see elon musk implementing his super computer just to help dogecoin, which he said he would he said, dojo for dogecoin and tweet - he loves it. He thinks it's hilarious to watch dogecoin glove because of the meme and fun factor. On top of being an awesome cryptocurrency when elon musk says fade goes irony and dogecoin could be the future cryptocurrency birth. I think he was actually joking a little bit.

I don't think he meant that, but what's so crazy is that he could actually be right because a lot of people, even people like elon musk, have not when he said that i don't think he fully understood it. I think he fully understands it now. I think he's done his research now. He knows dogecoin's legitimately good, and so that's, why he's kind of he's pumping up in a little bit more of a serious weight and it was more fun at first now he's doing both fun and serious.

So you have to think from his perspective. He already has close to 200 billion bank. He just wants to have fun with life. He wants to do whatever that he wants.

He doesn't really care too much if uh. If this happens - or that happens, he just wants to to see cool things happening, and he also sees the power of dogecoin's social media. So he knows he can get way more likes way more attention which will help him with with bringing humans to mars and helping with his companies. So it's all those things combined, but to go back to that super computer.

If we do see him actually implementing that in one way or the other, it would have to be somewhat decentralized for it to be actually a good thing there. So we can't have one super computer facility: that's doing a large percentage of transactions because then it could be hacked or it could be taken over and it would have too much control of the entire network. What if elon musk, has a network spread out of supercomputers, which is what he's planning to do, and some of that is being used some of the energy for dogecoin, then the transaction fees can get way way lower, even making even better as a cryptocurrency. We could also see, because dogecoin has such an amazing community behind it.

We could absolutely see a network of volunteers using computer computer bandwidth to basically mine and help the facilities the transactions go forward so because the community, because of everything, the use case, there is just so much higher than other cryptocurrencies. And the argument that it's infinite is is definitely falling on weak on weak legs right now, because the people who say that don't understand that it's actually extremely limited five billion years is very small, so i guess yeah. That would be my message to everyone. I know well come on man.

There's there's way too many stocks there. I'm trying to learn about dollars. Coin, not learn how the entire super computer system network works, matt. So sorry, if you're new for going that much into detail but yeah, that's that's! Basically, that's! Basically, the story behind it, interesting um all right.

I appreciate that. I think that's good because, like i said, that's like the main argument, so it almost sounds like if i correct me, if i'm wrong, to sum this up, um the fact that it is inflationary and then like, i guess, the cherry on top is what elon's potentially Doing is one of the main things that's keeping its transaction fees so low, which is a huge benefit within this world. Oh absolutely, yes, it's not only a huge benefit. It makes it such a huge benefit that dogecoin is currently the best cryptocurrency in the world.

By far - and it's really not even close, you see nothing like that and that's why even in the faceless crash, you see those going up 20. I think right now. Both coin has way more potential than any other cryptocurrency, and i, i honestly believe it will become the cryptocurrency of earth in the future. Yes, technically it can crash.

If we do see, if we do see the government's cracking down on cryptocurrency as a whole, we can't see those come crash. We don't want to mislead anyone, but i think, as long as the factors fall right into place that i see falling into place, then we are going to see dogecoin become the future cryptocurrency of earth and everyone who doubted everyone who's seen laughing emojis on my first Video, when deutsche koon was a half a laughing emojis people saying that's crazy, there's no chance of ever work this that everyone criticizing now to see not only all the way up there at number five in the world 10 greats number six. I don't count tether because it's directly stable to the us dollar, so thankfully dogecoin number five in the world for cryptocurrencies number four in the world for all coins and it does have the potential to move up to number one number two passing ethereum, which would require Around a five to six x from where it is now, so i do see that happening in the future. I do see dogepoint going crazy and i think it's going to be exciting.

Also, the channel final state of my channel, our communities channel, is what i call it, because it really is. We use that that channel for so many things as the dodge point community, but that channel has gone up by 30 000 subscribers in the last two or three days, which is just what it means insane. It's insane to see that happening the growth on it, the amount, the amount of people pouring in the community going crazy and on twitter. Some of those tweets at matt wilson are being seen by hundreds of thousands of people on average.

I think over a hundred thousand people are seeing each tweet, which is bringing so many new people in the community, and then i know a lot of your people are gamestop amc. I know you're, probably gon na ask a question about that at some point, so i do want to go and ask a question about that uh. Well, i have a couple more set up for you on that, but um the the strength of the community is undeniable and i would say that the amc gm it's that same thing like like the the people, are highly supportive of these big social movements and, like The the metrics you're, seeing on your end, the the ones i'm seeing on my end, like the proof, is in the pudding right there like it is incredible the people care about it, and so i guess with that specifically in relation to dogecoin. Why do you think it's happening now like what was i guess, like the straw that broke the camel's back of the people's interest now in dogecoin running now? Was there some event that like, or was it like, a ticking time bomb already like what happened that led to dogecoin like right now being on the move? So it's a combination of five things.

The first one is that dogecoin was significantly undervalued as a currency. People didn't realize the transaction fees were so low. The second one is that we're likely about to see a coinbase listing, meaning you're, going to go to buy dogecoin on coinbase over 50 million people use that platform. So it's going to have way more people way more access to people.

Also weibo is now looking at adding dogecoin they've already been testing it in beta. Some people can currently already by dogecoin they're on weeble people, i believe, just purchased. We saw one of the wallets with those going to purchase approximately four or so billion dollar coin, a little bit less than that, i believe, but that could be weeble going ahead and getting started there with with a with a big purchase into the dogecoin space. So those are three huge things right there, then, on top of that, you know, elon musk is going to literally send dogecoin on to the moon, so he he's going to put a physical dogecoin on the moon just for the heck of it for the fun of It and that's going to be potentially seen by two billion people, or more i mean so many people in the world are now have access to technology.

We have now seen a moon landing in decades and decades. It's been a long time and so to have our current level of cameras, our current level of technology going actually to the moon. It's going to be stunning. It's going to be remarkable.

How could you not tune into it? How could you not watch it and when dogecoin is literally being placed on the moon such a historic event? I've been telling healing too, if he, if they can get the doge going to be placed right next to the american flag, that's 69 extra points just enjoy. It's a joke, but i mean it would just be funny. I hope i hope they do that. I hope they put the dogecoin by the flag.

So those are a bunch of things right there that are going to give dogecoin a huge catalyst in the future. A lot of times you see the run-up ahead of time, which i'm sure you're familiar with. When you see a big news, announced a big news story announced before that actually comes to fruition. You see after the announcement a big run-up, then after it comes to fruition.

Maybe a little bit less so so right now we could see a huge run-up for dogecoin. Also day 4-20 is coming up soon, and everyone knows that's kind of a meme day, it's kind of funny and so dogecoin meme. I think it kind of makes sense. Hopefully, we'll see gamestop doing some cool things, amc doing some cool things, some cool things on 420 as well, but that's kind of that's kind of why it's spiking at this point in time, interest yeah, i'm very like i mean it's trending on twitter uh.

I think this could do something pretty special in the next two days. Really um excited, so you were talking a little bit about how coinbase it seems like they're going to be adding it soon. We know weibo's in testing so for people who want it like right now this second, where would you recommend people getting dogecoin, oh yeah, so there's a lot of places. The easiest place to get it at this current point in time is robin hood, even though, in the past we have had some issues with brown hood, but this is actually funny.

I haven't told you my subscribers as yet rob a vladimir just deemed me last night and uh, i'm gon na wait until one of my future videos to reveal kind of that conversation, but i always whenever i get a dm from someone like that, i always try To be as transparent as possible with my subscribers, so i'm going to be making a video soon kind of going through my conversation with vlad he's the ceo of robin hood yeah and i'm sure, obviously you guys know that you know in this community. You know what's happening with gamestop, you know how how glad and robin had stopped that spike and we were very upset with him about that. But at this current point in time i'm pushing to see a dogecoin super bowl commercial from robinhood. I think it's possible to actually get it, especially with that line of communication open.

So i'm going to be pushing for that and so i'll be you'll. See me being a little bit. I have collarbone in the past. I have been very critical of some things.

I've done and i'll still continue to hold them accountable, but at the same time i do think it's good. They didn't stop this dogecoin spike and i think that's an indication. They may not stop the next gamestop spike either or the next amc stock. So we're hoping we're pushing for that.

I want to be using my platform as much as possible and so to see to see that robin hood is definitely a place. You can buy delicious right now pretty easy to do then. Also you can buy it on voyager. You can buy it on uphold, you can buy it on crypto.com app and i like crypto.com up a lot because a lot of people don't realize this.

You can actually make anywhere from three to twelve percent interest a year for doing absolutely nothing, except for they do all the work they lend your money out, and then you get money back three to twelve percent has a lot if you put a million dollars in There you can make 120 dollars a year just for having your money in usd coin or another staple coin, then the crypto currencies offer less in terms of percentage, but can still do some incredible things, so i would definitely recommend everyone should definitely check out the crypto.com App and actually, if you want to, if you want to get free uh pro you're - welcome to use my link for that in one of my video descriptions, it's in all of them, so you're welcome to do that. You know you don't have to myself to you, but then, on top of all of those we'll, hopefully see weeble and coinbase admin soon, and once that happens, i think coinbase and web will likely be. The easiest places to buy a specifically coinbase is because their system is so flawless in a lot of ways. That's one of the reasons it's one of the top ones, then, on top of all of those, you can also buy it on binance us, so there's so many opportunities, the first one i would look at if you're new to it.

You probably already have robin hood. So that's probably the easiest place. If you don't already have robinhood, then you may want to. You may want to look into getting crypto.com as your first one, but it can take up to a week for verification.

So what i recommend doing is is trying to maybe get a couple at the same time and just see which one goes first, and then you can use that one and as long as you have it, set up, you'll be not only going to cryptocurrency but going To other things, too, and so far this year, my cryptocurrency investments have approximately. This is going to sound crazy, but i'm not even i'm joking, approximately 100 x, including a dodge point, don't win by far the biggest portion of that, but from the beginning of the year january, and keep in mind too, as a lot of my money was being Spent on camera equipment and stuff, so it's not like i'm unbelievably rich or anything from that, but i have made a decent amount from from that which is a lot of fun. That's awesome, um! So one thing when i know a lot of people do have robinhood and it is probably one of the quickest ways to get it if they want to get it even right now during this live stream. But i was reading something about that.

If you're buying it on robinhood, you don't actually have it. Could you explain what those articles are talking about yeah? So basically i can show you this so the biggest robin the biggest dogecoin wallet. Now let me go ahead and pull this up here for you, so these are all the top does konwas you're. Welcome to anyone who wants to can check this out on a bit info charts.

Would you can you make the screen a little bit bigger? So i don't know how big am i on your screen? If not it's fine, i can just say the numbers, but is that possible yep? You are full screen nice, okay, full screen! Look at that! You can see. You can see my full face now. Hopefully, hopefully it's it's looking good, but take a look at this, so we can see this is the top of dodge point wall right here it is dh5 and basically you address the watts, typically by the first three letters, slash numbers in them, so we call this One dh5 because technically this is the name of it, so it's dh5, y-a-i-e-q-o and then a bunch of other ones, but we call it dh5, just just for short for simple, and so we believe this is robin. We believe this is their wall right here, they're, basically buying with the ebbs and flows of the market.

So you can see in the past. They've purchased large amounts and we believe they're actually using another wallet right now, so they have, they have a number of wallets. They started off, this was their main one and they hold the majority of their dose going in here. Approximately one.

Fourth of all, the doge point is in here a lot of people say: well, it's all organized it's all at the top, a lot of big dogecoin holders, but that's actually for the most part false, because a lot of the biggest dogecoin wallets are actually exchanges. They just aren't going to come out and admit it and i'm trying to push them. They should come out in a minute that really should be what they do, but for now they're not we can see whenever dogecoin's about to go down. Oftentimes you'll see a little bit of a cell here or a little bit of a buy and now they've switched to a different rod.

I believe you may not see that as much so basically when you do buy, you aren't buying directly, but if enough people buy on ramah big robin will make a purchase. So you basically are it's basically the same thing and they do kind of track it. In a similar way, a little bit of it is just based on trust. So that's why i do i do tell people.

Robinhood is not the best place for long-term dodge coin trading. It's the easiest place for short-term dogecoin trading, but at this current point in time it's not the best place. Because of that you do. You do want to be going to other platforms if you have the ability to if you're willing to wait that extra week.

So that's kind of where it comes from, but just keep in mind if you do wait an entire. If you want to begin to go before you do an entire week, there is a possibility that it could absolutely skyrocket and leave you behind. So i just want to make sure i'm clear about that. It can't go down too, but i think there's a decent chance that we could see some big numbers coming in in uh in the next few months here gotcha.

So if, if i were to buy bitcoin, ethereum or dogecoin on weeble and or robin hood at this moment, is there can i take that off into a wallet like offline or no? Is that not available on those? So robinhood has been tweeting now they're working on wallets, which will basically allow you to send and receive dogecoin from robindo, which is cool, and we like that. But at this current point in time, no, you can't, however, on crypto.com up you can so you can. Actually, you actually can have uh your own specific wallets for dogecoin people can send it to you. You can send other people, you can scan barcodes, it's actually pretty dang cool the way that works so yeah right now, not with robin hood, but you can't do it on other platforms, okay, um, so other platforms.

So it sounds like it's in the works then, which would be pretty cool and i think maybe make people feel a bit more um comfortable about buying it on those um. That's that's very cool um to rewind just a little bit. What is what's the evidence we have making um us think that that robin hood is the 28 owner the. What was it dh5 that well like? What's the evidence that we have for that, so i'll actually go ahead and show you i did.

I did a full documentary, which was it was kind of like a it was a big deal at the time was released. I think a lot of people still kind of use that as a source of reference, but this this documentary went a little bit viral online. A lot of people were talking about it. We had elon musk, responding to one of my tweets in regards to this documentary, which means he almost certainly watched it, which i think is hilarious and awesome, but he so he responded.

Basically, i call her around and i said: hey, hey vlad, which is it's weird now that he's you know, i'm talking to him like uh on on twitter, so it feels weird to even say this, but i i basically called out vlad attended for his his lookingly Scripted answers or seemingly scripted answers there we go matt just made up a new word, lookingly dictionary get on it, but i i basically called out robin hood on twitter. It got a lot of attention, and so evil must respond and said you're right under that which kind of made this documentary go a little bit viral, and that was when i was a little. I was a little bit closer to the beginning of my channel at that current point in time. So i'll go ahead and pull up the title of this gosh, we should be able to find it pretty easily.

Well, yes, you're up there you're also you're up to 2600 viewers. That's awesome! What's going on everyone, i just wan na say is doing amazing right now, so shout out to everyone who's in your community. Making that happen. If you guys wan na go down there and press like you're welcome to do so, it definitely could help this video got some more people, because i want everyone to know that dogecoin, on top of being fun and a joke is also a great currency.

So if you do want to press like and help it get out to more people, that would definitely be a positive thing right there. So let me go and show you this documentary, i'm not going to play it, but i'll show you the the title there and i put up a ton of time into this, so it is called largest dogecoin wallet exposed. You know what i'll do i'll screenshot. So i can zoom in and show you a little bit better this this is it right here, largest storage cloud exposed, and i put i put it in big red letters.

No, i'm serious! You know i'm not messing around. Look at that the huge, the huge humongous red letters right there and, as i said, exposed with the explanation points and basically in this documentary i go through where we see similar patterns with with rounder. The first date that they opened up trading was the first date that watt actually made a purchase. So when you line up all those things together, when you kind of look at the backstory behind it, when you understand how many people are using robinhood to buy dogepoint it all just kind of adds up and makes sense.

So the facts and numbers also be pointing to that. Technically there is a tiny chance, it's not them, but i think i think the evidence is a little bit too overwhelming to say it's not and they're, also using other wallets at this current point in time too. So that's not their only one, but that is their biggest one, interesting, very cool and uh. Can you go over to the title of that? Just so my the current viewers can see the exact title.

They know what to search to find that the largest dogecoin wallet exposed. Elon musk needs to see this and i think i believe we believe he did, but i guess we're not 100 sure. That's pretty cool yeah. That's that's what it is largest total water exposed.

Elon musk needs to see this one of the best pieces of work. I've ever posted on youtube, put a ton of time into that. So definitely it's it's worth a it's worth. The watch yeah.

I will definitely be checking out and i recommend that to everyone i also have on mine now uh your tweet that uh elon responded to i'm showing that uh. So i mean it even got. I didn't know it got news attention from fox business. That's crazy! So you called out vlad you're asking about what was going on and then elon musk responds.

I i don't even know how i would react if even responded, one of mine and then on top of that, if it made it onto like a legitimate, like, i guess, a quote-unquote legitimate news source, that's crazy! That's so cool! I love it. That would be so exciting i'll go ahead and pull up the picture. Do you have it on the screen, yeah nevermind i won't put up, then i already did oops do it, but so basically this this is what i said on on twitter. In regards to that, i said: hey vlad tennessee of robin hood.

Remember that time, elon musk asked you to explain why you put a halt on trading for gamestop stock and those coins from the beginning. I've not only been trying to be in the corner of the ocean. I've also been trying to be in the corner of gamestop too, because i loved what was happening with that. I was a huge fan of the gamestop surge and i want to see gamestop going to the moon too.

One thing to keep in mind too the market gap at gamestop is is currently, i believe, 10. What what's what's the current markov game? Stop right now i don't know the mark. I know the the shares are around 70 million, so it's just 70 million multiplied by like i guess, roughly 160 yeah. I could get that information for us market cap 10.8 billion, okay, 10.8 billion.

So right now, the market cap of gamestop is approximately four or five times about about four times less than where dodge point is, at this current point in time, meaning there's potential for gamestop stock to still do some pretty cool things in terms of market cap. A lot of people see that price of what was it was it now: 180 100 where's game stuff as current point time: 155. 155. Okay! So a lot of people see that that game stop price and think.

Oh, it's one of the most expensive stocks. I'm sure you go through this all the time in the channel. We won't talk too much about it, but for those for those of you who are just tuning in from from my tweet or from my channel, maybe i basically game. Stop stop.

One thing to remember about that is that the entire market cap right now is 10.3 billion, so at its peak it wasn't a lot of people, think oh, but went up to 300. It must have had like a 100 billion mark cap or something it actually went up to around 20 25 billion in that range at its free peak, and so it has the potential to go way higher with some of that meme energy. If the meme energy can be focused on it again, i know also you did a tweet where you said a lot of your a lot of your followers said they have amc stock right now, and amc stock is actually another example. So amc stock currently has a market cap.

I i think i think yeah. So it's a little bit less than uh than gamestop it's at 4.2 billion, which is perfect, 420 billion. Now that's great right there, but so, basically with amc stock. If amc stock goes up to 20, it would have the same market cap as gme right now, and so that's a lot of people think oh well.

Gamestop amc can go up to a million dollar or not a hundred dollars or something like that. Well, technically, it could, but it would have to far surpass gamestop stock in order to do that. So those are just a few things. I know your community probably already knows all that, but let me go and poke the tweet again.

So i said remember that time, elo musk asked you to explain why you put a halt for trading for gamestop stock dogecoin and a few others, no more dodging doge questions and hiding behind scripted answers. We demand transparency, hashtag, robinhood and so either must responded. Saying you're right, which is just it, was loud to see that the tweet went a little bit viral and uh, then fox business covered it. We saw yahoo finance covering it.

We saw a lot of articles all across a ton of people talking about on social media. So that that was definitely a huge help in uh starting my career on youtube and my twitter career. I guess if you can even say that, because twitter, it can be annoying right at times right, so we don't always like twitter, but overall, it's a great source of information. It's a great source for a lot of the things that you want to see when you're.

Looking at cryptocurrency and stocks and other things like that, um speaking of just like timing and luck, it's funny i like to think believe in coincidence, as we're doing this right now, uh dogecoin is actually up to 3.5 cents. So it's on the move. So i think we're this talk going down live is uh, some good sentiment for what's happening with dogecoin um, so a little bit on more of a general. Oh actually, no one thing i did want to say with amc and jimmy lots of talk of people.

Adam aaron is the ceo of amc, a lot of people asking him to accept dogecoin as payment and then a lot of talk in the gamestop world as just like somehow getting involved in doge. I would love. I would love love, love to see the mixture of these three just because i think um psychologically, i think, there's a lot of similar chords, but beyond that the passion i see in these three bases um. If somehow, if all these people came in together, i i don't know who could stop it, because that much of social sentiment and cultural backing all three of them would just rip to like absolutely new highs.

I think that would be an amazing amazing scenario. I love the sound of that. I think postpoint amc gamestop, you know, should be definitely mixing together. A lot of a lot of us have very similar sentiments.

We love, we love just kind of messing with those in power and just having fun with it. On top of the fact that dogecoin's, legitimate, cryptocurrency and gamestop is actually a severely underrated stack, so you combine all those things both of them have actually real reasons to go up and both of them on top of that are also the fun meme factors. So it's cool to kind of stick it to wall street and stick it to the people who are also way too serious and show them that hey, we not only coming to know you, we can have way more fun than you while we're doing it too yeah. I love it, i mean that's why i wear the duck shirt, making money while wearing silly clothes.

It's one of my favorite things to do so if we were to go to a little bit more of a general sense of let's say people right now watching they're, like you know what i love crypto, but maybe dogecoin isn't like exactly their favorite thing like uh. We know you're a huge, huge supporter of dogecoin, but beyond that, are you in any other cryptos? Do you have any other like cryptos? You would say that people should at least look into and do their own due diligence on? Yes, so we actually have. I believe the third largest patreon on all of cryptocurrency right now - maybe the second of this group - one time i think it may have just taken the second spot, so we have the second largest patron and the reason why it's grown so much. I do a crypto of the week every single week and with including dogecoin the crypto week has gone about about 100 times, which is a number i i uh.

I showed you. I talked about a little bit earlier in this interview, but just without dogepoint we've seen it go up by approximately over 20 times over 20 times from every single crypto that we pick, meaning if you put one hundred dollars each week into them and there's been about 10, so far, so if you put 100 each week into them, that would be currently worth twenty thousand dollars. So i do look at other cryptocurrencies. Crow is an example of one.

I like a lot because it's directly tied to the crypto.com app i like the the future of the crypto.com app, i think, has a great great interface. It's a great platform, and so, as the app gets bigger, it could potentially reach 100 million users relatively soon here, and so, if we do see that happening right now, it's around 10 million. We could see a 10x and grow it's cro, which is that's the name of the cryptocurrency. You can only buy it.

I believe easily. There are a couple other places, but the only easy place to buy in the us at least is currently on the crypto.com app, and on top of that i'm definitely a fan of ethereum. I do own a decent, i'm, not i wouldn't say decent. I own a small amount of ethereum.

I do own a small amount of ethereum, and so it's been fun to watch that watch that grow and watch what's happening with ethereum as well. So those are those are three. I like a lot bro dogecoin ethereum. But yes, i i do so.

I love talking about dojo on my channel, but i do a show every single every single day and i talk about all cryptocurrency all finance news on that show. So it's not just dodge points, it's other stuff as well. Awesome um! I i feel like we can't really have a crypto talk with at least like um a little bit about bitcoin, which what are your thoughts on bitcoin? Basically, so i'm definitely a huge fan of bitcoin without bitcoin. You wouldn't have seen this big cryptocurrency takeover that we've seen right now, so i'm definitely a fan of bitcoin.

At the same time, though, i don't see any reason why bitcoin should be ahead of those growing. I i believe dogecoin is better in almost every single way than bitcoin and, as it gets even better beyond that, as other things are added, there's currently a pretty decent sized team working on the code of dogecoin that is led by a guy named ross, nickel and So a lot of people think well those coins just out there, no there's a team actively working on it. I trust them. I think they're, all great dudes, and so watching that and seeing what they're doing, we also have direct access to billy marcus.

If we ever need to get in contact with some of them, so we can definitely that's definitely a huge helpful factor to dogecoin and to his future ability but bitcoin at this current point in time, it's mainly used as a store value. It's not technically.

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