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Dogecoin price prediction: get ready for more – Matt Kohrs

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Doge Price Prediction
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Well, moon gang another day has come and gone and once again another day, dogecoin has ripped as i'm filming this it's up over 20 trading, just above 53 cents per coin. Absolutely amazing in this video i'll kind of go over. What's what's going on like the fundamental updates with dogecoin and then at the end i'll be doing a technical breakdown just if you're more interested in swing trading day trading? Just so you know the price levels i'll personally be paying attention to. I hope it helps you out, so just so, you know it's kind of fun to make these doge updates, because every time i check on it on coin market cap based on the overall market cap dogecoin is going higher and higher and higher right.

Now it's worth 70 billion dollars. I wouldn't be surprised in a couple days or something if i'm saying wow look at that. Dogecoin is now number three. It has surpassed finance coin.

I think it's very very possible. It is within striking distance and if the rally gets super out of hand, i could even see it passing ethereum, but we have to sit back, relax and have see how this all plays out. But it's been very, very fun. Watching dog quinn climb all the way up this ladder, as i'm filming this worth 70 billion dollars.

So we all know that elon musk is doing the snl thing this saturday may 8th, which i think will run up to it. It could be one of those buy. The rumor sell the news type things. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a massive rally and then when the snl thing goes kind of public, i think we could see like a momentary pullback, i think that's very possible.

Just buy the rumor sell the news. It's a common psychology thing we see across all forms of markets, but remember i do believe that any decline like that would just be momentary. Dips, in my opinion, are like worthwhile to be bought and that's what i'm seeing just kind of up until really this weekend, but who knows um. Remember i'm not a financial advisor.

These are all just my own opinions, so, more importantly, potentially of like in the short term. This was on coindesk. If you want to check out this article yourself, but we're just seeing more and more acceptance of not only crypto across like really the mainstream media companies. Things like that, but dogecoin specifically right now, it's um.

It was announced that it's added to etoro and gemini the next one i would assume for it is coinbase. I i just don't see how, at this point in time, it wouldn't be added to coinbase and really just there's a strong, strong statistical advantage of trading these things before they get added, because we do see all these cryptos when there's that big announcement added to etoro Gemini coinbase, just if is any indicator these coins like to run. I don't think that dogecoin would be any different. I very very much see dogequin running on that coinbase announcement so make sure you're looking out for that, because it would be a positive, fundamental catalyst.

So now that's kind of what happened today. Why dogecoin is doing so? Well, i mean geez up 21 right now past week, up 77 past month, up 475! Congratulations to you! If you're making money uh! It makes me so happy that people are make. It doesn't matter to me that this is the joke. Coin mean coin people are making serious money, and that's all that matters to me um, especially given, like all the financial hardships over the past year.

It's it's nice to know that, like us, this group of people uh, it's our turn to make some of this money back. I think it's super cool, so from a technical perspective, dogecoin had a very, very nice rally from 57.5 cents, all the way up to 60 cents, which was a gain of 26 from there. This was a period of expansion from there we've been making lower highs and higher lows: it's very common across all markets for periods of expansion to be followed by consolidation, expansion, consolidation, it ebbs and flows, which means we're setting up for another period of expansion. The big question is: what direction will that expansion be in? What i'm personally looking for is for dogecoin, eventually to break out, look for it to continually test this top trend line, i'm looking for that breakout and then a rally up two and a test of this resistance, basically from 57.5 cents up to 58 cents.

This clearly is a region of resistance, rejection, rejection, rejection, i'm looking to see how it reacts there from that breakout. I am then looking for the test of the all-time high, which is right around 60 cents. That's my game plan moving forward. If, on the other hand, it gets rejected in this region of resistance or at this trend line i'll look for this bottom trend line to hold the way it has three times previously.

If we break below that, i would then be watching 52 cents, and if it comes below that, we will then watch the key psychological level and also technical support at 50 cents and honestly, if we get there, i would personally view that as a good dip buying Opportunity but, like i said, that's just my own plan moving forward, so that's your daily doge update kind of what's going on fundamentally what's going on in terms of its market cap and also from a technical perspective. Don't forget be on the lookout for dogecoin being added to coinbase and also pay attention to whatever musk ends up doing with the snl skit this saturday. I would love to know your thoughts on dogecoin in a comment below. If you enjoyed this video, it would be much appreciated if you could help me out with the youtube algorithm by hitting that like button, leaving a comment and hitting that subscribe button, that type of engagement just really helps out with the algorithm and gets this video in Front of more people who may potentially be interested in dogecoin until i catch you next time for me, duck shirt and chair best of luck in the markets.


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